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Ask to Join My hero academia: Dawn of a New Age



Start of term 1

Clear skies and warm weather blessed the new and returning students of UA high, the top school of the country once again opening it's grand doors for the new school year. The entrance exam for the hero course had took place a few days prior, the candidates which had passed having been informed, congratulated and invited onto the course which began today. All the relevant information had been forwarded to the new students so they knew their time table, where their classes were and when they also began.

The day had started off quiet, staff skulking and slipping through the barrier as the sun peered over the horizon but once the morning was fully underway the mass of students arrived. From the management course to the support course, general education and hero studies- three years of each and multiple classes. The older students passed through the barrier without hesitation, filtering into the building and towards their classrooms. The new students were slower, hesitant in the face of the grand building but also sucked into the admiration of it. For many this was a dream come true, their first rewarding step in becoming a pro hero.

But time waited for no man- let alone students. The clock was ticking and the first class of the day was fast approaching.


Kyo Roteki and Morine Satoshi

Another horribly hot day awaited the sponge boy, disappointment dragging on his face as he woke early and looked out to see the bright and cheerful morning. The dull expression remained as he readied himself for his first day, eating, showering and growing to twice his size in it and then dressing before leaving for the morning the commute to UA. The shuttle to the school was a bit of a squeeze, Roteki having to be careful of how he moved given his large water laden body but he was used to the hassle. For once the hassle actually felt worth it.

UA high. He was still having trouble believing it. Even though he'd passed the test, got the acceptance letter, was wearing the uniform and was on the shuttle there- it still felt so unreal. He was lucid dreaming and at any moment he could wake up to a dull reality. The shuttle came to a stop, doors sliding open as Roteki along with many other students filtered out and approached the UA barrier. The sponge boy was one of the students that came to a halt before the gate, before the building which he looked to with wide eyes.

Life and energy slipped onto his features for a moment as he soaked in the view of the school. The top school of the country ... which he was attending. He felt a nudge on his arm, ignoring it under the assumption it was merely someone passing by. When the nudge was repeated tenfold in rapid success Roteki finally looked down to see who it was, his smile remaining as his grey haired friend spoke to him.

"Told ya you could do it" Satoshi stood short compared to the tall and rotund Roteki. They had similarly slouched and laxed posture but their energies were completely different. Whilst the sponge student was subdued and slow, Satoshi himself was a bundle of positivity energy with a smile constantly on his face. Said energy was currently building up given the early hours of the morning but they always spiked when close to his best friend. They'd known each other for around a year, Satoshi essentially being Roteki's crutch for his confidence and self esteem issues- something that Satoshi had signed up for himself.

"Yeah, yeah I know" Roteki shrugged off Satoshi's praise in a friendly way, glancing back up to the building for a moment before his gaze returned back to his number one supporter. "Thank you" His tone lowered into a serious state, his smile dropping somewhat as he spoke genuinely from the heart. "For the encouragement, the support- all of it. I don't think I'd be here without you y'know"

"Roteki, Roteki, Roteki ... Don't sell yourself short. I didn't pass the entrance exam- that was you!" His first response was in jest, Satoshi quickly speaking up once more to avoid a playful and light spray of water from Roteki. "It's alright man. We should hustle to homeroom though, I'll see you around- at lunch?" As per usual Satoshi was aware of the time, ushering the conversation to a close but arranging a time to resume it with a friendly grin. A brief secret handshake and they parted ways, Satoshi speeding away in a brisk walk to the support class homeroom.

Like Roteki he too was amazed and mesmerised by school but his admiration was subtle. As he shot through the grounds he occasionally blinked rapidly, snapping up photos through his eyes for mind which raced ahead just like him. He wondered how class would be, what their first lesson would be like- classmates too! What would they be like. All questions were soon to be answered. Tremendously soon, Satoshi stopped just before the door the support room with a slight surprise at how quickly he'd walked there.

His pause didn't last long, Satoshi unable to contain his excitement like his hero course friend had been able too. Giddy with delight he bounced on the spot, hands clasping together in front of him and waving ever so slightly as a light and positive squeal sounded from his chest and slipped through his teeth. After the ejection of energy Satoshi composed himself, taking a deep breath as he opened the door and stepped into the class room.

Roteki watched his friend speed off after their little talk and hand shake, figuring that he should get a move on as well. He was incapable of such speedy steps, Roteki lumbering onwards through the barrier and into the school's grounds. He stood at least a foot above most of the other students, taking up twice the space given the water currently stored in his body. He wasn't expecting to use his quirk today but he preferred to have the water in him just in case. It would certainly be awkward if they had to demonstrate their powers and he had spend 10 minutes at the taps to absorb enough liquid to do stuff.

His size didn't bother him though, he was much more used to being water laden as opposed to waterless. Not much could really bother him right now actually. The heat which he was more susceptible to was hardly getting on his nerves as much as it had been this morning, there wasn't an ounce of nervousness in his body. He'd never felt as confident in his life as he did right now, in UA as an official student.

After a lengthy stroll he finally reached the 1A homeroom, opening the door and just about fitting through the frame and into the classroom.

Jiren Jouji

Jouji awkwardly sat in the back seat of the private car his parent's had hired for him, the vehicle being driven by the regular chauffeur who was familiar with the Jiren family and thus made conversation with the bug boy in the back. "So! Y'know what you're doing for your first day kid?" "Uh- not really, surprise I guess?" His response was blurted out, Jouji much more occupied with trying to fix his tie which was a little dishevelled like the rest of him. Green medium length hair had been hastily hair dried, his antennae sticking out of his forehead poking past his fringe. A uniform slightly to large for him covered a thin body, Jouji often trying to straightening it and fix it to no avail.

He was a nervous wreck and having a private car take him straight to gates of the school didn't help at all. The conversation between Jouji and the driver, who was either completely unaware of his distress or electing to ignore it, continued on until they pulled up to the gates. "Alright- Have a great first day at school ey! I'll pick you up around here when you're done?" "N-no, no it'll be alright- maybe just a little bit down the road" Preferably a mile though that statement didn't leave Jouji's head. "Thanks for the ride" He couldn't help his tone falter as he approached the door and opened it.

A few looks were directed his way, much less than how many Jouji thought. Despite this anxiety continued to run rife within him. Oh wow he wished he could shrink to the size of the bugs he consumed, sneak past everyone without even a glance his way. But alas he could not, all he could do was hastily speed ahead, head down as he recklessly fast tracked his way to the homeroom.
Three Weeks Ago

A pale, average sort of guy sat next to a bed, sunlight streaming in soft tendrils through the drapes that covered the window high up on the wall.

The street way below that window bustled with the activity of the Big Apple, but the boy had eyes only for the one in front of him. His mother.

Her face was soft, and sweet. It was a young enough face, but the eyes in her head made her look way older. Maria Nokia. His sick mother.

"I got in, Mom. I really did. Support course a-and everything."
"Oh, Alex..." Mrs. Nokia smiled kindly. "I never really doubted you could," she said, rubbing her thumb across the back of her son's hand. "You're so smart..."
Alex chuckled in a somber sort of way, his voice soft as he replied, "Well, maybe. But the entrance exam- It was really hard."
"Hmf! That's nonsense...You're just saying that to be humble..."

Mrs. Nokia raised her hand shakily, pointing at Alexander.
"I didn't raise my son to be humble...I raised him to be..." she paused, coughing. "I raised him to be proud."
Alexander sucked in a breath. "I...I will, Mom. You'll...You'll hear everybody saying our name soon."
Mrs. Nokia laughed at that. "Nokia Hero Gear....Heh...Show those other nerds what we've got, son."
Alexander would have smiled. But he couldn't. Instead he made a noise of contentment that was almost equal to one.

Alexander's father came in. A nervous man who loved him to death. It was embarrassing.
"A-Al! You're gonna m-miss you're flight-t!"
"Dad, tilt your head. The glare is blinding me," Alexander replied. His father did, so the sun no longer reflected off the crimson rotary phone that was his head.
Alexander had one too. His voice came from one end of the receiver attached to it, which he had resting on the bed right next to his mother. The cord was so long, it draped across the floor in coils that would probably tangle later.
Alexander stood up, plopping the receiver back on its stand, and said to his mother as he bundled the cord around it,
"I'll make you proud, Mom. So I won't have to be."

Alexander Nokia; The Mama's Boy
Alexander turned his phone towards the sky, feeling the wind on his neck since it wasn't possible to feel it on his face because he didn't have one.
He had flown to Japan about three weeks ago, moving in with his grandparents. They were nice people, although they didn't entirely understand why he wanted to work with Hero equipment. Oh well.

Nokia was close enough to the school to go by train, which is what he did. It was just arriving as he finished daydreaming about his first day.

Here he'd meet his friends. His coworkers. His competition, his enemies, his spouse, maybe. And it all started today. Going away from the station, he walked up to the school and through the golden gates that many heroes had gone through.

All Might had walked through these gates once. The thought made Nokia shiver.
"I may not be a Hero....But my work is gonna save lives. Just you wait."

Amidst the bustling cityscape, the roar of engines and the hum of daily life, he sat on his perch atop the concrete kerb, lost in thought. As the sun painted the horizon with hues of orange and pink, he finally rose and mounted his trusty motorbike, a sleek and formidable machine, its steely, matte black paintjob shining like a star.

The engine growled to life, resonating with Kazuki's determination as he embarked on his journey to U.A. High School. This was the day he had long anticipated, the day that his wager began.

Wind ruffled his hair as he maneuvered through the urban labyrinth, his eyes reflecting the sparks of ambition that had ignited in his heart.

As Kazuki weaved through the morning traffic, a soft voice whispered in his mind. "Well, whaddya know?" she said with a tone that was both soothing and supportive, "Today's the day, kiddo. If there was ever a time to back out, it'd be now. Kaz could probably use an errand boy this time of year, no?"

Kazuki smiled beneath his helmet, an unspoken connection between man and machine that only they could understand. "Akane," he replied mentally, his thoughts resonating with her presence, "your next oil change is in the palm of my hands."

"And your mobility is in the palm of my rev counter, baby. Unless you'd prefer to walk?"

He was chuckling now.

"Screw you."

"You wish, nerd."

With the city's rhythmic pulse fading behind him, Akane had carried him safely through the urban labyrinth and now rested near the school's entrance. He patted the bike affectionately, before dismounting and securing his helmet, grabbing his school bag.

"Be a good girl now," he began smugly. "Don't talk to any strangers while Daddy's gone, okay?"

"No promises- " she confessed whilst another car pulled up nearby, a sleek, saloon, fancy looking one, probably a private hire by the looks of it. He cut Akane off and stared at the vehicle, focused.

"Hey, you're a cool looking one. What's your name?"

"Sorry, kid." spoke the car in a deep, arrogant tone. "Mean Machines like yours truly don't just hand out autographs to anyone."

"Oh, is that so? I was gonna ask when your last tire change was- those things look like overworked erasers, dude. Are they even fitted properly? Don't think I didn't notice how you pulled to one side there once you hit the brakes, Mean Machine."

"Why I oughta- hmph, you're lucky I'm just being used to drop off the kid. Otherwise I'd-"

"What, skid me to death?" Kazuki smirked, enjoying getting the rise out an inanimate object a tad too much. He patted Akane. "Me and my girl here'll dust you any time, baby."

It was at this point the 'kid' in question stepped out of the vehicle. Now, Kazuki had seen some weird-looking people in his day. It was par for the course in a world like theirs.

The passenger was no different- messy green hair, a uniform that was clearly a tad too big for the stringbean, and antennae protruding out of his forehead like he was constantly hooked up to the Discovery Channel. Kazuki sighed breezily, closing the connection and returning to Akane.

"Mmm, does he sound just like I was thinking?" she began dreamily. "Deep, dark, booming? Oh, just look at that bodywork. And those big, shiny headlights-"

"Ewww, alright, alright." interjected Kazuki. "I think that's my cue to get the hell outta here. See ya."

"Hmph, later, nerd."

What ensued next was chaos- the place was so big it was like a friggin' maze. Kazuki tried his best to navigate to the Support Course homeroom, but it felt like he was ending up in every location but where he needed to be.

Eventually, he found what looked like the Support Room, but his traumatic navigation experience filled his head with doubt. He took a deep breath before gingerly opening the door, glancing around inside.

"Hey, man," Kazuki began inquiring, his gaze resting on a gray-haired dude with light blue eyes and soft features, like some kind of doll. "Is, uh, this the right place? Support Class homeroom?"

@Martin Pine (Satoshi)
One year ago, Yukage Izumi, daughter of the Deceased Nightstriker

Before school at UA started, Izumi Yukage was standing in the rain, at a cemetery for Pro Heroes, with her mother, as the Pro Hero Zoom In was standing with Izumi and Izumi's mom. Various Pro heroes, including Rampage, were giving condolences to the best of their Ability. As she looked around, tears were welling up, and not the happy kind. The girl was trying her hardest not to cry, as her Mother was bawling.

