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Private/Closed Legends Arceus: Diamond and Pearl

Etsuko Joy - Team Platinum - Obsidian Fieldlands - Aspiration Hills - Day 1
Etsuko ran her fingers through her bangs after Kei ruffled it, to try and sort it out even though the rest of her hair was still a bit of a mess. "Yeah let's continue.. We also need to remember to note down information about pokemon we see," Etsuko noted

The girls continued to forage the trees, but many of them didn't have any edible berries on them and the few that they found they then later ate to be able to keep going. They did save a couple of Oran berries to use if need be. Finding a spot to sit at, Etsuko took some time to note down some information she gathered about the pokemon so far.

Wurmple - Can spit out sticky silk if it feels threatened. Tends to roam around areas with trees.

Starly - Birds that tend to stick together in small flocks. Flee quite easily if provoked. Their chirps are quite noisy.

Bidoof - Very docile and don't seem to be too bright. There have been incidents of Bidoof gnawing on wooden supports of houses in the village.

Happiny - Very eager to help and care for others. Likes to carry a rock in her pouch. I wonder why?

Shinx - Seems to like to play with each other by biting and battling one another. Its body seems to tense up before sending an electric attack against its foe.

Along these blurbs there were also drawings of the pokemon described beside them. Seeing that they had time, Etsuko managed to draw quite detailed and accurate drawings of them. The Hills had proven to be decently peaceful, but the two girls still kept up their guards just in case. Chamomile had popped out of her pokeball even and was playing with the rock in her pouch happily. It was quite a cute sight to behold. Etsuko was cleaning up the drawing she made of Wurmple


Hours seemed to roll by with Etsuko also noting down information she knew about berries they'd found so far. She wasn't too sure if this was what she imagined doing when joining Galaxy hall, but so far things had been relatively good. She did wonder how the other groups were.

"How do you think the others are doing?" Etsuko asked Kei and looked up from her book at the Diamond clan girl.
Yua Yamamoto

Day 1, 5pm
Location: Horseshoe Plains, Obsidian Fieldlands
Pokémon: Tanta the Oshawott
Trainer HP: 15/20
: Bandaged (Wounds are covered and are healing properly);

Interactions: Kawa Ko and Kague the Eevee (Hecotoro)
Mentions: N/A

Yua was woken up by something really rough and hard digging into her shoulder. She groaned, her face scowling for a moment before opening her eyes to see Kawa looking at her with a stick in his hand. She was curled up on the ground, Tanta resting peacefully against her belly. She groaned again, then stretched, then looked up to see the sun was descending rather quickly. Her body didn't feel as tired and she didn't have that migraine anymore. Sighing, she sat up, gently shaking the Oshawott awake by her shoulder, who immediately stood up and looked about, ready to fight when she realized there was no danger.

Looking over at the apple slices, Yua grinned up at Kawa, while Tanta walked over to grab the apple slices and bring them back to Yua. "Thanks, Kawa. Tanta." She petted the Oshawott's head, getting a bashful chuckling noise as she took half of what Oshawott had and began eating. "Mhm, I have a mess kit at home, I just forgot it this time. I'll make sure to bring it with me when we come back out here again." She said in between eating, so she didn't gross out Kawa. Hearing their plan, she nodded happily, wiping away her hands and standing back up, Oshawott getting done with her snack.

"Yup. Though uh... Be careful of Drifloon." She chuckled, rubbing her biceps where she felt the string dig in earlier this morning. "They will try to fly away with you and all the horror stories I heard of from my mother about them could be true if they're able to fly away with you... Like uh... I heard from my mom they take kids to hell by disguising themselves as... Whatever they're called... Thought it was some scary story to keep me from exploring outside at night..." She looked away, chuckling nervously as she scratched the back of her head. Showing fear - or even trepidation - like this was hard, but having it come out so easily just showed how much she trusted Kawa.

"Oh, I forgot to write down stuff about Psyduck... I can write and walk." She pulled out her notebook. Her handwriting was pretty legible... For chicken scratch. But her drawings were pretty damn good for someone who was basing them off of memory and only drew them in under three minutes for each drawing. She drew a Psyduck rather quickly before going to write down "docile until provoked, uses psychic energy, Water/Psychic?, lives near water". She even wrote down Psychic as a list of types she recalled.

"Hey, Kawa." She started, putting away her notebook and pencil. "What types do you know? Like, there's the obvious Fire, Water, Grass, and Electric. And Normal, I think. But are there anymore than that? Or are we supposed to figure that out as we go along? Would Professor Laventon know about types so we can use him as a cheat sheet?" She chuckled, being rather cheeky with her last question and it was said in a tone that it was a joke, which made Tanta roll her eyes before focusing on the place around her.
Team Platinum, Day One, Soon to be sunset.

"Types? Well I know some can move really fast, some are really strong, some have special powers and some have natural powers." Ka shook his head a bit, "No cheating, it's dishonorable."

He called over Kague, who skipped over to her partner's side with a puffed up chest and head held high. After hearing about the demons known as Drifloon, he felt they needed to try and avoid being out in the dark too long. If they were to research such creatures, best be close to the camp in case of an emergency. "Let's move along."

Obsidian Camp, sunset.

"Bring it over here quickly!" A blue haired Galaxy Corps member called out, guiding a pair of guards towards the medical tent. "We have to act fast, Pokemon aren't used to being treated by us."

Inside the medical tent was a small bed, were one of the guards set down a Shinx. The Pokemon seemed to be injured, it's front paw swollen and the Pokemon moaning and squirming while the two guards tried to keep it down. "Yauch!" One of them called out, as a spark from the Pokemon's fur shocked his finger.

"Keep it down!" The blue haired woman called out once again as she began to mix different ingredients into a bowl. "I need to apply this medicine but I can't have it moving too much!"

The captain of the Obsidian Camp stood outside, hearing the commotion going on inside the Medical Tent. He had a broad smile on his face, glad to see people willing to go out of their way to help injured Pokemon. He was outside with the camp's merchant, helping set up supplies for the next day, when the comment he heard changed everything.

"That's weird, things are awfully quiet huh? Usually the Pokemon get really loud around this hour." The merchant said while putting some berries into a bag.

The Captain's smile faded away. It was true, the area around the camp had gone extremely silent. The only thing that could be heard were two things, the loud cries of pain coming from the Shinx in the Medical Tent and the Captain's heart beating against his chest, each second louder.
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Kei Fudo - Team Platinum - Aspiration Hills - Day 1

"Hmmm, probably not too much worse than us, I'd say." Kei said, writing notes on her own experiences. Namely, how the Pokémon behaved during the weather they had today. The only big difference in behavior she saw today was among Wurmple, and that was because Etsuko scared one. "I mean, there is a reason why Jubilife Village is erected in this area. It is quite safe, unless someone would try and provoke a Shinx or something." The Diamond Clan girl said, finishing up her notes as she scratched Mochi behind her eyes before throwing another branch on the fire.


