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Private/Closed Kyogre Lake Academy

"No real reason, honest!" Del felt a shiver start from the very end of his spine and travel all the way up to his shoulders and jumped away from Charlie. "I just... I've never flown on a pokemon before, and school is all about making friends and new experiences, right?" Del walked over to the edge of the roof and peered over it, keeping his feet as far from the edge as possible. "M-maybe flying isn't such a good idea, you know. I think I'll just keep my feet on the solid, non moving ground actually."
"Mhm?" Charlie had a smug grin, walking up next to Del and peering over the roof along with him. "Yeah I guess, some people aren't fit for flying...." Charlie turned away from Del and pulled out a pokeball from her belt, she whispered into the ball for a moment, quet enough for Del not to hear, but it was still probably suspicious if he looked behind him to see her. Charlie tossed up the pokeball into the air and before Del could see what she released she ran up and pushed him over the edge. Only falling a few feat before landing on the back of Dune the flygon "Ask her where to go, she'll make it safe as can be. It gonna be like a glying carpet!" Charlie chuckled, staring down over the edge to Del and Dune. Dune gave a joyful chirp in response.
Charlie felt a bit bad after saying Del's reaction "maaaaaybe that wasn't the smartest idea.....atleast he seems to be out of his nervous funk. Even though its replaced by fear..." Dune gently flapped her wings up to the top of the roof, before landing "you know for how tough you act pal you sure scare easy. But it probably wasnt the nicest thing to shove you off like that, ehehe, sorry..." Charlie rubbed her head with a guilty smile across her face.
After Del was done kissing the school roof and being thankful for being on it again, he stood up, turned to face Charlie and said, "That was fun, let's do it again sometime." In a sarcastic tone. Before Charlie could pull a similar stunt, he walked past her and proceeded down the stairs.
Having fallen asleep in the midst of the resident Eevee with Rex supporting his back, Alex woke up to a throbbing pain in his leg that reminded him it was still broken. "Just my luck."
He would have fallen back to sleep if he hadn't noticed the Raboot's aura approach. Looking past it, he sensed two very familiar auras. "Jack, Emma is that you? I need some help."
"Jack, Hurry, that sounded like Alex inside the Eevee pile!"

Raboot talked with the Eevees, hoping to figure out what was going on. He was talking with some of them as his trainer had called out to Jack. Raboot clicked on one of Emma's Pokéballs, releasing Volcarona, who looked to Emma.

"Go and find a staff member, quickly."

Volcarona flew off as Raboot kept the Eevees calm, explaining that the Volcarona was a friend of his.
“A staff member?” Jack asked. He took a step backwards after Volcarona came out. “Why? We can handle this ourselves, can’t we?” Justin looked around frantically, trying to see what was scaring the Eevee.
Raboot responded, explaining to Emma.

"Boot, Rab boot, boot boot, Raboot!"

Emma turned back to Jack,

"The Eevees aren't Scared, they seemed to be piling on something, and I'm sure I heard Alex in there, he may be injured," Emma explained, "If he is, do you anything that can help what his injury is?"

The Eevees started to open a path, revealing what she thought she had heard.

"Is that you, Alex?"
"Yeah, it's me." Alex groaned as he continued. "What did you think of my blanket?"
Wincing a bit from his injury he asked. "Do you guys happen to have any rags and wood on hand? I'm pretty sure my right leg is broken."
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Charlie just stood there in confusion, watching Del cling to the ground and then just walk off "uhh? I'll see you around then, sorry about that?" She waved at her friend as he left through the rooftop door.

After staring at the closed roof door for what felt like 10 minutes. Charlie returned Dune and made her way through the door and down the stairs, stopping at the 2nd floor, she walked through the hallways, peering at the labels above each door in said hallway, one in particular with the label 'evolution' caught Charlie's interest, she entered the classroom, and giving a polite smile and wave to the teacher "Oh hello my dear Charlie~" The teacher said in a gentle tone "heya Mrs. Kaya, sorry to drop in unannounced, but do you have any books on eevee and its evolved forms?" Charlie asked. Mrs. Kaya was a sweet lady, she was short and slim, and on the older side, she had short red curly hair and wore some large round glasses. She wasn't just the tracher on evolution but she focused on things revolving around pokemon biology, and given how many pokemon with different biology there is, it makes sense there would be multiple classes for the subject. "Is this about that grotto I hear is full of eevee, lots of my students keep mentioning a rumor of it, but in the few years I've been here I haven't seen anything of the sort. Oh but to answer your question dear, I do in fact have a book for you." Mrs. Kaya stood up from her desk and walked over to a long shelf that stretched across all four walls of the room. She scanned a few books before placing her finger on the spine of one and pulling it from the shelf. She held out the book and placed it on a table.
"Thanks Mrs. Kaya! You've probably got a book on every known pokemon in here." Charlie chuckled as she sat down at the table and opened the book. As well tossing the red and white premier ball out, popping free the familiar ball of white fluf seen once before. "Oh my! I guess the stories must be true if you managed to find an adorable white eevee like this one." The teacher started to scratch the chin of the shiny eevee who was sitting on the table, to which Shallow purred happily. "Hehe, well actually I won it as a prize so I haven't been to the grotto myself, but one of my friends who caught Shallow here said it came from there, he said it was one of a kind. Which I comed to learn because she knows the move wish. Which i-" "which is an egg move, yes that must mean whoever your little Shallow here's parents are. One of them must either be of the pikachu or skitty family." Mrs. Kaya sparkled with intrigue, and Charlie sparkling just as much in awe at the knowledge of her teacher "how interesting" Mrs. Kaya pat Shallow's head and walked back to her desk "well I'll leave you to that book, have fun you two~"

