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Private/Closed Legends Arceus: Diamond and Pearl

Phoenix Joy - Obsidian Camp - Day 1 - Nightfall
Phoenix grimaced as he was flown over by the large feline like pokemon. He still had the stick in hand as he slowly made it to everyone else. Though he did not make too far before Yua had met him halfway. With a pained smile, Phoenix had a cut on his lip from where he had hit the ground, so with a strained smile Phoenix took in his teammate who was fairing a lot better than he was. "Yeah, getting somewhere to sit would be good. I was mainly trying to get away from the big electric beast." Phoenix dropped the stick as Yua shouldered his weight on herself and helped him to where the wagon had come to rest, and placed him resting on a nearby tree. Phoenix allowed himself to rest on the ground for Yua to help him get bandaged up.

"I do have some supplies in my bag it is in the big pouch tied by the purple string. They should do until we are able to get back to town." Phoenix helped as best he could. Which was not much, so he frustratingly leaned back onto the tree and let Yua work. While he was sat there, Phoenix was greeted to two very worried pokemon. Kit his best friend placed herself to rest by his good hip, while his growlithe laid beside him and allowed his trainer to rest his hand on him and allowed a few pets. It was the least the little puppy could do after all the pink furred human did save him from being hurt at the expense of his own safety. The growlithe let out some small whimpers as he saw his trainers leg hurt as it was. It got worse as his pant leg was cut to allow the makeshift splint more room to steady the leg. "These two are good thanks for asking. I took most of the damage that would have happened to them myself. I did not want the two hurt because of me having them out. At least this one learned that I would always protect him." The Growlithe let out a happy bark and lifted his head to rest on Phoenix's chest.

Looking up, Phoenix noticed the fire horse that belonged to one of their team, come to them, he was not happy to see that she was alone. He hoped that Rick was ok. "Hey Ponyta, I see you are doing well. Did you come to check up on me and Yua?" Even through the pain of his leg being splinted up, Phoenix still had a kind strained smile for the fire type.
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Yua Yamamoto

Day 1, Night
Location: Fieldlands Camp, Aspiration Hills, Obsidian Fieldlands
Pokémon: Zashi the Dewott; Eevee
Trainer HP: 12/20
: Bandaged (Wounds are covered and are healing properly); Paralyzed Hands (Motor controls in hands and fingers are suffering, unable to do anything complex)

Interactions: Phoenix Joy, H-Growlithe, and Kit the Eevee (EmoKitty21), Iris the Ponyta (Ridge), Fujiki Oshuoka (~Patriot~)
Mentions: Tatsu, Avani the Teddiursa, and Merlin the Stantler (Draco Nightshade), Etsuko and Chamomile the Happiny (IDKWhatUserNameToDo), Kei Fudo and Mochi the Hippopotas (Kei Fudo), Bo and Boa the Nincada (ThAtGuY101), Kawa Ko and Kague the Eevee (Hecotoro)

(Has permission to auto Phoenix a little from EmoKitty21)

Before Yua got into the meat of her help, having been going through Phoenix's bag as instructed, she noticed the Ponyta approaching them, and nickered. Not sure what the Ponyta was doing, Yua stretched her hand out for the Ponyta to potentially sniff and maybe get a little snout nuzzle in. She assumed logically that - like a human when approaching - had asked about how they were doing. "We're doing good, I'm just helping Phoenix get patched up. Thank you for coming by." Yua then got the bandages she needed, and grabbed some nearby sticks - two for each limb, and a smaller one for Phoenix to bite down on. "Hmm... Is there something you could help with...?" She mused to herself, looking over to see the Luxray having left with his child after Zisu's own Luxray challenged it. Man, that Pokemon must've been tough. Tatsu with his Teddiursa was talking to Zisu about maybe replacing this Ponyta for his Stantler if she needed a break. Etsuko looked unharmed and had returned her Happiny, with Kei looking even better than Yua had thought, also having returned her Hippopotas. A weird kid who looked like he caught bugs for a living had approached the two girls and was talking to them, and saw the white bug beside him.

What is that?

She'll ask later.

She spied Kawa telling her Pokemon something, realizing they were told to go to her as she saw her Dewott running back to her, holding her injured Eevee. She pouted seeing her new Pokemon, having forgotten to heal him.

That'll teach her to keep her Pokemon in tip-top shape before a fight...

She saw Kawa point at her when talking to another guard and she chuckled a little, finding warmth in the fact that he was being sweet, probably telling the guard that she was hurt. Then he left to watch out for that Luxray probably, his Eevee following behind him.

Sighing, she looked up to see her Pokemon, beaten up, stood by her side. "Return, you two. You need the rest." She pulled out her two PokeBalls and returned them, her Dewott giving an affirmative nod before disappearing in the light. Pocketing them, she looked back at Iris. "Ponyta, if you wouldn't mind, I'll need help with tying this. If you want to help in cutting them by using your teeth, that would be greatly appreciated."

Yua set the sticks on either side of Phoenix's broken leg, and realized she'll need to wrap the bandage under his leg too. Oh, this was going to be painful.

She ripped up the pant leg a bit more to his knee and thigh, pulled the pant leg away a little bit so it wasn't in the way. It was obvious and plain where the break was. She just hoped it wasn't shattered. She looked back at Phoenix, worry on her face. "Here, take this and bite." She gave him the smaller stick to bite onto, practically sticking it in his face before she looked at the broken leg.

She just had to set it together, right? Like what her brother did for her and taught her?

Oh fuck...

"I'm so sorry. This is going to hurt." She mentioned, then grabbed both ends of his leg and angled and pushed them together, then immediately let go, cringing at whatever sound Phoenix made from the pain if he made any. She hoped Phoenix's leg would stay still, even as she got the bandage and began wrapping it, starting on top, then going under, wrapping the leg once over, then wrapping it with the sticks to it. Once that was done, she gave the bandage to Iris, hoping she'd cut it with her teeth. If she didn't, that was fine, she'll just rip it herself with her own teeth and tie it off.

Now the arm. Making sure his arm was on the ground, she set two sticks beside it, then grabbed both ends of the arm to put together, then let go, then began wrapping it up in the bandage, then wrapped the sticks in the bandage to keep the sticks from rubbing his skin raw. She gave it to Ponyta to cut with her teeth and, if she didn't, she'll do it herself with her own teeth, then tie it off.

Sighing, she felt weary. "Okay, then to get you on the wagon. Ponyta stay beside Phoenix and keep him safe, I have to get a stretcher." She got up and ran to the wagon, looking for any two sticks with cloth wrapped between them. Finding something of the sort, she grabbed it and held it over her shoulder, running back to Phoenix.

Looking around to see someone, she took notice of a young girl. "Hey, you!" She yelled at a light-brown-haired, purple-eyed girl. "Help me get Phoenix on this stretcher and get him in the wagon, yeah?" She opened the stretcher beside Phoenix, then grabbed him under his good knee and wrapped an arm around his shoulder after his Pokemon scooted. "Alright, don't move that bad leg, let me move it. Three, two, one." She grunted and pulled, sliding him onto the stretcher, then very carefully lifted his bad leg and set it on the stretcher for him and sighed.

If Fujiki came by, she grabbed the foot end of the stretcher and would carry Phoenix and help him into the wagon. If not, she would just get another guard to carry Phoenix and slide him into the wagon.
Etsuko Joy - Team Platinum - Obsidian Fieldlands - Obsidian Camp - Night 1

Etsuko got up, feeling her legs shake a bit, but most of her panic was gone and was left to deal with the emotional aftermath. Zisu's orders still rang in the back of her head. The young Joy made sure she had everything before she sprinted to Kei, who had just returned her pokeball. Etsuko ran up to the Diamond clan girl and grabbed her by the arm and tried to get both of them over to the wagon.

"Let's go! The others might need our help and we need to get back to the village as soon as possible," she ushered the other girl.
"Thanks for the offer there Tatsu, but I can't trust the injured people to a wild Pokemon." Zisu said, patting the blind man on the shoulder, "Glad you seem okay, to be honest, I expected you to be the one beat up, not the medic." She rose her hand into the air, calling for everyone's attention, "We're moving out! Injured on the wagon, the rest walk besides it!" she shouted.

