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Characters wanted for a mediocre MHA FF (Still Accepting)

Should we follow 1-A's schedule? (as in the anime/manga)

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Chunky Ramen

Previously Canadian_Fish
Ladies and gentlemen, Tanoshi, Tanoshi.
Its only chapter three, sorry I disappointed you.
(I hate myself for triple-posting.)
I designed, yes designed as in made a full blown layout, of Sokudo's Hero Suit, which I named Suit Defcon.
Ladies and gentlemen, my fingers are in immense pain.
I should be Pewdiepie's editor, Brad does horrible.


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Chunky Ramen

Previously Canadian_Fish
I'm dealing with my alerts, gonna make some ramen, and then I can get started.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have officially arrived at the U.S.J Arc, prepare for a lengthy chapter and a villain attack.
I also want to keep Shigaraki and Kurogiri, but who should we remove from the Vanguard Action Squad?

Chunky Ramen

Previously Canadian_Fish
Ok, I'm sorry, but we had to speed it up, plus, Koichi needs a bigger role. And based on the flip of a coin, Deans is Vice president. Everyone okay with that decision?

Chunky Ramen

Previously Canadian_Fish
I stole Bakugous costume and renamed it. Aero, I'll have sokudo change to this soon. The grenade looking thing is a flash bang.


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Chunky Ramen

Previously Canadian_Fish
very very very very Important Notice: The Sports festival is coming. I'd like to discuss how the bracket is gonna go, thanks.
I'm thinking of making a Pro-Hero character who could partner(?) with Koichi and be a mentor or whatever once we get to the Interning thing.

Also, I could probably come up with more students if need be.
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Possible Student

Name: Keiko Nanako
Age: 16
Quirk(No OfA): Attraction
Quirk Type:
Desc. of Quirk: She can allure people to do what she wants. Only works on those attracted to females.
Appearance(civilian clothes): Favors red, light blue, black and pink. Wears tank tops when she can. A good deal of what she wears depends on the weather.,
Hero outfit: A heart shaped domino mask (the pointed end goes over her nose). A black one piece outfit, red boots and gloves, and a red belt with a heart shaped buckle.
Signature Move(s)?: N/A
Personality: Despite her Quirk, she doesn’t try to flirt with just about everyone. Kind and caring, she thinks herself to be a good matchmaker and a good judge of character
Birthday: February 14
favorite kind of food?: Chocolate
Blood Type: O-
Style?: Lots of pink, red, black, and roses.
Subject (s)(t)he(y) excel in?: English
Alliance(hero or villain+Role): In Class 1-A
Other: Pale skin, black hair, blue eyes.
Written exam - 97%
Practical exam - 54 points total
Villain points - 49
Rescue points - 5
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And here's my "mentor figure". She will be at the Sports Festival in person.

Name: Akiko Koizumi (Hero Name : Fire Master)
Age: 20
Quirk(No OfA): Fire Morph
Quirk Type:
Desc. of Quirk: Can summon fire and create just about anything from it. However, the larger the amount of fire used to create something, the more likely she’ll pass out not long afterwards.
Appearance(civilian clothes): Prefered colors are red, orange, yellow, and green. What she wears depends on the weather.
Hero outfit: A red one piece with orange boots and gloves. An image of fire is located just below her neck.
Signature Move(s)?: Fire Wolves: Sends life sized wolves made of fire after her target.
Flame Hand: Creates a giant hand out of fire.
Personality: Despite her age, she is an incredible mentor and leader who isn’t above asking for help when she knows she needs it.
Birthday: April 5
favorite kind of food?: Taiyaki
Blood Type: O-
Style?: Reds, oranges, yellows, and greens.
Subject (s)(t)he(y) excel in?: Math
Alliance(hero or villain+Role): Pro Hero

Other: Is with the agency Koichi will intern at. Will personally mentor him there.


Previously El Spazzino
My dudes.
I've made something.
Name: Tekina Buru
Age: 27
Quirk(No OfA): Thunderdrill
Quirk Type:
Desc. of Quirk: She has drills coming out of her back and can be stretched at will. She mainly has 4 coming out of her costume but can make more on the other drills, making a spiked lash. They also conduct electricity, shocking or possibly paralyzing you, but this makes her dizzy even more. She has stuff for that. The drills can grow larger or smaller for her boots.
Appearance(civilian clothes): She wears a white t-shirt with a jacket, long jeans, and a classy hat.
Hero outfit: She wears a mustard-colored long jacket with a white t-shirt with multiple streaks of light yellow on the arms, chest, and legs. Her boots are made out of lightning-conducting material, to put an extra kick into her punches. She also wears gloves that do the same thing and many utility belts, knee-pads, shoulder pads, and a light soy sauce stain.
Signature Move(s)?: Thundersting (Paralyzing kick)
Personality: Tekina is a very fiery optimistic individual. She is very hyper, making some people uncomfortable, but takes her job very seriously in infiltration. Her hobbies are charging her devices, tinkering, and cooking eggs, and cooking in general. She buys a lot of eggs. She hates fish. She doesn't approve of villains but respects why they think that. One time she evaded Stain.
Bio.: N/A But attacked by Stain once but got away.
Birthday: January 22
favorite kind of food?: Rice
Blood Type: -O (is it O- or -O)
Style?: Kitchen.
Alliance(hero or villain+Role): Hero
Other: Kererie's mentor in his intern thingy

Name: Sasa Miza
Age: 30
Quirk(No OfA): Pressure Water
Quirk Type: Emitter
Desc. of Quirk: He is able to shoot pressured water out of his hands, making a very powerful bite.
Appearance(civilian clothes): A hoodie, white sweatpants, and fingerless gloves.
Hero outfit: A DIY gray robe, two utility belts over his robe, a medium-sized gauntlet on his arms to release a wave of pressure water and a mask that covers his eyes, and making them glow blue.
Signature Move(s)?: N/A
Personality: He is a very polite man, but won't hesitate to strike you down. He finds ways to counter your moves, taunting his opponents to make it easier. He is very outgoing but silently spies on his target. He is kind of villainous and is willing to follow the evil team, but also aids the hero team. They both pay good.
Bio.: He lived on the streets, fighting people for their money in the shadows. He wondered if heroes were gonna get him out of the hell. They didn't, but did not get angry about it. He respected All Might for saving him one time.
Birthday: September 16
favorite kind of food?: Dumpling
Blood Type: A
Style?: Don't have one. Lives on the streets.
Alliance(hero or villain+Role): Vigilante