Demonic Bunny

Previously Moxxie the ultimate imp
Ivan had finally made his way inside of the Eevee Grove and began looking around for an Eevee to catch but he couldn't find any, he looked at Kappa who was running around the Grove with his tail wagging, Ivan and Red decided to sit down and wait for some Eevee's to appear. After a good while of waiting he saw that Kappa was playing with a stick, as well as chasing another pokemon, with a Fluffy brown tail. Ivan got up, walked over towards it and saw that Kappa was playing with a Eevee.
"Looks like you made a new friend Kappa. Hi there, Eevee." The Eevee looked up at Ivan and gave him the stick, it then sat down waiting for him to throw it. It took Ivan a minute to realize what the Pokemon had wanted, he then threw the stick a few feet away, as he did Kappa and Eevee ran towards the stick to catch it.
For a while now Charlie had been flipping through the many books pages, certain pages that caught her attention she would read in full, pages that didn't have much value for her to read she would skim through. Shallow laying against Charlie in a way it could look at the book as well. "Hm...." she hummed. Landing on a page that depicted the evolution process of an eevee
eevee being a very adaptive pokemon with an easily influenced genetic makeup leads it to being able to evolve into the most of any known pokemon, currently through the use of evolutionary stones (see pg. 123 for stone glossary) and other methods.
Next to that paragraph was a chart showing eevee with each of its 8 evolutions around it, all of which having a small arrow pointing towards the forms, each with a description under the arrow detailing the conditions for that specific evolution "vee!" Shallow yipped, hopping up and down, she placed a paw over the small picture of vaporeon in the book "hm? Ohhhhh I see, so thats what you want to evolve into? A vaporeon right?" Charlie asked her new partner. Shallow's fluffy tail waved back and forth in excitement, sounding off as if to day "yes!" To Charlie's assumption. "Well its settled then. I'm gonna get you a water stone and you'll turn into an vaporeon. Shallow makes for a convenient name then" Charlie stood up, and closed the book. Shallow bouncing around with excitement and joy. "I do not know how this young eevee was raised in its grotto. But I can safely assume finding evolutionary stones as a wild pokemon must be no easy task, I think she's quite happy to have a trainer let her choose what form to take on." Mrs. Kaya explained, standing up from her desk and walking over the Charlie and Shallow with a hand on her hip "and to be honest I'm quite proud of you too, its not everyday for a person to allow their pokemon to choose their evolution, especially for somebody who battles as much as you my dear"
Charlie handed the book back to the evolution teacher. "Well I mean I can understand why some people want specific eevee forms, most of the time its for team balance, having a form that counters your teams biggest weakness is always good, but I don't need a perfectly balanced team to be the best trainer out there. And besides, if I were to turn Shallow into a form that she doesn't want, wouldn't that break her heart. That doesn't feel right to do to her." Picking up the white eevee Charlie looked into its shiny blue eyes. looking away from her partners eyes she bowed her head to Mrs. Kaya and made her way to the exit of the classroom "oh if only your mother coud hear you say that. It would make her day." The teacher said with a small bit of laughter.

Charlie stopped in her tracks, shaking a small bit she grabbed the door knob and closed the classroom door, Shallow looking up to her trainer with a small amount of worry "hm?" Mrs. Kaya tilted her head "Mrs. Kaya....did you....know my mom?"