Kawa stood at the top of the hill once more, keeping watch while people began to prepare to leave. Despite the fight they had just suffered, he felt he needed to stay. He needed to at least fix the camp, to get it back up together. That was the least he could. Although the mission could be marked as a success, he didn't feel like it was. He turned around, looking at Obsidian Fields, specially at Horseshoe Plains, "It was a little fun though." he whispered, leaning over to scoop up the tired Kague into his arms and making his way back into camp.

Kawa waited for Zisu to be alone, before walking over to her. "Can you train me?" he said directly, not giving Zisu a chance to greet him.

"No." Zisu replied with a big smile, "Can't just have someone train you because you think they're strong. I have things to do and so do you, you'll get there one day, just keep at it."

"I'll train you." The camp captain said with a big smile and patched up eye, "I believe there is much I can teach-"

"No." Kawa interrupted the man and walked away, making his way towards his group.

Zisu couldn't help but laugh and pat the heartbroken camp captain on the back.

"We're moving out!" The man leading the group back to Jubilife called out.

The wagon was moving slower, but it was moving, having taken whatever supplies they could have rescued from the ruins of the camp and the injured. Kawa stayed at the back of the group, looking over his shoulder every few minutes, to make sure nothing was following him. He also tried to convince Yua to go on the wagon while he himself ignored the fact he was almost limping. Kague refused to return to her Pokeball, enjoying being carried by her trainer, closest thing she had ever gotten to a hug.

As the group entered Jubilife, they were greeted by anxious citizens who had stayed up to help out. Quickly unloading the wagon, taking those that needed to be moved to the hospital and even offering to take some of the guards shifts so they could rest. Kawa stepped away from the busy crowd, only for his gaze to be met by Ginter.

"Hey." The gray haired merchant nodded towards Kawa, his stand of strange goods being put away by his blonde partner, "hell of a night huh?".

Kawa nodded.

"Well, I can help you out, we got this egg here, came from the sky, could be a star Pokemon or something. Cheap prize, what do you say?"

Kawa shook his head and walked away.

"Yeah figured, nobody here wants Pokemon, I'll see what the professor offers me tomorrow." The merchant stood up, placing the egg into a brown bag along with other goodies.

Kawa was on his way to his room, when he heard a guard calling for everyone who could, to head to the Galaxy Corps HQ. He had to be there, he was indeed their leader, or at least he tried to be.

"Listen up everyone!" Zisu finally showed up, after having gathered everyone up and having them wait about thirty minutes, she walked in talking, trying to end the night as soon as possible. "This didn't work out the way they were supposed to, I am well aware. Despite that, on behalf of the Galaxy Corps and Jubilife Village, we are very proud of all of you. Everyone pitched in to keep the camp safe, you save the captain's life and believe it or not, helped the injured Shinx, giving it a chance to survive in the wild. This is not a failure, it was a success, we learned a lot from this night. We can only improve after this, to make sure we can handle situations like this better in the future. I will assign Kawa with tomorrow's duties, get some rest. He will deliver them to your home in the morning after a short meeting." She turned around and looked at the Diamond Clan girl, "Kei, I was informed that your Pokemon turned the battle into your favor, congrats, I expected more from you two." She began waving everyone away, "Okay, get some rest everyone! Dismissed."
Fujiki Oshuoka - Fieldlands Camp
20/20 HP

Fujiki milled about the camp, staring in wide-eyed shock as she surveyed the damage. All of this was done by that Alpha Luxray? The tents were smashed, blood spattered the ground everywhere, and her comrades looked like they'd been on the frontlines of the overseas wars she'd heard about growing up.

Fujiki felt...strangely guilty. As a new Survey Corps recruit, she probably should have been there, facing the same danger as her beaten-up comrades. Instead she'd spent the day moaning and groaning about having to file paperwork of all things! Even if she hadn't been able to get in on the excitement the first day, she was probably lucky.

"Hey, you!"

Fujiki spun around and tried her best not to look surprised by the shouting, spotting a girl covered in bandages shouting her way. Huh, her?! Help with the stretcher? "Right!" The purple-eyed girl gave a firm nod, rushing over to assist. That's why she was there, after all! She was part of the Survey Corps now, paperwork filing be damned! Even if she hadn't been there for the fight, she could do her best to help the recovery.

But by the North Wind! The pink-haired guy on the stretcher was in rough shape! Fujiki eyed his set limbs warily...could they even move him safely?! Fujiki grabbed the side of the stretcher opposite the bandage girl, and she counted, "1, 2, lift!" Between the two of them the injured boy wasn't too heavy, and they were able to manueaver him into the back of the cart without much incident.

Pink-hair boy (was he a Joy?) safely secured, Fujiki let out a relieved breath. She helped! Her purple eyes sparkled happily, her guilt all but evaporated. She turned to bandage girl and said, "Good job! I don't think I caught your name by the wa-"


A mass of feathers and rage came hurtling down from the sky, slamming into Fujiki's head and knocking the girl over. The Alpha Luxray was gone, clearly scared off by Senta's superior might, but the cowardly cat didn't even bother battling him! Pfff, he let it off easy! So great was Senta's mercy, that he would let an inferior opponent turn tail and run!

He didn't get all worked up for nothing, though! He needed someone to fight, and the Honchkrow had already returned to that scary red-haired lady. Fujiki would just have to give him the release his strength needed! He latched his talons onto her light-brown hair, tugging at it as he beat the sides of her head with his mighty wings. Hopefully this time she'd finally put up a fight!

"Senta, stop!" Fujiki cried, pushing against the heavy Rufflet's furious onslaught. What had she done to deserve such an unpleasant partner?! The girl grabbed at Senta's wings, doing her best to smoosh them against his sides to keep him from slapping her, and pushed him off. The Rufflet released his grip, flying a few feet up to position himself for another dive bomb, but Fujiki was faster.

She whipped out Senta's Poke Ball, clicking the button and returning him to the sphere with a flash of red light. How was she gonna join the team on the next expedition if her partner did that every time he was out of his ball?!
Iris [State: Tired]
Day 1 - Fieldlands Camp, Obsidian Fieldland

Iris was actualy limited on what type of help she could provide. She stood by the humans' side regardless, helping Yua at tearing the bandages with her her teeth and watching over Phoenix as Yua improvized a stretch. Once Phoenix was laid on the stretch, she followed Yua, now aided by one of the members of the backup team, back to the wagon. During all this time, Iris would ocasionaly peer at the hills to where the Luxray had escaped, in the event it would decide to come back for more. For her surprise, an attack did come up. Except it came from above and from a pokémon that was, supposedly, an ally.

The ponyta looked on at the girl, pondering whether this was a case where she would have to save her from this bird like she had done earlier for Rick, or if she should just let them settle their issues. The girl eventualy got the best of it and the rufflet got sucked into its ball. As one of the guards started calling everyone for departure, the ponyta walked over to the front of the wagon, waiting to be tacked once again, since Zisu had refused Tatsu's offer to replace her. The filly's weariness was starting to show now that the adrenaline was gone, and unfortunately for her, the wagon was also heavier now, carrying several injured individuals, plus other supplies from the camp. At least there wasn't as much urgency to reach their destination, so she could just walk all the way back to village.

Rick [HP: 9/20]
Day 1 - Front Gate, Jubilife Village

Meanwhile, back in Jubilife...

"Why are they taking so long? Even after going off at full gallop. Did they crash? Did she break a leg? Did she get mauled? All of those?"

Rick was peering through the window of the hospital room at the village's gates. He had been told to rest, but that was pretty much impossible. The only thing he had to relief his stress somewhat and keep him on his feet was a box of painkillers that he'd been munching on as if they were cough-drops. He then saw a bunch of citizens and a few guards gathering at the gates. Rick's eyes widened, as the nurse talked. "Well, actually, it looks like your friends have just arrived." She said, grining. Rick quickly went off the door, throwing the box over his shoulder at the nurse for her to grab. (And she did. Nice reflexes.)

As the wagon stopped, everyone started unloading the package and taking the injured to the medical wing. Iris just waited patiently for someone to remove the harness, panting and with her head droped. "Iris!" Rick called, walking towards the wagon at a rushed pace. The ponyta briefly perked up upon hearing her name, letting out a short, hoarse whinny. Rick removed the harness before giving Iris a tight hug. "Thank you so much..." He whispered.

