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Private/Closed Kyogre Lake Academy

"This is, uh..." He stopped to think of a nickname. He thought it would be pretty awkward if he introduced him simply as Gallade, so he named him after one of his brothers. "This is Justin the Gallade."

Gallade put one of its arms forth and the other behind it, balancing its posture, and did a small bow.
Charlie stopped in her tracks once she heard her name "huh! Whats up?" She looked behind her to see a familiar face standing at the door. "Oh what's up dom!" She tuned around and ran up to her friend and his pokemon. Charlie noticed he was standing next to a door directly across from her own dorm "did your dorm end up being 104? Thats awesome, it means we'll be able to keep in touch better." She smiled. Shoe was by her side and was making various noises, as if to make conversation with Dominic's lycanrock "I was on my way to go check out the campus if you and your pokemon would like to join me." She asked the boy.
“Yeah sure, I’d be happy to!” Dom said.

Lycanroc and Elekid seemed to agree. Dom was about to start a bit of small talk, but then remembered that feeling he got in the forest.

“Hey Charlie? You heard anything yet about that forest on the island?” He asked.
Charlie smiled again, raising her hand up like a fist "awesome, well lets get going" she started her way back to the elevator while she listened to his question. "The forest? No not at all, most all of this island is a mystery to me, besides the whole school being in the middle of a lake thing. Why do you ask?" Charlie said as she pressed the button to call the elevator. "Did you see a ghost or something" she snickered, joking with Dom.
Dom laughed awkwardly as he followed Charlie to the elevator.

“Hehe… maybe. Well, I don’t really know what it is I saw, but what I do know is there’s something in that forest. I was taking a shortcut through the trees and fell to the ground, but when I hit the ground I felt something… kinda evil. Just a negative presence overall. I was hoping someone would know something about it.” He sighed.
The elevator rang out and the metal doors opened, Charlie entered the cab and thought about Dom's situation. Choosing to ignore the fact about him jumping between trees. She would save thay topic for another time "hmm. There may be something happening in those woods for all we know. If you felt some evil presence it could be the work of a pokemon, I can't really name and unnatural things that would make somebody feel that." Her pokemon seemed to be thinking as well, Shoe looked just as stumped as Charlie was "once we check out the campus we can head back their, if you want to of course." Charlie stood in the elevator, and looked down, still holding a hand on her skirt. She looked up with a slightly red face "h-hey, sorry to change the subject all of a sudden but I need to ask you something. How...do I look in this uniform?" She said clearly embarrassed.
He got a little embarrassed at the question, but quickly brushed it aside.

“I think it looks pretty good.” He said, “it’s a nice contrast to the clothes you wore earlier… y’know.”

Dom looked at himself in the reflection of the elevator walls.

“Actually, I kinda like the uniforms here. It’s a pretty nice color combo.” He said.
Charlie felt a little better at the remark. She took in a breath and exhaled, calming down a bit "thanks Dom. And I agree with you, the uniform do have nice coloring to them, the white and gold with a mix of red is pretty stylish, I'm just not used to wearing a skirt like this one hehe, I want to say the last time I ever wore one was when I was a toddler." She giggled a bit at the thought of her younger self, the elevator started to move, a weird fuzzy feeling went up the two trainer's spines before a bump interrupted as it went to the ground floor. "I should be fine, as long as nobody can see anything when I run. Or if nobody calls me cute, I think at that point I might just pass out from embarrassment" she rubbed her head, partially joking. Eventually the elevator stopped and the metal doors slided open once more, leading into the ground floor's hallway.
"It's nice to meet you Justin. And you are?" Gesturing to Jack who had yet to introduce himself. Unbeknownst to Alex, Aria was trying to get Gwen to talk to Justin. Fed up with Gwen's shy nature, Aria got behind her and shoved her towards the Gallade.
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Thomas arrived at his dorm and looked to see which one had his number on it; his number was 107, when he did, he stepped inside to see that there were two beds, this meant he was likely to have a roommate. This was bittersweet news to the blond haired boy, while it was nice to have a room to share and hopefully bond with, it meant there was less of a chance for peace and quiet depending on who his roommate would be. Nevertheless, Thomas unpacked his bag and began to set everything up, then he saw his uniform and smiled at how it looked before he went to put it on.

