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Characters for new Pokemon story.

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This is a story, not an RP, and cannot be one, since the story is about trainers with Legendary Pokemon teaming up to save the world.








Hair color:

Eye color:



Legendary: (This is where you mention which Legendary your character has, Rayquaza and Mew are off limits, and ask about Yveltal, Arceus, and Necrozma, limit ONE Legendary per Character.)

Rest of team:






This is the character sheet, I will do two of mine for example

First one:

Name: Firey Argentston

Alias: Mysterious Rayquaza Rider

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5'11"

Hair color: Silver

Eye color: Blue

Appearance: A slim and somewhat athletic build, not unlike a swimmer, he usually wears blues, blacks and grays.

Personality: Serious and slightly aloof, but very caring for those close to him.

Legendary: Rayquaza

Personality: Serious and very protective, is highly alert.

Ability: Air Lock/Delta Stream

Species: Blaziken

Nickname: Burny

Personality: Much like Firey, but less aloof.

Ability: Blaze

Species: Volcarona

Personality: A powerhouse who battles when his power is necessary.

Ability: Swarm

Species: Aggron

Personality: She is much like a queen of the mountain.

Ability: Sturdy

Species: Gyarados

Personality: He is a jolly Pokemon, but if provoked, he is actually a minor powerhouse of his own.

Ability: Intimidate

And last but not least

Species: Absol

Nickname: Sharp

Personality: Serious and curious, unlike most Absols, she has seen a lot of Pokemon, amongst the original team when he started out.

Ability: Pressure

Other: Firey has slight Insomnia.

And now for the Second Character

Name: Ariana Montgomery

Alias: Unovan Coordinator

Age: 17 (turns 18 early in story).

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Height: 5'4"

Hair color: Platinum blonde

Eye color: Green

Appearance: Ariana has an hourglass figure, but slightly wider on the waist. She is considered attractive. She commonly wears dresses, of different colors, and designs, and commonly wears a pendant Firey gave her, it is actually her Z-ring, from when she was in Alola.

Personality: Sweet and caring, but that is only after she opens up to you.

Legendary: Mew

Ability: Synchronize

Personality: Playful and curious, much like others of her species, or a kitten.

Rest of the team:

Species: Gardevoir (Shiny)

Nickname: Rosaline

Ability: Trace

Personality: She is very mischievous and will occasionally play pranks on the other Pokemon on the group, she is also rather bubbly.

Species: Whimsicott

Ability: Prankster

Personality: He is very cunning and can act cute, but has a soft spot for other small Pokemon.

Species: Mudkip

Ability: Torrent

Personality: He is highly sweet and protective of his trainer and her friends.

Other: He was a birthday present from Firey, caught outside Meteor Falls, right before he caught a Rayquaza. He also holds a Rockium-Z

Species: Hydreigon

Ability: Levitate

Personality: Hydreigon is much like his trainer, and was the first Pokemon she caught.

Species: Houndoom (Mega)

Ability: Flash Fire/Solar Power

Personality: He is very curious, but a bit protective of his friends.

Other: She lost her brother early in her Hoenn Journey, developed PTSD and a somewhat paralyzing fear of the Totodile Line. She is also Firey's girlfriend.

Now, Roles!

Rayquaza's Trainer (Main Heroic Force): Firey Argentston @Cmeriwether

Mew's Trainer (Minor Force): Ariana Montgomery @Cmeriwether

Arceus's (Potential Villain, Major Force) Trainer:

Yveltal's (Potential Villain, Major Force) Trainer: Tiberius Moose @Cmeriwether

Necrozma's (Potential Villain, Major Force) Trainer (Note, Necrozma has absorbed Lunala and is one step away from transforming into Ultra Necrozma): @EeviumZ Harper Revine

Groudon's (Primal) Trainer:

Kyogre's (Primal) Trainer: Kyle Eder @Kasumi~chan

Mewtwo's (Potential Trainer Rival, Major Force) Trainer: @Captain Pokémon

Suicune's (Potential Trainer Rival, Major Force) trainer:

Latios's (Minor Force) trainer:

Latias's (Minor Force) Trainer: Gracie Pickering @EeviumZ

Zekrom's (Major Force) Trainer: Sterling Hercules @Red Gallade

Reshiram's (Major Force) Trainer:

Zygarde's (100%, Major Force) Trainer: Mia Corne @EeviumZ

Giratina's (Origin Forme, Major Force) Trainer: Eve Maddox @EeviumZ

Jirachi's (Minor Force, Eventually Enslaved) Trainer: Kiara Chiffon @EeviumZ

Lugia's (Potential Coordinator Rival, Major Force) trainer:

Articuno's (Enslaved by evil Team) Trainer:

Zapdos's (Enslaved by Evil Team) Trainer:

Moltres's (Enslaved by evil Team) Trainer:

Firey's Rivals (0/2):

Ariana's Rivals (0/3):

Traveling companions (0/3):

Admins (1/2): Mentiras (Uxie), @Eliiiscool

Evil Team Leader (0/1):

Random roles (0/?):

Plot: Team Darkarrows, the Evil Team, has caused chaos again, this time with the captures of an Arceus, a Yveltal, and Ultra Necrozma, plans to bring the world into chaos. With the help of the Arceus, they have enslaved three Legendary trainers, those of the Legendary birds of Kanto. It is up to the Characters to defeat them, the battlefield is the Region of Sinnoh, and the evil team won't stop until the whole World is in chaos.
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Might as well join this one.