"She did her job well! Even listening to her captain when she tried to attack the Luxray." Zisu said, as she walked towards the pair. Rick's eyes widened. "You did what?!" He exclaimed... before the ponyta playfully pinned him to the ground. Rick winced. "I'm not a hundred percent, yet!" He moaned. "I told you I would bring her back safely, did I not?" She added, hands on her waist. Rick smiled. "Well... seeing as you were there, maybe I didn't have to worry so much. Thank you, captain!" He said.

Zisu smiled. "The fact you can ride her without her burning you must be proof of her acceptance to you. Don't you dare ruining it! You can accomplish a lot together." She told him, before walking away. "Now off to the medical wing again! I want you and everyone else in shape for the celebration tonight! Otherwise, you know what awaits you!"

Jubilife Village
Day 1, Nightfall

The long shuffle home saw Shiroi tenderly clutching his side. It was a dull ache that didn’t warrant such a show of infirmity; but then again, what if it was a cracked rib just one reckless action away from puncturing a lung? No siree, Shiroi wasn’t taking the risk.

He was relieved, more than anything else, to be back home in the safety of Jubilife village. Zisu’s speech had been...well, he almost appreciated the reassurance in her voice; but looking onward as people were carted away to the hospital, Shiroi couldn’t help but feel that success was the furthest thing from what they’d accomplished. If this was counted as success in the Galaxy Corps then he didn’t even want to hear about their failures.

After a traumatic first day on the job, he was reconsidering his life choices. He’d always known the Galaxy Corps was dangerous but this...?

At least, given the disastrous state of the corps, they’d be given a restful week; some to recoup and recover. Wait, had Zisu said tomorrow? As in... the m o double-r o w, ‘morrow? Like a few hours away tomorrow? Shiroi stared, slack-jawed. Was the space between her ears occupied by, not a brain, but instead some abstract and gruesome impulse to get them all killed?

Where were the horns? Wasn’t her skin supposed to be red? What happened to her forked tail? Cause this was no mere woman, this wasn’t even on the level of crazy-girl, this...this was far worse...she was a devil! A fiend! And she was in charge! Suddenly, a lot more than just his sides were aching. May great Hisui protect them all. The boy signed a frantic cross in her direction. It looked like she was headed to the hospital, probably to feast on the blood of the sick and infirm. Honestly, he wanted nothing to do with it. Unless...?
Seeing Zisu's point, Tatsu pocketed the ball containing Merlin. After having his offer refused, he felt her pat his shoulder and express her surprise at his lack of injuries. "Actually, I was catapulted at the Luxray by my Stantler, as soon as we got here."
Considering his only problem was a minor headache accompanied by slight tinnitus, Tatsu decided to walk alongside the wagon with his staff in hand and Avani on his shoulders. "When we get home, I think we'll need to have a word with Merlin."
Having reached Jubilife Village, Tatsu realized he wanted nothing more than to turn in for the day. Stifling a yawn, he heard Zisu mention a celebration and groaned. "I hope it isn't too loud at least."
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Day 2
Jubilife Village

After having delivered everyone's missions to their respective address, Kawa was geared up and ready to go. He had Kague with him and that was it. The Glameow he had captured ran away as soon as he opened the Pokeball and was now running wild somewhere within the village. He wasn't going to bother with someone with that attitude. Kague was more than happy to be the only one on the team until she earned her spot as Kawa's second hand in command.

Kawa stood at the village's gates. His back still ached due to the burns from the Thunder attack and his leg from the Psyduck attack. Still, he reported everything to Zisu and assigned himself to the most important mission. He had two members joining them, one of them being new and he figured he should get to know them better. One of them was the survivalist Tatsu and the other a Jenny, Sapphire. Kague purred loudly as Kawa tossed her an Oran Berry, making sure she was full of energy for their adventure.

@EmoKitty21 @Draco Nightshade
Phoenix Joy- Day 1 - Nightfall - On the way back to Jublife Village -

Phoenix was not happy with the ride on the wagon as it caused his leg to be jostled and it hurt like nothing before. He was glad for the help from Yua and the new member that had shown up with the others. Turning to Yua, he spoke in soft tones that shown how much pain he was in with his leg. "Yua thank you for all of your help. I really appreciate it. I do not know what I would have done without your help. It just goes to show you that you should never be overconfident." With that said, Phoenix passed out from the pain that he was feeling in both his arm and leg.

Day 2 - Phoenix Joy -
Phoenix woke up in a well-lit room. The first thing he noticed was the weight that was on his uninjured side. It seemed that he had something sleeping partly on him. Looking down, Phoenix smiled as he found out the weight was from his three pokemon nestled beside him along his leg. It would seem that he had earned a bit of their trust last night when he protected them. Lowering his hand down he started to run his fingers through the fur of Kit and his growlithe. The small movements caused the three pokemon to wake up and yip happily at their trainer. With soft movements they burrowed into his chest as he hugged the three with his good arm. His other arm was in a much sturdier cast, along with his leg.

Day 2 - Saphire Jenny -

Saphire Jenny was happy as any girl could be she was going to be apart of something amazing and the best part was that she would have a pokemon by her side. Justice was just like her trainer and was eager to get started, her ears were moving in time with the bouncing that she was doing around the room. Though all movement from trainer and pokemon stopped when Saphi heard her mother call her from the living room. "Saphi come honey, you are going to be late for your first day in the Galaxy Corps. Also, you need to come and get Severity as she is chewing on the furniture again."

"Coming mom, I will be right there." Making sure she had everything that she thought she would need, and probably more than that as she tends to be one to overprepare. Justice jumped up onto Saphire as she was leaving the room and stayed resting on her shoulder. Coming into the living room, Saphire noticed the small puppy pokemon chewing on the couch and somehow ripped apart one of the ropes that held the bottom part together. "Severity, put that down!" Saphire shouted as she chased after the mon as it ran out of the room and into the kitchen. The growlithe did not drop the rope, even when Saphi had caught it and tugged it to try and get it away. This only caused Severity to shake her head, as to her it was a game and she wanted the toy for herself. With a smirk the small puppy pokemon dropped the rope. This caused Saphire to fall and tumble over the table that was centered in the room, and landed right on the other side of it. Severity then grabbed the sausage that was hanging on the counter and took off.

It was another chase for Saphire as she tried to run after her. It was only made worse when a Glameow hissed at Severity and lunged at them. The growlithe dropped the sausages and ran behind Saphire who picked up Severity and ran to the gate where she was to meet the leader of her group. When she finally made it, she was out of breath and panting. "I... am... here." Saphire was panting and leaning down to try and help fix the not breathing problem.
~Day 1...~

After having a nice trip back to Jubilife Village and talking with some of the other members of the group, there was a nice meal. Plenty of people would need to go to the hospital for quite a while. Hopefully it would be a long time before they'd go up against another alpha pokémon.

~Day 2...~

Everyone was assigned to jobs. Some were sent out in the field to catch pokemon and fill the dex. Others got to collect berries and stuff. and a few unlucky individuals got to clean horse shit. Bo would be working with Rick again. Bo wondered if anyone would notice him sneak off to join the berry searching group. Shake a tree or two. Maybe find some bug pokémon. He watched the other groups leave and stood in view of the town gate. The main exit of the village. It was right there! He just needed to take thirty more steps and he'd be gone.

However Bo wasn't going to make Rick work the stables by himself. So he turned and went to his correct post. Boa was tucked away under Bo's hat, and Squirmy was inside it's pokéball as it did eventually albeit reluctantly return to Bo the other day. He stood on the bridge that went over the stream passing through the village. He had a nice view of the stables. There weren't many pokémon so there wasn't too much to do. That was one nice thing. He stood there a few minutes looking around hoping to find a bug fly over the village to have an excuse to not go straight to work. No such luck. every few steps, he'd look around in hopes of finding something that wasn't there. Nope. He had ran out of excuses. He wondered how the others were doing. He then looked as some of the villagers went about their daily routine. Nothing out of the usual. Everything was moving like a normal day, and so should he.

Bo did eventually start working eventually. He grabbed boa, whom strangely began crawling over to a tree in the shade. It latched onto the tree quite firmly and when Bo went to pull it off the tree, it would not budge.

"Now what are you doing...? Come on! We got work to do! We can't have two lazy slackers here, that's my job, Boa" Bo said pausing. Not only was Boa refusing to move, it also didn't react to Bo trying to pull it off the tree. This act felt even more odd because Boa always reacted in some way, shape or form. Bo stood there at a loss of words as the bug pokémon held tightly to the tree. It's pinchers were lodged tightly into the tree bark.