Once he was fully changed, he put his Poke balls in his trouser pockets along with his hands and walked out of his dorm and decided to check out the campus and see who else there was to talk to. As Thomas walked, he smiled at the talk he had with Charlie earlier, most likely eager to battle with her when he got the chance.
Meanwhile, back at room 103...

"Huh? Looks like our roomie arrived first!" A girl let out a small huff at that, somewhat disappointed at the idea of not being able to get the drop on a just-arriving roommate. "Well, Cor, looks like we'll just have to make do!" She then said, swiping at her ponytail before looking to her Corphish.

Walking over to the other bed, she set down a set of suitcases, all attached by a single tag; Hokori Perforar. Well, the Perforar was in bold writing, but that didn't fully matter. Grabbing a handbag, she moved to the foot of a bed, grabbing a pokeball out of it. "Alright, Taupe, come on out!" She threw it up, and with a small flash of light, a Dugtrio came out. "Du!" It gave a short cry of excitement, before Hokori gave it a small bag, with the label "Christmas gift" on his heads. "Get under the bed and put that there, is that good?" Dugtrio nodded in response and did as asked, reappearing soon after...

After a little of packing and changing into uniform...

"Ooooh my gosh! This is so cool!!" Hokori cheered as she span around in the uniform, enjoying herself. Cor let out a happy cheer in agreement, as did Taupe. "Right, we should really go out there and see if we can find our Roomie, you're right!" Hokori nodded to her Pokémon, holding an arm out to let Cor climb onto her shoulder while grabbing her handbag and beckoning Dugtrio to follow before heading out of the room and down the hall, humming to herself a song she had heard while watching one of her brother's recent concerts. "...Orrrr we could just explore." She soon decided while walking.


Previously Night's Shadow
Reese frowned slightly as Rocket approached the dorm building, noting immediately that there was absolutely no way he would fit inside unless the ceilings were ridiculously high. She huffed and leaped off his shoulder, the nine-foot drop not fazing her in the slightest. Her legs, knees bent, absorbed the impact effortlessly, and she straightened up. “Sorry, buddy,” she said. “Don’t think you can fit in there. You wanna stay outside or go in your ball?” Reese held out her Pokeball in front of the Golurk.

Rocket remained still for a moment, then made a metallic grumble and reached out one colossal finger to tap the button on the ball. The ten-foot giant shrank down to a couple of inches to be contained within the capsule. Reese smiled down at her tiny-fied partner in apology. “Don’t worry, Rocket— it’s not like you’ll be in there all the time. Only if it’s okay with you.” She took a deep breath in through her nose to psych herself up as she turned to face the dorm building.

Reese threw open the door and walked through, and approached the front desk. “Reese McKinley,” she said by way of introduction. “Pretty sure I’m in room 111?”

The clerk peered down at some papers through bespectacled eyes, ran a finger down her list, and stopped when she reached Reese’s name. “Yes, that is correct,” the clerk confirmed. “All the way down the hall on the left.” She pointed, then popped her bubblegum noisily and began clacking away on her computer keyboard. As Reese followed the clerk’s directions, she cast a glance back and stifled a laugh, catching sight of a classic shooter game being played by the clerk.

Reese creaked open the door to her room slowly, wincing at the squeaking sound. I’ll have to oil that later, pick up some lubricant from… wait, is there anything other than the school here? Maybe I’ll see if I can nab some from the janitor’s closet… if I can even find one… She shook her head and shifted her focus to the room, flicking the light switch.

