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Private/Closed Kyogre Lake Academy

"Honestly, you should be fine. I mean, they're inviting the best of the best in upcoming trainers to the school, and didn't outright say we couldn't battle on the ferry here. I'm sure you'll be fine. If anything you'll be congratulated. I mean you did defeat a powerful water and rock type Pokemon with a fire type, and the way you used vacuum wave instead of a close up move like mach punch or power up punch, even I didn't think of that at first. Any ordinary trainer would've just went for a stronger pokemon or put all their energy behind one attack, but even in a somewhat panicked state you assessed the situation and dealt with it accordingly. That takes real genius if you ask me." Dom said, he paused for a moment, "Sorry, I tend to ramble on and on when it comes to talking about battle strategies." he laughed.
Charlie let out a sigh. She was glad to have made friends despite the little time she's been on this ferry. "Thank you, honestly. Hearing you say that takes a ton of worry off of my chest. And don't worry about it. Rambling about battle strategy is so much fun, and nothing makes you feel better as a trainer then listening to somebody break down your own battle." Charlie chuckled at Dom "hopefully once we all get off this ship we'll all have more time to get together and battle." She said putting out a fist for Dom to bump.
Dom fist bumped Charlie back with a smile, “yeah definitely, we’ve gotta battle once we reach the island!” He laughed.

As he reached the back door, Dom opened it up to find a few adults who seemed to be running the ship.

“Looks like I found them.” Dom said, turning back to Charlie.
"Oh sweet" Charlie stepped through the door, there were several adults in the room but it was clear to see who was the captain of the ship, the tall man with a clean white beard and a cap that a captain would don. "Hello there young trainers, what might bring you here?" He said in a jolly voice. Charlie got less nervous, surely a jolly old man like the captain would be understanding of the situation "um yes, nice to meet you Captain sir, I'm Charlie. I came to report myself." The captain raised his eyebrows "report yourself? Why must you do that Charlie?" He asked "well...I may have damaged the side of a ship while I fought a wild barbaracle that I fished up." She lowered her head, apologizing. The captain was silent for a moment, he stared at the two teenagers stood before him "well...haha, as long as we're still afloat, I don't see any harm done!" He luaghed out, acting as if somebody had told him a joke. Charlie shot her head up in surprise "wait for real?!."
“Well thankfully we weren’t working with any pirates or anything of the sort.” Dom laughed back, “we should probably go check on Jack though, we kinda just left him there…” Dom said, sounding a bit concerned.
Charlie stopped herself "ohhhhhh right, dang we really did just leave him there huh....well we should probably hurry then" Charlie started to job back through the halls reverse of the way the two came in "oh hey we can inform him and the other passenger that we're about to dock once we gwt back to the bow" she said to Dom before continuing her jog. (Probably my last post for tonight, gonna head to sleep. So I'll be back tommorow morning hopefully)


Previously Night's Shadow
20 Minutes Earlier
“I’m-late-I’m-late-I’m-laaaate!!” Reese screeched as she slung her duffel bag over her shoulder and ran out the door. She’d received her letter of acceptance the day before and it had been stuffed unceremoniously into her bag along with the rest of her things the moment she finished reading it. A half-asleep, hulking pile of metal creaked as he shifted in confusion, and the girl rapped on his armor, running in place. Her father had left on a dig earlier that week, so that was one less problem to deal with.

Tong-tong-tong! “Wake up, Rocket!” Reese whined restlessly, still banging the Golurk’s arm, the highest part of him she could reach. “We gotta go-go-go!” She clambered onto his head, making sure that Riot (a Sigilyph) and Rune (her newest partner, a Galarian Yamask), were in their Pokeballs on her belt, and continued to drum on the robotic Pokemon. “Come on come on come onnn-!!” The speed with which Rocket took off took her by surprise, and she almost slipped off his metallic shoulders, arms wrapped tightly around his head.

Present Time
Despite her less-than-professional start, Reese had managed to make it to the boat barely on time, her sudden appearance atop a half-fossilized robot sudden enough to cause the dockman to fall over. She had apologized profusely as the boat pulled away, eventually having to yell to be heard across the rift of water, before concluding that (since you know, she couldn’t see him anymore) he couldn’t hear her.