"Boa...? I'll get to work, but you think about what your actions!" Bo said walking backwards and squinting his eyes in an attempt to look disappointed, but fell flat when Bo tripped and landed on his butt. Luckily grass was the only thing he fell on. With a horse or two around, there were plenty of things Bo did not want to step in nor fall on. He grabbed a pitchfork and took out his other pokéball. Squirmy was in it. He looked at it for a few minutes. "Come on out, squirmy!" Bo said, sending out his wurmple.

The wurmple turned and saw a menacing sight. The creature towered several feet over him and held a pitchfork pointed right at him. Squirmy could practically see all of its few memories it had, all flash before its very eyes. It was horrifying. Nowhere near as scary as the luxray that attacked that camp. Compared to the luxray, Squirmy could probably solo this threat by itself. The pitchfork wielding figure was just Bo ready to start scooping up hay, but the wurmple was already too scared to do anything but run. And that was exactly what it did. It used string shot to pull itself up to the stables rooftop and hide up there.

Bo looked at Squirmy with a vacant expression, "Drama queen..." He muttered before placing the pitchfork down. He grabbed a small bale of hay, just outside the fenced-in area. He took it to the center area where some of the pokémon could go to. The stalls would need to be cleaned out. They'd need more water. More hay would need to be put into the stables for the pokémon to stay warm at night. Lots of work to be had.
Yua Yamamoto

Day 1, Night ->Day 2, Morning
Location: Wagon -> Galaxy Hall, Jubilife Village
Pokémon: Zashi the Dewott; Eevee
Trainer HP: 13/20
: Bandaged (Wounds are covered and are healing properly)

Interactions: Phoenix Joy (EmoKitty21), Fujiki (~Patriot~), Iris the Ponyta (Ridge), Etsuko (IDKWhatUserNameToDo)
Mentions: Kawa Ko (Hecotoro)

Yua waited for Fujiki to help, grinning once she had done so and they got Phoenix into the wagon. Iris was a big help, too, and gave the sweet horse head pats (avoiding the fiery mane in doing so). The purple-eyed girl tried to get Yua's name, but was set upon by a bird. It became clear the bird was her own, as he disappeared in the PokeBall. Yua chuckled. "Ah, that looked painful. If you ever need help settling his energy with a battle, I'm available. Oh, and the name's Yua. Nice to meet you."

Fujiki didn't seem too hurt, so Yua wasn't going to worry too much about her condition. She looked strong enough to handle it. She walked alongside the back of the wagon, making sure Phoenix was okay even though she would have liked to sit down beside him and keep him from jostling around so much. She heard Phoenix's words and it made her smile.

Though, what he said struck a chord with her. Being overconfident. Hm... While she wasn't brimming with confidence like Phoenix surely was, she did let it get to her head sometimes and ended up playing hero when she didn't need to be. But her actions were at least cautious and careful.

Well, she guessed.

When they arrived back in Jubilife Village, Yua's weary body became brimming with energy. The fear and adrenaline she felt back then still surged within her. Even as she gathered around Zisu with whoever did so, she was so antsy, she just wanted to do something. Though, she did find it awesome that Zisu said this was a success despite losing a campsite. They can just rebuild it. Zisu then set them off to rest.

Well, she tried to sleep that night.

Then ended up going to see Kawa late at night. However... A crushing realization befell her as they talked upon the alcove she wanted to show him that overlooked Jubilife Village, and it hurt. So much.

He was engaged. And before that, he asked her if she had a boyfriend, only to be so dense and then lead into that after trying to be passive aggressive with her statement about him not having a girlfriend?

Well... All she wanted to do was sleep that night. She spoke with Phoenix and felt genuinely better after it, but as her aching body woke up the next morning, what he said still played on her mind.

He said he was going to keep their friendship a secret from his father, who was controlling his entire life... Even who he married...

And he even looked surprised when she let it escape that she was interested in him, and that he hurt her as badly as he did...

Did he care that much for her? Already?

She hated this.

The next morning, she found a letter stuck to her door. It was likely left there by Kawa, she recognized his handwriting from his journal she took peeks from.

Man, she hated this. Couldn't she just curl up into a ball and sleep away the days? At least she was being paired up with Etsuko for the coming days and help any who were injured. From what she could remember, herself, Kawa, Phoenix, and Rick were injured. Well, from the group that left to study the wild world of Hisui. There were still other injured, and that was the base's captain and whoever else they found.

Whatever, she'll just show she won't be just another freeloader.

Yua left her Survey Corps. issued house, having worn a tealish-green kimono that became a sky blue further up in a gradient, the collar and cuffs were white and fluffy like clouds, and she wore dark green pants and black boots. The sash around her waist was a navy blue. At least she felt pretty.

Walking into the Galaxy Hall and into the infirmary, she looked around for Etsuko, wondering if she was here yet.
"I wish I knew what was written to me." Tatsu mumbled to himself as he held the paper in his shield hand and made his way to the training field. Avani found the paper in their mail this morning and promptly brought it to her trainer. Tatsu was hoping to find someone to read it for him, preferably Zisu. As always, Avani rode on his shoulders and turned his head whichever way they had to go. Joining the duo was Storm, the Shinx that Tatsu caught yesterday. Merlin, in the meantime was confined to his PokeBall to avoid trouble and prevent escape. Once he made it to the training field he called out. "Is Zisu here? I need someone to read this."
Zisu noticed the blind man walking around and approached him. "Hey!" She called out as she approached Tatsu, "You're supposed to be with Kawa and Sapphire. They should be at the Village gates right about now. Do you need anything?"

Zisu folded her arms and stood still, waiting for a reply from Tatsu. Kawa had probably forgotten about the situation his teammate had, but he did seem distracted while assigning groups. Probably the lack of sleep and the near death experienced from the day before. Still, why didn't Tatsu just ask one of the merchants or shop owners that are always hanging around the dorms?
Rick [HP: 9/20]
Day 1 - Galaxy HQ, Jubilife Village

At the dinning area, everyone was talking, having some fun, enjoying the feast, trying to forget about the latest incident. Rick, however, was just siting there, staring at the plate and wishing the menu was a bit better. "Sinnoh Christ, who the hell cooked this..." He muttered. Then he had an Eureka moment: he could just skip to the dessert. "Oh boy, this party just became better in an instant."

He then felt a presence behind him. He looked over his shoulder to see Zisu staring down at him and cracking knuckles. "Congratulations, Rick! You earned the honor of speaking to Captain Cyllene." She spoke to him. Rick blinked twice. "Huh... interesting. May I pass that honor to someone else on my team?" Without responding and with a smirk, the captain grabed him by the arms, lifting him up straight like a plank and carried him out of the dinning area to Cyllene's office before dropping him. "Go on. She doesn't bit. Much." She said, before leaving.

For a few moments, Rick just stood there, staring at the blue-haired woman, who was seemingly so concentrated looking at all the paperwork that she wasn't aware of his entrance. Until her eyes suddenly turned to him. "Grab a sit." She said. Rick thought for a moment before speaking. "Umm... nah, thanks. I think I'm fi--"

"Grab a sit!" She yelled.

Rick did a little hop and ran to the chair to sit down, with hands on the seat. A few more moments of silence passed. Rick's body was tense, with only his eyes moving around to scan his surroundings, untill he finaly got the guts to talk. "Captain? Do you want me to guess why I'm here?" He asked. Without taking her eyes off the papers, she woman spoke. "While you corp members are enjoying the feast, I am sitting here looking through your team's researches and evaluating their progress." She said.

"Sounds... tedious, ma'am." Rick responded.

"Indeed. Fortunately, some of you new recruits have a good sense of humour. And I'm not even refering to these terrible drawings. Like this dex entry for Bidoof, for example. I quote: Has a goofy face and makes some stupid sounds. Has a few tumours on his butt." She said, with a serene expression. After hearing it, Rick was unable to contain himself and started laughing. "Yeah, that's actualy a pretty goo--" Until he came to a realization and exclaimed. "No wait! That's my pokedex!"

Cyllene continued. "How about this one for Starly: Its chirping is annoying and gives you a headache. Feathers highly resistant to fire. Proved via test. I wonder what kind of test you ran, because we've seen growlithes shooting fireballs at these things, and the result was... not pretty." Rick snapped fingers and pointed at the sheet before replying. "Alright! I actualy found later on that I got tricked on that one!" He said.

