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Ask to Join My hero academia: Dawn of a New Age


Previously AceTrainerGold
Kawahara, Ryoma

Despite a...less than stellar attempt at breaking the ice, Ryoma's newfound chatting buddy responded all the same. By no means had it sparked riveting discussion, but at least now he wasn't just left with nothing to do but gawk at his surroundings. Seemingly having caught the boy slightly off guard Ryoma held his hands up in a friendly gesture. "Yeah, this dude oughta lay off that coffee."

In proper fashion, Ryoma's flat and clumsily delivered greeting was met with a response that was just as equally banal, if a little more detached. He'd never been a fan of the more overzealous personalities, so it was a relief to him that he scored a seat next to someone who was seemingly on the mellower side.

"I don't know man, looks like a full house to me." Ryoma responded, essentially yawning out his words as he hunched over his desk. Ryoma punctually raised an eyebrow as his desk neighbour left him with a query.

"Why'd I sit here? I mean, everyone else has found someone to run their mouth to. Besides, everyone knows the best seats are at the back right?"


Sakaguchi, Koichi

"Better to be a bag of bones than a barrel of laughs ? Yeah as if. I mean, what use is a pile of bones after October?" Koichi faintly muttered as he dragged his feet towards a desk on the middle row, proceeding to grab his seat, eyes still locked on his emaciated adversary. "Well I guess it doesn't take much to get under that guy's skin. Heh...now that's ironic."

Now left to loaf around until the teacher eventually arrived, and with scarce means of keeping himself occupied, Koichi kicked his feet up onto the desk, leaned back on his chair and began whistling along to a tune that was nothing short of indecipherable.
Japan, U.A. High - First Day of Term 1

Medashi, Kai - Hero Student 1-A

Narrowed hues remained on the encroaching classmate as they sunk into their seat and talked at him through a yawned exhale. Kai's hand withered from its position, falling down to his side as he slumped down a bit in his seat. As much as he didn't mind someone sitting next to him so readily, he certainly was clueless as to the socially appropriate way to communicate the fact he had parked himself in the back corner of the classroom for the sole reason of avoiding the unease brought on by this very interaction. Regardless, the other boy was right, the room was filling quickly with students so the teacher should be there to save him from social obligation soon enough.

'At least he isn't loud.' Kai sighed in his thoughts, careful not to let his outward expression display too much distaste for being forced into a conversational encounter. Afterall, this was one of his classmates for the unforseen future and there was no sense in making enemies on day one; especially not with the person seated directly nextdoor.

Turning to look over the class once more as Ryoma responded to the blunt inquiry of the aura reader, Kai almost recoiled at what he heard but manged to maintain his apathetic composure. He hadn't even considered it until that moment, but he had truly made himself an outlier in avoiding interaction. So focussed on reading auras to get a feel for the room, he had neglected to even consider the much easier and efficient option; talking. Clearing the lump that had formed itself in his throat, Kai croaked a reply of his own.

"Uh yeah, yeah I guess the back is cool. I'm Kai," the teenager managed to force out from between his teeth. "I'm not exactly sure how this introduction thing goes. I was homeschooled." he shrugged with his admittance. An anxious tap of the foot against the chair it perched on accompanied his words. "This is my first experience that I can actually remember being in a classroom, got removed from regular ol' preschool when my quirk manifested. I wasn't really sure where to sit, so I just ended up here." Sighing after his unprompted explanation, Kai nabbed the half full cup of jo from the desktop and swigged down a mighty gulp.

'I'm almost out... Damn.'

Mentions: @Jayblade (Ryoma)
Nokia politely listened to the others introducing their powers, and took a special interest in Kazuki. He seemed bored, and his snide comments irked Nokia. And then he goes and specifically picks the only girl for demonstration, further drawing attention to that fact with yet another comment, and proceeds to 'demonstrate' his power in an appalling breach of privacy.

Nokia made a slight noise of annoyance and indignation, and raised his hand, intending to get the boy back for his lack of chivalry, saying,

"I'm sorry, I'm not entirely sure I understand...Perhaps you could give a different show? After all, weren't we told that the message was part of the test? So everyone got that message in some form, says deductive reasoning. So, rather than showing off your power, doesn't your 'demonstration' actually just point out a fact that is evident to any thinker?"

Nokia lowered his hand, turning his phone in his version of a glance at the redhead.
He then quickly explained himself, saying,
"Of course, just trying to understand your power in case I am paired with you. But now that I think of it, I suppose I shouldn't ask you to dig for information you have no right to, if that's all you use your power for. THAT would make me no better than a thug or thief."

Reclining back, Nokia twirled his finger around the cord surrounding his head as if he didn't imply anything with that statement.

He never could keep his dial shut around people like Kazuki. If you can't remember your manners then don't open your mouth, was his philosophy.

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Hijima Tetsuo

Tetsuo was understanding of what the girl said. He had to eat quite a bit himself, especially being rather muscled and over two hundred centimeters. He then looked at the bag with her.

"It could be worse, I hit a doorframe with my head on my way in today, The Name's Hijima Tetsuo! What's your Quirk? I'll start with my own, It's called Iron Berserker! I would show you how it works, but we wouldn't want to see that now, would we. It will be better if I explain, but I'll let you explain yours first, if you want."

@Draco Nightshade (Himari)

Tsuki Senjiro

Senjiro looked up from his book for the first time today. He was quite surprised at what was being thrown around. He then promptly had his hand meet his face. The Ponytailed boy sighed as this was going to be a very long year. As such he waited to see if another person went next. He was not amused, having people try to reveal personal information without asking. The young man was trying to keep everything together, however, with his past with things like this, it wasn't easy. It seemed that the guy with the landline telephone, Nokia if he remembered his last names correctly, called the now introduced Kurogane Kazuki out on his introduction. Senjiro was very confused, it was day one and this occurred. He was hoping the teacher or someone bolder than himself could break it up. He then made sure all of his hyperlinks were good in his book before shutting the book and making sure this doesn't press further.
"Oh, silly me!" the boy exclaimed sarcastically, leaning forward in his chair in Nokia's direction. "Of course, of course we all got that message - but who's to say the method of communication was the same for all of us, Detective? Take me for example- I didn't get a text."

He whipped out his rather outdated mobile and tossed it onto his workbench, a bit more aggressively than he'd intended, the heat of the whole thing starting to rise inside his chest like a flame.

"I got approached in-person because I barely use the damn thing. Hell, why not do me a favour and use your power on it? Ask it to read out my message history for all the thinkers in here. Hell, maybe ask it to tap dance and do my laundry while you're at it. Then maybe I'll get finally get some value out of the piece of garbage."

Anger. Again, there had been more venom in his speech than intended. Kazuki didn't know why this was getting to him so much- likely because he knew deep down it was wrong to invade someone's privacy the way he'd done, regardless of if it was for some dumb demonstration or not.

Ultimately, this was on him, and it hurt every bone in his prideful body to admit so.

"Look," he said, taking a deep breath. "When I use my power, I don't just absorb everything at once- there's levels to it. The deeper I go, the more sensitive the info gets, and so the more secure the levels become. Don't underestimate the work that goes into putting these machines together. The deeper the level, the harder I have to work mentally to access it. Think of it like an iceberg."

He couldn't believe he was talking this much, having planned to quietly ride out the class without making his presence all that known. If there's anything he'd learned in the last 10 minutes or so, however, is that this school's environment has a weird way of bringing things out of people they didn't know were there.

"In this case, the stuff I got access to was surface-level shit. I'm talking her freaking wallpaper. Her highscore on the games she's played in the past. And, as fate would have it, her blocked numbers and text messages from unsaved numbers. Does the judge find my defense adequate?" he mocked.