Previously Night's Shadow
“Oooh, grabbing some grub now sounds good!” Reese said with a grin. She began to head down towards the dining hall. She twirled around and began jogging backwards to look at Jason as they went. Strands of hair gradating from light brown to bright red at the tips flicked into her face as she went. Over the last month, she had changed the dye job a few times, every couple weeks or so. The red gradient was her most recent pick, and she hadn’t grown tired of it yet. “What kinda food you feel like?” she asked, making idle conversation. “The pineapple fried rice was real good last week, hope they have it again.”
Stupid kid, making a fool outta me, huh? Who does she think she is anyways? Some hotshot? Good-for-nothing... "Hey, watch where you're going, punk!" Del began to yell at a student. "Sorry, man. Oh hey, I know you, you're like the man, man." The girl Del bumped into turned around to show off the way her hair was in a bun with a small stick through the middle of it. "I totally dig your cause, man, some of those righteous members of yours talked to me and told me how you're trying to unite everyone. I'm Spare by the way, a second year if my duds didn't already give me away." Del stepped back and took a good look at Spare. She was a bit taller than Del, with skin darker than his and wearing the same red and blue uniform most of the other 2nd years wore along with a pair of black rimmed, slightly pink tinted glasses. "Time out just a second, you said some of my members convinced you?" "Yeah, man, buncha real rough looking kids came my way asking about if I was lonely and how they'd be there for me, said if I wanted to join I'd have to take and carry this stick, said it was a symbol of togetherness. Didn't explain why, but I dig the aesthetic." Del facepalmed at the mention of how the 3 Team Twig members didn't explain how the twig represented unity, but was ultimately glad to see a new face that didn't so much represent a terrible gang stereotype. "You wouldn't happen to know where those three are now, would you?" "Three? Nah, you got it twisted, man, there were four." "FO-" Del lowered his voice as he remembered he was in the school building. "Four?!" "Yeah man, four. Like, one had a stick in his mouth, one with a stick in his belt, one with it behind his ear, and another with it in his outer jacket pocket. Like I said, totally dig the vibe. Oh, sorry man, I gotta head to history, we're discussing some of the protests in pokemon history, catch you later, man." Spare walked past Del while giving a peace sign. "Those boys managed to not only convince one but TWO people to join?! This is-" Del's school ID went off and he noticed the time and double checked it on his watch. "Hell, I promised Connor I'd take him to lunch, I need to head to the dining hall, fast." Del put his school ID away and began to speed walk towards the school building's exit.
"That was good, and right now, My stomach is literally calling for anything, as such, you'll get to meet my Pokémon, outside of Metagross, Aerodactyl and Shieldon."

Speaking of which, Said Metagross was in the hall, walking with them as they went. He returned as he got to the elevator, as he turned to her, trying not to blush, he returned his exasperated Steel and Psychic Type Pseudo-Legendary. Jason's unknown feelings and the sudden idea the Reese was cute was completely flying over his head, but his Pokémon, who had four supercomputers for a brain, knew almost exactly what was going on. He had hit the elevator door head on, which set off a pokeball and his Kirlia popped out. He looked at Reese and pointed at Jason, who was a bit dazed.


"I'll stay here with Alex and Raboot and this Tyrunt." Emma responded, "I'll have a couple questions, as I figure out details, how did you end up here, Alex?"

As Emma had the question running, Raboot talked with some of the Eevee that had been trying to hide when Volcarona had flown off. One explained that the Volcarona's wing flaps sounded like Skarmory.


Volcarona had been flying for a while, and no sign of a teacher or other staff member anywhere. He then continued flying.
"Would you believe me if I said I tripped on a tree root and fell down a hill on my way back to the dorm?" Alex pat Rex as he continued. "Long story short, the forest is not too kind to the blind."
As Alex gave a brief explanation of his situation, a rather small Eevee came over to him and squeezed under his left arm, snuggling against his side.
"In any event, sorry for spoiling your date with Jack."
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Previously QueOne
“Yep!” June replied, adding a few more scribbles in her notebook. Excited for the moment of truth, she checked her equations one last time before punching some values onto her calculator. “Everything looks good. Now for the results!” she announced. “Flamethrower and Dragon Pulse are pretty much the same in terms of power, interestingly enough. Air Slash on the other hand is around 20% weaker than both. Moves become around 50% stronger when used by a Pokemon of the same type, and 100% stronger when super effective. I’ll have to do more tests later, but I’d assume that resisted attacks are only 50% effective.”

