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Private/Closed Legends Arceus: Diamond and Pearl


Bo began to creep back to camp. Casually watching It seemed safe, so he began to walk back. Camp was just up ahead. For some reason, he was getting a odd feeling he couldn't quite shake off. Boa must have felt something too because the bug was now being quiet as ever. As Bo eventually arrived near the camp, he saw some people. "Ho! Who goes there! Bandits? Begone bandits!" Bo said balling up a fist and grabbing a scoop of dirt with his other hand. Bo didn't look at the outfits they were wearing. He only knew that some extra people were there, that weren't there earlier.
Yuki, the Ralts Girl
Day 1- night, - Asperation Hill-West- Obsidian Fieldlands
20/20 HP

Yuki made her way back to camp, not checking to see if her partner was following her or not. She already told him that they should head back. Why should she wait on him to return, when it was getting dark? She didn't want to admit it, but part of the reason she wanted to go back was because she didn't want to run into a night-spooker. Or, even worse, a giant night-spooker. She didn't even want to think about that possibility.

She was almost back to the road leading to camp when she sensed something was wrong. Well, actually, she felt Tulip transmiting her fear to her. She was unsure of what it could be, but she didn't want to test it. After all, testing something like that was stupid. Tulip could sense the emotions of others. That was a commonality among her species. Heck! Living with them for so long had given her the weak ability to sense some emotions, though it was often off without the help of her family. If Tulip was afraid and transmitting it to her, there was a justified reason.
Day One, Nightfall, Obsidian Camp

Kawa surveyed the area, he had a good point of view and Yua's blonde hair stood out, letting her know where she was moving about in the camp, or what was left of the camp. Kague was on patrol also, most likely covering his back. She knew to signal him in case something approached. For now, Kawa just wanted to get any injured to a safe location, which included Rick. Kawa had been worried about Yua getting hurt, turns out Rick was the one who needed looking out for.

Thanks to Yua, Kawa now had managed to spot a few more members of the group, perfect. "Everyone!" Kawa called out, aware how dangerous such a thing was, but knew that they needed to move quickly and there wasn't time to try and transmit a message to everyone, "Get any survivors, gather up and let's head back to-"

A flash of fear broke through the night as the cry of Kague warned the entire area. Kawa turned around, in time to see Kague being pinned down by one of the biggest paws he had ever laid his hands on. The Pear Clan ninja was taught to stand strong in moments of fear, but they never trained him to react when he feels he just became pray to such a beast. The red glowing eyes and the load growling made even the air around him tremble. Kawa's eyes matched Kague's, who was tearing up but unable to make a sound from the pression on her. He needed to save her, he needed to warn the rest, he needed to move, but he couldn't.

The roar of the Alpha sounded across the field, making the earth quiver with its might. This also worked as a trigger, Kawa's instincts kicked in. The ninja stepped in front of Tanta, "Get out of here!" He shouted as the Luxray leaned began and prepared to pounce, "Rick, RUN!"

The Luxray leaped, his eyes set on the human making all the noise. Instinct, that's all that Kawa had, if you were to ask him to react like he did that night, he probably couldn't do it again. Without knowing if it would work, Kawa leaped and rolled forward, feeling the static in the air as the Luxray passed over him. Again, that ground shaking roar. The ninja knew he needed to keep the Luxray away from the camp, until his teammates could get it together.

"Kague, Attack!"

Kague closed her eyes and began to glow, sending a Switf attack at the alpha Pokemon. But the move seemed to only make it more upset, as it began to growl loudly after the Swift just bounced of its fur. However, its eyes were locked on Kawa and Kague. The ninja couldn't roll away again, not with his injured leg and now that the enemy was prepared for such a move. The clouds above the campsite began to darken as electricity covered the body of the Alpha Luxray, a roar to the sky caused lighting to explode in the clouds before thunderbolts began raining down all over the camp site.

"Team Planitum, if you can fight, fight, if you can't evacuate! Rick use your Ponyta and get to Jubilife, we need backup!" Those were the last words that Kawa shouted before a Thunder exploded behind him and sent flying forward, leaving Kague to face the alpha alone.
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Rick [HP: 9/20]
Day 1 - Fieldlands Camp, Obsidian Fieldlands

Rick flinched when Kawa started calling the rest of the team that were at the campsite. If the creature was still nearby, wouldn't that just reveal their position? Though it probably wouldn't matter anyways. Unknowingly to them, the Luxray was already there, just waiting for the best opportunity to jump out of its hiding. The ponyta's ears tweaked towards a bursh and she started growling. "What's wrong?" Rick asked. And soon after, he turned at the cries of Kawa's eevee, who had just been pinned down by the Luxray.

"I can't believe this thing followed us here. What a persistent little..." Rick grumbled, as he started getting up to at least a three-point stance. The Luxray's attention shifted from the eevee towards Kawa as the latter started shouting. The clan member told Rick to run away, and before Rick could express his opinion about that, the ponyta dipped her head under him and moved a few strides away from the action, turning back just to hear Kawa's final orders of getting help from Jubilife before a lightning struck right next to him. Rick gritted his teeth, but relutantly patted the ponyta's neck and urged her forward. "Let's go."

On the way back, he passed through the camp. "Guys! This camp was attacked by a giant pokémon when I was here a few hours ago, and Kawa is now fending that thing off up those hills." Rick warned in a rushed tone, pointing with one arm at the hills before continuing. "Hold it off while I get help from Jubilife, and don't try to hide. That thing can see through solid objects somehow." Before anyone could make him any questions, he darted off through the canyon and towards Jubilife.

"Tsk, what a nice start. Why did no one told us about these Alpha Pokémon at all?" He muttered as he held on.

Galaxy Corps Team Platinum
Day 1, Nightfall

Shiroi barely stopped himself from spinning around and slapping Phoenix across the face; why the f$$^—FUDGE, would he jinx it!? The boy barely had the time to gripe as Phoenix’s unlucky word became a reality. A deafening roar came from somewhere and thunder boomed from far too close for comfort. Shiroi didn’t know where the noise was coming from, in fact, maybe there wasn’t even a noise; maybe it was all in his head. There was nothing wrong. There was no danger. But maybe he should put back on his armor just to be safe...wait a minute. The armor, though warped, still had considerable defensive capabilities. If he could re-equip it quickly then maybe together, he, and whoever else was here, could take down whatever threat had arisen.

Memories of his invincibility emboldened him. Shiroi straightened his back and puffed his chest. He had taken down two pokémon in single combat, whatever had the misfortune to stumble across the camp would simply be the third. Shiroi whirled around to face the direction the disturbance had come from. “Alright Phoenix, get ready to beat up–“, and then he saw Kawa get absolutely creamed by the mother of all thunderbolts.

His confidence vanished immediately.

‘Fight? What? Who? Him? Fight who? Fight that? What? Sorry, come again? Fight? Was that even a word? Don't lie. Didn’t you just make that word up? It certainly wasn’t in Shiroi’s dictionary! Had Kawa lost his mind?’

Slightly dazed, Shiroi turned to Phoenix.

“You know, I’m actually a pacifist...”

If anyone was near the camp, they certainly didn't hear him. That or they chose not to react to him. Bo began to make his way slowly a d cautiously to camp. Sonething felt odd, then he heard it. It sounded like it came from camp. Bo stood behind some rocks near a ledge. He could run, but he also saw Kawa call out for help.

"Naw. You screwed up and got yourself into this mess. You unscrew yourself on your own!" Is what Bo wanted to say, but didn't.

Bo placed nincada on the ground and attempted to have nincada to sneak through the tall grass. Once nincada had some distance between himself and Bo, Bo sent out his wurmple Squirmy, "use..." before Bo could finish his sentence, Squirmy did exactly what it was named and began squirming away. "...String shot...?

He turned to face Kawa and the Luxray, "Use mud slap!" Bo said.

From them the cover of tall grass, shot out a clump of mud at the luxray. The nincada in the grass moving through the grass. Bo took cover and waited. Thinking his next course of action carefully. He had willingly gotten himself in a tricky situation and would need to plan carefully. At least behind cover, he could stall a little time. Running away didn't seem like the best option just yet, but it was a tempting option at least while he still had most of his energy.
Yua Yamamoto

Day 1, Night
Location: Fieldlands Camp, Aspiration Hills, Obsidian Fieldlands
Pokémon: Tanta the Oshawott; Eevee
Trainer HP: 15/20
: Bandaged (Wounds are covered and are healing properly);

Interactions: Kawa Ko and Kague the Eevee (Hecotoro)
Mentions: Rick (Ridge), Shiroi (kyuukestu), Phoenix (EmoKitty21), Boa the Nincada (ThAtGuY101)

Not only did Yua hear some random guy yell about bandits, but Yua heard Kawa yell!! Why??? She stared at the hilltop, eyebrows furrowed and her lip curling in frustration. He had an injured man up there!! What the hell was he doing???

That was when she saw the black and blue blur barely visible in the night. The only time she knew it was there where the glowing parts on its body and its red eyes. Yua swore under her breath, her fear becoming anger as she growled. She looked over to see Tanta, who was backing away, her shell being held in a defensive position in front of her. "Tanta, let's get up there and use Swords Dance." Tanta looked at her trainer as if she was crazy, but followed Yua up to the top of the hill. Tanta did a hypnotic dance with her shell once they made it, her body glowing white as energy pooled into her and it made her feel so much stronger.

At least Rick left. That was good. Shiroi was still standing there like a scaredy-Meowth, but why wouldn't he? This was reasonable, but now's not the time. She wondered what Phoenix would do. But now wasn't the time to ponder about another's probable choice of actions. Yua and Tanta were on the hill, having seen the Luxray try to shock Kawa, and Kague using Swift. She watched the dark clouds converge and lightning rain down. Whatever Kawa had to say, she didn't hear. She sent out her other Eevee, who yelped upon seeing the Luxray in front of him and tried to run, but Yua was quick to grab him by the collar. She pointed to Kague, the Eevee following her finger to see the Eevee he was trying to save. "If you like her and want to save her, then help us stall this thing out until we get more people to help! Do you understand?" The seriousness of her tone was grave, but the Eevee just stared at Kague, then the Alpha.

