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Private/Closed Legends Arceus: Diamond and Pearl

Team Kawa, Day Two.

"Tatsu!" Kawa called out, stopping Sapphire from moving, "We have to go back for him."

Run, it was such a simple instruction, something Kawa learned at the age of one, yet his teammate decided it was best to hide. He could scold him later, now they needed to make sure everyone made it back alive. It didn't take long for the Ponyta to notice the only human still left behind. They surrounded the boulder, shooting Embers at Tatsu's feet, making him back up against the rock.

"Kague, hit them all!"

The Eevee yelped as she sprung into action, her fur getting a white glow that shot several stars at the horde of Ponyta. The fire Pokemon turned around, angry, stomping the ground and snarling. Kawa knew they were in trouble, big trouble. There was no way they could fight all of those Pokemon, it was impossible. "Have your Stantler take you to safety!" Kawa called out, "Kague again!"

Kague shot another Swift attack, trying to keep the attention of the fire Pokemon on her.
Realizing he was trapped, Tatsu blurted the first thing that came to mind. "Avani use BULLDOZE!" The Teddiursa was momentarily shocked, Tatsu hated battling but this was definitely an emergency. Shaking herself, Avani leapt into the air and slammed her paw into the ground, sending a shockwave that traveled through and loosened the soil beneath the flames. Sadly, this idea did not quite work, considering the fire was still going. "Crap! Merlin let's get out of here!" Returning Storm to her PokeBall, Tatsu mounted the Deer Pokemon with Avani shortly after. As they ran, Tatsu noticed through sound that the Ponyta were still going after Kawa and Sapphire. "Oh brother. Come on Merlin, let's head them off!" Once they were within range... "Avani, Bulldoze them!" Again, the Teddiursa jumped and punched the ground, this time sending a shockwave towards the Ponyta, throwing some of them off balance and slightly disorienting others. "I'm over here you little Spitfires! Come and get me!"
Once the words left Tatsu's mouth, Avani and Merlin shared a momentary look of shocked surprise. Not that they had time to worry about the apparent stupidity of their human as the herd came charging at them, Avani quickly jumping back onto Merlin who started running as fast as he could away from the fire horses chasing them. "I hope they make it back alright."
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Etsuko Joy - Team Platinum - Galaxy Hall, infirmary - Day 2

Etsuko followed Yua in the infirmary. This wasn't her first time being here helping Pesselle, though before she just ran minor errands. Almost all of the beds in the rooms were occupied. One nurse was attending to the Obsidian camp Captain with Pesselle whirling around the room. They really got to see the aftermath of everything that went down yesterday.. At least no one was in critical condition, but there was still a lot of work to do.

Etsuko tied her apron into a neat bow on the back but turned to Yua as she asked about her and Kei. The pink haired girl let out a nervous chuckle. Did word really spread that fast in the village? Well, it wouldn't be surprising since everyone stayed up late and everything.

"Uh, I'm good. A bit tired I suppose but nothing major. And yeah, me and Kei hung out a bit after everything. Went to the Wallflower for some extra Mochi and talked for a bit," Etsuko explained as she adjusted her apron a bit, "How are you though? After the first long day as Survey corps," she then asked, throwing the question back. The nurse-in-training did have a recollection of seeing Yua and Kawa walk off somewhere together from Galaxy hall last night, but she thought it would be better to ask one question at a time.

"Girls, mind preparing some medicine? I can show you in a bit, so you two are free to chat for a bit longer," Pesselle inserted herself quickly into the conversation. There were a lot of things to do, but she was glad that Etsuko was making friends in the village and even outside of it by the sounds of it. Maybe she could be a bit lenient, as long as the situation allowed itself to be of course.
Rick [HP: 12/20]
Day 2 - Pastures, Jubilife Village

After delimiting the areas, Rick picked up the shovel and started digging holes to stick the logs, so he wouldn't need to hammer them down. All the while, he heard Bo complaining about the work every few minutes. It was kind of annoying, but for now, he would live with it. Iris eventualy came back at a gallop, with the cart loaded with logs... overloaded, even. And despite that, she had to hit the brakes in order to not ruin the work already done. She then started snorting and pawing the ground forcefuly and repeatedly. "Girl, chill out! This is not an emmergency like yesterday. Those logs won't die." Rick told her.

Rick started unloading the cart. "Did someone throw a water bucket at you again?" He asked. The filly was sweating profusely, breathing heavily with flared nostrils, her eyes wide open, and her mane was flaring. You could even see her heart beating on her chest. At one point, Rick was unable to ignore the unnatural behaviour. "Girl? Are you alright? We've just started and it already looks like you ran a marathon." Rick said, kneeling next to her and putting a hand on her chest. "You know what, it's probably better if you sit there before your heart explodes." He told her. Iris lyed down on her belly, with her head drooped. Rick sighed and went back to work. "No more coffee for her, that's for sure." He muttered.

After sticking a few logs and adding more dirt to make sure the logs were secure, Rick called his human partner "Bo! Get your bugs down here, please! We don't have enough rope and we need silk to attach the rails!" He shouted. "Besides, it's quicker than tying with ropes ourselves!"


Bo spit into a bucket a little over twelve feet away with extreme accuracy. He turned, cocking his head back as he glanced over to see what the problem was.

"I was fixin' to do that anyways. Ain't no rope tyin' e'er kill no nobody anyhow" Bo said. He glanced at Boa who was still where it had been hours prior. He began looking around. In truth, Bo thought that was actually a pretty smart idea.

"Squirmy! I don't need two of y'all laying about all day. Boa!" Bo called out. Silence. Boa did not respond.

Squirmy let out a nervous squeak before peeking out of some branches, a few leaves sticking out of its mouth.

"In arceus's name, don't you sass me too! Don't worry, we'll be done before supper. Yessir!" Bo said grabbing his wurmple.

Bo began walking over, Squirmy on shoulder under the arm. Bo held Squirmy out like a rifle.

"string shot!" He called out. It shot out string with precise aiming.

Bo began putting posts into the holes on the ground, kicking dirt in to fill in gaps.
Yua Yamamoto

Day 2, Morning
Location: Galaxy Hall's Medical Room, Jubilife Village
Pokémon: Zashi the Dewott; Eevee
Trainer HP: 13/20
: Bandaged (Wounds are covered and are healing properly)

Interactions: Etsuko (IDKWhatUserNameToDo), Pesselle
Mentions: Kei Fudo (DarkHydraT), Kawa Ko (Hecotoro), Phoenix Joy (EmoKitty21)

Why was Etsuko nervous? It was honestly a little hilarious, hearing her get like that. When she was asked though, she scratched the back of her head. She really wanted to say something. Seeing all these people here... And hey, Phoenix was here. Bah, whatever.