The rest of the time, she’d been treating poor Rocket like a jungle gym, though the sitting Golurk didn’t seem to mind having a hyperactive fifteen-year-old girl crawling all over him; in fact, he seemed quite used to it. That was… probably because he was quite used to it. As far as Reese could tell, Rocket didn’t mind it, in actuality seeming to enjoy the attention. She wondered idly if maybe she should socialize, but everyone seemed to be in large groups already.

Suddenly a loud thunk hit the deck, tilting the boat slightly. The Barbaracle was large and heavy-looking, though not quite on the scale of Rocket. Reese took a moment to appreciate how well-crafted the boat must have been to hold so many massive Pokémon like the Gyarados she’d caught sight of earlier as well as the sheer number of smaller Pokémon.

The girl tapped Rocket’s head again. “Hey-hey-hey, do ya think we should go help them?” The Golurk made a sound like a box of metal nails clattering to the ground. “Yeah, we’d just get in the way of all the littles,” she mused, referring to the somewhat smaller Pokémon possessed by the group. “Or we’d overturn the boat,” Reese added with a cheeky grin. “You’re heavy, buddy! But hey, we still have a pretty good view from here. Let’s watch ‘em!”

Rocket’s back was to the fight, but that didn’t deter Reese in the slightest; she crossed her legs around Rocket’s head for a steady hold, then let herself drop backwards until she was hanging by her legs over the Golurk’s back, giving her a very nice upside-down view of the battle. Rocket’s head rotated so he could watch, too. Her intrigued frown was also upside-down as she wondered idly how exactly a Barbaracle that didn’t belong to any trainer could come to end up on a boat, and exactly why a few “promising young trainers” with a bunch of Pokémon couldn’t figure a way to deal with the Barbaracle.

Reese took on a comically quizzical look, complete with a finger gun beneath her chin. “Maybe we should go over there and chuck it!” she exclaimed playfully. “Just go… yeet!” The girl mimed a throw towards the ocean. “Then again, a thousand pounds on one side of the boat might, uh… tip the scales, so to speak. In a very watery way.” Rocket made a rumbling noise that could be interpreted as laughter as the two continued to observe from around the middle of the boat.
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"That's my brother's Kingdra, the Pokémon is very excitable, especially around water," Emma responded, as a pokeball opened from her belt, "I've got a Shiny, but one you wouldn't expect, got him as an egg and it was my sister's idea to breed the parents."

A large golden winged moth like Pokémon appeared, it had gold protrusions on the side of its face, but they go up and down side of its face, four tiny black legs on the thorax which was mostly white fluff with black spots, with a purple abdomen with a light black center of the front. The bug gave a welcoming cry.

"Sorry about Volcarona if he spooked you, he hadn't been out all trip and was excited to get out the ball." Emma responded, "Volcarona here is highly protective of me and my Pokémon."

James looked at his Kingdra, who was doing his usual, tricks like a Trained Wailmer, he walked over to the railing and called out to his Pokémon.

"Kingdra, I know you like water, but can you keep closer to the ship so we don't separate."

The Water and Dragon type complied as it hopped back on the boat, nodded to its trainer and jumped back into the water closer to the ship this time, keep pace.
"Yeah, I get that...Volcarona are still difficult to obtain, though. I have to applaud you for that." Jack looked at Volcarona, and put a hand on his heart. "I always keep Gallade with me wherever I go, as a walking reminder of my brothers. It's almost like they're right here with me. It's a comforting feeling." He smiled slightly. "That's why I love catching Pokémon. They'll always remind me of something or someone important to me."
Volcarona nodded in understanding as Jack had put his hand on his heart.

"Volcarona has done a lot, he evolved when a Herd of Tauros got loose during a trip to mainland Kanto." Emma responded, "I was able to get the owners arrested after it was discovered to be intentional."

Emma knew she did not need to go further, as the trauma of her Pokémon dying was still fresh. She kept herself as calm as possible, Dusclops patted her with a reassuring hand. Volcarona watched over Emma and Jack as he kept observation of everything around them.