Fine... Fine... Yua dropped the Eevee once she was sure he wouldn't run off and he charged towards Kague, his body shining with latent power that he then tried to share with her, his body glowing white before passing over to her, paw aimed to sit on her shoulder as he used Helping Hand.

Meanwhile, Yua was more concerned about Kawa. She ran to where she last saw him, trying to find him and help him up if he was there. She looked back at Tanta. "Night Slash." The Oshawott nodded, her scalchop turning black as an edge - sharper than it was before - came from one end of her scalchop. She rushed forward, trying to hit the Luxray's legs. This was practically a death sentence, but they needed all the help they could get. Luckily, the beast had some piece of mud being thrown at it from the grass, so hopefully it wouldn't notice this supped up Night Slash from trying to aim for the legs, hoping to cripple it.

Where was Kei and Etsuko? What about Yuki and Benkyo? And Tatsu? She hadn't seen them in a while. Were they here and just hiding or have they not come back yet?
Tatsu groaned as he got back to his feet, Avani watching with a worried look. A little while ago he had retrieved his staff while riding his shield. Sadly, this did not prevent him from crashing into and rolling across the bridge. "You alright Avani?" The second she heard her name, the little Teddiursa ran over to her trainer and hugged his leg. Tatsu smiled and reached down to lightly rub her head before "looking" around, emitting sharp clicks at regular intervals in several different directions, trying to find his shield.
While this was happening, Tatsu failed to realize that he was being watched by many curious eyes. The owners being a small herd of Stantler. They had seen many humans from a distance before but this is the closest they ever came to one, especially one as unusual as this one. With each click the human emitted, the Stantler twitched their ears in minor annoyance while watching in confusion as no other human they observed before exhibited this kind of behavior, failing to realize the one in front of them was blind.
"Avani did you happen to see where my shield went?"
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Day One, Nightfall, Obsidian Camp

Never in his life did Kawa think he was going to know what if felt like to have a thunderbolt explode behind him. His ears were ringing, his vision was blurry and for a second he couldn't remember who and where he was. All he felt was pain in his leg, the dirt between his fingers as he clenched his fists and his heart beating against his chest like if trying to escape.

Kague had taken her position in front of Kawa, ready to fight back, but she wasn't alone. From some tall grass, something was throwing mud balls at the alpha Luxray and then they were joined by a slashing Tanta and Yua. The Alpha Pokemon didn't seem to care much about the mud balls hitting his side, he did however take notice of what shot them, turning over his shoulder and looking at the ones responsible for attacking him. He was about to pounce on Bo and his Nincanda, but a sharp sting on his front leg made him flinch and jump a step back. It seemed someone else had decided to attack him also.

The Alpha Luxray glared at Tanta and her weapon, it seemed the intruders in his territory had multiplied and they were now trying to drive him away. It wasn't about to happen. The electric Pokemon let out a loud roar once again, creating an electrical field of electricity around it, a move known as Thunder Wave, paralyzing anything within the electric field.

Kague felt a warm sensation while the Eevee from before used Helping Hand on her, which made her feel braver than usual. The incoming Thunder Wave was a problem though and she needed to protect herself, the other Eevee and Kawa. Using her boosted power, Kague slammed her tail into the ground in front of her, creating a small wave of sand to emerged, just enough to protect them from the Luxray's attack.

The Alpha Pokemon wasn't going to bother with those standing away from him while there was one of them trying to slash at his legs. His fur became covered in static as he aimed at Tanta and lunged forward with a Spark attack.
Phoenix Joy - Day One - Nightfall - Obsidian Camp

Phoenix was not going to stand by and let someone else be hurt. He could see the thunderbolt that came down from the top of the hill. He was not about to let someone else get hurt by the behemoth. With no time to waste, Phoenix took out one of the pokeballs out of his bag. Turning to Kit his ever-faithful companion, he spoke softly to her. "Here is what I need you to do, you seen him doing the thunder attack. I want you get as high up as you can and send as many of them towards the large pokemon as you can. Aim for areas that will hurt it the most."

Kit nodded; she was not the only one had a stake in this place. She had hopped for better time to try out different moves. With a fierce determination, Kit took off for the hill, she used the shadows to hide in as she would rather not be caught in the line of sight of the large alpha. When the large electric cat pokemon turned to the bug pokemon, Kit shot a large bolt of thunder at the pokemon from the back. She had aimed for under the tail. She wanted to make the pokemon think the move came from the back instead of the side where she was stationed.

Phoenix took out his next pokemon, it was his growlithe's pokeball. He released him in front of him. The little puppy pokemon, was happy to see his new friend. He did nose Phoenix as it wanted a treat or something. Though as a large bolt of thunder shot across the sky, he ran to back of Phoenix's legs. Phoenix knelt down and spoke softly to the small puppy pokemon. "Hey growlithe, I need some help. Do you think you can help me?" The puppy pokemon looked to the large alpha and knew he had to help with the takedown of the large pokemon.

"Great, here is what we are going to do." Phoenix leaned down and whispered into the small ear of the growlithe. "I want you to protect us as we make our way into the camp and find anything that can help with the battle. If there is anything left that can be used." Turning to the other person who was in his group, Phoenix spoke in a soft tone though there was an edge of steel in the voice. "We need to find anything that can help. If there is anything that can help shoot sharp objects at him, then we have to look."

Phoenix rolled his eyes at Shiroi when he said he was pacifist. "Right, well, then you would not mind passing your fist right at the large pokemon where it will hurt the most." Phoenix smirked and went to grab and pull the man towards the camp to scout out anything that might be used as something to throw or shoot at the monster of a pokemon. (Only if Shiroi allowed himself to be grabbed and pulled.)
Rick [HP: 9/20]
Day 1 - Training Grounds, Jubilife Village

On a pretty calm night until then, the guard at watch saw a flash of light as Rick approached the front gate. The guard steped in front of the gate, with an arm extended. "Halt! What is th--" Just to get ran over by a ponyta. Rick flinched. "Oof... Sorry! Haven't learned how to stop yet!"

Seconds later, he arrived at the Training Grounds where Zisu was with a few newbie corps. As soon as she spoted them, just like the guard did, she steped on the way with an arm extended. "Stop right there!" She shouted. "Ah, shit! Not her!" Rick exclaimed, thinking the ponyta would run over the captain the same way. Fortunately, the filly actualy had good brakes and stoped before crashing. Rick sighed and whispered. "Thank you..."

Soon after, two guards rushed towards Rick with two wooden buckets, yelling. "Hold on! We brought water!" and dumped two water buckets all over him and the ponyta. Despite being a fire-type, she actualy made less of a fuss than Rick. "Damn, who hired you guys? What the hell was that for?!" Rick complained. The guards stared at him in confusion as Rick remained lied down on the ponyta. "So... you're not on fire?" Asked one of the guards. Rick sighed, before clumsly droping off the ponyta. "Does my clothing look like I was on fire?" He asked rectoricaly. The other guard scratched his hair. "So... how did you..."

"Enough!" Yelled Zisu, with arms crossed. "I'm just as intrigued as everyone else here, and I want an explanation. Your group was told to get back in 24 hours. You arrived in 12 and alone, and must I say... not in very good shape."

"And I'll probably be the only one coming back, if you don't send a task force to the Fieldlands Camp right now." Rick said, his legs shaking as he hanged with an arm over the ponyta's whithers.

Zisu frowned. "Tell me more. I want all the details before sending more men there, especialy considering we already had a support team settled at the camp." She said.

Rick took a deep breath, before explaining. "That support team is all gone. I was at the camp when it was attacked by a giant pokémon. The captain said it was an Alpha and sent me out to warn the others. The thing followed me to my team leader, we got attacked again, and he sent me here to get reinforcements. Now they're fending off against that thing until backup arrives."

Zisu gritted her teeth, biting a fingernail. "Tsk... we settled camp away from Alpha territory to prevent just that. Someone made a huge mistake." She muttered, before looking up at Rick again. "What kind of pokémon was it? An Alpha isn't something you can take on without preparation." She asked.

"Haven't seen one before, but looks like an adult stage of a Shinx. It attacks with electricity. More importantly though, it has the ability to see through solid objects, so hiding from it is pretty much useless. I... actualy learned it the hard way." Rick explained. Zisu frowned. "Luxray." She muttered, before smashing her fists. "Very well! I'll get a team set up and send them out as soon as possible!" She affirmed, before heading to the Headquarters.

"Thanks. So... I guess I'll be going." Rick said, riding back on the ponyta again. Zisu turned to look at him as he walked towards the gates. "And where do you think you're going, young man?" She called. Rick rolled his eyes towards the woman. "Umm... back to camp? The more people fighting that thing, the more--"

"The only place you're going next is the hospital wing!" Zisu interrupted. "You've done enough for today. An injured member will be nothing more than a liability and may end up killing the rest of the team if they have to split their attention to protect you. Guards! Please accompany him, and make sure he feels confortable."

"Oh, come on!" Rick complained, falling flat as he dismounted. Zisu raised an eyebrow. "It baffles me that you managed to hold on to that ponyta in that state. More so than the fact you're sitting on fire without being turned to ash."

Fujiki Oshuoka - Jubilife Village


The Fieldlands Camp reinforcement team snapped into formation, feet together and hands behind their backs, and Zisu paced back and forth in front of the four members as she broke down the situation.

"As I'm sure you heard from Rick's...flashy arrival," the captain said with a grimace,"The Fieldlands Camp is under attack by an Alpha Luxray! You three guards-" Zisu gestured to the three adults in formation, their crimson uniforms illuminated by the village gate's flickering fire light. "-are among our strongest trainers. We'll handle the Alpha and give the defenders the chance to retreat. We'll depart immedia-"

"What about me, ma'am?" The fourth member of the team, Fujiki Oshuoka, chimed in. She'd been milling about at the gate, pouting that she hadn't been selected for the Platinum Team's first mission, when the Ponyta-boy barreled through. Judging by the boy's report, it seemed there should be far more...qualified members to reinforce the camp, but when the captain came out from Headquarters she chose her! How lucky could she get?!