Kei Fudo - Team Platinum - Aspiration Hills - Day 1, sunset.

"19! 20! 21! 22!"

The quiet of the late evening was disturbed by Kei's loud voice, who was busy training as she was doing squats. Most people would take the time to prepare for bed, but Kei was more occupied with making the most out of every single waking moment. Still, maybe she should be a bit more considerate towards Etsuko, who possibly did not appreciate the shouting this late.
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Yua Yamamoto

Day 1, 5pm
Location: Horseshoe Plains, Obsidian Fieldlands
Pokémon: Tanta the Oshawott
Trainer HP: 15/20
: Bandaged (Wounds are covered and are healing properly);

Interactions: Kawa Ko and Kague the Eevee (Hecotoro)
Mentions: N/A

"Ugh, not what I meant." She rolled her eyes as he gave... Battle capabilities, not actual typing. When he said no cheating, she sighed and crossed her arms. "Well, fine then. I won't." She nodded, staying close to him as they moved a bit closer to the path that led up to the camp.

As they passed by some grass, there was a Pokemon watching them. Crouched low as he eyed the two large creatures and Pokemon. Pokemon weren't meant to belong to these creatures. They were horrible. The brown fox's dark eyes glared at the one with the Eevee by his side. She seemed so proud, but didn't she know she shouldn't be near them? What was she doing??? Did she know that was practically a death sentence? Puffy brown tail wagging, he got ready before he charged at Kague from behind, jumping overhead to bite her fluffy collar with his teeth and attempt to pull her away from the humans.

Tanta noticed immediately and shouted, with Yua turning and staring at the strange sight. "What the-...."
Rick [HP: 12/20]
Day 1 - Aspiration Hill, Obsidian Fieldlands

"Yeah, that one." Rick confirmed to Tatsu. "But let's not give him too much attention, honestly." He added after getting up. Soon after, a Staravia perched in the branch right next to the Starly. "Huh. Perched side by side like that they almost look like mother and child." Rick commented. He then noticed that the Staravia didn't seem very happy. The bird hunched and spread its wings, as it prepared to take off. "Ah, shit! It is the mother." He said, before the Staravia darted towards him. "Gotta go! See you later!" Rick said to Tatsu. "Leg it!" He shouted, as he started running away. Too bad he wouldn't outrun the bird anytime soon.

"Your son started it, now piss off!" Rick yelled at the Staravia, as he covered his head with his arms from the bird's successive pecks and wing slaps. He eventualy rolled to the side, giving himself an opening to slam the bird with his arm and sending it back a few feet, though not knocking it down. The Staravia recovered and stired up a Gust at Rick, knocking it back. Meanwhile, the ponyta had returned, with a rawst berry in her mouth. She soon noticed the little predicament her human got himself into, so she ran towards him to try and solve the problem. As the Staravia prepared to dart at Rick again, the ponyta dipped her neck and fired off a small flame from her mane at the bird, shooting it off the air. The filly followed up with a Quick Attack as the Staravia was getting up, knocking it back a second time.

At that point, the Staravia decided it had taken enough, and flew back to the tree where the Starly was. The ponyta snorted, before turning and walking towards Rick. He stared at her for brief moments before speaking. "Well... thanks! You're right on schedule. I would pet you, but... lets just leave it at that." He said. The ponyta then dropped the berry in front of him, nudging it so it rolled closer. "For me?" Rick asked, to which the ponyta nodded. "All that trouble for a berry? Well, I guess it will have to sufice." He said, before taking a bite... and immediately making a grimace at the bitter taste. "Yack! They call this food? I've took medicine that tastes better than this! What the fuck?!" He complained. The ponyta sighed. She grabbed the berry in her mouth and started squeezing the juice into Rick's burnt hand. If his hand was hurting, now it felt like he was putting it in boiling water.

"FUUU...!!" Rick shouted. So loud that it even scared away a few pokemon nearby. The ponyta frowned with disapointment. She knew pokémon would eat these berries to recover from burns, so she expected it to work on humans as well. Then again, Rick didn't really consume it, so it wouldn't have great effect anyways. "You know what's really gonna heal this burn? A nice and confy bed, like the ones they have at the camp." Rick told her, as he got back up. He then looked up to see the Starly and Staravia on top of the tree, still glaring at him. "Hey! Just to show you I'm a nice person, you can have that berry. You are welcome!" He said to the birds, before starting to walk away. "Shall we?" He said to the ponyta, who nodded before following.
Team Platinum, Day One, Soon to be sunset.

"Kague, on guard!"

Kawa instantly shouted as he heard Tanta, but Kague had already fallen victim. She cried out as she rolled over on her back, using her weight to try and keep the kidnapper from grabbing her. Kawa wasn't going to let his partner be attacked, he aimed at the wild Eevee and launched a kick, swinging his leg back as much as possible and swinging forward with all his might.
Having been completely ignored by the attacking Staravia, Tatsu sighed and turned to the bird Pokemon on their perch. "I apologize on behalf of my friend. Have some Oran berries." Placing his last two Oran berries at the base of the tree, Tatsu made his way back after Rick, collecting some apricorns on the way. "Hey Rick, can you tell me what else is required to craft PokeBalls? I'm not confident I can craft them myself so I thought I could collect the raw materials and trade for the finished product."
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Yua Yamamoto

Day 1, 5pm
Location: Horseshoe Plains, Obsidian Fieldlands
Pokémon: Tanta the Oshawott
Trainer HP: 15/20
: Bandaged (Wounds are covered and are healing properly);

Interactions: Kawa Ko and Kague the Eevee (Hecotoro)
Mentions: N/A

The Eevee had a good grip on her collar, but upon spying the human coming in with a leg, he growled and hopped towards the incoming leg, paws out to grab onto him and bite down hard on his shin if he didn't do anything about it.

Yua was unsure of what to do. Her hand went to her pockets and she felt the PokeBalls she was given. Considering she hadn't seen heads (but a tail) of an Eevee around here and assuming they were rather rare, maybe she should get one. Noticing that the Eevee had tried to grab Kague in the most painless way possible, it would seem to her that this Eevee was trying to help. But that was still no excuse.

Tanta growled and became cloaked in water, charging at the Eevee. If Kawa moved his leg, he'd get hit or Tanta would miss her target. If Kawa kept it still once Tanta used Aqua Jet, then the Eevee would be tackled off.
Team Platinum, Day One, Soon to be sunset.

Without having time to stop his kick, Kawa gritted his teeth as the Aqua Jet hit his leg, causing Ka to fall to his knees. Upon seeing the situation, Kague pushed the wild Eevee of her and jumped to her feet. She showed her fangs at the wild Pokemon, ready to jump into action.

