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Private/Closed Kyogre Lake Academy

"Heh, definitely beats watching over a stubborn brat who doesn't know how to take care of herself, I'll give it that much. Ciao for now, Charles." Del said with a wide grin. Del and Algo walk past Dom toward Connor. While Algo was getting reacquainted with his slower speed, he looked up at Dom with a smile as if to say, "Most excellent judgement, I appreciate not being interfered during my hunts." Del approached Connor and looked at his broken watch. "Well, it's too early for lunch, but I know something we can do for before then. I need to meet with a Miss Emma Argentston, I know you're a second year and all, but you wouldn't happen to know where she'd be right now, would you?" "Unfortunately no, but that just means we can continue our oh so rudely interrupted jog... or just walk." "Walking sounds good, let's do that one." After Del had recalled his pokemon and fixed his hair, him and Connor headed toward the dorms. "Hey, Charlie, mind if we tag along? We can split off once we reach the school."
"I'll drop off your notes when I'm done with them, I'll let you know." Jason responded, "My Dad's co-workers are scary battlers, not the most ideal teachers, my mom's on the other hand, included an actual teacher, Let's grab some lunch as well as explore a bit more."

Jason was nervous, but Shieldon gave him a small Headbutt to the knee to give a reality check. He then turned back to Reese.

"I'll get the notes placed and will meet you outside your dorm, okay?"


"Let's do this, Jack." Emma responded, trying not to lose him, or set herself off.

Why do you have to be so cute, Jack? Emma had thought, her face having that tinge again. Raboot looked at Emma confusedly, as he hopped off Emma's shoulder, and walked with her as the Elevator dinged, giving Emma the fact the Elevator had finished going down.


Previously QueOne
Since she had no Pokemon with her, battle Strategies class was off the table for June. Instead, she decided to drop into math. Strangely enough, math was the subject that she was doing the most comfortably in, and she had grown to quite like it—not in the least because of her train wreck of a performance in battle strategies.

The classroom was nearly empty as usual when June walked in. In fact, Mr. Dogwood was the only person there. He seemed to be working on something when he heard June enter.

“Hello June,” he said to her. “No class today, I’m afraid.”

It wasn’t much of a surprise. Most students opted to use the recorded lectures or simply not worry about the class at all, so often the turnout was too low to justify a lecture. June gave her teacher an apologetic look and politely bade him farewell. However, as she turned to leave, she remembered about the project she was planning.

“Wait, Mr. Dogwood, I have something to ask you,” she said, whipping back around.

“Yes?” The teacher simply looked at her with curiosity, silently prompting her to explain.

She told him what she intended on doing. Then, she explained what sort of Pokemon she would need.

"I'll probably need a Pokemon that won't be doing much battling. It should be about as good at taking hits up close as it is at taking them from afar," she said, thinking aloud. "Probably a normal type, because those don't have many weaknesses or resistances. Actually, come to think of it, I might need multiple with different typings to test the effects of type advantage. But they'd somehow have to be nearly identical in terms of taking hits... maybe scrap that idea. It wouldn't hurt if it could heal itself too. Do you know where I could get my hands on Pokemon like that?"

Mr. Dogwood pondered for a moment before giving his answer.

"Actually, I have a Pokemon that fits the bill perfectly. My Porygon2 fits most of those descriptions, including the ability to heal himself. Even better, with his signature move Conversion, he can change to nearly any type while keeping everything else the same. I can loan him to you, alongside some TMs you can use to change his moves."

"Really??" June said, lighting up. The solution seemed too perfect.

"It's no problem. Just make sure to return my Pokemon and my TMs by the end of the day," the Dogwood replied kindly.

