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Characters wanted for a mediocre MHA FF (Still Accepting)

Should we follow 1-A's schedule? (as in the anime/manga)

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Chunky Ramen

Previously Canadian_Fish
@Kyle From Hoenn Ok. Sounds good.

@Excalibur Queen I've watched season 1 3 times now, so it's ok.
The Written exam is just like any written test, but it's about your mental knowledge as a to-be hero. much like a 'see what you know' kind of test. It is scored like any other test, although if you get below 70% you are disqualified.

The Practical Exam is your abilities physically, in this you go up against many other people, in one of four battle grounds, you cannot hurt any of the other heroes, but saving them from getting hurt/killed is what gives you rescue points, which escalate based on the level of danger and/or quick thinking on how to save them. Villain points are gained by defeating one of three robots, 1-point, 2-point or 3-point. there are an abundance across each battleground.
Hope this helped.


Previously Kyle From Hoenn
To make it sound dumber because of how the anime put it. Robots that give 3 points are about the size of your average height 18 year old. Robots that give 2 points are the size of a fully grown tree. Robots that give 1 point are the size of Godzilla. Then you got robots that give 0 points, think something even bigger than Godzilla.

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Chunky Ramen

Previously Canadian_Fish
Okay, so the leader board right now is:
-1. Sokudo 71
-2 Kasai 70
-3. Deans 69
-4. Keriere 63
-5. Koichi 43
-6. Iwa 42

Please remember these are due by 1:00 today. I can give an exception to @Kyle From Hoenn
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Previously Shadow_Pup
I'm just gonna say I've met 13 year olds who are 6' 3". Kasai is meant to be a bit freakish, I thought I had put 6' 4" but he can be 5' 9" if you wish.

Also how are these for females.

Name: Aka Yuri
Age: 19
Quirk(No Of A): Animagus Transformation
Quirk Type: Transformation
Desc. of Quirk: She can turn into different animals, but can only do 4 different animals before needing a considerable amount of rest.
Appearance: She is 5' 5", skinny, she has blue eyes, freckles, blonde hair and glasses. She wears black slip on shoes, white socks, a pink mini-skirt and a baggy yellow t-shirt with a cat on it.
Hero outfit: A red leotard with no legs or sleeves.
Signature Move(s)?:
Personality: She is very timid,and smart she takes a while to open up to people and crys quite a bit, she has a fear of spiders and cramped spaces and she is bisexual.
Bio.: She was raised in a family that shunned her when she came out as bi, she had to fend for herself. She still lived at home but had to cook, clean and pay for everything herself, all from the age of 13. She spent most of her time study and is very smart because of it.
Birthday: 14th August
favorite kind of food?: Doughnuts
Blood Type: B-
Style?: She has a very nerdy style, her ideal room would be full of bookshelves and computers and all kinds of studying things.
Subject (s)(t)he(y) excel in?: History and all Logic based subjects
Alliance(hero or villain+Role): Hero
Other: She is in Class 1-A

Written Exam - 98%
Practical Exam - 39 points
Villain Points - 35
Rescue Points - 4

Name: Amai Misuto
Age: 18
Quirk(No Of A): Power Up
Quirk Type:
Desc. of Quirk: She becomes significantly faster, stronger and more agile. She can only be in this condition for 10 mins though.
Appearance(civilian clothes): She is 5' 7", she has brown hair in a ponytail, green eyes and is very muscular and fit. She wears joggers, and a black tank-top as well as blue trainers.
Hero outfit: Full body combat style, military grade Kevlar suit. It is all black with green markings on it. This also includes combat boots and thick leather gloves, she wears a blank face mask that is half black and half green.
Signature Move(s)?:
Personality: She is very active and friendly, but she likes to gossip and can sometimes be a bit of a bully.
Bio.: She was raised by a very active family, that idolised the heroes physique, she was raised to be extremely fit and healthy and she eventually got bored, she still did all the exercise and healthy eating but she no longer enjoyed it.
Birthday: 2nd October
favorite kind of food?: Sushi
Blood Type: O+
Style?: She has a very girly style despite her sporty demeanour, she loves make-up and all things stereotypically girly.
Subject (s)(t)he(y) excel in?: P.E.
Alliance(hero or villain+Role): Hero
Other: She is in Class 1-A

Written Exam - 75%
Practical Exam - 85 points
Villain Points - 50
Rescue Points - 35

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Nombre De Usuario

Previously JesusoChristo
(oooh can i still join)
Name: Eiko Juryo
Age: 15
Quirk(No OfA): Alter
Quirk Type: (i don't know)
Desc. of Quirk: Eiko can alter an objects color, size, weight, length, or even shape, however it is difficult for her to alter personalities, texture, or speed.
Appearance(civilian clothes): Eiko has short brown hair, her bangs covering her right eye, she also wears black glasses, she wears a black sweater with a cartoon sun glistening gold, she wears a green short skirt, and blue sneakers, she stands at 5'3.
Hero outfit: A red collar with an orange Bow tie, a yellow long sleeve shirt, a light green skirt, light blue knee socks, and purple high cut sneakers. (basically a rainbow outfit)
Signature Move(s)?: Gigantism- Eiko alters an objects size
Neon- Eiko alters her surroundings with really bright colors
Personality: Eiko is shy, and not really talkative, and prefers a rather quiet place to draw and write.
Bio.: Eiko was a cheerful child, until her parents passed away, she stayed at her aunt's house for the time being, and she's always been crying a lot, the day she started drawing she can finally be happy for once
Birthday: October 30th
favorite kind of food?: Spagghetti
Blood Type: A+
Style?: maybe a plain pastel pink walls, with paintings, windows, lots of windows, Eiko likes windows, it allows her to free herself from troubles
Subject (s)(t)he(y) excel in?: Arts
Alliance(hero or villain+Role): Class 1-A
Other: Her eyes change color based on the mood she's in
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Nombre De Usuario

Previously JesusoChristo
Written Exam: 95%
Practical Exam: 80 points total
Villain Points: 42 points
Rescue Points: 38 points
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, u can change it if you want8)
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