However, that action came from somewhere else. A loud hissing noise broke into the scene as a Glameow charged at the group, its claws glowing and growing in size as it began swiping at them. Fearing the worst, Kawa reached and grabbed Yua's wrist, trying to pull her down to avoid the incoming Fury Swipes.
Yua Yamamoto

Day 1, 5pm
Location: Horseshoe Plains, Obsidian Fieldlands
Pokémon: Tanta the Oshawott
Trainer HP: 15/20
: Bandaged (Wounds are covered and are healing properly);

Interactions: Kawa Ko and Kague the Eevee (Hecotoro)
Mentions: N/A

Tanta realized the too late the leg had continued. The water attack dissipated, but it didn't dissipate fast enough so it caused some serious bruising on Kawa's leg. The Eevee had hopped off, going back to Kague, only to be pushed away and then growled at. He looked at her confused, head tilting. Why was she defending them??? He tried to reason with her, yowling back about how the humans were horrible and she shouldn't be with them lest their species die off from them gathering their furs.

His ears perked up upon hearing the hiss and he looked over to see the Glameow. Even Tanta glared at the Glameow, her scalchop in hand. Yua, who was about to help Kawa up from being smashed into by Tanta, was suddenly grabbed by her wrist and pulled down, which helped to avoid the Glameow's Fury Swipes.

Thinking the Glameow was going to hurt Kague, the Eevee stood between the Glameow and Kague, growling as every hair on his body stood on end. Tanta thought this behavior was odd, but decided to focus on the Glameow instead. She charged, her scalchop glowing with dark energy as she slashed at the Glameow, ready to block and deflect the Glameow's Fury Swipes or any other attack it may throw at her while she attacked.
The Glameow's Fury Swipes clashes with Tanta's attack, causing the feline Pokemon to bounce back. The Glameow looked upset, but it didn't seem to want to back down. It grew out its claws once more, getting ready to strike, arching its back and then lunging forward.

"Kague, attack!"

Kague jumped over the wild Eevee and created a Swift attack, sending bright stars directly at the Glameow, hitting it directly and making it fall on its back. Kague wasn't done yet though, she then aimed her Swift attack the wild Eevee, as a warning to step away from her team, yes even Tanta.
Yua Yamamoto

Day 1, 5pm
Location: Horseshoe Plains, Obsidian Fieldlands
Pokémon: Tanta the Oshawott; Eevee
Trainer HP: 15/20
: Bandaged (Wounds are covered and are healing properly);

Interactions: Kawa Ko, Kague the Eevee, wild Glameow (Hecotoro)
Mentions: N/A

Tanta growled, watching the Glameow get ready, only for Kague to interrupt their stand-off by firing off a Swift at the cat. Tanta relaxed a bit, looking back at the Eevee, who was hit by the Swift and knocked back a bit. He yowled in pain, glaring at the female Eevee. Why? It was all just so confusing! No Eevee should ever be caught by a human! It was against their nature.

Not taking his eyes off her, his body was crouched low, ready to either run off or somehow get Kague away and get her back from being brainwashed. He was about to charge, only for Tanta to cloak herself in water and charge, hitting the Eevee this time with Aqua Jet. The Eevee yowled and landed unsteadily on the ground, glaring at the Pokemon who interrupted his attack. Tanta yelled at the wild Pokemon, saying something to the extent of how humans may be dumb, but they weren't all bad. Fully considering this Oshawott as either a sympathizer or one also affected by the brainwashing, his body cloaked bright with light before charging with a Quick Attack.

Thinking quickly, Yua stood up, throwing the PokeBall with all she had.

Then a PokeBall hit him on the head, forcing him inside and it was all dark. He struggled, and it felt like it was an endless battle. He could just feel the damned confines about to break, but trying to save Kague and getting hit by not only a Swift, but an Aqua Jet as well, had him too weak to fully break out, and the last light of freedom finally snapped closed as he took a moment to breathe. He was trapped.

In direct contrast to the Eevee's struggle, the rock embedded within the top of the PokeBall popped into the air and exploded in a sort of odd firework display, showing he was caught.

Yua sighed in relief. She didn't think it was a bad idea to have another Eevee around, but she also knew training him was going to be a pain in the ass. She looked back at the Glameow, grinning. Running from Kawa, she waved her hands in the air to get the cat's attention away from the Pokemon. "Hey, catty-ass, think you can stop me?" She was fully prepared to dodge, not wanting to take those nasty claws lightly. This was so Kague and Tanta could have a sort of a breather before going to battle this thing.
The Glameow meowed loudly, clearly angry at the taunting done by Yua. Meanwhile Kawa was actually surprised Yua managed to capture the Eevee. He felt doing the same would make it look like he was trying to copy her, so he decided to just try and defeat it.

"Kague, keep up the offense!"

Kague nodded and took aim at the Glameow, who was too focused on Yua. This time, she thought of trying out a former tactic. She turned to face Tanta and began using Helping Hand, powering up the water Pokemon.
Yua Yamamoto

Day 1, 5pm
Location: Horseshoe Plains, Obsidian Fieldlands
Pokémon: Tanta the Oshawott; Eevee
Trainer HP: 15/20
: Bandaged (Wounds are covered and are healing properly);

Interactions: Kawa Ko, Kague the Eevee, wild Glameow (Hecotoro)
Mentions: N/A

The fact she caught an Eevee was something she'll celebrate later. She was a bit too focused on the Glameow to really let the weight of what she did settle in. Though, having another strong Pokemon with the might be a good idea. And she didn't know if Glameow were common here. If they weren't then it would be a good idea to catch this one to learn about them far more.

While Kague used Helping Hand, Yua grinned at Kawa, not wanting him to just have one Pokemon while she had two. "Awww, don't want to catch this one? But having more helpers will make more dangerous threats less daunting to go against. Pretty sure Kague can appreciate the help. What if we were to go against one of those really huge and dangerous Pokemon? Tanta, Aqua Jet!" She pointed to the Glameow, full of excitement.

Tanta breathed deeply and grinned as the energy surged through her, her water covering her body before charging at the Glameow, practically becoming a blue blur. "It should be weak enough, you can catch it now, if you want." That is, if Tanta hit.
The Glameow was half way its leap towards Yua, but a blue blur smashed into it, sending it crashing to the ground. Kawa listened to Yua and then looked at the Glameow on the ground. She had a point, plus that Pokemon managed to sneak up on them without Kawa noticing, it definitely had some skills. For now, it was a good idea.

"Right." Kawa said while taking a PokeBall from his bag and throwing it at the Glameow.

The sphere hit the defeated Pokemon, opening up to bring it inside and then shaking a few times before confirming capture. Kawa hopped over to the PokeBall on one foot and picked it up, "We will decide our partnership later " he said before putting it away.

Kague's jaw dropped, how dare did Yua convince Kawa of doing such thing! The Eevee glared at Yua, suspicious that the crazy female human was skimming to replace her with the stinky Glameow.