"Ah, Fujiki," Zisu addressed the girl, her eyes narrowing. "Ordinarily that would be twenty push-ups for interrupting, but seeing as this is an emergency I'll let it slide. You were given a Flying-Type Pokemon, correct?"

"Yes, ma'am!" In a rare moment of self-restraint, the girl decided not to mention that her partner, feathered-menace that he was, did nothing but attack her when she released him from his PokeBall.

"Then your partner will be our eyes in the sky!" The captain stated matter-of-factly, "And the two of you will be in charge of assessing the state of the Platinum Team on scene and defending the injured! If we lose the Luxray's attention, or if its attacks stray from our Pokemon, do your best to run interference. Understood?"

"Understood, ma'am!" So, in a sense, she had the most important mission! The girl kept a serious expression, but inside she was practically bursting with excitement. Maybe Captain Zisu had predicted how important she would be for this rescue! Unbeknownest to Fujiki, the truth of the matter was that the Corps just needed a couple extra hands at headquarters to help file paperwork that day.

"Then let's depart immediately!" The Captain commanded, and she led the team out of the gate at a full-on run. It would take them a lot longer to reach the camp than it took Rick to reach the village, and she hoped the newbiews could hold out until then.
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Yua Yamamoto

Day 1, Night
Location: Fieldlands Camp, Aspiration Hills, Obsidian Fieldlands
Pokémon: Tanta the Oshawott; Eevee
Trainer HP: 15/20
: Bandaged (Wounds are covered and are healing properly);

Battling: Alpha Luxray (Hecotoro)
Interactions: Kawa Ko and Kague the Eevee (Hecotoro)
Mentions: Rick (Ridge), Kit the Eevee (EmoKitty21)

Tanta glared up at the red eyes of the Luxray, but absolutely terrified still. She wasn't quaking, even though her body wished she'd run. However, upon hearing the buildup of electricity, Tanta dived back, not wanting to get hit with whatever that was. It looked rather weak, to which Yua deduced it was a Thunder Wave. The Eevee grinned cheekily at the sand being thrown up, protecting the two from the Thunder Wave's attack. Though, he wished she used an actual attack.

Of course, the Spark attack had Tanta's eyes widening. Oh fuck.

"Tanta, Aqua Jet!" Tanta's body cloaked with water and she used it to dive towards the side, barely dodging the Spark attack, and then coming back. Stupidly, going for the Luxray's side. With a Water-Type attack.

Hearing Tanta using a move, the Eevee by Kague's side left her, body cloaked in white as he charged with Quick Attack to attack the other side of the Luxray after that Spark attack, hoping to confuse it with all those attacks and hit at the same time as Tanta.

Where was Rick?

Yua eventually found Kawa, and she placed her hands on his back, looking at his legs worryingly. "Kawa! Come on, Kawa! Can you get up?" She asked, the worry in her tone breaking her voice. Yua saw a third Eevee come into play, using the same electrical attack the Luxray used before Thunder Wave. She hoped that this was a good enough distraction.

Galaxy Corps Team Platinum
Day 1, Nightfall

Tauros-plops! He should’ve seen it coming, the pink-haired ones were always zubat-crap insane! Shiroi despaired and muttered darkly as Phoenix dragged him along, “Bro, if you want to off yourself just say so, why are you tryna drag me down with you?”

Luckily the Luxray was too busy playing with its pokemon food to decide it wanted to have a go at human food. There was still time to escape... actually, hadn’t Zisu specifically ordered them to avoid conflict as much as possible? They were flaunting galactic corp. rules! How dare they put his life at risk! Explicitly against orders to boot! Shiroi took note, he’d report them all when they got back to the town... but for now, “Hey! What’s that!?” The boy pointed to a spot that held a few shredded tents, there was probably nothing there, but the minor distraction would be enough for him to slip away from Phoenix.

Hehe, the oldest trick in the book.
Day One, Nightfall, Obsidian Camp

A loud roar shook the earth once more. The Thunder attack hit the Alpha Pokemon, but it wasn't enough, not even close, instead it angered it more. These smaller creatures were actually attacking it, defying it, trying to take what was his! The Luxray's roar sent a wave across the entire field, removing any buffs the enemies had and removing any debuffs from himself. He wasn't going to hold back, not anymore.

The Alpha's eyes began to glow brighter as dark energy began to shroud his body. He opened his mouth while a giant jaw with fangs began to form in front of him with the dark energy emerging from his body, Crunch. Luxray growled loudly as he rushed ahead, aiming for the one who got away last time, Tanta. After, he turned around and attacked Kague and wild Eevee, just when Kawa was coming back to himself.

"Let's roll!" Kawa called out, literally.

Thanks to his body guard training, Kague and Kawa knew exactly what to do on such a terrain. Kawa tackled Yua at the same time Kague tackled Eevee. Both began rolling down the hill once they hit the ground, barely dodging the Luxray's massive attack. Kawa made sure to wrap his arms around Yua while keeping hers tucked in to make sure she wouldn't get hurt, placing his left ear to hers so their heads wouldn't bounce in a dangerous way. At the same time, Kague wrapped her tail around Eevee's and hang on to her mane with her teeth, allowing them to roll safely downhill. It still hurt, but no serious injuries.

Back at the top, the Alpha set his eyes on his next targets, Kit and that one kid who thought he could hide behind grass. Luxray lunched at Kit with Crunch first and then at Bo and his bug. However, this allowed the Alpha to notice there were even more humans back at the camp, near his offspring. Monsters!

Another Roar. His eyes scanned the camp and Luxray leaped from the hill and landed swiftly in the middle of the camp site. Luxray leaned back, showing his fangs and preparing to attack, ready to destroy those near his child, wherever he might be. Sparks began to fly from his fur, electricity began to crackle as the Pokemon prepared another Spark attack, directed at Phoenix, then Shiroi and then Etsuko.
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Yua Yamamoto

Day 1, Night
Location: Fieldlands Camp, Aspiration Hills, Obsidian Fieldlands
Pokémon: Tanta the Dewott; Eevee
Trainer HP: 15/20
: Bandaged (Wounds are covered and are healing properly);

Battling: Alpha Luxray (Hecotoro)
Interactions: Kawa Ko and Kague the Eevee (Hecotoro)

Tanta lost her power-up from her Swords Dance, her body feeling sapped of the excess energy she held upon being hit by that wave of energy. That dark energy cloaking his maw had Tanta looking worriedly. She looked over to see Yua, only for Kawa to steal her away with a roll, and their Eevees tumbling down the hill with them. Not wanting to be left behind, she attempted to dive down the hill, only to be snatched up by the Luxray. She squealed in pain at the torture she had to endure, the Luxray's head shaking before throwing the heavily injured otter down the hill back to her trainer.

Yua yelped upon being rolled down, and the Eevee's world was spinning as he was unsure of where everything was. Yua held onto Kawa for dear life, afraid that an errant rock would hit either of them on the head, but that didn't seem to happen as they came to a stop at the foot of the hill, their Eevees not so close behind. Yua groaned from the pain of the roll, though it didn't really hurt as badly as being flung by Confusion. "Eurgh... Thanks..." She groaned, somehow still sounding grateful despite how sore she was now.

Eevee stood up, a bit wobbly though. He shook his head and looked at Kague, wonder sparkling in his eyes. She... She saved him. He pounced on Kague, thanking her profusely with soft mewls of delight and nuzzling into her collar before giving her some space so he didn't completely smother her with his gratitude.

Wait... Where was Tanta?

"Tanta!" Yua cried out, softly pushing Kawa to the side as she tried getting up, looking for her Water-Type. The Oshawott laid limply on the hill's side nearby them. Deep holes from the punctures caused by Luxray's teeth were on her body. She stifled her gasp as she quickly got up, running to her Oshawott and sliding on her knees as she went to cradle her first Pokemon.

Eevee was interrupted with whatever he was doing, looking over to see his trainer cradling Oshawott. While he didn't like his trainer still, especially since she tried using him to fight that thing, he couldn't help but feel some amount of sympathy. He carefully approached, staring at her and looking at the gravely wounded Oshawott in her arms. He thought these humans didn't care about them, but seeing the human cry for this creature he thought she stole from her lands... It moved him.

"T-Tanta, please..." The roar of the Luxray sounded like it was miles away. She heard it jump overhead to attack those at the camp, but that was the least of her concerns now. "Tanta, wake up... Please..."

The Oshawott's limp body didn't move, shell laid discarded on the ground beside them. Yua put the scalchop back on her belly. It slid pitifully almost off her body. Choking back a pitiful whimper, she rested her forehead against her Oshawott's, trying to keep her sobbing at a minimum but the tears still fell, now on her Oshawott's face. "I-I'm sorry for being reckless and for asking you to do stupid things... I... I was just so confident nothing too horrible would go wrong... I'm... I'm sorry."

As if Almighty Sinnoh took pity upon her, she heard her Oshawott make a squeak. Eyes opening (and realizing how tired they were from being scrunched up), she saw the Oshawott in her arms light up. She watched in wonder as the Pokemon in her arms grew larger and heavier. What?

Eventually, the light faded, and her Oshawott had transformed into a taller, bluer otter with two scalchops at her hips. "T-... Tanta?" She watched in disbelief. This was what evolution was?

Tanta's squeaking was a bit deeper and more warbled. She still had her wounds, but with effort scrunching her face, she rolled out of Yua's arms and wobbly stood up. The Dewott looked back at Yua, then grinned, giving her a thumbs up.

"Oh, you're alright!!" She cheered, then sighed from relief. However, now they had the Luxray to handle with.

"Tanta, are you able to..." The two looked over at the Alpha Pokemon that was waging war on the people nearby. Yua looked at Dewott and patted her head. "You know what to do, yeah?" The Dewott nodded, giving her a tired, yet affirmative grunt. "Good." Tanta got ready, grabbing both scalchops and doing a hypnotic Swords Dance to power herself up before going in with a Night Slash.