He turned to the redhead now, his eyes not quite finding hers.

"If what I did bugged you, I'm...um, sorry. I won't do it again. And do me a favour? Remind dude over here you're a freakin' U.A. student. I don't think he needs to speak for you, does he?"

@Blotch'd (Alexander)
@IDKWhatUserNameToDo (Kyosu)
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Kaede Himari

Listening to Tetsuo, Himari sighed in relief before explaining her Quirk. "My quirk is called Gluttonous Mimicry. It allows me to manifest the characteristics of different vertebrate animals that I have consumed while also requiring a ton of calories to work properly. Something like this." To demonstrate, Himari's ears began to lengthen, growing in size and moving higher on her head, growing short blonde fur as they formed. At the same time, a few loud cracks could be heard from her tailbone as it became a rabbit's cotton tail. The changes she thought of complete, Himari looked at Tetsuo. "I could go further, but I think this is enough for a demonstration. Don't you?" As she said so, Himari pulled another food item out of her bag and continued eating.

@Cmeriwether (Tetsuo)
Nokia watched the boy present a case with an blank expression, which was his default since he didn't have one.

And then he attacked Nokia's knowledge of machines. Oh lord. "Excuse me?" His tone remained politely curious, as if he had found an interesting bug on his shoe and was discussing it with a passerby.

"I am sorry, I know how much work goes into a cellular device. I have one for a head."

He pointed at the receiver he was talking through, and continued, standing up.

"And no, I cannot make it walk. I can make it dance."

With this statement. he put his forefinger on the phone. Not well taken care of. The nerve of this fellow.

The old device began to vibrate. It vibrated with such intensity that it bounced from Nokia's finger across the desk and continued in circles.

"And in any case, I still think that all breaches in privacy are equal. No matter how trivial information you gleaned from it, you still stole that information. But at least you seem sorry."

"And most people do use a cellular device. That's the world we live in now. Why, just the other day, somebody had the nerve to ask me what this," he pointed at his head, "Even is." He slammed his hand on the scrambling phone, and it stopped, laying silent.

The back of his neck tinged red, his substitute for blushing.

"Perhaps I was a bit rash, but I just don't like your attitude. It rubbed me the wrong way, and I imagined that our attitudes are half the reason why we are here. How could someone who looked so down to be here even get here, and why? It's not good for the business of Support Items."

"We're not even considered important in society. People BARELY notice our efforts outside of the Hero community. So I think a little positivity might go a long way, hmm? Glad to have the discussion on the first day."

Nokia turned towards redhead and said,
"Please excuse me. My temper got the best of me, yeah? I'm sure you could've defended yourself quite well if you had the inclination, but my morals prevented me from remaining silent."
Making a small noise of amusement, he sat back down and leaned against the workbench.
"The prosecution rests, your honor."

Rei’s uplifting words helped Roteki settle more into the conversation, Roteki’s intrigue building as Rei demonstrated her own quirk with a humble explanation. Solar powered- practically almost his opposite at least in the weather they preferred. Whilst she did well in the shine he did better in the rain, day and night.

As the question was returned he took a deep breath, sitting up and then shakily smiling as he opened a palm. “I … hopefully won’t make too much of a mess” His other hand raised above his palm, fingers pointed downwards in a slight cone. “My quirk is absorbing and storing water in my body. Makes me stronger and more durable depending on how much I have but it also makes me larger, I’m not actually this tall”

He had a moderate amount of water inside of him right now, inflating his body somewhat to resemble the currently small hero Fatgum somewhat. He could definitely handle more but the amount he had in him right now was a level he was comfortable was. “I can also eject the water out of any part of myself” From his fingers a small jet shot out, straight into his palm which absorbed the liquid back into himself. “But it’s easier from like my hands or feet”

His tone was steady but was clearly an act of courage, a small smile on his face as he looked up to the others. He’d dealt with quirk confidence issues in the past, he was one of the first as a child to manifest his quirk and for a brief moment became rather popular due to it. Following that however he was bullied for his quirk, his confidence shattering and never really starting on the path of recovery until about a year ago. It’s why he didn’t mention his quirk’s name, sponge sounded so … cartoony.

A voice sounded beside him, a newcomer to the conversation with a nervous disposition. Steadying himself he smiled, glancing at the others for a moment before including Izumi with a genuine question. “Interesting quirk name, what’d it do?”

Mentions: @Void_Nugget (Kori) @ThAtGuY101 (Rahm) @Godjacob (Rei) @Cmeriwether (Izumi)

Tekeru Terada

“My quirk?” His eyebrow lifted, a confident smile brimming on his face as his hand slipped away from the shake a little to flex ever so slightly. “Bisonify! I can transform into a Bison like form, partially or fully though I tend to become a little bit duller more Bisonified I become” He still spoke positively, even of his draw backs but he soon drew the topi of the conversation back to Tatsuya herself.

“It’s a cool quirk but not nearly as cool as yours! Tell me about it, you look super strong!” A slight fist pump accompanied his encouragement for Tatsuya to open up about herself.

@Draco Nightshade (Yuki Tatsuya)

Jiren Jouji

Jouji was rather happy just listening in on the conversations around him as he waited for the teacher to arrive. His head was nestled in between folded arms, hands twiddling with the short antennae on top of his head.

Morine Satoshi

Satoshi’s reaction to the pseudo court case playing out in front of them was one of distress and upset. His soft features contorted into a dejected expression, eyes growing ever so shaky as he watched the conversation between Nokia and Kazuki descend into accusations and an argument. The stance he was sitting in lowered somewhat, Satoshi leaning forwards with concern as he watched the two go at each other.

Whilst not one to keep quiet he wasn’t one to argue much either. He’d stand up for friends and speak on their behalf, accuse bullies and speak proudly on people's behalf but in a debate like this he was somewhat lost. The time this had happened as well stunted Satoshi a little. The first day of school, mere minutes into their first listen and tensions were high.

His posture straightened, light sparking again in blue eyes which had previously dulled. Calling on confidence and forcing himself to speak he rose to his feet and started with a crack at the court case theme they’d adopted to lighten the mood. “Objection! Ha … Sorry” For once Satoshi’s voice was meek, a positive tone laced within as he continued with a rising tone.

“Just a few things to say- I didn’t get a text, I got a call on this” Satoshi pulled out a smartphone briefly, a model that was perhaps a few years old which he glanced at and then shrugged. “Though this is a smart phone so my point is null I guess” He made his reflection with a smile, his words mere fluff as he solidified what he actually wanted to say.

“Sorry- My point is two things: Kazuki … yeah that was a bad- little rash- No beuno y'know'' There was a softness to his voice, a kind tone that didn’t want to shame or accuse what he’d done. Kazuki had apologised, even if he’d done so begrudgingly he’d meant it. Satoshi had experienced low energy seemingly moody people, he knew Nokia’s observation of Kazuki’s attitude and mood was a poor judgment on the truth behind Kazuki. Well, he didn’t know, it was more an observation.

“But I don’t think Kazuki’s attitude is a problem Nokia" His attention turned from the one with red eyes to the one with a red phone for a face. "Maybe it’s a little rough around the edges- not as outgoing or positive or energetic as the rest of us- a little brash- Sorry I’m going to stop saying negatives words now because all that doesn’t mean he isn’t ambitious or wanting to be here- Not everyone can demonstrate that or want too- or need too. Sure he’s got a different approach but it’s not a bad thing, Kazuki’s just kind of breaking the mold”

Satoshi didn't address Nokia's mention of the support item business and their place in society. It was well known how unappreciated or even unknown they were, at least by the general public. Like many others he wanted to change that, wanted to make an impact on the industry like everyone else in this room. Even Kazuki. He hoped his cobbled together comments made sense and got through to the others, Satoshi also hoped that he hadn’t caused any further tension or spawned some between himself and the others.

