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Characters for new Pokemon story.

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Previously EeviumZ
Name: Eve Maddox
Alias: Vantablack
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 5'7
Hair color: Dark grey
Eye color: Gold
Appearance: She has an athletic build and caucasian skin with no defining facial features. Occasionally when battling, she wears a golden metal eye-mask resembling the crest on Giratina's head. She wears a grey dress with a gold belt, a black choker with a red ruby, and tall black combat boots.
Personality: Sarcastic and chill, she's essentially Sans but less lazy. She's by no means reserved, she just doesn't really bother talking to those that don't talk to her first. She has a dry sense of humor and makes the occasional pun. However, in battle, she is very serious.
Legendary: Giratina (Origin Forme)
Rest of team: Azure the Lucario (M), Courage the Staraptor (M), Umbra the Umbreon (F), Vixen the Ninetales (F), Stella the Meowstic (F)

Name: Mia Corne
Alias: Balance
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Undecided
Height: 5'3
Hair color: Multicolored, mostly pastel pink/pastel green/pastel blue
Eye color: Blue
Appearance: Slim build and caucasian descent with freckles. Her outfit is up to you.
Personality: Mia is a wide-eyed idealist who sees all the good in the world. She has a glass-half-full outlook and remains positive about everything, even when all hope seems lost. Little can stop her when she's determined to do something. She's very sweet and kind, and tries to prove herself despite her youth. In fact, she often uses her unintimidating appearance and age to her advantage, luring her opponents into a false sense of confidence. She's very crafty and tricky.
Legendary: Zygarde
Rest of team: Pix the Clefable (F), Ribbons the Sylveon (F), Blitz the Bolthund (M), Blaze the Delphox (F), Aurora the Aurorus (F)
I plan on having three of those kinds of fights for the final clash.

In chamber three is Kay Argentston, also introduced in the first chapter as Sterling's traveling Companion, and in the seventh chamber is the sister of a character who will be introduced in chapter four.
Aaannd done!

Name: Julia Oswald
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 5'4"
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Appearance: She has a slim yet fit physique, long hair, with several bangs that hang over her forehead and two long lengths of hair that drape either side of her face, a small dainty nose and a face that a lot of people would call "beautiful." Her attire mainly consists of a royal Purple hoodie with thick White fur linings, Blue shorts and White trainers with knee high socks.
Personality: A very confident, cheerful and bubbly kind of character who can barely seem to stand still and wouldn't hesitate to invade your personal space. She rarely takes things seriously and sees all Pokemon (except legendaries) as cute and adorable, she sees most Pokemon battles as a game. Julia also has a huge crush on Sterling and makes a lot of moves to try and woo him, much to his annoyance and she is blissfully ignorant to his blunt refusals.

Sterling does return the feelings, but he doesn't like how noisy and forward she tends to be.

Species: Frosmoth
Nickname: Elsa
Personality: Julia's first Pokemon who shares most of her personality, shares a similar infatuation to any Pokemon with a light on them.
Ability: Shield Dust
Other: Wears a sky Blue bow.

Species: Gourgeist (Super Sized)
Nickname: Jessica "Big Jess"
Personality: Despite being super sized, Jessica is very shy outside of battle, but were she to be hit in the face and she becomes Julia's most terrifying Pokemon.
Ability: Insomnia
Other: Wears a light Green bow.

Species: Bewear
Nickname: Teddy
Personality: Teddy is a very friendly Pokemon who always wants to help when he can, but due to his over sized strength, he can be rather clumsy.
Ability: Fluffy
Other: Wears a Black bow tie.

Species: Dragonite
Nickname: Delphine
Personality: Delphine takes pride in her beauty and cuteness which she doesn't believe faded even after evolving.
Ability: Inner focus
Other: Wears a Pink bow.

Species: Hatterene
Nickname: Hettie
Personality: A quiet and gentle Pokemon who can get somewhat paranoid around people with negative emotions.
Ability: Magic Bounce
Other: Wears a White bow.

Species: Togekiss
Nickname: Miracle
Personality: Miracle is quiet and calm, yet always makes sure she's around to help when she can.
Ability: Serene Grace
Other: Wears a Purple bow.
Name: Darius Legend

Alias: Tower Guardian

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 6'1"

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Grey

Appearance: He wears a lot of reds and blacks, he is on

Personality: He is Serious, Stern and aloof, but not to Sophia.

Legendary: Ho-oh

Personality: Gentle and rather affectionate towards other Pokemon.