Pesselle asked for them to prepare some medicine, which gave Yua's hands something to do at least. "Sure thing." She let either Pesselle or Etsuko lead her as she answered Etsuko's question. "Uhm... Alright, I guess. I'm still trying to wrap my head around what happened last night. I can't tell if I'm missing something, if Kawa's just dense, or... Whatever..." She sighed, her smile disappearing as quick as it appeared. She'd rather not think about that. "But hey, I'm glad your time with Kei was good." She looked down at the mask Kawa gave to her.

He did things with purpose, it seemed. So if he didn't like her, why did he wrap his mask around her hand? Why did he say he was going to keep her a secret from his father? "Ugh, men are confusing..." She shook her head, returning with a smile though it didn't reach her eyes. "What do we need to make? Need to get my hands doing something before I start fidgeting with something I probably shouldn't be fidgeting with." She chuckled nervously, not wanting to worry too much about her thoughts right now nor did she need to create a scene with her own confused gamut of emotions.
Fujiki Oshuoka - Galaxy Hall
Day 2
20/20 HP

"I hope so!" Fujiki was raring to go, and she dropped Kei's hand as she mused on the job ahead of them. "Gathering ingredients doesn't sound too hard, but it's gonna be my first time getting out of the village in a looong while!"

The girl's purple eyes went wide, like a lightbulb had just lit up above her head. "Wait, you were on the mission yesterday! What was it like out there in the wilds? I was on the reinforcement team, but we didn't get there until-"

Oh. She probably shouldn't have brought that up. Even now, their seriously injured comrades were recovering in rooms just down the stairs. Fujiki blushed with embarressment, and her hands shot up in a scrambled gesture of apology as she stammered, "So-sorry if it's a sensitive topic. Le-let's just do our best today!"

Perfect save! Fujiki gave a little thumbs up as consolation, though the her embarrassment didn't fade entirely. Luckily, she was about to be saved by the second-hand embarrassment of a boy covered in pots, pans, and was that silk?

Was she underdressed? Fujiki did a quick inspection of her own outfit, but nothing about it screamed “ready for battle” as much as the boy’s…armor?

“You must be our other teammate!” Fujiki exclaimed, beaming with excitement as she rushed up to try and shake his hand, too. “You look…really well prepared! Is it gonna be really dangerous? I thought the alpha was already taken care of…oh! I’m Fujiki by the way!”
Kei Fudo - Day 2 - Jubilife Village - Galaxy Hall
20/20 HP

Kei couldn't help but chuckle a little as Fujiki apologized for her excitement about the mission yesterday. Putting a hand on her shoulder, she smiled at the girl. "Don't worry about it, accidents happen when you venture out into the territory of wild Pokémon. Thankfully we have a splendid medical team who will take care of the injured." The Diamond Clan girl said.

As the other teammate entered the room, Kei put a hand on her hip to observe the......unique clothing the boy wore. "It is one thing to be prepared, but there is something as being over-prepared. We're going to gather materials, not fistfight a Machoke. Even if we did, no armor would be enough for that. Can you even bend your knees to pick something up, let alone get up if you fall down?"

Whilst Kei didn't want to be overly hostile to Shiroi, there was a limit to what she was willing to put up with. A team was only as strong as its weakest link and whilst they were only going to gather materials, so far Shiroi looked like he was the weakest link. Hopefully that armor of his wouldn't endanger everyone else because they had to help him.
Etsuko Joy - Team Platinum - Galaxy Hall, infirmary - Day 2
[20/20] - Happiny the Chamomile on hand

Etsuko gave Peselle a nod before going to the ingredient cabinet to get a couple of medicinal leeks, some dried king's leaves as well as some other herbs. This remedy was mainly used to help keep infection away from the wounds.

"These ingredients are the ones you wanted, right?" Etsuko asked her older sister quickly who threw a quick glance, "Yep those are the ones,"

The younger pink haired nurse then turned back to Yua, with her brows slightly furrow slightly in worry as she had listened to the girl, "Did something happen between you and Kawa? It's okay if you don't want to tell me, but maybe tell someone. Getting things off your chest usually helps me at least," Etsuko said and gave the other girl a kind smile. It would be awful if something bad had happened between their team leader and one of the members, and she really hoped that wasn't the case. For one that Yua had been hurt. Even though she didn't know her all too well, the village was still a community where everyone did their best to help everyone. Or that's at least the way thatEtsuko's mother had taught her to treat others.
Yua Yamamoto

Day 2, Morning
Location: Galaxy Hall's Medical Room, Jubilife Village
Pokémon: Zashi the Dewott; Eevee
Trainer HP: 13/20
: Bandaged (Wounds are covered and are healing properly)

Interactions: Etsuko (IDKWhatUserNameToDo), Pesselle
Mentions: Kei Fudo (DarkHydraT), Kawa Ko (Hecotoro), Phoenix Joy (EmoKitty21)

Yua watched as Etsuko grabbed the ingredients, having seen something similar to these back home. She wondered if the same level of preparation will get her medicine without using up all of them.

That's when Etsuko asked about Kawa and Yua sighed, looking down at the mask on her hand. She ran her thumb over it, the sting from the shuriken that cut her that night felt almost cathartic but it was also a bad reminder. Did it mean something?

No, no, it can't be that deep. She's being silly.

Etsuko wanted her to talk about it, and it made her smile. She nodded, looking at the ingredients. "Before I do so, I know how to make medical stuff with less items more efficiently. I'll help make what we need while I talk about it." She walked with Etsuko to a prepping station and began talking.

"Well... I mean, I guess I kinda fell for Kawa? We've only known each other for a day, but you know... Young woman things, I guess. He told me he was going to keep me a secret from his father, who apparently has such a hold on him that he even arranged for him to be married. But he asked me if I had a boyfriend, and I expected him to lead with something like asking me out, but he didn't. That's when he told me he had a fiancée, but he's never seen her before. So I asked him how he can marry someone who he has no prior connection with, and he's now probably really confused that I told him I really really like him and- gah, he's so fucking dense and his training from his father is making him so cold sometimes." She ranted, only stopping after she was done to breathe. "Anyway, yeah, that's what happened last night. He at least showed me how to throw a shuriken and wrapped my hand in his mask, but... I don't know... I'm getting so many mixed signals, it's crazy."

In all her talk, she forgot to prep the ingredients. "Whoops, I'll uh, get on this." She chuckled, now starting to work on the ingredients and began to make them into some medical paste.

Jubilife Village
Day 2, Morning

Shiroi looked over at Kei with pity. He remembered her, the girl that had stood up to the Luxray last night. Did it give her brain damage? Did she not remember how their entire camp got annihilated on a similarly mundane mission? Yea, no. Failure to prepare was preparation to fail, after all. Unlike Kei, Shiroi actually learned from past events.

“The last mission was just to look at pokémon and that ended with our entire camp getting annihilated; now we’re trying to take their food, what do you think?”

Silly-looking or not, Shiroi took every precaution. Now that he knew intimately the dangers of the outside, he was all the more cunning for it.

“What are we even gathering anyway? I managed to catch a bird the last time we headed out so maybe it can scout.”