“That’s everything from me for now I suppose” Satoshi blurted out a conclusion and glanced down, not noticing that he’d risen to feet during his little speech. A small bow was performed before Satoshi lowered himself back onto his chair, leg bouncing ever so slightly as his gaze lowered to the floor.

What a start to the class.

@RhythmThief (Kazuki), @Blotch'd (Nokia), @Cmeriwether (Senjiro), @IDKWhatUserNameToDo (Kyosu), @H47E (Nami)
Rahm glanced over and watched Roteki and Rei talk. Giving a friendly nod as he agreed with Rei's comment on spongey boy. After listening to Rei respond to his show of quirk, he chuckled.

"Always got room for food. Though sadly I can't eat with these two" Rahm said wiggling his fingers .

"But they give good kisses" He said placing his hand to his face and kissing himself on the cheek. Rei's quirk had definitely peaked Rahm's curiosity. He leaned in forward.

"So your quirk is photosynthesis...! Do you get any nutrients from soil too?" Rahm asked with genuine curiosity.

"I can't wait till I get my costume in" Rahm said leaning back in his seat. Then all of the sudden he heard Izumi speak. Rahm wasn't sure if she was nervous or had a speech impediment, but asking seemed impolite so he reframed from doing such. Her quirk or lack of description of said quirk began to raise questions in his mind.

"What?" Rahm spurted out in confusion. He knew the name of her quirk but he did not know the effect of it. The name itself gave an idea of what it might be, but it was not a pretty picture. He made sure to adjust himself so she would not be outside his field of vision. Could never be too cautious these days. Not long after Roteki said his quirk.

"That's a cool quirk too. Only thing missing now is a wind turbine quirk!" Rahm said jokingly.
Yuki Tatsuya

With the encouragement from Terada, and slight hesitation on her part, Tatsuya explained her quirk. "Uh well. The name's a bit on the nose, but my quirk is called Blue Dragon. Other than the obvious anatomical differences, I have an extra organ that stores combustible gases for defense and flight purposes." Sighing in mild frustration, she continued. "Sadly, I'm still warm-blooded and these scales retain body heat. Not to mention that I can't wear the kind of clothes that I'd like to without some modifications here and there." Tatsuya placed her hands on her snout just in front of her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to calm down. "Sorry, I just get frustrated with how my body is."

@Martin Pine (Terada)
Hachō, Nami - Support Course Teacher, U.A. Day One of Term One.

The Frequency Hero sat on the corner of Nokia's table with upright posture and arms across her chest. As the first two students went about showcasing their quirks, the first made a quick speech and demonstration followed by the second making the fatal mistake of choosing his female peers cellphone to be the example of his quirks abilities. It didn't take very long for the two students who had already taken their turns to find themselves at odds, a back and forth between the Headphone and the Mecha-Mind ensuing. Despite the mask of a court case the youths had blanketed over the issue to keep it from becoming truly ugly, Wavelength couldn't stop her expression from souring. With a slight look of disappointment and perhaps even shame, the teacher watched on for a few more minutes as the duo went at it.

Spats were exchanged between peers with mentions of a lack of understanding or appreciation from society thrown in between, interjections that the Pro-Hero concluded must come from a deeper place in her pupils than the surface argument. She prepared herself to interject, when another student threw himself into the mix. Though, his words were soft and carried the intent of settling things. She couldn't help but smile a bit.

'Maybe there is hope for these kids afterall.' she giggled mentally, elated to see there were indeed peacemakers amongst them to keep the disagreements in check in her absence. Hoisting herself up from her position on the workbench, the hero shot glances to both Nokia and Kazuki as she traipsed to the middle of the room.

"Tsk," the teacher smacked her teeth, placing her hands on her hipands her head shook from left to right. "You two should listen to your classmate, he's right. All that judging and bickering is pointless." Making a swift turn to the side, the woman focused her attention on Nokia, looking directly into his dial as she spoke her next words.

"Look young man, you said it yourself. Outside hero circles, you guys don't get all that much attention or glam, right? That might be true, but that's all the more reason why you need to be open and accepting to each other. Nobody understands what you go through better than the guy right next to ya. Yeah, he might've been a lil rash to grab some info outta her phone, but like you said it wasn't anything we didn't all know already. He wasn't trying to expose her. Aren't we all a bit excited to be here? Maybe he jumped the gun, but try not to judge the guy. You're stuck with him for a year, like it or not."

Turning a full 180° to face Kazuki, the teach continued her lecture. "You two aren't that dissimilar, y'know. Everyone here is here to learn the same thing; how to be the best support hero they can be. You guys are like, the underdogs of hero society. Without you guys, cool costumes and awesome gear simply wouldn't exist for the other heroes, so be proud and support one another. You did the right thing and apologized, but try to be more mindful. Oh, and try and watch that foul language in class for me, okay hun?" Wavelength joked, ruffling the gruff boys hair as she bounced away towards Senjiro's workstation. Nudging him on the shoulder as she perched next to him, leaning on his table, she smiled.

"Why don't you go next, Mr.Bookworm?"

Mentions: Satoshi (@Martin Pine), Kazuki (@RhythmThief), Nokia (@Blotch'd), Senjiro (@Cmeriwether), Shonin (@DevVoid), Hisakawa (@korutesu), Maboroshi(@IDKWhatUserNameToDo )
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Since when were goddamn rotary-phone-headed people so difficult to deal with? The dude was on such a high horse at this point it felt as though Kazuki's words weren't reaching him. The grumpy teen was already embarrassing himself by dragging on this argument longer than it should've been, but his rival wasn't making it easy.

He let out a dry chuckle and pocketed his phone, which had been dancing around his workshop table before being slammed into the aforementioned, courtesy of Phone Guy himself. If it was in bad shape before, only God could help it now.

"Don't like my attitude?" he echoed, his voice slightly deeper and more grave. It had been a while since he'd heard that one, and it always, always set him off. "Well you can take your dislike of my attitude and shove it up your-"

The boy had been thankfully interrupted by a voice closer to the front, and watching Morine speak up surprised Kazuki. He didn't think anyone else would have the balls to interrupt the two, let alone a free spirit like him, but that was being proven wrong. Perhaps at just the right time, too.

Any more insult-trading and this debate may have eventually shifted into a re-enactment of All Might vs All For One. and Kazuki easily knew which one he'd be. Not that it would matter- a physical altercation on the first day was likely grounds for expulsion, and that was something he couldn't afford. Not now.

Morine then began to break down the argument, and Kazuki knew what was coming. Great. Another person telling him how much of a moron he'd been, just what he needed.

Well, that would have been his reaction, had that been what transpired.

Instead, Morine was impartial, going over both sides and where each had a point, where each fell short, at some point even defending Kazuki.

The moody boy wanted to say something, but found no words to reply with, opting instead for a sheepish rub of the back of his neck and a sigh of gratitude, of relief. All this talking was leaving him exhausted, and the day hadn't even started proper.

He was then supported by their teacher, Wavelength, who decided to step in and end the bickering once and for all. She followed Morine's earlier example, evaluating both sides of the argument and coming to ultimately fair conclusions neither could really refute.

Ultimately, Kazuki didn't really care about the wider role of Support Heroes in society- the fame and recognition had never mattered to him. It was only the speed, the adrenaline, the rush of it all that really made him feel anything these days.

He'd never pondered his exact reason for going this far before. Was he simply clinging onto a childish dream of his, too stubborn to let anyone else change his mind? Or was there a deeper reason here he simply couldn't yet ascertain?