The room was small, as was revealed as it was bathed in warm white light. The beds, while small, were plush looking, and for Reese, who was quite used to sleeping on dirt at dig sites, they looked heavenly. Her attention shifted again, to the window, then to what was on the bed (besides the fluffy pillows). She threw her duffel down on the right side bed, claiming it, then shook out the neatly folded clothes that had been on the sheets. That skirt is wayyyy too short, she thought to herself, mildly annoyed. And the everything past my elbows is only gonna get dirty. Well, at least the shoes fit, she added mentally as she tried them on.

Reese pulled on some tight-fitting knee-length shorts she had packed under the skirt, as well as knee-high socks. Essentially, only her knees were showing; ironic, as they would likely become the dirtiest parts of her body when she got down to business. She buttoned up the tunic, rolling the sleeves to her elbows, and fumbled irritably with the tie for a few minutes before just draping it around her neck in defeat. She sighed, satisfied with her (slightly altered) uniform, then knelt by the door and started inspecting the hinges.
Charlie changed her mood immediately at the thought of a battle "Yes!" She shouted out with excitement "we should battle, I'm sure the rest of the school can wait. I haven't had a good battle since I left home." Charlie was bobbing up and down, hyped up to battle, and at a new location entirely "we should head over there and check out the battlegrounds. King hasn't even had a battle against a trainer yet" She was filled with ideas and thoughts of how the school would handle pokemon battles and how they would be involved in the curriculum. "Where does it say the battlefields are?" She asked curiously.
Jason had been flying down the path passing James and his Steelix.

"That's going to get a lot of attention, that and Kingdra's show." Jason responded.

Jason continued flying at a fast pace towards the Dorms as James continued at his Steelix pace. Jason had passed Laura on the way and eventually seen the returning of a giant Golurk. He hopped off his Metagross as he walked over to the dorm clerk. Metagross followed behind its trainer as he arrived at the desk.

"Hello, I am Jason Argentston, Dorm 115, if that is correct."

"Yes, it is, go up to the fourth floor, and it will be the first on the right."

He nodded as he hopped on the elevator. Metagross followed behind as Jason Sat, the Steel and Psychic was a little concerned, but Jason read the weight limit before he boarded, which was twenty five hundred pounds. When the elevator dinged, it was the fourth floor. Jason walked off alongside his Metagross, who pointed to his dorm. He opened the door to find two beds, one on each side, he took the bed on the left side coming into the room and set his stuff down, returning Metagross after it was unloaded. Scrafty popped out of his Pokéball and sat with Jason. There was a night stand, and he placed an alarm clock on it. He started sorting his stuff, and eventually looking at his closet with uniforms in them. He put one to the door and sat waiting, writing a letter. Scrafty would figure to wait as well.

James was taking his good old time, as such when riding a Steelix. Laura had passed him on his way to the dorm building as he took his time, reading the letter as he rode along, Sceptile had been walking beside his trainer as he moved at a Metal Snake's pace.

Laura had been flying as Greninja was flying through the trees. She had passed James and eventually arrived at the Dorm, she hopped off and collected her stuff as she lined up behind her brother, who took an elevator with a Metagross. Laura gave a bewildered look, trying to comprehend how the elevator did not break.

"The elevator is fine, it can take a full grown Mudsdale, its trainer, and the stuff the trainer is carrying."

"Okay, I don't think you've had too many Metagrosses in your dorm building." Laura responded, "Laura Argentston, Dorm 108."

"First floor, half way down the hall on the right."

Laura and her Greninja, who had caught up while she was in line, walked down the hall and about half way down on the right, she opened the door, the room was similar to Jason's as she set up her stuff, setting her incubator on the nightstand, as she opened Cacnea's Pokeball. The young grass type sat on Laura's head, looking around the room. Greninja had the lighter stuff packed away as it was a good idea to explore around the dorms.

Emma was moving, but slowly, not bumping into anyone as Volcarona flew overhead. She walked towards the Dorms and had arrived, somehow passing James on the way there. She waved to him as she passed by, and the arrived as Volcarona followed in, Dusclops behind her.

"Emma Argentston, Dorm 104."

"Laura Argentston and Jason Argentston had come by a bit earlier, and your dorm is on the third floor."