Yua then turned to Kawa, wiping the tears from her eyes with a more determined grin. "Kawa, I was hearing a distressed Shinx around here somewhere. If that's all the Alpha Pokemon is trying to protect, we should find it and give it back to them. Eevee." She looked at the Eevee, who had watched the evolution and the emotional response of the human with awe.

He guessed... Humans weren't all that bad, but that still didn't mean he was going to be easy. "I know you don't like humans, but if you don't help, you're gonna die and so will Kague. Let's find this Shinx. You with me?" The Eevee stared at the human. Then, with ears falling back, his gaze fell to the floor and he looked at Kague, ready to go with her when they were ready. While he still wasn't comfortable being forced to tag along and being ordered around, there was a compromise and that was to keep Kague safe.
Phoenix Joy - Obsidian Camp - Day 1 - Nightfall

Phoenix was not prepared for his new pokemon to attack him like he did. It would seem that getting down to the level of the puppy like pokemon was not a great idea, and so with one swift and very painful bite to the forearm, Phoenix was nursing a bleeding wound. The growlithe wanted to warn the bright furred two leger that he would not tolerate him and his being the small and cramped ball. He hated that thing and would show his disdain for it. With one lunge and a shake of the head later, Phoenix had bite mark that pierced his skin in four different places. It was dripping with blood that would stop a moment later.

Kit was surprised that her attack had worked. She was even more surprised when her hiding place was found so easily and so before she could even work out a way to move, she was hit by the large spark of energy in her direction. As the electric energy flowed through her muscles and body, she was sent flying as she attempted to jump out of the way. It sent the poor fox like pokemon tumbling down the hill. This caught the attention of her trainer and best friend Phoenix, as she landed nearby them. Phoenix rushed to Kit, and in that moment, he did not notice the way that Alpha had jumped down in front of them. That is until he saw the same electric energy crackling around the large alpha pokemon.

Even though he did not have the trust of his newest pokemon, Phoenix made quick work of grabbing the small puppy pokemon and Kit into his arms. He turned his back to the would-be blast. He prepared to guard his pokemon with his own body. He would rather they have the protection then for them all attempt to dodge as Kit could barely move around as she seemed to be paralyzed. Growlithe seemed to want to get away but was held back by Phoenix as he knew that the blast would come in a large area as it seemed to have a way to cover large areas in short bursts.
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Etsuko Joy - Team Platinum - Obsidian Fieldlands - Obsidian Camp - Night

It all happened so fast. A thundering roar had pierced and shattered the tense and silent atmosphere. Etsuko had no idea what was causing all of the screaming, the sizzling noises of electricity. There was so much going on at once that it was disorienting. The young nurse felt her pokeball wiggle in her belt as it then popped open with her Happiny concerned and fearful for all the humans around them.

"Pi! Pi!" The small pink pokemon tried to warn them as she sensed something approaching them and fast. Etstuko felt her breath speed up and shake.


It was the most terrifying thing she had ever seen. It was as if all of Etsuko's worst fears had managed to mix into one scenario and one enormous beast. An Alpha Luxray. The Gleam eyed pokemon's gaze pierced the young nurse with fear with her legs freezing in place. Chamomile went to stand in front of Etsuko to try and protect the girl from harm's way as the Alpha charged at them with electricity crackling from it's fur.

"K-K-K-Keeeeeeiii!" She then finally managed to shriek out as she ducked down to try and dodge the attack in some sort of last ditch effort.
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Kei Fudo - Team Platinum - Obsidian Fieldlands - Obsidian Camp - Night

Kei had watched in silence as she observed the Luxray, not wanting to draw its attention and endanger Etsuko. She was just a civillian, after all. However, she was forced into action as the Luxray had found Etsuko and was charging at her with an Electric move. "Mochi, protect Etsuko!" The Diamond Clan girl said, releasing her Hippopotas to take the Electric move. Mochi's Ground typing should protect it against Electric moves, but that Luxray would still be a massive threat.

Mochi took a moment to process what was going on, but seeing the massive Luxray in front of her scared her enough to focus. Spewing out a large volume of sand out of the orifice on her back, she created a sandstorm with her ability Sand Stream. Kei instinctively narrowed her eyes and attempted to put her goggles around Etsuko's neck. She was a civillian and a medic, she was more important. "Mochi, bulk up with Stockpile!"

Mochi took a deep breath as her body glowed purple, boosting her defenses as she stared down the fatal feline. Kei simply hoped help would come for them before the Grim Reaper.

Galaxy Corps Team Platinum
Day 1, Nightfall

There was absolutely no doubt in Shiroi’s mind, Phoenix was dead. It was a rather unfortunate turn of events and truthfully, Shiroi would’ve mourned his pinked-haired acquaintance, but then the Luxray turned to look at him.


For why!? Did it look like he wanted to fight it? Did it not see that he was running away? Apparently not, because sparks flew from its fur and it launched itself right at him. Shiroi turned to flee, managing only a few steps before the Luxray rammed into his back and he was sent flying through the air. Thankfully, the bundle of armor he’d attached to his back shielded him from the worst harm, but the rest of his body was not so lucky as he bounced across the ground. Oof, he’d be feeling that one in the morning.

Dazed and confused the boy could only wonder... why? Why were they even fighting? It wasn’t like they were going to save anyone, the camp had already been razed to the ground by the time they got here. It wasn’t like they needed anything from the pokémon either. So then...why were they risking life and limb?

Shiroi’s head lolled to the side, providing him with a panoramic view of the battlefield. His eyes widened as he saw the Diamond Clan girl step up to the plate in brave defense of her partner, to protect those weaker than her even at the cost of her own well-being. It was at that moment that Shiroi perfectly understood why they were fighting.

Bitches be crazy.
Day One, Nightfall, Obsidian Camp

Kawa's eyes furrowed as he watched Yua burst into tears over her Pokemon. He understood why, he would probably be a bit sad too if Kague got hurt, but they were in the battlefield, mourning was for after. To his surprise though, Tanta seemed to have gain some powerup, evolving. That's it, they needed to overpower the Luxray.

"Kague!" Kawa called out to his Eevee.

Kague meanwhile was trying to figure out why the homeless Eevee was rubbing up against her, not only was he unable to dodge on his own it seemed, he had some sort of brain damage. Whatever, she was being praised and she was okay with that. Then, her partner's voice made her ears fall down, it sounded like Kawa was upset, was she going to be scolded?! Probably the darn Eevee's fault.

Kawa walked over and looked down at his Eevee, "Good job." he said with a slight nod towards Kague.

Kague's heart melted, she felt fireworks going off inside of her, but she kept her cool, returning the nod with a smile and a loud chirp. She had been praised by two, it was just a matter of time before Tanta acknowledged also. That's when she noticed Tanta was bigger, might even be at Kague's level now. It didn't matter, Tanta needed the advantage.

"Kague I said good job, now evolve!"

Kague looked up, tilting her head to the side. She didn't know how to do that.

"I see, maybe you need to fight the alpha..." Kawa shook his head, terrible idea. "Yua, I'm glad Tanta is okay, gather yourself, we need to go help the others."

Nobody stood a chance it seemed. The Alpha Luxray jumped into the middle of the humans and he started taking them out one by one. First a pink haired one, who used his body to shield his Pokemon slaves. Luxray ran at him, swung his head back and then forward, slamming his Spark attack into Phoenix's back, sending him flying into the air. Next was Shiroi, Luxray hesitated for a moment, watching as he ran away, but feared he would go call for more humans. He charged up his Spark and slammed into him also, sending him flying too. Then there was two.

Luxray faced Etsuko and Kei, growling at the last two standing in his way. He launched at them with Spark, only to be intercepted by a brown blob. The Alpha jumped back and gritted his teeth as a Sandstorm was unleashed. He needed to take them out, specially the little pink one, he knew about her species, they had the ability to heal others. Then the brown big headed one began to increase its defenses, it was time for Luxray to show why he was the alpha.

Luxray sat down and looked up at the sky. He closed his eyes and let out a loud Howl. The song echoed in the distance while the Alpha Pokemon increased its attack power. He sat back up and glared at those standing in his way, gritting his teeth again as the sand scratch his body. He opened his mouth to show his fangs, while a blue cold aura emerged from his body and created a giant jaw in front of him, Ice Fang.

"Kague, attack!"

From behind the Luxray was struck by a Swift attack. He didn't have time to change his attack though, lounging forward towards Kei's team.

"Everyone spread out and attack when you see an opening, surround him and keep Mochi alive, he seems immune to its electricity!" Kawa called out from atop of the hill and began making his way down while Kague charged ahead, preparing another Swift attack.
Kei Fudo - Team Platinum - Obsidian Fieldlands - Obsidian Camp - Night

"Etsuko, get down!" Kei said, attempting to push Etsuko out of harm's way as Mochi let out a startled cry, burrowing underground to avoid the Ice Fang by using Dig. The Diamond Clan member took a moment to catch her breath whilst pinning Etstuko down to the ground, before getting up and covering her eyes against the sandstorm. It was abrasive, but hopefully it would help them win somehow.

