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Private/Closed Legends Arceus: Diamond and Pearl

Yua Yamamoto

Day 1
Location: Galaxy Hall entrance, Jubilife Village
Pokémon: Tanta the Oshawott
Trainer HP: 17/20 (bandaged)

Interactions: Kawa Ko and Kague the Eevee (Hecotoro), Yuki (ThePlayfulFox)
Mentions: Etsuko Joy (IDKWhatUserNameToDo), Benkyo Taipu (Gamingfan), Kei Fudo (DarkHydraT), Phoenix Joy (EmoKitty21), Rick (Ridge), Shiroi Chisanakiyo (kyuukestu), Tatsu (Draco Nightshade), Zisu

Two more people arrived, and one was made to do push-ups. One seemed blind and had a cute Teddiursa with him. Apparently, he got lost and was made to do push-ups anyway, and then left. He forgot his stuff, but then realized he probably wouldn't be able to write, much less read what he wrote, on a piece of paper. The girl with the Ralts arrived, but she seemed anxious and didn't seem to be wanting to talk to anyone.

Yua would go talk to her, but seeing as everybody else was leaving and going to the gates to start walking in a large group for right now... Ah, oh well, she'll drag this girl along, too.

Funnily enough though, Kawa was a bit of a jokester, his Eevee being his supportive laughing box. Yua actually giggled at his joke about the Stunky, finding it had actually tickled her funny bone. "Didn't know the Pearl Clan had a stand-up comedian in their ranks." She teased, liking this guy more and more now. He then FINALLY gave her a name and she smiled wide as if she was the happiest girl alive. Only to fall a bit sullen with a grimacing smile as he talked about the Diamond Clan. Ohhhh boy. She noticed Kawa staring at someone and looked back to see Zisu had glared at him, probably about the Diamond Clan.

"Almost." She held up one finger and turned on her heel to introduce herself to the new girl. "Hiya, what's your name? I'm Yua." She held out her hand for a handshake, her abundant happiness clear as day despite her anticipation of the clan's issues. "Nice to meet you, Ralts Girl. You seem new, so I'm going to help you out." She grinned, hoping she came out with the proper first impression this time to ease this girl into their ranks.

Meanwhile, Tanta the Oshawott stayed behind and tried patting the top of Eevee's head, probably saying something about how cute she was in her chirps.
Rick [HP: 20/20]
Day 1 - Front Gate, Jubilife Village

More recruits started gathering in front of gates, talking and getting to know each other while waiting for the escort team to arrive, as well as any other late comers. Rick, meanwhile, was starting to get a little impatient. "Enough of the chit chatting already. When will those escorts from Survey Corp come to take us to the camp?" He mumbled, still laying on the tree, while the ponyta was just grazing a few meters ahead. "If only a certain quadruped didn't have its back on fire, right?" He said louder for the equine to hear.

The ponyta spit out a small ember right next to Rick in protest, making him get up and put out the flame. "Hey! Lets not start a fire hazard here, shall we?" He shouted, before sitting down with crossed legs. "Well, since we're at it..." He said, pulling out the pokedex and a pencil. "Mind being my first research subject?" He asked to the filly, mostly rhetorically. "So... what happens if I were to drop water on those flames?" He questioned. Quite understandably, he got snorted in response.

"Fine! Let's leave that one for when we're closer to a lake." He said, scribling on the book. "Two laps around the village for me to time it, then? You can't neigh 'no' to this one, I know you like it!"
Yuki, the Ralts Girl
Day 1, Galaxy Corps. HQ
20/20 HP

Yuki looked at the girl who walked over to her. Seemed friendly. She glanced at her sister, who seemed calm enough. This Yua human seemed safe enough. She put a hand to her chest. "I Yuki." She gave Yua's hand a curious glance but didn't say anything about it. After all, it was probably a weird human thing she didn't understand. There were many weird human things she didn't understand. "How did you know me and Ralts live together in past?" Between every word, there was a pause, as if Yuki had to figure out the right word and how to say it. "And help with what? Human things? Humans have strange... uh... not know word. Not good with human tongue." Was Yuki making this weird? She had a feeling she was. However, she couldn't let that deter her, despite knowing nothing about human interaction customs. She was still curious on why Yua had her hand out like that. So weird...
Kei Fudo - Team Platinum - Jubilife Village - Galaxy Corps HQ - Day 1

Kei looked around, noticing some latecomers who had to do push-ups. She didn't really get the punishment, as she liked to work out, but it wasn't too relevant. Turning to Etsuko, the girl grinned at the commoner. "First time, huh? So you should stick close to me. I don't mind having you around, and I'm always happy to introduce people to the wonders of the world."

As Etsuko explained her skillset, the Diamond Clan member simply waved her hand. "You don't have to sell yourself. We're all rookies here, so avoidance will be our main tactic. I don't plan on getting hurt, but it never hurts to have a medic on hand. Who knows? If you do well, I might ask you to tag along more often." Kei said, smiling at the girl. "Now then, do you have any questions before we head out?"
Yua Yamamoto

Day 1
Location: Galaxy Hall entrance -> Jubilife Gate, Jubilife Village
Pokémon: Tanta the Oshawott
Trainer HP: 17/20 (bandaged)

Interactions: Yuki and Tulip the Ralts (ThePlayfulFox), Kawa Ko (Hecotoro)
Mentions: Etsuko Joy (IDKWhatUserNameToDo), Benkyo Taipu (Gamingfan), Kei Fudo (DarkHydraT), Phoenix Joy (EmoKitty21), Rick (Ridge), Shiroi Chisanakiyo (kyuukestu), Tatsu (Draco Nightshade), Zisu

What Yua wasn't expecting was for this girl to talk in their broken language. She tilted her head in curiosity. This girl had no idea of the world around, did she? Intriguing. Though, she now felt like she wasn't the best person to teach her much. She was just afraid Yuki will end up hurting herself trying to copy her. What was funny was that Yuki didn't know what a handshake was, so she just chuckled. To answer her questions, Yua tried to be as simple as she could. "It's kind of easy. I live here in this village, and I know or see most people who come here. Since I haven't seen you at all until now, I assumed you lived outside of the village. Plus, people here are scared of Pokemon. A bit weird, but people here treat Pokemon as if they're all big danger, so seeing someone with a Pokemon is hard to come by. We were just given Pokemon to protect ourselves out there, since we'll be leaving." She then grabbed Yuki's hand gently and carefully and shook it between both her hands, giving her a gracious smile and hoping Yuki didn't pull away. "This is called a handshake, one of the many ways to greet other humans. Otherwise, it's just a wave." She let go (if Yuki let her hand be manipulated) and waved to show her what it looked like. "The word you're looking for is customs. The customs of humans so you can fit better here and so you can learn what it's like being a human."

