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Private/Closed Kyogre Lake Academy


If you are reading this, then that means we have read your application and you have been cordially invited to Kyogre Lake Academy.

An escort will arrive in two days, taking you to the dock where the ferry will be. That ferry will take you to the exotic Kyogre Lake Island.

In the meantime, you may see what Kyogre Lake Academy has in store by looking at our website.

We look forward to seeing you.

The Headmaster

It was the seventh time Jack had read that letter. Maybe more. He wasn't keeping track. He was already on the ferry, and put the letter down to stare out of the window for a few moments. It was shaping up to be one of the best days of his life. It signaled a new beginning for him, a fresh start for his social life. No one knows who he is yet. He can still make good first impressions for the other students. Maybe one day, he'll even have a best friend, or a favorite teacher, or a girlfriend...

But he couldn't think that far ahead. The warmth of the sun on his body made him daydream. Since it was such a beautiful day, most of the other students had gone outside, but he liked it where he was. Although, maybe he should go to the deck with the others...

He sighed, and looked back at the letter. He was going to start reading it again.
"Return, Lycanroc!" Dom shouted as he recalled his pokemon.

It was about his 15th consecutive win since they set foot on the ferry, and he was getting tired, and so were his pokemon. It was a bit of free experience for his Elekid though, so he battled people anyway. It didn't matter to him though, these people were no match for him and he knew it.

"Me next, me next!" Someone yelled from the crowd of people.

"Sorry, I'm ending my win streak here. I'm bored." Dom yawned.

He walked down to the below deck concessions area and grabbed a few pokepuffs and poffins and let out all his pokemon.

"Alright everyone, here you go!" He said, putting down the food for his Lycanroc, Sliggoo, and Elekid.

He grabbed a few waffles and sat down on a bench across from another student, who seemed to be reading something. After a bit of people watching, Dom noticed it was a student reading his acceptance letter into the Kyogre Lake Academy.

"Hey, how many times you gonna read that letter?" Dom asked.
Jack looked up at the other guy, before looking back down at the letter. "Sorry, it's just...I still can't believe I'm here...feels like a dream." He replied. He paused for a moment, before speaking again. "I don't even know why I was invited. I'm just an ordinary trainer, but everyone else just looks a lot more...promising." He leaned back in his seat, and looked down slightly.
Thomas was on the bow of the ferry, he smiled as he enjoyed the wind in his hair along with the elegant shades of blue from the skies above and the seas below, his eyes looked up to see the bird Pokemon that soared overhead and smiled before he turned around to lean his back against the railing of the ferry's bow, in one of his hoodie pockets, he got out a Poke ball and smiled, most likely comforted by the Pokemon within it.

"Wonder what this school will have in store for us... or what kind attention you and I will get while we're there, maybe new friends, maybe new rivals... can't wait to find out." Thomas said to himself before he put the Poke ball back in his pocket and looked back ahead of him to see how much farther it would be until they arrived.
"Well there's gotta be something interesting about you, at least from the schools perspective. Most schools like these will see things in people that they can't even see in themselves. So if you need a justification, there it is. They invited you because they saw something in you, simple as that." Dom said, sitting back onto the bench. "Anyway, if they invited you, you must be something special. Most people here probably got in based on money alone, at least that's obvious by the battles I've had so far."

Dom began to eat another waffle before speaking again.

"The names Dominic by the way, but you can call me Dom. What's your name?"
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"You can call me Jack." He replied, looking back at Dom. "And, thanks for all that. I just assumed before that everyone here was already invited, but I guess I was wrong. If these people got here out of money alone, I guess that would make battling pretty easy, huh?" He forced a chuckle.

He leaned to the side and took a peek behind Dom. "Hey, are those your Pokémon?"
"Those three back there? Yup. Me and my sliggoo have been together since I could walk, and I caught Lycanroc as a rockruff back when I was journeying through Alola a few years ago. Elekid was gifted to me as an egg about a month ago, and I recently hatched it. Also, about the money thing, I was mostly joking, just seems like not many people here can battle that well. It just makes you wonder how they choose people, or how they'd even keep the school open without being paid by someone. Who knows, but what I do know is if those people I battled earlier really are candidates, the future of battling is looking pretty bleak." Dom sighed.