It was when he felt Wavelength drawing nearer to him that he snapped out of his wide-eyed stupor, looking up at her as she ruffled his hair and requested that he watch his language whilst in this class.

"Y-yes mommy." he replied without thinking, covering his mouth in absolute shock of the words that had just escaped his mouth. "W-WAIT! I-I DIDN'T-"

He sank into his chair, his hands now flying up to his face before being dragged down, his exasperated vermillion eyes bereft of any fire they'd once had.
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Day 1
Class A, UA​

Melusine hesitated just outside Class A. This was it, behind this door was well…her future? She…wasn’t sure how she felt about that. Melusine wet her lips, expression souring as she did so. She could taste it: that foul concoction of chemicals and hormones—anxiety. Her own, of course. And that was bad, very bad.

She needed to relax, to calm down. It was fine; everything would be fine…but just in case, she’d check one more time! It never hurt to double—even triple—check. At least, it wouldn’t hurt her…

Mask? Firmly attached. Breathing was a bit uncomfortable, but it couldn’t be helped. Uniform? Immaculate. The special fabric was pleasant against her skin and scales, soft, plush, and extra absorbent. She could sweat like a pig and her clothes would hardly even look damp. The same fabric also crafted her tights. Add in her blazer and not a hint of skin below her neck was uncovered. Perfect! Gloves? Tight and fitting. She had to give it to UA’s tailor, they were surprisingly comfortable, didn’t dull her touch, and didn’t even irritate her webbings.

Honestly, her entire ensemble was like nothing she’d ever experienced. It reassured her. It proved that UA really was the best of the best, they were well prepared for all a student’s abnormal needs. Everything was fine—would be fine.

With one final breath—slow and deep—Melusine opened the door and stepped into the classroom. She eyed the students—her classmates. Some had already formed into small cliques; they seemed friendly. How nice.

Carefully, Melusine closed to door, to avoid shutting it on her tail and then made her way to a seat at the back of the room.
Japan, U.A. High - First Day of Term 1

Medashi, Kai - Hero Student 1-A

Kai set his half empty cup down onto his desk next to the other identical, vacant container, glancing around the room once more with a grumble. The boy seated next to him had brought along with them an enlightening realization whether the stranger knew it or not. A side glance at Ryoma was more of a subconscious thanks for his appearance and decision to sit there, whether it was properly conveyed or not.

The classroom door slid open as Medashi adjusted himself in his seat, neck craning to see if it could possibly be the teacher finally making their appearance. Not to any disappointment, it was a student with quite the unique appearance. Horns atop their head and a serpentine tail, yet somehow uniquely attractive (perhaps it was her demeanor?), the female slipped into the room silently and maneuvered toward the back row. A nervous lump formed in the throat of the aura reader as he swallowed it down. Despite having just taken a sip of his brew, his mouth was dry as sandpaper. An unfamiliar sensation tingled in his gut, akin to nervousness but not quite. Trying his hardest to ignore his bodies shrieking pleas to remain still, he shot the hydra a shy wave as she approached and took a seat.

'Alright Kai, introduce yourself.'

No matter how many times the thought replayed, the boy sat frozen, knees to his chest; gaze locked on the other student.

'Shit, you're being weird!'

Mentions: @kyuukestu (Melusine), @Jayblade (Ryoma, sorta? He's there, so...)
Yukage Izumi

As Izumi listened to the Various people explain their quirks, she was asked a question about what her quirk does.
She then prepared for people to ask a ton of questions about her family. She bottled her nerves for now as she prepared to answer the question, fiddling with her pendant.

"My quirk is called Stalker, I can turn myself invisible for up to Five minutes at a time. I have some resistance to Mental Effects due to a side effect of one of the quirks that made up my quirk, and my footsteps, no matter what, are silent, even if you gave me tapshoes." Izumi responded, her nerves trying to blow up in her face.

Izumi hoped that no one would notice her fiddling of her pendant. She then continued listening to what the others had to say.

@Godjacob @ThAtGuY101 @Void_Nugget @Martin Pine

Hijima Tetsuo

As Tetsuo listened to Himari explain her quirk, and how it works, even showing a small demonstration of her quirk. He was surprised that what this person eats was what she could use. Interesting, that was one thing for sure.

"This is good enough, the reason I can't demonstrate my quirk in here is that mine is tied to my Anger, and would possibly break things in the room. Most of my body turns to metal when I get angry and my density increases the Angrier I get, however there is a limit, and as of currently, my limit before becoming sluggish is around six point six eight grams per centimeter cubed."

Tetsuo knew that now was not the time to show the quirk, but to explain the quirk.

"Any family?"

Tetsuo was a curious young man, and his mother always said to learn about those who you're going to work with.

@Draco Nightshade (Himari)

Tsuki Senjiro

Tsuki Senjiro looked up from his book for the second time in this day, as he had just finished rechecking his Hyperlinks in his book right as Kazuki slipped his words. He figured it was time to get this over with. He walked up to the front of the room and gulped, hopefully holding his nerves long enough to finish this introduction.

"Hello, I am Tsuki Senjiro, you can call me Senjiro, My quirk is Hyperlink, and I am going to Demonstrate using this map."

Senjiro started his work, which had him hold a part of the map of Japan, Particularly the Town that the School is in, with the name now being blue. He then touched the section of the Map.

"We are in Musutafu, Japan," Senjiro narrated rather plainly.

He then was back to normal, "When someone touches a Hyperlink, I narrate what I linked to that particular Hyperlink from my mind rather plainly."

Senjiro then looked at the group, and finally, his nerves kicked in again.

"I-I am going back t-to m-m-my seat n-now."

He then went back to his seat, still nervous as all heck.

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Day 1
Classroom A, U.A. High – Japan​

Interactions: Medashi, Kairen (@H47E) || Tatsuya, Yuki (@Draco Nightshade)

Melusine had chosen the corner seat; honestly, she was surprised it was still free. Who didn’t want a window seat? Oh well, all the better for her. Now that she was seated, she observed that the class was little more than half-filled. Were there more students yet to come? Where was the teacher? All questions Melusine didn’t have answers to…at least she wasn’t late.

To her shock and surprise, directly to Mel’s right was…well, she could’ve been her sister! Her twin even! The only differences were the wings, the snake hair, the snout, the scale color, the fins, the size (by at least 2 feet!), the number of horns, the banded patterns, the… whatever! The point was, they were basically identical—save for a few minor differences!

Mel had been so absorbed by a sudden sense of reptilian kinship that she almost missed a shy-looking boy waving to her. But…why was he sitting like that? Well, wasn’t her business. Maybe his legs were cramped or maybe it was something to do with his quirk? It did kind of make him look constipated…

Briskly, Mel cleared her throat with a cough. Beneath her mask, she wet her lips. He was kind enough to greet her, it was only right she did the same. Mel returned his wave with a smile—not that he could see it beneath her mask—and greeted in her clearest voice, trying to get a grip on her accent.




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Kawahara, Ryoma

Having already taken notice of his reclusive demeanor, it came as no surprise to Ryoma when Medashi confessed he wasn't so attuned to a classroom environment. "Let me be the first to tell ya, you didn't miss out on much." A subtle hint of resentment pervaded his tone as his newfound acquaintance once again peaked his interest; very nonchalantly insinuating that his quirk was what prompted him being withdrawn from education. "Damn, must be some quirk. But it's probably best I don't pry any further on that front."

Ryoma Kawahara." He responded, leaning back into his usual mellow tone of voice . "You can just roll with whichever name suits you." This incredibly lukewarm introduction wasn't given much time to linger, however. Yet another peer had decided to take on the back row, this one with a much flashier look. Despite the fact that he couldn't quite put his finger on what they were, Ryoma sure knew a female when he saw one, and he could already sense the stakes were high for poor old Kai. Was Ryoma about to get a front row seat to the fumble of the century???