"You must be Seichiro's wife and daughter," an armored individual spoke up, "I am The Angered Hero: Rampage, and his death was a devastating loss to raid teams as well as rescue teams. I worked with Seichiro on a couple of villain raids, and without him scouting out the bases, we would had have more losses than we did. We will keep you two in our thoughts as you go through this time."

Izumi nodded, not saying a word due to how sad she was. Her mother, however had something to say.

"Thank you Rampage, Zoom In seems to be in a similar state." Izumi's mom responded, "Izumi was close with her dad, which is why she didn't respond to you. She's still processing her dad's death."

An extremely tall young man about Izumi's age was with Rampage. He looked at Izumi, worried for her. As he looked around, he saw everything around, including Pro Heroes. Various ones who had probably worked with The Nightstriker before his death. As Izumi kept to herself, Zoom In went up towards the front to speak.

"Hello, I am Zoom In, The Nightstriker's Partner when doing Hero work. He was a very key person in raids and rescues, making sure the paths to the area we were needed in was safe. He died in the line of duty making sure at least 20 civilians were safe from harm during the attack recently. I wasn't in range to help, but I sent the team to try and rescue him, but it was..."

Zoom In broke down crying. Izumi and her mom both walked up to support Zoom In.

"Thank you."

As the saddest day of Izumi's life went through, she watched as her father was buried. After everything, Izumi went home and cried.

Eight Months Later

Izumi had been going home to find Fujiwara Ayame in her living room. The Pro Hero Zoom In had been a family friend, she was particularly close with Izumi's Dad, Yukage Seichiro, before his death. Izumi was shocked, he had not been expecting Zoom In to be sitting on her couch on this day.

"Izumi, Zoom In's here, she has something to say."

The Pro Hero looked at Izumi with a smile on her face. Izumi was confused.

"You're going to UA on Recommendation." Ayame explained.

Izumi was floored, she was not expecting any of the hero schools to take her, much less UA, even less on Recommendation.

"T-thank y-y-you!" Izumi nodded.

Current Day, Day 1 at UA.

As Izumi walked the halls of UA she was seeing various people of all kinds. She looked around, then at her pendant that her father gave her.

"I'm doing this, I hope you're proud of me, Dad." Izumi whispered.

As Izumi walked towards her Homeroom, she got passed by someone at high speed.

"I wonder who that was."

As Izumi continued, she saw various people and quirks, her footsteps were making as much noise as an Owl's wings. As she walked towards her Homeroom, she saw the person from before.

Hijima Tetsuo and Tsuki Senjiro, Day 1

Tetsuo had passed his Entrance exam, with an above during the written exam, and with a score of 85 in the combat simulation. How that was split in the more practical part of the exam was a mystery. He had received his Acceptance letter and was a bit surprised when he got the letter.

As Tetsuo arrived to UA, he walked around to see everything. People of all shapes, sizes and Quirks were walking, running or flying. As he walked, he walked into a doorframe. He then ducked under the door frame. His friend from Middle School, Tsuki Senjiro, had been in a book the entire time they were walking.

"Senjiro-San, the support course is that way."

Tsuki Senjiro looked up at the giant that was Hijima Tetsuo, and nodded, walking in the direction that Tetsuo pointed. As Tetsuo walked, he noticed the people around him as someone sped by. Tetsuo was quite surprised by that speed.

Tsuki Senjiro, Day 1, Support Course.

When Senjiro separated from Tetsuo, he went off towards the support, his head still in a book, working on how he was going to put this together between the book and what he information on the subject he had. He then walked into the Homeroom, whose path was towards bumping into a boy with Dark hair and Vermillion eyes.

"S-sorry a-about t-that, i-is t-this t-the s-support c-course?"

@RhythmThief (Kazuki)
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Previously Shadow_Pup
Hyōketsu "Kori" Tsukōri
Kori did not enjoy walking, she had hoped her aunt would drive her to UA but she had been called into work and Kori had forgotten to grab money for the bus and didn't feel like going back home to get any so she just figured she'd walk, the heat of the sun bothered her a little but nor enough to render her useless or anything. She strolled along humming quietly to her self, she'd been pretty stoked when she found out she'd got into UA through recommendation, both cause it was her dream school and it had meant she didn't have to do the entrance exam which her lazy side was particularly thrilled about. As she walked her thoughts were interrupted by a stereo in a nearby shop "...irteen dead and six others in critical condition after an armored truck was robbed last night, the police have informed us that the villain Jack Frost was behind the robbery and is still at lar..." she shook herself slightly and turned away tuning out the stereo before hurriedly continuing on her way, hearing stories about her brother was not the way she'd wanted to start the day, she made it to UA before long and took in her surrounding with a grin, she hurried inside and made her way to the 1A homeroom taking her seat and glancing around at her classmates.

Hyōketsu Tōshō (a.k.a. Jack Frost)
Walking through an alley Jack was on the phone with someone who was starting to get on his nerves, "listen mate, I hired you to move the money I stole last night somewhere secure, I expect it to be done already, you have until this evening to get it done, if it isn't done or there is any missing, I'll be paying you a personal visit" he said through clenched teeth before putting his phone away and attempting to calm himself "right where was I, oh yes" he said with a grin as he spotted the building he was looking for, a large man in a black suit and shades stood outside and stopped Jack "no entry, the boss is bu.." the man didn't get to finish what he was saying as Jack had shut him up with a knife to the jugular, the man collapsed and Jack entered, the building was owned by some real estate douche, who liked to party with his rich friends, carving a path through the guys bodyguards he eventually reached the man's office "ah, Mr. Tsubashi, you are a hard man to get a meeting with" he said to the overweight terrified little man, "now give me the passwords to your bank account oh and the code to that safe in the corner while your at it" he said twirling a dagger in his hand casually, the business man obliged quickly eager to not be killed, "why thank you" Jack stated before flinging a knife into the man's head. He raided the safe and was gone with plenty of time before any cops arrived as he snuck away with a large grin.
The Angered Hero: Rampage.

The Angered Hero had hoped to see his son off to his first day of UA, but it was not possible. Apparently Villains had struck and was sitting in his office, looking at some points where said Villains had struck recently. He was thinking hard, as he looked at the locations that were struck.

"Rampage, we're trying here," Two people looking at the map as well were explaining.

"I know," Rampage responded, "We're getting close."

The Spotting Hero: Zoom In

Zoom In was at the Nightstriker Agency, which she was running for the past year. As she was, in the office, a woman had walked in.

"It's Izumi's first Day at UA!" The woman was cheering.

"I'll ask her about it when she gets back home," Zoom In responded.

The woman nodded as she knew about her Recommendation of Izumi, Zoom In put Izumi in herself. Izumi was the daughter of the Deceased Nightstriker, who was the Number Five Hero at the time of his death.

"I wished for Seichiro to have seen this," both the Woman and Zoom In whispered.

The woman looked down at the pendant she wore, the same one that Izumi had on her person. She shed a tear at the pendant as Zoom In looked at her with worry.

"I'm going to visit Seichiro's grave today, to tell him about Izumi's start of UA." The woman responded to Zoom In.

"Be careful, and make sure you are safe." Zoom In responded.

The woman nodded, heading off as Zoom In looked at a case File. She then called the various staff in the Agency to her office.
~Rahm Katar...~

Rahm's day happened like any other. One minute he was racing cars spouting nonsense about 'Family!' And the next minute he was in the jungle with rifle in hand expecting an ambush at any moment which turned out to be an alien invasion and an earthquake and loud sirens blaring into the distance.

At least until Rahm looked around and realized it was morning, the alarm clock was going off annnd it was a school day of all days. Back to school day. Rahm looked like he went through hell and back multiple times. Rahm got up and turned all eight of his alarm clocks off before his step-father father that stepped up, could complain. He slapped his cheeks then ran out his room with his clothes for the day under his arm. Slid down the hall before turning on the music.

Making his way into the bathroom, he took an ice cold shower. He had a bunch of tooth brushes of varying size and shape. One for each mouth. Getting dressed himself. His uniform covered up his stomach and shoulder mouths. He then slapped his watch on his wrist before making his way downstairs. His father was already down there making breakfast. An omelette with a side of toast and a glass of apple juice. He made himself a glass of black coffee as he read the newspaper.

"Get your stuff ready, kiddo. We gotta leave in five minutes" the man said. Rahm nodded silently as he still had been chewing on toast and wasn't gonna speak with his mouthful. Finishing his juice, he sat the cup on the table. The dishes would be cleaned later. Rahm would be dropped off a block away from the school and his dad would pick up three other co-workers for carpool. Uniform on, clean and well fitted. Water battle in hand, still ice cold. Backpack with all the things he could need. He grinned slightly before beginning his walk to school.

Other students made their way to UA. Rahm made his way to the 1A classroom. Rahm went to sit near the the center and by the window. A nice view while he continued his education. Some other students arrived earlier than he did. Rahm sat some of his belongings on his desk. A pen, pencil, large eraser, notebook, three ringed binder with various papers and a folder.

~Yu Wu...~

Yu Wu had been up since 4am. He had began his morning like any other. Steamy hot shower, take out a few criminals, today he got two. Failed convenient store robbery. Exercised for the morning. Took an ice bath. Then a sauna. And had now spent a few hours doing paperwork before taking one last shower to clean himself off for work. His nice pink suit was looking sharp and very on point. It was back to school day!

He'd see his fellow coworkers again and teach a future generation of kids at the school he loved. He may have took a nap in the break lounge when he arrived at school, but when it was time for his class to begin he'd be ready.
Inazuma Akira
For once, Akira was about to be late. He had rushed his chores, had a shower and got dressed, and he had to use up the Lightning Energy he had stored to get to UA on time. "Please don't be late," he repeated to himself. At least, until, he made it. Not late! Akira sighed with relief. And he was tired as hell since he had used up so much Lightning Energy. But that relief faded when he realised he had to get to homeroom as well.

"... that wasn't the last of it?!" he thought to himself as he sprinted to homeroom at his current top speed, which is slightly faster than it would be if he had absolutely no Lightning Energy.
Fujita Rei, Musutafu, Japan (3 days ago)

"I...I got accepted!"​

Rei had been waiting with nervous anticipation for what felt like ages for some word from the U.A. to come in. She had her Entrance Exam a mere couple days prior and this was supposed to be when notices of those who got accepted or not within its prestigious halls. She had more or less camped by the main room of her adoptive mother's apartment, and the latter had thankfully avoided having a hero call as Fujita Hanako better known as Oni Queen, had tried to temper those jitters but they had little effect.

Relief only came through the mail.

The projector image gave Rei her congratulations and she had been accepted to the U.A.'s hero course, and to say she was elated would've undersold it. She pumped her fist into the air and the excitement nearly caused her to fire a careless burst of solar energy that thankfully Hanako had managed to steer her from but the infectious joy had been enough to make her smile.

"Glad to know the worry is past you, I am sure you'll do wonders. Though you seem a bit smug coming out of the Entrance Exam, yet so worried today~" Hanako said, a bit of a light teasing to help ease the mood as Rei turned to her and seemed to have a playful grin of her own.

"Course I knew I'd get in, but you know one thing to believe it and then have it confirmed and all." Rei said with a brush of the tip of her nose as she tried to play it cool which amused Hanako much as anything else.

"Whatever you say, I know this will be a fun chapter, but remember it only gets harder from here. The path to being a Pro will have many challenges, so don't take anything for granted." Hanako advised as Rei had heard this all before and it had been sound advice but she seemed to feel a drive in her soul as she could not help but smile as she held a fist close to her chest.

"Trust me miss Hanako, I got this~"

Fujita Rei, Musutafu, Japan (Present Day)

"Busted alarm on the first day, you are a real piece of work Rei!"
Rei cursed as she peddled on her bike as it appeared she woke up a little later than she intended, riding through the sidewalk and even into the street of Musutafu as she tried to get to the U.A. in a hurry. She moved with a frantic pace, peddling fast as she could as she had to weave by pedestrians and other vehicles alike as she veered out of the bike lane on a couple occasions which earned her a couple honks as she managed to avoid crashing into thinking which had been a saving grace.

"Ah bite me trying to get to school!" Rei yelled out as she raced along her bike but realized she still had a fair way to go to get to school. As the disadvantages of living on this end of town, but as the sun shinned high Rei felt the power flow through her being which caused a touch of inspiration to cross. With a hand behind her she began to fuel some of that solar power into her palm before she unleashed a small "burst" behind her, not a full on blast just more of thrust than anything else and like a rocket she had shot ahead at quite the blazing speeds.

"WOAH THIS IS AWESOME!" Rei called out, as she cursed herself for not trying this before but she kept firing up small bursts of solar blasts behind her as she raced ahead of the cars, motorcycles and people as she zoomed through the city. It had taken a bit of adjustment to steer and thrust herself but she seemed to be getting a hang of it as before long she seemed to make up ground. She had not even needed to peddle must as she used occasional bursts to up the tempo of her bike and before long the great school ahead of her seemed to approach her gaze as her eyes widened.

