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Private/Closed Kyogre Lake Academy

Jason entered the Elevator and looked on at Reese as she pressed the button several times, giving off a soundless light chuckle as he waited for the door to open up, nervously the door open and was immediately hit by the scent of food. It was pretty roomy, but not too roomy due He was hungry, plus his which made his stomach seem like it was filled with Beautiflies, but it was actually empty.

"Alright, Everyone, lunch time!"

Jason's Scrafty, Kirlia, Empoleon, Metagross, Lurantis, Aerodactyl and Shieldon all popped out of their pokeballs. The group followed Jason, as he headed over.

"We're headed there as well!" Jason called out to Reese, "You met Aerodactyl, Metagross, Shieldon and possibly Kirlia, here's the rest!"

The Pokémon waved towards Reese as he caught up to her. The Pokémon took their time, since they knew not to bowl over anyone.


Emma blushed further, it was at that point Raboot was concerned and relieved at the same time. He knew if this was going to hurt her in any way, this guy would be dealing with Volcarona. Emma herself had a realization.

"I have a crush on Jack." Emma whispered under her breath.

Emma had heard the Tyrunt laugh, which made her even redder. She's always had a slight jittery feeling when around him, but she shook it off usually, but now, she was worried about him, not sure if he would make it back. She fiddled Togetic's pokeball, from when she caught him a month ago near the Larvitar nest.

"Alex, I'm worried, about him and Volcarona, he's been out quite a while." Emma responded, "I'm here, I'll contact James at some point to help, if you need anything while in the dorms."
"From what I can tell, Jack has a crush on you as well." Alex took out his ocarina and added. "Though, I'd probably find out for sure after we get this mess straightened out, if were you."
Alex started playing an upbeat song called Saria's Song. While it's true he never played the game it was from, he had a good memory for things he has heard. As he played, the Eevee began moving to the music of the ocarina one by one, until they were all up and dancing with joy. Not that Alex was really paying attention.
"Alright, I'm back." Jack had already crawled through the hole and arrived at the Eevee Grove. "I wasn't able to bring wood blocks or anything, but I was able to bring sticks." He raised one of his arms, which had sticks in it. "But, I could find rags." Then he raised the other which, sure enough, had rags in it.
"Look, this is just a temporary measure so give me a rag to bite on while you maneuver my leg into a more appropriate shape. Then I want you to take the straightest sticks you got, place them on either side and wrap the broken area with the remaining rags to hopefully keep my leg straight until we get back." Upon finishing his instructions, Alex added. "This is probably going to hurt a lot so I'll let Gwen out to help out."
Not long after finishing his sentence, Gwen came out of her PokeBall and was less than pleased with Alex's current situation. "I know Gwen, I messed up but, can you use Psychic to keep me from moving around too much?" Giving a look that practically said you are in for a lecture, Gwen complied held Alex in place.
Looking at Jack. "Ok Jack, I'm ready."
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Previously QueOne
"I hope you're right," June said expressionlessly. "I do believe in Durant's potential. I don't mean to brag," she bragged, "but in terms of singular attack power, Durant is probably near the top of the Academy!"

Suddenly, she heard a voice calling out. It was a girl's voice, and it sounded somewhat urgent—clearly, it was searching for someone. She turned to the Eevee sitting a few feet away, whom she hadn't acknowledged up until this moment. "Shallow. Would that be you?"

She scooped up the little Pokemon the same way she usually did with her own. Its fur was a pure silvery white, vaguely reminiscent of the Vulpix and Ninetales back home. Before, seeing a Pokemon like this would have greatly excited June. However, over the past month she had become virtually blind to shinies, simply acting as if they were the norm—which they were at Kyogre Lake.

"I think your friend is looking for you," she said, looking around for the source of the voice.
Jack nodded, and acted fast. He put the rags in Alex's mouth. He took a few seconds, but he was able to put Alex's leg in the right spot, then quickly tied the sticks and rags around it. "Is that alright?"
Spitting the ball of rags out, Alex traced the aura of his leg. Finding nothing wrong with the alignment of the limb, he answered. "Yeah, it'll do until we get to the medical wing. Gwen, you can let up on the psychic now." As the Gardevoir released her hold on him, Alex placed an arm on Rex who helped him stand with his good leg. The Eevee that had stuck with Alex jumped on to the Tyrunt's head, refusing to be left behind.
"Alright, not that I don't trust my own Pokemon to get me back, but can you guys help me out of here?"
Emma went to the other side, noting what Jack had asked and held up Alex's other side. She knew from when James got stuck in that cave on the trip to Cinnabar Island to get Jason's Aerodactyl Revived, he had met and caught his Steelix there.

"Ready, Jack, let's get Alex back to the infirmary."


Volcarona had arrived at the Infirmary after having to toss four more Pokémon out of his path, as they, a Zwelios with Bug Buzz, a Carkol, which it had a double type disadvantage against, a Politoed, and a Kommo-o. All six trainers for these Pokémon had ran to the Pokémon Center.

"We need our Pokémon healed, we tried to catch a Volcarona, it literally just removed our Pokémon from its path, and continued towards wherever it was going."

Volcarona however, had arrived at the Infirmary where someone was manning the area with a Blissey, he waved to the Blissey, where several Chanseys and a Dragonair had been working, the Dragonair slithered over to Volcarona as he explained the situation. The Dragon type then got the nurse's attention, and was explaining the Situation.

The Blissey, Dragonair, Volcarona, and the nurse immediately got moving with a Stretcher being pulled by Blissey.
"Three, two, one...!" Jack started to lift Alex, and head out of the grotto. He returned Justin to his ball, so that he only needed to focus on Alex. "Sorry I couldn't do a better job at fixing your leg, Alex..."
"Don't worry about it Jack. Though, it probably wouldn't hurt to take a class or two on this sort of thing on the off chance you'll have to do it again." Alex groaned as he was lead out of the grotto. He had wanted to apologize to Jack about ruining his date with Emma, but given the current situation decided against it, thinking to himself. "They'll have to figure that out for themselves."
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Previously Night's Shadow
“Woohoo!” Reese grinned as she spun in a circle, arms out. “It’s a Pokemon lunch party!” She threw her last Pokeball into the air, allowing Rocket out in the high-ceilinged, very large dining hall. The Golurk reached down to pat his trainer on the head, keeping pace with her on her way to the food. She piled her plate high with dishes she’d never seen before, ever amazed at the variety— it was a wonder she was still as skinny as she was. “Let’s eat!”
"Alright, where do I hop to?" Now that he was supported by Jack and Emma, Alex could take the weight off of his broken leg for the time being. Emitting a few loud clicks at the ground, Alex was able to navigate to some extent, hopping on his still functional leg as he was helped out of the grotto, his Pokemon close behind them. "Again, I'm sorry you guys have to help me out of here during your free time."