After watching his classmate seemingly crack under the pressure, Ryoma decided second-hand embarrassment wasn't the kind of baggage he needed, so in his first act as a hero, made a valiant attempt to swoop in and save Kai.

"Heyyy look at that, they say four's a party." Ryoma declared, now a little more upbeat in his cadence, nudging Medashi in hopes of freeing him from his cryogenic state.
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Japan, U.A. High - First Day of Term 1

Medashi, Kai - Hero Student 1-A

Glossed over iris' sat unreactive to the wave he received from the hydra, only a nudge from his newfound acquaintance ripping him from the stupor that was his own social ineptitude. It was then that Kai noticed the fourth addition to their merry band of back-row misfits, who had been there quite a while under his radar; a blue dragon who for all he knew was related to the lass he had just gawked at like a buffoon.

His cheeks rosy with embarrassment, he fumbled for his cup of coffee - almost knocking it over before successfully taking a shaking sip of the brew. Clutching the cup with both hands, he inhaled to steady his nerves before trying to introduce himself again, properly.

"Medashi, Kairen. Or Kai. I uh--" he paused, pupils darting around the room, then to Ryoma, then the two scaled girls, before focusing on the window to avoid unwanted eye contact with anyone. "I hope we can all be friends." He uttered meekly, head lowering. He wasn't entirely sure what to say, conversation was certainly far from his strongest suit. Looking to Ryoma for approval briefly, a few blinks returned his gaze to the masked serpentine and his winged peer.

"Your mask is cool."
Cawfee siiiippp...

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| Korutesu |

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After the fairly exciting debate between two of his peers, and the 'okay' introduction of another one of his peers, Tsuki Senjiro, only a few more students remained to introduce themselves, one of which is himself.

"If nobody minds, I'll introduce myself next." Shinsuke walked over to the center of the workshop and started to talk.

"My name is Hisakawa Shinsuke. You may call me Shinsuke, or just Shin. Either will work. My quirk is called Quick Analysis, which can let me analyze your name, height, weight, and current weak points. In most cases, I can also analyze your quirks after seeing it in action for about a minute. For example, Tsuki Senjiro weighs fifty-one kilograms, while his height is around five foot one. Would you like another example? If not, That's the end of my introduction."

Shinsuke returned to his workbench, as he waited for the next support student to come up and introduce themselves. This group of support students were super interesting, and he wished to see more of what they can do as well.
Alexander Nokia

Nokia shuffled uncomfortably in his seat, looking at the floor. His peers and teacher were right. He had perhaps ruined any potential ties with this man, and simply because he had stoked Nokia's moral fire. How uncouth of him. Nokia looked up to apologize, and had found that the conversation already moved on.

A couple other students introduced themselves, but then he heard his opponent call the teacher 'mommy'.

Nokia would have laughed, but that would have been rude. He did not desire to be a bully, as he had already hinted that he thought Kazuki didn't deserve to be there. Only kind words could, perhaps, diffuse the intense dislike that had been forged between the two.

After all, Support Students needed to stick together. So Nokia thus decided to cover for Kazuki, raising his hand to say to Wavelength;

"Excuse me...But, uh....I, uh, have a question...Mother..."

"(I don't have a question, what the hell am I supposed to say...Why am I even talking right now...)"
he projected in a quick burst of English, and then forged on.

"You....Ah!" And there it was. A miracle idea. "Yes, erm, maybe you should...ah...introduce yourself...Ma'am? You, uh, told us your name...but, uh...never showed us your power....And I'm....curious...."

The back of his neck was entirely red, and he rubbed it nervously. I'm going to kill myself later, he thought. If the embarrassment doesn't first. I suppose that's Karma for you...
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Yuki Tatsuya

Hearing someone take the seat next to her, Tatsuya slid her hands off of her snout and looked over, only for her jaw to drop in shocked surprise, showing off her array of sharp teeth while her ears flared outward and her eyes opened wide. The last thing she expected to see in this place was someone with a similar quirk to herself. Sure, the girl in question was practically covered from head to toe, but Tatsuya was able to see some of her scales as well as her tail. Not to mention her horns! Realizing that her mouth was hanging open Tatsuya quickly closed it, blushing a darker blue in embarrassment with wisps of smoke rising from her nostrils.

Kaede Himari

"I'm... constantly juggled between my immediate relatives." Himari hesitated before continuing. "My metabolism is a huge burden on their bank accounts." Himari looked down at her desk, rabbit ears drooping low. "Sorry, I'm not sure I want to go into the specifics right now."

@Cmeriwether (Tetsuo)
Hijima Tetsuo

Tetsuo was satisfied with the General description of family. He then looked at Himari, preparing to whisper.

"I understand about Metabolism, mine's not as bad, despite my size, but part of that requires me to consume multiple times the normal person's amount of Iron and other minerals. Also, Keep this between you and me, but I am The son of the Angered Hero Rampage. I don't have much family, as both my parents are only children. This will be revealed when the time is right to the rest of the class."

Tetsuo was unsure if the mentioning of a Pro Hero would scare, excite, or a number of other reactions that he'd not expected. As such, he kept that on the down low, whispering it rather than announcing it as most people would.

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Kyosu Maboroshi - Support student
Right as their teacher, Ms. Hachō, started the introduction for their class and course Kyosu noticed a boy with a black ponytail wave at her. She gave him a quick wave back as she found herself a spot to sit at the classroom, picking one of the front work benches that was closest to the metal doors connecting the workshop to their official classroom.

So, their first day of school strayed off with introductions. That was to be expected and at the mention of using quirks, Kyosu already had multiple ideas brewing in her head while she half-listened to the others go first. Sadly she was cut off from thinking anymore about those when a rather intimidating boy introduced himself and picked her to be his quirk demonstration subject.

"Eh?- I mean sure, go ahead," Kyosu said, a tad flustered that she got picked out of everyone though, did keep her composure. As she was about to answer Kazuki, another student butted in. He did have a point, and Kyosu was also going to ask if he went to look at anything else, as that would be quite.. uncomfortable and creepy. However, the phone headed student seemed to take this a lot harsher with how he saw things and arguing quickly ensued. Kazuki did explain some more of what he saw. A wallpaper that was her family's cat and highscores in games she played. He did apologize if what he did creeped her out. At least he had enough sense for that, "Oh, you're forgiven.." the red headed girl said quickly before the conversation or more so, arguing continued.

Somehow, Kyosu felt like this argument was her fault. Well, sort of it did start because of her.. She awkwardly rubbed her arm and looked like she wanted to do something to help diffuse the situation, looking over at the others and the teacher. Luckily, a boy with short gray hair and blue eyes stepped up and spoke, handling the situation with respect for both parties. A small smile curled up Kyosu's lips as she let out a relieved exhale. Honestly, she would not have known to resolve this if she was in his shoes. The teacher then stepped in to put the matter to rest for once and for all, trying to lift the heavy atmosphere in the room.

Unfortunately, the sharp red eyed boy accidentally slipped up and called Ms. Hachō 'Mommy'. Kyosu just looked on with wide eyes, but did not react further. What was more bewildering though, was that Nokia seemed to almost follow suit with him? Sink in the same ship? Was this his attempt to make up for the argument they had? Though, unfortunately the boy who waved at her and had been reading through all this, his presentation pretty much was overshadowed by this 'mom' incident.

Nokia did seem to try to save the situation though, by flipping the introduction back to the teacher or rather what her quirk exactly entailed and how it worked. Quite smart and hopefully it would be enough to reel both Kyosu and everyone back to the introductions that were going on..