"There it is!" Rei cheered, but as she zoomed ahead a car of some random student seemed to be in place ahead of her and she lacked the ability to slow herself as she widened and looked concerned before inspiration seemed to hit her. With a free hand, she aimed her palm to the side of her down and used the same "burst" of solar energy to propell herself up and over the car as her bike landed with a bit of a thud but had remained upright. "Oof!" Rei called out bhe worked to control her steering as the momentum gradually slowed and she was able to land her bike in the bike rack as she pulled to a stop and had taken a moment to catch her breath.

"Yeah...nailed that." Rei said with a grin as she locked her bike in place and turned to the U.A. entrance, with a fire in her eye she walked up to the doors and looked to find Class 1-A; she only hoped she made it in time to secure a window seat as she entered inside and saw a few of her peers already present.

Hey, least she had not been late!​
Morine Satoshi

The room was ... cosy would be the most appropriate word. Firstly the space within was about half the size of the other classrooms, the support course home room also only having half the typical amount of desks, drawers, coat hangers and lockers. Seemed as though it was going to be a smaller class than the other courses.

Even the rest of the room was different from the ones that Satoshi had seen in passing. The grey racetrack floor in the hallway gave way to polished wooden floors in the room, the desks and other furniture within sharing the wooden theme. Whilst not completely rustic it was not as clinical as the other rooms, not something that Satoshi had expected in the slightest and it made him wonder why there was such an exception. There was also something else that had caught Morine's easily wandering attention.

Standing out from the rustic interior was a pair of metallic doors positioned on the centre of the backwall. A circular window was in the top third of each of the double doors, allowing a slight peak into the room behind them. Satoshi had begun to approach them to peer through until he heard a voice from behind. It sounded deep and cool, Satoshi immediately whipping around to face the speaker. Bright blue eyes busted with excitement, burning into the vermillion before him which rested underneath sharp eyebrows and soft curly hair.

Satoshi opened his mouth to speak but the words caught in his throat in such a wonderful way. A classmate- the first of many! An entire person who was already completely intrigued with. Hi what's your name? What's your quirk? Where do you live? What're you're interests and hobbies? Do you like manga? What's your favourite dish? He had a bombardment of questions he wanted to unleash but it was the sheer amount he wanted to say that was currently silencing him. A contagious smile opened Satoshi's mouth, the boy attempting to communicate before responding with a grin and a double thumbs up with hands he could hardly keep still.

A second arrival burst the damn, Satoshi not really being able to see him behind his new companion but he could hear his stuttered speech. "It sure is! I'm Morine Satoshi it's a pleasure to meet you both! Hey we both have blue eyes that's cool- red eyes are cool too though-though they're like a dark red WOW" With words came movement, Satoshi bounding across the room with such lightness and grace despite his haste. He peered past Kazuki which he was practically almost hugging as he spoke to the new comer sticking out a hand to shake at Senjiro and then crossing his left hand over his right arm to also offer the hand shake to Kazuki- all whilst word vomiting at them.

(@RhythmThief Kazuki / @Cmeriwether Senjiro)

Kyo Roteki

Like many of the other's he too had entered without much words. Quietly lumbering into class he took into account the positioning of the desks before choosing one on the door side, around two rows back. After taking his seat he slipped off his bag, also retrieving his school items from his bag and placing them on the desk in preparation.

He was rather stiff, if a boy that was essentially a sponge could appear so ridged. Excitement had ebbed away into awkwardness, Roteki not too confident on how to start a conversation with the other students. It wasn't that he was shy, he just didn't exactly know what to say. Whenever in public he was usually with Satoshi and Roteki let the excited extrovert handle all the speaking. The silence was irking him though. First moments in the class and it's awkward, hell no.

What would Satoshi say His thoughts wandered to his friend, Roteki seeking inspiration for an idea which eventually clicked. "Soo ..." An awkward opening had followed a throat clearing, the inflated sponge boy awkwardly looking to the currently other two students in the class as asked a friendly question. "How'd ya do in the entrance exam?" The stiffly delivered words were followed with a small smile, Roteki internal screams being audible only to himself. A third student entered the room just as he asked Roteki briefly glancing to them as he prayed for responses.

He did decently on the entrance exam. It was robot destruction essentially and whilst at first he found the task a little daunting he very quickly got into the swing of things, scoring modestly in terms of eliminations. Roteki was much more concerned about all the chaos and destruction that had been happening. The debris and broken robots were strewn everywhere and hazardous. Stupidly he'd made brief actions to move them out the way and clear paths but in hindsight it'd worked out well in the his favour.

(@Void_Nugget Kori / @ThAtGuY101 Rahm / @Godjacob Rei)

Takeru Terada

Terada was typically a rather chilled out person. Most days he'd take a cool approach to matters but today ... was like most days. With confident and calm steps he traversed the crowded hallways of UA, a lax smile spread across his features as he watched the mass of students shuffle and move. He towered above many of them with a height of 6'5ft, his head angled down to make sure he wasn't flattening or pushing past anyone, brief apologies being made to people when any little bumps or brushes occurred.

Much like everyone Terada was exhilarated to begin but he kept it within, there was a time and place for celebrations and a bustling hallway was not it. His eyes travelled upwards to see his progress towards the classroom, a student of similar height interacting with a shorter lad catching Terada's eye. The bison boy peered a little bit to understand the situation, nodding to himself as he sped up slipping through the crowd to reach this other student.

"Hey man!" Tetsuo would hear a chilled voice a few people behind him, matching it to a shaggy haired student approaching him if he were to turn around a check. Terada approached with confidence and calmness, a gentle fist pumping the other's shoulder as he nodded. "I got two younger brothers myself, what you just did was great- chivalrous as y'know" Terada spoke with respect for Tetsuo, struggling with the pronunciation of chivalrous almost but smiling and continuing nevertheless. "You heading for a hero course cuz you belong there man"

Jiren Jouji

In Jouji's mind if he walked fast enough people wouldn't spot him or look at him- he wouldn't even be able to notice even if they were due to the speed he was going at. Unfortunately this speed was not sustainable in such crowded conditions and he did notice the stares and brief glances caused by how fast he was going. He wanted to shrink and disappear even more, Jouji's blank button eyes darting around as a stressed shadow grew on his forehead.

He finally reached the classroom, freezing mere steps away from the door before pressing himself back first against the wall. The accumulation of anxious energy peaked mere metres away from first class, clammy hands reaching up to cover his face as finger tips fiddled with the antennae on top his head. The green wiry structure wiggled slightly, Jouji mushing his face beneath his palms as he let out compressed and stressed sigh.

(@Cmeriwether Izumi)
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Japan, U.A. High - First Day of Term 1

Medashi, Kai - Hero Student 1-A

The blaring, repetitive sound of an alarm clock cut through the silence of Kai's pitch dark bedroom like a hot knife through butter, the orange numbers on the noise machine reading 3:30am on the dot. Reaching out from under his covers, which stretched over his head, the adolescent slammed his hand down on the button labeled 'off'. A groan escaped the teenagers lips before he tossed the blankets off of him and rolled out of bed, though not before lying there for a few minutes to gather himself. Begrudgingly, the youth dressed himself in his brand-new school uniform and trudged to the bathroom to prep himself for the day.

About twenty minutes later, Kai emerged from the bathroom with his brown locks neatly brushed and void of knots, teeth clean as can be, the hallway still dark as to not wake anyone else in the household. As his eyes adjusted to the change in lighting, they found themselves focused on a family photo hung neatly across the hall. In the center of the frame was Kai, no older than five at the time, held up a few feet in the air by his parents; his tiny hands interlocked with the two of them and upstretched to the sky as they all laughed. Though they weren't around much due to their line of work, the pair did their best to make their few memories together fond ones. Off to the right stood an elderly couple, grandparents from his mother's side, and truthfully the people who raised him. Kind, genuine folks but a bit old fashioned.

Soon, I'll be able to fight alongside you. It won't be too dangerous anymore, Momma. You, Dad, and I... can be a family.

Kai shook his head. There was no time to be sentimental if that's what he wanted - to be a hero, just like them. Ten years ago was the last time they had all gotten to be together, and even that visit had been cut short by a villain attack in a nearby prefecture. Today was the beginning of his studies at U.A., the place that would turn him into a pro hero without a doubt. Years of studying and meditation to hone his quirk led up to this, and the entrance exam was no joke. This was the beginning of a new chapter.

Turning with a sigh, dragging footsteps carried the brunet further down the narrow hallway to the kitchen where he quietly made himself a pot of coffee and poured two tall cups to go, extra cream and sugar in both. Heading out the front door Kai was mindful to not let it slam, holding one of the cups in the crease of his arm as he locked the door behind him. A short walk to the nearby train station and half cup of steaming brew later, the youngster found himself on an empty shuttle straight to Musutafu. Much earlier than most of his peers would be, Kai arrived at the gates of U.A. High hours before he was scheduled to show up for classes, deciding days prior that being way too early was far better than risking falling asleep and missing anything out of his first day. Standing there, the aura-manipulator couldn't help but gaze up at the bold, proud letters above as the sun peaked over the horizon.

"U.A., I'm finally here. Get ready." Kai muttered under his breath, of course to nobody but himself. Taking in a deep inhale before looking back at the rising ball of fire behind him and pulling a map of the campus from the pocket of his uniform jacket, he pushed in through the front entrance, shuffling feet moving him forwards with haste. Arriving at his homeroom class, he was one of, if not the first to arrive. At least, he certainly didn't notice anyone in the room (and even if he had he was far too shy to engage them). Entering the classroom silently aside from the occasional sip of coffee, the boys gaze kept to the floor while he chose a seat close to the back. Secluded away in the corner of the room, Kai made himself comfortable in a chair with his knees curled to his chest. Over time, others would enter but he would pay them no mind unless approached. He simply waited for class to begin.
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Hachō, Nami - Pro Hero/Teacher, U.A.
Nami stretched, arching her back with arms held high as she proudly admired her classroom. She had spent the last three days cleaning and prepping for the arrival of her students in the support course. The large, workshop-esque room was spacious and arranged neatly with workbenches against the walls to work on different kinds of machinery and hero items along with a large platform in the center of the room for builds on the more rotund size of things. The metal platform sunk into the ground in contrast with the white tiles, flush with the rest of the floor as to not cause a tripping hazard. Adorned in her hero costume, the woman known as Wavelength bounded around the room to ensure all tools were accounted for, workstations were tidy, and everything was prepped for the future support heroes about to enter their first day of training. The woman's skirt flowed elegantly as she fluttered around the class, the colorful gummy bear charms hanging from her hip jingling with each spin and turn. Finally having finished her final preparations, Wavelength found herself once again standing in the center of the room, glancing around for anything she may have missed. Spotting a wrench sitting crooked on one of the workstations, the teacher traipsed over and adjusted it with a gleaming smile.

"There, perfect. Can't have the new students thinking it's okay to leave a mess." Hachō smirked to nobody, hands on her hips with the white swirl on her chest puffed out proudly. Truthfully, this was her first year as a teacher, and she was probably more nervous than the incoming teenagers were. Sleepless nights filled with thoughts of 'Will they even like me?', 'What if I can't teach them anything?', and 'Maybe I shouldn't have signed up for this...' preceded this very moment, the heroine's false confidence serving as a mask for her apprehensiveness. Though, not quite as stylish of a mask as the one on her features, the black eye covering decorated with two white, wispy swirls flowing off either side. Deciding there wasn't much more to do in preparation, the youthful teach waltzed over to the chain operated, metal door and slid it upwards into the open position. Retrieving a romance manga from her bag, which had been safely hung on a wall hook, she found herself a comfy spot on a nearby work station and buried herself into the reading material and artwork organized on the pages.

"Shouldn't be long now~." she hummed as she read.

Hanī, Kiira - Low-Tier Villain, Japan.
"Mmm!" Kiira exclaimed as she meandered down a random street in Shinjuku, gleefully munching on a fresh honey toast that had been "acquired" from a nearby shop. Passing by a flyer for U.A.'s enrollment closing, she couldn't stifle the wicked grin that crept across her face. The wings attached to her second abdomen fluttered in delight as she helped herself to another bite, mandibles clacking in front of her jaw as she chewed her favorite snack. Long ago, relishing in a delicacy such as this would have been merely a dream, but not anymore. It had been years since the Killer Bee had been an orphan, nothing more than a lost child hoping for the world to coddle her and show her warmth. Instead the world had been cold, ruthless in nature. It had shaped Kiira into a monster, the one her peers labeled her as from the start, and she was now glad to partake in everything that meant. A short stint in jail had done nothing to curb her habits of theft and robbery at stingerpoint, rather fueling the flames behind her wrath. The feeling of rejection from a society as wretched as this was one that couldn't be shaken, a conviction to take revenge brewing in the Bee's stomach ever since she was a girl. Had it always been simply because she looked different? Her life had been hell, meaningless and cast to the side. Blind eyes constantly turned to her abuse and neglect. No, there was something rotten about this world.