June took the Pokeball containing Porygon2 as well as a tray of TMs, and feverishly thanked her teacher before making her way outside to begin her experiments.
Jack stepped out of the elevator. “I think I still remember the way…we’ll have to keep an eye out, though.” Jack said as he exited the dorm building. “And we’ll have to remember to be quiet. Like I said, they are timid creatures.” He said out loud, although there were many more thoughts than that running through his head.
Dom stared blankly at Algo, and passed out again, and Charizard caught him. As everyone left, Charizard assured them Dom was okay, and as soon as they were gone, Charizard hoisted Dom back onto his back and flew off again, looking for any people anywhere. Charizard then landed near the main campus, due to also being tired himself. As Dom woke up for the 2nd time that day, he realized where they were.

"Oh man, I'm sorry Charizard, I fell asleep again didn't I." Dom said.

Dom then noticed June who was running out of the Main campus building with a bunch of TM's in hand.

"Hey! June! You need help with all that?" Dom asked.
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Previously Night's Shadow
Reese snapped Jason a sharp salute. “Aye-aye, cap’n!” she affirmed, then giggled. “Alrighty-o, seeya then!” The girl turned with a grin, then started running back to her dorm, arms outstretched like an airplane. Ricochet relocated to his usual perch atop her head, as Rune and Riot popped out of their Pokeballs to float after them.
Jason blushed at what Reese was doing, in his opinion, that was kind of cute. He then walked back towards the Dorm building.

"Why does Reese look so cute right now," Jason thought, "Get out of my head."

He was walking, and was trying to clear the thoughts about Reese being cute, and why was he more nervous about talking to her than others in his class, even some of the other girls, like Charlie, or even the occasional bump in with the others, and Mika was really shy, she made James look rather social. He was dragged out of his thoughts by the popping of a Pokéball, Empoleon had popped out to walk beside his trainer. When he arrived at the Dorms, he dropped off Reese's notes, catching an elevator ride, and walking to his dorm, leaving his backpack behind as he grabbed his ring from the league and put it on.


Emma nodded as she held Raboot so he wouldn't scare anyone or any Eevee. She kept close to Jack, since getting lost in this forest was a bad idea. She whispered into Jack's ear.

"Thank you for thinking of me, I am usually forgotten, as being the last child, by anyone other than my close relatives."
Charlie kept to herself, not really reacting to Del until he called her 'Charles'. While Charlie walked away she crossed her arms, her face was red with embarrassment. When Conner and Del caught up and decided to walk with her she suddenly raised her arm, tightened her hand to a fist and knocked Del across the back of his head "Its Charlotte you dunce..." she mumbled, calming down a bit her face returned to its normal tone, she looked over the too as if nothing had happened and smiled. "Yeah, you can stick with me till we get to the school. How's health been going Del?" She asked in an attempt to make conversation.
A thought went through her head as she waited for a response
"with this handbook I should be able to make calls right...so I could call back home and see how my dad and everyone is doing! I'll have to do that once I get my stuff. Its been too long since I've heard my dad or Mr. Briney's voices"
"Hey, don't worry about it." Jack grinned and looked back at Emma. "I'm glad I got to talk to you on that boat. It's nice to have a partner I can do things on this island with." Then he turned his attention forwards. "Now, keep an eye out for any holes in trees. That's usually where the grottos are hidden."
Del shook his head and began counting his teeth to make sure they were all still there, then he feared he might've swallowed his toothpick which was not true as he saw it lying on the ground after he got done realigning himself with the conscience world. He pulled out his comb and fixed his hair telling himself it was his fault his hair got messed up to try and not start a physical fight with Charlie. "My health was just fine until you- oh the class, it's uh, it's going good. I honestly came to this school with high hopes for the medical class, and I like it, I really do, but, the battling..." he trailed off and went quiet for a second. "The battling is far more fun than I could have ever imagined!" He said raising his hands above his head and then bringing them back down in closed fists. Connor put a hand on Del's shoulder, "Hey, my classes are about to start soon, we'll talk later, okay?" "Definitely, see ya around, Connor." Del waved as Connor parted from Del and Charlie. "Say, where exactly did you get that eevee from?"


Previously QueOne
As June left the building, she realized that there was a slight flaw in her plan. She had been planning on charting her Durant’s moves first, but unfortunately that wasn’t really an option. She’d have to chart someone else’s Pokémon for now. So the question became, where would she find someone to help her?