Rest of team:

Species: Tyranitar

Personality: Tyranitar is a very calm Pokemon

Ability: Sand Stream

Species: Cloyster

Personality: reserved, doesn't socialize Much

Ability: Shell Armor

Species: Dragonite

Personality: Very serious, and very protective

Ability: Multiscale

Species: Alakazam

Personality: Wise and can get very lost

Ability: Synchronize

Species: Swampert

Personality: Much like his trainer

Ability: Swift Swim

Other: He is engaged to Sophia Mirano, happened in Alola after her mysterious illness flared up again.

@Red Gallade Accepted.


Previously EeviumZ
No one's done a villain yet so I may as well. :> May I take Ultra Necrozma?

Name: Harper Revine
Alias: Cyber
Age: Presumed to be in her mid-30s
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Asexual
Height: 5'8
Hair color: Black, with neon blue streaks
Eye color: Green, but they're always covered by her goggles.
Appearance: She is of caucasian descent and has no defining markings. Her outfit is up to you, but it should mostly revolve around the colors black and neon blue. She does wear goggles similar to the Team Flare goggles seen in the anime, with a light blue glow.
Personality: Calm and collected, Harper operates with a very respectable facade. However, beneath her charming exterior, she hides her psychopathic nature and sadistic tendencies. She is cruel and cunning, with little to no guilt for her actions.
Legendary: Necrozma (currently Dawn-Wings, eventually Ultra)
Rest of team: Weavile (F), Umbreon (Shiny, M), Frosmoth (F), Hattrene (F), Runegrigus, Salamence (M, Holding Salamencite)
Backstory: Formerly, Harper was the leader of a villainous team known as Team Cyber - a team who seeked to technologically enhance all the Pokemon in existence and take over the regions one by one. After her plot was foiled by a group of young trainers, Harper fell deeper into her insanity - growing even more cruel and psychopathic. Eventually, she joined the group in this story, sympathizing with their motive - seeking to now plunge the land into chaos.


Previously Lily May
Would you look at that...I'm already done ^^

Name: Kyle Eder

Alias: The Silenced Sea

Age: 17 (sorry if thats too young…)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5.8 feet

Hair color: Dark Blue (chin height, and a little wavy ;))

Eye color: Black

Appearance: He wears a white polo, a dark blue sweatshirt, black jeans, black sneakers, and a puka shell necklace.

Personality: Kyle is quiet, serious, and usually keeps his cool, unless a loved one is hurt or he is scared/threatened. Once he loses his cool, you can’t easily calm him down. He is an introvert, so he mostly shy around people.

Legendary: Kyogre

Rest of team:

Species: Golduck

Nickname: Gold

Personality: Brave, protective, and a risk taker.

Ability: Cloud Nine

Other: Gold is the one who brings Kyle out of his shell.

Species: Vaporeon

Nickname: Valarie

Personality: A lot like Kyle, she is shy. She is also very caring.

Ability: Water Absorb

Other: She loves to dance!

Species: Gyarados

Nickname: Storm

Personality: Serious, trustworthy, and a little rude.

Ability: Intimidate

Other: It spends more time training then anything else.

Species: Milotic

Nickname: Milly

Personality: Loyal, kind, and wise. She can also kinda be a hot head. XD

Ability: Competitive

Other: It likes watching Valarie dance and Storm train. Its the one who usually hangs out with Kyle.
Here's one of her contest rivals.

Name: Veronica Salieri

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5'9"

Hair color: Red

Eye color: Blue

Appearance: She is slim and fit, but not skinny, she
wears a mix of reds and greens.

Personality: She is very bold and may flirt with boys her age, she Also has a serious side, but can be a little bit quirky.

Her team

Species: Sandslash

Personality: Very Sarcastic, for a Sandslash, and as much of a flirt as her trainer.

Ability: Sand Rush

Species: Abra

Personality: Very lazy, likes to take naps.

Ability: Inner Focus

Species: Psyduck

Personality: Sweet and caring, but can be scarier than a Giratina Origin Forme if provoked.

Ability: Cloud Nine

Species: Delibird

Personality: Very Charitable, and also a Prankster.

Ability: Vital Spirit

Species: Blissey

Personality: Blissey is very sweet and innocent, also caring.

Ability: Healer

Species: Slaking (Shiny)

Personality: Slaking is a powerhouse, and the main battler of Veronica's Pokemon, he is not one to anger.

Ability: Truant

I could use a couple of coordinators, one of them could be Lugia's trainer @EeviumZ @Kasumi~chan @Red Gallade @Eliiiscool