Interactions: Kazuki - @RhythmThief

Mentions: Alexander - @Blotch'd , Morine - @Martin Pine , Nami - @H47E , Senjiro - @Cmeriwether
Hachō, Nami - Support Course Teacher, U.A. Day One of Term One.

Hachō watched in amusement as the flustered Kazuki sunk back into his workspace, the stylish teach stifling a giggle as Senjiro took the spotlight and demonstrated his Hyper-Link. A raised eyebrow indicated a hint of curiosity in the heroines expression as she observed his use of the map to establish the baseline of his abilities for the class. The quirk was quite impressive, as were the others showcased so far, but she couldn't help but ponder further what else might be in that book of links belonging to the one she had subconsciously been calling 'ponytail'. Regardless, the mentor had little time to sit and wonder as the next student got on with their demonstration. Rather to the point with his introductions, the young man with robotic eyes took the center of the room and named himself as Shin before rattling off some physical statistics of another student; seemingly chosen at random. Apparently, he could analyze quirks too.

"Short and sweet," Wavelength chimed as the analyst returned to his seat. "That's a handy one for designing hero gear. Remind me to put you down for an internship with my fashion line."

The animated smirk residing on Nami's features following her crack wouldn't last for longer than a few moments, Nokia speaking up and falling in step with the 'mommy' schtick in what could've been an attempt at indirectly reconciling with his former dispute partner. Her face tinded a bright shade of pink, the Pro-Hero was taken aback (if everso slightly) by the request to see a substantiation of her quirk being accompanied by such a nickname. Once from a student was one thing, but twice?! A quick glance around the room, particularly aimed at Kazuki and Nokia for their choices in addressing her, and Wavelength obliged in the phoneheads inquiry. Though, not before allowing herself a few words to preface her performance.

"On the condition you boys quit calling me that, I will gladly show you. My quirk is called Frequency Change! It's pretty basic in concept. I can manipulate waves and frequencies to make them stronger or weaker, or in some cases change them altogether. Sound, light, seismic, micro, you name it!" the teacher proclaimed, holding her hands up in front of her chest with palms facing her torso for the class to see. Before their eyes, the white swirl on the heroine's costume would fade to a dark blue before lightening to a soft purple, flashing a tint of lime and then returning to the snowy color it began as.

"I can make illusions and stuff, like a magician. Similar to Headphone, I can tap into radio and phone frequencies too. Though, I can't communicate, only listen. Oh, and I can boost sounds by cupping my hands, LIKE THIS!!!" Hachō gleamed as she yapped through her mitts at a deafening volume, digits forming a ring around her lips. As her hands dropped back to her sides with a swing, she continued on. "My quirk also nets me a few other useful powers for stopping baddies and saving civilians, like creating or stopping waves in water, making tremors out of small things like a tap or a hum, redirecting radiation, stopping small earthquakes, the list goes on." She concluded with a proud smile, rocking on her heels. Twirling in dramatic fashion, Wavelength struck a pose with her hands held high in the air. Holding her stature for what felt like an eternity, the young mentor returned to a normal posture with a shrug.

Finding herself standing close to Kyosu, Nami would look their way as she stepped over and leaned on their workbench.

"Who's up next?" She questioned openly.

Mentions: Satoshi (@Martin Pine), Kazuki (@RhythmThief), Nokia (@Blotch'd), Senjiro (@Cmeriwether), Shonin (@DevVoid), Hisakawa (@| Korutesu |), Maboroshi(@IDKWhatUserNameToDo )
Fujita Rei, U.A. High School, Class 1-A (Present Day)
@ThAtGuY101 (Rahm) @Cmeriwether (Izumi) @Martin Pine (Roteki) @Void_Nugget (Kori)
Rei couldn't help but giggle a bit at Rahm's point, as there seemed to be some fun pros and cons with it though she seemed more curious about something else. "Semes like quite the handy trait, though how hard do they bite? Sorry just I picture you taking a bite out of the bots and just become curious~" Rei admitted.

Though his own question seemed to cause her to blink as she rubbed her chin in thought. "Huh, you know I DID one time feel like It as literally sucking the life out of a flower when i was a kid...maybe. I'll have to experiment with that." Rei admitted honestly to Rahm.

Either way, a new sheepish voice spoke up as Rei glanced over to a girl who seemed to ask if they had been sharing Quirks and made mention of her own "Stalker", which seemed to be a bit of invisibility on top of the side effect of having perpetually quiet steps which seemed to explain how she "snuck" upon them or least that is how Rei justified it.

"Well then Izumi I have to say you have yourself set up for top of the line infiltration Quirk. Seems pretty cool though try to give a heads up in case you accidently spook someone." Rei said, giving advice and a bit of praise to the girl's Quirk before her eyes shifted to the man of the hour Roteki himself.

Roteki's Quirk seemed to be about the opposite of her own, where as she drew power from the sunlight and was more tied to heat, he seemed to be a walking sponge and drew upon water which had sounded pretty interesting. Her eyes widened a bit as he had began to inflate as he further explained the Quirk details and needless to say Rei seemed to be rather impressed. Really so far all her classmates had some cool abilities which promised to make this year quite interesting~

"Gotta admit seems quite cool and has a lot of fun applications. We may be contrasts but I am sure we'll both get to shine~" Rei said with a smile as she seemed to give him assurance that she thought his ability was cool though she noticed a few new students walk in and some groups and chaos form as her grin seemed to grow.

"Yeah, this is gonna be an awesome three years~" Rei admitted aloud to those around her.
Yamada Kisuni

Kisuni quickly glanced around the classroom, it seemed most of the other students had arrived and were conversing with one another. “Hmm, quite an assortment of people.” The girl mumbled to herself. Following that thought, she began walking. As she passed by, Kisuni took closer looks at each of her fellow classmates. It was nearly impossible to tell what kind of powers people with transformation of emitter type, but mutant types did not have that veil. “Hmm. Alright, got a handful of Mutants in the class. I will have to wait and see what the others are capable of though.” The girl thought to herself as she reached the back of the classroom.

The seats at the back are usually the best, you get a good look at the whole class and being further away from the teacher has its benefits. The seat right by the window is widely considered one of the best places to sit in a classroom. Unfortunately, it appeared most of those seats had already been claimed, including the famed back window seat. Fortunately, there remained one more. Although, it might still be more unfortunate than fortunate as the single free spot was the one in the center of the row, a rather conspicuous spot even at the back of the classroom. On top of that, some of her neighbors didn’t seem like the quiet types.

Still, looking at the remaining seats left in the class, none of them looked that much more appealing. As such, Kisuni continued on with her initial plan, walking over to the seat between Tatsuya and Kai. “Excuse me, passing through.” She uttered in a meek voice, sitting down at her chosen seat. “Apologies for interrupting, this seat isn’t taken right?”
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Kyo Roteki

Stalker sounded like quite the interesting quirk. It also sounded familiar though Roteki couldn't quite put his finger on where he'd heard the name or seen the powers demonstrated before. Her fiddling fingers had caught his eye, the sponge boy glancing down to the pendant but quickly returning them to the girl's nervous face. "I have a friend that I'd love for you to meet by sneaking up them" A mischievous invitation was accompanied by a warm smile as the thought of pranking Satoshi came to mind. He wanted to make sure that Izumi felt as welcomed in this class as much as he had.

The praise and encouragement from the other's flushed red into Roteki's cheeks though it was faint and barely noticeable due to the amount of water he was harbouring inside of him. It was nice to feel good about his quirk again, it'd been one of his biggest worries when coming in today. For quite a while the only positivity he'd had about it was from his parents and Satoshi, it was a wonderful surprise to have it from what was at this point strangers. Strangers that were soon to be friends.