"Another dangerous encounter..." Kawa looked over at Yua, "We need to get back to camp. Things are getting too dangerous."
Rick [HP: 12/20]
Day 1 - Aspiration Hill, Obsidian Fieldlands

As Rick was walking back to camp, Tatsu called him asking about the materials to craft pokeballs. "Umm... so, you need an apricorn for the ball itself, and then you need a kind of ore with some special properties to make it work. I never figured out how to combine those two into a functional pokéball, though." Rick told.
He never grasped on how those things were made. He knew the basics: carve the apricorn with a chizel - which was hard enough already, since apricorns have tough shells - and the ore is what gave it the ability to convert pokémon into energy. But he never figured how to fit the stones in the proccess. Not to mention, the ore deposits themselves were even harder than apricorns, so extracting them was a tiring task that he didn't feel worth wasting his energy on.
Taking this information in, Tatsu counted how many apricorns he collected, coming up with three. "Still, a special kind of ore. I'll have to ask Zisu about it when we get back." Placing the apricorns back in his bag, Tatsu was half tempted to bring out his ocarina but decided against it. Though they were close to camp, they were still technically in the wild. "I wonder how the others are doing."
Etsuko Joy - Team Platinum - Obsidian Fieldlands - Aspiration Hills - Day1 - Evening
"True.." Etsuko remarked with a small nod before turning to finish her drawings of the pokemon she'd encountered today.


The pink haired girl kept an eye out for the wild pokemon around them incase she saw something new, but Kei's loud counting pretty much scared off any nearby pokemon, but she didn't mind it. At least no pokemon would attack them. Happiny had gotten tired earlier so she was back in her pokeball, resting. Etsuko looked up at the sun lowering down the horizon and then turned her gaze to Kei once more.

"Shouldn't we return to the camp soon? Regroup with the others and share the information we've gathered so far and such," she asked remembering the Pearl clan guy, who'd been appointed the leader of their team talking about gathering back at the camp around sunset.

Galaxy Corps Team Platinum
Day 1

After having studied Myrtle for the past fifteen minutes or so, Shiroi could ascertain, without doubt, that he was humanity’s foremost expert in Wurmplology. When he got back to the village he would submit his field notebook, its pages filled with copious amounts of insightful observations like— ‘Eats a LOT of leaves.’

Who would’ve thought? No, really... Shiroi’s brows furrowed as Myrtle moved onto her fourth branch. Already she had stripped three branches clean, devouring what must’ve been at least half her body mass. Was she bigger than before? Or had he just been staring for two long? Very peculiar... he’d have to take Myrtle’s measurements when they got back to HQ.

Shockingly, a spark of investment had kindled within him; certainly not something he would’ve expected when they left out earlier today. Maybe this field survey stuff wasn’t as bad as he’d imagined.

The boy sketched up a table and stuffed it with various labels; length, weight—were those things on Myrtle’s body horns or stingers? Both? Well, he’d measure those too.

As he pondered over what else might possibly be quantified, the sound of sudden commotion caused him to pivot—he would’ve whipped around, but if he fell over, he wouldn’t be able to get back up again. There in the distance, but closing that distance fast, was Phoenix, and behind him was—wait, why were the plains on fire!?

Expression paling, Shiroi stared in abject shock, finally rationalizing that Phoenix had somehow managed to piss off a stout, canid-looking thing and it was doggedly pursuing him—Oh, and it breathed fire.

“Y-you! What are you doing! Why are you coming over here!?”

Not only had the medic managed to get into trouble, but he was also evening dragging Shiroi down with him! Guts turning green with regret, the boy remembered the wisdom of the ancestors: ‘Not afraid of godly opponents, only afraid of pig-like teammates’; was too late to change squads?

As danger approached Shiroi retreated and soon, he back was against the tree shaking with terror; his palms were sweaty, knees weak, arms were heavy, if he had eaten there’d be vomit on his sweater already.

The Growlithe approached, spitting a burst of fire and Shiroi shrieked and closed his eyes. The flames sprayed across him, vicious heat searing skin, the smell of burning...nothing? The boy’s frightful wails died down, realizing that besides a pleasant warmth, he didn’t feel much else. He opened one eye tentatively, spotting the Growlithe looking mildly confused. After a moment, the fire dog growled, and another burst of flames came.

Shiroi’s eyes squeezed shut, “AHHHHHHhhhhhh...?”

Again, there was no pain, just a pleasant warmth and the faintest smell of something burning.

This time Shiroi opened both eyes, thoroughly dumbfounded—something he seemed to share with the Growlithe. A frustrated growl and then another burst of flames; Shiroi watched frightfully as it splashed against his armor...no, against the pot he had hastily attached to his armor. The flames hit the rounded bottom of the wok and then splashed off either side, warming the metal to a faint glow, but doing little else. The pot protected the flammable clothes from taking a direct hit from the flames and the clothes, poor transmitters of heat, protected Shiroi from the heated metal of the pot.

Shiroi was stunned, but after a short moment, the shock on his face was replaced by giddiness.

Phoenix Joy - Obsidian Fields - Aspiration Hill - Day 1

Phoenix being who he was decided to take the moment of confusion to have Kit attack the growlithe. She used quick attack and tackled the dog pokemon in it's side. It would seem that it was hurt where it was struck. Kit followed up the attack with a swift. The growlithe turned to Phoenix and Kit, who was trying to get the pokemon to focus on them. Phoenix did not mean to take the rogue pokemon towards his teammate, but it would seem that he did not take into account where Shirori was.

The growlithe was not happy with the attack and went onto the offensive. She took off in a flame charge right towards Kit and Phoenix. She was angry that they would catch a pokemon that was in her territory and attack her friend. She hated when humans would come into the place that she would call her home and take her friends. Phoenix and Kit both were able to jump out of the way, but Phoenix was bit slower than his pokemon. He had hoped to avoid this.

Looking to Shirori, Phoenix was actually surprised that the outfit that the kid was wearing worked. He was also astonished that he growlithe stopped its attack on them for a moment and decided to throw a pokeball at the pokemon. It would seem that the pokemon was too confused to fight the ball as it quickly was caught into it. "I am sorry about leading it to you, I was not aware that you were over here as I ran." Phoenix picked up the ball and hoped that the growlithe would be easy to train.
Etsuko Joy - Team Platinum - Obsidian Fieldlands - Aspiration Hills - Day 1 - Evening

"Yes, I'm ready," Etsuko said and got up, dusting off the blades of grass that had stuck to her uniform. Most of what she'd learned about her expedition partner was that she wanted to keep herself busy. Doing something at all times, taking advantage of every second as Kei put it. It was an admirable mindset, but the young Joy couldn't help but have a small sense of worry in the back of her mind of the Diamond clan girl overworking herself. As for the Hippo pokemon she had. Well she learned that she's quite docile unless food was involved.