Dom shook himself and smacked his hands at the sides of his face.

"Look at me contradicting myself, here I am saying they had to have picked you because of something they saw in you and I didn't even think about the others. I contradict myself too much, just forget about the whole thing. Anyway, you gotta have some pokemon too, don't you?" Dom asked.
Charlie wasn't on the ferry yet; she left the hotel she was staying at the past night early. She wanted to make it to the boat early, but fate thought differently. On her way to the town where the ferry was docked, Charlie ran into a monferno. it was the first time she had seen a pokemon like that deapite her years of dealing with league trainers. So, of course, she took the chance to capture it. This took up a fair amount of time, meaning she would have to race to the boat if she didn't want to be late. "Ok, Dune, full speed!" She cheered on the back of her flygon, soaring through the sky, rarely did she fly on the back of her dragon type partner but this was a special once-in-a-lifetime chancw that she didn't want to fumble.

Eventually Charlie made it to the dock, landing and swiftly rushing up to the entrance, she handed her invitation to the sailor that awaited the boat and stepped on, not before calling Dune back into his ball.

Her first course of action was to check out the ship. Charlie walked around. She took the chance to let out her new teammate, King, who followed his new trainer around the ferry.
Soon enough, Charlie was checking out the bow, what a beautiful blue sky next to the ocean. It reminded her of her home back in Dewford Town. After a moment of taking in the atmosphere, she looked down and noticed a boy leaned against the ships rails. Charlie took the chance to socialize, "Yo!" She called out to the boy, waving a hand at him to get his attention while she walked towards him.
Thomas seemed lost in thought as he admired the sea view ahead of him, like one would see in a picture, that was until he heard a voice from someone nearby, a voice that seemed to be directed towards him, he turned his head to the one who greeted him and saw a woman who waved at him, Thomas smiled and waved back... although said wave was much lazier; simply a raise of his hand and barely his forearm.

"Hey there. Come to admire the sea view as well?" Thomas asked as he turned around to have his back lean against the railing, one of his hands in his hoodie pocket, his eyes briefly turned to the Monferno that accompanied the woman and his smile grew slightly wider.
Charlie gave a smile to the boy, and replied to him cheerfully, "you bet, I don't think I could ever get tired of a view like this, it's so nice. The way the damp wind blows across your face. I've lived my whole life with that feeling. Still feels as great as the first time I saw the ocean." She lowered her sunglasses and looked up at the sun, holding the railing and relaxing. It didn't last long however, Charlie shook her head and turned back to the boy, "I should introduce myself; I'm Charlie Rumble. Daughter of Brawly Rumble." She reached out her hand to him. King was held onto Charlie's leg, being a fire type he wasn't too fond of water, and since recently wild, humans as well.
Thomas smiles at her opinion on the ocean view. "I couldn't agree more, my father's a fisherman, and seeing the sea reminds me of the boating trips I often went on with him. Good times..." He said and let out a relaxed sigh as he enjoyed the nostalgia his precious memories provided. When the girl introduced herself, Thomas smiled and went to shake her hand, his other hand lightly brushed his hair back.