"I'm sure you did. You crossed out that sentence and added I got trolled by MLP in brackets. I don't even know what this acronym means, but judging from the other pages, I don't think it's relevant. Moving on!" She said, switching pages.

"Luxray: Has some kind of X-Ray vision that lets it see through stuff. Luxray, X-Ray... I see what you did there." She said, her eyes peeking at Rick from the top of the sheet. "Trust me. People will use that term a lot in the future." Rick said, smiling and leaning back on the chair, trying to look as relaxed as possible. Cyllene wasn't done yet though.

"Ponyta: Omnivore... and I had no courage to read the rest. Putting it in simple terms..." She said, putting the papersheets aside before her eyes rolled towards Rick. "You suck!"

Rick sighed. At this point, he was already sweating profusely and just waiting for the torture to end. "I see where this is going. So... should I just pack my stuff?" He asked.

Cyllene stood up, hands on her back and turning to look through the window, before continuing. "With that being said... even though your research has a lot to be desired, you're the first person to ride a Ponyta that doesn't end in an hospital bed... well, at least not for the reasons we expect. Being able to get anywhere in a fraction of the time it would take us, makes you a great asset to us. Especialy once we start expanding beyond Aspiration Hills."

Rick raised an eyebrow, now a bit more calmer after knowing he wouldn't get expelled. "So why don't you capture a bunch of ponytas and give them to people to tame? We already know they won't burn if they trust you." He questioned.

"You think we haven't tried that? I won't get into details on how the experiment went because I want you to sleep well at night. Let's just say the nurses at the hospital wing had quite a busy week. Besides, ever since an Alpha Rapidash showed up at Horseshoe Plains we were never able to capture more Ponytas." She explained, before she started walking left and right. "You'll continue to work on Team Platinum, but expect to be assigned to mailing, scouting, courier, and personel transport." She told him.

"Is that what I'm gonna do tomorrow?" Rick asked.

Cyllene looked at Rick over her shoulder. "No! You'll stay in the village for a few days until further notice, along with the others who got injured from that Alpha attack." She said, before walking to her desk. "Besides, we expect the Survey Corps to start capturing a lot of pokémon as part of their research, so we'll need help at building the infrastructures to accomodate all of them. The stable we're using for that barely had room for the pokémon we provided you. Your parents helped building the village, so I expect their son to be fitting for the job. Understood?" She explained.

Rick nodded. "Yes ma'am."

The captain sat down on her chair, picking up a few sheets from the desk before speaking. "You'll receive a letter with all the details tomorrow morning. Dismissed!"

Rick [HP: 12/20]
Day 2 - Pastures, Jubilife Village

The next day, back in the hospital where Rick (and many others) spent the night.

"So... in a scale of 1 to 20, how would you rate my health?" Rick asked to the nurse. She tapped the corner of her mouth a few times, with a thoughtful expression. "Hmm... I would say probably a 12." She responded. Rick rolled his eyes up. "Sounds... pretty accurate, to be honest. Anyways! See ya!" He said as he headed to the door.

"We hope to see you again soon!" Said the nurse, waving at him. Rick shook his head in confusion before walking out the door. Did she really want him to get hurt again? Because that would be the only reason for him to come back aside from maybe visiting someone. Rick walked out of the Headquarters. Iris was waiting outside, with a letter in her mouth. "Girl, hopefuly you'll never need a vet." He told her, before grabing the letter off her mouth and walked towards the pastures. Bo was already there, taking the hay into the only fenced area that existed.

"Hey, Bo! They want more pastures for the pokémon! Eight of them, to be specific. So I would probably leave the hay there until we're sure where to put it." Rick told him, while reading the letter. "Oh! And each one needs at least one shelter and four feeders... and they want the main building expanded with six more pens... and nests on each tree for the small flying pokémon..." He continued. Meanwhile, Iris was already working on the hay, assessing the quality of the product...
"Aside from figuring out what was written on this paper, I was wondering if you could help Avani learn Thunder Punch." Tatsu explained. "You see; I heard someone say there were Combee in the Obsidian Highlands and was hoping to try harvesting some of the honey, but I want to keep collateral damage to a minimum."
Remembering his conversation with Rick yesterday, Tatsu quickly asked. "And could you tell me what the other component used to craft PokeBalls was?"
Zisu placed her hands on her hips, "Son, this isn't the time for that. We all have our duties to do today. I can try and help you, but not today. Now, stop making your teammates wait, it's rude." She waved him off, "As your friends for help, I'm sure one of them knows how to craft."

The captain turned her attention back to some guards that were approaching her, she gave Tatus a nod, before attending to the new arrivals.

Kawa meanwhile crossed his arms, not responding to Sapphire. He didn't need to acknowledge her failure to be on time, unlike Tatsu, she had just barely made it. "Kague, keep your eyes out for Tatsu."

Kague chirped with determination. She began scanning the village, looking for whatever a Tatsu was. Sigh, if she only knew what she was looking for.
Understanding what Zisu meant, Tatsu nodded before turning on his heel and quickly making his way to the village gates. "How much do you wanna bet that I'll be chewed out by my squad mates when we get there late?" Avani, still holding onto Tatsu's head, put a thoughtful paw on her chin before answering her blind human. "Ted!" Storm kept quiet as they finally reached the gates. "Sorry I'm late! I couldn't read my letter."
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Kawa, Day Two.

"That's not an excuse, there's plenty of people who can read for you." Kawa replied as Tatsu finally joined them, "You're either a support for the team or a burden, up to you."

Kague lowered her ears, feeling bad she didn't call out when Tatsu arrived, but she had no idea that man was named Tatsu. Kawa checked his pouch once more, making sure his Pokedmon Encyclopedia was there, along with some pencils and brushes. He checked his inventory, he still had some Potions, Full Heals and Pokeballs. Their assignment was pretty simple, continue to study the Pokemon in Obsidian fields.

"Let's move out."

The village guards escorted the team out of the village and watched them go as they made their way through the small canyon that led them to Obsidian Fields. Once they arrived, the camp was almost completely recovered, thanks to the team that had stayed over night to work on it. As they were greeted by the fellow Corp members, Kawa checked their map, showing his team where they were heading out to.

"Horseshoe Plains." he showed them which direction they were to move. "They want us to try and focus on the Ponyta. There has been a sighting of an Alpha Rapidash, a bigger and stronger form of Ponyta. We are to avoid it at all costs. Of course, make sure to gather any important information on any Pokemon you spot on the way, everyone ready?"

Kague sat up straight and puffed out her chest, letting out a small roar to show she was ready to go.

@EmoKitty21 @Draco Nightshade
Tatsu nodded silently to what Kawa said before following along with the others to the base camp. Judging by how his clicks echoed back to him, he could tell the camp was almost completely repaired with only small reminders of the previous night's events. Hearing Kawa announce their destination, Tatsu asked. "I'm sorry for asking this, but are you pointing to the left or the right?"
Saphire Jenny - Obsidian Feilds - Horseshoe Plains - Day 2 -
Saphi was happy to have had the time to recover her breath. Though she was not ready for the man to come towards them with all of the clicking. It made her think the man was really a pokemon masquerading as a human and is trying to fool her into thinking he was human. She gave the man a wide berth as she made her way towards the camp with the two. Knowing it would be better to have her puppy pokemon growlithe in her ball, she recalled Severity into hers, but kept Justice out of hers as she was more likely to listen to her.

Making it to the camp, Saphire was happy to spot all of the damage was almost all gone, and the place was almost rebuilt. She had heard a lot from the attack the night before and was happy to notice that it would not stop them from rebuilding it. Saphi looked around with awe as she took in everything, from the supplies to the tents that were already standing. She hoped she had time to get a good look around before they departed. It would seem that she would not get her wish as soon as she started off, Kawa was on his way back with their mission. Seeing the plains would be amazing as she heard that the pokemon Ponyta were some of the fiercest of the ones that could be found there.

"Oh, are Ponyta the ones like the one that pulled the cart yesterday? Those things are so cool. I bet it would be no trouble to be able to get places with those types of pokemon on our side. Maybe it would be wise to catch one as well. Though it could be painful if they are not very friendly as it could very well cause some problems if there is the alpha Rapidash around like you said." Saphi had gotten a bit carried away and started to speak and did not stop to take a breath until she was done gushing about the pokemon that she had thought was cool when she saw them last night.