The solution came in the form of a familiar Draconoid on the back of a sleek black Charizard. June didn’t miss a beat when Dom offered to help her.

“Yes, absolutely! I need someone to assist me with some experiments I’m about to run.”

She quickly explained what she was intending to do.

“I’m trying to find the relative strength of different moves. At first, I thought there wasn’t any way to do it without seriously hurting a Pokémon. But I think I have a solution. The move Substitute drains a Pokemon’s vitality, but it shouldn’t actually cause pain. So I can measure the strength of a move by the number of hits it takes to fade a Substitute.”
The entire situation seemed to go by in what felt like a complete flash, Hokori barely able to let out her cheers of encouragement for Charlie before the battle was already over.
"W-wait-" Before she could even try to catch up or figure out what happened, Charlie was already off with that Del guy or whatever - Hokori couldn't say she trusted that one, in all honesty, but wasn't sure how to tell Charlie (Though maybe it was jealousy, who knows) - so she needed to find something else. Somewhat frustrated, she returned her pokémon to their pokeballs and stomped her way off, heading off towards the beach.

To her surprise, Thomas was already there, talking to his Drakloak.
"Oh, hey Tom!" She called out, walking towards him. "Watcha doing?" She asked, already decided on how she wanted to get rid of her annoyance.
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"Hah, you can't get the adrenaline of battle out of your system once you start!" Charlie luaghef at Del before Connor split up with the two "oh, well see ya Conner." She waved by to him then Turning back to Del "oh where did I get her? Well it was a prize so technically I got her up on the roof of the school. I'm not sure where they got it" Charlie though for a moment "oh wait actually Zach did say where they caught the eevee. It was at this hidden eevee grove, apparently somewhere on the island is this hideaway where a bunch of eevee live. And he said that the prize eevee was one of a kind, which at first I thought he said that because of it was shiny. But I think he says one of a kind because it knew wish and it was caught in the wild. So I guess whoever Shallow's parents are one of them wasn't part of the eevee line."

"Hey Del, have you talked to your family, since we came out here I mean. I was thinking about it and I could probably call home with the handbook thing they gave us." She put a hand to her hip and had a curious expression on her face "come to think of it you haven't mentioned anything about your family at all. Ooh what are they like!?" She stepped in front of Del with both hands on the back of her head, giving a joyful grin to her classmate.
Del looked down at Charlie's shoes as she stopped in front of him, his hair covered his eyes. "There... isn't much to say, but I'll tell you the very little I do know about my family." He looked up, fists clenched to his sides. "It's been a whole month and I haven't told anyone about my family, not even Connor. I come from a decently wealthy family, my mom definitely being the breadwinner, and my dad..." Del cut himself off and began to unclench his fists. "Charlie, I believe you to be a true friend, so I'll tell you everything. My father was originally from Dewford and he met my mother there. My mother was practicing medicine and my father was a pokemon trainer, soon after theh got married, they had me." Del nervously put his hands in his pockets. "We moved around a lot, so I don't actually remember much from Dewford except my father was good friends with Brawly, but ultimately he stopped hanging out at the gym and being a pokemon trainer altogether to focus on raising me. I don't remember the last place my parents and I were, but I began to find an interest in pokemon, while my mom was always against it. Her and my father would argue about whether I should 'waste my time catching these fruitless creatures' or not, or so my mom put it. A few years ago, my dad left without a trace, gone, like that." Del turned his face away from Charlie and gritted his teeth. "Neither my mother nor I knew where he went, but my mother acted like she could care less. Not long after, she treated one of the higher ups at this academy and they offered me a spot as part of the payment to my mom. She said I could go as long as I took the medical course and only if it would help me understand anatomy and physiology better, as to learn easier on a human. And well." He turned his face back to Charlie's shoes and then up to Charlie and shrugged. "The rest is history."

"I think it's your turn to spill your guts, how's your family? Brawly still as popular as ever?" Del asked walking around Charlie.