"The name's Thomas Wilson, but you can call me Tom" He said before he looked at the Monferno again, aware of it's cautious nature. "So, what other Pokemon do you have besides your cool looking Monferno?" He asked
Charlie nodded. "It's nice to meet you, Tom. I'm glad to see you are as fond of the ocean as me." She looked down at King, holding onto her leg. She looked back up and answered Thomas, "Oh, thank you, he's a newbie, but I'll raise him to be a great fighter, as for the rest of my team...." she reached for two pokeballs on her belt, both of which had a orange lid compared to the normal red you would see on most pokeballs, courtesy of dewford gym. Charlie tossed them up in the air. Popped out a red light, and suddenly standing next to charlie was an orange breloom and a large flygon. "These are my partners. Here we got Shoe and Dune, and you've met King," Charlie motioned to the 3 as she listed their names, all of which sounded off with a cry. "I'm proud of these guys, well let me see your team, can't let you scout my team without showin me your own, don't wanna give you an advantage if we fight" she said jokingly, bumping Thomas's elbo.
"Me?" He blinked. "I have Empoleon and Gallade. Using Ralts a thing I had with my brothers, so I decided to keep Gallade as a keepsake, or something like that. Empoleon used to belong to my big brother, but after he stopped battling to do something he loved, he gave me his Empoleon. The three of us are a trio. I take Empoleon and Gallade wherever I go. I have more Pokémon at home, but I only brought two Pokémon. Just in case I would find any at Kyogre Lake Island." Then he looked out of the window, smiling a little bit. "No matter what happens, I'll always associate the Pokémon I catch there with the memories surrounding it. Just like how I associate Empoleon and Gallade with memories of my brothers."
Thomas' eyes widen in fascination at the sight of her Shiny Breloom and recognizes the sparkle that appeared after it emerged from it's spherical capsule. "Wow... and I thought I was gonna be the only one at the Academy with a shiny." He said with a grin as he got two Poke balls out of his trouser pockets and points them away from the edge of the bow, they both open and two lights spill out and take on tall serpent forms.

The first one that emerged was a Steelix who's metallic surface gleamed in the sunlight like well polished metal, the second to emerge was a Gyarados, but this one wasn't blue like her usual brethren; this one was an elegant scarlet red who sparkled upon the conclusion of her emergence. The Gyarados immediately bent down to nuzzle against Thomas, her head alone was nearly bigger than him while the Steelix seemed to glare down at Charlie and her Pokemon as if analyzing them.

"These two are the only ones I have so far, but seeing your Flygon's already giving me an idea for what I might look for when building up my team." Thomas said while he leaned against Gyarados and petted her head.
"Ah man, I didn't even think about catching any pokemon at the academy." Dom sighed, "Though it wouldn't hurt to start."

Dom stood up and looked back at his partner pokemon.

"Alright you three, Let's go!" Dom said, looking back at his trio of pokemon who had just finished eating. The three ran up to him and they started for the stairway up to the deck.

"Well, you comin too or what?" Dom said, turning back to Jack.
Charlie appeared shocked, looking up at the two massive serpent shaped pokemon "w-wow! You've got some huge pokemon there Tom" her gaze fixed on the red gyrados that was nuzzling up to the boy "A red gyrados.... I've never seen anything quite like it before. I've only ever heard of a red gyrados in that one lake in Jhoto. But seeing one in person is definitely something." Charlie was shifting between both of Tom's pokemon, given how large they both were, she also took in Tom's comment about his team. Charlie's monferno continued to hide, even more nervous with the two pokemon staring him down, Shoe was fascinated by another pokemon strangely colored like himself. As for Dune, the flygon shared a sharp look back at the steelix, not one of aggression, but more like one that you would give to a strong competitor "Dune here I originally caught as a trapinch forever ago. She was actually my first pokemon, despite that Shoe has had more action, people want you to use a fighting type pokemon at a fighting type gym. If they have trapinch or the like at Kyogre Lake is beyond me, though I am curious what pokemon I could find there for myself." Charlie stepped towards Tom and his pokemon. "Once we get on land we'll have to battle, as friends, you got it!" Charlie gave a thumbs up. Before putting her Team back into their balls, all of which made a sound that could be interpreted as a goodbye.
Thomas smiled as he saw Charlie's reaction towards his Gyarados and nodded when she mentioned the one there used to be back in Johto. Gyarados turned to see the shiny Breloom and looked pleased to see another shiny, although it likely meant she wouldn't feel as unique, but that didn't bother her too much.

"I've had Gyarados with me since she was just a Magikarp and I was back in preschool, she's pretty much like a sister to me. As for Steelix, I caught him back when he was an Onix, bought myself a Metal Coat for him and found a trainer who wanted to trade with me and evolve his Pokemon, doing so helped me evolve my own... if I remember correctly, I think that guy had a Haunter which is now a Gengar." Thomas said as he looked up at his two large serpent Pokemon with admiration, Steelix kept his gaze fixed on Charlie's Pokemon, mainly the Flygon who returned in kind.