Emma, Volcarona, and Dusclops went up the elevator,headed towards the dorm and opened up to find someone had arrived first. She set up her stuff as well, as Volcarona waited at the door. Dusclops assisted with her set up.
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Aria couldn't help but laugh at Justin's reaction to catching Gwen as Alex hoisted his suitcase over his shoulder. "Well, it was nice meeting you Jack, I'm gonna continue on my way to the dorms now." Hearing his Lucario's laughter, Alex called out. "Aria, stop making fun of Gwen and let's go!"
Charlie reached her head over to peek at the map Dom pulled out. She scanned it lightly and responded, "okay, If its the closest one lets head there? That map says it should be right down the path that we came from right, so I probably passed by it before." Charlie pulled out the other pokeballs she had with her. She managed to wear her belt around her waist despite having the skirt to wear as well. Thankfully it didn't get in the way. Both Dune the flygon and King the monferno popped out and moved around their trainer "you guys can get some clean air before we have our first battle on the island. Well Dom, should we head over?" Charlie said with a smile, she was still excited as could be, but she was attempting to calm down and tried to not show as much excitement to Dominic to keep her from coming off as hyperactive, well, more so than she already has shown.
“Yeah, hold on a bit though.” Dom said.

Dom turned back around to face the building they had just exited, and began to concentrate. Since he was a child, as is customary for Draconids, he had a strange connection to Dragon types, but his strongest connection was to Sliggoo. He kept trying to reach Sliggoo, and he knew what he’d have to do. He reeled back and took a deep breath.

“HEY SLIGGOO, C’MON DOWN, AND BRING KRABBY WITH YOU.” He shouted, catching the attention of a few other students.

A few minutes later, a window from the third floor opened and Sliggoo peeked over, and it tossed a pokeball.

“I got it, I got it!” Dom said, reaching his hands in the air trying to catch the pokeball.

He missed it though. And it hit him right in the face. Just as it rolled off his face and into his hands, Sliggoo followed close behind with its own premier ball in it hands, and landed right on Doms face. Dom pulled the shiny Sliggoo off his face, and he shook the bit of slime that stuck to his face. He then quickly turned to Charlie and gave a thumbs up.

“Sorry about that, almost forgot my other two Pokémon. So, shall we head to the battlefield?” He said with a slight smile.
Charlie was very confused at what she just witnessed, watching Dominic shout out to his pokemon who to her surprise was still in his room. And she had quite the reaction to his less than superb catch. Immediately followed by a sticky slap by his own pokemon "uhh, you got a little something on your cheek still hehe" Charlie laughed a bit "you seem to have some crazy connections with your sliggo, as far as I can tell." She mentioned, turning to the direction of the path that would lead to the arena "oh. I glossed over it earlier, but what was the deal with you, what was it, you were saying that you were jumping from trees." Charlie asked as she started to walk, her pokemon following behind.
“Oh, um…” Dom felt a bit embarrassed at first, but shook it aside. Charlie didn’t seem like the kind of person to judge.

“It’s.. kinda a Draconid thing. We’ve lived in the Meteor Falls for generations, and traversing the terrain isn’t the easiest. So over the generations, parkour has kinda just become second nature to us. Usually we’d use Dragon contrails to traverse the falls, but traveling through treetops, even traveling from roof to roof in huge cities is something I do often. Here, I can show you.” He said.

Dom saw a nearby oak tree with some Oran Berries on it, and without breaking a sweat he jumped up into the leaves. He picked a few berries and jumped back down.

“Here, take this.” Dom said, handing Charlie a few oran berries.