Previously Night's Shadow
“Whew,” Reese sighed as she dropped her book bag onto her bed. During the last month, she’d cleaned up her side of the room some, finally setting her massive duffel aside on the ground by the foot of her bed. There were a few hooks above her bed, on which hung her archaeology bag, and an empty hook on which she hoisted her book bag onto. The third hook held several sweaters, jackets, and pajama shirts. It was still fairly chaotic, but organized chaos.

Rune and Riot caught up to Reese then, hovering outside the dorm’s door as they shoved against each other in competition to see who would get through the door first. Reese noticed their petty squabble with surprise, then smothered a laugh. She stood and pushed between them, exiting the dorm. “Take a chill pill, you two,” she giggled, flipping a Pokecube to each of them from her pocket; dry for Riot, sweet for Rune. When Ricochet made a noise of protest, Reese flicked another one up to the Kabuto, salty this time.

Once her Pokémon were satisfied, Reese folded her hands behind her back, bouncing on the balls of her feet as she waited for Jason. I’ll have to remember to give Rocket a spicy one later, she thought idly. He’s been spending so much time in the Pokeball, he deserves a lil reward.
Jason had grabbed an extra coat, should either him or Reese need it, and grabbed the photo from when he won the Junior League Tournament, with him and Steven Stone, alongside James, Laura, his mom, his Dad, and a saddened Emma. He knew why Emma was saddened, her Wooloo had died a week before, while she was with their mom and Sister. He put the Photo in his student ID which was dropped off by a messenger Pidgeot on his way,
unexpectedly. He then kept everything in check, and kept his nerves as he walked out the door onto the Elevator, the elevator dinged when he reached the third floor. He walked out the door and made his way towards Dorm 111. He got to the door and knocked.

"Reese, you ready?" Jason called out, "It's Jason."


Emma blushed when Jack had said what he said, "Understood."

Emma had been on the lookout with Raboot, spotting other forest Pokémon, like Phantump, Buneary, Caterpie, Weedle, and even a couple of Larvesta.

"Larvesta, look Jack, they remind me of when Volcarona was just Hatched."

Raboot waved to the Pokémon as he passed them.
Charlie's curiosity and joyful mood slowly shifted as her friend unraveled their origins in front of her, a similar thing happened to Charlie's mother, but given different circumstances. As Del finished his story she felt empathetic for him, and as such she placed a hand on Del's shoulder "I....I see, well I'm sorry to hear all that stuff, honestly, about your dad...and your mother. I dunno how you feel about her decisions, but I for one couldn't imagine not having pokemon by my side, or being told what what to do in life." Charlie wasn't particularly used to comforting others, but she tried her best. Letting go of Del's shoulder they made it to the front door to the school...
"Well...its only fair to tell you my own story, much like your family, I grew up in dewford obviously, my dad was the gym leader since I was born. My mom wasn't from dewford, she was a tourist visiting from the sinnoh region. She would come and watch pokemon trainers try and beat my dad for his badge" Charlie had a light smile on her face "and no matter if he won or lost to the trainers, she would always cheer for him. Or thats what he told me. Anyways they hit it off and after a while got married, I was born the week after there honeymoon. They didn't have time to enjoy it, with me around, and some sort of emergency with my mom's brother. She had to go back to sinnoh to see him while me and dad stayed behind. When suddenly the boat she was travelling on sank somewhere in kanto. My mom was missing. Nobody knew where she was and they never found any evidence she died........I grew up.....without her, it was just me and Brawly, and everyone in Dewford." Charlie had a tear roll down her face, she quickly wiped it away with her arm along with a sniffle "a-anyways. I grew up as a gym trainer in my dad's gym, and soon I plan on taking it over once he gets worn out."
Charlie chuckled a bit, her face slightly red from getting emotional "b-but I think he's got a while left in him, he's still as energetic as when you guys lived there I bet."