"Mochi, Dig!" Kei commanded, causing the ground underneath Luxray to crack as Mochi attempted to slam her full weight into the Luxray's gut. Maybe it would dissuade the Luxray from continuing this fight?
While everyone else was busy with the Alpha Luxray, Tatsu searched for his shield with Avani and Storm while the Stantler watched from a short distance away. "Where could that hunk of metal have gone?" The second the words left his mouth, Tatsu's sharp ears caught a familiar sound of clanking metal. Not just him, but his Pokemon heard the sound as well and the three of them followed it to the source a little bit away. What Tatsu detected with his echolocation was a curious male Stantler knocking on his shield with a cloven hoof. It was only slightly larger than the average Stantler, but no where near as large as an Alpha. Remembering how Storm attacked him when they first met, and currently separated from his shield, Tatsu laid down his staff, pulled out his ocarina and started playing a sort of lullaby in spite of the danger he could be exposed to. Alerted to the young man's presence, the buck turned away from the shield and looked at Tatsu, tilting his head and twitching his ears at the interesting sound. Not just the lone male, the rest of the nearby Stantler were equally intrigued by the sound, though some of them began to yawn as the music seemed to make them feel sleepy just listening to it. One by one, the Pokemon tucked their legs beneath themselves and fell asleep until only the male next to the shield was left awake, seemingly enjoying the music.
Running out of breath, Tatsu was forced to stop playing, promptly removing the instrument from his lips as he breathed deeply. While sat down on the grass, Avani walked over to the Stantler and explained how the shield belonged to her friend and that he was unable to see the world like them, hence why it took them so long to find it. Forgetting about the shield but deciding that he rather liked the music that was played and wishing to hear more, the Stantler asked Avani if her human would mind him coming with them wherever they went. Certain that Tatsu would be ecstatic to gain another Pokemon, Avani ran over to him and found his only other unused PokeBall in his bag while he was distracted and explained the process to the deer, who showed his agreement by tapping the ball himself and being sucked in. Thrice the ball shook, before the little sparks shot out of the top indicating a successful capture. Hearing this, Tatsu looked over and gave Avani a little smile. "You knew I was going to ask him to join us, didn't you?" Receiving the PokeBall, Tatsu called out his newest teammate. "Come on out Merlin!" Retrieving his shield, Tatsu slung it onto his back and looked at the Stantler. "I know we haven't known each other long, but I need your help. My friends are risking their lives in the direction I came from, I need a ride back." While not thrilled about the idea of being ridden, the Stantler not only approved the nickname given to him but also understood what Tatsu was talking about and allowed the blind human to mount. "Thanks Merlin, I'll play my ocarina for you again later." With a loud snort, Merlin stood up and charged for Aspiration Hill. "Hold on guys, the cavalry is coming!"
Etsuko Joy - Team Platinum - Obsidian Fieldlands - Obsidian Camp - Night

When Etsuko wasn't mauled by the alpha Luxray. Suddenly there was sand flying absolutely everywhere and the poor girl covered her eyes with her shaky hands until she felt something be put around her neck. Taking a second to gather herself, she noticed that it was a pair of goggles, and Kei's goggles at that.

She had barely no time to react though before she was pushed down to the ground by the Diamond clan girl. She felt dizzy from all the adrenaline and whatnot rushing in her brain, but she managed to put on the goggles given by Kei so she could actually see through the sandstorm that was raging around the destroyed campsite. Etsuko took in deep breaths to try and stabilize her panicked breathing and it seemed to work to some degree. She was still speechless from everything going on and happening, but now at least she wasn't frozen in fear anymore.

The rough sand hit against Happiny as the small blob positioned herself. She did not like this Luxray at all. Not one bit. Deciding to attack all of these people and pokemon? Unacceptable! With a deep furrow she let out an angry, "Happi!" and extended out her small nubs that were her hands and rhythmically wagged them side to side.

"Happi! Pi, pi, piii!" Chamomile cried out her hands glowed white before the energy transformed into something else. A ball of blue energy, that was probably larger than Happiny herself that then shot out in a powerful water attack, aimed at the large electric type pokemon.
Rick [HP: 9/20]
Day 1 - Jubilife Village

Rick was escorted to a medical room in the Headquarters. Of course, before that, he was given the Galaxy Uniform to change, after his outfit getting soaked by the two guards. He walked into the room, where a nurse was already waiting for him. "Welcome to the Jubilife's Human Centre. We bring humans back to full health!" Said the nurse. Rick raised an eyebrow while he walked to a bed. "Really? Can you do that in seconds? 'Cause that would be great, I have actual important matters to attend."

Rick barely finished talking when the nurse grabbed his burnt hand, making him wince. "And we're off to a bad start!" He complained. The nurse grined. "Lets start with a salve and a bandage on that hand of yours, shall we?" She said. Rick rolled his eyes and sighed. "And then you give me some painkillers and we're done, right?"

"Wrong. Next is physical examination to find out how severe the trauma was." She told, as she applied the salve. "Considering I just rode on the back of a ponyta for 15 minutes straight and managed to stay in, it can't be that bad." He said, making a grimace as the nurse started bandaging.

"You only managed to do that because the adrenaline is shutting down pain. You'll start feeling everything once it runs out. Oh... and judging by your expression, I think it just did." She explained, before starting with palpation. "It's easy for people to disregard blunt traumas when the injuries seem minor. But they can be much worse than they look." She added. Rick sighed and just let the woman do her job. He watched through the windown, seeing Zisu with a group of survey corps running to the gates.

"Fortunately for you, I'll exclude the possibility of internal injury. Afterall, you would probably be dead from your ride if you had any." The nurse said with a grin. "I'll give you some medicine and painkillers for now. You'll be watched closely for the next few hours for symptoms. If nothing comes up, you should be okay with a few days of resting and low activity." She explained.

While she was preparing the medicine box, Rick took another glimpse at window as he saw Zisu's group gathered outside the city's gate, torches in hand and getting ready for departure... and with a more attentive look, it seemed like the torches weren't the only thing ablaze in there. "Hey... what the heck?" Rick muttered, until the nurse came to him and hand him over a box. "Here you have it. It's also a good idea if you spend the night here." She said.

Rick stood up, snagged the box from the nurse's hand and shoved two painkillers down her throat while handing the rest to her. "I'll be back, just give me a minute while I check something outside." He said, walking out of the room as hurriedly as he could in his condition.

As Rick reached the front gates, he saw the ponyta being tied to a wagon with improvised wood harnesses. And judging by the handful of burnt ropes and planks, she wasn't being very cooperative. A part of him didn't want to call out Zisu. But at the same time, he felt like he had to. "Umm... captain? What is all this?" He asked a bit nervously. The ponyta went calmer, as the group stared at him.

Zisu huffed. "Rick! You're really presistent aren't you? Even an order as simple as 'take some rest' seems hard for you to abide." She said, with arms crossed and a straight posture. "Well... fortunately for you, I was almost gonna call you anyways. We're afraid we may not arrive at the camp on time. So we're gonna use this ponyta to pull this wagon, which should take us there in a fraction of the time." She explained. Rick raised an eyebrow. "Does that mean I'll go with you?"

"NO! We already talked about that. You stay here! All we need is for you to do your trick so she won't incinerate everything we put on her. And make it quick! We're running out of time." Zisu shouted. Rick tilted his head to look at the ponyta. "But... she's supposedly my partner. Besides, she's gonna be a sitting ducklet if that Alpha attacks the wagon." He said. Zisu's eyes narrowed. "Your partnership didn't look very promising this morning. Are you growing attached to this pokémon already?"

"Well... she's pretty much the reason I'm still alive. Also... despite the rough start, I think it was the most fun I've had so far." Rick responded. Zisu stared at him for a few moments, before slamming fists. "Then I promise to bring her back safely, like any other member of the team!" She exclaimed. After a brief moment of silence, the ponyta nickered to Rick. The two stared at each other for a moment until she nodded. Rick sighed, before speaking. "Put it on! She should let you, now..." He said, gesturing to the harness. The corp members tacked the ponyta with the harness, and this time without her setting it on fire.

"Thanks!" Said Zisu, before turning to the others. "Get ready! One minute for departure!" She shouted.

Rick walked to the ponyta and kneeled in front of her, petting her under her chin. "Go... Iris. Help the others. Follow the captain's orders. And when you come back, hopefully I'll be in better shape for a little hike." He told her with a faint smile. Iris nickered before licking his face, until Zisu came in. "Are you two done with the farewells?" Zisu asked, as she hoped at the sit of the wagon.

Rick gave two pats on the ponyta's neck before standing and stepping aside. Zisu glanced at Rick one last time and spoke. "I assure you we won't take very long. That Luxray won't know what hit it. Hyaa!!" Iris reared, letting out a loud whinny before running through the canyon, the corp members holding their hats while hanging on to the sideboards.
The second Tatsu reached the camp-turned-battlefield, Merlin suddenly hit the brakes, kicking out his hind legs and flinging Tatsu straight at the Alpha Pokemon in front of him. "MERLIN YOU TRAITOR!!" Thinking quickly, Tatsu tucked his head and limbs against his body as he flew blindly at the electric feline. "MAYDAY! MAYDAY!"
Avani on the other hand looked at the smug looking Stantler with disapproval before jumping up and smacking him on the nose. While wishing to continue the punishment, the little Teddiursa knew that now was not the time for such things and ran towards the Luxray as it got hit by a Water Type move generated by a Happiny of all Pokemon.
Tatsu finally hit the Luxray's side, the sheer momentum knocking it over while he kept flying straight for a boulder. Luckily for him, he hit it shield first. On the other hand, the shock of the impact was strong enough to be felt throughout his entire body and temporarily paralyze him, preventing him from dodging anything that may come his way. "This is not how things are supposed to go!"
Yua Yamamoto

Day 1, Night
Location: Fieldlands Camp, Aspiration Hills, Obsidian Fieldlands
Pokémon: Zashi the Dewott; Eevee
Trainer HP: 12/20
: Bandaged (Wounds are covered and are healing properly); Paralyzed Hands (Motor controls in hands and fingers are suffering, unable to do anything complex)

Battling: Alpha Luxray (Hecotoro)
Interactions: Kawa Ko and Kague the Eevee (Hecotoro)
Mentions: Kei Fudo and Mochi the Hippopotas (DarkHydraT), Etsuko Joy and Chamomile the Happiny (IDKWhatUserNameToDo), Shiroi (kyuukestu), Phoenix Joy (EmoKitty21), Tatsu, Avani the Teddiursa, and Merlin the Stantler (Draco Nightshade)

Yua was unsure of what Kawa was trying to accomplish by telling Kague to evolve. It was almost amusing if it weren't for the near-death experience she just experienced from her Oshawott-... No, Dewott nearly dying in her arms. She nodded at Kawa's seeming sympathy sharing, sniffling a little as she looked at Tanta. "Alright... Zashi." Tanta didn't really budge. "Tanta, your name is Zashi now." Tanta looked back and her eyes widened. Why the name change? Yua patted her Dewott on the back, grinning wide. "From graduating from a tanto, you become a wakizashi. So that is what I'll be calling you now."