The results weren’t terribly unexpected, but in June’s eyes that was a good thing. She got up and began to pace excitedly. “Three moves. It isn’t much, but it’s a start. Optimization is so important in high level Pokemon battling. When I finish this project, it could change the whole game! Maybe it’ll turn out I’m not so bottom-of-the-barrel after all,” she said happily.
Mrs. Kaya's glowing face drooped, one eyebrow raising slightly "um, yes aren't you Brawly and Layla's daughter? ...am I mistaken?" She asked, holding her hands together in front of her. Charlie held tight onto Shallow in her arms. "W-when was the last time you and my parents talked...." Charlie said with a shallow tone. "Ah I believe it was there wedding, my son was one of Brawly's friends, I was invited to the wedding along with him. I believe Mrs. Rumble hadn't had you yet, I never got to meet you myself or hear too much about your family after that wedding, how are they doing?" ".....my.....my mom's missing, has been since the week I was born, lost at sea." Shallow clinged to Charlie's arms, nuzzling against her to gelp calm the girl. Mrs. Kaya raised a palm to cover her mouth as her eyes widened "o-oh dear I'm sorry Charlie! I must apologize I had no idea."
Charlie took a breath in and like in the past tried to keep it together "its fine Mrs. Kaya, honest, you had no way of knowing so don't apologize. Its been a long time and I've accepted it, she's not coming back. Its no big deal, I'm a fool to think otherwi-" Mrs. Kaya stomped her foot "you hold your tongue dear, I understand your pain, but never give up hope, you have no way to know if she is alive or not. Nor if she ever comes back or not. Saying its no big deal is not a good way to cope. Have hope for her, as hard as it may be its always good to have a little bit of hope to believe in." She took a long sigh and walked towards Charlie "Its not my business, but if you ever need an adult to talk to I'm always here, if you can't find me ask Hanzo. We teachers are here to take care of all of you in whatever ways we can~" her gentle tone soothing Charlie's worry, Shallow felt her master's body stop shaking, Charlie stepped forward and pushed herself into Mrs. Kaya, whos arms wrapped around the student for a hug "thank you....I'll take you up on that...you and my classmates are a whole lot of help with this sort of stuff...heh." Charlie mumbled.

A short while passed and Charlie had left the school, exiting outside of the school and looking at her ID "hmm. I Could either go eat lunch or head to the stadium for battle class? Any other day I think I would pick battling but I was up all last night and haven't had anything to eat since then. That tournament lasted a while huh." Charlie said happily with her hands on hips as the white fox pokemon stood next to her "Ve! Ve!" Shallow yelped "yeah I bet you're hungry too after being cooped in that ball for however long you were, then your first battle. I bet the other guys are just as famished, I did promise then food after we ate, before we were rudely interrupted by Del's Team Twig." And with that both Shallow and Charlie made off to the dorm building, specifically the dining hall on the second floor.
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Del practically broke the hinges off the doors to the dining hall as he gave them a mighty and dramatic shove. "Connor, I have good reason to be late, first there was this hippie and-" "It's fine Del, come, have a seat." Connor patted the seat next to him welcomingly. "I grabbed a small portion of everything just to try- oh, have you had their salad? It's usually not my forte, but I think they got someone new to do the salads because these are awesome." Del leaned over and instinctively pushed some of Connor's hair out of his eyes. They both looked away from each other before Del cleared his throat and spoke, "No, I haven't had their salad, not even when I first got here." "Here, try a bite." Connor picked up his fork and began to wave it around playfully before letting Del actually eat it. "Oh yeah, that is good!" Del got up from the table and grabbed his own and returned to his seat and they began eating the salad, almost entirely ignoring the rest of the food on Connor's plate. "You know, Connor, I've been wondering, why did you come to Kyogre Lake?" Connor looked Del in the eye, gave a devious smile and said, "I just think Kyogre is cooler than Groudon." "That's it?" "Yeah, pretty much." "Did Groudon send you a letter?" "Yeah, but so did Kyogre, so I decided to come here." Del slammed his fist on the table out of amusement. "I took you for the kinda guy to look into every aspect of a school." "I mean I usually do, but there's just something about Kyogre, I don't know how to explain it." Connor stared off into space as he said the part at the end. Del decided to take action to help his friend not stress over it so much, and he placed his hand over Connor's. Connor snapped back into the world and instinctively jerked his hand away. "I-I'm sorry Del, I just need to-" Connor quickly got up from the table and ran for the door as it seemingly opened on it's own. "Connor, wait!" The door got pulled back more to reveal it was opened by Team Twig. "Uh, bad time, captain?"


Previously Night's Shadow
Bang! “Eep!” Reese jumped as Jason, watching her and not where he was going, slammed headlong into the elevator door. She was a little worried at first, but once it seemed like Jason was okay, she bubbled into giggles. “Are you okay?” she asked through fits of laughter. She ducked in front of him to look up at his face, waving a hand in front of his eyes. “How many fingers am I holding up? Can you see okay? Sorry, I’m—” Reese struggled to hold back her laughs. “You’re okay, right?”
Jason looked over to Reese, he understood and laughed with her, realizing how funny that was himself. He then blushed, seeing the happiness in her, as he was thinking. He then heard the ding of the elevator door.

"I'm fine, you ready for lunch?"

Jason held the elevator door so it didn't shut on her. It was at that point, he was trying hard not to blush. He was thinking about his lunch plans, and what he was going to eat. He then thought about the last month here, and the times he joined the Geology class and the Archeology club. He was involved in helping with some of the digs, finding random rocks as one of his classmates found a Jaw Fossil, and that was Revived to a Tyrunt. He remembered Reese's excitement when things were found, and blushed.