Snapping from her thoughts, Kiira found herself passing by a nature park, the trees and foliage rustling in the wind nabbing her attention. It seemed a peaceful place, somewhere she could go to escape for a while. Inviting herself to partake in a leisurely stroll through the wonderous patch of greenery, the insectoid made her way down the dirt path leading through the miniature preserve; finishing the last of her sweet as she ventured deeper into the forested park. The area was empty, void of other folks to disturb her as Hanī marched off the path and into a grassy patch. Taking a seat next to a small anthill, she was careful not to damage or disturb it.

"You get it, don't you little guys?" she spoke, gaze turning to the morning sky as clouds passed overhead.
"This world doesn't know the pain of us small folks. The ones that everyone looks over, steps on without question. You're just like me," the Killer Bee turned to stare at the anthill as a line of the small creatures ventured out to gather food for the colony. "Punished for simply existing. If you're seen, you get squashed, and nobody seems to mind." The villainess sighed heavily, her antennae twitching on her forehead.

"It won't be this way forever. I'll create a new world. One where nobody gets stepped on, even if that means I have to show everyone what it means to be truly afraid of being squashed. I just have to get some attention first, and maybe some likeminded allies..."
Kiira clenched two of her fists, the other two holding her up in the grass. She had a plan, and the time was coming for the world to change.


Previously AceTrainerGold
Kawahara Ryoma - Somewhere Out in the Sticks, Japan (One Week Ago)

"At 6 in the friggin morning, this BETTER be something good." A disgruntled and half asleep Ryoma trudged his way out of bed, awoken by a loud and persistent knocking at his bedroom door.

"Hey, wanna chill out with the knocking?"

"Really? I'm the one here busting their knuckles in to get YOUR lazy butt out of bed." At the door stood Hanae, Ryoma's older sister, although the height difference would lead you to believe otherwise.

"Yeah yeah, skip to the point already."

Hanae, just one more yawn or snarky comment away from blowing a fuse, handed over a white envelope to Ryoma. "Ugh...here. Can't see why anyone would wanna send mail to you." She then stormed off, back to her own room.

"Keep it to yourself." Ryoma yawned as he kicked his door shut and then placed himself back in bed. "Well what could this be...Ooh I know, a love letter from Hikari, now wouldn't that be romantic." He flipped it over to see a very distinct seal, that of U.A. High School's. "U.A. huh, they sure took their time getting this out here, it's been so long I almost forgot about that exam. Right let's open this baby up."

5 minutes later

"There's NO WAY you got accepted. Won't believe it 'til I see it." Tatsuo, the younger brother, remarked, sipping his tea all smug-like.

"Yeah well argue with the receipts, jackass." Ryoma pressed the letter down on the table in front of Tatsuo, blatantly underlining CONGRATULATIONS with his finger.

"Wow...well done bro, for real. I know that written test must've been real rough on you."

"Shut uuuuup."

Musutafu, Japan (First Day of Term)

Just a week later, and Ryoma was eager to jump into his first day of high school, eager in his case simply meaning waking up on time for once. It had been arranged his parents a week prior that he was to stay at his Dad's place in Musutafu, given it was in close proximity to the school. Although having not seen his Dad in quite some time resulted in a fairly awkward ride to school.

"So kid, how're ya finding the big city so far?" His Father asked in an earnest attempt to break the silence that had been lingering in the car.

"It's neat, I guess." Ryoma replied from the passenger seat, where he had sat faintly whistling and watching as cars zoomed by, waiting for some real conversation to spark up.

"Right. And uhhhh...that entrance exam, how was it?"

"Pffft, piece of cake. You ask me, I reckon they should make it a little harder for the next batch." He smirked, knowing full well he just barely passed by the skin of his teeth.

"...Piece of cake huh?" His Father gritted his teeth and took a firm grip of the steering wheel. "What on Earth are they feeding you kids nowadays! I took that exact same test and got my ass han-"

"Wait so you applied for the hero course?"

"Yup...and that's why I'm a cop."

In time with that utterly shocking reveal, they arrived at the school gates. After a brief farewell, Ryoma hopped out of the car and parted ways with his Dad. Now standing at the gate, the country boy in him just couldn't not gawk at the behemoth of a building that lay before him, "These city folk sure like overcompensating huh?" Ryoma muttered to himself, loosening his tie and taking his very first step onto U.A. soil. "Ahh, this is gonna be a looong day."

Rummaging through the halls of the maze-like building eventually led him to his designated homeroom, Class 1-A. "Just what kinda beasts am I gonna be studying with?" Was all he could think as he was completely dwarfed by the doorway. With the expectations of seeing an absolute unit behind it, Ryoma swung the door open and was greeted with a range of colorful characters.


Sakaguchi Koichi - Musutafu, Japan (First Day of Term)

It was an exceptionally beautiful spring morning; crisp blue skies as far as the eye could see, sun rays trickling down over the fields, and high spirits for one such ghoulish lad. Koichi, much to the dismay of his Mother and apathy of his Father, was heading off to the one and only U.A. High School.

"Oof, I thought I'd never leave that house. Mom's one tough cookie that's for sure." Only just surviving a short spat with his Mom, Koichi had left his home on the city's outskirts, opting for the unorthodox method of flying to school. "As if she knows what she's talkin' about anyways, I totally aced that exam. After rocking those giant robots, I doubt there's anything that can take me on!" It was a miracle how Koichi could keep flying with his head inflated to the size of Jupiter, but nevertheless he carried on gliding down the path to the city.

Within around 10 minutes, he found himself within the city's centre; swarming with people, even at such early hours. Koichi of course saw that there was some fun to be had and began dodging and weaving between the crowd, almost like a snake. After many odd looks, Koichi eventually found a way out of the sea of people, and proceeded to blast off immediately.

At long last, Koichi found himself standing at the entrance of U.A. High. "Here we are... and what a marvellous piece of architecture this is, it'd almost be rude to not leave my mark here wouldn't it." He whipped out a marker and left a doodle of himself sticking his tongue out on the surrounding wall, signed "Ko". "Yeeeep, pretty sure I own the place now." Defacing school property, what a perfect start.

Upon entering the building, Koichi was taken aback by it's labyrinthine structure. There were so many directions he could go, he was almost spoiled for choice. "I think I've got time." Feeling no sense of urgency, Koichi began meandering around the hallways, assuming that he'd eventually stumble upon his classroom.

"Class 1-A, there we go." Concluding his tour of the school, Koichi had indeed found his allocated homeroom. "I can barely hold in my excitement, long gone are the days of struggling to stay awake through painfully dull math and english classes, this is where the fun truly begins!" With the giddiness of a child on Christmas morning and confidence that could pierce the heavens, he busted through the doors.

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Previously Deathstalker62
Omoshiroi Hone
How long had he been here, now? One hour? Two? Three? Time's but a concept when you have nothing to keep track of it, so it seems. Any normal guy would've probably collapsed long ago from exhaustion, but not Hone, for all but a simple reason. He felt no such things as exhaustion, hunger or even pain. How could he? He was nothing but bones, after all. Nothing but a rattler, nothing but a walking pile of calcium, nothing but a big, bad boner- wait, that came out wrong. To wash away that failed philosophical train of thought, he had thought back earlier in the day.. so early in fact, it was still yesterday morning!


" ..you're not serious, are you? You're gonna walk all the way over to U.A? "

" Aya, do I look like I'm joking? "

The girl took a good look at Omoshi. That expressionless mouth, those hollowed eye sockets, those bone-dry... bones. They said it all.

" No, you look like a fucking bonehead. "

The two shared a dry laugh. Shiruno didn't first believe that this guy really wanted to go on foot. A train, a car or even just a skateboard would be so much faster! What would Omoshiroi even do on the way, gawk at the passersby and stare at the scenery of dull, grey concrete and smoke clouds erupting from all the exhaust pipes of cars driven by actually smart people?

" You realise you're gonna be walking a whole day, right? "

" Exactly. And who better to walk that day than me? "

" Well, what are you gonna do if someone tries to rob you? "

" I say let 'em. If they can be bothered to follow some random a whole day around, they deserve what little pocket lint and dust bunnies I have in these pants. "

Another brief laugh was exchanged between the two. Despite what horrible idea she thought Hone had, he brought up some fair points. He never did have a need to carry things such as money or wallets, and he never could afford anything of value anyway.. not that he could purchase anything to begin with, given his lack of an ID.

" Ah, fine. But if you don't send us a letter once you get there, I'm personally bringing your ribcage to my next performance to be used as a xylophone, got it? "

The skeleton man put on his student uniform, noticing it was much thinner and smaller than expected, almost as if the staff had it made to match is exact proportions. Huh, wasn't that a neat little detail?

" Yeah yeah, whatever. I'll be off now, until then! "

And with those few parting words, the door was briefly opened and shut just as quick as the calcium golem headed out to go on his day-long walk towards the one place who could help him be the thing he always wanted to be.. no, no, not a hero. That was the side-goal. The true goal was getting people to realise that they've got no reason to be rattled at this skeleton. Hah!

..And back to the current time we goooo..

The boneman sat behind a tree for some time now, having lost track of time. The rising noise of students flooding in is what drew his attention as he got up from waiting idly, finally taking the time to actually head into the school's yard, by far being the one to draw the most stares towards himself. After all, a literal skeleton just waltzed into the crowd, why wouldn't one at least have a brief look at the walking pile of bones moving amongst the living?

He gave no such attention back to these people. They could stare for all they liked, Hone could care less.. no, wait, that was a lie. He couldn't. All he cared about was getting to class, for that was the one thing he'd been waiting this entire time for, having only been hindered because it hadn't been quite the time yet until now.

It was when he got to class that it appeared this class' clown revealed himself as the stranger burst through the door and yelled into the room. Now, if he were able, Omoshiroi would have cracked a sarcastic smile, because he had just thought up the perfect comeback to tease the man with. And.. this was it. He was gonna destroy this man on his very first day, right here, right now.

" This morning's entertainment, huh? That's funny.. "

These words were spoken loud enough for the guy to hear, as Hone barged into the room before finishing his sentence with a louder volume.

" You sure as hell seem laughable enough to fit that description. "
Yukage Izumi

As Izumi was heading towards the door, she saw the guy from before again enter the door nervously. She then looked at him after he put his back to the wall. As she entered the door, she saw the teen and spoke.

"H-hi t-there!" Izumi barely got out, "I-I a-am Y-yukage I-Izumi, i-it s-seems w-we A-are cl-classmates?"

As Izumi asked this nervously, as she wasn't used to starting the conversation, she grabbed her pendant, making sure it didn't bounce off of her.

@Martin Pine (Jouji)

Hijima Tetsuo

Tetsuo had sent Senjiro on his way to his correct class when he heard a familiar voice behind, whipping around to see Terada. He'd recognize that voice anywhere. He wasn't expecting him to be here, or even Tsuki Senjiro. As he walked, he slowed down to let Terada catch up.

"I am, ran into and helped out a buddy of mine from Middle School, you heard of Tsuki Senjiro-San, if so, he's in the Support Course." Tetsuo responded, "Other than that, I don't know who's here or in my class, I wish I had a sibling."

As Tetsuo walked, he saw Class 1-A.

"Look, there's Class 1-A, Terada!" Tetsuo told him when he saw Class 1-A.

Tetsuo was quite surprised when he saw the sign. As such he saw various people, like a dark-haired girl that was much shorter than him.

@Martin Pine (Terada)


Previously Shadow_Pup
Hyōketsu "Kori" Tsukōri
As she sat at her desk she watched as various students entered and took their seats, when one asked a question she glanced in his direction and pondered how best to ask for a moment "um well I didn't take the entrance exam, I'm a recommendation student" she stated simply, she intended to continue when a loud student entered, saying something about entertainment. With her mood now pretty soured she glared in the direction of the loud student, did they really need to be that loud, she couldn't stand loud and overly excited people and turned back to the student who'd asked the question, "as I was saying, I got in through recommendation, the entrance exam sounds interesting though, I mean I sounds like a lot of work honestly but I'm sure it was fun" she said not sure exactly what to say "oh I'm Hyōketsu Tsukōri but you can just call me Kori, pretty much everyone I know calls me Kori" she said with a polite smile, irritation still slightly present in her expression.
@Martin Pine (Roteki) @Jayblade (Koichi)


Previously AceTrainerGold
Sakaguchi, Koichi

Koichi’s “big splash”, as he himself would describe it, wasn't met with quite the reaction he'd hoped for. In fact, it was the exact opposite; a reception so cold it would send shivers down even the most hardened of individuals' spine. And from the other side of the classroom, a girl with ice blue hair shot over a glare so cold, it was liable to give one frostbite. "And I thought middle school was a tough crowd, yeesh..."