Eyes widening and practically sparkling at her trainer, Zashi beamed and felt even more pumped to give it her all. But before she can go and use her now supped up Night Slash, Yua opened up a bottle of a Potion, then splashed it on her wounds. Taking the empty bottle, Yua pocketed it as Zashi got ready, her wounds slowly healing (not completely though) and she felt so much better. Since she just used her Swords Dance, she charged the Luxray, who had already downed Shiroi and Phoenix, and was stopped by Kei's Hippopotas and attacked by Kague's Swift. The Sandstorm irritated Zashi as she got closer, but she was about to use Night Slash when she saw the pink thing in front of it hit the Luxray with a Hydro Pump. WHAT???

Then a random human came in and smashed himself into the Luxray, then bounced and hit a boulder. Oh word... Gathering her strength in her Night Slash again, she charged for the Luxray's behind and the darkened blades from both her scalchops were going for the Luxray's hind leg, wanting to impede this thing's progress as best as she could and make it difficult to run and charge.

As Kague did her attack, Yua's Eevee charged the Luxray and aimed a Bite at one of Luxray's hind legs, teeth cloaked with dark energy before going on to become an ankle biter. Hopefully, it'll be enough to make the thing flinch and give everyone some time.

Meanwhile, once Zashi and her Eevee charged at the Luxray, Yua left the fight to go into the shredded tents, trying to find this Shinx. She heard its cries underneath a bit of tattered cloth of the medical tent and she finally found it. The little, blue, furred thing had a bad leg, as it was curling it up to its stomach. Yua went to grab it, only to get a warning shock. She held up her hands and knelt beside it, hoping to keep it calm. "Sh sh sh sh, it's okay. I'm here to help. I'll get you back to your momma or... Dadda, okay?" She tried reasoning with it, but it only made the Shinx growl.

Yua only had a little bit of time to work and then dive out of the way from becoming mince meat.

Narrowing her eyes, Yua grabbed the Potion that was in her bag and poured it on the Shinx's bad leg, the medical liquid burning, yet also soothing the wound like a mint. It aided in lessening the pain, but Yua realized it still wasn't healing.

Three seconds.

Furrowing her brow, she looked around for something that could help. Medical supplies broken or torn were strewn around her, but she did find something. Grabbing a roll of gauze, she wrapped it around the Shinx's maw to keep it from making too much noise.

Four seconds, for a total of seven seconds having passed.

She then helped straighten the paw of the Shinx, ignoring the lightning that shocked and tried to damage her hand. She found a small stick and set it against the leg, then another stick she used to then wrap the gauze around. She eventually had to sit around the Shinx, using her legs to keep the cat from struggling out of her hold. The shocks were starting to hurt and her fingers were starting to lose their feeling and control. She was finally able to tie off the gauze, giving the Shinx the ability to put at least a little bit of pressure and protection to keep its leg getting anymore hurt. It wasn't the prettiest thing, but it was enough. She then pulled the gauze off the Shinx's snout.

Twenty-five seconds, a total of thirty-two seconds.

Oh, she was too slow. She immediately jumped back, her eyes wide as she scanned for the sight of the Luxray, not wanting to hold or touch the Shinx any further, especially with how damaged her hands felt. She barely felt them, and her fingers barely bent. She scrambled onto her feet and tried running, knowing it might as well be futile.

As the others continued to fight the luxray, Bo would use this oppertunity to avoid line of attack of the alpha pokémon by taking a run for it. Getting some distance between him and the alpha mon. "Boa! Use mudslap again!" Bo said making his way to the other galactic patrol members. It wasn't a powerful attack, but it was still super effective, none the less. They had been fighting for quite a while and there was safety in numbers. Bo almost paused as the Oshawott evolved but wasn't gonna waste too much time when there was still an alpha to deal with.

At this point more people were coming and fighting the alpha luxray. It was reassurance but not a lot of it, since the luxray still seemed like it could probably take all of them out, given enough time. "Everyone's trying to make their pokémon evolve! Come on!" Bo yelled gesturing at Boa. "Uuuughh... Boa! Use bug bite!" Bo commanded.

A few seconds after Bo told it to use bug bite, within the branches of a tall tree, a string shot fired out at the luxray to try slow it down" The wurmple grunted. As it saw the others fighting and for some reason, hadn't decided to try leave the area completely, despite how scared it was.
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Fujiki Oshuoka - En Route to Fieldlands Camp
20/20 HP

The ride to the Fieldlands Camp was tense, with the Ponyta's galloping and the turning of the cart wheels being the only sounds reverberating off of the vast canyon walls. Fujiki sat cross legged on the wooden floor, trying her best to keep her breathing steady and calm as they rode into imminent danger. The girl looked between her teammates, hoping to see some sign that she wasn't the only one having reservations about their mission, but they were all so...stubbornly badass!

Captain Zisu kept her stern gaze forward, watching the path ahead, and the three Security Corps guards sitting around Fujiki refused to look shaken! Didn't they spend all day hanging out at the village like her?! Fujiki's knuckles were turning white from gripping her knees so hard, and it took every fiber of her being to resist chewing her nails like some cartoon straight out of the Hisui Times.

Hopefully her teammates wouldn't notice her nerves...no, they totally would! This was so embarrassing! All her bluster to Captain Cyllene about joining the Survey Corps, and she was a pin drop away from screaming!

The pin dropped when came Captain Zisu suddenly whipped her head around, and Fujiki had to stifle an EEP! or else jump from the cart in shame. Zisu analyzed her charge wordlessly, and asked gruffly, "Nervous newbie?"

"Y-yes ma'am!" Why didn't she lie?!

Zisu chuckled and walked over to Fujiki, crouching down in front of her and taking the girl's hands in her own. "Good," she said, "It'll keep you alive." She pulled Fujiki's hands up into a flat prayer sign, and swiftly smacked them between her own calloused palms.

"OUCH!" Fujiki yelped, looking at her captain with a mix of surprise as Zisu gave her a look of reassurance. "That's a little technique I picked up from my captain when I was your age," Zisu explained, "You're not too nervous now, right?"

Fujiki paused for a moment and nodded "no" ernestly. Her hands still stung a little, but the shock worked wonders to pull her out of her own head.

"Then let's get to the task at hand," Zisu said as she pulled out a PokeBall, motioning for Fujiki to do the same. She was a little hesitant to release her partner, her mind racing through the several attempts to get to know him which were met with beak and claws, but she resolved to take the chance. Captain Zisu was counting on her, after all!

Fujiki released her partner, his rotund head and feathered body materializing in a flash of white light, but what a mistake it turned out to be! With a proud squawk he set upon the girl, scratching at her arms and pecking at her head as she put up her best attempt at a defence; useless flailing her arms around. "Senta, stop!" Fujiki commanded through gritted teeth, which was answered with more scratching.

The guards exchanged an incredulous look which Fujiki wished she missed, but Zisu took quick control of the situation. With a flash of light from Zisu's PokeBall, a second, much bigger bird grabbed hold of Senta and pulled the Rufflet to the ground, pinning it down as it flailed against the stronger Honchkrow. The Honchkrow launched into a furious barrage of squawks and chirps, as though scolding the Rufflet, and Zisu balled a fist which she bopped Senta on the head with.

The Rufflet ceased its flailing and furious squawking retorts and looked up at the captain with wide eyes, and Zisu barked, "That's enough of that! You're a Galaxy Corps Pokemon on a Galaxy Corps mission, and you will conduct yourself accordingly!" Zisu leaned down, imposing herself on the disobedient chick and asked, "Do I make myself clear?" It wasn't a question, and Senta nodded his feathered head in agreement.

"Good," the captain said, standing up and shaking her head. "Then you and Honchkrow here will go ahead of us to the Fieldlands Camp, and you will assist the other Galaxy Corps members there. Now GET GOING, ON THE DOUBLE!" Honchkrow released its hold on Senta, who clambered to his clawed feet and ruffled his feathers. Then both birds took off into the night, speeding ahead of the cart toward the Camp.

"AND DON'T LET HIM OUT OF YOUR SIGHT UNTIL YOU GET THERE!" Zisu shouted after her Honchkrow, who turned his black-hatted head and gave a salute. Senta followed it closely, though he seemed to be struggling a little more to maintain his speed than its black-feathered counterpart.

Like, a minute later...

Honchkrow and Senta circled above the Camp, though battlefield was a more apt description now. The senior bird squawked commands to Senta, who begrudingly listened given Honchkrow's numerous displays of superior strength on the flight there.

No matter what Senta tried, he couldn't damage the Honchkrow! Was it really that strong? Sure, his "trainer" hadn't put up much of a fight that day, but there was no way he'd lost his edge so quickly without a worthy opponent, right?!

As Honchkrow analyzed the fighting, it was surprised to see how valiant of an effort the newbies were putting up. They'd managed to organize enough to launch a flurry of attacks against the Alpha Luxray, bless their hearts, but it was time for the heavy hitter to make his entrance. It waited for a solid opening, aware of its disadvantage against the powerful Electric-Type, and it came when a brown mass dug its way underground to avoid an Ice Fang. It was going for Dig!

This newest batch of newbies was something else! Honchkrow tucked its wings in, plummeting at super-speed as it gathered energy in its wing for a Night Slash attack, aiming to catch the Luxray unawares with an aerial attack to the back of the neck at the same time the Hippopotas erupted from the ground underneath it.

Senta wanted to attack the Luxray, too, since it looked like such a tough opponent, but Honchkrow had assured him that it would rip his tiny body to shreds with even a single Spark attack. Wasn't that the whole fun of it, though?! It had taken some convincing on the Honchkrow's part, but it had promised a battle if they made it back to Jubilife alive...close enough!