He then split another Oran berry into 4 and fed it to his Pokémon who were following behind him, and also brought Krabby out who was following behind and chatting with Sliggoo.
Charlie stopped in her tracks once Dom began to talk about his draconid heritage. She listened in about his people. Charlie had remembered him mentioning something on the boat about him growing up in meteor falls. She chimed in "oh I believe I've heard something about that before. I think somebody that came to my dads gym was a draconid, if I recall correctly." She then stepped aside as Dominic aquired the oran berries with ease and tossed one to her "wow, I've been training my whole life and I doubt I could leap around like that. Maybe from tree to tree but nothing like what you just did" she looked at the oran berry for a moment and tossed it back to her 3 pokemon, Shoe caught it and immediately split it up for the 3 of them to share. "So your people adapted to the harsh terrain in meteor falls right, and thats why you can do stuff like jump around as if you were an emolga. Thats awesome!" She said with excitement once again filling her voice "you'll have to tell me more about you draconids once we battle. You've peaked my interest even more!"
"See you later, Alex." Jack waved to Alex, and Justin waved to Gwen. "Man...that guy heard all that talk about the building..." He blushed and covered his face with his hands. “I need to stop doing that…we should head to the dorms, too.” Jack started walking to the coast, and Gallade followed.

“Room 111.” The receptionist told him. Jack nodded, and headed that way. Once he reached it, noticed that the door was already unlocked, and opened it, hitting Reese square in the face. “Hello?” He called out into the room.
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Jogging on the beach towards the dorms, Alex found himself following a fresh trail left by a huge serpentine Pokemon headed in the same direction. Eventually, he actually caught up to the behemoth that seemed to have a person riding it according to his echolocation. "Hey, you're headed to the dorms right?!"
Emma had finished setting up her part of the room with Dusclops's help and gathered her Pokémon, and got back down. She passed Jack on her way down, Volcarona flew around him as she went out the door, Raboot popped out of the pokeball. She looked at a map that Dusclops remembered to grab, and went for one of the battlefields.

James had been riding on his Steelix when he heard someone calling out.

"Hold up, Steelix."

He then turned to the young man at the bottom. Steelix turned his head as well where James was sitting.

"Yes I am," James looked down at him, "James Argentston, my letter said Dorm 118."

Jason had finished his set up, and headed out to find a battlefield for training one of his Pokémon, particularly Lurantis. He and Metagross got outside and passed Emma on the way. He hopped on Metagross, and headed out towards a battlefield. He flew around the paths as he looked at the map, Aerodactyl popped out of his Pokéball and took to the skies.
As Thomas walked towards the campus, he turned his head to see someone atop a Steelix, Thomas found it cool that he wasn't the only one with a Steelix, but what really surprised him was the golden sheen it gave off; definitely a shiny. "Good lord, how many other shiny holders are there? Makes me wonder if they're not as rare as I thought." Thomas thought to himself as he began to walk over to the Steelix owner and got a Poke ball out just in case, he didn't let out the Pokemon though.

"Nice Steelix you got there!" Thomas called up at the trainer before he noticed someone walk alongside him and gave the man a smile and a nod.


Previously QueOne
After the ferry landed on the island, June got off and started towards the main building in search of her dorm. As she entered the elevator, she checked her invitation to remind herself of what her room number was. It was 107 on the third floor, apparently—she hit the corresponding button and began making her way there. Other students who had gotten to their rooms quicker were already walking through the halls in their new uniforms, which June thought looked quite nice.

Once she arrived at her room, it was clear that someone had been there before her and had already finished unpacking—her roommate, supposedly, who she would meet later. She set down her own luggage on the other bed, and, after figuring out that her uniform was waiting in the closet, changed into her new clothes.
"Definitely! The Draconids have a very unique way of battling as well, I'm sure it'll come as a surprise to you." Dom chuckled.

Dom already had a pretty solid few strategies going around in his head, almost getting lost in his thoughts for a minute. By the time they had reached the battlefield, Dom was completely lost in his thoughts. Elekid started rotating its arms violently, suddenly sending a small shock Dom's way, which snapped him out of the trance.

"Right! Alright team, listen up!" Dom said, kneeling down to his Pokemon.

He made a few hand signs and Elekid, Lycanroc, and Sliggoo seemed to understand. Krabby however seemed to be a bit confused.