Shiroi gingerly reached toward a pokéball at his waist and released his first-ever capture, Taillow. He wouldn’t have been surprised if the creature attacked him and he was extremely wary of its big glowy move. However, every advantage had to be seized and an aerial scout would be invaluable to preserving his life...and completing the mission, he guessed.

Although Shiroi had prepared his shield expecting an attack, what he hadn’t expected was for Taillow to look around for all of two seconds, spot a nearby window, and then immediately transform into a white streak of lightning. CRASH! The window shattered and Taillow barreled into the sky; it vanished from sight in seconds. Shiroi stared apprehensively from his new position on the floor—evasive maneuvers.

When it became apparent that Taillow wasn’t going to return, Shiroi picked himself up and dusted himself off. The good news was he was completely unharmed, the bad news—“Scratch that, I no longer have a bird.”
Saphire Jenny - Obsidian Feilds - Horseshoe Plains - Day 2 -

"You mean the clicking pokemon? I thought they would have gotten along with other pokemon. I mean it is a great disguise. It would have fooled me if it was not for the clicking that they do." Saphire was not happy to go back for the pokemon, but did notice that they were atop the pokemon with the things poking out of their head. "Well, it seems like they have that covered should we do something to distract them. Maybe split up and have them all go out in different groups?"

Saphire reached the end of her tether and pulled out her trusty sling shot. She let go of Kawa as she started to run backwards and took careful aim as she readied the shot. With that she let loose a shot of a rock that she aimed for the knee of one of the ponyta. It would seem that her aim was pretty good as she shot true and caused one of them to fall to the ground and caused a bit of a pileup that caused some to have to stop fallowing because of it.
Kei Fudo - Day 2 - Jubilife Village - Galaxy Hall

"Our camp got attacked because an Alpha Luxray wanted their cub back. That is a rarity and should not occur when gathering resources. Besides, we will try to avoid interactions with wild Pokémon by sneaking around and not provoking them. Besides, we're only taking what we need. As long as we don't uproot entire trees, we should be fine." Kei said, understanding that Shiroi probably was shaken by the attack yesterday.

As Shiroi showed off his new catch, Kei couldn't help but chuckle a little as the Tailow booked it the moment it got freedom. "That's unfortunate, maybe it is better if you stick with your partner for now before you start catching new Pokémon." The Diamond Clan girl said.

Bo was putting more fence posts into the ground, then kicked in some dirt. He made sure it was sturdy before requesting wurmple its its string shot once more. There were roughly 20-30 posts left before reaching the treeline. It wasn't a beautiful bug filled picturesque scenery but it was coming together quite nicely. All thanks to the hard working team of Rick and Bo. Bo went ahead and took himself a well deserved few minute break.

He heard some voices from the village area, but obviously couldn't make out what they were saying due to how far away he was, but he did notice some people with the Galactic patrol uniform. What were they doing? Bo didn't know. He turned, wiping the sweat off his brow then turned back to the fence they were putting up. It would serve to divide the areas and keep pokémon in seperate areas.

Although a fence on it's own didn't seem like it would stop a flying type or any pokémon that could simply dug underneath it. That wasn't Bo's problem though. Putting up fencing and letting the higher ups deal with complications. So that's what bo did! He resumed his task at hand.
Kawa Team, Day 2

Kawa watched as things got worse and worse. Tatsu was trapped, managing to just anger the fire Pokemon more, Sapphire was doing the same and Kawa couldn't fight all of those Pokemon at once. He was going to die on the battlefield, just like his grandfather. He wondered what was after death, he wondered about the things he was going to miss, even felt bad having to go while being on bad terms with Yua even. At least he was going to die next to the...

"Sand Attack the lake, Kague!"

Kague's ears perked up, quickly rushing towards the Lake and jumping in. She began spraying mud from the lake shore on the the Ponyta, each other jumping away from the mud. Kague kept going, slowly making a path amongst the horde of fire Pokemon and leaving a path for Kawa, Sapphire and Tatsu to get to the lake.

"Everyone in the water!"

Day 2, afternoon, Jubilife Village.

Kawa and his team made it back to the village, full of mud and ashes. Kawa had even removed his mask, his face covered in black ash while the rest of him was wet and muddy. He didn't say anything to the rest of his team. Once they had jumped into the lake, the Ponyta gave up and let them be. Kawa had decided to call the mission a failure, since their supplies and notebooks were soaking wet. He was disappointed in himself, he should've gotten to know his teammates better before trusting they could do their jobs. The only bright side, is that the burn on his back didn't hurt as much thanks to the wet dirt smeared on it.

Kague was feeling proud, besides her fur being all trashed up, she had allowed the team to be safe. The team walked into the hospital, Kawa leading them to the front desk as he placed his wet bag on the counter and looked at the confused receptionist. "We need medical assistance." He said quietly, letting out a small sigh.
Etsuko Joy - Team Platinum - Galaxy Hall, infirmary - Morning - Day 2
[20/20] - Happiny the Chamomile on hand

Etsuko carefully listened to Yua. Quite a situation that she found herself in. Love struck to someone who had already been arranged to be married. The young nurse looked down at the herbs she was crushing with her mortar and pestle, grinding them up to a unified goop.

"Well.. It certainly sounds like a difficult situation. Maybe he also needs to figure out his feelings? Give it some time. Maybe try to talk with him about it when you feel ready? I don't have any experience with romantic relationships, but this doesn't sound like something that should be ignored. Neither your feelings nor his feelings and situation with his father and clan," Etsuko said after doing a bit of thinking and looked at the other girl.

"But that's just what I think," the pink haired girl said with a shrug before she returned to making medicinal paste. It sure sounded like a complicate a situation to be involved in. Hopefully Yua and Kawa would sort things out sooner or later where neither party would be hurt.
Rick [HP: 12/20]
Day 2 - Pastures → Galaxy Corps HQ, Jubilife Village

The morning passed, and one of the fences was already complete. Only seven more to go. At least not having to hammer down posts and tying them sped up the proccess. The others should take a bit less time to make. Overall, Rick and Bo were working pretty well Maybe they were working a bit too well, even. Because when Rick went to the lumbermill to get more wood...


There wasn't any.

"I told you already. We're out of stock. There's never been so much demand as today. They're planning on sending a group out to gather more wood tomorrow. Come back then." Said the worker, before lowering a wooden plank with 'Closed' written on it.

Rick sighed. "Fine! I'll get it myself!" He said, before walking back to the pastures. Iris seemed to have had time to stabilize. "Better?" He asked her. The filly got back on her feet and nodded with a smile. "Good! We're going on a little trip and we'll need that cart. Bo! Break time! They're boycotting our work, so I'll get wood the hard way!" Rick shouted, before heading out.

On the way, He noticed the group that was signed to keep on with the survey work was back early. And they didn't look pretty. "Wow!" Rick untied Iris from the cart and entered the Headquarters, with the filly in tow, where the group was waiting at the desk. "Did you guys meet her family or what?" Rick asked as he walked in.