"It's only fair that working at a certain Gym means you should have a Pokemon of it's respective type, but that shouldn't mean you can't expand your options. I really wanna get a Dragon type Pokemon for my team as well." Thomas said while he watched Charlie return her Pokemon and decided it was best that he do the same, he was caught off guard slightly when he heard Charlie's offer to not only battle, but be friends, an offer he was only too happy to accept as seen by his confident smile and nod.

"You got it! Whaddya say we make it interesting and battle with only our shinies; it'll serve as a great way for us to make a first impression to everyone else." He said with a confident tone, likely happy that he already made a friend before they even arrived and offered his hand to her.
Charlie nodded "ok, we'll show them that lucks on our side!" She shook his hand again. "Winner gets to buy food or somethin. Actually, do you know how long it will take for us to get to Kyogre Lake." She asked "surely it can't be longer than a couple of hours right." She looked around, into the vast ocean horizon, not seeing an island in sight off the coast of the dock.
"...Up there?" Jack asked. "Well, um..." He paused. He usually preferred quiet spaces like this, but he wasn't going to make any new friends in the lower deck. Maybe all he needed was some fresh air. "Yeah. Let's go." He picked up his bag and followed behind Dom. "So, do you know anything about what the academy looks like? I never actually looked at the website, despite how many times I've read the letter..."
"Yep, I've seen pictures alright. The campus is this huge rectangular like building. I'm assuming that's where the classes and dorm rooms are, though I don't remember any specifics. All I really remember is that the classrooms have these huge windows, which may be a problem for me since I get distracted so easily." Dom laughed as he walked up the stairs to the deck, "I also heard they have a huge stadium for battle competitions."

Dom walked up to the railings on the deck and pulled his something out of his backpack. It looked like a small stick.

"Watch this." Dom said to Jack.

Dom raised the stick up and then flicked it down, extending it into a pole and sending a line out like a fishing rod.

"Its a fishing rod we use back home, easy to carry around and fish with." Dom said.

It seemed to only take a moment, but soon Dom's pole had something on the other end. Dom reeled back, revealing a pretty large Krabby on the other end.

"Alright Elekid, help me out here!" Dom yelled.

He threw out his Elekid and the battle quickly began.

"Quick, use Thunder Punch!" Dom commanded.

Elekid jumped up and punched the Krabby, damaging it before it could even touch the ground. The Krabby seemed to have a hard time moving once it landed, the Thunder Punch must have paralyzed it. Dom pulled out a strange looking Pokeball, and threw it at the Krabby. It shook once, twice, three times, and clicked shut. Dom picked up and smiled at the pokeball.

"Well, looks like I caught my first new pokemon!" Dom smiled, "Would you like to fish for a pokemon?" Dom asked, offering the pole to Jack.
Jack looked at the pole, then back at Dom. "Sure." He smiled slightly and took it. He cast it out into the ocean, and after waiting for a few moments, got a tug, which turned into an intense pull. "Woah...!" He reeled his catch in, and a Finneon leapt out of the water. Quickly, Jack pulled out a Great Ball and threw it, spawning a Gallade. "Gallade, use Psycho Cut!" Gallade slashed the air a few times with its arm-blades, and strings of energy were unleashed with each one. The Finneon was hit, and Jack quickly grabbed a spare Dive Ball and threw it at Finneon.

Jack watched it shake all three times, and it clicked shut. He walked over and picked it up. "Yeah...my first new Pokémon. I can get used to this." He smiled.
Before Charlie could listen for an answer her attention was caught elsewhere, she turned around to see some other trainers laughing it up and seemingly catching fish? Charlie gave a smile and a wave to Thomas. To represent a 'see you later', if Thomas didn't choose to follow her. Charlie made her way up the two trainers as one reeled up a finneon, and not before long it was defeated and captured "wow! You took care of that in no time at all huh" she butted in. While she didn't want to intrude, she was very curious, meeting your fellow classmates is important after all. She still had King by her side, since the monferno was quite small compared to her other two companions.
"Yeah. Me and my friend here." Jack and Gallade turned to face Charlie, glancing at the Dive Ball holding the Finneon "Maybe fishing is in my future. I've always liked laid back activities like this. And since I caught this Finneon on this ferry, it'll stay in my mind for good." He then turned his eyes back to Charlie, sticking his hand out. "I don't think we've met. I'm Jack."
"And I'm Dominic, but you can call me Dom. Back at my home village we fish in the caves of Meteor Falls, so fishing rod creation is something everyone from the tribe masters by the age of 10." Dom said.