"Ah, I completely forgot, Krabby, you just listen to my commands, the three of you however, you know the plan." Dom said, he then turned to Charlie, "Alright, you ready?" he asked.
Charlie and Dom were now at the battlefield, Charlie watched as Dom huddled in with his pokemon with confusion "what could you be up to..." she thought, she only caught a glimpse of handsigns, which she assumed meant nothing. Charlie looked around at her team and put both hands on her hips "okay guys its been a bit, but we'll show this draconid a good fight got it!" All 3 of the trainer's pokemon sounded off. "I'm ready when you are Dominic" she said confidently, standing at one side of the arena "I think I'll start off with Shoe, lets do this!" She swiped her hand and her Shiny breloom bounced up into the ring with confidence...
"Ah, only three? Never mind then Krabby, I want you to watch this battle, just to see how we do it around here. Anyways, we wouldn't want an unfair fight, right?" Dom said.

Krabby seemed to understand, and stood behind the trainer as he moved to the other side. Dom saw as the Shiny Breloom bounced into the ring. He handed something to Lycanroc and Sliggoo, and turned back around to face Charlie on the battlefield.

"I assumed you'd be using Breloom first, alright, Battle formation, Lycanroc!" Dom shouted.

Lycanroc jumped over Dom, obscuring the sun for a bit before landing back into the battlefield, kicking up a bit dust.

"Alright, I'm ready when you are!" Dom said confidently.


Previously Night's Shadow
“Oof!” Reese exclaimed as the door suddenly swung inward and caught her straight in the face, sending her sprawling over backwards. She rubbed her nose and sat up, blinking away the momentary fuzziness. “Oh, hey!” she said to the white-haired boy in the doorway. “Heyyyy!! Are you my new roomie? I’m Reese, by the way— my partner’s too big to fit here, but his name is Rocket. He’s a Golurk. Also got Rune the Yamask and Riot the Sigilyph but this room is pretty small, huh? Probably shouldn’t crowd the place, it’d be pretty cramped. And, and, also the door is kinda squeaky, that’s why I was down there taking a look— am I talking too much? I feel like I’m talking too much. I’ll just shut up now,” she finished finally, a wide, albeit apologetic grin splitting her previously fast-moving mouth.
Jack chuckled. "No worries. It's nice to meet you, Reese. I'm Jack. This is my partner, Justin." Jack stepped to the side, allowing his Gallade to enter and give a small wave. "Yeah, I guess this means we're roommates. We should probably start deciding who owns what in here..." He returned Justin to his ball.
Charlie shook her head"sorry krabby, I don't mean to spoil the fun for you, I'll try and catch a new teammate ater this and it'll make us even for our next match!"

Charlie lowered her sunglasses as the Lycanroc leaped over its trainer "ok I'll take the first move "Shoe, start us off with leach seed, set up time!" She commanded and her breloom listened, jumping into the air and puffing up its mouth, before shooting out several seeds at the opponent before him "if those can land I'll be able to capatalize off a particular strat of mine" she said with a bit of sass.
James looked over to the other guy that had walked over as he waited for a response from the other guy.

"Thanks, caught him on Cinnabar Island, after fishing up my Kingdra," James looked down at the person as he was sitting on the Head of the Steelix.

Emma had been traveling down the path, passing her brother and two other guys.

"Between Steelix and Kingdra, James is going to get a lot of questions." Emma whispered.

She then walked further, noting that he was very busy. Volcarona had been flying above Emma as Dusclops followed along at Emma's feet as Raboot jumped on Emma's shoulder, she had walked up towards an active battlefield, she took a seat to watch the battle that was starting. It was Charlie and Dom from Earlier when she was talking to Jack. She watched Intently, taking visual notes. Her Raboot sat on her shoulder, as Volcarona landed behind her and Dusclops sat next to her.
The leach seed landed right on Lycanroc, and drained some of it's HP.

"Heh! You won't even have time to employ any strategies. Lycanroc, you know what to do!" he shouted.

Lycanrocs demeanor changed drastically, it seemed to hunch over more and its eyes started to glow a deep scarlet hue. It suddenly lunged forward towards the Breloom with its claws ready.