Iris started sniffing at them one by one, taking special notice on the scent of a ponyta in one of the balls, before walking back to Rick and nodding. "Yeah, I figured." He commented to Iris. "You look like me, back when the two of us were still messing with each other."
Hearing Rick's comment, Tatsu turned towards him. "You can say that. Mostly this knucklehead's fault." Tatsu gestured to Sapphire before rubbing the impact site on his head where the PokeBall hit him earlier that day. Having had to jump into the water back in the Obsidian Lowlands with his teammates to escape the Fire horses, Tatsu and his Pokemon were not the least bit happy traveling while soaking wet. "Can we have an actual team meeting before we set out next time?" Directing his attention to Kawa and his anger at Sapphire, Tatsu continued. "And maybe discuss ground rules? For example; no throwing things at our teammates!"
While Tatsu vented his frustration, Avani was helping Merlin dry off with a towel she had borrowed from an adjacent room. Lucky for the Teddiursa, the Stantler was very cooperative not enjoying the current feeling or state of his wet fur. Not that Avani had it any better. Storm was probably in the best shape do to being returned to her ball just as things had gone to crap.
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Jubilife Village
Day 2, Morning

“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice...not happening!”

Obviously, Shiroi wasn’t going to buy her sophistry! What were the chances of another freak accident involving a pokémon? As long as it wasn’t zero the answer was always too high! Just look at 10 seconds ago, what if Taillow had decided to take revenge instead of escaping? It didn’t take an Alpha pokémon to turn them into poke-chow! Better to be careful...

“What are we collecting anyway? Herbs? Berries?”
Yua Yamamoto

Day 2, Morning
Location: Galaxy Hall's Medical Room, Jubilife Village
Pokémon: Zashi the Dewott; Eevee
Trainer HP: 13/20
: Bandaged (Wounds are covered and are healing properly)

Interactions: Etsuko (IDKWhatUserNameToDo), Pesselle, Kawa Ko and Kague the Eevee (Hecotoro), Saphire Jenny (EmoKitty21), Tatsu (Draco Nightshade)

Yua watched Etsuko grind the herbs, Yua's hands now working on the ingredients, but prepped some of the herbs in specific ways that allowed her to gain more paste while putting the same amount Etsuko used in her own mortar. She even added a bit of water to it while she was grinding it out, making the paste fluff out and look slightly bigger. "A difficult situation is an understatement." Yua chuckled sheepishly, scratching the back of her head when she took a moment to rest her hand before resuming making more, dumping out the paste in a bowl and using the rest of her allotted ingredients. "Maybe. If he's been trained this much to be emotionless or seemingly cold, I wouldn't be surprised if he never gave much thought to his emotions. Thank you." Yua gave Etsuko a kind smile, the light in her eyes twinkling now that her gaze didn't look so dead.

Maybe... Wait... His father.

His father was the key.

She was going to see his father and make him change his mind!


Yua had paused in her pestling, eyes staring off into space as a smile creeped onto her face. "His father... Yes, I will just speak to his father." She laughed a bit, feeling so stupid for not having thought that before. "Thank you, Etsuko, you have no idea how much that helped." And with that, she had far more energy to spend and far more confidence tending to the wounded.

Day 2, Afternoon

Yua had aided in taking care of the wounded from the fight. Just when she thought she was done, she heard someone outside the medical wing. Wait...


Peeking over the doorway, she saw not just Kawa, but some blue-haired girl and Tatsu having come back all dirty and covered in ashes. A hand covered her lips, and she ran to the three. "Holy hell, are you three okay?!" She looked the three of them over in short glances, with Kawa's glancing taking a bit longer, especially around his knee. She looked down at Kague and gasped. "Awww, poor thing is completely muddied up." Clicking her tongue in concern, she looked at Kawa. "I thought you three were going to have an easier time out there. But oh well." She refocused herself on the group. "I need to take you three to the beds immediately. Etsuko and I just got three ready for you. Here."

Looking at the soaked bag, she picked it up with a swift snatch, letting it muddy, dirty, and soak her pretty mountainscape kimono and arm. She used the hand that still had Kawa's mask wrapped around it to grab Kawa's hand after determining it wasn't injured and pulling him along. "Follow me." Realizing she was holding Kawa's hand, she turned pink and let go, walking back to the infirmary. She set down the backpack on the counter and opened it up, grabbing the journals and setting them aside so they may be air dried. She then grabbed everything else that was in there, setting them aside so they may be air or towel dried. She then got six clean towels set up. Two for each human, the second towel being used for whatever and whoever they wished. Luckily, their sink was at least big enough to put an Eevee in.

"Kague, do you want a bath? That can't be comfortable." Yua asked, already plugging the sink and turning it to manageable warm water.
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Saphire Jenny - Obsidian Feilds - Horseshoe Plains - Day 2 -

Saphire was not one bit happy to go into the water and neither was Justice, but the alternative was to face off against the hoard of fire types that were chasing them. After the ponyta were further away, Saphi made it out of the water and turned to the others and said. "That could have gone better. But hey, I caught a new pokemon!" Her excitement changed as she saw neither of her teammates were as happy for her as she was about the mission. Pulling her hair up into high pony, she sat out back to the camp.

Day 2 - Afternoon -
Making it back to the village, Saphi was not happy with the way her clothing was dried to her. She could use a bath, and Justice was not happy with the way her fur was all messed up the way it was. She was walking happily until Tatsu, turned on her. "Hey, it is not my fault that I did not know what that clicking sound was. Maybe tell a girl next time when you have a weird clicking thing going on." With that Saphire stormed off when Yua came to take them to the medical wing. Taking the ribbon out of her hair, caused it fall into waves as it had dried up in the ribbon. Pulling off the outer layer of her clothing revealing simple tunic shirt and leggings. "Yeah, sorry everything is apparently my fault. Excuse me of thinking that I had found out something that others did not know. It is not my fault I did not know the clicking man would yell out like they did."
"I guess it never occurred to you that the 'clicking man' was blind as a Zubat?" As Tatsu calmed down a bit he admitted. "I guess this whole mess was partly my fault as well, but I had just set everything up and was relaxing. I didn't even have time to properly pack up my ocarina before we jumped in the water."
Showing what he was talking about, Tatsu pulled out his now dirty ocarina. "Does anyone have a brush or a pipe cleaner, I'll even settle for a reed." Avani sighed, knowing how important that instrument was to her human. It was a gift from his family before he wound up in this region. Merlin on the other hand was just upset that he would not be able to hear that music again until the instrument was cleaned up and taken care of.
Kawa, Jubilife Hospital, Day Two

The Pearl Clan ninja acknowledged the arrival of Rick, nodding towards him, but not wanting to get into any conversation. He would just glare at those yapping their mouths, having been the one getting out of the situation with injuries while the rest didn't seem to take it seriously. He had a lot of work cut out for him, maybe it was karma for making Yua cry. Speaking of, she walked in, assessing the situation and quickly getting things organized for them.