Finding wild people wasn't exactly out of the norm. She found a few in Kanto. Wild people with broken tongue and acted more feral than civil. Whatever awkwardness Yuki was feeling Yua didn't even feel. She just saw this girl needed a guide on how to be a human.

She then gestured to the others that were leaving to the gates. Not wanting Zisu to make Yuki do any pushups, she gestured for her to follow her. "These people are all alright. If you have any questions, I'm sure they can help. Come, come. Let's go before we're late." She caught up to Kawa and gave him a huge smile before lightly jogging to the entrance gate. Tanta, who had been beside Kague watching Yua talk to Yuki, ran after her trainer after gesturing with an arm wave towards Yuki to follow.
Galaxy Corps Team Platinum Day 1:

Kague couldn't help but give the Oshawott an odd look, wondering why she wasn't focused on the mission. Did the other Pokemon not understand that only Pokemon could save them from Pokemon? They needed to focus just like her partner, who was clearly just making jokes to gain their trust, genius. She gave Tanta a smug look and puffed her chest out, dusting the ground behind her with her tail.

Kawa was about to follow Yua, but he was pulled away by Zisu. He looked at the instructor, not saying a word and waiting instructions.

"Kawa, I know you have training regarding security thanks to your family and you seem dedicated to the team already. I will trust you with the leadership of the team, which means I need a full report on each of them when you return, can you handle that?"

Kawa nodded firmly, while inside he understood his new role, the lives of every member of the team now depended on him, there was no time to make friends or chitchat. "Yes ma'am." He replied sternly before turning around and moving towards the gates.

As Yua and Yuki joined him, he acknowledged them with a stern nod and then face forward, not wanting to get distracted by the suicidal girl. As he arrives to the team he raises his hand and clears his throat loudly. "Ms. Zisu has left me in charge of the team, I hope that we can work together and have a successful mission. Just in case you die, let me know beforehand who I should deliver the tragic news to, I will try and include flowers and be as polite as possible. That's all."

"Goo day!" The awkward silence left by Kawa was interrupted by the village guard, who waved at the group as he approached them, followed by two more Galaxy Corp members, "We're here to escort you!"

Platinum Team, Obsidian Fields:

"Here we are!"

After an hour or maybe more, the team arrived at the only campsite available in Obsidian Fields, the area known as Aspiration Hill. The camp wasn't that big, it had a merchant, a doctor and a couple of members of the corps crafting, resting, eating or even training with their Pokemon partner. In the center there was a small fire, which had a pot over it. Next to it was a man wearing the usual guard uniform, the red outfit with the straw hat, except he had a C implanted on the back. The man had a bushy black beard and his eyes seemed to be small compared to the rest of his big size. As soon as he spotted the team arrived, a big smile spread across his face.

"Welcome! You must be the new Team Platinum! We're the Aspiration Camp, only one so far, but we hope to make more as we explore further into these fields. Feel free to ask anybody in our team for help, even food!" He gave one look at Yua and laughed, "Or a doctor for the lil lady." He walked over to the team, taking out a map from one of his pockets and taking it out, "Now, you guys are expected to check further south of Aspiration Hills, just don't cross the river, Floaro Gardens, which is circled here and Horseshoe Plains, which is pretty big. Might take you more than a day if y'all are traveling together, I would suggest splitting up."

Kawa nodded and turned around to face the group. "The homeless man is right, we must split up if we are to cover the entire area in 23 hours."

"Homeless man?" The captain of the camp whispered while Kawa spoke.

"I've thought about this situation in case it came up while we made our way here and I believe I have made the perfect teams. For Floaro Garden, which is the smallest section, Yuki and Benkyo, you Yuki seems to know her way around the wilderness and I trust you can cover the small area quickly and safely. For Aspiration Hills, Rick and Tatsu will be team one, team two will be Kei and Etsuko, having a dedicated healer like the little pink egg Pokemon will ensure you other three will not get hurt and Kei should be able to protect most of you and can quickly run back to camp in case of an emergency. Phoenix and Shiroi you will go to Horseshoe Plains taking the norther side of it, which is the safest are and of course I made sure Shiroi feels comfortable being with a medic. Yua, you and me are taking Horseshoe plains south side, following the river, this way I can make sure you don't get into unwanted trouble." He spread out the map, each area marked with their names, "Write it down on your maps. Head back to camp once nightfall hits, gives us time to eat, make our reports, rest a few hours and head back. Questions?"


Previously Gamingfan2
Benkyo Taipu - Team Platinum - Obsidian Fieldlands - Day 1

"Whuh?" Benkyo, who was only paying half attention, looked up when he heard his name. He was admittedly more focused on the Pokemon Encyclopedia (Which was a mouthful, but he refused to refer to it otherwise), and writing down notes over his starter.
So far, he had the basics: Biology (Small, biped, fire type, etc), with some extra notes regarding weakness he found last night. A difficult task given Hi's apathy, but Benkyo noticed he tended to distance himself, if at very slow intervals, from water, so that was one.
But that aside, Benkyo apparently had a partner.
Benkyo recalled the name sometimes muttered by his clan, most often when some girl accompanied by a humanoid pokemon appeared near them. He never paid much attention to her before, since she simply vanished after a while. Surely not...
But a glance to the side proved that yes, it was that same girl, except this time with a pokemon similar to the previous one, only smaller.
They never talked, so Benkyo hardly knew what to make of this. Benkyo figured he'd make first contact, to see what he was working with, and silently waved to her, trying to communicate their partnership.
Hi, who was once again hanging out in his bag, groaned with the shift in movement.
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Rick [HP: 20/20]
Day 1 - Fieldlands Camp, Obsidian Fieldlands

Upon hearing the escort team arrive, Rick quickly raised up and stuffed his book and pencil into his beltpocket. "Ugh, finaly!" He muttered, before the group headed to the Obsidian Fields. As they arrived to the camp, there was a short briefing with the team's captain to put everyone on par about the mission's goals and the areas that would be explored. The group was then split into several smaller ones to explorer a wider area, with Rick being paired with a man named Tatsu.