Jason had been standing with his Scrafty as people had been doing stuff, mostly keeping his Scrafty from bothering others. But the Hoodlum Pokémon had other plans, like wiggling out of Jason's arms and running over towards a Golurk. Jason was trying to catch his Pokémon, so he wouldn't get into trouble.
"Arrested?" Jack's eyes widened a little. "Are you a detective or something?" He didn't expect someone on the boat to have an occupation outside of being a promising trainer. Someone who happened to be one of the first people he's met, no less.

Gallade turned around and leaned up against the railing on the deck, somewhat listening to the conversation.
"My skill in Investigation was what got me into this academy, the information that I've obtained legitimately has led to the arrests of Thirteen people, including those two and eleven poachers." Emma explained, "It was a lot of baiting for the Poachers, and those two took six hours to put everything together, after talking with the neighbors, it turned out the people were very wary of foreigners and especially did not like Unova for one reason or another, I was not able to figure that part out, I'm half Unovan, along with my older siblings, like the owner of the Kingdra that was acting like a Trained Wailmer, his second run at the Grand Festival was the clincher, My sister managed to get a Magmortar to breed with a Cacturne without them attacking each other, and the Cacnea she has is the result, has Dynamic Punch. My oldest brother, Jason, practically swept a team with his Aerodactyl."

Dusclops kept his trainer in check, making sure she didn't burst into tears because of a flashback to what happened to Wooloo. The Ghost type looked at Gallade, with a look which meant not to worry.
"That's interesting." Jack thought for a moment, "Being behind thirteen arrests is impressive, too. The arrests of poachers, no less. I'm sure a lot of Pokémon owe their life to you." He smiled slightly. "That's something a lot of trainers haven't done, saving dozens of Pokémon like that. I hope to do something like that one day. It's a shame those people didn't like Unova...I wonder what would cause them to think like that..."
“Right,” Dom said to Charlie, “I’ll run on ahead, just to let everyone know.”

Dom then sped up tremendously faster than the previous Jog and reached the deck within seconds. Dom saw Jack and the other trainer still talking, and quickly sprinted over to them.

“We should be arriving shortly.” Dom said between breaths.

Although the Draconid people had extraordinary agility, Dom tended to get a bit winded whenever he pushed these abilities to the limit.
Charlie followed along with Dom, he took the lead but she wasn't too far behind. She picked up speed to keep up with Him. Eventually Meeting back with the group. She noticed Jack was talking with another girl "phew, atleast he had something to do when we left him suddenly" Charlie walked next to Dom and seconded him "yeah, we should be docking in no time at all" she looked to Jack and Emma "hello there" she waved to Emma. Charlie was going to introduce herself to this girl, well, more clealry than the sudden name drop from when she was searching for the captain, but she was surprised to notice a guant mechanical head peering down at them from another part of the ship, and with a girl swinging around it even "is that another classmate of ours?" Charlie turned to them, "were they late or somethin? I feel like I would have noticed that when I was exploring the ship earlier?" She waved at the girl, curious of who they were
"You know, this boat ride is getting more and more eccentric by the second." Jack chuckled.

"Attention students!" There was suddenly a voice coming from a loudspeaker on the deck. "We'll be docking at Kyogre Lake Island in about 5 minutes. Please gather all your belongings now."

Jack looked back at his newfound group. "Looks like we're almost there. I'm...pretty excited, actually. There's gonna be so many things to do once we get there."
As Thomas heard the announcement that they were going to arrive in a few minutes, he smiled as he saw the island in sight. He stepped away from the bow and walked over to the room he stayed in where his belongings were, he didn't bring too much with him, only one case with a few snacks for himself and his Pokemon, spare sets of clothes should he ever need them and several Poke balls of different varieties; a few Great Balls, an Ultra Ball and a Premier Ball.

Rather than go outside, he went to lay on his bed and use what little boat time he had left to relax and enjoy the luxuries it had to offer, the most likely time he would ever experience something like this would be were he to return from Kyogre Lake, but something told him that wouldn't be for a long time.
"Well, I guess this is where we split up." Dom said, "The itinerary says after we dock we go and get settled in our dorm rooms."

