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Characters for new Pokemon story.

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Previously Gamingfan2
You still accepting?

Name: Ben (Unknown)

Alias: Shadow Hero (Hero from the shadows if you're feeling dramatic)

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5'10

Hair color: black

Eye color: Brown

Appearance: Blue hoodie/red undershirt/Jeans/Yellow goggles and scarf/ black shoes/ Semi dark skin/ VERY messy hair

Personality: Optimistic and kind, but dense.

Other: Has a Z-ring and a marshadium-Z

Legendary: Marshadow

Personality: Shy but surprisingly powerful. Only feels confident around Ben.

Ability: Technician

Other: Usually stays out of sight, hidden in Ben's shadow unless called upon. Considers Ben's Lucario his mentor.

Rest of team: Lucario
Personality: Calm and collected, but wild in battles
Ability: Justified
Other: Somewhat trained Marshadow. Usually outside his pokeball. Mega Lucarionite on his scarf

Species: Golurk
Personality: Docile. Strong but prefers to avoid conflict, unless you hurt Ben.
Ability: Iron fist

Species: Greninja
Personality: Serious and intelligent. Rival to sceptile
Ability: Protean

Species: Sceptile
Personality: Cool guy. Cool in any situation and intilligent. Greninja rival
Ability: Overgrow

Species: Cinderace
Personality: A showy kinda battler. Very hyper
Ability: Blaze
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Previously Gamingfan2
Aight. And now I'm giving him a battle theme
Encounter Theme: (I can't get this out of my head help me aaaaa. I apologize for the video image. There was only two videos with this theme and both did this.)
Normal Battle theme : (FULL) Battle Tower Battle Theme by Toby Fox Extended - Pokemon Sword and Shield - YouTube. (Upbeat and sick. Less intense and more like fun, fitting as this would be a friendly match with no stakes)
Marshadow battle theme::Chaos Angel (All Acts) (Sonic Advance 3) - GaMetal Remix - YouTube (Mostly intense song that switches between intensity every once in a while, fitting Marshadow's switching between his cowardly nature and powerful strength . Not to mention the name chaos angel fits surprisingly well with Marshadow.)
Heroic/Serious Theme: That Person's Name Is (Bravely Default) - GaMetal - YouTube (It just...sounds cool. It's also hilarious considering Ben absolutely refuses to give his last name.)

(....DId I mention I love Gametal?)
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Previously EeviumZ
I know I've done so many chars for this but i couldn't resist putting my sibling pair in

Name: Talia Silverstone
Alias: Master of Symphony
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 5'8
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Appearance: You can decide her clothing.
Calm and collected, Talia has a rather typical big-sister personality. She's kind and caring, with a passion for performing. She's very protective of loved ones, especially Allie - to the point where she'd die for her little sister. She's very rational and intelligent, but has a remarkable presence on stage.
Legendary: Meloetta

Species: Togekiss
Personality: Very mischievous but still very kind.
Ability: Serene Grace
Other: N/A

Species: Altaria
Personality: Similar to Talia
Ability: Cloud Nine
Other: N/A

Species: Meowstic (Male)
Personality: Very calm and orderly, hates chaos
Ability: Prankster
Other: N/A

Species: Rapidash (Galarian)
Personality: Powerful and confident
Ability: Pastel Veil
Other: N/A

Name: Alison "Allie" Silverstone (usually goes by Allie)
Alias: Diamond Destiny
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Aromantic
Height: 5'4
Hair color: Mix of blue and pink
Eye color: Brown
Appearance: Her clothing is up to you.
Bright and bubbly, Allie is the red oni to Talia's blue. She's always up for a challenge and could even be considered hyperactive at times. She's very kind and caring, like her sister. She can be very rash and reckless when her loved ones are in danger, however, and often gets herself into situations she's not prepared for.
Legendary: Diancie
Other: Because of Diancie, Allie is one of the prime targets of Team Darkarrows for capture and study - but she's never been captured due to Talia and her team. Talia is widely regarded as an extremely powerful trainer so you'd be hard pressed to find a grunt willing to go after her.