And nothing but mere seconds later, just to rub even MORE salt in this fresh wound, he found himself 1-Upped by a...Skeleton?? Koichi had been no stranger to such oddities, practically everyone of his family members was a freak of nature, but a walking talking pile of bones had to be a first. "Damn this guy's good...almost too good." Koichi froze for a moment, almost immobilized by the guy's sheer presence alone. He looked up to see those hollow eye sockets glaring back at him. The tension was so tangible, Koichi could almost feel the sparks singeing his skin.

"So just who let this old Bag O' Bones loose from the biology department?" He jeered, a snide grin yet again adorning his fluorescent purple face, as he eyeballed his rather skinny fellow student.

"Oh yeah- I got his ass."


Kawahara, Ryoma

Choosing to completely cancel out all the hustle and bustle going on around him, Ryoma gave the classroom a quick once over, he may have vaguely remembered crossing paths with some of the guys during the entrance exam, but given his hazy memory of things, this may as well have been his first time seeing anybody in that room.

"Looks like everyone's already found their talking buddy. Welp, guess I'm shit out of luck."

However, averting his gaze towards the rear corner of the room would reveal an outlier. A rather meek and shy looking brunette boy curled up with a mug of coffee in hand. Ryoma slowly edged towards the guy, not wanting to startle the guy, considering the state he seemed to be in. "Legs curled up like that? Coffee on deck? Oh yeah, that's a caffeine junkie alright."

Promptly securing the desk to the boy's right, Ryoma thought he might as well try and incite some quality discussion with guy "Oh boy, wonder when we're gonna get to meet this teacher of ours."

"Yeah, real natural."

Jiren Jouji

Even through the noise of the hall and the class on the other side of the wall and even through his own panicked and distressed thoughts he could hear someone addressing him. Jiren jumped ever so slightly in shock, fingers spreading apart to peer through and look to the girl speaking to him. The interaction grounded him somewhat, dispelling some of his worries and forcing him to push past others. He didn't wish to be rude, his parents raised him with manners.

"Yup- sure does" He squeaked a meek response, lowering his hands from his reddening face. Jouji was holding his breath, blank eyes almost glazing over until he released a sigh and continued to breath normally. "I'm Jiren Jouji, even more people inside too" People he was tremendously worried about meeting and interacting with but this conversation wasn't going so bad. He was speaking rather normally now, nerves once again settling and burying themselves.

"Ladies first" A gentle gesture to the door was made, Jouji encouraging Izumi in first out of politeness but also so he could follow behind, helping with his nerves.

(@Cmeriwether Izumi)

Koi Roteki.

He was glad to receive an answer, Roteki's attention turning to the girl. Bright blue hair matched bright blue eyes, a bright expression complimenting said colours as she steadily spoke. Compared to her Roteki much looked more brooding and dull with his black hair tied in a bun and brown eyes. His thoughts drew similarities to the Yin and Yang, as well being impressed that she was a recommendation student. Whilst not familiar with the term he quickly pieced it together, not needing to do the entrance exam.

Their conversation was briefly cut short by the arrival of a purpleish lad, Roteki eyeing him up with less annoyance on his features than Kori had. Meeting with Satoshi for the last year meant he was quite used to loud and energetic people, not so much brash though. A skeleton man- which had completely escaped his perception up until now, responded with sarcasm. The interaction seemed friendly enough, hopefully the teacher would be here soon to mediate.

Returning to his conversation with Kori he elected to introduce himself as well. "The name Koi Roteki. Well done on the recommendations, that's really impressive" He spoke louder than he would've liked but they were on opposite sides of the room so he sort of had too. Ignoring the irritation still present on her features he continued, relieved that they weren't directed at him. "It was ... a lot of robots, kinda chaotic and yeah, definitely a lot of work"

(@Void_Nugget Kori)

Takeru Terada

"Treat someone well enough and anyone can be your sibling brother" Terada oozed of positivity but a lax and warm version of it as opposed to an energetic and sharp one. "Let's find our class and new class mates then, sure we're close now- be good to get out of the crush" Not that neither one of them were really affected. Most students were moving around them as opposed to trying to get through them. Some benefits of their size.

Tetsuo spotted the class before he did, Terada following close behind and also picking up the pace as he shouted encouragement. "I'm right behind ya!"

( @Cmeriwether Tetsuo)
Alexander, or as he will be known by his classmates

Nokia slowly and sedately walked toward class, a sense of peace and purpose infused within his very bones. His peace would probably be short lived, as he unfolded a piece of paper containing his schedule.
As he arrived in the hallway outside his classroom, he noticed a giant, open metal door through which he could see a workshop.

Obviously a workroom.

But on the other hand, the words on his schedule distinctly said that the support course was to take place in the room right next to this workshop.

It didn't appear to him even remotely suited for that purpose. A few people milled about the room as he stuck his phone in, and then he walked back into the hallway. What lucky class got the workshop when the support course students were shunted into a boring regular room?

Nokia thought, and then it came to him;

Oh! Maybe not all the classes we have are in a workshop...That makes sense. Why didn't I think of that before?

Nokia had thought they'd be working in a workshop most of the time. Although now that he thought about it, that wouldn't be the best room to do paperwork in. So Nokia was supposed to be in the boring room. How quaint.

Althooough.....Would it really be harmful to just...peek in the workshop? Just one teeny-tiny glance inside? The door is wide open after all. It's beckoning to me. One of the most advanced student workshops in the entire country. It wouldn't hurt to take a look in an open room before I go to my classroom. They're next to each other, after all. Yeah.

So Nokia, after talking himself into doing it, peeked his phone into the workshop.
He wheeled back out almost in an instant.
A Hero is there!
Well nuts. This complicated things. Was she guarding the room or something? Nokia looked back down at his schedule again, and then peeked around the door corner to look at the woman inside the workshop.
...Was that Wavelength? The rumors on the forums were correct then...She works here now.


Nokia was familiar with this hero. He didn't know her personally, but one could say he was a bit of a....Fan. Her power was similar to his, in a way, and thus Nokia had followed her, even though she wasn't an American Hero.

Nokia supposed this was fitting. Wavelength could interact with electronics, which would make her a better teacher for the support students, but she was a hotshot kind of type, he thought.

Why would she settle for teaching a bunch of nerds like the Support Course..?

So engrossed was he in his curious speculation that he forgot about the quick peek and spaced out in Wavelength's direction. If he had eyes, they'd probably be boring into her skull.

The workshop is nice, I suppose, but why would a successful Hero labor herself with work that the average person didn't even consider important?

Yuki Tatsuya

"I still can't believe I got accepted." The blue dragon girl looked up at the building that was UA high, ruffling her wings in excitement before walking with the other students and entering the building. Due to her unique physique, Tatsuya had to wear a modified uniform to accommodate her wings, tail and height. As much as she wanted to wear the skirt that came with the girls uniform though, she reluctantly obtained permission to wear modified slacks instead. As she walked though, Tatsuya felt her body temperature starting to reach uncomfortable heights and quickly pulled out a water bottle from her bag before pouring it over her head. It helped, but it wouldn't last long so she reluctantly unfolded her wings, the membrane being one of the places that wasn't covered in scales. After some time, she finally found Class 1A. Needless to say, it looked to be a very colorful bunch, both figuratively and literally. Tatsuya quietly muttered to herself. "This is going to be interesting."
Noticing some open seats in the back row, Tatsuya quickly made her way over to one of them and pulled out a tripod stool to better accommodate her own appendages.

Kaede Himari

"I'm late!" Himari had overslept this morning and ran through town eating a very large breakfast as she went. Not only that, she had a comically oversized backpack full of food in case she ever got hungry. Eating and running simultaneously, she finally made it to UA high as one of the stragglers. As she entered, Himari pulled a raw carrot out of her bag and started eating that too as she looked for the Hero classroom. "Class 1A, Class 1A, there it is!"
Already halfway through her carrot, Himari continued eating as she entered the classroom... or tried to. While Himari could easily walk through the door no problem, her bag was another story as it was too wide and full to come through normally. Growling in frustration, she backed out of the room and took off the bag before turning and pulling it through the door. "I wish I didn't need to eat so much!" Eating the rest of the carrot, she immediately pulled out a piece of jerky after finding an open desk on the side and leaning her bag against it.
Yukage Izumi

Izumi breathed deeply to help her own nerves from her shyness, and first day nerves. She heard the boy introduce himself as Jiren Jouji, then letting her go in first, after two people entered, waiting politely. She walked into the door, seeing quite a bit of classmates, some doing various conversations, and a boy and a Skeleton doing verbal jabs at each other. She wondered if the Skeleton was part of the person's quirk. As Izumi looked around, she whispered something.

"This is class 1-A," Izumi was holding back tears, "I've made it, Dad."

Izumi then let go of her pendant, allowing it to sit where it normally sat. She then had a couple of questions in her head. She'd save those for later if asked about anything. If someone recognized the pendant, she'd explain that if necessary.

@Martin Pine (Jouji)


Tetsuo had heard Terada speak as he continued walking towards Class 1-A.

"Semjiro-san was someone I helped out of a bad situation back in Middle School with the help of a teacher." Tetsuo responded, "It was good to see how he was doing, and Let's find out who our classmates are!"

As Tetsuo got to the door of Class 1-A, he waved to Terada as he walked in the door, almost hitting the top of the doorframe.

"What is it with these doorframes?" Tetsuo whispered, turning in Terada's direction.

"Terada-san!" Tetsuo called out, "Over here!"

Tetsuo saw students of all sizes, even one that was taller than him, which was a rarity! He was shocked by the variety of quirks that could be seen. He wasn't expecting to see a Skeleton seemingly roasting another student, which the student responded to. Tetsuo kept an eye on the situation, making sure it didn't escalate.

"Terada-San, I'm keeping an eye on something. Find some seats for us please?"

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~Rahm Katar...~
~UA Classroom, 1A...~
~Musutafu, Japan...~
~interactions: Rei, Roteki and Kori. @Godjacob @Martin Pine @Void_Nugget ...~

Through the corner of Rahm's eye, he managed to catch a glympse of a blonde girl who also sought out a window seat. Rahm wasn't aware of it at his moment, but his hand had begun to chew on his pencil. He heard spongebob sponge boy ask a question. Rahm wasn't sure if it was directed at him or another student.

Placing his hand to his chin, he thought about how his entrance exam went. He got more rescue points on the account he spent more time trying to help others. He could have gotten more points, but did better than he thought he would. He felt his pencil press against his neck and dropped it immidiatly. A tap sound as it landed on the desk.

"Errr... I did fine in the entrance exam. I mean. I'm here after all. So I did something right. What about you? You're here too, so clearly you did pretty good too" Rahm said before sending Roteki's question back at them.he turned to look at Kori.

"You're a recommend student??? I bet you got a really cool quirk then" Rahm commented.
Japan, U.A. High - First Day of Term 1

Medashi, Kai - Hero Student 1-A

Perched on his chair off in the corner of the 1-A classroom sat the aura-sensing student, partway through his second cup of coffee by the time the room finally filled enough with his classmates for him to take notice. Up until this point he had been switching between staring out the window at the rising sun and closing his eyes to meditate, a vain attempt at calming the anxious nerves that incessantly nagged at him.

'Finally. A little read wouldn't hurt, right?' the adolescent pondered to himself as he glanced over the room, a few of his peers catching his eye - not for reasons relating to their attractiveness or quirks, but their energy. One more sip from his now room temperature java and the teen steadied himself with a deep breath. Focusing in on a blonde boy with orange hues, who just so happened to be standing a few feet away from... a skeleton? Taken aback slightly by the skinless student, Kai sighed before taking another gulp of his coffee. It wasn't the strangest looking quirk he'd seen. Another heavy exhale for focus and his attention returned to the blonde. A fiery, billowing aura engulfed them, underneath the bright orange hues lie a thin veil of purple.

'Insecurities rooted in a guy with that much fire in him? Intriguing.' Kai thought to himself, pupils darting to the bone-man next. He radiated a bright light of yellow, beaming like a radiant star. 'What is he, a joke character?'

Next in line was a rotund fellow, his skin laden with divots causing him to resemble a kitchen sponge. Enshrouded in a confident blue, the bursting azure sat entrapped in a thin prison of pink. Conversing with the waterlogged lad was a bubbly looking lass with blue hair and gleaming irises, her body bursting with a bright pink that saturated the closer it got to her center, eventually turning into a pitch black. 'A quiet type, kinda like me, and she-'

"Oh boy, wonder when we're gonna get to meet this teacher of ours."
a sudden interruption to his concentration and his thoughts snapped Kai's attention back to reality. Looking to his side, the blonde with the intense aura from before had come and taken a seat directly nextdoor. Blinking a few times and taking a slurp from his cup, Kai shrugged.