Dom said his goodbyes to his new friends, Charlie and Jack, before going back to the small room he had left his things in that morning when they had left the mainland. When he sat down on his bed, a bit of worry gnawed at the back of his mind. He plopped down on the bed and brought out Sliggoos pokeball, pressing it to his forehead.

"I hope the Elder was right, sending me here." he sighed to himself.

He quickly got all his stuff ready and got ready to get off the ferry.
Matt Dempsey looked hyper-fixated on the battles that were being held on the ship. He looked like one of the few trainers who hadn’t brought out any of his Pokémon a single time, nor had he said anything meaningful for the entire voyage (except when a trainer made a “foolish” mistake). At least he seemed prepared for Kyogre Island though, seeing as he had a suitcase or two of his belongings in tow. Although he was crammed into the uproarious crowd who was also watching the battle, so it would be rather odd if someone did see him.

After hearing of the announcement of their short arrival, Matt let out a sigh of annoyance. It distracted him from the current battle, being a Heracross and a Honchkrow. Matt looked around the ship, changing his posture. Not anyone of note, it appeared. At least he could see some Wingull soaring high in the calm sea breeze, a sign of a nearby island. He looked back at the battle, seeing the Honchkrow deal a fearsome blow with a Brave Bird. He scoffed. “Any wise trainer would’ve pulled that Heracross out of battle before now!” It was quite clear what he thought of most of these trainers.
Emma had heard multiple someones fly onto the deck.

"Hello, Dom, Charlie, I am Emma Argentston," Emma responded, "This is Dusclops, my Starter, and the Volcarona flying about here is also mine, and I have a Raboot, but he's not out of his ball at the moment."

Volcarona waved his wing at Dom and Charlie as an announcement called out that they would arrive in five minutes. Emma had Dusclops get her stuff, she'd be fine, the deck might melt if something bad happened.

James had his Sceptile head off with most of the lighter stuff as he prepared for landing, getting Kingdra returned as he took the heavier stuff, and pulled out a pokeball.

"I'll let you out in a bit."

James held the ball in his right hand as he looked towards the Island, left hand on railing.

Laura had been keeping her breeding materials in when her Salamence and Greninja had came back with her stuff, she noticed a boy watching a battle between a Heracross and a Honchkrow. As Laura got her stuff together which included an Incubator, she walked over to watch the battle as well.

"I agree with that, if that were my brother, Aerodactyl would have already dealt with Honchkrow, and I would Have used Salamence to deal with that myself." Laura responded, "Laura Argentston, And this is Greninja."

The Black ninja frog Pokémon gave a Wave.
Charlie overheard the announcement as did the others and she listened to Dom "if thats what it says then I suppose this is where we part." Charlie looked at the island they closed in on. Finally it was in view and it was definitely a sight to behold. This remote place would be the next chapter of her life. And these people would be living a new chapter of their own. "I guess I'll be off. I'll gather my things for when we dock" she said to the group before exiting the scene "So many people, and based off what I've heard from that one girl. It seems a few of thene are all related and still managed to make it here. "Ooh I'm excited, this has so much potential for experiences. And I'll take care of it all with you guys by my side" she said to herself and to her pokemon, who all of which were resting on her belt.

She made it to her room and began to get her things together. It wasn't much. The only things she brought with her was what was in a backpack and a couple sentimental items. A picture of her home ij dewford with her family. And a badge that would be given to those who completed her father's gym challenge.

Charlie was all ready to depart. She decided to release her orange breloom, Shoe, as she made her way to the side of the ferry where she boarded earlier.
"See ya Dom, Charlie." Jack gave a small wave at his parting classmates. "Well, I guess I should head back to my room. I hope to see you around, Emma." He said with a smile as he headed downstairs to gather his stuff. Once he was there, he sighed again, but this time, it was more optimistic. He took out his Dive Ball. He had already made some new friends, and a Pokémon to remember them by, too.