Once the meeting was over, Rick stretched his arms. "'Aight! Time to do something!" He exclaimed, as he started walking off of the camp, passing by Tatsu before the man asking for him. Rick stoped to look at Tatsu, who at that point had back turned to him. "Ah yes, that's me!" Rick replied, before gesturing him to follow, still not knowing about the fact that his partner just so happened to be blind. The fact that Tatsu also seemed capable of orienting himself without any tools didn't give much reasons for Rick to suspect either.

"Nice shield by the way. I personaly prefer packing on the lighter side." Rick commented, before continuing down the slope. The ponyta, who was still behind, actualy looked at the man's white eyes and tilted her head, before running up to Rick and started pulling his trousers, though Rick assumed she was just interested in the vials. "Hey! Those are potions, not juice. And hopefully neither of us will need them." He told her.
Etsuko Joy - Team Platinum - Obsidian Highlands - Day 1
Etsuko gave a small smile to Kei as the Diamond clan girl reassured her, "Well.. Seeing that both of us are a part of the Survey Corps now, I doubt this will be the last time we're going out. We've been tasked to study pokemon after all," the pink haired girl replied and looked down at Chamomile who was happily tapping her stubby arms against Etsuko's as the young medic carried the pink pokemon, "Pi pi!"

"I don't think I have any other questions right now, no," she then said looking at Kei once again.

Together in a group escorted by the guards of Jubilife Village, Etsuko set foot onto Obsidian Fieldlands for the first time and during the walk she managed to persuade her Happiny to go and stay in her pokeball as she just simply couldn't carry her the whole day. The view was honestly beautiful, but she couldn't help but think about all of the wild pokemon inhabiting this place as well..

She turned to look at the single Pearl clan member that had joined them, apparently made the leader by Zisu. Well, if the leader of the Security Corps trusted him to take the lead, then Etsuko trusted that decision. She quietly listened to the plan of splitting up into smaller groups and was pleasantly surprised to hear that she had been paired up with Kei, someone she had at least been acquainted with.

Etsuko took out her map of the area from her bag, that was neatly folded out as she went up to the Diamond clan girl, "Aspiration hills looks to be this area here, close to the camp and just down the hill," she said pointing at the map and the surrounding area. Honestly she wasn't all too sure what she was going to be doing so she would be just content following Kei's lead.
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Kei Fudo - Team Platinum - Obsidian Highlands - Day 1

"No questions!" Kei said to Kawa, accepting the fact that a Pearl member was their leader. She didn't totally like it, but Zisu must have had a good reason to do so. Turning to Etsuko, Kei looked down at the map. Seemed like the pink-haired girl already knew how to use a map, that was nice to know. "Aspiration Hill is not a bad place to explore, I am confident enough in Mochi and myself to protect us if need be." Kei said, flexing her arm and used her free hand to hold her biceps as she grinned at Etsuko. Clearly, they had nothing to worry about.
Rick [HP: 20/20]
Day 1 - Aspiration Hill, Obsidian Fieldlands

As Rick walked down the dirt path, he was called by Tatsu and asked to slow down. "Umm... sure?" He said, with arms crossed. While Tatsu was catching up, Rick looked at him from top to bottom, untill he locked eyes on the man's footwear. "Well... I can't blame you. I tried those kind of shoes once and swore never more. They're terrible." He commented, waiting a little longer untill the man was about 10 feet away, before turning and continuing along the path.

"Just watch for those pebbles and try not to step on them. They're easy to spot, though."
~Bo Dan 'Creature' Lake...~

It was a nice afternoon. Bo was riding a giant vespiqueen. Hundreds of beedrill, and combee flew right past Bo. Butterfree, beautifly and dustox blocking out the sun. Beneath him were enough durant, spinarak and paras to cover up the grass, and a feint yelling sound. Wait. That sound is familiar? It is! And just like that Bo woke up. He looked around, sweat on his brow, and almost alone in his room he sat. On his straw bed, in pitch black darkness. No, it wasn't dark either. He pulled the nincada off his face, and looked around the room. It wasn't evening, and it certainly wasn't the time he was supposed to wake up. No.

"What was I supposed to do again?" He said staring Boa in the eyes. The bug silently stared back at him, ever so quietly staring. Never blinking as it patiently waited in Bo's arms. Bo blinked. Then the bug blinked back at him.

"Yeah, that's what I thought, let's go back to be- No! Face is not pillow" Bo said placing the bug on a pillow away from his face. Bo laid his head back down and turned his eyes away from the damnable ray of light that shined in his room. The only light that came into his room, and it placed it's self right there where Bo's eyes rested. It were almost as if a message from a higher power to wake up. A sharp pain to the back of the head would ensure Bo's trip to slumber land would not be successful.

"Are you seriously going back to sleep, ya little bastard?!" Bhang yelled as he walked into Bo's room. Grabbing the frying pan. Bo could only sit there with his hands across the back of his head and complain about it to himself. He got up and eventually ate breakfast. Slowly before getting yelled at by his brother who stated, he wasn't eating fast enough. Bo slowly walked out the door, even slower than he ate, before being shoved out the door by his brother.

"Your never gonna get anything done at a snail's pace, ya idiot!" Bhang yelled.

"You say that like that's an insult" Bo commented.