"Ponyta run in big hordes." Kawa told Rick as they were lead away by Yua. "Angry big hordes."

As he felt her hand on his, he looked down, noticing his mask was still around her hand. It was odd, she was in a hospital and could get a way better bandage for it, he would try and remind her later. Once inside, he sat down at the bed closest to the window, taking off his shirt and making it into a bundle, it had been burned through the back, so there was no need for it anymore. He tossed it to the floor and began taking off his shoes. The small sound of a whimpered caught his attention, Kague asking permission to be bathed, he nodded at her and the Eevee joyfully jumped on to the sink, carefully slipping into the warm water.

"Do you have anything for pain?" Kawa said, starting to dry himself off with one of the towels provided.

He needed to address his team, it was important after a failure. He looked at Tatsu and then at Sapphire. "Mistakes were made, we must learn from them and become better. You two will work together today and the rest of the week, I suggest you start memorizing how each other behave..." He looked at the window, removing his mask to make sure his words were heard clearly, "I will not tolerate such childish errors in the future." He couldn't help but get a reflection of his father on the glass as he spoke, before putting his mask back on to make the image go away.
Tatsu sighed in response to Kawa's statement. "If you say so, I guess we don't have much of a choice anyhow." He then turned to Sapphire and properly introduced himself. "I'm fairly certain the two of us got off on the wrong foot. I'm Tatsu, the only blind Galaxy Team member you'll probably ever meet. I navigate through sound, hence the clicking."
Turning in Kawa's general direction, Tatsu pulled out a single King's Leaves plant, roots and all, and asked. "Uh, does anyone know what this plant is and if it's good for anything? All I can tell is it seems to be a flower of some sort."
Yua Yamamoto

Day 2, Afternoon
Location: Galaxy Hall's Medical Room, Jubilife Village
Pokémon: Zashi the Dewott; Eevee
Trainer HP: 13/20
: Bandaged (Wounds are covered and are healing properly)

Interactions: Kawa Ko and Kague the Eevee (Hecotoro), Sapphire Jenny and Justice the Buneary (EmoKitty21), Tatsu, Avani the Teddiursa, and Merlin the Stantler (Draco Nightshade)

Yua smiled as soon as Kague was given the go ahead to jump into the sink. While the mud and dirt would likely clog up the drains, she had prepared for that and had a sieve on standby to clean up the sink once she was done cleaning Kague. She let the group chat amongst themselves while she cleaned the sweet Eevee, getting some Galarian soap that she found helped with freeing Kague's hair and fur of the dirt, and would make her fur all glossy and shiny when she was done, become a new Eevee at the end of it.

But as she doted on the Eevee (not only to have Kawa see she isn't as mad at him, but to also have Kague trust in her a bit more), the words spoken by the three had her blood boiling. Thankfully, her emotions didn't come through in bathing the Eevee. With a comb, she very carefully detangled Eevee's fur and hair, then once she got the huge clumps of dirt out, she massaged the Normal-Type's body and paws to make sure the soap could get to her skin and help remove any other mud or dirt that it couldn't reach.

Now, the water was absolutely brown and muddy and it was gross. Turning on the faucet to warm water, she had it rinse off Kague's body from the soap and debris, then hugged Kague to her chest after pulling her out of the sink, wrapping her in a smaller towel. "All clean." She chimed.

Depending on whether Kague wanted to stay in the towel with her or be set on the ground, Yua will set Kague on the same bed as Kawa if Kague stayed, giving her a few scratches behind the ears before parting from her either way.

Now, it was the Buneary. Yua used the sieve to take out the mud clumps and dirt from the sink, throw them away, and unplug the sink so it would drain. While she waited, she grabbed a towelette, ran it under warm water, and went back to Kawa to see-

Oh... Shirtless...

With a red face, Yua went over to Kawa and wordlessly began rubbing the warm, damp cloth on his back to clean him. She was about to handle the rest of him, but stopped at his shoulder and gave him the towelette she was using so he could handle the front of his body. No need to do that for him.

Either way, doting on Kawa and Kague had helped put her mind a bit more at ease, so she can talk to the others. First, Kawa. "I do have something for the pain." She walked over to a cabinet, grabbed a bottle with some diluted liquid, and gave it to him. "This isn't a Potion technically. This was specifically made for humans by the people from Galar. It should help numb the pain for a while once it gets through your system, but I think you should eat something first if you haven't already. Might give you a stomachache. And uh... Might make you really woozy." She then turned to Tatsu, as he held up a plant. She chuckled, grabbing a small brush and coming back to him to trade, lightly grabbing the plant from him and setting the brush in that same hand.

"Here is your brush. This is a King's Leaf. It can be used to make powerful healing potions or strong revives for Pokemon, but you'd have to prepare it for that first. I can probably make two powerful potions with just one King's Leaf, but I'll need a Sitrus Berry if we want to be making healing potions. And uh... If we wanna make a strong revive, I'll need a Vivichoke and a couple Medicinal Leeks. But another team is gonna worry about that, right? You three just need to rest." She handed Tatsu a towel, making sure it brushed up against him so he can grab it and realize it was there. "This is for you. After I get to the Buneary, I'll bathe your Pokemon, too. Though, I might need to wash off your Stantler outside. He's a bit too big to fit in the sink."

Then she turned to Sapphire, addressing herself to Tatsu also. "By the way, I'm Yua. Nice to meet you two, but I wish this was in better circumstances. Still." She came over to Sapphire, looking her over. "Any injuries I need to be aware of? Can I bathe your Buneary in the sink for you?" Once she was given an answer, Yua then sighed, going back to the sink to fill it up once more with warm water. "Also, I can't help but notice how defensive you are, girlie. You gotta calm that down if you are going to be working with others. If I heard it correctly, you thought Tatsu was a Pokemon and antagonized him, causing him to alert the nearby Ponyta. If I got that wrong, I apologize. However, if I didn't." She then turned to Sapphire. "You have to be careful out there. Several of our members nearly lost their lives and I nearly drowned. You could have gotten them all killed. This isn't some type of game and I do not want to hear any excuses. If you're actually sorry, you'll be better about it next time." Feeling like her mother again, Yua took a deep breath and stood by the sink, waiting for her Buneary to hop in. If Justice didn't want to considering Yua was talking to Sapphire, it would be Avani's turn. "Also, if you didn't know what something is but don't ask to figure it out, it is your fault. It could have been prevented with a single question and that started with you asking. No one's gonna hand you answers on a silver platter."
Kei Fudo - Day 2 - Jubilife Village - Galaxy HQ

Kei shrugged her shoulders, she wasn't going to waste time and energy on someone who clearly was not worth the effort. "If something happens, Mochi and I will protect you. I promise." She said, flashing a grin at Shiroi as she pointed a thumb at herself.