As soon as the boat docked, students came flooding out of the boat. Seems everyone was excited. The dorms were located on the northernmost area of the outer rim of the island. It was very natural, and tropical, too. The dorm buildings were just a walk away from a jungle, and an even shorter walk to a beach.
Charlie was waiting at to unboard even before the boat had docked, so once it did she was one of the first ones off. Not before being handed a map by one of the sailor men "ok, so first course of action is to make it too the dorms and find my number" she put away the map and began to run down the paved path that led to the dorms. Shoe following behind her.

While she ran Charlie couldn't help but look around at the environment, a beautiful tropical landscape, imagine everything she could do here. All the pokemon that could be found, it made her so excited she wanted to get her dorm settled so she could explore even more than before, she sped up to a sprint.
Once Dom landed on solid ground he took a quick look at the map. The paved path seemed to be the easier way back to the dorm, which was on the other side of the island, but there seemed to be a shortcut through a thick forest like area.

“I could use a bit of exercise I guess.” He said to himself as he stretched.

He started to walk towards the forest area instead of going down the path.

“Hey kid!” One of the ship men yelled to him.

“Yeah?” Dom turned back and yelled.

“It’s more safe to take the pathway,-“

Dom turned back around and kept heading to the forest. Before the Ship worker could say anything else, Dom jumped up into the trees and began to leap from tree to tree. For any avarage person it would’ve been difficult, but for Draconids, and most descendants of the dragon people, travel by treetop was no big sweat. As Dom made his way thought he forest, he stopped about halfway through to peak through the treetops. From the top, Dom could see the main school building, as well as the giant battle arena. He marveled at the sight, and then continued through the forest. Just as Dom was creeping up on the edge of the forest, he stopped, if only for a moment, and almost instantly regretted it. The tree branch he was standing on broke and he fell down to the ground, but quickly recovered.

“Man, I thought these trees would be sturdy enough.” Dom sighed.

Just as he said that, he felt… something. A benevolent aura, or something of the sort that starteled him so bad to the point where he immediately jumped back up to the trees and escaped the forest as fast as he came. As he landed on the other side, he saw the dorm room building.

“I’ve gotta tell someone about this!” He thought to himself.
Matt departed the vessel in good time, setting foot on the island. The first thing that struck him was the abundant wildlife that comprised the island. Pokémon of all shapes, sizes, type, and region could be seen. Not only that, but the landscape was absolutely breathtaking! Maybe this voyage really did pay off for Matt? Despite seeing nature in its most beautiful form, Matt didn’t seem to be fazed by it. He was intent on getting to the dorms, perhaps he’d gotten impatient, as he started walking faster. He had brought with him a map to the island which he followed diligently.
When the boat finally docked, Thomas got out of his room with his belongings and began to walk along with many of the other trainers as they made their way onto the land. He checked his map so he could double check where it was his dorm would be and nodded when he was sure, Thomas started to walk down the paved path and looked around to admire the tropical scenery that reminded him of his vacation in Alola a few years ago.

"I can already see myself taking walks on the beach." Thomas said out loud to himself as he realized that his dorm was close to said beach, this meant he was able to wake up to a gorgeous ocean view, something that made him smile wide.


Previously Night's Shadow
Reese gave a quirk of two fingers to the girl who waved to her— all she had time to do before her vision was filled by a Scrafty. Startled, Reese sat up and promptly slid clumsily off Rocket. The Golurk made a rumble of protest, but Reese stood and brushed herself off. She prodded at the Scrafty with a finger. “Hey, little guy,” she said curiously, then cocked her head up at the boy chasing after the runaway Pokémon. “Is this guy yours?” she asked, indicating the Scrafty.

Noticing the boat landing, Reese suddenly shot to her less-than-impressive full height, eyes widening. “Can’t get left on the boat!” she exclaimed, racing to clamber back onto Rocket’s shoulder. “I’m Reese, by the way. Be great to talk more but we should probably get a move on before we get left behind!” The Golurk lurched to his much more impressive full height and began making his way as daintily as possible, with his size, off the boat. The 728 pound automaton still ended up rocking the boat some as he walked, but nothing of incidence happened as he made footfall on solid ground.