Name: Sterling Hercules.
Alias: The Dragon Child
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 5'10"
Hair color: Silver
Eye color: Royal Purple
Appearance: He has a decently fit build with faint signs of muscle, he wears a Purple t shirt under a sleeveless Black jacket, Blue jeans, Black trainers, his right wrist has a Black wristband while his left one has a Black mega bracelet and a Black hooded cloak.
Personality: Laid back and somewhat friendly with a strong and smug sense of sarcasm. He cares about Pokemon more than anything, can be somewhat flirty toward women (but makes sure to never go anywhere near overboard), never hesitates to talk back to anyone and can be violent and cruel when angry.
Legendary: Zekrom
Legendary's personality: Serious and wise, listens to Sterling without question and shows care for him.
Species: Haxorus
Gender: Male
Personality: He is loyal to Sterling and somewhat overprotective of him. He and Sterling mutually care for one another like brothers as he was Sterling's first Pokemon.
Ability: Mold Breaker

Species: Mawile
Gender: Female
Personality: Smart, kind and loyal, Mawile acts almost like a mother figure.
Ability: Hyper Cutter

Species: Gallade
Gender: Male
Personality: Shares Sterling's sense of sarcasm out of battle and ruthlessness in it. Cares deeply for Lopunny.
Ability: Steadfast

Species: Lopunny
Gender: Female
Personality: Very playful and sees most battles like a game. Cares deeply for Gallade.
Ability: Limber

Species: Salamence (Mega)
Gender: Male
Personality: Easily angered and merciless on the battlefield, although somewhat lazy during other times. He cares for Sterling and listens to him without question.
Ability: Intimidate/Aerilate
Other: He tends to play the flute, it's melodies are especially influential and comforting to Pokemon.
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The Dark Fairy

Previously Eliiiscool
Name: Mentiras

Alias: at bass he has them call him Suit, but they know his name

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 6’ 1”

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Green

Appearance: Black suit and tie, white undershirt and black pants, white socks and polished black shoes

Personality: Tricky intelligent and confident, seems trustworthy even to those who know him, always thinks several steps ahead, often predicting and planing everyone’s reactions much in advance

Other: He is only an admin, but he has the team basically in his hand if he wanted, he wants the betterment of the team and is not afraid to overthrow the leader if he thinks it will be better for the team. Has a positive standing in the community as the boss of a fancy restaurant chain

Legendary: Uxie

Species: Arcanine

Nickname: Hope

Personality: Friendly and extremely intelligent, highly loyal

Ability: Intimidate

Other:A homage to something else

Species: Beheeyem

Nickname: Fuss

Personality: Quiet and obedient, loyal

Ability: Synchronize

Other: He uses this pokemon to get information, and not even have the target know they ever talked to them

Species: Lucario

Nickname: Coro

Personality: Serious and slightly stubben to everyone except mentiras, Highly loyal

Ability: Inner focus


Species: Ninjask

Nickname: Blur

Personality: Serious, but does not like to stay still for a long amount of time, loyal

Ability: Infiltrator

Other: Used to chase down foes or to spy

Species: Jolteon

Nickname: Spark

Personality: Friendly and exited, has a hard time sitting still, especially if its not told to my mentiras, Loyal

Ability: Volt absorb

Other: Along with hope, is usually the one he has out during his time out of the base
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Previously EeviumZ
darnit, mew would have been perfect :<

How about a trainer with Jirachi? They could be a target of the evil team, due to being able to grant wishes - and its signature move is literally called Doom Desire, which sounds pretty chaotic to me.


Previously EeviumZ
I don't think it would make sense to replace one of the Legendary Birds randomly, they're a trio for a reason. It would be weird to have two of the birds and then a random Jirachi trainer. I feel like he/she (probably she, I mostly write female characters) could be a target instead, and as they travel through the plot, they'll have to evade the team members (and maybe they could get controlled eventually).


Previously EeviumZ
I might make another character later.

Name: Kiara Chiffon

Alias: Star of Kindness

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Asexual

Height: 5'4

Hair color: Platinum blonde

Eye color: Grey

Appearance: Caucasian skin with a very slim build and no defining marks. Her clothing is up to you, but it should probably reflect Jirachi.

Personality: Reserved but quirky and sweet, Kiara tends to keep to herself. She is a very kind person, but tends to keep her involvement with Jirachi secret to all those but the ones she trusts most. She's been betrayed before, and she won't let it happen again. She can appear shy, and likely won't initiate conversation if she doesn't know you - but will engage if you initiate it first.

Legendary: Jirachi

Rest of team: Chi the Sceptile (M), Pix the Alcremie (Mint Cream, Ribbon Sweet, F), Valor the Aegislash (Genderless, uses male pronouns)
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For the Final Clash, there will be thirteen Chambers before the main group, which take up the last four.
  1. Random trainer: Dragonite (Ace)
  2. Random trainer: Tyranitar (Ace)
  3. Kay Argentston: Salamence (Ace)
  4. Random trainer: Metagross (Ace)
  5. Random trainer: Garchomp (Ace)
  6. Random trainer: Hydreigon (Ace)
  7. Hannah Legend: Goodra (Ace)
  8. Random trainer: Kommo-o (Ace)
  9. Random trainer: Dragapult (Ace)
  10. Kiara Chiffon: Jirachi (Legend)
  11. Articuno's Trainer
  12. Zapdos's Trainer
  13. Moltres's Trainer
  14. Eternatus's Trainer (Giratina's Trainer will face)
  15. Yveltal's Trainer (Reshiram's Trainer will face)
  16. Arceus's Trainer (Zygarde's Trainer will face)
  17. Ultra Necrozma's trainer (Rayquaza's Trainer will face)