Elekid tugged at Dom's pants, with a hungry look on its face.

"Alright alright, here." Dom said, digging through his bag and pulling out a berry and feeding it to the hungry Elekid.

"Anyway, whats your name?" Dom asked the girl.
"Fishing is a great hobby to get into" she smiled at jack. Charlie reached out and shook his hand "I was always a catch and release kinda person when I was younger. Its nice to meet ya Jack, and you as well Dom, I'm Charlie, from Dewford town. Yeah back there fishing is a way of life. Though making the rods ourselves was never really a big thing with us" she looked at the two's pokemon "That gallade of yours looks formidable, I'm sure you guys are tough. And Dom I can tell elekid is new to this stuff, but I can already see the potentialin the little guy!" She talked up, she looked over to the edge of the ship into the water, and then back to the fishing rod Jack was holding "heh....do ya mind if I gave it a shot, its been a bit since the last time I've casted a reel" she grinned, scratching her head.
"Thank you, of course not, go ahead!" Dom said, motioning for Jack to hand her the fishing rod.

Just then, Sliggoo and Lycanroc popped out of their pokeballs just as Elekid finished eating. The two looked at Dom eagerly, and he rolled his eyes as he reached into his bag and pulled out more berries.

"Don't be shy, you too Krabby!" Dom said, letting his crabby out of it's pokeball.

He fed his other pokemon sitrus berries and fed the Krabby a Cheri Berry to cure its paralysis, and the four pokemon sat and ate together, talking among themselves.
Jack handed the fishing rod to Charlie and stepped away from the deck. He looked back at his Dive Ball. "You know, Dom, I have to say, Dive Balls are some of the coolest looking Poké Balls ever manufactured..." He mentioned Dom, but he still spoke quietly, almost to himself still. He moved the Dive Ball around in his hand, getting a few more angles of it.
"Ehhh, personally I prefer the homemade kind more. See this," Dom said holding up the pokeball he caught Krabby in, "This here is a Lure ball. You can only make them with special tools and these things called Apricorns. My father learned how to make them from this guy named Kurt that he met in the Johto region, and he then taught me how to make them. Almost all of my pokemon are caught in Apricorn balls, besides my Sliggoo of course." Dom said.

He returned all his pokemon back to their pokeballs and looked down at his all of his pokeballs.

"See Sliggoo and I have been together since I was born, it was hatched from an egg and caught in a premier ball, but my Lycanroc here is in something called a Moon ball and my Elekid is in a Fast ball. I made them by hand of course, once I finally mastered the pokeball crafting technique"
"Thank ya, and just saying its nice to see somebody treat their pokemon team like you do Dom." She admired how dom was treating his team. In her years as a gym trainer there have been a fair share of trainers who you can tell don't treat their pokemon with the respect they deserve.
Charlie examined the rod for a bit before she pulled it back, and threw. Perfect cast into the water. She waited for a moment....and another...."hmm I guess they aren't hung-!!" Charlie got cut off, the reel jerked forward, almost coming out of Charlie's grip, she leaned back and pulled on the rod, it bended and strained but finally with one last tug the line released it tension and Charlie fell back with the rod in hand. A loud thunk came from the deck near them all. Charlie stood back up and looked over to what it was she caught on her line. "W-What!?" It was a barbaracle. The bipedal water rock type stood there enraged. Charlie looked back at the others with a dumbfounded expression "how does this thing even hook to a fishing rod!?"