The girl fumbled in her bag for the map that had been included in her letter, and finally pulled it out. Reese gave the map a once-over, then pointed in the direction of the dorm building. "That way," she directed Rocket, and the Golurk changed direction obligingly. Reese's legs kicked idly as her body shook with each large step, leaving deep craters in the sand that quickly filled in with more sand, crumbling against the breeze. "Wonder what kind of other people are here," she mused to herself.
Charlie ran until finally being faced with the large building, compared to anything in her home town, this was massive. Which was understandable considering the greatest students around would be living in such a place. Charlie glamced at the size of it before walking to the door, the glass door automatically itself up into a shining hallway, decorated to seem like a fancy hotel. Charlie noticed a reception desk and quickly made her way to it "welcome, you must be one of the new students here" the lady running the desk asked "Yep, Charlie rumble. This is the dorms right, would you be willing to tell me where my room in? " Charlie asked. Oblivious that her paper had the room's number on it "yes ma'am" the receptionist nodded as she began to sift through a filing cabinet next to her "I believe that you should have your dorm number on your letter when you were invited here, but I don't mind looking it up myself" she searched for a moment but eventually found a file. She opened it up "ahh yes, miss Rumble. Your room should be number 103, its on the 3rd floor of the building" the lady answered before placing the file back into the cabinet and shutting it "ok, I suppose I'll make my way to it then" she bowed her head to say thank you and began to walk towards the elevator. The receptionist spoke up once more as Charlie walked off "oh and by the way miss Rumble, all the dorms will be shared by
two-persons." Charlie's eyes widened "two people, so I'll have a roomate..." she was surprised she would have to share a room given the size of the building. But I guess there are a lot of kids here. So she didn't think too much of. As she rode in the elevator to the 3rd floor all she could think of was who might be her dorm mate. She hoped it was one of those people she met on the ride over here...
Before Jack could get off, he heard a series of loud noises, and looking off into the distance, he could see a girl, riding a Golurk's shoulder. "...Hm." He simply shrugged before getting off, and his Gallade followed. "Well, Gallade, this is it. Just gotta get through a few more sets of trees, and we'll get to see Kyogre Lake Academy, in person." He opted to walk towards the academy, as even though he was looking forward to seeing his dorm room, he wanted to stop and smell the roses first.

Once he got there, he looked up and saw the giant spire of a school, right before him. The water was visible in small areas, but almost all of the school was construction above the lake. "One of the most impressive things ever built, Gallade. Must've taken them decades." He already saw it, but he decided to stay and look at it, as it just looked pleasant to the eye.
Hearing the announcement on the intercom, Alex took his time exiting his cabin with his suitcase in tow. Rather than wanting to be the first to disembark, he preferred to be one of the last instead. He was blind after all, not to mention his aura sensing ability was only sub-par and needed work. As he made his way off the boat, his Pokemon, a Gardevoir and a Lucario, exited their PokeBalls to assist Alex whenever he might require it. "Thanks Gwen, Aria."
Upon reaching the deck and hearing how distant the passengers sounded, Alex realized he was probably the last person to disembark and made a run for the dock, emitting a series of high-pitched clicks at regular intervals to navigate properly, Gwen and Aria right behind him.
He only stopped running when his pointed ears heard someone comment about how long it may have taken to build the school. Figuring it couldn't hurt, he decided to walk over and ask this person for directions, all while Gwen blushed at the trainer's Gallade. "Excuse me, is this the way to the dorms?"
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"The dorms? They're that way." Jack pointed to their left. "This is the school. I just felt like stopping here because of how incredible this place looks. With the sun being perfectly reflected off of the spire, the large windows, the elevator moving, it's just very pleasing to look at."

Gallade noticed Gwen, as it smiled and scratched the back of its head.
"Oh, I'm sorry. They're to our left." Jack clarified. "Once you reach the coast, just turn right and keep walking, and if you hear the loud chatter of teenagers, then you're probably in the right place." He paused. "At least, I think that's what it'll sound like. Surely there'll be some sound to differentiate it from the normal coastline."
Jason had responded with a yes but at that point, the boat Landed, and rocked even more as Jason's starter, who weighed fourteen hundred and fifty three pounds, was released, a massive four legged metal creature of blue with silver claw like toes and a silver X across the face, red eyes with black behind them, he hopped on the back and flew towards the dorm, passing Reese on the way.