"Probably whenever class starts," he replied in a dull tone. "It's the first day so maybe the teacher is waiting for everyone to be here." His statement was to the point and devoid of most inflection, almost as if a wall were talking to you as opposed to the usual saying. Raising a singular pointer finger then swiftly pointing it downwards, a question was posed. "Why did you sit there?"

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Hachō, Nami - Pro Hero/Teacher, U.A. Support Workshop
Turning the page of her manga with her index finger, Wavelength kicked her feet back and forth as she awaited the arrival of her students. She knew well that most, if not all of them would end up in the room posted on the directory (which thankfully was right nextdoor) with the outliers somehow getting mixed into the hero class by accident. The other, more experienced teachers had briefed her on this common phenomenon among first years when she first became employed at U.A. To make matters even more confusing, the first day of class for the support course was originally intended to be held in the classroom in light of the workshop not being completely cleaned and up to specs for the new year. Hachō had taken it upon herself to ensure her students a space of their own on day one, making sure every inch of the place was spic and span. It was a last minute decision on her part to hold class in the workshop, and thus the students weren't exactly updated in time for their arrival.

Peeking up from her manga, the pro hero was met with the sight of a large, red rotary phone staring back at her from around the corner of the open doorway. Attached to the devices reciever was the body of a teenage boy, clad in the school uniform. Gasping in delight, the young woman hopped up from her place on the worktable and tossed her manga atop the smooth, metal surface.

"You must be one of the support students, nice to meet'cha!" the teach bounced over to who she assumed was one of her pupils, charms rattling on her hip as she moved. A hand extended itself to shake, a friendly grin on her face. "I'm Wavelength, the teacher for the support class. I suppose you probably know that already though, huh?" She giggled, stepping out of the workshop and into the hallway, careful to avoid tripping on the slinking chord attached to the boy. Twirling on her heels and approaching the door to the classroom nextdoor, she pointed to it. "Pretty sure most of the others ended up in here."

Tossing the door open with haste, Nami laid eyes on a trio of future heroes casually conversing amongst each other, perhaps trying to figure out if this is where they belonged. One adorned gray locks atop their head, another a ponytail and darker skin. The third had curly, black hair and two earrings on the right ear. Pausing for a moment to clear her throat before interrupting them, she tossed a wave their way. "Hey you three, come on over to the workshop nextdoor. I know your pamphlets said come to this room, but I made a change. Oh, and I'm your teach, Wavelength!"

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Is this guy on something? Kazuki thought to himself, an expression of bewilderment building up on his normally aloof visage. Dude's smiling and bouncing like he just won the damn lottery!

Acknowledging the stranger's crazily energetic double thumbs-up and grin, Kazuki began to fear for his life and decided to sit as far away from the animated teenager as possible. People always say the quiet types are the scariest, but this Mecha-Mind wasn't about to let this dude prove them wrong.

As he was about to perform a tactical retreat into the other side of the classroom, he felt a soft impact behind him and turned around, greeted by the image of a shorter, ponytailed boy, who shared the motorcyclist's hair colour but who's eyes were the opposite- a shining blue, just like the other guy.

Guess people with blue eyes get a lot of action? the teenager mused, smirking. Well, maybe not this guy. Looks like he's about to crap himself, and I'd rather not be in the danger zone.

"You're alright," assured Kazuki nonchalantly. "Yeah, I think this is the support room, at least that's what-"

Kazuki was interrupted by the doll-face, who's name he would now reveal was Morine Satoshi before...complimenting their eyes? The words rushed out of Satoshi like a river bursting through a dam, and Kazuki was currently being swept away.

The antics weren't over yet- as Satoshi spoke he moved around the space like some sort of wraith, somehow gracefully and easily weaving through the desks, chairs, whilst filling up the room with his excited chatterings. Again. Kazuki didn't know whether to be impressed, intimidated, frightened, or some concoction of the three.

"I-uh- thanks?" he replied, glancing over at the boy behind him to see if he was seeing all this too.

Finally, Satoshi ended his performance by coming a bit too close to comfort, striking a ridiculous pose that reminded him of a manga his oldest brother Kaito used to read, where the characters, who all resembled bodybuilders, would strike the most ridiculous poses before (after, and sometimes while) sending their enemies to the nearest hospital.

It took a few beats for Kazuki to realize that this was actually a gesture for a handshake.

"Y-Yeah, uh, Kazuki... Kurogane Kazuki." he replied, still bewildered, almost forgetting his own name. If everyone here was like this, he'd have to keep an even lower profile than he thought.

He offered a sheepish nod to the both of his classmates before once again deciding to making his way over to the aforementioned Retreat Spot, his new base of operations until graduation. Just like he'd planned- get in, get the grades, get out- none of this messy business. Keep it simple. Keep it smooth.

As he was about to finally move off, another interruption came bursting through the door- well, if you can call the teacher an interruption, anyway. Semantics, semantics.

The teacher in question looked familiar- he briefly remembered seeing her face on TV. Or maybe a poster? Or an ad? Doesn't matter. If she's gonna be his ticket to proving everyone wrong, she could be a Strip Club owner for all he cared.

Wavelength was her name, which he remembered belonged to some kind of Pro, and she cheerily informed them of a room change. Turns out they're meant to be in the workshop next door. Eh, that works. Probably cooler gizmos in there than your standard classroom stuff anyway.

He nodded in assent, making a prompt move toward said workshop, eager to get this first day over and done with.

(@Martin Pine Satoshi, @Cmeriwether Senjiro, @H47E Nami)
Fujita Rei, U.A. High School, Class 1-A (Present Day)
@Martin Pine (Roteki), @ThAtGuY101 (Rahm), @Void_Nugget (Kori)​

Rei had managed to find herself a nice window seat as she set her backpack aside and seemed to sigh in relief. Okay, she managed to make good time in spite and avoided causing a traffic accident so all in all she considered today a win so far! Either way she seemed to pick up on a certain sheepish voice that tried to speak up, glancing over as some guy seemed to ask her and a couple others about their entrance exam though he had a bit of a look of regret as he asked.

Honestly it seemed kinda precious.

"Well, I did pretty well. Blasted a few bots to kingdom come, was a lot of fun personally. Though you begin to wonder in the back of your mind how you are doing, what bots are worth what and doing the math in your head. That part could get a little annoying." Rei admitted to the young man who asked about the entrance exam. "So at a point I just blasted and blasted hoping for the best. Seems it worked out well." Rei admitted to the young man as she glanced at the young man with a smile.

"Rei. Fujita Rei, a pleasure." Rei said as she introduced herself, though she noticed a few others in her area. A guy who seemed to chew on their pencil rather aggressively before he seemed to identify a recommended or an alleged recommended which caused Rei's eyes to widen a bit. Rei glanced over to the girl by them who seemed to be asked if they had been a recommended and clearly had a bit of a gleam of curiosity.

"A recommended? That seems quite cool, must be pretty cool to get one of those." Rei said in flattery.


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Hyōketsu "Kori" Tsukōri
Kori listened to her classmates, bristling slightly at the noise still emanating from the few students by the door. She blocked them out to listen to the questions "I don't think my quirks that cool or anything, my aunt says I got the recommendation cause I have a good handle on my quirk or something I guess, I think I fell asleep when I was talking to her about it" she stated as she created a little ice rabbit in the palm of her hand and placing it on the edge of her desk "See, my quirk is the ability to generate and manipulate ice and cold temperatures, I guess its kind of cool" she said bluntly before realising the accidental pun and plopping her head onto her desk "I can't believe I just said that" she said blushing slightly out of embarrassment.
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| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
Hisakawa Shinsuke

Literally thirty minutes ago...

Ring!... Ring!... Ring!...

Shin's phone rang again and again at this point for almost fifteen minutes now. The robo-eyed boy was always deep asleep, sometimes even missing some of his daily activities, which leads to him almost always getting mad. His eyes slowly opened as if he was in a Disney movie, then was figuratively hit by a truck, standing up in shock after realizing it was already past two of his planned schedules for that day. Honestly, Shinsuke would probably be mad, if it weren't for the fact that he needed to get ready, as he didn't want to be late to UA on the FIRST day.

Shinsuke went inside of the bathroom, taking around ten minutes to get himself ready. He started to wear his uniform, in a clean, tidy way, and begun combing his hair in front of his very feminine, as most people would say, vanity. His hair was combed almost perfectly, although Shinsuke couldn't take his eyes off of his reflection. His eyes were a point of insecurity for him, and because of it, usually wore brown-colored contacts to hide them. Taking them from the top-most drawer on the left where they were kept neatly in a small brown box.

Eventually, he went to the dining room, saying good morning to his parents, taking his breakfast, and ran out of the door to get to UA as fast as possible.

Present Time

Shinsuke ran as fast as he could to get to the gates of the legendary UA, panting as he finally arrived at the gate of the school. Shin would take out his phone from his pocket, re-checking his room and schedule. Support Class, Near the workshop. Like on cue, a line from where he stood to where his Homeroom was led the way to wherever he was supposed to go, but not before he fixed his hair, as it got a little messy from when he ran to the school.

After a few minutes of walking, Shinsuke would eventually reach the classroom, seeing students in front of it, all pouring into the workshop beside it. His eyes, like with their own minds, immediately analyzed some of the students. Most notably, Kurogane Kazuki, and seemingly their Homeroom teacher, Wavelength. Shinsuke went closer, also walking towards where they were going, which was the workshop.

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Previously Deathstalker62
His roast was named, printed, shipped out and delivered, and the answer he received was.. less than exciting. What Hone expected as a comeback was perhaps something witty, to play off of his quirk of being just a barebones skeleton. What he ended up getting, well.. at least it was something, right?

' So just who let this old Bag O' Bones loose from the biology department? '

It was less that the mockery felt just plain and generic, than it was more the fact that it made little sense. Biology was a science, not a department as if it were some extended branch of a company, or a business. And.. Bag of bones.. really? That was the best this guy could come up with? Omoshiroi's disappointment was immeasurable and his day was ruined.

..but he wouldn't let that stop him from clapping back almost instantaneously.

" Better to be a bag of bones than a barrel of laughs. "

If there was any way to perceive this tease as a compliment, all that notion was tossed straight out the window with the monotonous, very much dry sarcasm that this line was delivered with, before Hone would promptly find himself a seat and sit down before he'd likely end up in trouble for not finding himself a chair before the teacher got here.

~Rahm Katar...~
~UA Classroom, 1A...~
~Musutafu, Japan...~
~interactions: Rei, Roteki and Kori. @Godjacob @Martin Pine @Void_Nugget ...~

Rei introduced herself, and admitted to blowing away some bots which must have been quite a sight. Rahm thought of how he was going to introduce himself, but then he heard Kori mention his ice quirk.

"That's super... Cooool" Rahm said trying to keep a straight face.

"With a quirk like that, you can probably turn any drink cold! I'm kinda envious of such a feat... I'm Rahm by the way. Rahm Katar and I got multi-mouth quirk...!" Rahm said placing his hands beside his face; all three mouths side by side. Moutha wide open revealing three toothy grins. Rahm didn't say nor mention anything about the mouths on his shoulders or stomach. Surprises were always fun and that's how he was gonna keep it for now.
"Alright mom, dad, I'm off!"

"Did you remember to pack everything sweetheart? This is your first day so you should make a good first impression."

"Yeah mom, I got it."

"Be careful out there alright? The hero business isn't as luxurious as the media likes to portray it to be. It would break our hearts if we heard something had happened to our little girl."

"Yeah don't worry dad, I know what I'm getting myself into."

Standing before the front door of her house, a young girl gently put her shoes on as she bid farewell to her worried parents. The girl was Yamada Kisuni, a new first year student to the prestigious UA High school for future heroes.

Opening the door, Kisuni took one last look back at her parents before waving them goodbye with a smile before stepping out. As soon as she was outside, her smile quickly faded into a jaded expression. "Oh man, they sure are doting." She sighted. "Well, I suppose is is natural for parents to feel that way towards their child."

Sitting on the bus to UA with her headphones in her ears, the young girl peered out of the window. The sky was sunny and the weather was warm, a day like this would be considered beautiful by most people’s standards. However, Kisuni wasn’t of the same opinion. She didn’t quite like the sun as the light irritated her eyes, and she would much prefer it if the air was cooler. Nevertheless, that wasn't what she was going to focus on today. As the bus approached UA High, the girl felt an uncharacteristic excitement well up inside her, she was looking forward to seeing what kind of experience awaited her at her destination.

Arriving at the doorsteps of UA, the girl took a moment to take in her surroundings. This wasn't the first time she came here, the entrance exam took place on school grounds after all. However, the atmosphere felt completely different compared to when she was here previously. Looking around, Kisuni saw varied reactions from her fellow students. Some were full of confidence as they walked in without a second thought, while others looked a lot more hesitant. The girl let out a breath. "Heh, what am I getting nervous for? I haven't even stepped into my classroom yet." She exclaimed to herself. With any pesky thoughts of nervousness pushed out of her mind, the girl didn't waste another second and quickly made her way into the school.