"I'm heading to town later on to continue construction, if your not there before I am, I'm seriously gonna kick your ass" Bhang said in a serious tone.

"Bug off, Bro" Bo said slowly walking away from the house.

Without uttering a word, Bhang pulled his belt off and began walking outside with the coldest facial expression you can probably think of. It didn't take long for Bo to move like a ninjask after that. Luckily for Bo, he didn't have to far to go. Town wasn't that far away. Boa sat on Bo's head and his straw hat on top of Boa.

Eventually he would make his way in town, he took his hat off, now resting on his shoulders. Boa still sitting in his hat, unseen by the commoners, as he was still tucked away in Bo's hat. Bo was supposed to meet up with Zisu. The entire time, Bo kept getting her name messed up. Zippu, zippy, Sizu, suzie, Lucy, Soupy, Zuzi. Eventually he got it right. Though admittedly Bo had hoped he woulda made a better impression, but no matter! Bo was happy to share some of his bug puns with her. Which might have looked like he hadn't taken things seriously enough.

Bo left, being told to meet up with two other people. Bo was leaving town, and that was it. No reason to stick in town. Well, he coulda swooore he saw a bug around the corner of that building. It wasn't. It was weeds, but that didn't stop him from walking around the building two times before leaving town. Oh he still had to meet up with the others, sure. but he was definitely gonna do it at his pace. Which... was still at a tolerable pace, considering he hadn't slowed down much since he left home that morning. Bo would arrive just in time to see Tatsu slip.

"Gotta pay attention, bud! Look where your going. You okay...? Oh yeah, nice to meet you. Sepu. Seeyou. Zisu sent me to come check on you guys or something. I guess I should probably introduce myself. Probably" Bo said without actually introducing himself yet. He turned and waved at Rick, and Tilted his hat back, Boa still hiding within his hat.
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Phoenix Joy - Obsidian Fields - Day 1
It was a long track for Phoenix as they made it into Obsidian Fields. He had gotten a little bored with the slow pace that was being set, and so he moved a bit further away from most. He would scout a little in the direction the group was going, and decided to pick up some of the floral and fona that littered the field. After that, Phoenix held onto Kit as they walked along the path. He was happy to note that Kit was one of the most well behaved of some of the pokemon in the group.

When they had finally made it to the camp, Phoenix had started on some of his own research on the herbs that he had found in the fields. It would seem that some of them would be good to test for things to cure pokemon and people. He had hoped to have gotten on more in the group with the others, but his time with only his mentor had caused him to be a bit on the stoic towards others. When they were told of the groups, Phoenix inwardly groaned. He was stuck with the human cocoon. A blank look on his face, Phoenix walked to teen, and gave the guy a strange look. He did not speak, he just stood there and waited for the guy to notice him. He had hoped that Sirioi was not going to be a pain to work with.
Tatsu slowly stood back up as he turned to Bo, clearly agitated. "Kinda hard to see where you're going when you're BLIND!" Pointing at his pupiless eyes, he continued. "My eyes don't WORK!"
"Teddiursa." Avani quickly started trying to calm her trainer. She knew that Tatsu got agitated with anyone that made any mention about eyesight.
Taking several deep breaths, Tatsu managed to cool off a little bit as he turned to his Pokemon. "Thanks Avani." The Teddiursa pet the back of Tatsu's hand as turned back to Bo. "I'm sorry about that." @ThAtGuY101
~Bo Bo Bo...~

Bo looked at Tatsu's milky white eyes carefully, confirming the man truly was a blind as he said he was. "Huh... I see. I'll try to remember that" Bo said making a mental note of the situation. He began scratching his hin as he watched the trainer's teddiursa move about in such a way that seemed almost bizarre, even by Bo's standards. He hadn't seen a pokémon be quite as helpful. Boa just stared at him most of the time and made loud noises when he was hungry.

Boa peeked his bug eyes out from Bo's hat and looked around at the blind man, his little bear, then at Rick before scurrying away back into the shelter of Bo's hat. "Oh, no worries. I imagine this isn't your first time dealing with this situation" Bo said.
Etsuko Joy - Team Platinum - Obsidian Highlands - Day 1
Kei's confidence in their mission was honestly quite comforting. It was infectious even as Etsuko smiled at the Diamond clan girl and gave her a firm nod, "I'll be sure to do my part as well," she said and did a small fist pump.

"Shall we get going then? I think the other group tasked to explore these hills already left," The pink haired girl turned to look around her, "I suppose it would be more efficient to go somewhere else than them if the intent is to examine the area, but what do you think Kei?" she asked, tilting her head and looking up at the other girl.

Galaxy Corps Team Platinum
Day 1

‘The North Side of Horseshoe Plains?’

Shiroi flipped through the pages of the pokémon encyclopedia, scanning over what information was available about the Horseshoe plains. His eyes flittered over the book, line after line; then, his lips quirked into an upturned grin. Horseshoe plains? EASY! What kind of pokémon live in the horseshoe plains? Eevee, Wurmple, Cascoon, Starly, Mime Jr., Bidoof...in other words...babies!

Now that didn’t mean the Plains were without danger; in bright bold letters were the words—Rapidash. An especially dangerous specimen was known to live on the plains and thankfully it was the only real danger present. Shiroi heaved a sigh of relief.

It wasn't that he wasn't worried about the Rapidash; if it showed up he'd be the first to run, but therein lied the genius of Kawa's arrangements. The other group in the Horsehoe plains included Kawa himself and...more crucially...crazy girl! Despite the few interactions he'd had with her, Shiroi could read her like a book. They say 'you won't die if you don't seek death,' but this girl was seeking death at full throttle; so, how could she possibly stop herself from provoking the Rapidash?

There was naturally no need to be afraid of Rapidash because it would be far too busy chasing the crazy girl to ever pay attention to littl' ol' him. What a great plan!

Furthermore, Kawa had paired him with...what was his name? Phoenix? Whatever his name wasn’t the more important part—the best part was...he was a medic!