"By the Way, the Name's Jason Argentston." He said with low confidence.

James had finally got out and figured he let out a Pokémon that he knew needed a stretch, a Shiny Steelix popped out of the Pokéball, wearing a pouch on its neck as James hopped on Steelix. His stuff had been loaded, with Sceptile's help, and he returned Sceptile. James had seen Jason on the Metagross as it took off.

Laura had seen her siblings get moving so she should too, she prepared her bags for saddle bagging, as a pokeball opened revealing a Salamence. She placed her stuff in the bags as Salamence took off, Laura had to keep all her concentration on Salamence so he didn't go off into a rage and wipe the floor with some unfortunate Pokémon that got in his way, Greninja hopped into the trees following from there.

"You too, Jack, I'll be heading towards the Dorms so catch you there!" Emma responded.

She and Volcarona headed towards the Dorms, passed by a Golurk, a Metagross, a yellow Steelix and a Salamence.

"Of course They would do that." Emma whispered as she and Dusclops carried her stuff.

They were walking down the path as Volcarona and Emma saw a black Greninja jumping from tree to tree near Laura and her Salamence.
"Thank you, I'm Alexander Tempest by the way. But I prefer Alex." As he introduced himself, Aria and Gwen came to stand by his left and right. "And these ladies are Aria the Lucario and Gwen the Gardevoir."
Aria put her paws together and bowed slightly while Gwen curtsied, more focused on the Gallade than his trainer.
Charlie exited the elevator and made her way down the halls, she checked the numbers on each dorm before finally spotting the dorm labeled "103" she opened up the door and stepped inside, it was definitely more cramped than she was expecting. She looked around, she placed her stuff onto her bed and examined her room more. Charlie opened the closet which held a girls uniform wrapped in clear cover. As if it had been recently cleaned or brand new. "I better go ahead and put this on then" since she was alone she didn't bother going somewhere else to change, after she was done changing into her uniform she tossed her clothes into a small hamper in the corner of the room. She looked into a mirror to see how she looked with her new uniform. The white button-up shirt was clean as could be, she lifted up the red tie and straightened it, Charlie herself has very rarely worn ties. It took her a solid 10 minutes learning how to tie it together. She grabbed the skirt and slightly lifted it up, she let go and twisted around a bit to see the pencil skirt sway around "ugh...I asked for a men's uniform, this skirts way too cute for my liking bleh" Charlie talked to herself and Shoe, sticking her tongue out at the mirror. Before long she had decided now it was time to explore the campus. She exited the room and ran down the halls. Charlie had one hand holding her skirt to keep it from moving as she ran "this thing is embarrassing...but I gotta get used to it." She mumbled to herself. Her breloom followed behind her...
“Alright Dominic, your room number is 104, floor 3!” The receptionist said.

I could barely hear her over the chatter of people starting to crowd in. As he rode the elevator up, he felt quite nervous, though it started to subside as he walked into his dorm room.

“Hmm. I guess I’ll take the left side.” Dom said, putting his bags down.

He sat down on the bed and began unpacking his things. He folded up the few pairs of clothes he brought with him and put it in the top drawer, the bottom two drawers however, would be filled with something else.

“Come on out, everyone.” Dom said, sending out all his Pokémon.

All 4 of his Pokémon came out of their balls, looking around their new home.

“First order of business,” Dom said, “sorting all these!”

He pulled out his second bag, which was filled to the brim in home made apricorn balls. The Pokémon sighed but got to work anyway, and soon, they were all put away.

“Right, now I have to change. The rest of you can relax here, unless you’d like to come with me.” Dom said.

Sliggoo and Krabby looked like they had made themselves at home, but Elekid and Lycanrock looked ready to go. Dom quickly changed into his uniform and soon was out the door, with Lycanroc at his side and Elekid hanging onto his shoulder. Just as he exited, he noticed a girl and her breloom running down a hall… a girl and a breloom…

“Charlie!” Dom called out, realizing who it was.