"You can go first."
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“Well, if you ask me you weren’t bottom of the barrel and you still aren’t. Pokémon battling wouldn’t be capable without Pokémon professors and brilliant minds helping make a better world for trainers.” Dom said, “I mean, the pokeball wasn’t invented on accident. Who knows, maybe you could make a contribution like that to the world someday.”

Even though they were on break, Electabuzz and Lycanroc were training. Dom had almost forgotten what today was. It was the last chance Dom had to get his Z Ring back, even after a month he had barely made any progress.

“June, I know we’re on break, but I hope you don’t mind if I train a little. I told you about how Hanzo took my Z-power ring right? Todays the last day I have to get it back.” Dom said, standing back up from his rest.
Charlie as she walked thought about something Mrs. Kaya had told her before she left, about there being a room in the pokemon center at the dorm where students could call home with a television to display video. "I'll probably call home and see whats up with Dad when I get done with lunch, I could definitely do with something like it. All this family talk is making me homesick. I bet he'll be happy to hear about all you guys." She looked at her belt and the pokeballs strapped to it.

Charlie continued to the dorm, with Shallow dancing around her. Definitely noticable to passerby.


Previously QueOne
“Thanks, I guess…” June said with a weak smile. She knew that what Dom said held truth, but it was hard to accept. It was undoubtedly battling that had earned her a spot in the Academy, not research skills—she knew this to be true simply because she had no research to speak of before coming here. So what did it mean when she showed up just to fail catastrophically at battling? Trying to push her thoughts aside, June again began to feel the soreness in her ribs.

Then, Dom presented her with his predicament. “We need to get you ready right away!” June immediately exclaimed, whipping around to face him. She wondered for a moment if there was any way she could even help; while she had a vague idea of what went on during Dom’s midnight training sessions, they were still mostly foreign to her. Suddenly she was hit with an idea.

“No offense, but I don’t think you‘re beating Hanzo on strength and speed alone,” June said with a sly grin. “The element of surprise will be key. Wanna know what I think the last thing Hanzo will be expecting out of you? A Z-move.”

June unclipped her steel Z-ring from her belt and placed it in Dom’s palm. Perhaps because of the cold of the metal, she found his hand surprisingly warm.

”Consider this a birthday present. It’s never been more than an accessory, but the other night I saw it gazing pensively at the stars. Clearly it yearns for more,” she joked. Though she had never really payed the Z-ring much mind, June felt a little strange letting it go.
Doms face became flushed, but he shook it off quickly and took the Z-ring in hand to examine it.

“Thank you, a lot, but I couldn’t take this.” Dom said, “I appreciate the help, but I’ve gotta beat Hanzo with my own power.”

Dom took the Z-ring and clipped it around her wrist.

“It’s a bit more complicated than just a simple battle. It’s Pokémon vs Pokémon, but also trainer vs trainer. Hanzo is holding onto the Z-ring while his Lycanroc is holding onto the Lycanium Z. While I’m going for Hanzo, Lycanroc is going for the other Lycanroc. It’s really complicated, but me and Lycanroc have had issues being in sync.” Dom explained, “but we have gotten better! Watch!”

Dom turned around and Lycanroc came over, as well as Charizard and Electabuzz.

“Alright, same as usual!” Dom said.

Dom handed Charizard his headband and Electabuzz a rock from the ground and stepped back next to Lycanroc. Suddenly, Dom’s body flared to life with Aura, and some of it connected with Lycanroc.

“Let’s do it! Lycanroc!” Dom yelled.

Dom charged at Charizard and Lycanroc charged at Electabuzz. While Lycanroc and Electabuzz were fighting close up, Dom was trying to reach Charizard who flew up a bit. Dom jumped up to Charizard using a tree, but couldn’t reach it. Dom fell back to the ground, but landed on his feet.

“Damn, the same thing! Every time I fight Hanzo he gets super far from Lycanroc, I can’t get close enough all alone!” Dom said, a bit frustrated.
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Previously QueOne
June was noticeably miffed having her gesture rejected so quickly. She was immediately interested to hear the details of Dom’s task, however. They were intriguing, to say the least.

“So it’s just a double battle, but the trainers are Pokemon?” she said after he finished his explanation. “Wicked.”

Dom’s demonstration was even more captivating to June. There were definitely things at play that she did not understand—namely his inexplicable strength. However, this was not the first thing that she mentioned when he finished.