What did that mean? Actually, Shiroi didn’t know what medics did outside the village, but obviously, the medic was a high-priority target for protection and that’s why they’d been given the safest area, and Kawa had even paired himself with crazy girl so they could draw any heat from the wild pokémon.

Shiroi shed a few manly tears; Kawa had put so much thought and consideration into this. What foresight! What a noble sacrifice! What a great guy!

Since the groups had been decided Shiroi needed to find his partner...or rather his partner needed to find him, since he wasn’t too mobile in his armor. Shiroi clasped his hands behind his back.—or tried to because he couldn’t reach—and schooled his expression into that of a wizened explorer. It only took a short while before someone walked up to him and Shiroi presumed it was his partner-to-be, Phoenix.

“Are you Phoenix the medic? Don’t worry, as long as I’m around I won’t let you get hurt.”
Phoenix Joy - Obsidian Fields - Day 1

Phoenix was right the teen was going to be a pain to work with. He had hoped to have gotten Yua, at least she would have been a bit exciting in the way she had moved or preachment for danger. Looking at the guy, Phoenix noticed the tears in his eyes, was this guy for real? What was he expecting when you sign up for something like this. It would seem that Shirori, was not the most stable of the group. Was this why he was paired with him? Was he supposed to watch after the naive and very week looking recruit? At least his pokemon was fiercer than he was, and that was saying something when it was a small bug pokemon.

When Shirori said he would keep him safe, Phoenix could not believe that the kid could keep his own self safe let alone someone else. The short healer was not impressed, and his face showed his displeasure. Phoenix just looked to kit, who looked to Phoenix and the two thought the same thing, they were stuck with babysitting duty. After a long pause where you could see that Phoenix was trying not just leave the guy where he was, Phoenix said. "If you are to protect me, how are you going to do that when one shot of fire from a pokemon, would have you set ablaze, and then how would you be able to get to safety after putting yourself out? No offence, but if you are going for a transformation to a better outfit, it would be better to do so now." Phoenix hoped that his words had the desired effect of getting the man to change, as he was not about to lug him around the place.
Kei Fudo - Team Platinum - Obsidian Highlands - Day 1

"Sounds good to me!" Kei said, grinning at Etsuko. "It is always best to explore as much as possible in as little time as possible and as safe as possible. We are with each other, so we are safer than if we were alone. Let's explore the area without people!" The Diamond Clan girl said, trodding downhill towards their destination. "Stick close, Etsuko! I have quite a fast walking speed."

Galaxy Corps Team Platinum
Day 1

“No need to worry yourself.” Doubters, the lot of them; they couldn't see his vision, but then again, not everyone was gifted with genius. The wisdom behind his armor would soon be revealed and its utility would be proved beyond doubt. The fact of the matter was that the naysayers had pigeon-holed themselves into only seeing the few use cases in which the armor would fail rather than the greater sum of successes. So what if it was weak to fire? It protected against poisonous barbs, blunt trauma, scything slashes, and all manner of assaults. Sure, he couldn't outrun most pokemon on the plains; but most pokemon on the plains couldn't pierce his armor. As for the pokemon who could trump his armor and who he couldn't run away from? They certainly existed, and Rapidash was a prime example, but he couldn't outrun a Rapidash anyway. Ultimately, it was better to have than not to have!

Tsk tsk, his fellows were much too short-sighted. He wasn't going to throw away a defense against 10 species of pokemon just because it failed to defend against 1 species.

"We should get going, we're on a timer after all!"

Shiroi waddled off in high spirits, eager to get the task over an done with.
Phoenix Joy - Obsidian Fields - Day 1

Phoenix shrugged as it would seem that his warning would not be heard by the other person. He wanted to do something, but he was not sure what it was. Maybe he could trick the brat into thinking something he drank would be able to help him. It would at least add some entertainment to his rather dull job at the moment. Looking after the man- child, will be a full time job.

Phoenix had started after the man, and even with his shorter legs, he was able to make it to him. While this was happening, Phoenix had a look around, and hoped to have a hill he could roll the hill like he was human bowling bowl.
Rick [HP: 20/20]
Day 1 - Aspiration Hill, Obsidian Fieldlands

"Ya know, you don't need to put yourself down like that just because you tripped on a relatively more well hidden rock." Said Rick to Tatsu, as the latter shouted that he couldn't see. Rick then continued talking. "I remember one time I was running on path just like this one, and a stupid pebble with the same color as the dirt sent me flying head-first against a second one. It all went black for a moment after that. Really makes you think how horrible life may be for those unfortunate people who are actualy born without sight, huh? Oof!"

Moments later, a second person ran towards the two. He stoped to check on Tatsu first, before waving at Rick, claiming to be sent by Zisu to meet them. Rick waved back, saying a barely audible "hi" in response. He didn't remember seeing him at the meeting back at the village, but he also wasn't paying much attention anyways, as he was more focused on the push-ups.

And then came a moment of realization. When Tatsu angrily started yelling at the newcomer about the fact that his eyes didn't work. Rick's eyes widened, and he quickly ran towards Tatsu to stare at him. "Oh.... OOOHHH!!" Rick exclaimed, taking a few steps back and pointing at Tatsu. "You're blind!" Rick stated, before turning to the ponyta. "Why you didn't tell me that?" He asked the filly, who sighed at the ignorance.

"Oh well... living and learning..." Rick muttered, rubbing his hair, before asking. "How do you even navigate without a crane or some other tool? That would give it away immediately."

Bo glanced over at Rick, half-listening to what he was talking about. Half watching the treeline in the distance in case he saw a wurmple crawn up a tree or maybe a cascoon amidst the tall grass or in a tree.

"Uh-huh. Yeah. Yeah. Pebbes. Dirt head. Yeah, horrible" Bo muttered to himself. Bo then glanced over at Rick who seemed to realize that Tatsu was didn't blind.