When Tatsu started to speak, she gave the man a weird look. Him asking if Kawa was pointing to the left or right, was a bit weird. He could have just looked at them. It was also weird that the man could not read. She hoped that that was not the standard for everyone in the corps, as she had hoped that most would be able to do what needs to be done in the field and learning about pokemon. Do that you need to be able see what the pokemon looks like and how they are towards you and others. All of this just affirmed her belief that he was a pokemon trying to fool them. Though she would wait for the proper time to be able to catch this pokemon off guard.
Etsuko Joy - Team Platinum - Jubilife Village -> Galaxy hall, Medical wing - Day 2

Once Etsuko made her way home after the very long night, she still took some time to patch up her Happiny. It was simply the least she could do. The whole village was essentially still up from all of the chaos and the young Joy's mother was so happy to see that her little girl was unharmed. Together, the mother and daughter prepared some berries for Chamomile, crushing them up to make a sort of juice. It wasn't all too difficult, though Happiny still insisted on getting a bandaid afterwards, which Etsuko obliged. Mostly because she was too tired to object to it.

The next morning Etsuko still rose up early, though tired as she didn't quite get enough sleep last night. Though, she doubt that anyone in the village did quite either. She noticed a note with her name on it. It was a brief on her next assignments. She were to stay in the village for the next couple of days and help the Medical corps. Well, she had no issue with it. She put on her pink kimono outfit with the white pants, tied her hair into the two low ponytails, finally getting the last of the silk in her hair off, and of course put her head scarf on as well.

Pesselle had gotten up even earlier as she had a lot to attend to in the medical wing of Galaxy hall.

"Good bye, mom. I need to go help Pesselle together with Yua," Etsuko said as she opened the door and was met with her mother doing chores outside.

"Good that you are staying in the village for a few days.. And that Yamamoto girl as well. I can only imagine the trouble she has and will get into once she goes outside again," the pink haired woman with a more plump figure said and shook her head.

Etsuko simply nodded to agree, as she couldn't help but remember Yua deciding to get a head start in exploring by sneaking out of the village before their first day as Survey Corps.

The pink haired girl walked past the farm fields and spotted her father working away to try to ensure a good harvest for the village. She gave him a wave and was met with the same gesture. While walking she couldn't help but wonder what Kei would be doing. She was probably going to be assigned to do something outside the village since the clan members had been taken on as they knew the lands of Hisui better. Hopefully she would be alright.

Etsuko finally made it to Galaxy hall and saw Yua already there waiting for her outside the infirmary, "Hi, Yua. Sorry for the wait-" the pink haired girl said with a small wave with an apologetic smile.

Right as she spoke though, Pesselle popped her head out of the room and was relieved to see that the help had arrived and that one of them was even her younger sister, "Are you two here to help us? There are aprons for you two to take," the head of the Medical corps said before going to attend one of the Security corps that had been guard at the camp at the time of the Luxray attack.
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Team Kawa, Day Two

"Just..." Kawa sighed, scolding himself internally for forgetting Tatsu was blind, "... just follow me."

Kawa began leading his group towards the famous Horseshoe Plains, even noticing the tree he and Yua had used as a rest stop the day before, almost making him smile. But for now, he had to focus on the mission at hand. Filling up the encyclopedia was going to be a long and tiring task, so the more time they put into it, the better. As they reached the destination, there was a large boulder next to a small lake, on the other side of said lake, there were Ponyta gathered around, calmly munching on grass.

"This is good." Kawa held up his hand, "We'll use the boulder as a base. Tatsu, are you able to set up camp? We just need to stay here for the day, no need for a sleeping area or anything. Maybe get some food going. Sapphire, me and you will try and creep closer through that tall grass, just enough to see them more clearly and maybe get some data on their diet. Any questions?"
Having followed the others to the Horseshoe Plains, Tatsu was then directed to set up camp. Upon hearing Kawa ask if they had any questions, Tatsu spoke up. "Actually, I'd been meaning to ask about raw materials required to craft PokeBalls, besides the obvious Apricorns. And would you like for me to set up a canopy?"
While he was talking, Tatsu stabbed his staff upright into the ground and knelt down gesturing for Avani to start digging out a fire pit while he turned to his Shinx. "Storm, can you gather small sticks and twigs and bring them back here?" Tilting her head in minor confusion, Storm nonetheless did as she was asked and wandered nearby, looking for anything she could easily carry back.
Pulling out his last PokeBall, Tatsu hesitantly let out Merlin, deciding the Stantler needed some fresh air. After a good stretch, Merlin saw where they were and decided to make a run for it. At least, that was the plan. Tatsu had draped his arm around the base of the Pokemon's neck, temporarily ensuring he would not try anything. "Listen Merlin, if you don't behave, I won't play my ocarina for you." Remembering the sound that he heard before voluntarily entering the PokeBall, Merlin wished to hear it again and decided to cooperate for the time being.
Turning back to his squad mates, Tatsu asked. "Anything else?"
Kei Fudo - Day 2 - Jubilife Village

Kei had woken up early, having eaten a light breakfast of berries and nuts before going for a run around the village. As she returned, she took a bath before realizing there was a letter on the floor. A briefing on her next assignment, she was to gather resources with two others and be outside of the village for a couple days. Nothing too streneous, maybe she would be with Etsuko?

As she arrived at the Galaxy Hall, the Diamond Clan girl couldn't help but grin as she saw Etsuko, but she seemed to be busy with Pesselle. Heading upstairs, she awaited her fellow gatherers as she thought about places to find those resources without being exposed to too much danger.
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Fujiki Oshuoka - Jubilife Village
Day 2
20/20 HP

Fujiki slept like a rock after the evening's festivities, snoozing well into the morning and waking up to the sunlight streaming into her little apartment through the paper windows.

The Johto native gave a big YAAAWN as she stretched her arms, her tangled hair a rat's nest atop her head, and she wiped the drool from her mouth absentmindedly. Morning time...a new day...a new day! It was her first day on the job! Had she overslept?! Fujiki shot to her feet, her head whipping around ferally as she tried to assess the time and how much of an ass whooping she was about to get from Zisu.

She'd couldn't get stuck on paperwork duty again! Fujiki dashed to her wardrobe and swiped a comb off the top, frantically raking it through her golden-brown hair and tying it up in a messy bun before throwing on a purple-flower-patterned blue kimono. A loose-fitting Galaxy Corps scarf completed the look, and she took a brief moment to admire herself in the mirror before sprinting to the door.

Fujiki threw the doors open half-expecting an irate Captain Zisu on the other side, but all she found was a letter on her doorstep. Her mission details? The girl tore it open and read quickly. So she'd be on a team of three, and they were gathering ingredients for a couple days? Those ingredients wouldn't know what hit 'em!

A quick jaunt over to the Galaxy Hall later and Fujiki was headed upstairs to meet with her new teammates, an excited grin plastered across her face. It would be her first mission, but their second. She'd just have to try twice as hard!

Trying twice as hard might not be feasible, though, because when she entered the planning room she realized she was teamed with the crazy strong girl she always saw working out! A Diamond Clan member, if she remembered correctly, though she hadn't managed to catch her name at last night's banquet.

"Hi!" Fujiki introduced herself right away, "I'm Fujiki, looks like we're gonna be teammates!" The Johtonian girl excitedly shot her hand out to take the dark-skinned girl's hand for a shake. "What's your name?! Isn't this super cool?!"
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Kei Fudo - Day 2 - Jubilife Village - Galaxy Hall

Kei looked at the girl who introduced herself as Fujiki, smiling at her. She was energetic, always a good thing. "Good morning, Fujiki. The name's Kei Fudo, so you're my teammate for the foreseeable future?" The Diamond Clan girl asked, shaking Fujiki's hand. "I'm happy to see you're as excited as you are, that energy will do you good."

Kei had no idea who this girl was, but she was not complaining. It beat having someone who was afraid to do things outside of the village, that was for sure.

Bo slipped, catching the fence, before pulling himself up. "What?" Bo asked before looking over to Rick. Bo sighed and let out a long grumble.