"Oh no, so there's going to be a lot of puns then" His disappointment was of course a jest, an amused grin plastered across his face as he looked between the group with a warm feeling growing inside of him. He shared the same sentiment as Rei, having an extremely good feeling about the year.

Mentions: @Godjacob (Fujita Rei), @ThAtGuY101 (Rahm Katar), @Cmeriwether (Yukage Izumi), @Void_Nugget (Kori)

Takeru Terada

Terada listened to Tatsuya’s explanation and also her frustration, his features softening as he offered a warm smile and a comforting hand on her desk. As encouraging and loud as he was Terada wasn’t a complete meat head, he knew when to tone it down a notch “Hey it’s alright, I think it’s really cool but I’m not the one in it so I ain’t gonna bash that frustration in ya”

He considered himself lucky he could transform, constantly being in his bison form would be torture. Winter’s would be fine but summers he’d be dying in. The search for a solution wracked his brain or at least some sort of comfort, his mind falling on a shopping outlet in Tokyo. “Hey, they have this clothes shop in Tokyo- maybe other places too. They’re all about tailoring clothes to individuals who otherwise wouldn’t be able to wear them. I ain’t even been in there but my mom goes. We could check it out sometime if ya want?”

It wasn’t a fix but it was at least a start, hopefully the offer would be accepted. His question seemed to fly right over Tatsuya’s head, which was turned to look beside her at … another smaller Tatsuya? Further inspection revealed the other person was a mere look alike, Terada grinning as he nodded to Tatsuya and then looked at the newcomer and spoke loud enough to gain her attention. “Hey!”

He offered a hand to Melusine, leaning back on his chair slightly to reach over to her. “Sorry to butt in a little, names Takeru Terada” Being sure to be polite he also nodded to the two other lads at the back of the room who’s conversation he’d joined and was now pulling Tatsuya into. “My friend here thinks you look cool y’know” A less than elegant Segway to get the two scaly ladies interacting but grace wasn’t something to be expected from a bison.

Mentions: @Jayblade (Ryoma), @kyuukestu (Melusine), @Draco Nightshade (Yuki), @H47E (Medashi Kai)

Morine Satoshi

The teacher spoke not long after he had, Satoshi being sure to read the expressions of everyone around the room including her as she stabilised the room.Satoshi couldn’t help but feel a little prideful at the teacher’s slight praise of him, the grey haired boy being sure not to let said pride consume him but he definitely let it fuel the fires of passion. Humility was good at all but it toed the line of beating oneself up or putting oneself down, something Satoshi greatly despised both on himself and on other people.

It’s why when Kazuki made the slip up of calling their teacher mother he didn’t laugh, lifting his hands to join together on his face, covering both his nose and mouth as he let out a slow and surprised sigh. Blue eyes attempted to avoid the red eyed boy but couldn’t help glancing at him as he wallowed in disarray.

Words were about to be spoken but Nokia’s voice sounded before Satoshi's, the other student also referring to Wavelength in a motherly manner. Satoshi’s shock lasted mere moments before it melted into a strange sense of pride? Nokia had made no mistake, he’d intentionally thrown himself under the bus with Kazuki to share the burden, to try to mend a strained start. Hands slipped away from Satoshi’s face to reveal a beaming smile, glancing towards the red haired girl next to him before his attention returned to Senjiro’s presentation and their teacher’s.

Satoshi had of course offered a gentle clap as he had done with the others when their quirks had been demonstrated, finding the hyperlink incredibly useful and hoping that he’d encouraged the nervous student. Shinsuke rose to his feet next, Satoshi’s head tilting ever so slightly before his eyes flashed in response to the explanation. Never having to take measurements again sounded like a dream! He wondered if Shinsuke’s quirk could be applied to objects as well as people!

As Wavelength once again interjected Satoshi wiggled in his seat, excited for the pro heroes demonstration. Whilst not a super fan of heroes Satoshi would say he was well versed in hero culture and news, it’s why UA’s roster of teachers had been the cherry on top of it being one of the best support courses in the country. Never did he imagine Wavelength as their teacher but he felt so lucky.

Her explanation was full of energy, hyping Satoshi up who could hardly stay seated when she invited the next person to speak up. Rising to his feet with a hop he spun around and struck a pose, perfectly mimicking Hachō’s previous actions. A precursor to one of the applications of his quirk. “HiImMorineSatoshiAndI’mSoExcitedToBeHereEveryoneIsSoCoolAndAmazing!” He refocused, closing his eyes and joining his hands together as he recomposed himself and started again in a more slower fashion. “I’m Morine Satoshi and my quirk is Photographic!” There was still energy in his voice, his never still hands unfolding to touch his eyelids and peel them apart a little before quickly dropping them.

“Okay that was a bit gross I’m sorry! But my quirk is to do with my eyes- and my brain I guess- sorry, explanation yes!” Standing and talking to the whole class was so different than it had been mere moments ago when he’d tried to settle the scene, Satoshi chalked it up to the topic- himself! Of course he was going to be passionate!

“I can take pictures and record stuff- it’s like a photographic memory if you’ve ever heard of that but it’s more defined and refined. I can turn it on and off through blinks and where that information goes it’s like separate in my head though I can recall what I’ve got stored in there- Oh storage! I got limited space and can easily delete stuff from that separate memory- A little too easily actually” His last admittance was accompanied by a shrug and a slight chuckle, Satoshi once again jolting the speech to start again.

“Ah- demonstration! Right so it’s kind of difficult to display words and speeches and information I’ve stored up there but a cool thing I can do is store movements and then perform them perfectly- It’s a little iffy if I don’t get the right angle or they’re too far away- same with words and speech but demonstration okay” Twisting around Satoshi swiftly dug into his workbench, searching for a specific tool and finding it fast.

A wrench was procured, Satoshi turning to his other neighbour Nokia and, from a distance, comparing the tool to the size of the phone resting on top of his head. An eye closed, a tongue stuck out, he really wished he had Shinsuke’s measuring quirk. “Okay yeah- this looks dangerous but I assure you it’s fine!” His claim was more so a reassurance to Wavelength who was probably wondering what Satoshi was doing balancing the wrench on his head.

Satoshi raised his fist and pounded one end of the wrench on its side so that it flew in the air, and he caught it with the other hand, twirling it in an elaborate, identical movement to the way Nokia had twirled his phone earlier. When it stopped in his palm, Satoshi said,

“... I didn’t save what you said after the trick if I’m going to be honest, it was something cool though- but that’s my demonstration. Most of the stuff I see- even for a moment, I can store and perfectly recall. Some actions I can even do but I guess I have to be physical capable of doing them, hence the wrench as I don’t think my head could do that”

Demonstrating over he once again performed a bow, hopping back into his seat with a wide smile. Eyes glowing with excitement briefly darted over everyone in the room before returning to Wavelength. In Satoshi’s opinion it was an okay quirk, it would make mundane life so tremendously … easy- How dull. Sometimes It felt like a cheat code and then next it would feel so basic and insignificant. All his quirk could do was copy and paste- it irked him, it drove him to be more or at least want to be.

He had easy access and retention of information- if that was the case he needed to push himself to where that would only help him. Satoshi wanted to work- wanted the challenge. Support item design is where he thought he could find that.

Mentions: @H47E (Wavelength) Kazuki (@RhythmThief), Nokia (@Blotch'd), Senjiro (@Cmeriwether), Shonin (@DevVoid), Hisakawa (@| Korutesu |), Maboroshi(@IDKWhatUserNameToDo )


Previously Shadow_Pup
Hyōketsu "Kori" Tsukōri
Listening to her new classmates explain their respective quirks Kori sat quietly, modelling various things out of ice and watching them melt. When Roteki said about his sponge quirk several thoughts about the water based quirk passed through her head as she sat idly until she said "damn with all that water it would be so simple to freeze him" she then paused and realised she'd said it out loud "uh, I just mean cause like if your so concentrated with water you'd freeze really quickly and uh...I swear I'm not weird" she said her face turning red as she went all quiet out of embarrassment and chewed on her hair nervously unsure of what to say next.