Charlie opened the door to the school and walked inside, searching for the staircase that would lead the two to the roof "sorry for bringing the topic up. I would have gave a more lighthearted story for mine....but yours just reminded me of her....I wish I got a chance to know my mom. " Charlie luaghed out, but you could tell the sadness in her voice "but I guess since I was so young when it happened I never really had many things to remember her, she may as well been a stranger to me." She said with another tear pokeing through her fake optimism.
“I… don’t think I fully understand, but I do know I have lots of moves on all 5 of my Pokémon! Charizard here has Flamethrower, Dragon Tail, Wing Attack, and Dig, though that’s only four types… maybe some of my other Pokémon can help as well, and we could also use some of those tms as well!” Dom said with a smile.

Dom sent out all his Pokémon. Electabuzz seemed quite happy to see June again. Kingler, Sliggoo, Charizard, and Lycanroc however were all a bit tired from their own training, but still happy to help.

“Right, so, how should we start? Maybe electric type moves with Electabuzz?” Dom said, but just as he said that Electabuzz seemed to have its attention caught by something.

Electabuzz turned and ran towards the building and almost tore the front door open and ran inside.

“Hey… well, maybe let’s try out some fire and dragon type moves out with Charizard. I’ve been waiting to test this thing out in a real battle.” Dom said.


Previously QueOne
"Alright then, lets get started!" June replied. She released Porygon2 from his ball, and requested a Substitute. The Pokemon obliged, releasing a perfect mirror image of itself.

"In order to eliminate as many variables as possible, first we're only going to test ranged type attacks that share a type with Charizard," June said. "So that'll be his Flamethrower plus some of these TMs, such as "—she removed a few TMs that caught her eye—"Overheat, Air Slash, and Hurricane."

"We'll do Flamethrower first. Just let loose as many as you need until that substitute fades." June stepped back, and gestured for Dom to do his thing.
"Oh, Larvesta? Hey, look at that." He stopped to look at them. "Larvesta are pretty rare. This island must really be exotic..." He looked around. "Hey, I think I see the grotto entrance." Jack ran over to a tree. In the tree was a hole that was just big enough to fit a person. "You go first, Emma. I'll be right behind you."
“Right!” Dom said.

He stood back and took a deep breath. His face completely changed, from his chill regular face to a serious battling face.

“Alright Charizard! Use-“

“Excuse me!” Yelled a familiar voice from the building.

Dom looked over to see Mr. Dogwood run over, holding a strange yellow box and Electabuzz trying to get to it.

“Electabuzz!” Dom said, concerned that his Pokémon was up to no good.

“No, don’t worry. It just seems like your Electabuzz is extremely eager to evolve. See this is an item I’ve been trying to recreate. It’s called an Electerizer. It’s nearly finished, but it seems it’s already started to attract Electabuzz to it. If you like, your Electabuzz could be an experiment to see if this prototype Electerizer works. Consider it a Birthday present from your Math teacher.” Mr. Dogwood said.

Dom seemed a bit embarrassed, “right, a birthday gift.” Dom mumbled.

“Well, today is your birthday isn’t it?” Mr. Dogwood said.

“Yeah.. it is.” Dom sighed, “thank you for the offer, I’ll take you up on it.”

“Alright, well I’ll try and finish it soon. Thank you. And hello June, sorry to interrupt your experiment.” Mr. Dogwood said.

“Right, alright, let’s get back to it Charizard.” Dom said, resuming his stance, “Charizard! Flamethrower!”
Del flet saddened, but also a touch of relief since he had someone he could relate to, bht he knew he shouldn't have felt even a hint of happiness. Del raised his fist up for a fist bump. "To troubled origins."