"We'll be out for four days. First day will be berry collecting, the second day will be dedicated to gathering wood for construction. The third day will be collecting medicinal plants for the medical team and our fourth day will be dedicated to collecting honey. It sounds scarier than it is, I have a plan in mind." The Diamond Clan girl said.

"Any questions that need to be addressed now? No? Then let's go, we are wasting daylight."
Letting go of the King's Leaf and receiving the brush and towel, Tatsu nodded to Yua. Hearing her name the plant and explain how and what it can used for, Tatsu was relieved. "To be honest, it just happened to be near where we were setting up camp and I thought it would be useful. And thanks for the brush, as well as the offer to clean my Pokemon, but I think I should be the one to do that." He further explained. "I feel like it's a good way to bond with them if I show them I actually care about their wellbeing."
Hearing Tatsu say that he should be responsible for their health, Merlin could not help but feel touched. Even if he was part of the reason they had gotten into that earlier predicament in the first place.
Kawa, Jubilife Hospital, Day Two

Kawa flinched a bit as Yua passed the cloth over his burned skin, the mud had helped along to ease the pain, but now that it was wet and fresh air was hitting it, it was beginning to rise again. He tried to remain his cool though, taking the towel from Yua with a soft, "Thank you." Before starting to clean himself up. He took a quick look at the liquid provided to him and then took a big drink from it. The burning pain was just getting worse and he needed to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Kague meanwhile was having the time of her life. She loved being pampered and Yua was just bathing her like a professional. She was in heaven, relaxing completely and helping Yua get all the mud off her fur. Once she was placed on the bed, she gave the girl a loud joyful chirp, enjoying the scratches behind her ear before shaking her body to take off the rest of the water in her. Her fur puffed up, making her look twice as big, but that didn't seem to bother Kague, circling the center of the bed before falling on her side and stretching out.

Kawa had finished cleaning himself as best as possible, but it was time for them to give other potential patients a chance of using the hospital room. "We should go eat." he looked up at his teammates, "We offer to bring you and Etsuko some food as a thanks for your care." He told Yua, reaching down to start putting his shoes back on, "Anything you would desire to eat or a specific diet we must consider?"

Kague yawned loudly and curled up, she figured they could wake her up if the bed was needed, so she might as well nap away.

Bo looked over at Rick. Whom suggested getting wood 'the hard way'. He then looked at Boa, whom hadn't moved an inch all day, and he looked at Squirmy, whom looked back at him with a confused look. Both Bo and Squirmy knew damn well a silk worm wasn't going to contribute in cutting down a tree nor chopping it up. Boa was well... Not helping either.

"errr..... Right... We can chop some wood, but afterwards, I'm gonna make sure the stables are ready for tonight. We can probably get more of the fence work done tomorrow" Bo said. He took an axe and went over to a tree.

"I guess I'll chop a tree down, and you can split it up, I guess" Aldon said before looking at it. Firmly planting his feet into the ground. A loose but firm grip. He turned his hips and swung his arms. CRACK! One hit, which turned into two hits and into multiple hits. Bo had his wurmple his string shot to make long ropes which would latch onto the tree and ensure the tree didn't fall in the wrong direction. After ten minutes, he managed to get the tree cut to the point where it would begin to fall. With the string shot holding onto the tree ensured it landed where Bo wanted it to.

"Timber" he said in a calm voice after it had already landed.

He took a minute to sit on the stump it left behind to take a break. After the break, he would chop off branches and chop the trunk into sections. Bo pulled out a flash of who knows what, then took a few sips before shuddering to himself and putting it back in his pocket.
Rick [HP: 12/20]
Day 2 - Galaxy Corps HQ, Jubilife Village

Rick raised an eyebrow as Kawa briefly mentioned the wild ponytas without getting into details, while the group was taken to the infirmary. Rick stared at the door now closed, rubbing his chin in thought. "Well, I guess this explains why they didn't capture that many." He muttered. Soon after he was startled by a loud rumble coming from outside. "What the heck!" He exclaimed, rushing to the exit.

Once outside, Rick looked towards the the pastures. "Damn... that's not what I meant with break time." He said, rubbing his head as he saw a fallen tree, and Bo just casualy sitting on the trump. Fortunately it didn't smash any of the fences.

Meanwhile, Zisu approached Rick from behind, who slowly turned to see the woman staring down at him. "Feeling strong Rick?" She asked him. Rick blinked and thought for a moment, as it seemed like a tricky question and he wanted to make sure he gave the right answer. "Umm... I'm actualy pretty good honestly. A little backpain coming from time to time to annoy me. But I can live with it."

"Perfect!" She interrupted. "You seem fit to do some push ups! Twenty of them, to be specific!" She shouted.

"What?! Why?" Rick asked.

Zisu narrowed her eyes and crossed arms. "For one, your friend just choped down a tree without permission. When you work as a team, you either suceed or fail as a team. And if someone messes up, this applies to punishments as well. Besides, you were gonna leave the village when you were told not to." She explained.

Rick rolled his eyes and sighed before ultimately droping on all fours. Iris turned to him and started tapping the ground, counting how many were done, until Zisu pointed a finger at her. "Ponyta as well!" She yelled. Iris gasped. "You work together, you suffer together!" The filly frowned, but joined in on the punishment. Although her push ups looked more like squats, and pretty clumsy ones. Zisu let it slide, considering the pokémon's body type.

"How did you know I was leaving the village?" Rick asked during the exercise. Iris gave him a somewhat soft kick on his leg to tumble him. Zisu raised an eyebrow. "Because you just told me. So I'm adding another ten to the punishment."
Jubilife Village, Day Two.

"Who in the name of all mighty Sinnoh cut down this damn tree?!" The local authority of Jubilife Village, known as Booker, stormed into the farm Rick, Zisu and Bo were at.

Booker was a tall man, long black beard and shaved head, he was known for being too strict when it came to following rules. When he wasn't chasing after Yua, he was making sure everyone was safe and that the village was being respected. Thanks to him, criminals rarely developed within the small village.

"I'm afraid it was one of mine, Booker." Zisu said, looking a bit ashamed as she made sure Rick continued his push ups.

"I don't care! Who was it?"

Zisu sighed and shook her head, placing her hands on her hips. "Bo, stand up and take your punishment."

Once Booker identified the criminal known as, Bo, He picked him up by the collar and dragged him away. Now, Booker wasn't known for being violent, but he was known for have zero tolerance for destruction of city property. He dragged the odd looking boy with the bug fetish and took him to his office. There, Booker threw him on to a chair and he took a seat himself across from him.

"Do you know how long that tree is going to take to grow back? Did you know, that tree was here before you even showed up, maybe before you were even born! Now, I ain't no Pokemon expert, but there are rumors that Pokemon will punish those who are careless with nature and I swear on my momma's life, if some crazy Pokemon comes to get revenge on that tree, I will, make you responsible for it, heck I'll feed you to it if it helps!" He stood up, arms crossed and pointed at the door, "You're here by suspended from any city activities, I want those stables clean, polished and ready to go by the end of this week. You are not allowed to leave the village, no matter what. You're on probation boy, one more slip up, it's jail time. Now get the hell out of my office!"