"Let's go then," Etsuko said with a slight smile and began to make her way back towards the camp. Today had gone a lot better than anticipated with their only major encounter with a pokemon being with the Wurmple in the berry tree. Hopefully the rest of their mission to explore the area goes as smoothly.
Rick [HP: 14/20]
Day 1 - Fieldlands Camp, Obsidian Fieldlands

As Rick was walking up the hill to the way to camp, he could hear the cries of a certain pokémon coming from there, which made him rush the pace. Once he got there, he noticed the medical team was quite busy treating some Shinx that didn't want to be treated. That sucked. Rick could use their services, but he chose not to interrupt their work and just take care of himself. He sit on a mat, grabing one of his two potions remaining (and probably regreting having wasted one of them), and started applying it on the sore parts.

"You know, you could've been a tad bit more soft with those hooves." Rick said to the ponyta, who had also lay down by his side. After staring at the ponyta's hooves for a moment, Rick took out a chisel and hammer from the crate beside him. "Speaking of which, how hard are those things, actually?" He muttered, as he started trimming a hoof. The filly immediately turned her gaping mouth at him, but this time she was nice enough to hold the flame in her throat and give Rick time to rethink what he was doing.

"Ok, ok, fine! No more experiments." He said, putting the tools aside, as well as his pokedex. The ponyta closed her mouth and shut her eyes to rest. When Rick grabbed the chisel to put it back on the box, his eyes widened as he noticed that the tool's edge was... somewhat less edgy. "Damn. Those things are way too hard." He said, grabbing his pokedex to write on it.

"Hooves harder than steel. Diamond tipped tools recommended to trim them."
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A few starly could still be seen flying around in the distance. Some geodude could be seen closer to the mountian side. kricketots and the occasional burmy in a tree. For now, Bo would try to avoid flying and rock types. Bo coulda swore he saw a munchlax at some point. He stood behind a tree near some tall grass keeping watch on the pokemon. Observing what they were eating. There was definitely a munchlax nearby and it was sleeping. He could nearly hear it snoring. It was a good thing Boa was a quiet bug as they watched the wild pokemon. Made a few notes. Nothing serious, but it was something at least.

Galaxy Corps Team Platinum
Day 1

“No worries, I had it under control.” Shiroi confidently thumped the front of his armor. “But are you sure about that one?”

The newly captured Growlithe had his skepticism. He’d bet the fire pup pokémon would sooner burn Phoenix alive than render any help. In Shiroi’s not-so-humble opinion, that was a disaster waiting to happen, and if he could think that far then surely Phoenix could as well. Perhaps the other boy had simply been seduced by the Growlithe’s power. There was something to be said about high risks yielding high rewards...and Shiroi could imagine something like that led to Phoenix being chased in the first place.

“We should also get moving, who knows what else might’ve been attracted by the commotion.”
Yua Yamamoto

Day 1, 5pm
Location: Horseshoe Plains, Obsidian Fieldlands
Pokémon: Tanta the Oshawott; Eevee
Trainer HP: 15/20
: Bandaged (Wounds are covered and are healing properly);

Interactions: Kawa Ko, Kague the Eevee, wild Glameow (Hecotoro)
Mentions: N/A

Yua cheered happily as Kawa listened to her, clapping her hands and then gripping them in fists. "Yesss..." She then noticed Kague's agitation from the mere catch and she sighed, shaking her head. "Kague, come on. Do you really think Kawa would just throw you away like that? I thought you knew him better than that." Knowing how prideful Kague seemed and how much she valued Kawa's praise and validation, sometimes even completely ignoring Yua and Tanta, she figured it had to do something with being abandoned or replaced. In fact, her siblings fought over that from that feeling quite a bit.

Tanta noticed Kague's glare and she tried to console her, patting Kague on the back and saying that the Glameow is untrained and likely won't take Kague's thunder at all since it likely won't listen well and Kague was the strongest in Kawa's team still.

Yua blinked a few times at Kawa when he said they needed to get back to camp and eyed his leg. "Not with that bad of a limp. Did Tanta hit it that hard? I'm sorry." She glumly sighed, rubbing her forehead. "You at least need something..." She trailed off and looked around, honestly finding nothing. There were sticks, but they weren't thick enough to support any weight nor long enough to be used as a walking stick. So she just grabbed Kawa's arm and wrapped an arm around his back, resting his arm on her shoulders. "I don't think hopping back to camp is very viable and this is far faster and less straining on you. Let's go before it gets any later."

Regardless of any protests from Kawa, she was going to help him walk back whether he liked it or not.
Yuki, the Ralts Girl
Day 1- noon, Floaro Garden- Obsidian Fieldlands
20/20 HP

Yuki found that she didn't have much to do at the camp, especially since she wasn't healing up any Pokemon. She couldn't feel any pain from Tulip, though she could sense the Ralts was still scared. However, she doubted she could really do anything about that other than try to send comforting thoughts. Returning to Floaro Garden wasn't bad at all. the Pokemon seemed to have returned to the area again, though avoiding the Luxio and its territory. Other than the other Shinx of its pride. She hated the focus her partner seemed to have on the Pokemon, though she didn't voice this. What was the point of it anyways? He was just doing their job.

As for her, she preferred watching the other, more approachable Pokemon. Not to say one could just walk up to one and it be perfectly fine. Pokemon were wild creatures and acted like them. If they were afraid, hungry, or angry they could very well attack. The approach had to be non-threatening and careful. Not that she was about to approach a bunch of Pokemon.

She hid herself in some tall grass, observing some Starly and Bidoof interacting. The Starly were eating in the trees, sometimes dropping a berry or knocking one down. The Bidoof quickly went after the fallen and forgotten berries, though were mindful of the birds above, knowing that the Starly could start wanting the fallen berries, too. While interesting, in her personal opinion, she was uncertain this was what the Galaxy Corps wanted or that she could properly communicate her findings. She needed to get a better grasp of the human language. She gave a wary glance towards the giant Pokemon and its pride, thanking whatever creature 'Sinnoh' was that they hadn't found her, yet.

5 PM

A bit of red caught her vision, and she followed it with her gaze. It was the same Pokemon that she had fed before, or at least a member of the same species. She watched the young Fletchling hop about, giving the Shinx species a very wide birth. Did it fear the electric lynx kittens? Quite possibly. She made a mental note of that to tell the others later. Was it hungry again? It did fly and probably needed quite a bit of energy. She glanced at a berry tree and decided to try to make her way over to it. While she could hide quite well if she stood still, she was not a sneaky person. She did stay far away from the Shinx, however, and mostly ran into Wurmple, Bidoof, and Starly, and even then, she wasn't approaching them. She hoisted herself up into the tree and picked a pink berry, careful not to disturb any Pokemon that were also eating away. Bad if she was caught up there, but she had Tulip, and Tulip could teleport.

She lept down and approached the Fletchling again. It tilted its head, remembering her. It hopped closer, repeating the process of before, though, it allowed her closer this time, the heart-shaped berry only making it halfway to the Fletchling, unlike the round berry. Yuki backed off, the Fletchling gaining the confidence to nab the berry before flying away again. She supposed she was hungry as well, and it was starting to get late. Should they be returning to the camp officially?