"1-A, 1-A... Ah, there it is." After wandering the halls of the school for a bit, Kisuni had finally found her homeroom. The girl took one last look at herself, tidying up her uniform and fixing any blemishes with her hair, before walking up to the door to the classroom. "Hmm, I do wonder what kind of people my classmates will be like, and what kind of Quirks they have." This thought lingered in the girl's head as she slid the door open and stepped into her new class.
Kyosu Maboroshi - Support Student
Kyosu was nervously sitting inside the bus, looking at her phone to make sure she would get off at the right bus stop. Well, she wasn't only nervous, but also excited. Her stomach churned with butterflies as she had gotten into her dream school essentially. Just like the hero course and the other courses, the support students had an entrance exam of their own. A written exam as the theoretical part, and then a couple of assignments that were more in line with their course. They were assigned a hero who they had to just think up some sort of gear for that could aid them in some way. The method of completing the task was free form. You could write up your thoughts, draw up schematics, or even make a proto-type if you were ambitious. In the criteria listed, that particular assignment was to test creativity, problem solving and time management. It wasn't really too pertinent if it would work in practice, as long as it did in concept and wasn't overly ridiculous.

Kyosu herself had opted to do a mix of written and schematics, though the latter she demonstrated with the help of her quirk, even able to play out a sort of simulation of how she thought it would work in her mind. Fortunately, her father was kind enough to help her photograph and film, but other than that, Kyosu was adamant in doing this herself. She spent the first two days brainstorming, she only then had five days to turn in the task and her inner critic was not kind to her during the very stressful week. In the end though, she managed to turn it in, even if she wasn't 100% satisfied. One odd thing that happened during the time waiting for a response from the school, the young Maborishi was contacted by a rather shady figure with an even sketchier proposition. She wasn't even sure how this person found out she was interested in tinkering and creating, but she turned the offer down swiftly and blocked the number. The answer to this weird interaction came later, in the response letter and it was apparently a sort of ethical test and she apparently passed! To add to it, she was also accepted to UA's support course!

Kyosu quickly snapped back to reality from her stupor when she heard the busdriver announce the next stop. She was still processing all of this, huh? Well, she just had to believe it, because this was her stop to get to UA.

Stepping out of the bus, the red haired girl adjusted her uniform a little so the stubborn wrinkle would straighten out. This was it. It was really happening. Walking with the mass of students inside, Kyosu pushed up her round glasses a little as she reread the pamphlet to see where she was supposed to be. However, she couldn't exactly stop walking as she continued to move with the mass of students of different looks, shapes and sizes. Before she found her intended location and the mass dispersed, Kyosu found herself lost in the UA halls. Oh no, she couldn't be late on her first day-

Immediately she started to frantically look around, trying to make sense of how UA had marked their halls and where she was in relation to where she was supposed to be. Studying the map and looking around, eventually making it to where the pamphlet instructed her and... the teacher just popped out of the room next over saying that the room had been changed. Lucky that Kyosu arrived just in time for the teacher to inform the other students too. Taking a second look at the adult and hearing her introduce herself, Kyosu gasped as her eyes lit up. Their teacher was a hero! Well, of course they were going to be involved with heroes in some way, but a full Pro-Hero?! The Hero Wavelength at that.

Kyosu was a fan of her, especially as a component of her quirk was similar to the red haired girl. She did not have the courage to say anything quite yet though as she followed the three boys that she found out to be her classmates. Inside was another student, but this student had a very notable feature to them. Namely, they had a red rotary phone for a head. Kyosu found herself borderline staring at the phone-headed students and quickly looked away, not wanting to be creepy. Still, she couldn't help but wonder what exactly was the extent of that particular student's quirk. Or any of her classmates quirks to be honest. So far she was the only girl in class, but it was just an observation she made. She just hoped she wouldn't be excluded by her fellow classmates just because she was a girl.. Just a worry in the back of her mind, but she tried not to jump into any conclusions. She'll find some new friends, that's for sure.. or hopefully at the very least.
Tsuki Senjiro

As Senjiro walked into the boy he was going to walk into, he got ambushed by the loudest and most excited person he'd ever heard, even more so than Hijima-San. As he looked up from his book from the first time since getting to UA, he saw a boy stick a Hand out to shake. He shook the hand, and spoke.

"T-thank y-you, K-Kurogane-s-san, M-Morine-San, I-I am T-Tsuki S-Senjiro?"

He had been working on Hyperlinking a line in the book to something he had recently learned. Then, Senjiro heard someone call out that they need to be next door. He then saw the teacher, who was the Pro Hero Wavelength, call them over to the next room. Senjiro made sure his stuff was picked up and ready for movement. He turned around and headed towards the Support Course. When he arrived there, he took a seat at a work station. He then looked up, and immediately looked back at his book, trying to figure out what to do.

"I'm going to try and improve myself today!"

He then gave the new person a very slow, small, shy wave in the hopes that he'd have a chance of starting to improve his shyness.

@IDKWhatUserNameToDo (Kyosu)
Hachō, Nami - Support Course Workshop, First Day of Term 1

Posing proudly with her hands on her hips as the triad of students in the classroom paraded into the hallway and disappeared into the workshop per her instruction, the Pro-Hero trailed behind them slowly. Pulling a paper from the inadequately sized pockets sewn into the skirt of her costume, the woman unfolded it and read through the list of names on the class roster printed on the parchment.

'Missing two?' she wondered silently, her worries washing away as hurried footsteps carried a pair of students, a boy with mechanical hues and a lass with her quirk not quite as readily apparent, swiftly into the classroom just before being declared officially late in the eyes of the instructor. Grinning with a sense of pride in her pupils diligence, the heroine traipsed into the workshop and shut the door behind her once all of the support course was safely inside.

"Good morning, everyone!" She began, tossing her arms in the air with excitement. "For those of you that don't know me from my exploits in heroism or fashion design, I'm the Frequency Hero, Wavelength! I know I might look like I'm barely older than you guys, but I'm your teacher for the year and I've got tons of stuff to show ya! For those of you that might be fans, don't be afraid to ask for an autograph after class." She giggled, praising herself in her mind.

'Nailed it!~'

Taking a few steps towards the center of the room, the teacher gestured to the six workstations along the walls, one of which was already taken by the ponytailed boy trying to bury himself in a book.

"If everyone could follow the lead of that young man there and select a workstation, I'll get started with explaining this year's curriculum, todays assignment, and then we'll go around and introduce ourselves. Each workstation is pretty much the same, they're all fully outfitted with whatever tools you might need so it doesn't matter which one you pick; but be mindful, 'cause wherever you sit is your spot in the workshop for the rest of the semester!" Nami warned with a laugh. She waited a few moments for everyone to discuss amongst themselves and decide where they're going to sit, fully prepared to witness a few debates on who gets to sit next to the only girl in class. Whenever the group would finally come to a consensus on seating arrangement, Hachō would continue her dump of information.

"Now, you'll be individually responsible for those workstations as well as every single tool, blueprint, and project that calls it home. If anything happens to your stuff, you've gotta take responsibility. That's the sort of attitude expected from someone that manufactures hero gear on a profession level, so I'm planning on instilling that value from day one!" the cheery voice of Wavelength resonated off the steel walls of the room, the teacher doing a twirl to mark the pause in her speech. "Throughout the year you'll be learning how to build a variety of things for the hero course such as support equipment, special requests they might come to us with, and even their costumes! In my opinion, hands on learning is a better substitute for anything I could show you on a diagram. Of course, I'll also include some spare class time here and there to tinker on your own ideas and designs."

Now circling around the room, Nami eyed each of her students one at a time, evaluating their demeanor and behavior with a beaming expression plastered on her features. "For today's assignment, I'll be having each one of you introduce yourselves by name, tell us what your quirk is, a little about it, and then demonstrate it. Afterwards, each of you will draw lots to be partnered up with someone else in the class. You'll be designing basic support gear for each other to demonstrate how adept you are at considering the aspects of someone else's quirk and how to boost it to its maximum efficiently. It'll be tough since they're quirks you've likely never seen before, and aren't exactly the kind of quirks you'd see in the average hero doing street patrols. Don't stress too hard though, cause this isn't for a grade! More like a benchmark to judge your future progress by."

Finishing her long-winded explanation for the days agenda, Wavelength found herself a spot to perch on the corner of Nokia's workbench. Crossing her legs and shooting the phone a quick smile, she happily awaited each student taking their turn to introduce themselves.

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Alexander Nokia

Popping up from his workbench, and interpreting the smile as an invitation to start, he stood up and nodded his phone. Nokia raised his fist and pounded one end of the receiver on top so that it flew in the air, and he caught it with the other hand, twirling it in an elaborate, practiced movement. When it stopped in his palm, Nokia said,

"(Howdy)!" He said in English. Then Nokia continued in Japanese.

"Hello. Hello Hello, everyone. I am Alexander Nokia, but I understand that most people use last names here? Or is that only in the manga?"

"I'm from New York, but I know quite a bit of Japanese, so don't worry about me not understanding."
"You all might be wondering what my Quirk is; actually, I think it'll surprise you. It's called....Wait for it..."

"Yeah, subtle, huh? Let me tell you all about it."

"So my head is a phone; no way to sugarcoat it. And I don't mind anyone staring at it. It's probably my most notable feature!"
"I talk and hear from the receiver, but that's not the interesting part. The interesting part is that it lets me kind of...talk with machines? Like, I can pretty much get them to do what I want when I ask. Like...Yeah, like a Technopath from the Lost Cities!"

Nokia nodded, and looked about the room.
"As for a demonstration...Hmm...Ah! I'll use this,"
Nokia said, taking out his own cellphone. Not a rotary; a regular cellphone.

He held it up by the end, and after a moment of silence, it turned on and entered its own password without him moving so much as a finger.

"Ta-da!" Nokia exclaimed. "Pretty useful for a support course student, huh?"

"Of course, I have to be touching the device, but that's just a small setback."

He waited for the polite applause, maybe even a surprised gasp or two. He knew it wasn't a flashy power, but he wasn't a Hero. So he didn't need one.
Morine Satoshi

Satoshi wasn't a firm handshaker but he was definitely a quick one, lifting and rising their hands in rapid succession as he continued to blurt out words. "It's such a pleasure to meet you both Kurogane and Senjiro!-" His brimming excitement flittered somewhat, bright eyes softening in understanding as went silent for a moment and pulled back from the pair, out of each of their personal space. Right- too much.

By no means was Satoshi deflated by his revelation, a big grin still on his face even if had turned sheepish. "Ehehe, sorry- Just really excited to be heeerreee at UA-" Whilst his face reddened a hand had raised to rub the back of his head but it hardly stayed there. Morine spoke with his hands plenty. They moved as his palms opened and closed, small gestures matching what he said like a finger twirling as he practically almost sang the last line in a little tune.

His sing song ceased at the arrival of another person sliding the door to the room open, said person Satoshi recognising as Pro Hero Wavelength. There was an immense joy when she announced that she was their teacher, Satoshi containing it within himself despite a slight and small squeak slipping from his mouth. Of course he knew UA home to heroes that had become teachers but he'd made a premature assumption that such teachers would be reserved for the hero course. Oh wow glad he was to be proven wrong.

With a spring in his step he followed the others, subduing his excitement for the time being. His face still beamed though, inquisitive eyes taking in their actual classroom as well as the two other classmates the trio had now joined up with. A girl with long fiery hair and another boy- with a rotary phone for a head. Satoshi's gaze was fixated on the red device, his mouth dropping a little as he looked in awe. "That's so awesome" He couldn't help but blurt out a response just before Wavelength officially begun the class.

Satoshi listened closely, toes excitedly wiggling in his shoes as he absorbed all her words. He practically matched the teacher's excited energy, possibly surpassed it even. When she announced selecting a table he did not hesitate at all, bouncily and briskly walking to a work desk which he assumed was closest to where the front of the class was. Before fully planting himself down though he hesitated, looking to his new class mates and spluttering out a more meek response. "If anyone else wants to sit there I'm happy to sit somewhere else, rushing ahead sorry"

Regardless of whether he moved or not the grey haired student happily planted himself down at the workshop, admiring it and resisting the urge to open any of the draws whilst Wavelength delivered her explanation of the year ahead, their workspace, their assignments and finally the instructions on introducing themselves. First was Alexander, Satoshi leaning forwards almost out of his seat as he listened with open ears and intrigue. He did politely applause, blue eyes quickly darting over to the next person. ~

His excitement had simmered, outbursts of energy no longer happening or forecasted to do so.

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Kyo Roteki.

The return from Rahm was briefly answered, Roteki shrugging a little as his gaze traveled from each member of the conversation. “Yeah, just smashed as many of the robots as I could- Didn’t keep track after a while either” Seems as though himself and Rei had fallen into the same tactic in the entrance exam. He didn’t recall any faces but that was mostly because he was far too busy trying to pass than make acquaintances. That could come now.