"Yeah, yeah. Chill out. He's blind, not deaf. So where were we going again? I forgot what Zisu said. Bo said rolling his eyes as he looked around. He didn't remember much of what Zisu said beyond telling him to meet up with the other two. He grabbed his nincada, Boa and adjusted his hat onto his head properly and began looking around the area. Boa looked around quietly, staring into the distance. But mostly feeling the cool breeze blow against his feelers.
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Galaxy Corps Team Platinum
Day 1

The Horseshoe plains weren’t terribly far from Jubilife village; it was just a quick traipse to the northernmost side of the Obsidian Fieldlands and they were there! The journey, though short, allowed Shiroi to grow more familiar with moving in his armor and while he certainly wasn’t moving quickly, he could now maintain a brisk walk...not that there was anything brisk about Shiroi’s cautious waddle.

Once they’d finally arrived, Shiroi eyed the scattered groups of pokémon before turning to Phoenix.

“We’re supposed to investigate the pokémon, so got any targets in mind?”
Yua Yamamoto

Day 1
Location: Obsidian Fields, down Aspiration Hills
Pokémon: Tanta the Oshawott
Trainer HP: 17/20 (bandaged)

Interactions: Kawa Ko (Hecotoro), Phoenix Joy (briefly; EmoKitty21)
Mentions: Yuki (ThePlayfulFox), Shiroi (kyuukestu)

It wasn't that Oshawott wasn't focused on the mission, she just didn't feel the need to right at this moment. They were still in Jubilife Village. Once they left, she regained her focus. Even though she rather detested Yua's insistence on getting herself hurt and doing something rather stupid, she wouldn't want the human to die because she wasn't there to save her. That wasn't honorable.

But damn, did this human make it difficult.

As Yua returned by Kawa's side, she noticed he had been talking to Zisu due to his location. Huh, weird. Wonder what they talked about while she was talking to Yuki. That would soon be answered when she walked with him to the entrance, noticing just how stern he was. He took duties seriously, didn't he? Apparently, he was in charge of the team, but he wanted people to let their families know beforehand about who to tell the tragic news to.

Wow, what a charmer. Was he going to give them an obituary while he was at it? Yua knew she wouldn't die but... The thought that her family would be more than upset, horror-stricken, and furious if she did something to cause her death... She hoped that wouldn't be the case.

Yua walked silently with her Oshawott, abnormally silent. She didn't want to bother anyone, and she was contemplating everything being here and on this journey with them all. She hoped they'd be partnered up, which ended up happening as they approached the camp grounds. At least there were some people here to take care of them.

And apparently they were called Team Platinum. There was no democracy in how they chose the name, why couldn't she vote it to be something else? Oh well, Platinum just sounded... Gaudy. Too much. Like they were the group. The man introduced everyone to the camp and made the atmosphere pretty open. Until she was pointed out and she gave a sheepish smile, not really liking being singled out like that. Granted, she did have bandages all over her, so it was going to be obvious she'd be singled out.

The man pulled out a map and went from one end of their area of Obsidian Fieldlands to the other. Yeah, there was a lot of land to cover. Something about splitting up, only for Kawa to call him a homeless man, making Yua giggle and hide her smile with the back of her hand, trying to disguise it as a cough to not be rude.

Apparently, Kawa had everything in the bag and had already thought about the teams. Floaro Garden had the Beautifly and Dustox she remembered, and she was honestly glad she wasn't back there, even if she wanted to go back and show them what for. As he listed off who else were going, she looked at Phoenix with an apologetic smile as he was stuck with Shiroi. Oh boy...

It was then she was paired up with Kawa, exploring the south side of Horseshoe Plains with him. She blinked a few times before smiling wide, nodding quickly and way too many times. "Yeah, yeah, we can do that! Wait..." Did he say to keep her from getting into trouble? She narrowed her eyes and gave him a challenging smirk. Only for him to continue and ask if they have any questions. She just shrugged and shook her head, then went back to staring at him with that challenging glare, arms crossed. "So, you think you're some hotshot able to keep this wild lass safe, yeah? Well, I sure do hope luck's on your side, I won't make it easy on you." She pointed to herself with a cocky smile and a fist at her hip, then giggled, a complete change in vibe. "Oh, this'll be fun! Haven't been to Horseshoe Plains yet! Come on, Leader-Man, let's go!" She went to snatch his wrist in her grasp and almost dragged him (if he didn't dodge it) down Aspiration Hill and towards Horseshoe Plains before letting him go once he matched her pace (and if he allowed it in the first place), wanting to beat noon by getting there as soon as possible.

Oshawott didn't expect Yua to be so playful. She only got to know her for a few days, but seeing that was rather refreshing. She just ran after her trainer, her eyes carefully scanning the Pokemon nearby before realizing they weren't aggressive at all. Well, Starly were terrified of them, and Bidoof were too laidback to care. It was the Shinx they had to be careful of.

They both wondered what other kinds of Pokemon were there at that area of the Horseshoe Plains.

Oh, and she forgot to tell Kawa about the people he should tell if she did die. Oh well.
Etsuko Joy - Team Platinum - Obsidian Highlands - Aspiration Hills - Day 1
Etsuko folded up her map quick and lightly jogged to catch up with Kei quickly, "A-alright," she said and walked together with the diamond over to the east area of the Aspiration hills. Starlys were startled and flew away and some Shinx running far up ahead on the hills. Up ahead there were a collection of trees and bushes.

Etsuko stuck close to Kei, but took note of the trees with apricots and other that looked to have berries on them. For now though the pink haired girl just stuck with her assigned partner. After all it could be quite unwise to rush off by herself.
Galaxy Corps Team Platinum Day 1:

Kawa didn't react to Yua's challenge or her pulling him away towards the field, in fact her guiding gave him time to try and come up with a back up plan in case Yua did throw herself into danger. His reputation would be completely ruined if she were to die on the first day, how would he be expected to protect the head of his clan if he couldn't defend some random girl? Yua was the perfect learning experience actually, since Iria would never be so reckless.

At the same time Kague groaned and ran after the two individuals, staying next to Kawa the whole time and keeping herself hidden from the view of the Oshawott. She knew this expedition was important to Kawa, though she didn't know why, not losing their partners would do much damage, would actually let Kawa work more efficiently, since all he needed was his trusty Eevee next to him to overcome any obstacle.