She glanced at Tulip and started back to camp. She would verbally recall everything when she got back. Not like she could scribble what she saw down. She was illiterate, after all! Not like she knew what that was. She motioned for Benyko that it was probably time to go, trying to avoid the giant Luxio at all costs while doing so. Getting mauled wasn't something she was exactly excited for. "Getting dark. Best go back. Meet with others. Report findings."

- Pokeball x10
-Potions x5
-Full Heals x3
-Crafting Tools
-Empty Pokeball (key item)
Day One, Team Platinum, Sunset.

Kawa smiled and nodded, of course with the security that his expression was hidden under his mask. He didn't protest to Yua's help, in fact it was pretty smart of her and the best choice to avoid any further injury. He looked at his cranky Eevee and nodded, making the normal type Pokemon feeling a bit at ease. The team began making their way back to camp, with a few stops to take short breaks for water, let Yua rest and Kawa testing if he could still walk, which he managed when the sun had finally set.

Day One, Team Platinum, Night, Obsedian Camp.


The cries of a Shinx could be heard from somewhere under what was left of the medical camp. The area around seemed to have died off, not even a Hoothoot dared make a noise. Even the moon seemed to be hiding behind some clouds, giving the campsite very little light. There was no sign of human life, what was a busy and lively camp, now seemed like a crime scene. The only thing that managed to avoid being damaged was the crate the merchant used to keep his supplies. Even the camp fire had been taken out, the rocks that made it had been scattered along with the ashes that were once in the center. The captain's hat hanged on for life, stuck in a bush, while a scarf was torn in half and laying on the ground. No tents had been left standing, some of them had been shred apart while others seemed to have been thrown with some brute force.

"What happened here?" Kawa said as he stood with his team on top of the hill that looked down at the campsite, "Yua, scout around for the others, my leg should be fine for me to move around, but stay close where I can see you. Kague, get close to the map, try to figure out what's making that noise and Tanta, on standby to assist either of the two. Go."

As the Pearl Clan ninja gave out his orders, a pair of ruby like eyes gleamed in the shadows, waiting for the right opportunity to spring into action.

Galaxy Corps Team Platinum
Day 1

Shiroi wanted to slap himself across the face. Even if he wanted to leave immediately why didn’t he just say that? Why’d he have to go and jinx it?

The wind stirred and the tree leaves above rustled. A sudden weight hit the armored youth on the head, and he almost screamed. Luckily, he caught himself and realized it was just Myrtle. The worm pokémon slithered across his neck and the feel of her tiny legs sent a shiver down his back. It didn’t take long before his partner had stuffed herself inside his armor; as if...hiding.

Slowly and with almost mechanical rigidness, Shiroi tilted his head so he could stare into the trees. His gaze met a set of large gray eyes that, thankfully, were attached to a very small body. The tension slipped from Shiroi’s body, and his confidence returned. He heaved a sigh of relief and inspected the odd bird pokémon. It had a red-feathered face, but its body was a mix of white and dark blue. It was small, as he’d noted earlier; perhaps barely larger than the common Starly. That meant, as far as Shiroi was concerned, that it wasn’t a threat.

“Shoo, shoo, get on outta here.” The boy made a dismissive ‘shoo-shoo’ motion and then ignored the bird. “Let’s get moving Phoenix!”

Shiroi picked a direction, the east seemed good, and then started waddling.

As he slowly departed the Taillow remained on the tree, momentarily stunned by the human’s actions. As it watched the human waddle away a smote of rage burned in its pupils. Taillow weren’t aggressive pokémon, but they were gutsy and infamously courageous. Losing its meal had been bad enough, but Taillow could let that go, but besmirching its dignity? It couldn’t let that pass.
Phoenix Joy - Aspiration Hills - Day 1 - Miday -

Phoenix looked at the bird pokemon that had shown up and shrugged. He was glad to see that he was not the only one with a pokemon after him. With no time at all, Phoenix was already on his way after Shirori. Phoenix made it to the waddling trainer and gave him a slight smile. He was a little less upset about the assignment then he was that morning. "Well, they say that good things happen to those who work for them. I would not be as well trained I am in medicine if not for intense study of different plants." While along the way, Phoenix would spot berry trees and pick one from each tree. He would need to plant them either around the camp or use them in a medical remedy for humans.

Galaxy Corps Team Platinum
Day 1

“Slow and steady wins the race.” Shiroi was certain that ‘work’ wasn't 20 lbs. of pent-up anger that wanted to burn your face off. But if that's what Phoenix wanted then who was he to judge? Only time would tell whether his decision paid off.

“Where do you think we should head next? I’d love to head back to camp but...” The sun was still high in the sky and they weren’t due to head back until at least the evening. Shiroi preferred to find somewhere nice and safe; a quiet meadow to spend the rest of the day. In a perfect world, it would be as far away from their previous location as possible. Who knew what pokemon were swarming the flame-toasted plains by now? Wait... "You don't think its friends are coming after us, right?"

Shiroi threw a look over his shoulder. He half expected to see an entire pack of fire dogs, mouths frothed with rage as they crested the horizon. Instead, he caught the swift and silent approach of an incoming wing.


The wing swept overhead as he ducked. Shiroi spun as fast as his suit would allow. His eyes followed a familiar, blue-blacked bird as it banked into a wide turn. "You again?"

The boy scowled as the bird came around for another attack. This time it struck at his torso. Shiroi smiled, smug, and braced for impact.

The wing sunk into the layered cloth of his armor; sharp and fierce, it tore through the outer layers. The attack failed to damage the flesh beneath and the smugness on Shiroi's face doubled.

"That was a bit weak!" He spun around to keep his eyes on the bird. "Didn't you eat this morning? Why don't you try again? This time put your back into it!"

An angry scree tore the air and a white glow encased the bird. It accelerated sharply and drew a jagged streak through the air when it turned and rushed Shiroi. A hint of panic surfaced, but when the wing bit into the armor and Shiroi was none the worse for it, he relaxed.

"That's more like it! A little bit to the right next time, there's an itch I can't quite scratch!"

Like that the scene repeated; a blurb of blue and white feathers repeatedly threw itself at Shiroi, who—smug in his armored defense—taunted it after each failure. Oh, if only Crazy Girl could see him now! Surely, she’d be impressed beyond all measure, enough to recognize the error of her ways and respectfully address him as great senpai. Heh, maybe he’d even give her a few tips on how to really adventure.

Several minutes passed and the swift, graceful flight of the bird was gone.

"What's wrong? Need a break?"

The bird trembled with rage, but after expending so much energy it really did need a break. It made a shaky landing on the plains, and Shiroi, smug as ever, looked over with pity.

"Hey, why don't you just give up?"

The bird physically spasmed and its rage peaked. It wings spread open and a white glow erupted from its body.

Shiroi was unconcerned. He’d seen this attack before and...was it glowing this brightly the last time? With a clarion cry, the bird launched itself toward Shiroi, its body overflowing with a power that certainly wasn’t the same as before.