"Give it everything you got, Lycanroc!" Dom yelled.
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"Wait, that's a shiny Steelix you're riding? I'm sorry, but I can't tell." Alex "looked" up in James direction, clicking to get an idea of what he was dealing with. "I'm Alexander Tempest, but just call me Alex."
Hearing someone new, Alex turned to them, white and pupil less eyes revealing themselves to the newcomer.
Charlie eyebrows lifted up, unsure of the attack being used was "Shoe! Brace yourself! She called out, her breloom was still suspended in the air, at the speed Dom's lycanroc was moving Shoe wouldn't be able to land and dodge in time. Once the pokemon got closer Charlie could recognize that move "uh oh...thats play rough!" She realized too later, the attack collided with Shoe, the lycanroc made contact. At that moment a large cartoon like dust cloud hid the both of them, once it dissapated Charlie could see the damage her partner had taken. Her breloom was still standing, but not by much. "I should have known that move, I've seen that plenty of times from gym challengers." As Shoe stood there, panting from the great battle damage he had received. Charlie thought what she should do should I recall him, actually how is Shoe even standing. That should have been enough to take him out... Charlie focused her gaze on the two pokemon, noticing a green aura around both of them. "Oh awesome, leech seed is keeping you on the verge of fainting, I'll swap you out bud" Charlie said with a softer voice than her previous statements "Bre!" Shoe growled, he didn't want to be withdrawed. He was standind and fighting "Shoe...your crazy you know!" She said with a smile on her face. Proud of her partner.

Charlie looked around at the sudden crowd, even spotting some of those that she met on the boat, with each person that stepped up to spectate Charlie's battle-loving heart fuelled with excitement. She knew what her next move was.

Charlie looked back to the battle and began her next plan of attack. She shouted out "ok buddy, go in for sky uppercut!" Charlie pointed her finger to the sky, Shoe acted on his trainer's command. The two pokemon were still close to each other from the olay rough, Shoe lunged forward and qas ready to deliver. Powerful uppercut "Shoe's made his choice, at this range it should be impossible to miss, a life orb boosted Sky uppercut!" Charlie shouted at her opponent and the crowd, revealing a secret to her pokemon. It was difficult to noticez but a purple orb had been hanging from the breloom's tail all this time. "The life orb will surely bring Shoe to fainting but the last strike from him is a hail mary!" Charlie once again shouting with pride.
While wandering the grounds, Hokori noticed a crowd building up. Curiosity bubbling and with a raised eyebrow, she soon went over to see what the fuzz was about: A battle, seemed simple. A Breloom...er, a Shiny Breloom, and a Lycanroc.

Didn't look like much special at first glance, but upon further look, Hokori couldn't help but feel some excitement build as she watched. Even from where she was, the middle of the crowd, she could feel the intensity of the friendly battle, every sweat drop seen in the crowd, the oos and aas, everything...

"A life orb...?" Unsurprisingly given her upbringing, Hokori had never heard of a Life orb was, resigning herself to looking that up later. Cor had climbed onto her head to watch, as he was intrigued and mystified by the possible movements of these...possible foes. At the same time, Dugtrio was miffed about the crowd blocking the view for the ground bound pokemon and was pouting.

Nonetheless, seeing the hail mary Sky Uppercut, Hokori let out an excited cheer, distinct from the rest of the crowd in its pitch and tone.
"Lycanroc watch out!" Dom yelled.

Lycanroc tried to dodge, but it was too late. The attack hit head on, and sent Lycanroc flying back, landing with a huge dust cloud. As the dust dissipated, Lycanroc was down on the ground, struggling to get up.

"C'mon Lycanroc! Shake it off!" Dom shouted.

Lycanroc struggled, but stood up anyways. It let out a piercing howl and then charged once again at the Breloom, ready to attack. Lycanrocs eyes began glowing again, this time an even deeper scarlet color, and lunged at the Breloom as a last ditch effort to knock out the opposing pokemon.