His eyes were drawn to the ice as Kori, the recommended student, demonstrated her powers ever so slightly. “Tsk, I’ve heard worse puns, the quirks really great though” Even if he could start to feel the cold from where he was sitting, all that water inside of him just being so susceptible to temperature changes.

The room was a hubbub of energy, even their own conversation had at least four people in … maybe more? Roteki couldn’t keep track, group social situations like this were not his strong suit. This would be a cakewalk for Satoshi, the sponge boy wondering how his grey haired acquaintance even managed it. The little group he found himself conversing with right now was friendly though, confident too or at least trying to be- Roteki fell into that last category.

At Rahm’s quirk introduction Roteki slumped somewhat- not at the other’s quirk, it was genuinely quite cool and he made sure to express that. It was more so that he didn’t really know how to introduce his own power in a positive manner. Theirs were flashy and cool, he was sure Rei had an amazing one compared to him being ... a common kitchen appliance pretty much. He kept quiet, perfectly satisfied with being in the conversation between the students.

Mentions: @ThAtGuY101 (Rahm Katar), @Void_Nugget (Kori), @Godjacob Fujita Rei

Takeru Terada

Being slightly shorter than Tetsuo meant that Terada was spared from having to lower his head beneath as he walked through doors, his fluffed up hair brushing the frame ever so slightly. “Yeah, I’m good as long as I aint bisoning at all” Activating his quirk would make getting through the doors troublesome, both height wise and width wide as his shoulders grew quite broad when transforming.

A sense of peace and pride washed over him as he saw the room filled with a variety of characters that came in all shapes and sizes. It felt like a new home, like they all fitted in together and class hadn’t even started yet.

“Will do Tetsuo” He responded with a nod, patting his friend on the back as he snaked his way through the desks to reach the back few rows. Terada felt drawn to a particular student, seating himself near Tatsuya whom he attempted to start a conversation with. “Hey! Name’s Takeru Terada, pleasure to meet ya!” A hand was othered out to shake.

Mentions: @Cmeriwether (Hijima Tetsuo)

Jiren Jouji

He slunk into the classroom after Izumi, sticking to her side if not slightly behind as he too eyed the classroom with a more concerned look. It was active, loud. Many, many people. Blank eyes blinked fast, darting from person before anchoring back onto Izumi who was somewhat of a safe space now for the moment.

The holding of the pendant caught his attention though through wanting to be respectful he elected not to bring it up, instead stepping forwards and slightly ahead to others a smile that ever so slightly revealed his sharp teeth. “Let’s … find seats” Words wobbled on their way out, Jiren stiffly turning and practically scuttling away to find a seat and sink in it. He took any of the spare ones he could find, not giving too much thought behind it.

Mentions: @Cmeriwether (Yukage Izumi)
Fujita Rei, U.A. High School, Class 1-A (Present Day)
@Void_Nugget (Kori) @ThAtGuY101 (Rahm) @Martin Pine (Roteki)​

"Hey, you managed to get in so whatever you did seemed to work. Overthinking sometimes gets in the way of things so just take pride you did what you needed to do~" Rei said as she tried to encourage Roteki who she seemed to pick up as one of the more shyer students among her admittedly small circle of sorts but that seemed to not raise a worry from her.

Rei had a good little laugh at the unintentional ice pun as she was already taking a liking to this girl. "A sense of humor and a cool Quirk, I say you got the winning package~" Rei said over to the recommended girl before she decided it was only fair to share a sample of her own Quirk as fair was fair as she held a index finger up.

The other boy (After making his own ice pun) seemed to introduce himself as Rahm who seemed to have a more eye catching Quirk as mouths appeared on his hands and Rei's eyes widened at this. Was three his limit or did he have more hiding, she had no way to know at the moment but regardless she seemed impressed. "Wow can only imagine the kind of appetite you work up, cool stuff if slightly creepy~!" Rei complimented well in her own way.

"My Quirk can't do anything like create objects, make cold drinks or multiple mouths, but I can feed off the power of the sun to channel solar energy~" Rei explained, before she focused a bit and produced what seemed to be a colorful little finger beam that she held in the air before she caused it to burst making a sort of miniature firework as it soon faded. "Course, this Quirk's power and my control of it is dependent on circumstances. In the day, I feel I can conquer the world, but at night well....I may as well be Quirkless." Rei admitted sheepishly.

"Been trying to work out the kinks with that, think I have an idea but depends when those Costumes of ours come in." Rei added on but smiled, one girl could control the cold and the other guy had multiple grins on command. A diverse class to be sure, but she welcomed it no question about that.

Rei then turned over to Roteki as she seemed curious. "What about you? Have to admit am curious what Quirk you have on hand." Rei admitted as among this four he had been the only one yet to share and her interest had been hard to hide.
Yuki Tatsuya

"Uh, T-Tatsuya. Yuki Tatsuya." Not used to interacting with others much, Tatsuya hesitantly gripped Terada's offered hand. With a single shake she let go. Unsure of how to continue the conversation, Tatsuya blurted out the first question that came to mind. "Uh, so, what's your quirk?"

Kaede Himari

Himari looked around nervously, now chewing on a tough piece of alligator jerky. Her classmates back in middle school used to always make fun of her quirk's, well, quirks. Oftentimes the boys would say things about her along the lines of pigs while the girls envied her inability to gain excess weight. Though, maybe these people were different? She was still having a hard time working up the courage to talk to anyone while she chowed down.
Yukage Izumi

Izumi had been walking into the classroom, a lot had been happening from this point of view. She then Saw Jiren-San take a random seat. At that point, she filed in a seat behind him, not making a sound as she stepped. As she looked around, she saw various people of all sorts of quirks, from some looking average, to a Dragon, to some people of very tall height. She then looked at her pendant, having taken off the pendant and put it on the desk. She then looked at it, whispering.

"I made it, Dad," Izumi whispered, "I'm about to start the first day of my Hero Journey."

She then heard something about quirks nearby. She was intrigued by the discussion and decided to try and put her two cents in.

"H-hi, S-sorry if I-I am I-interrupting, I-I heard a d-discussion about q-quirks," Izumi spoke, "I-I am Y-Yukage Izumi, M-my Q-quirk is c-called Stalker."

@Godjacob @ThAtGuY101 @Void_Nugget @Martin Pine (Roteki)

Hijima Tetsuo

"That's good to hear that you didn't have to duck, I walked into one earlier, it was not fun."

When Tetsuo saw the Skeleton had taken a seat, he then heard Terada-san speak up. When he saw where Terada sat, he went over, taking the seat nearby to Terada and also a girl who seemed to be munching on something. He had seen various people in this room including a girl from a Funeral he attended with his father about a year ago. He then turned back to the girl next who was munching on something. His internal question was as follows.

"Does this have something to do with her Quirk? If so, this will interesting to see what the actual quirk is."

He then turned to the girl.

"Hello there, you okay?"

He hoped this went well. This was the first Interaction outside of either Senjiro or Terada at UA. He really didn't want to fumble that now. As long as no person or inanimate object pissed him off, his quirk shouldn't activate. If so, he could seriously damage stuff around here. Especially if pushed to Maximum Density.

@Draco Nightshade (Himari)
Kaede Himari

Himari quickly swallowed what was in her mouth before replying to Tetsuo, not expecting anyone to come talk to her. "Yeah, I'm just nervous. My quirk burns calories like you wouldn't believe."
Finishing what she had in her hand, Himari pulled out a wipe and cleaned up her hands before extended her right hand to Tetsuo. "I'm Kaede Himari."
@Cmeriwether (Tetsuo)
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Previously Deathstalker62
Shimizu Shonin
Even long before introductions were done, Shonin was already busy at his workbench, muttering to himself as a piece of blue paper was displayed on his bench in front of his eyes, actively changing its white scribbling as he kept referencing different kinds of creations and how he could combine them to create something far better. To any normal mind, it would seem like he was chanting some sort of magic incantation that made the blueprint switch drawings and calculations, while the true and most simple answer was that it was alive, as were the tools hopping around on his workbench!


" Shonin! You have to go now, you're gonna be late to your first day if you take any longer in there! "

From behind the door of his outdoor shed that doubled as his worksite, his mother shouts blended into a cacophony of drilling, hammering, sawing and all kinds of construction sounds. However, the refined ears of Shimizu's could throw all that beautiful sound in the background as his mother's words stuck out to him like a sore thumb! Goodness, would you look at the time! He truly had gotten lost in his crafting of his own automobile now!

Well, better late than never! And what a fitting time, too! Now, he could use this moment as an opportunity to give this little thing its very first test drive! Putting a hand flat to his mouth, he exhaled a fine, light-green dust with a faint glow into the rather small vehicle as it whirred to life, the lights flickering on and off as if it were blinking, the motor running like a beating heart and the horns honking to affirm its newfound state of sentience.

" Come on, come on, everyone! Into Bolt you go, we've got places to be! "

Hopping tools begun gathering into a dog-like construct where the main body was a toolbox, which had opened by itself and, upon all the equipment being lodged in their respective places, closed up once again. As Shimizu leapt into the seat of his self-size, self-aware car, bolt hopped up on his lap while the passenger's seat was taken up by none other than the infamous Cybearstein himself! Formerly known as Bearenstein, now with metallic parts and with built-in swiss army knives in each paw, this topmost assistant of Shonin's was up to par to aid him in every little thing there was to do in the workbench.. well, except for the heavy lifting, of course. His mother didn't even get to wave goodbye as Shonin took off in the self-driving vehicle at just above sprinting speed, the car making sure there was nothing ahead of it that it could crash into before it sped off into the distance.

" I'llbegoingnowtakecareofCarrieandBenformebye! "


While Honkert, the experimental jury-rigged wonder of a car parked itself just outside the class, Shonin had already went inside before the others and was kept busy behind his bench far in the back, likely invisible to the others thanks to his unusually short size. It was only when people started introducing themselves and their quirk that snapped him out of his tinkering trance, his bouncy tools grabbing his attention and directing it to everyone else.

' Well, I'll be! This room sure got filled up quick! Well, uh, we're doing introductions right now? Is it my go? Is it someone else's? So many questions! '

The small-sized inventor looked around frantically for a bit, as if called up for a question he wasn't paying attention to, before quietly looking back to his bench and motioning with a finger for Azure the Blueprint to roll itself up, which it promptly did and bounced up straight to check out just what was going on.

' Wouldn't hurt to wait around a bit, I guess! At least then I'll know when to be called up, he he! '

And so, with a quick hop atop the workbench he had chosen, Shonin awaited his turn to introduce himself, as he was way too lost right now to even realise whether or not it actually WAS his turn by this point.
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Is...is anybody seeing this right now?

Kazuki was stealing side-eyed glances at the student opposite him at the back of the workshop where he'd quickly perched, still scared of the gray-haired ballerina at the front, who seemed to have actually mellowed out somewhat as introductions began. Hm. Likely a trap, Kurogane thought.

Satoshi had nothing on this new guy, however- the dwarf-looking teenager's whole vibe was so frantic and incongruent, the Mecha-Mind suddenly began to wish he'd applied for the Hero Course instead. Or better yet- didn't want to be in the hero business at all.

That said, the boy did silently admit that if the Support Course had this many weirdos, the Hero Course may as well be a travelling circus. Plus, turning back wasn't an option. Not anymore.

So far, Wavelength had done an excellent job of telling them who she was, what they'd be doing over the next few months, and creeping Kazuki out with her Satoshi-level enthusiasm.

So good of a job, in fact, that Kazuki absolutely despised everything that was currently happening. Introductions was already strike one- but then he'd have to pair up with someone else to design gear for each other?

This whole thing was already draining energy he didn't have. Even so, what else was there to do but bear it?

"...I'll go next," the teen begrudgingly offered, standing up, wanting to get this over and done with. " The name's Kazuki. Kurogane Kazuki. The first person who got this kinda Quirk decided to name it Mecha-Mind, which led the rest of us who came after to become very well acquainted with the concept of bullying."

He folded his arms, his face inscrutable.

"It lets me interface with machines just like Phone Guy over here, but I can't tell 'em what to do, only gaining access to their systems, data, all that junk. There're other parts to it I won't bore you with."

He was beginning to sit back down when he remembered something.

"Right, you wanted a demonstration. Uh, let's see...take her, for example." he gestured lazily to the only female in the vicinity aside from Wavelength, a somewhat nervous-looking red-haired girl. "Sorry to pick on you here, in a class like this that's already a total sausage fest, but your phone was the last thing I saw and tapped into."

Kazuki leaned back into his chair before staring right at her now.

"You got a shady text the other day, no? Some random dude asking you to create some dangerous gear. You refused, and blocked the number. Am I right or am I right?"

@IDKWhatUserNameToDo (Kyosu)