"I was planning on stopping by the dorms, but with what time it is, I hardly doubt Emma is still at the dorms, I might just tag along with you today until I run into her, if that's cool and whatnot."
Thomas and all his Pokemon turned their heads to hear a familiar voice call out to him and smiled to see that it was Hokori, Thomas waved back while the Dreepy on Drakloak's head flew off and towards Hokori. "Heya Hokori, I was just doing some training with me and my Pokemon." He said and gave Drakloak's head another loving pat. Gyarados went to curl up next to Steelix who was already curled up and on the brink of falling asleep. "I hope things are well with you?"
Hokori smiled and gave the tiny Dreepy that flew towards her a pet, trying her best to be gentle.
"Well, glad to hear you're having a good time." She let out a small grunt. "I just got to 'watch' a battle that happened in basically a blink, and then got left on my own." She explained, pouting a little, before nodding her head.
"Anyway, if you were just training, that's actually perfect. You wouldn't mind a quick battle-" She began to say, before noticing what Gyarados and Steelix were doing. "...Or at least a 1 on 1 battle? I've got a new one I don't think you've quite seen yet..."


Previously QueOne
June watched the exchange between Dom and Mr. Dogwood, and was mildly surprised to find that it was Dom’s birthday. He seemed a little reserved about it, so she didn’t say anything at first—though she wasn’t intending on letting him get away without some wishes from her later.

The Flamethrower struck the Substitute directly, and within two hits, the mirror image of Porygon2 had already vanished.

“No, no, no, that was way too few hits…” June said, immersing herself in thought. “The more hits it takes, the more accurate my comparisons will be. I need a way to increase P2’s defense. Or maybe lower Charizard’s attack power.”

She sifted through the TMs, and had soon found a solution. She placed Porygon2’s Pokeball in her TM reader, and inserted the disc containing Eerie Impulse.

“Now P2, give me another Substitute and Eerie Impulse Charizard twice… no, three times,” June commanded, now committing to the nickname.

The Pokemon obliged, releasing another mirror image and letting loose a series of waves from its body. June took her place at the sidelines once more, and gestured for Charizard to attack.
Charizard continued on with the attacks over and over, continuing to attack the Substitute while June recorded the data.

“Alright Charizard, Flamethrower, again!” Dom said.

Charizard fired off the flamethrower, but seemed to be getting tired.

“You should take a break Charizard, let’s have… Sliggoo next, we can test Dragon Pulse!” Dom said.
Charlie wiped her face and took a deep breath. She fist bumped Del and sighed "To troubled origins."
The two made it to the stairs and began to climb them "uhh yeah I'm fine with that, I don't really have anywhere that I need to go right now. Atleast that I know of" Charlie looked up, peeking up the stairwell to see how many flights there were "actually I wonder where Zach and Cody went. I bet they're worried about me. I did jump off a building without warning them..." Her arms drooped "I probably could have flown with Dune that whole time instead of running after Team Twig..."
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Thomas smiled as he watched the Dreepy happily chirp when Hokiri petted her before Drakloak called her back, he looked at Hokori with a bit of concern when she mentioned how she was left behind. "Damn, sorry to hear that. If you ever get left on you're own, you're always welcome to come find and talk to me." Thomas said with a reassuring smile.

"And a battle sounds great! I'll even let you choose which of my three Pokemon you'd like to battle. ...but a new Pokemon I haven't seen? That's exciting!" He said in a more giddy tone, the thought of battling seemed to have caused him to gain a boost in confidence, Gyarados and Steelix raised their heads to look at Thomas and Hokori in case the former decided to pick them for their one on one bout.
Hokori did her best to smile back, before cheering at his acceptance of a battle.

"Alright, well, taking into account this lil' gal, both Gyarados and Drakloak wouldn't exactly be fair...How about Steelix?" She suggested, bringing out the pokeball of her new Darumaka, and getting ready to send her out, before pausing.

Wait, Steelix knows strong moves against a fire type...Well, at least it doesn't resist it, like the other two!

After shaking off her thoughts, she nodded.
"Yeah, that's which one I wanna see for a battle now!" She nodded, starting to feel a wave of excitement.


Previously QueOne
“Alright, that will do. Have a good rest Charizard, because we’ll need you to use Air Slash later,” June said, satisfied with the performance. As before, Porygon2 generated a new Substitute and fired off a series of Eerie Impulses in preparation for Sliggoo.