"Oh shi—" BANG!

As the bird slammed into Shiroi’s armor the boy was thrown across the ground by the sudden release of power. Shiroi felt the specter of death as he lay stunned and disoriented on the ground. Embedded into the pot-turned breastplate was a large dent from which the bird-shaped monster triumphantly crawled. The monster flittered to Shiroi’s collar, giving the boy a close-up of its thoroughly bedraggled appearance. Apparently slamming into metal with an attack that strong had delivered no small amount of recoil. Shiroi had no mind for noticing that, however. He trembled, fear in his eyes as the 8-inch bird stood there...menacingly.

Shiroi could not imagine what tortures were about to descend on him but as the bird spread its wing—glowing white with the promise of pain—its body shook and then froze, an expression of utter disbelief plastered onto its face.


Withdrawing her stinger from the bird’s underside was Myrtle. The bird collapsed and Myrtle reared into the sky and released a silent roar of triumph. Myrtle wiggled over to take the victor's seat, squatting on top of the bird’s unconscious body.

The champion stood; the rest saw the better, Myrtle.

- - - - - -

A few minutes later saw Shiroi stripped from his armor (it wasn’t quite as effective with a massive dent in the front) and the feisty bird had been swiftly captured. Thoroughly through with today’s ‘excitement’ and with the fear of Arceus put back in him, Shiroi quietly turned to Phoenix.

“How about we just head back to camp and call it a day, ya?”
Kei Fudo - Day 1 - Obsidian Fieldlands - Obsidian Camp - Night

Kei whistled a tune as she arrived at the camp, having taken the lead as the girls went back to the camp, only to find it completely demolished. Kei's cheerful whistling immediately stopped as she extended her arm, signalling to Etsuko to stand still and be quiet as she whispered. "Something isn't right, it is too quiet. Normally you'd hear voices or Pokémon."

Crouching down, the girl sneaked forward to inspect the camp that had become a wreck. Was there an attack? Did a Pokémon lash out? Were there any survivors? Glancing at Etsuko, Kei beckoned her over. "Stick close to me. You're a medic, no? We might need your skills if there are any injured people." The Diamond Clan girl said, her hand on Mochi's Pokéball.
Rick [HP: 9/20]
Day 1 - Fieldlands Camp, Obsidian Fieldlands

As the night started falling, Rick was resting at a mat, waiting for the rest of the group to come back from their work. At some point, the ponyta's eyes suddenly opened, and her ears perked up as if she got alerted by something. She groaned and raised up, with her attention focused towards the hill. "What's wrong?" Rick asked. The ponyta ran up to a large rock. She looked down, then turned to Rick and let out a whinny. "Huh... looks like they're here already." Rick muttered, getting up and walking towards the hill. As he approached, the ponyta got struck by a lightning while she was turned, and knocked to the ground with a squeal. Rick gasped in surprise. "What the heck?!"

He ran to the filly and kneeled next to her, always mindful of her flames to not get burned a second time. He took out the last potion and started applying it on the singed area she had been hit. He then looked up. "Alright, who the hell did... Yikes!" His protest was immediately replaced by shock, as his eyes met the glowing red eyes of a huge Luxray, their foreheads almost touching for a moment, until the creature let out a strident roar, which knocked Rick on his back. This also alerted the rest of the people in the camp. The few corp members who also had partner pokémon tried to engage the Luxray, but their pokémon didn't stand more than two attacks before being taken down, if they could take even one.

As the Luxray started lashing at tents, banners, and chasing off the closest human that would stand in front of him, Rick took the chance to sneak to the crate and take out a pokéball from it. He then tossed it at the enraged pokémon, hitting it on the back while it was distracted and drawing it into the capsule. "Welp! That was easier than I thought!" Rick said. However, he may have celebrated a bit too soon, as the Luxray suddenly broke out of the pokéball in a flash of light. Rick sighed. "Ten pokéballs in that crate, of course I had to grab a defective one." He said. The Luxray immediately stared at Rick, who casualy grabed a second pokéball and tossed it. The ball hit the Luxray's forehead, but this time it didn't even absorb the creature. Rick's eyes widened. All he managed to do was make it even more angry. At least this flinched it long enough for Rick to find cover behind a big rock. "Pff... Just throw a pokéball, they said." Rick muttered.

The Luxray started glancing around the area, though his eyes were now glowing white instead of red. And unfortunately for Rick, he was about to find out the hard way that hiding from a Luxray took more than just a big rock. The Luxray locked eyes on Rick's hiding spot, then charged at it while cloaked in electricity, blasting the boulder into pieces and sending Rick rolling through the ground. "Curse... how did it know I was there?" Rick murmured, wincing and glancing at the Luxray, just in time to see the feline's eyes return to their red glow.

At this point, the ponyta had already regained her senses. She shook her head before seeing the Luxray prowling towards Rick. She got up, and fired off an Ember at the Luxray's head, getting its attention for a second. Long enough for Rick to reach out and grab a stick and smashing it on the Luxray's head, causing it to flinch and back off a few steps. The ponyta then ran towards Rick, and mostly out of instinct, Rick held on to the filly's neck as she passed by and hoped onto her back. Rick flinched, as he expected to start feeling the heat at any moment. To much of his surprise, however, he didn't feel anything. "Wait a second!" He said, passing a hand all over the filly's mane. "You're not hot!" He exclaimed. The ponyta gave him a side glance and a faint smile. "You can control your flames!"

Unfortunately, this conversation would need to be left for another time, as the Luxray recovered from the last hit and started shooting thunderbolts at the two. Meanwhile, the camp's captain called out to Rick. "Hey! You on that ponyta! I don't know how you did that, but here's new orders: go find your team leader and tell him that the camp was attacked by an Alpha Pokémon. We'll try to get this beast's attention while you run, but only for a moment, understood?" The man ordered. Rick nodded, and after patting the ponyta's neck, he held on tight as they ran off.

Rick would eventualy find Kawa and the rest of his sub group at the top of a hill, staring at the campsite. "Hey! Don't go any further!" He shouted at the distance. As the ponyta finaly reached the group, Rick let himself fall off. Fortunately for him, it wasn't a big fall, and floor was actualy somewhat soft.

"You may have figured it out by now, but..." Rick paused for a bit, panting to get his breath before continuing. "The camp was attacked. It seemed to be of the Shinx family. The captain said something about Alpha Pokémon."
Having heard the ruckus going on at the campsite, Tatsu had taken cover behind a boulder that he was lead to by his Pokemon. "The bloody hell is going on over there?" He didn't have much time to dwell on that as he heard Rick ride down the hill. "Oh dear, Storm. Return." Holding up the PokeBall, Tatsu returned the Electric type and stood up with Avani still on his shoulders. Sensing something big coming behind them, Tatsu threw his staff down the hill and held his shield in both hands. "Hang on tight Avani." The Teddiursa tightened her grip as her trainer jumped forward, placing his shield beneath his feet and, for lack of a better term, surfing down the hill in the same general direction as Rick. "I HATE DOING THIIIIS!"