"That'd be meeeee... Duhhh. Stupid. Don't you see the axe? Don't see anyone else around here that could have cut the tree down" Bo said responding to Booker's rhetorical question, still sitting on the stump of the tree he cut down. Bo wasn't even paying attention. He was too busy staring up at the clouds, hoping and praying a wild bug would fly over to him so he could catch it. Preferably within arms reach so he wouldn't have to exert effort into throwing a pokéball.

"You mean, appreciation, right? That was some hard ass work! that tree was BIIIG! It took a lotta work to cut that thing dow- Hey! Hey! Heeeey!!!!" Bo was interrupted, mid-sentence. Bo was confused and had no clue what was going on, nor why this large man had seized him by his shirt.

"Long enough for you to realize and appreciate the effort I went to help build the fences? It's literally just me and ponyta boy out there building fences! Feed for the pokéymans and stuff. I'm sorry about chopping down your treeeeee. I didn't know it was a big deal... Apology accepted?" Bo said believing his work to truly be a good deed.

"I was already working on the stables, literally nothing has chaaanged! And If I can't leave the village, how the heck am I supposed to get home tonight? Fine, fine!" Bo said getting up and walking out of the Booker's office. He wasn't sure if he should close the door or leave it open, so he left the door cracked, just in case. He headed back to work, where he saw the group in front of the headquarters. "Pssst! Pssst! Guys. Guys! If you guys find any buggies. Insects. venonats. Pinsirs. Yanmas. I'll even accept a shuckle. I'll pay you if you bring me back some buuugs, please do it! I don't got any money or anything, but I can pay you in appreciation!" Bo said before looking towards the stables.

"Uuuuggh.. Duty calls, I guess...!" Bo said before moving onwards. Eventually made it back to the stables where Rick and Zisu we're and with a look of content, he picked up a shovel and began to look around at the progress they had made thus far, and the work they still needed to do.

"Nothing's changed really. Gotta keep working. Now we got wood, at least!" Bo said walking over to the stables to make sure they were clean for the night. Bo was not looking forward to cleaning them, but to work he went, and cleaning, he did.
Fujiki Oshuoka
Day 2 - Obsidian Fieldlands
20/20 HP

Wow! This was a sight to see!

Fujiki hadn't made it out of the village much in here year spent in Hisui, and the Fieldlands took her breath away. The rolling hills with gusts of wind rushing through the tall grass like ocean waves, the glimmering river to the east snaking along, and the pokémon scattered around the entire space painted a beautiful picture to behold.

"Haha! It's so pretty out here!" Fujiki exclaimed, her purple eyes wide with excitement as she bounced along beside her teammates. She was glad to have been paired up with them; the ultra-reliable Kei and the ultra-prepared Shiroi. With the two of them, what could possibly go wrong?

Before she spent too long soaking in the scenery, Fujiki reminded herself that they were there for a reason. "So, what's that plan of yours that you mentioned back in the village, Kei?"
Etsuko Joy - Team Platinum - Galaxy Hall, infirmary - Afternoon- Day 2
[20/20] - Happiny the Chamomile on hand

Unfortunately Etsuko had her hands a bit full to greet and help her teammates as Millie had gotten herself in some... trouble. Earlier she was doing fine and was interested in the medicine making and had been neatly following along the two girls preparing the medicine and even later on helping carry some bandages to help Pesselle change the dirty ones to clean and fresh bandages, but the little Happiny had gotten a bit too eager in trying to be helpful that after the two Joys' were done with wrapping up the captain, Chamomile had managed to tangle herself into a complete mess.

Well, at least the Happiny wasn't aggressive. Or well, she could be if someone denied her help as was demonstrated by one of the security corps who then got hit in the foot with a Pound. But Millie wasn't aggressive in the way that wild pokemon were, so that counted for something.... probably.

Etsuko sat in a corner trying her best to detangle and roll up all the bandages that the little pink pokemon had somehow managed to wrap herself in, half listening to Yua and Kawa talk as Millie just did some excited squeals, feeling like she was contributing to the situation, or perhaps play some fun game. It did sound like things were going well, which she was happy for, but did perk up at the mention of food. Guess it was almost lunch time, huh.

"Oh, um- Well, I'm pretty much fine with anything. Thank you so much Kawa and everyone," Etsuko chimed in. While she wasn't all too familiar with the Pearl clans other two team members, she wasn't all too sure what to make of them. Saphire she was acquainted with, but Tatsu was a complete stranger to her. It sounded like they'd gotten into quite the trouble in the Fieldlands. She just hoped that the rest of the days this week wouldn't each have their own visit to the infirmary for the group. Hopefully things were going better with the other groups.
Saphire Jenny - Obsidian Feilds - Horseshoe Plains - Day 2 -

Sapphire turned to Yua as she opened the metaphorical gates so to speak, as she is a very inquisitive person. Though she did file the things away for later as she got into her mind to ask her first question even as Justice was starting to get groomed. "Well, I do have a few questions that have been burning in my mind for a while now. What do you think about the pokemon that have more than one form. I have seen a couple of bird pokemon that have completely different forms. One was more colorful than the other of species. It had very few differences when compared to one another, though I could not get that close to them without getting caught by them for being near their nests."

Justice not wanting to be covered in the dirt and mud, happily jumped into the sink when she was told. She hated the caking feeling of the dirt had on her fur. The water felt good after the bout of trail by fire that they had. Justice happily clapped her hands as she was waiting for the on her trainer was accosting with her quick-fire questions.

Sapphire even as she was speaking, she started to get clean out of the sink adjacent to the one that Yua was using to bath Justice. Pulling her hair out of the high ponytail, she used a bit of the natural shampoo that she had gathered from one of the plants that she kept on her. Afterwards, she started on the on the dirt that she was covered in. Sapphire listened as Yua would speak and take in what was said.
Kei Fudo - Day 2 - Obsidian Fieldlands

Kei chuckled as she saw Fujiki bounce around, at least she had lots of energy. "Easy there, tiger, don't want to use all your energy in the first 15 minutes. You've got four days to live through out here." She said, trying to contain the energy that Fujiki seemed to exude.

"My plan for the honey? Simple, we light campfires underneath the hive. Combee get drowsy due to the smoke, allowing us to gather honey relatively safely. If things do go south, book it to the nearest body of water and hold your breath. Of course, those are concerns for later. Today, it is berry day."