“I would like to chart Dragon Pulse, but I also want to compare it to Flamethrower,” June said. She tossed a TM for Flamethrower as well as one for Sunny Day to Dom. “I heard that for Fire moves, the boost from sunlight is similar to the boost from being a Fire type,” she explained. “Eventually I’ll have to find a way to simulate the same-type boost better, but this will do for now. So we’ll do the same procedure as before for Sliggoo’s Dragon Pulse, then sun boosted Flamethrower, then Charizard’s Air Slash. Flamethrower will be common metric between the two Pokémon.”

Then, as an afterthought, she added “Thank you for doing this for me by the way. I know that beating the crap out of the same Substitute over and over can’t be terribly exciting.”
Thomas folded his arms and grinned while Steelix began to slither to his side upon the mention of his name, Drakloak on the other hand fell back to join Gyarados before her Dreepy went to rest on the Water type's head instead. "As you wish." He said with a smirk before he held an arm out. "Alright then, Steelix! It's all you!" He said confidently, Steelix roared while Thomas walked back a fair distance to give his Steelix and Hokori's Pokemon room to battle.

"I can already tell this is gonna be exciting!" Thomas said with a bright smile, he always enjoyed a good battle, especially when said battle was with a friend.
Hokori chuckled as she took a step back.
"Let's do this, Clad! Show 'em what you can do!" She announced, throwing out the pokeball, which soon sent out the Darumaka with a cry of confidence, who glared at Steelix, seemingly undeterred by the difference in size.

"Aw yeah, you know it!" Hokori said back to Thomas, excited to show him what she could do first hand.

"Let's start this off! Clad, hit it hard with Fire Fang!" She called out, and, with an excitable grunt, Clad began to - Surprisingly nimbly - charge towards Steelix, before opening her moth with her teeth gaining fire-like energy around them before attempting to bite down on Steelix. If this were to work, Clad would then hop back to keep distance, but if not, the Zen Charm pokémon would be left vulnerable right away.
"I was thinking we'd grab some lunch, then we'd go explore the either the beach for some washed up stuff, or hit the Rocky area."

Jason had finished his sentence, and the way that her red hair was styled, it was cute. He blushed and looked down.

"What the Distortion World!?" Jason thought, "I really need to deal with this at some point, but what is this feeling?"

Jason then made sure the door was held open before he would shut the door.


Emma had heard Jack spotted the entrance to the Grove, as she blushed.

"Okay," Emma responded, still with the tinge.

Emma then went into the hole, and looked around, finding the Eevee, but they were in one spot.

"Jack, All the Eevee are in one spot, something's up."

Emma made sure Raboot was let out as he was probably the least intimidating of all of her Pokémon. The Fire type then got closer to the Eevee.
Charlie had a confused look on her face as she climbed up the stairs "hm? Whats up?" Finally the two made it to the last flight of stairs, Charlie neared the door to the roof. And held it open for Del, she half expected him to say something relating to chivalry. "What was it that you cut yourself off for. Or well you don't gotta tell me if its something personal."
Thomas' eyes sparkled to see the new Pokemon in Hokori's arsenal was the Fire type Pokemon, Darumaka, Steelix gave the little red Pokemon a stare down before he watched it charge towards him with a burning mouth. Thomas grinned to see the battle was finally underway and held out an arm forward. "Block it with your tail, then counter with Dragon Breath!" Thomas shouted, Steelix immediately moved the end of his tail to act as a shield against the incoming fire attack, even as an Onix, he always preferred to face attacks head on and endure rather than dodge out of the way.
Charlie chuckled at Del's nervously asked question "fly on Dune huh. Why you can't fly Del, Vars can fly, Algo can......float.....maybe? A-anyways I'm just joking, yeah I don't see why you couldn't fly around on my buddy sometime. The only thing I could worry about would be how up for it she is, I'm the only one thats ever flown on her before so she may be hesitant to tranport another." Charlie came up behind Del and put a hand on his shoulder and poked her head up next to him "why exactly do you want to fly on her anyways?" She asked. Charlie looked around the roof for her bag and yep it was right where she had left it, thankfully nobody stole it while she was gone.