"Yeah, I'm sure they do. I'm sure they do... I am not doing this by hand though" Bo replied. He took the pitchfork and began scooping up wheat in a wooden cart. Small scoops mostly. Small but faster and conserved a little bit of energy. But near the end, he began making bigger scoops. He then began pushing the cart out towards the field. Once Bo had found a reasonable spot, he leaned against it, and took a minute or two to catch his break. Nobody was gonna yell at them and tell them to get back to work and presumably nothing was gonna jump outta the thicket and attack them.

Bo spit on the ground then looked up at the sky. He Looking over at Boa, whom hadn't moved an inch nor even seem to notice all the work Bo was doing. Squirmy was off the rooftop and into a tree. His bugs were no help pushing the wheat, that was for sure. Not that a couple small bugs could offer much help at this task anyways.

When Squirmy saw Bo looking at him, the bug squirmed out of eyesight and into the tree ever so nervously. It might helped him that one time, but it still hadn't gotten used to him yet.

"Hm! There shouldn't be too many pokémon to worry about feeding so we shouldn't have a lot of food to spread out" Bo said before taking the pitchfork and shoveling food off to the side in a neat pile.
Rick [HP: 12/20]
Day 2 - Pastures, Jubilife Village

"Iris! Stop eating our work!" Rick shouted. The ponyta took one last mouthful of hay from the pile and trotted back to him. "Go to my house, and bring me a linen thread, please." He told her. The ponyta tilted her head. She didn't know what a linen thread is. Rick raised an eyebrow. He pulled out his pokedex and wrote a message in it. "Show that to my mom, she knows what it is." He told her. The filly swallowed the hay before grabing the book in her mouth and cantered off.

While he waited, he went to pick up a wooden cart, some rope, and a shovel. "Two fields for males and two for females, no unwanted pregnancies here. One field for eventual babies, a small one for the pokémon that don't know how to behave, one for the sick, and two spare ones for any eventuality. That's... a lot! Do we even have wood for all that?" Rick murmured, before putting the message back into his pocket. The ponyta eventualy returned with the thread. "Nice! Thank you so much! Now... come here." Rick walked to the cart, gesturing at Iris to follow. "So! You already know how this works. It's not nearly as heavy as the one you pulled yesterday." He said. The ponyta put herself in position, while Rick tied the filly to the cart with ropes.

"Okay! Now, go to that lumbermill over there..." Rick pointed at the house where a man was cutting logs. "And start carrying those lumbers here. Oh! Here! Have some coffee beans. They give you energy." He said, reaching a palm to her. Rick was about to learn that you shouldn't give caffeine to an equine. The ponyta took the beans from Rick's hand, her eyes widening before she turned and walked off in a hurried pace. Rick returned to his work, using the linen thread to delimit the fields they were gonna make, for later to start making the fences. While doing so, he was startled when Iris's flames flared up abruptly. "Wow! I didn't know caffeine was this quick at taking effect!"
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~Bo Lake...~

"Hey! Hay! Hey! Git!" Bo yelled swinging his pitchfork as the horse ate. The ponyta went away as Rick commanded it to. He went back to the cart to make sure there was plenty wheat. Rick was ready to go to the lumber area. Bo reached the cart.

"They ain't about to have me get all sweaty putting up picket fences into the ground! Be sure nice to pick berries instead of this" Bo leaned against the cart, taking in the sunlight. He looked up, may arceus strike down the these logs into the ground!! Cause I don't wanna..." Bo said. He picked up a mallet and put one of the boards standing tall in place.




Bo sat down and leaned against the board. They still had more to put into the ground. This was not gonna be easy and it would involve several naps, a few breaks, lunch breaks and maybe a 30 minute trip outta the village. Or just a lunch break in a few hours.

Bo got up and resumed putting more posts into the ground.

"You would think this work would be given to a construction corp or a miscellaneous corp... not the survey corp... Not enough bugs here... This place sucks" Bo muttered. He continued putting more posts in.

"Hows it going over there...?" Bo asked Rick.
Yua Yamamoto

Day 2, Morning
Location: Galaxy Hall, Jubilife Village
Pokémon: Zashi the Dewott; Eevee
Trainer HP: 13/20
: Bandaged (Wounds are covered and are healing properly)

Interactions: Etsuko (IDKWhatUserNameToDo)
Mentions: Kawa Ko (Hecotoro)

Finally, Etsuko arrived, and she waved happily. "It's alright." Yua nearly jumped out of her skin when Pesselle appeared out of nowhere, though. Were they that loud? Or was it silent in there? Either way, she looked at Etsuko questioningly before following Pesselle, grabbing an apron and putting it on while also uh... embarrassingly having difficulties with the tie on her back.

Maaaan, even though she was still mad at him, she would rather be out there with Kawa right about now.

She noticed the guy who was there when the Luxray attacked and gave him a soft wave. Finally managing to get the tie on properly, she looked back at Etsuko. "So, how are you? How's Kei doing? Heard you two were hanging out last night." Of course... Of course, talk spread. Especially since people were rather awake at the wee hours of the morning - Yua was no exception.

Was it disrespectful to chat and gossip when they should be helping people? Probably, but she wanted to see how Etsuko was doing and hoping that her time with Kei wasn't destroyed like how her night with Kawa was.

Damn idiot.
Team Kawa, Day Two

Why is he talking to himself? Kawa sighed, looking back at Tatsu by the boulder. He clearly stated they were leaving but it seemed they left too fast. He couldn't go back though, they had a good spot on the tall grass, and even though he could see Tatsu, they were a good couple meters away, Tatsu couldn't probably hear him if he shouted and the Ponyta would notice their position.

"Keep your eye on Tatsu." Kawa whispered to Sapphire, "If he starts walking this way, he won't notice the Ponyta and scare them away."

While Kague hid in the grass next to them, ready to pounce in case anything happened, Kawa took out his burnt encyclopedia, courtesy of the Alpha Luxray striking his back with a Thunder, and began to write information about the fire Pokemon.

Moves in packs, eats grass, help each other clean themselves, sensitive to sounds, fire doesn't seem to burn anything around them.

"We need to make them interact somehow, any ideas?"
Clicking in Kawa's direction, Tatsu realized they were already gone and shrugged. "Whatever." Tatsu then turned to his Stantler. "Merlin, can I trust you to keep watch while we get things set up?" While the deer Pokemon was not all too fond of the idea of working, he somehow got it in his head that he was given the easiest yet most important job of the group. Not to mention Tatsu promising to play his instrument again, Merlin nodded. "Stant!"
With Merlin keeping watch over their surroundings, Tatsu checked Avani's progress on the fire pit. After a couple of clicks, Tatsu reached down to bottom of the pit that was somehow about thirteen inches deep already and decided it was good enough. "Ok Avani, I think it's safe to say the pit is ready. How about you go help Storm gather wood, I'll set up the tarp."
Relieved she did not have to dig anymore, the Teddiursa climbed out of the pit that was her handiwork and followed after the Shinx, electing to bring back bigger branches for fuel. With his Pokemon hard at work, Tatsu hung one corner of the tarp from his staff while the other three were held down on the boulder with smaller rocks, emitting sharp clicks to 'see' what he was doing. The resulting 'shelter' was crude but effective from what he could tell, but it was also temporary so he figured it was good enough for today. It was not like it was going to rain. While waiting for Avani and Storm to return with fire fuel, Tatsu sat down and played his ocarina, not knowing or caring if the local Pokemon would care. While the song he played yesterday was something of a lullaby, this one was slightly more upbeat but relaxing nonetheless. He needed a rest and playing his ocarina was how he relaxed. His playing also pleased Merlin and seemed to make the Stantler friendlier towards him.

Jubilife Village
Day 1, Night

Today was a good, a perfect day! Her simple-minded but well-intentioned human had made a sliver of a semblance of a modicum of progress and finally done something smart by offering her a feast of all the leaves she could eat! And eat she did! She was already rather close to evolution; she was a swift maturing bug-type after all (a superior lifeform) and all she needed was a hefty meal that would supply her with the material she needed to spin a cocoon. It also didn’t hurt that she’d vanquished an upstart bird while her human stupidly stood there and soaked up its attacks. Myrtle had often wondered how someone so stupid could stay alive for so long, but now she had her answer, humans could put on shells.

The rest of the day had been exciting, a minor incident with a big kitten had wrecked the human’s home and Myrtle kinda felt bad for them. The spark-kitty was lucky it had run away when it had the chance, if Myrtle had been forced to act, she didn’t mind giving it a good thrashing. Anyway, after those minor events had passed, the humans had returned to their floor-trees, which were kinda stupid now that she thought about it.