“Well, it’s not hard to see why you’re struggling,” she said matter of factly. “You‘re treating a double battle like two single battles. Have you ever seen a professional double battle? One of the main strategies is focusing down one opponent at a time. You have to divide and conquer, so to speak.”
Del just sat in his seat and stared at the back of his outstretched hand and then turned his hand over and stared at his palm. "That reaction... because of me?" Team Twig walked in through the door that Connor left out of and beside Del; Skinny was the first to speak, "Hey Cap'n, you're better off without that loser anyways." Del slowly turned his dead gaze toward Skinny. "O-or maybe not, maybe you uh, you could... that guy is..." "What Skinny is trying to say, is that you let a perfectly good trainer get away." Del looked up at the doorframe where he heard the voice and saw a figure leaning against the doorframe and asked through gritted teeth, "Who the hell are you?" Skinny answered his question in less than a moment. "That there is Stringy, he's the second newest member, the newest is a second year named-" "Not what I meant. Allow me to reiterate, who the hell are you in telling me who is or isn't a good trainer?" Stringy stopped leaning against the doorframe, but kept his arms crossed. Stringy was the same height as Del with slicked back jet black hair and black rimmed glasses along with a 1st year's uniform. "I don't want to step on any toes, Captain, I'm merely suggesting that if you let a second year pass you by, you're no good." "Oh yeah?!" Del stood up, almost knocking the seat over. "How do you reckon that? You don't know a fraction of what me and Connor have done. Which one of you clowns let this douche join?" "They didn't, I offered a proposal, as long as-" Del tried to charge at Stringy but the three original members of Team Twig managed to hold him back. "Feisty, now let me continue. As long as they stayed under my supervision, I could get them, and by extension you and the rest of Team Twig, any pokemon you so desire." "You're full of it." "I assure you the only thing I'm full of is confidence in my abilities." "Don't care, doesn't matter, I'm leaving." Del pryed the hands of Team Twig off of him and walked past Stringy. "What about another chance with that second year, oh captain my captain?" "Beat it, and to all of you, Skinny, Scrawny, Scraggly, and Worm, you have until the end of today to find Team Twig members, I don't know if I can stand another slimeball like four eyes here." "I thought your cause was to unify everyone?" "Bite me." Del left the dining hall and headed for his dorm room while being followed by everyone but Stringy. Stringy pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and gave a sinister smile as a thought brewed into his head. He never outright said no, that can work to my advantage. A second year.... what is your connection with him?
"I would and so would my brother, of which I will be giving him notice, as he is your roommate." Emma responded, then turned really red when Alex said Emma was on a date with Jack, "W-wh-what m-makes Y-y-you th-think that, Alex?"

Emma was really red, and really confused, she had something stirring in her, not something she expected when she got here, or when she had been hanging out with him and his other friends. Her nervousness that had been going on and off if Jack was around, along with some habits, like trying to sit next to him when finding seats, and tried to see if she could talk alone with the stutter-blush from Alex's statement. She then realized something big.


Volcarona had been flying around, when a couple of Second years had noticed him.

"Holy Miltank, a Shiny Volcarona!" One called out, "Granbull, Wild Charge!"

He was not amused, Volcarona used Psychic on the Granbull and tossed it around and into the ground, after about ten seconds it was knocked out. He returned Granbull, as other second years noticed. One of them brought out a Haxorus to try and stop him. Volcarona used Fiery Dance then another Psychic to remove the Haxorus from his path. The Fire and Bug type then flew on to find the infirmary.
"Uh, the fact that the two of you deliberately came here on your own? I may be blind, but I know a couple when I see one." Alex rubbed the little Eevee's chin as he muttered to Rex. "Even if the people involved haven't realized it themselves yet."
Hearing this, Rex could not help but bust out laughing, startling many of the resident Eevee while the ones close enough to hear Alex started giggling as well.
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Dom froze for a moment. His eyes widened as he realized his fault. In that moment he realized Hanzos strategy, and at the same time, a perfect counter.

“Ugh I’m such an idiot, I can’t believe I didn’t even realize it. I guess you have a point, I’ve never really done than many double battles.” Dom said, giving a strained smirk.

Dom looked back at Lycanroc, who also looked like this was news.

“Well, shall we try again?” Dom said, confidently.

Lycanroc nodded, and this time, the battle started differently. Dom closed his eyes and began focusing on the aura around him, until he could focus on Lycanrocs. The two seemed to be even more in sync than before.

“Let’s go, Lycanroc!” Dom shouted.

The two charged at Charizard and began a quick onslaught of attempts to grab back the headband. As they continued their attacks on Charizard, Electabuzz jumped into the fight, attempting to hit Lycanroc with a Thunder Punch. As the attack landed on Lycanroc, it didn’t even attempt to dodge, but once the attack landed Lycanroc swiftly used the attacks motion against it.

“Lycanroc, you remembered Counter!” Dom said.

Lycanroc grinned as Electabuzz was sent flying, the rock it was holding onto flew up into the air and Dom caught it. Even though only a moment had passed, Dom and Lycanroc continued their attempts to get the headband, but Charizard was just too fast. After dodging every attempt, Charizard flew up into the sky.

There’s gotta be some way to counteract this!” Dom thought.

He was immediately pulled from his own mind as Lycanroc put its paw on Doms shoulder.

“Right… we can do this.” Dom said.