Kei had her Hippopotas, Mochi, out of her Pokéball for extra security, even though it didn't look like much. Those seconds she'd have to use to throw her Poké Ball could just be too much, after all.
~Bo Hard work!...~

Bo was back to cleaning the stalls. Cleaning the dirt and filth out and refilling the feed bags. Boa was still being an inconvenience as it was stuck on that tree like a bump on a log. Squirmy was the mvp giving Bo company through these rough times. Now he was likely being stared at by Booker or Zisu. Bo poked his head up over the stall wall to see what Zisu and Rick were doing. As Bo continued to clean, he began humming which turned into singing.

"Hard work, get up at a quarter to three! Hard work, gotta go so I can earn my pay! Hard work, gotta go and scoop outa horse shit!" Bo said. While this was happening, now Squirmy was bumping its horn against the wooden pillar

"Hard work, I got another day of work! Hard work, it's what I say! Hard work, I I work hard but haven't been paid!" Bo continued. As this point, now one of the ponyta was stomping along to the rhythm. At this point, Bo was now on the third stall and making the stalls looking ready and proper, and he kept on singing at a steady tempo.
Yua Yamamoto

Day 2, Afternoon
Location: Galaxy Hall's Medical Room, Jubilife Village
Pokémon: Zashi the Dewott; Eevee
Trainer HP: 13/20
: Bandaged (Wounds are covered and are healing properly)

Interactions: Kawa Ko and Kague the Eevee (Hecotoro), Sapphire Jenny and Justice the Buneary (EmoKitty21), Tatsu, Avani the Teddiursa, and Merlin the Stantler (Draco Nightshade), Etsuko Joy and Chamomile the Happiny (IDKWhatUserNameToDo)

Hearing Tatsu would rather clean his own Pokemon, Yua nodded and smiled at him - then realized he couldn't see that so she chuckled a bit sheepishly. "I'll make sure to show you where everything is and what they feel like so you can clean your Teddiursa. Though, your Stantler will need to be cleaned outside. Did I say that already...?" She asked herself quietly, then shrugged her shoulders.

"Oh well." She turned to Kawa, trying to keep her eyes off his physique. Man, she was uh... Really wishing she hadn't been a bitch to him. The liquid Yua gave him was of Galarian make. It was - apparently - a bit alcoholic in nature and had some drugs Galar had that helped suppress pain, but it also made people... Extremely loopy and silly. They said it was made with something that started with an 'o', but it was a complicated word and she didn't remember what it was. Though, she was glad Kague enjoyed her time and was feeling a lot better with her. At the offer to eat, Yua smiled and nodded. "That would be great. Thank you. I..." She paused, unsure. "Don't know... I'm not allergic to anything, I can eat pretty much anything. I'm not a picky eater, but I prefer savory stuff. Maybe with a kick of spice." She smiled, not really caring if he got her anything. It was to make up for being a bitch to him earlier.

Oh yeah... She approached him so she made it clear she was just talking to him. "Um... Also, I'm sorry for... What I said earlier. I was rather mean and I didn't mean to confuse you or make you feel bad for who you are because of your past." She gave him a sheepish smile, which only became a huge determined grin. "I'll just go ask your father~." She said rather cheekily, keeping their prior conversation extremely vague. She then skipped away, hands clasped behind her back with a triumphant grin as if she just solved the world's hardest puzzle.

While Yua wanted to help Etsuko with Chamomile's mishap, she was a bit busy caring for everyone. She stood by the sink again as Justice hopped on over. Sapphire began speaking and asked a ton of questions. As Yua filled up the sink after cleaning it out of Kague's mud, she began rinsing the Buneary off as she hopped in, then went into the curly hair with her fingers to get the mud out proper before she went in with liquid soap that she used on Kague, massaging the Buneary's muscles and making sure the soap got through deep enough to clean her skin.

"Uhm... I don't know what bird you're talking about. I don't think I remember seeing any bird remotely as colorful as you're describing, so I can't tell you. Maybe... Nah, I don't know. I'll have to see them myself." She then rinsed off Buneary, giving Justice the same care she gave Kague earlier. Yua also gave Sapphire enough space to use the sink next to her to rinse off her hair.

Grabbing a brush, she began brushing the non-curly hair of the Buneary, and then grabbed a big-toothed comb to go through Justice's curly hair because she really didn't want to be on the receiving end of those rolled up ears. When she was massaging them earlier, she noted just how strong they were. Once that was done, she grabbed a towel and picked up the Buneary after rinsing her off with warm water, then held the Buneary as she helped dry her off. When Sapphire was done, she offered the bundled bun-bun to her. "When you're done, can you hold her please? I gotta clean the sinks."
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"Yes, you did say that, and thank you." While everyone else was talking, Tatsu had started scrubbing his ocarina with the small brush in his hand. Luckily he was able to find an open sink to wash it out when he was finished, setting it down to air dry. "Uh, do you happen to have a bucket I can borrow after I finish with Avani?" Hearing her name and realizing Tatsu meant to wash her soon, the Teddiursa ran over to her trainer while Merlin folded his legs under his body and waited for his turn.
Kawa, future Drunken Fist Master, Day Two, Hospital.

"I'm sorry, what?" Kawa shook his head, trying to comprehend what Yua had just said.

His father? Did she have a death wish? If the night before didn't confuse him enough, Yua's new determination over did it. Why on earth would she bring his father into this? The last thing he needed was his boss finding out about his recent failures. He must have really done something bad, that's why Yua was determine to get revenge on him by reporting his behavior to his father. Whatever his crime was, the punishment was definitely much worse.

He felt defeated, slowly nodding as he stood up and began making his way out of the hospital, forgetting he didn't have a shirt on. As he stepped outside he was met by a familiar glare, Glameow. The purple feline hissed, but Kawa didn't seem to care, looking away from the Pokemon and going on his way. Offended, the Glameow hissed again, but no reaction from the ninja. Sworn to get revenge, the cat bolted into the alleys of the village, while Kawa arrived at the local clothes store.

Anthe looked eager as she saw the young man arrive and then worried as she noticed his serious expression and lack of shirt. She offered him clothes right away, going for every single color she could think of, but sadly, had nothing in black. He had to choose a new color, probably goes for the darkest one available, when he saw it. One that was identical to the one Yua was wearing. It was perfect, he was to get closer to her, letting her think he had his guard down while he investigated what else she planned to tell his father. Maybe, to make sure she never met with him.

Anthe waved at the boy with a confused look, going from black to bright blue was a complete change, but glad she could help him out, he looked somewhat determined before he left. Next stop, was food. Kawa arrived to Beni's spot, getting five orders of Takoyaki. He made sure the one at top had red pepper dust on them, to give them some spice. He could poison Yua, but he wasn't that desperate to stop her.

As he walked into the hospital, he began to feel number, slightly off balance and something he hadn't felt in a long time, relaxed. His muscles, which were always ready to spring into action, felt like water. He walked in to the room, setting down the bag with the food on his bed.

"Top one is spicy, that's for you Yua." He said, glaring at her. "It's not poisoned."

He looked at the rest, "You're free to get from whichever of the other four, they're all the same. Still warm, I suggest eating them before they get cold."