The barnacle pokemon growled, ready to attack. Charlie was surprised but wasn't afraid, a wild pokemon wasn't as scary as you would expect since its got no trainer to command it. A sure fire answer to fight it would be to call out Shoe given the type advantage, but charlie had another idea... "King" she said, the monferno was cowering behind her, not even half the size of the wild pokemon thay stood before him "f-f-ferno!" It cried it fear "listen bud, I know you have potential, and its fine to be scared, but I'm you're trainer, I have your back and I'll help you prevail" Charlie said confidently. King was still afraid, but he stepped up to fight thanks to his trainer's pep talk. He may be weak to water but its fair since the barbaracle was rock type, meaning monferno's fighting moves would prove more than enough to topple the type matchup.
"You can make Poké Balls yourself?" Jack took a good look at the different types. "That's...impressive. I've never been to a region that could let you do that." Then he looked back at his bag, and grabbed one of the Ultra Balls he hasn't used yet, looking down at it. "I just buy mine at Poké Marts. I guess there's just something more sleek and fresh about store-bought Poké Balls, you know?"
"I agree, there is a sort of charm to them, there's just another level of care that goes into handmade pokeba-" Before he could finish, the loud thunk caused by Barbaracles landing grabbed Dom's attention.

Dom looked as Charlie's monferno stood up to battle, still looking a bit afraid.

"Don't worry, Monferno, you got this! Barbaracle maybe be big and strong, but its slow!" Dom cheered from the sideline.
Charlie was looking at the barbaracle, determining her course of action "ok, King, we don't know what this guy has so lets try to keep our distance, go with vacuum wave!" She commanded, pointing her finger at the opposing pokemon. King quickly acted, rearing back before throwing out a punch, a sharp shockwave of air traveled from the monferno's punch to the chest of the barbaracle. It took the direct hit of the vacuum wabe attack, flinching but still keeping its ground. It counterattacked with bubblebeam, a strong blast of bubbles and sudds fired from the barnacle pokemon's mouth. " watch out buddy, jump around it" King was agile enough to slip around the bubblebeam attack "Yes! Now close the distance and knock em down, low sweep!" She called out. King dashed in and swung his leg, kicking out the barbaracles legs, it toppled to the ground, falling against the railing of the side of the ferry "oh crap I hope they don't mind that..." Charlie said nervously, she had to end this and get this behemoth of the boat before it caused more damage. "Ok King, finish it, send that pokemon off the side with some double kick!" The monferno followed his trainer's order and launched two poweful kicks, both connecting easily with the tipped over pokemon and launching it over the side of the boat. "Haha! Nice job King!" Charlie cheered. King cheered as well and darted up to Charlie, she pet the monkey pokemon and chuckled at her victory. It didn't last long once she remembered the damage the battle caused to the side of the ship. "Oh yeah..." she pat King one more time before putting him back into his ball. She ran over to Dom and Jack "h-hey, here is your fishing rod, sorry about that. I guess I'm gonna go find the captain or somebody and apologize." She handed the rod back to Dom with an embarrassed look on her face. She started to walk away before stopping and coming back to the group "actually do you have any clue where I could find him?" Charlie asked, sweat dripping down her face.
Jack also stood up, and thought for a moment. "Um...maybe try the front of the ship?" It sounded like something one would say sarcastically, but Jack said it 100% genuinely. He was going to say something about the scene that just occurred, but he didn't know anything he could've said that was said already.
James was sitting in the corner, reading his letter as his Kingdra had popped out of his Pokéball. The Johtoan Dragon Pokémon had decided to go for a swim, and hopped into the water, keeping pace with the ship as James looked out and facepalmed.

"Kingdra's always excitable," A Black haired male responded to James's Facepalm.

"Jason, I know you are stating Facts, and is that Scrafty running towards a Monferno and a Barbaracle?"

The Shiny Hoodlum Pokémon was running at top Speed to find a Seat to watch a Monferno try to battle a wild Barbaracle. Jason caught up to his Pokémon and looked at the battle.

"Aerodactyl messed up one of these Pokémon badly when he practically swept that kid's team." He whispered, "This looks like a solid match, each side having One disadvantage, and Monferno should be able to learn several Fighting Moves, Let's watch and see if any could be taught to you, Scrafty."

The Dark and Fighting Type went to sit as Jason stood behind his Pokémon. He watched the battle as The Monferno was beating the Barbaracle. Scrafty had started to approach the Monferno as Jason picked up the Pokémon.