Dom and Lycanroc both chased after Charizard by foot as it circled around the area, and Lycanroc looked straight into Doms eyes, as if it was trying to say “We can do this, together!” Lycanroc jumped against a tree and into the air, while the same blue energy became concentrated at Doms feet and hands. Dom jumped into the air meeting Lycanroc halfway to Charizard, using the energy focused on his hands to launch Lycanroc up to Charizard in order to use Play Rough. The attack landed successfully, and Dom caught the headband as Charizard came back to the ground. Once Lycanroc landed, if only for a moment, the two were perfectly in sync, it even seemed that Dom’s eyes flickered the same shade as Lycanrocs deep crimson red. But soon they were back to normal, and Dom and Lycanroc hugged.

“We’re gonna do it, we’re gonna beat Hanzo!” Dom said.

After the two calmed down, Dom fed Electabuzz and Charizard both a sitrus berry and turned back to June.

“Thank you so much June, you may have just made us that much stronger. I really mean it.” Dom said.

He then quickly dug into his pocket, looking for something. He then pulled out a small white crystal.

“Ah, here it is. I know I didn’t accept your Z-ring gift, but I’ve always had a thing about enjoying giving people things more than I do getting things from people. It’s a weird personality thing, everyone back home says I’m weird for it. But… here, I want you to have this Normalium Z. Consider it an investment into your experiments with moves, as well as just a gift, from a friend.” Dom said, “Durant can Learn Vice grip right? As well as Retaliate and Giga Impact , both pretty good normal type moves.”

Dom placed the Crystal on June’s Z-Ring.

“Since your Z-Ring wants to use a Z-move, how about you test it out on the substitute?” Dom suggested.
Charlie continued along the path, only stopping at the presence of intense training, she could feel the intensity like a warm wind brushing against her. Despite it not being any physical thing. Perhaps it was the synced up power of Dominic's and his Lycanroc's aura being so much it was dense enough to feel. Charlie had no such experience in aura so to her it just felt like an invisible force. She of course decided to check it out. And what she found was Dom and June along with their pokemon. From what she could tell they were celebrating to each other. "I'll leave them to whatever that was. I cant put off this meal any more than I already have, come on Shallow" Charlie motioned her eevee to follow her as she dashed off to the dorm, however, Shallow did not follow as it was too intrigued at the trainers before it. It padded up to June and Dominic, curiosity radiating from the tiny white eevee.

Charlie made it to the dorm and quickly and neared the elevator on the first floor. Catching a glimpse of Del's followers seeming flustered, nothing she worried about, after all she had a grudge still against the newly formed Team Twig after they snatched Shallow.

Charlie made it to the dining hall and prepared a meal, as well piling up some pokemon food around for her team "ok everyone lunch time!" She called, releasing her 4 pokemon. The group began to eat the food, to an outsider it could be assumed none of them had been with food for a week. After a moment Charlie sat there stuffed "ahh I can't ever get over the things this place makes, even after a month of it.... hm?" Charlie turned to see her pokemon all giving her a a shocked expression "....what's up with all..all...of you...oh crap! Where is Shallow?!" Charlie bounced out of her chair and shook her head around the room in search of her eevee "Damn, how do you loose sight of a white eevee!!" She groaned before reaclling her team and exiting the room, not even taking the elevator and sliding down the railing of the stairs and running around the halls and outside the front of the dormatory.


Previously QueOne
June’s eyes glittered as she looked to her wrist, the Z-ring she had carried around so long finally completed. She hadn’t expected this moment to feel so important to her. It seemed vaguely symbolic, though she wasn’t exactly sure what it was that was being symbolized.

“Thank you!” June said, the delight apparent in her voice. She flung herself forward, embracing her friend, before coming to her senses and stepping back with a guilty smile.

“Sorry, heh. Charting a Z move! That’ll be quite the accomplishment. I don’t even think I could do it in one go, given that even using a single Z move is enough to burn out most trainers…” June said, pondering Dom’s suggestion. “I wouldn’t mind letting one loose just for the hell of it though.”

But as she felt around the side of her belt for her Durant's Pokeball, she remembered. Her mood was instantly dampened.

“Oh yeah…” she said quietly, looking away in embarrassment. “My partner and I are kind of having a thing right now.”


Previously QueOne
“I’ll have to start from the beginning for it to make sense…it’s a long story,” June said. Then, after second thought, “Well, maybe it isn’t really that long of a story. It’s more like a short story that took a long time to write.”

She thought for a moment before continuing. “The first time I saw my Durant, she was fleeing her own nest. I didn’t really know what was happening, but she was injured. I wanted to help her, but the Pokemon Center where I live has been abandoned for years. So I took her home. It took a few weeks for her to heal naturally, and during that time I did a lot of reading about her species. I figured out that she had probably attempted to overthrow the gamergate of her colony but lost the duel. At this point, we had become friends, and I wanted to help her try again. So for almost a year, I took care of her while she grew her strength. Winning the next duel was the only way for her to return to her colony without meeting a fate only slightly better than death.”