"Do you plan on holding on to me the entire time?" Kawa finally spoke up, he needed to determine his limitations in mobility before he made any plans, "We need to establish how we're going to work. Since it seems you are looking forward to getting in danger, then I should prepare for it. Kague, check that tree!"

Eevee's personality shifted into a focused and serious one, charging straight towards the tree that Ka had pointed to and ramming into it with her shoulder. The tree shook and two Oran Berries fell from it, but something else came down also.

"Burmy!" The three green leafed cloaked Pokemon shouted as they landed on the ground, forcing Kague to jump a step back. They stood in front of the Oran Berries, clearly angry that somebody had just attempted to snatched their lunch.

Kawa took a step forward, as if he had joined the battle along with his Eevee. "This one wasn't registered I believe, I trust your Pokemon can help out?" He looked over his shoulder towards Yua, "If not, just don't get in the way."

"Attack them all at once!" Ka called out, moving his hand forward as if he was the one launching the attack.

Kague stood her ground, her tail puffing up as a white glow enveloped her body and shiny small stars began flying towards the three bug Pokemon. However, the attack did nothing, as some sort of invisible barrier appeared in front of the targets, stopping the Swift attack from hitting them.
Rolling his eyes, Tatsu explained. "For one thing; do to my eyes being defective my other senses are strengthened to compensate. For example: I'm pretty sure you heard my clicking, I'm using echolocation to map my surroundings. Also, unless I'm mistaken, I can smell the potions in your pant pocket."
Turning back to Bo, Tatsu introduced himself. "The name's Tatsu, this is my partner Avani. I don't believe I actually caught your name, but can you please grab that fallen branch from beneath the apricorn tree over there for me?"

With a monotone expression, Bo looked at over at Tatsu, and sighed before sliding his feet over to the tree with the fallen branch, "catch" Bo said before tossing the branch at Tatsu.

Bo grabbed an apricorn and kept it for or himself. He turned, "Oh yeah. Bo Dan Lake. My friends call me creature, but I don't know y'all well so you can just call me Bo. This lil guy is Boa. Don't be rude Boa, say hi" Bo said gently shaking his nincada up and down. The bug began to flutter its wings, making a buzzing noise.

"I wonder how the others are doing" Bo said as he began walking off to search the area. Possibly to see any wild pokémon in the area or discover why they were out there. He climbed atop a small boulder to get a decent vantage point looking down the hill.
Deftly catching the long branch, Tatsu immediately began inspecting it through touch and smell, snapping off any unnecessary bits after determining it had yet to start rotting and was just dry. As soon as he was satisfied, Tatsu placed an end into the ground and started walking with it in hand. Turning back to Bo, he simply said. "Thank you. Alright Rick, I'm ready when you are."
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Kei Fudo - Team Platinum - Obsidian Highlands - Aspiration Hills - Day 1

Kei whistled a tune as she wandered around the Aspiration hills. It felt nice to be outside of Jubilife Village and in the fresh air. Turning to Etsuko, Kei grinned as she spoke up. "We're gonna be here for a whole day, so let's gather resources. We need food, a way to get clean water and a fire. Got all of that?" The Diamond Clan member asked.
Rick [HP: 20/20]
Day 1 - Aspiration Hill, Obsidian Fieldlands

Tatsu explained how he perceived the world, and Rick's eyes widened when he saw the man grabing a branch thrown at him without trouble. "Damn, he's actualy pretty good." Rick muttered. Then the newcomer finaly introduced himself and the small bug pokémon that accompanied him. "Very well. I'm Rick. And this is..." Rick turned to where the ponyta was, but then realized the filly had already run down the hill. "Well... that is a ponyta. I guess I should give her a proper name, but at this rate I'll be lucky if I don't lose her..." He said, scratching his forehead.

Tatsu, after finishing inspecting the branch, turned in Rick's direction and let him know he was ready to continue. "Alright, then. Good news for you is that the uneven terrain ends a few meters ahead." He told Tatsu. "Well... the worst of it, at least. They call it Hill for a reason." He added, before continuing down the path. The ponyta was trotting and hopping left and right, but fortunately for Rick, she actualy waited for them rather than deciding to play tag again.

Rick glanced his surroundings, crossing his arms before speaking to Tatsu. "Well, you're not missing much, to be honest. All I'm seeing so far is bidoofs and starlys, and those are common sight even at the village. I'd be surprised if those species aren't catalogued by now. That being said..." He paused, pulling out his pokedex and pencil. "... I'm afraid showing up to Zisu without a single page filled would be 50 more push-ups, so... lets just act as if they never existed until now, I guess." He said, before looking at Bo, who was watching atop a boulder. "Unless he finds something more unique, that would actualy be great."
"Good to know." Tatsu made his way to Rick with silent footsteps and an occasional click. As he got closer to Rick, Tatsu caught a whiff of something sweet in the air and walked right past him. The scent leading him to a berry tree. SNIFF SNIFF
"You seeing what I'm smelling Avani?" While he asked his Teddiursa, the Pokemon climbed on top of his head in an attempt to reach an oran berry from a lower branch directly above the duo. "Teddiiii!" Sensing Avani's frustration at being unable to grab a single berry no matter how far she tried reach, Tatsu remembered there was a small piece of wood that felt like a small claw or hook near the top of his now hiking staff. Reaching up with it, he moved his staff around until he felt it hook on to the branch above them and gently pulled it down. "Teddiursa!" With the berries now within reach, Avani immediately started picking the ripest ones and placing them in a small bag she had with her. This went on until she filled the bag with at least three or four individual berries. "You done now Avani?" Saluting her trainer, Avani promptly answered. "Ted, di!" With Avani having climbed down from the branch and back onto his head, Tatsu released the tension and unhooked his staff before planting it back into the ground and petting the Teddiursa's head. "Good job Avani." What the duo failed to realize however, was they were being watched from within a nearby bush by a wild Shinx. The Pokemon was fairly curious about them while eyeing the bag full of berries hungrily and thought she could sneak up on them undetected. She would soon find out that was not the case as Tatsu's head snapped to her direction, startling the electric feline. "Hello there."
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~Bo Bo Bo...~

Pokémon far and wide. Tall grass and trees too. Occasional pokemon flying above. A wurmple or two. A shinx in the distance. Bo coulda swore he saw a ponyta but it was too far away to tell. Bo still had no clue what he was doing.