Senta kept circling around, waiting for his chance to implement the plan Honchkrow literally beat into him on the way over. He'd wait for a person or Pokemon to be in need of a dodge assist, and would swoop down to carry them out of harm's way! It was an ingenious plan, perfectly suited for someone of his caliber! The Rufflet squawked, overflowing with pride that his strength was finally being recognized!
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One attack after another, the sand hurting his eyes, his back legs getting slashed and bitten, the wind getting knocked out of him thanks to the brown blob that came out of the ground, his fur soaking wet after being hit with a powerful blast of water, then another slash to his neck and to top it off, some shiny stars hitting like small needles on his back with some sticky web. The Alpha was furious, in pain and desperate. He could take on any of the present Pokemon on his own, but together they were too much. The Luxray's tail began to shine in a metallic color, before he swung it around in a full 360, slashing the ground and hitting everything near it. He roared once again, except this time it was different, the tone seemed to be higher than the roars before. The he saw it.

The yellow hair human was torturing his offspring, even closing her mouth so the alpha wouldn't hear her. That monster! Luxray leaned back and once again used Thunder Wave, creating an electrical bubble around him that spread further, trying to hit everyone around him. Luxray heard his child crying for help again while the yellow haired woman ran away, not today. He leaped over the Happiny's team and rushed towards Yua, ready to dispatch of her and then take his kid. His fangs showed as he prepared to pounce on the human.

"Yua!" Kawa called out, actually sounding concerned as he tried to reach for the Luxray, although it was way too far for him to do anything.

The Alpha Luxray leaped into the air, his teeth ready to sink into Yua's body when, "Submission!".

A grayish blur emerged from some of the rumble, latching on to the Alpha's neck and actually bringing it down. As the dust settled, a Machoke was gripping as much fur as he could from the Luxray's neck, using all his strength trying to keep it down. "Good job Machoke!" The camp captain called out as he limped towards the scene. He had blood running down his right eye, while his right arm hanged awkwardly, but he looked confident as he winked at Yua, "Get to safety, we'll try and hold him down here." He looked up with a smile at the sight of two bird Pokemon in the area, "I'm glad you finally made it!" he called out to them.

The Alpha Pokemon struggled, kicking up dirt and moving violently as he tried to freed himself from the grasp of the superpower Pokemon. Machoke gritted his teeth as he used all his strength trying to keep the beast from escaping. The Luxray, desperate, roared again, sending Thunder all over the ruined campsite, even striking himself to hurt the Machoke in the process.

"Everybody back away! Let the creature get its youngling!" The captain called out as his fainted Machoke landed next to him, "Get away from the hill but block all the other paths, we must force it to retreat, at my command, fire warning shots, do not, I REPEAT, DO NOT, hurt the young one!"

The Luxray snarled as he slowly backed away, creeping towards the Shinx until he was standing over her. He showed his fangs and growled, making sudden movements as if trying to dare anyone to attack him. His legs would tremble occasionally, but a whip from his tail and hiss made him sturdy again, trying his best to not show any signs of weakness in front of his enemies.

Kawa began slowly walking to the side of the hill, leaving it open like the captain ordered, "Yua's Eevee and swordsman, follow me." He said in a low voice, making sure nothing stood in the way of the alpha.

Kague struggled, but managed to follow Kawa, despite the paralysis from the thunder wave slowing down her movements. She barked back at Yua's Pokemon, trying to get Kawa's instructions across.
Kei Fudo - Team Platinum - Obsidian Fieldlands - Obsidian Camp - Night

Mochi was unable to avoid the Iron Tail, or maybe she was just too dim-witted to respond as she got hit with the Iron Tail, sending her tumbling down a hill before stopping due to a boulder. Shaking her head, she used Swalllow to recover her strength as the Thunder Wave hit her and did....nothing. Tilting her head, she waited for Kei to command her. As the sky roared, lightning struck the poor Hippopotas....which did nothing.

Kei was too focused on keeping Etsuko safe, covering her friend with her own body as Luxray jumped over them. "Are you okay?" She asked, her breathing shallow as adrenaline coursed through her body.
Phoenix Joy - Obsidian Camp - Day 1 - Nightfall
Phoenix had his back to most of the fight. He waited for what seemed like forever, when he was hit in the back by the large alpha pokemon. His hold on his friends did not falter even when he was flung into the air. The force was like that of a stampede of toros. Phoenix cried out as the electric energy coursed through him. In the air, Phoenix turned his body slightly to try and save Kit and the growlithe. A loud thud could be heard as he landed along with a crunch and a snapping sound.

Phoenix could feel the way that his body was hurting as he laid there on the ground the two pokemon laid on his chest. The Growlithe had finally found that Pheonix would protect it from harm and gave the panting and whimpering boy a lick across his cheek. Phoenix tried to move his arm, but he could feel the pain and knew that his arm was broken. It would seem that he wouldn't be able to use it. When he tried to stand, he could feel the pain there as well. It would seem that his leg was broken as well. He could spot the odd angle that his leg was in.

Looking up, Phoenix was not happy to see the beast that had done so much damage to him, had jumped over him. It seemed to be protecting something. Then it clicked, it was protecting his child. With very strained effort, Phoenix picked himself up off the ground with his Growlithe on the ground by his side and stick that was by him, and Kit on his shoulder, he slowly backed away. There was no way he could run, and he knew it. Phoenix did not know where to go so he was slowly making his way towards the others that were a bit further away. He used the large stick as a way to balance himself with his broken leg and arm.
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Yua Yamamoto

Day 1, Night
Location: Fieldlands Camp, Aspiration Hills, Obsidian Fieldlands
Pokémon: Zashi the Dewott; Eevee
Trainer HP: 12/20
: Bandaged (Wounds are covered and are healing properly); Paralyzed Hands (Motor controls in hands and fingers are suffering, unable to do anything complex)

Battling: Alpha Luxray (Hecotoro)
Interactions: Kawa Ko and Kague the Eevee (Hecotoro), Phoenix Joy, H-Growlithe, and Kit the Eevee (EmoKitty21)
Mentions: Kei Fudo and Mochi the Hippopotas (DarkHydraT), Etsuko Joy (IDKWhatUserNameToDo), Shiroi (kyuukestu), Rick (Ridge)

Zashi and Eevee jumped back after making their attacks, the other Pokemon luckily aiding in pelting it with their own attacks. However, an Iron Tail was swung around, and the Eevee was smashed from it, flying right into Zashi and thankfully shoving Zashi away from metallic tail while also giving the Eevee a place to soften his crash. The two tumbled on the ground, the Eevee weakly breathing atop Zashi's chest.

He hadn't gotten healed yet, had he?

Zashi cradled him in her arms after slotting her scalchop at her hips, shakily getting up as she held the unconscious brown fox in her arms. The Dewott stepped back, not wanting to get hit by another Thunder Wave, then running to Kawa's side. She panted heavily, scanning the tents to find her trainer doing something to a yowling Shinx before attempting to run away. She screeched in fear of her trainer, who was being rushed by the Luxray.

Having heard Kawa's yell and her Dewott's screech, it only had Yua's legs work faster. She felt the hairs on her skin stand up on end as she heard thumping behind her. She dove for the ground upon seeing a grey blur pass her by, looking up to see the Machoke having wrestled the beast to the ground. A man came from the trees, looking to be the captain of the camp they saw earlier that day. He was alive!

Yua gave a huge sigh of relief, standing up shakily as she looked at Kawa and her Dewott, waving at them with a strained smile. She looked up upon hearing the man comment on the birds. Whoa, there's a rescue! Rick did it!

Then her eyes fell upon someone with pink hair.


As the Luxray huddled over its young, Yua backed away and ran to Phoenix, holding her arms out to help him and steady him.

Oh fuck... His arm and leg... It caused bile to rise up to her throat, but she held it back. "Oh fuck..."

The Dewott was unsure what Yua was doing, but followed Kawa and Kague, not wanting to get in this beast's way. They didn't have any special attacks, so it wasn't like she could do anything to fire off warning shots. Plus, Eevee was knocked out.

She shook her head and pointed to a tree. "Let's get you seated somewhere, so I can help set your leg and arm straight. I know how to make splints." Aiding Phoenix with however he needed to be moved, she then ran to get four sturdy sticks - two for each limb - and looked at Phoenix. "Do you have any gauze or long cloth I can use? I've had my broken bones set before, and I set that Shinx's leg with splints too, but these are nasty breaks. You'll need to tell me what to do and bite onto something. Where's Shiroi?" She looked around, seeing the boy on the ground nearby. Sighing with relief, she used Phoenix's guidance to set his leg and arm properly and put a splint on both. Her hands were still rather unable to bend appropriately, but by smacking them against her leg or the ground, she was able to gain some semblance of temporary control for several seconds before needing to smack them again if they stopped working.

"Heh, didn't think I'd be the one to patch you up, Phoenix. Thought I'd have to be hounded by you for being reckless." She looked to his Growlithe and Eevee, looking for any damage. "How are these two?"
Yuki quickly found out what Tulip was trying to warn her about. A giant. A grown-up giant. One that had already destroyed the camp. One that was currently trying to kill her team. But why in Sinnoh's name was a giant here?! Who angered it in the first place?! Who was stupid enough to make it want them dead?! Honestly, Yuki doubted she would want to know, as they were probably already dead.

A part of her knew that she should stay out of this, her own survival was top priority. However, she couldn't just watch her teammates die to the giant Luxray! But she had to be smart about it as well. Maybe she could ask Tulip to use hypnosis on the Luxray, like she did with the Beautifly. That was too risky, though. She didn't want to get Tulip involved. This was her fight, not Tulip's. Throwing stuff would be utterly stupid. Then again, any action was too stupid. She felt a small hand touch her, then everything around her warped until she was back at the village's gate.

Tulip could sense Yuki's utterly stupid intentions. How in the wide, wide, world would she be able to fight off that thing?! How did she expect it would go?! With them somehow defeating it? With it just leaving when it sees that it is outnumbered? NO! It was going to ravage her until she was nothing more than a mangled corpse. Tulip doubted that Yuki would listen to her, unfortunately. The only way to save her life would be to, well, teleport them back to the human village. She knew that Yuki wasn't going to happy, but at least she would be alive.