"Scrafty, I don't know how they'd react to a random Scrafty approaching." Jason whispered.

James knew opening some of his Pokéballs were bad ideas, especially Steelix, who is just plain massive, and Fomantis, who would get lost. He just kept an eye on Kingdra as he sat in the corner. Kingdra was jumping out of the water like a show dolphin, doing all kinds of tricks.

Laura had been looking around at what Pokémon were around when a thunk was heard.

"What was that?" Laura asked, then squinted, "That's a Barbaracle, I have the same question, how did that end up on a fishing hook?"

She looked back to her information of Pokémon that she had gathered, it had mostly Egg moves, and other things notable for breeding. Her sister however had noticed the kid reading the letter multiple times get up and speak. She walked over to survey the damage, but noticed the boy who was reading the letter.

"Hello, my sister and I heard a loud thunk from this direction, is everything alright?"

Emma had asked the boy who was originally reading the letter repeatedly.
“Wait, don’t worry I got this, it’s only the railing that’s damaged, I can fix it." Dom said, "Sliggoo, Lycanroc, Krabby, come on out!"

Dom sent out the three pokemon again, and seemed to be energized from their earlier snack.

"Alright Sliggoo, use dragon breath on the railing." Dom said.

The Sliggoo breathed its dragon breath on the railing, making it start to heat up a bit, but not much.

"Alright Lycanroc, quick, grab it and pull it back in a bit more! And try and knock out the dents with a rock throw or two, you too krabby, use Vice Grip!"

Lycanroc got to work quickly, and the bar was back in place, at least less messed up, but with krabbys vice grip, the bar looked even better.

"Alright, now cool it back down Krabby! Use bubble!"

Krabby spat out bubbles at the heated railing, cooling it back down. The railing cooled down and it seemed to look better, but a still a bit scratched up.

"Here, Charlie I'll come with you to look for the Captain, at least to explain the situation. If anything goes south, it was my fishing rod in the first place."
"Hm?" He noticed the girl ask, and quickly shifted his position to block Dom fixing the damage. "Ah, yeah, everything is alright over here." He briefly looked back. "We've just had a little bit of a scuffle. That Barbaracle is pretty heavy, so it made a racket. Charlie is on her way to apologize for the disturbance...at least, I think that's what she's doing. Maybe fishing for large Pokémon on top of a big boat isn't such a great idea." Jack chuckled.
"I figured that when I heard the thunk, at least it wasn't my brother's Metagross, that could have caused a lot more trouble." Emma responded, "Emmaline Argentston, by the way."

She then looked to see a Purple Kingdra acting like a Wailmer. Emma knew whose Kingdra would do that.

"Ever see a Kingdra act like a trained Wailmer?" Emma asked Jack, turning back to him then back to the Kingdra.

It was at that point Dusclops reappeared from looking around the ship next to Emma.
Charlie looked around her as several pokemon and trainers crowded around the scene. Thankfully the two she people she already knew had helped cover up the scene. She followed along with Jack, blocking the new arrivals from seeing Dom's quick repair "I'm embarrassed, I didn't mean to cause a scene. She looked behind her and noticed the railing was already repaired, granted it wasn't hard to tell it had been tampered with. She listened to Dom and quickly moved over to him "yeah lets go find the captain, before we draw more attention." Charlie waved at Emma and the other trainers "heya, sorry this is the first impression you're getting, I'll make it up to ya later, call me Charlie next time we meet " she ran off to the side, going around a doorway thay led into the ship, she motioned Dom to follow her since he offered to come along...
Charlie took a deep breath "yeah, he's gotta be somewhere around here, oh and thanks for that back there, you managed to repair that rail rather quickly. And once we find the captain don't worry about taking the blame." Charlie started to walk down the hallway " its my fault the damage was done, if I had brought out my breloom I could have launched that pokemon back into the ocean without causing any damaga at all. Besides I wasn't raised to let other take the fall for me." Charlie lifted up her glasses, through all the commotion and being outside, she forgot she had them on. "What do you thinks gonna happen once we make it to Kyogre Lake?" She asked out of nowhere.