Galaxy Corps Tam Platinum
Day 1

Although Shiroi wanted nothing more than to head to camp and then head home, the boy ultimately found that he couldn’t. It was too early; they’d be the first team back and then how embarrassing would that be? No, they’d save face, mender the plains a bit, wait it out and come back once it was closer to nightfall, returning heroes. Between them, they’d caught at least three braggin—uh, pokémon.

The idea was sound, now he just needed to execute.

“Let’s take a break. We can have a scrounge up some food and get our things together before we head to camp.”

Shiroi plopped down as soon as he spoke. They were already in a nice idyllic area that didn’t seem too frequented by pokémon. Surprisingly, Shiroi really did need to get his things together. The armor was a pain to carry bundled in hand and so he spent the better part of an hour trying to fold it in various ways. Eventually, he just rolled it into a ball and tied it up with string—generously provided by Myrtle. Once he’d finished strapping the bundle to his back, he wiped a faint sheen of sweat from his brow.

After the enforced detour the sun was dipping bellowing the horizon; a perfectly respectable time to return.

- - - -

Shiroi swaggered back to camp, chest puffed and full of pomp. He looked around the camp. It was oddly empty... the tents were filled with...claw marks? A scarf and hat lay across the ground, the tattered remains of a man. Dare he look closer? Had that scarf always been red? Shiroi started feeling light-headed.

“Oh...I don’t feel so good...”
After observing pokémon for a while, Bo had gotten some interesting data on various pokémon in the area. Feeling somewhat contempt with his findings, Bo began making his way back to camp, "I wonder if anyone else is back at camp yet. Maybe Tatsu and Rick are there. Probably resting or something. I dunno, either way I'm sure they're doing fine." Bo said. His nincada made chirping sounds atop Bo's head.

"Hmmm... Maybe" Bo said before stopping as he stood overlooking the bridge south of the camp.

"Just a few more minutes and we'll be at camp. I wonder if anyone brought food" Bo said.
Etsuko Joy - Team Platinum - Obsidian Fieldlands - Obsidian Camp - Day 1 - Night

Etsuko followed Kei back to the camp, rehearsing in her mind everything she'd seen and learned so far. Yet, what greeted them at camp was far from anything that she expected. The pink haired girl stopped right in her tracks when Kei signaled her. Etsuko threw nervous glances over her shoulder in case whatever caused this wreck decided to come back to the demolished campsite.

When Kei gestured for her to come over, she crouched down and made her way over, "Y-yes I am.." Etsuko said with a nervous clump in her throat. The pink haired girl felt the pokeball on her belt shake in response to Kei's question and the trainee-nurse placed her hand on it, but it was more so to keep the eager pink ball in there. She was worried that Chamomile would attract whatever had caused this wreckage back with her cheery "pi's".
Yua Yamamoto

Day 1, Night
Location: Fieldlands Camp, Aspiration Hills, Obsidian Fieldlands
Pokémon: Tanta the Oshawott; Eevee
Trainer HP: 15/20
: Bandaged (Wounds are covered and are healing properly);

Interactions: Kawa Ko and Kague the Eevee (Hecotoro), Rick (Ridge), Shiroi (kyuukestu)
Mentions: Kei Fudo (DarkHydraT), Etsuko Joy (IDKWhatUserNameToDo)

During their breaks, Yua would go about listing a few more types in her journal and write this Glameow up, saying how it looked like a Normal-Type and was rather territorial, and then drawing it out.

But as they stood atop a hill that overlooked the Fieldlands Camp, her blood froze and she watched with a chill down her spine. It was hard to see, but she could pick out a few vibrant colors among the dark backdrop, and a few highlighted edges of the now ragged camp.

At Kawa's command, she was about to leave when she heard a shout. Immediately, her hairs bristled and she hunched in a panic, turning to see... Who was he again? The guy with the Ponyta was called Rick, right?

She listened to Rick, her eyes looking him over and she frowned. "We need to get Etsuko and Phoenix. They can help with your wounds. Alpha Pokemon are the towering scary ones, right?" She asked, looking back down and she saw a few people were now just arriving at the campsite. Some weren't even being sneaky.

"I'm going to see if there are any survivors. Rick, please stay quiet." It was when she barely took a step did she hear something crying. "Tanta, you hear that?"

The Oshawott strained to hear what Yua did, but came up with nothing.

"I'm hearing something crying." Instinctively, she shot forward, leaping over rocks and logs deftly and then sliding down the hill to get to the camp below, completely ignoring Rick's advice and moving as if those obstacles were set there to make her faster. She slid down near the entrance, looking around. She saw the scarf, saw the hat, and found Shiroi. She found that his armor had been effectively rolled into a small ball on his back and she deadpanned. She approached him, tapping his shoulder to get his attention and, worldlessly, pointed to the bushes. Then she spoke low. "Hide and stay quiet. Something may still be here. I don't need anyone getting hurt." Her eyes conveyed her urgency. She looked panicked what with the pallor of her skin in the pseudo-moonless night, but her tone and gaze were serious. They didn't hold the same despising tone she had for him prior to leaving Jubilife Village. "If you find Etsuko or Phoenix, tell them Rick is badly injured and he needs medical assistance. He's at the top of the hill with Kawa." She didn't make any motion towards it, for fear something would notice.

She felt something was staring at her. It made the hairs on her neck stand on end. Tanta had followed along Yua's descent to the camp, but she kept low and close to any shrubbery, hiding herself. She finally made it to the base of the hill, but stopped from getting close to the ruined campsite, feeling even her ancestors screaming at her to stop.

Yua then left Shiroi alone to skulk around what remained of the camp. Her eyes saw the ripped banners, destroyed boxes, pulverized rock, rended and thrown tents, scattered charcoal and half-burnt wood...

She heard the crying again. It sounded like a distressed Shinx.

Her blood ran cold once again, eyes widening as she looked around at the edges of the camp. Panic set in and her hands shook. She took a few steps back from the destroyed camp, hoping that whatever was there would leave her alone so she could get back to Kawa.
Phoenix Joy - Return to Camp - Later that night.

After their break one of which that Phoenix spent working with his new pokemon. The caterpie was easier to bond with then his newly caught growlithe. He would bite and shoot small bits of flames at Phoenix. Though by the end of the break, Phoenix had managed to gain some loyalty by giving him food and treating him kindly. Though that would not be very long as there are still some bites happening to him at times, though they are more likely to work together now that they have come to an understanding. "Well, it is time to get back."

With the way that the camp looked as they had made their way to the front of the camp. It would have looked like it was in the middle of being torn down. "Where is everyone?" As he and Shirori had made their way, Phoenix noticed Yua and saw her run towards some tent that he had heard some crying from. He looked to Shirori, and said. "I have a bad feeling about this."
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