Yuki instantly knew what happened. How could she not?! Tulip and she had teleported out of multiple situations whenever they found themselves in trouble in the past. Just that they usually both agreed it was the correct thing to do. She swallowed. As she understood it, she wasn't supposed to be back here for another long while. If she were caught, what would happen? Could she possibly be held here longer? Yuki wasn't in the mood to find out. Yuki transmitted her emotions and possibly intentions to her sister before setting off, trying to avoid members of the Galaxy people or something similar to that.

The trip back was long. Would she even make it back in time? Would they all be dead before she returned? Would she be blamed? At least she wasn't held back by some guards. Though, a cart flew past her. Did it contain people from the village? She couldn't tell, it was too dark and they were moving too fast. Tulip had decided to join her on her mission, but Yuki was wary of the Ralts teleporting her back to the village. After a good while of trying to make it back on foot, she was warped

By the time she Tulip teleported her back, it seemed as if the fight was mostly over, and they had reinforcements. She gulped, something telling her that others were going to be angry. She didn't like that idea. The giant was upset that they were separated from their child, it seemed. At least they were reunited. Her eyes glanced over the remains of the fight. People were starting to help carry the injured away. Yuki already knew that she wouldn't be good at that. What if she injured someone further? Best to leave it to those who knew what they were doing.
Rick [HP: 9/20]
Iris [HP: Looks good]
Day 1 - Fieldlands Camp, Obsidian Fieldland

"Haha, we'll have to implement this system in the future." Zisu stated, leaning forward and ocasionaly shifting her weight to counterbalance on the sharper turns, as Iris galloped through the canyon as fast as she could. While it wasn't apparent, pulling a wagon with five people was starting to take its toll on the ponyta. Regardless, she still pushed forward, her nostrils flared to draw in more air. Zisu looked up to see the two flying pokémon sent ahead, then turned her gaze in front before speaking to her crew. "Everyone get ready! The camp is right after that slope. Remember, getting everyone to safety is our priority!"

"Yes, ma'am!" The Security Corps said in unison.

Hearing this actualy urged Iris to raise the pace. She shook her head and gritted her teeth, as her body cloaked in flames and accelerated on the last few meters. Once they passed the slope, she let out a high pitch whinny, signaling their arrival to the camp. Zisu jumped out of the wagon as she started shouting orders to the crew. "Security Corps, out! Let's go! The most injured first! Move!" She commanded.

Immediately, the crew jumped off the wagon and started running to the camp. One of the men removed the harness from Iris, who was agitated and forcefully pawing the ground as everyone went out. "There! Go help, too." He said. Removing the harness didn't make Iris less agitated though. The ponyta gave the Luxray a baleful look, her body shaking from anger as she stared daggers at the pokémon that caused all the havoc. She snorted, and her mane flared up as she cloaked in flames before she darted off towards the alpha.

"Captain!" Yelled one of the security corps. As Iris was about to pass by Zisu, the woman quickly turned and stretched an arm onto Iris's forehead, stopping her in her tracks. Zisu gave the ponyta a stern look. "You have guts! But I'll need you alive to pull that wagon." She said. Iris narrowed her eyes, pushing forward a bit. "Besides, I made a promise that I intend to fulfill." Zisu added. With this, Iris's flames fizzled to normal. Zisu gave a faint smile before turning and grabing a pokeball. "The Luxray is my business now. Help carrying the wounded to the wagon!"

Iris nodded, as Zisu walked off. The ponyta looked around, locking eyes on Phoenix who seemed to be the human in worst condition. The ponyta ran towards him and Yua, stoping beside them and nickering at Yua.
The Alpha Luxray tensed up as the arrival of even more humans complicated the battle even more. He could still fight, he was the alpha, he had the power to do so! Then, to his surprise, he was challenged.

"You made a mess, I would too if it was for my child." Zisu stepped out into the campsite, slowing getting closer to the alpha. "You won, we surrender, take your offspring and leave." She held her hands up, Pokeball on her right hand, ready for any sudden movement.

Luxray roared, sparks flying from his fur as he leaned back ready to attack once more. "Wild Charge!" Zisu called out, the Pokeball opening up and sending out her very own Luxray. Despite the size difference, Zisu's Luxray was able to clash with the Alpha's attack, both standing their ground before jumping a step back. The Alpha looked angrier than ever, to him, another Luxray was challenging him for his spot and it seemed to have sided with the humans, he stood no chance, not while protecting his Shinx. Even though the alpha was bigger, the clash of both moves made it feel that the smaller one could match up to his strength. He needed to retreat. The Alpha slowly crouched to pick up the crying Shinx with his jaw and began looking around for an opening. There was one, back up the hill.

Kawa gulped as the Alpha began to move his way, there wasn't much they could do if it decided to attack them. Even with the Shinx in his mouth, the big Luxray showed he could fight with his electricity, tail and body. As the big Pokemon reached the bottom of the hill, he gave Kawa one last long glare, making the Pearl Clan member and his Eevee tense up, before jumping up hill and sprinting away. Nobody moved, until the cries of the Shinx faded in the distance.

"Everyone who can't walk get on the wagon, my team, get this place cleaned up, team Platinum, you are relieved of your mission, return to Jubilife!" Zisu called out as she reached for the camp captain and helped him up, "You sure took a beating."

"Ha! You should've seen the other guy." The camp captain replied with a smile as they helped him limp back to the wagon.

"Wild Eevee and Swordsman, go to Yua." Kawa said before turning towards the hill, expecting for the Luxray to return. "Kague, we need to train extra hard, we need to be like Zisu's Luxray."

Kague fell on her back and looked up at her trainer with a smile, despite the entire mess, she was happy she got to go on a mission and even got a compliment from her partner. To make things better, he was going to train her more and spend less time with the blonde human and her second rate Pokemon partners.

"Are you injured?" One of the guards that recently arrived called out for Kawa.

"No, I'm okay, make sure she and her team get on the wagon, she took a handful of bumps." Kawa told the guard as he pointed at Yua, "Is Phoenix okay? What about Rick?" he finally turned away from the hill.

"Phoenix? The pink haired one? He looks bad, like that cocoon boy, but ten times worse. Rick is the Ponyta trainer right? He's in the hospital, he didn't look as bad as Phoenix though."

"Thanks, I'll join the others in a bit, don't want that thing coming back without warning."

"Okay, I'll get you when we're leaving."
As soon as the Luxray was out of sight, Avani ran over to Tatsu, who had managed to right himself from being flipped upside down. "Teddi?" Avani touched Tatsu's knee, asking if he was alright. "I'm fine Avani, but I think someone is going to undergo some assisted discipline and training in the very near future." As the two of them faced Merlin, the Stantler started feeling nervous. He was still feeling that smack on the nose from Avani earlier and did not wish to find out what else was in store for him. Just as the deer was about to make a break for it, Tatsu held up the PokeBall and returned him. "You're not getting away that easily." Turning to Zisu and hearing that Rick's Ponyta, now known as Iris, had pulled the wagon all the way to their location, Tatsu spoke up. "Excuse me Zisu, if Iris needs a break, I caught a Stantler earlier that might be able to pull the wagon."
Etsuko Joy - Team Platinum - Obsidian Fieldlands - Obsidian Camp - Night

Chamomile wasn't as fortunate typing wise as Mochi as she was hit by both Thunderwave and Thunderbolt, but she was still standing. Grimacing in pain she got up and was ready to take another hit if it meant to take it for someone else in the group, but luckily the Alpha had leaped over and Millie waddled over to her trainer and the girl she had been paired up with.

Etsuko let out a panicked meep when the Luxray leaped over them and hugged Kei tightly for added security. The pink haired girl just continued to hug her tightly until Kei spoke up and the young Joy realized that the danger was over.

"Y-yeah I'm fine, t-thank you," Etsuko replied, stammering as she was still in flight mode and quite shaken from everything that happened, but was starting to calm down her breathing. Letting go of the Diamond clan girl, she felt quite embarrassed over her display, or the lack of being useful at all to the overall situation.

"A-are you okay though?" Etsuko then asked as she sat up and took a quick inspection of Kei until she turned her gaze to her Happiny who looked exhausted from the attacks she just endured.

"Millie! Oh no- No, no.." the young nurse said and picked up her pokemon to her arms, just feeling more guilty, but her Happiny tried to give her some reassuring 'Pi's which did help Etsuko calm down. The pink haired girl grabbed her pokeball and recalled Chamomile so she could get some rest until they'd be able to properly patch her up along with anyone else who needed medical attention.
Kei Fudo - Team Platinum - Obsidian Fieldlands - Obsidian Camp - Night
[20/20 HP]

"I'm fine, no need to worry about me. Medics are more important." Kei said, quickly checking out Etsuko's body for injuries. Seeing that she had none, she firmly nodded before running over to Mochi and picking her partner up, getting met with a dopey look and a 'Hippopprrrt!'

Seeing that her partner was okay, she hugged the Hippo Pokémon before recalling it to her ball and looking around to see if she could help somewhere. The danger was over, now it was time to help people.
~Bo post...~

Bo watched as the alphamon, having taken damage then giving a powerful roar. A scary enough sight that Bo seriously considered leaving then and there. There would likely be a few vacant guild spots when they got back to HQ, but no plan was perfect.

Then back up showed up and that was a wrap. The luxray took its cub and was good as gone. Giving one last nasty look before parting. Those freaky looking eyes will probably haunt Bo's dreams. Yikes! Seeing everything was okay now was a huge relief and a weight of Bo's chest.

"I'm also fine! Somebody else could use a medic right now, more than me at the moment" Bo said knocking the dust off his hands with a smug grin and an even bigger feeling of contempt.

"You'll probably be the next pokémon to evolve, Boa! You did so good today" Bo said patting his bug.

"You guys did great too! Especially your little friend there!" Bo said pointing at the ground type hippo. He didn't exactly know most of these people. He knew the names Rick and Tatsu but didn't know any of the other members.

"What do you think, Boa?" Bo said. The nincada silently stared at Bo before chirping.

"I wanna get on the wagon... but I can waaaalk... Its still nice to see backup, I think. Maybe when we get back we can have a feast!" Bo said. .