"Damn you Zisu, ya coulda been a little more clear with your Instructions" Bo muttered to himself. Bo had half a nerve to go off and go look at the wurmple up close. Assuming he could approach them carefully enough to avoid startling them.

"Don't need to do pushups. If She tells you to, just tell her where she can stick those pushups" Bo said commenting on Rick's pushups comment. Bo didn't think he'd tell her that, but he assumed it would be hilarious if he did.

"Berries...? Err.... I'll pass on that." Bo said before watching the shinx Tetsu was approaching. Bo had half a nerve to show no mercy and by that, Bo was gonna have Boa spam mud slap on it and resist and any all electric attacks. Though for some reason, the boy thought he'd say hello to the wild pokémon. It didn't seem like a great idea, but Bo wanted to see what would happen next. He chuckled and slid down the boulder, hiding in the grass. If something bad happened, they weren't far from town, so everything would be fine.
Yua Yamamoto

Day 1
Location: Obsidian Fields, down Aspiration Hills
Pokémon: Tanta the Oshawott
Trainer HP: 17/20 (bandaged)

Interactions: Kawa Ko (Hecotoro)
Mentions: N/A

Kawa was being so compliant that Yua had actually forgotten to let go as soon as they got down Aspiration Hills. So when he asked if she was going to hold onto him, her cheeks dusted pink and she immediately unlatched her hand from his wrist. "Ahh, hahah, sorry. Got excited and couldn't wait." She held up her hands in a sort of sheepish surrender. It was then he tried to make some kind of game plan, but before she was able to, he ordered his Eevee to attack a tree.

Okay, she was pretty impulsive, but that was a bit too quick. She didn't even get the time to say anything!

Tanta stood beside Yua, her scalchop brandished as she watched the tree with a distrusting glare. It was then that some kind of black leaf-cloaked worm fell out of the tree. It was weirdly spindly. What even was that? Yua tilted her head at it, and watched as Kague and Kawa tried attacking it. What even is it? Kawa asked if Yua was able to help out and she nodded, a smile on her face.

It was then that Kawa said to attack all at once, but as Yua yelled out her command to use Aqua Jet, her Oshawott stood still. What??? "Aqua Jet, Tanta. Come on!" Yua whined. It was when she looked at the Burmy as Kague attacked it with a strange star attack did she realize the attack would have done nothing. What was that shield? Was it... protecting itself? Was that what Zisu called Protect?

"We can't attack all at once if it's got this shield. We'll have to stagger our attacks. I don't want to test if brute strength will bust through it." She called out to Kawa. She then smirked, getting an idea. She crouched low, so only Tanta could hear. "Fake it out with a close-call Aqua Jet."

The Tanta grinned. FINALLY, her trainer was making SENSE!! She cheered and clapped for her, as if celebrating how not-dumb her partner was before she cloaked herself in water and charged. The Burmy's leaves shifted and that shield shimmered to life again, only for Tanta to avoid hitting the Burmy and flew to the side, landing on the ground as she grinned at the Burmy. The close proximity of the damaging water had caused the shield to shimmer just slightly, water droplets resting on the shield before they began to fall to the ground floor in a slow wave down when the shield likely disappeared. The Burmy panicked. "Now, Kawa!" She yelled excitedly, feeling happy that her Oshawott actually listened for once and they were going to beat their first Pokemon.
The female Shinx tripped backwards, surprised it had been spotted. This state didn't last long however and she quickly took on a fighting stance. Aiming for Tatsu's center mass, the electric type launched a Quick Attack.
"Good thing I have a shield, right Avani?" As Tatsu talked to his Teddiursa, the Shinx shakily got back to her feet, wondering where the shield came from. Somehow she failed to notice the item in this human's left hand on top of underestimating his reaction speed. Pulling out an empty PokeBall from his bag, Tatsu tossed up it into the air and Avani smacked it straight at the dazed Shinx. The Pokemon disappeared in a flash of light as the ball closed and started shaking; once, twice, thrice... Poof! The Pokemon was successfully caught. Retrieving the PokeBall, Tatsu spoke aloud. "Alright, let's formally introduce ourselves to our new friend. Come on out Shinx!" Letting the feline back outside, she shook her head back and forth to rid herself of the dizziness that she gained prior to being caught. Tatsu knelt down and placed his staff on the ground before slowly reaching out to her with an Oran berry in hand. "Shhh, it's alright. Here's a berry for you." Having steadied herself, the Shinx warily sniffed at the berry in her new trainer's hand. Ultimately deciding there was nothing strange about it, she gratefully accepted the fruit. Tatsu smiled at his new Pokemon and introduced himself. "I'm Tatsu and this is Avani. I hope you don't mind me calling you Storm." Hearing the name 'Storm', and having finished the berry, the blue feline purred and pushed her head against Tatsu, before Avani climbed down from his back and properly introduced herself to their new friend.
Kawa nodded and followed along with Yua's plan. Kague seemed on the same page preparing her attack even before Kawa called out, "Hit them all!".

The Eevee sent another volley of stars towards the bugs huddling together for protection. The Swift attack hit all three, sending them flying back up against the tree. The Burmy in a desperate attempt all shot a long line of web, using String Shot on Ka and Kague, covering them both in a thick thread. Fearing the little water demon though, they scurried up into the safety of the tree, using String Shot to pull themselves up.

Kawa stood there trying to remove the sticky web, but it just stuck to his hands. "I think we won."

Despite the messy situation, Eevee chirped loudly and proudly, enjoying her first victory which she won all on her own with no help at all.

Kawa gritted his teeth, annoyed and removed his shirt, tossing it on the ground and trying to remove the web from it. "Make sure they don't attack again." He told Yua as he focused on removing the sticky substance.