Species: Eevee
Personality: Extremely outward and hot-headed, Eve the Eevee is... a handful, to say the least. She often snarks about other Pokemon behind their back, and is very sarcastic in nature. She has an undying loyalty to Allie, though, and is very protective.
Ability: Adaptability
Other: Also a target of Darkarrows due to its extremely rare ability to use the Partner moves.
I have been summoned. Anyway, hi! Can I reserve the Mewtwo trainer? I can't really make a bio at the moment, as it's really late for me, and my brain is kind of dead, and I want my imagination to be at full potential when I make the character.
Here's the Mewtwo character!

Name: Riku *Unknown Last Name*

Alias: He doesn't have one at the moment. (I can't think of anything, help would be appreciated, xD.)

Age: About 21

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 6'3"

Hair Color: Brilliant Silver with a purple streak.

Eye Color: Purple

Appearance: He has mixed skin with handsome facial features. He wears a white zip-up jacket that is usually open, with a purple short sleeved shirt underneath. He wears white sports pants. He also wears white fingerless gloves. He wears white tennis shoes.\

Personality: He is very intelligent. That's the first thing you need to know. He is also very calm and collected. He has a strong bond with Mewtwo. In fact, after finding Mewtwonite Y, they are now able to mega evolve. (I'm relatively sure that since this is just a character in a story, Mega evolution is fine without permission? I mean, we're already able to use legendaries without permission. Correct me if I'm wrong.) He is pretty nice to other people, but he often won't pay very much attention to you unless A) He cares about you. B) You're his friend. or C) You have...well, gotten his attention. Usually with something important. However, he is always super friendly towards Pokemon.

Legendary: Mewtwo

Legendary Personality: (Btw, I refer to Mewtwo as male. I know he technically doesn't have a gender in-game, but, come on. Have you heard his voice? Obviously male.) Mewtwo is very calm and collected. He is also very serious, and usually doesn't joke around. He shares a very strong bond with Riku. To the point of mega-evolution.

Legendary Ability: Pressure (Insomnia when Mega-Evolved.)

Rest Of The Team:

Species: Tyranitar

Personality:A massive powerhouse. He is not hurt very easily, and is very durable. He is pretty friendly outside of battle.

Ability: Sand Stream

Species: Garchomp

Personality: Very friendly towards Riku and the other Pokemon on his team. However, he HATES strangers. He is a massive powerhouse and annoyance in battle, constantly going underground, then emerging and attacking before enemies can react.

Ability: Rough Skin

Species: Arcanine

Personality: Majestic and noble, he is very strong and never gives up in battle. He is very powerful like most Arcanine, and is a formidable opponent. He

Ability: Justified

Species: Gyarados

Personality: Scary and huge, he tends to absolutely obliterate his opponents mercilessly. He is pretty friendly to Riku though.

Ability: Moxie

Species: Aegislash

Personality: Knightly and stubborn, he never gives up in battle. He usually stops the fights in the group, although he almost never has to.

Ability: Stance Change.

And..done! I can almost guarantee I will make the pokemon bios more detailed in the future, but not right now because I wanted to get this over with, as this took me FOREVER.


Previously EeviumZ
Assuming Meloetta can go Pirouette, Talia technically has a Fighting-type. Pirouette-form Meloetta is Normal/Fighting.

You could give Allie a male Kirlia, which would later evolve into Gallade, or give Talia Gallade right off the bat.

Ninetales would also be nice for either.

You could also give Talia a Delphox, it would fit with her performing aesthetic.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Name: Ludovica Greenhardt
Alias: Empress of Darkness
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Height: 5'4"
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Yellow
Appearance: She has a slim but mature body type. She wears a black sports bra style crop top under a open red tartan shirt. She also wears blue jean short shorts, black boots, black fingerless gloves and glasses.
Personality: Ludo is usually sweet and gentle, but can be a bit cold and tough at times. She is smart and athletic but has a fear of drowning and falls in love easily.
Legendary: Darkrai

Rest of team:
Species: Umbreon
Nickname: Ren
Personality: Kind of an idiot to be honest, but he is strongly loyal and never backs down from a fight (mostly because he is stupid).
Ability: Inner Focus
Other: Shiny?

Species: Pangoro
Nickname: Goro
Personality: Very zen and chilled out, he fights when told but would much prefer to just sleep and meditate.
Ability: Mold Breaker

Species: Houndoom
Nickname: Hunter
Personality: Short tempered and strong willed, he loves a fight and would protect Ludovica with his life.
Ability: Flash Fire