The floor-trees were made of wood, like all trees were, but had no leaves to munch on and worst of all, had large visible holes that defeated the entire purpose of hiding in trees in the first place. It was truly a wonder how humans managed to think up such ineffective and inefficient living arrangements. They were surprisingly comfortable though, enough so that Myrtle decided to spin her cocoon and evolve.

Or...at least she would’ve, but her human was doing the dumb human thing he usually did, muttering to himself and pacing back and forth.

“Zisu...she’s crazy...she possessed...”

“The Galaxy corp must be some kind of breeding ground for demonic sacrifices!”

“Oh, sweet Hisui!”

“Back against the wall...I’m the only sane person left...I...I can do this!”

“The devils think they’ll succeed but they don’t know I’m three steps ahead of them!”

It took Myrtle some time to block out the inane rambling, but once she had, she finally spun her cocoon and settled in.

Myrtle’s eyes popped open, and her wormy face settled into a scowl.

Her cocoon was gone, and she needn’t look further than the other side of the room to see what had happened. The human had gathered her silk and was using it to secure more shells to his body. Though mildly annoyed, Myrtle was ultimately magnanimous and forgiving.

The human had done good work today and she was willing to look over his transgressions. The first time...

TWICE! Twice more did that damnable human strip away her cocoon! TWICE!! Was he dumb!? Was he stupid!? Did he not understand the gravity of his actions!? She was advancing! Becoming a greater life form! Why was he getting. In. Her. WAY!!

Three times was mercy enough and filled with righteous fury, Myrtle stabbed forth with her horn.

Jubilife Village
Day 2, Morning

Crazy, insane, deranged! He should’ve never joined the Galactic Corp! These...these...these madmen! They were trying to work him to death. It hadn’t even been twelve hours since the galactic corp had limped back to the village, their forward base destroyed with untold tends injured, hospitalized, or worse, and yet already they wanted him back on the frontlines, outside the village. If that wasn’t madness Shiroi didn’t know what was.

Luckily Shiroi was no ordinary man, he was clever, more clever than the Galactic peons angling for his life. From that moment last night, the moment he’d deduced Zisu’s devilish possession, Shiroi had been planning. Planning out his own path to safety. He called it the Direct Impact Liability Deflecting Overcoat MK II! It would be the new and improved version of his armor, his ultimate lifeline!

With a hearty meal in her stomach, Myrtle had been spitting out threads for some reason and so Shiroi had used them to redo the rigging on his armor. He stripped away much of the padding, aiming for a focused defense that still granted him mobility. Pot-based defenses were focused on his back and arms, heavily padded underneath so that he wouldn’t be too hurt when he used them to block. It had taken three spools of Myrtle’s silk to secure his new armor and when he had finished Myrtle had even helped him test its defenses against her horn.

When morning came Shiroi was ready. With the Direct Impact Liability Deflecting Overcat MK II equipped he marched into Galactic HQ, ready to take on the world.
Saphire Jenny - Obsidian Feilds - Horseshoe Plains - Day 2 -

Saphire was in her own head as she thought about trying to catch this pokemon that had infiltrated her team. He would make a good teammate as he seemed to be friendly. Saphi followed her team leader to the field and stayed near Kawa as she did not trust Tatsu one bit. With Justice on her shoulder, Saphi took no time at all to ready a pokeball in her hand.

Looking to Kawa, Saphi smiled and nodded. "Yes I will keep an eye on them. I am sure they will be a great conversationalist as well." With that Sapphire took to the clicking man's side. Getting close enough, she started to take in the man's appearance. It was a remarkable disguise. It would have fooled more people if it was not for her, the most observant of the Jenny sisters.

Backing up, Sapphire, readied her PokeBall. She took on good look at the pokemon(read Tatsu playing his instrument) and saw that he had pulled out some appanage and used it to play some music. That just caused her to throw the ball. She hoped she had done it right. She had caught the Growlithe quite by accident.
As Tatsu played his ocarina, he felt something hard and rough make contact with his head, forcing a startled note from his ocarina. "The heck was that for?!" Picking up the projectile while rubbing his head, Tatsu realized it was a PokeBall. Turning towards Sapphire and holding up the item, Tatsu called over. "Thanks, I'm keeping it." That said, Tatsu pocketed the ball and emitted an even sharper click than usual right in Sapphire's direction in retaliation.
Team Kawa, Day Two (maybe his last)

Kawa's eyes widen as he turned around and saw Sapphire throw the Pokeball. It was all in slow motion, like a horrible accident about to happen, your brain processing what is about to happen, but your body is unable to respond so quickly. There task had been a simple one, watch the Ponyta. Yet, for some reason, some sort of confusion, or maybe some sick joke, their quiet mission was coming to an end. Kawa turned to face his only loyal partner, Kague, who was already looking back at him with fear in her big brown eyes, as Tatsu called out to "Thanks, I'm keeping it."

"Kague!" Kawa called out as the sound of running hooves began to sound, louder and louder each second, "Run!"

Kawa, grabbed Sapphire's arm to make sure she was up and about, running with him as he broke into a sprint. Bad idea, his bruised shin gave out, making Kawa fall to one knee. Kague stopped in her tracks and turned around, jumping in front of Kawa, activating Protec. The fastest Ponyta ran into the invisible barrier and bounced back, enough time for Kawa to get up and pick up Kague.

"Don't stop running, back to camp!" He called out as the Ponyta were on their tail once again.

Kague would shoot back with her Swift attack to try and slow them down over Kawa's shoulder. The Pearl Clan ninja, called out to his teammates, who at the moment should be faster than he is due to his injury, telling them to keep running. At the same time, the Ponyta stopped and began sending a shower of Ember attacks towards them, setting the area a blaze behind their invadors.
Feeling and hearing a constant rumbling shortly after calling out to Sapphire, Tatsu whistled for his Pokemon and dodged to the opposite side of the boulder. Merlin and the others wasted no time joining him while the small herd went around the boulder, but the quartet quickly realized their troubles were far from over when they smell smoke. "Crap! Avani, Storm, help me put out these flames with dirt, Merlin go help Kawa and Sapphire." Before the Stantler left, Tatsu quickly added. "And please don't do to them what you did to me last night." Merlin gave a small snort and ran to assist the others while Tatsu pulled down the wool tarp he had set up a minute ago, intending to cover patches of flame and hopefully not get burnt in the process.
Saphire Jenny - Obsidian Feilds - Horseshoe Plains - Day 2 -

Saphire was not happy to lose one of her pokeballs to this whatever it is. Though she knows now that he might not be a pokemon, that means that she should not have any trouble with them. "Well how was I supposed to know that that would not work. I mean all I heard was clicking and then the way he spoke to the pokemon that he had." Saphi turned when she was grabbed and found that the ponyta was after them now. She was glad that the small brown pokemon brought up a barrier to protect them.

While they were running, Saphire readied a pokeball and threw it at one of the ponyta that got too close to them. It was one that seemed to be a different color then the others. It was sucked into the ball and started to shake a couple of times before it settled, all while they were running. Justice being the bouncing bunny that she was, she made a mad leap and caught the ball before it could hit the ground, and then made it back to Saphi.

Though it seemed to have made the others mad as well in the capture of their friend, so it caused more and more fire to lash out at them. Saphi was running with all she could and tried to help Kawa as he lagged behind. She threw his arm over her shoulder and helped him move faster. "No one is going to be left behind." Justice secured the ball to Saphi, and turned on the shoulder that she was riding on and fired a beam of electric power was shot into the throng of fire types. This caused them to disperse a bit but caused some to go into a rage.
~Bo the rancher...~

Bo adjusted his straw hat to keep the sun out his eyes. He went over to get some more wooden posts. Though rather than take a few at a time he used the cart to get enough to at least halfway complete the fence work.

"Hoo boy... I betcha none them village folk know no nothin' 'bout no hard work like this here. Yessir. This the typa work that'll put some hair on your chest" Bo said before grabbing another post.

"You ain't gonn' find me out here in the sticks putting up fences when noon gets here. Plus I can tell by the clouds, its gonn' rain soon. I reckon I can probably feel it in my bones too" Bo said. He had only been working out there a few hours and it was already starting to effect him.