June sighed. “Now for the important part. One day Durant decided she was finally ready. So I walked with her to her old nest. But when we got there, something was wrong. Smoke was pouring out the entrance. We rushed in, and what we saw was terrible. The entire colony was being massacred by a group of Heatmor. Well, my Durant rushed to meet them head on. I got knocked down at some point by her fleeing sisters, and when I got up, I couldn’t find her. I was scared. It was so hot in there, and the smoke was so thick…” She paused before continuing. “I don’t know how, but by some miracle, I recognized her among the other Durant backed up in the corner. I ran to her, and tried to pick her up. Her exoskeleton was so hot. It burned me.”

June opened her palm to reveal faded white scars. She continued to speak impersonally. “So I did the only thing I could do. I caught her, and I ran. Some time later, we returned to the nest. It was a husk. We’ve been together ever since.” At this point, June’s tone began to shift to one of agitation. “Flash forward to last night. I’ve been making Durant train nonstop for a month. I was getting angry, because after all this time we still weren’t making any progress. What I’ve come to realize now is that I’ve done nothing. I’ve been pushing her without putting anything in of my own. Which makes what I said so much worse. I told her that what we were doing was pointless—that the last time she trained this hard, she ended up cowering in a corner in fifteen seconds flat.” She paused for impact. “Of course, she wasn’t going to take that, and I got a little taste of First Impression. I’d like to think that we’re even now, but it really isn’t true. I still don’t deserve her battling for me.”
Charlie sped out onto the path in search of her eevee, how she could have managed to loose it so easily was beyond her. Charlie attempted to look for a landmark to identify where she broke off of the path on her way to the dorm where she noticed June and Dominic that first time. Charlie couldn't seem to identify where they were and so she resorted to the age old method of searching for someone "hello!!" She cuped her hands around her mouth like a megaphone and shouted out into the air "Shallow! Where are ya!"

The white eevee in question was sat down next to Dominic and June, sitting quietly and listening as best it could to the stranger's story. At the sound of her trainer's voice the small fox pokemon's ears perked up, along with her head they turned in the direction of the voice. Shallow looked around for its trainer, flicking its head in every direction, Charlie must have just been out of eyeshot because of a hill or some obstruction because Shallow couldn't see her master, only hear her.


Previously Night's Shadow
Reese ducked into the elevator with a nod of thanks, smiling. She waited for Jason to follow before poking the button for the dining hall. She poked it a few more times just for fun.

The elevator wasn’t too tight a fit as it went down— it was meant to hold a good number of people, so two people and a few of their Pokémon wasn’t too bad. But still, there wasn’t a lot of wiggle room, so Reese kept her usual restless squirming to a minimum, resigning herself to just drumming on Ricochet’s shell with her fingers.

Reese had mostly stopped worrying about Jason every time his face got red. There was no way he got a fever that often. But it happened mostly around her, so sometimes she wondered if he was allergic to her shampoo or something. She glanced away, shifting her weight from side to side.

The girl’s face broke into a wide grin as the elevator doors opened on a plethora of rich aromas of food from all sorts of places. Reese’s eyes sparkled as she jumped out of the elevator. She never got tired of the dining hall— there were so many people and Pokémon to watch and always new dishes to try, and fantastic smells and colors. “Come on!” Reese urged, grinning, as she began to head towards the tables of food.
Dom sighed at Junes Predicament.

“While you may have been right on the fact that you messed up with what you said, I think you may be misunderstanding Durant. It seems more frustrated with itself and its lack of power than it is with you.” He said, “I think you’ve been putting all the effort into it as you can, all Durant needs now is for you to believe in it. It may be a bit on the weaker side, but that doesn’t matter. When a trainer believes in its Pokémon, anything is possible!” Dom said.

Dom turned back and all his Pokémon seemed to agree, especially Sliggoo.

“See, there was a time when Sliggoo was still just a goomy. It was my only Pokémon when I arrived in the Alola region, and do you wanna know the first battle we had? It was against a wild Rockruff. And we lost. The odds seemed impossible, so my first thought was to push Goomy as hard as I could until it evolved. But back then it wasn’t anywhere near evolving, and we had a falling out similar to the one you and Durant are going through now. But after I realized that I had failed goomy by not believing in it, I knew that the problem wasn’t goomy, it was me. So one night we went back to where we saw the rockruff, and challenged it to a battle. Goomy, now Sliggoo is one of my strongest Pokémon, and that Rockruff? It turned into the Lycanroc I’ve been training with all this time. If you believe in Durant, and it’s determination, you should be able to become even stronger than you think you can be, especially now with a Z-Crystal.” Dom said.