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~Rahm Katar...~
~UA Classroom, 1A...~
~Musutafu, Japan...~
~interactions: Rei, Izumi, Roteki and Kori. @Godjacob @Cmeriwether @Martin Pine @Void_Nugget ...~

"Hard enough, I guess. Managed to bite enough holes in some robots to the point where I can pull out wiring. Good source of iron, I suppose. Though I ended up getting more rescue points than hero points" Rahm replied. Since he liked helping people, he preferred it that way. Rio's explanation of her quirk only gave Rahm more questions on what it could do.

"You absorbed its... energy? What did it feel like? Did you do it on purpose? What did it feel like? Can you also give energy to flowers??" Rahm had more questions but decided to stop there for now. He stared at her blankly for a few moments.

"I bet you got a green thumb, probably!" Rahm said. Moments later ,the stalker shared her quirk details. Rahm couldn't help but wonder the scope of her ability was. A question arose in his mind, but before he could ask; he could only wonder if this question was school appropriate. He took a few seconds to phrase it properly so to be respectful as possible. Clearing his quirk.

"How invisible do you get? Do you're clothes turn invisible to or...?" He paused. He turned to look at Roteki with a devilish fanged grin.

"You know what? Its... Punny! That you say that" He shot out through barely contained laughter. Rahm paused to look at Kori. With his hands in a pyramid shape pressed against his chin, he gave an almost concerned look as she mentioned freezing another student.

"Turning students into ice cubes is certainly one way to make a first impression, a bold statement. Respectable but probably best avoided for now at least" Rahm said. At this point he wasn't sure if he whom he needed to keep an eye on more. The girl with the stalker quirk or the recommended student with the freezing powers.
Kyosu Maboroshi - Support Student
Kyosu watched on with intrigue and excitement as her teacher went to demonstrate, now putting on a show for them to display her quirk. She knew of some things, like the seismic part, sound and light. The other parts she hadn't heard much about though. She pressed her hands tight against her ears as the frequency hero's voice boomed in the room with the use of her powers. At the end of the little show, Kyosu gave her teacher an applause with a wide smile. Oh, she wanted to make a good impression both on her teacher and on all of her classmates.

The red haired girl's gaze then went to the boy who helped diffuse the scuffle that happened moments prior as he went to introduce himself. Kyuosu did chuckle a little when the boy's excitement seemed to take over as he peeled back his eyelids. It was gross indeed. As he got into the actual explanation of his quirk, Kyosu thought for herself how useful a quirk like that would be. She would forget a lot less where she placed things if she could just photograph with her mind. Incredibly useful for a course like this. Just like other quirks displayed so far. Satoshi followed in the steps of their teacher and put on a little show for them as he copied Nokia's elaborate juggling tricks with a wrench. That did elaborate and better broaden her understanding of how his quirk worked. The red haired girl gave Satoshi his own round of applause and looked around the class. Right, she had to introduce herself too.

"I suppose I could go next.." Kyosu said while walking around to the front of her desk and pushed up her glasses. She took a deep breath and straightened her back, "Hey everyone. I'm Kyosu Maboroshi and it's a pleasure to be here," the girl introduced herself and gave small waves to everyone in the classroom as flowers and a slight pink aura seemed to appear around her. The flowers were cartoonish and slightly transparent but soon faded.

"My quirk is called Projector. I can display my visual thoughts into images around me," the girl continued to explain as she put her index finger on her chin and a thinking bubble appeared over her, lightly transparent yet again. The bubble then turned into a light bulb over her head before moving in front of Kyosu, "They can't produce any sounds and can't be physically moved. Only with my mind can I move the images," she added and moved her hand to the bulb before going through it. She then dismissed the image as it faded and her gaze focused back onto her classmates, "Pleasure to meet you all," she finished with a small bow before going back behind her station.

Mentions: @H47E - Wavelength, @Martin Pine - Satoshi, @Blotch'd - Nokia, @RhythmThief - Kurogane, @| Korutesu | - Shinsuke, @Cmeriwether - Tsuki, @DevVoid - Shimizu
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...Y'know, maybe being a doctor wouldn't be so bad after all. I doubt they have to deal with shit like this. Better idea, actually- why don't I just go and off myself right here and now? Ain't like anyone would miss me.

I would,
spoke a soft voice from below.

He spread apart his index and middle finger, which were previously covering his embarrassed eyes, before glancing below at his pocket.

I would miss you, Kazzy, the phone spoke again.

A pause.

...I don't get you, Soyo. Didn't you see the way I just treated you? Called you out in some dumb argument you had no involvement in? How could you-

Because I know you.
it replied matter-of-factly. I know who you are. What you're really like. You may claim not to use me all that much, Kazzy, but you carry me around everywhere. I see and hear everything the rest of the world doesn't. I know you better than anybody.

Kazuki sighed and spoke no more. This was, perhaps, partly why he was always hesitant to use Soyokaze, the name he'd given his mobile, which meant 'gentle breeze', an homage to the phone's oddly merciful nature.

Specs-wise, the device was more than up-to-par, if anything it was overqualified for meeting Kazuki's extremely basic needs. But it always found ways of saying things that confused the teenager.

He knew the voice wasn't real, the personality wasn't real, it was just his quirk's way of feeding information back to him, by giving all the machines he comes into contact with human-like traits of their own. So why did their words still affect him so? Why, if asked, would he still say that his phone and motorcycle were perhaps his only true friends on this earth?

His eyes began glowing softly as another of his Quirk's abilities activated, helping him scan the device over, taking note of where different components needed replacing or repairing. He hadn't been a good owner to Soyokaze, and frankly, he still had no real intention of using it all that much, though the boy felt the least he could do was give it some TLC. Especially after what it had been through today.

Shaking his head and lowering his hands from his face, he turned his attention back to the class, frightened of where his thoughts would take him next.

To his absolute shock (and delight), Phone-Head had seemingly followed his example by calling Wavelength 'mother'. He wasn't fooling anybody though- it was clear as day that this was done intentionally. Kazuki sniggered and smirked at the boy, his eyes glowing again once more as his Quirk became active.

Yo, spoke the boy to Nokia mentally. I'm not sure if you can even hear this, but since your head is legitimately as much phone as it is head, I guess there's a chance you are. If so...

Kazuki paused, sighing. Day one and his ego was already taking Texas Smashes left and right. But he knew how hard it must have been for his rival to stick his neck out like that- particularly for a thug like Kazuki. This was only fair.

He continued.

...thanks. I mean it. You didn't have to do that, y'know? Now everyone probably thinks we're both weirdos who have a thing for older women. I mean, you probably are, but I'd prefer not to associate with deviants like yourself. He spoke jokingly, borrowing the gentleman's haughty tone for the latter part.

Now back to class once more, he watched Nokia for any hint of reaction whilst also observing the myriad powers being displayed, not quite as reactive as some other students, but paying attention nonetheless, particularly at their teacher's impressive demonstration of her admittedly complex power.

Though she had seemingly forgiven him, he was still having trouble meeting Kyosu's eyes, an uncharacteristic fear- no, guilt pervading his chest whenever he glanced in her direction, which made her presentation distinctly difficult to watch.

He figured it best to keep his distance from her for a while. The last thing he needed was to cause another scene.

Regardless, he felt somewhat at ease now, as if a burden had been lifted from his shoulders. Perhaps being an outcast wasn't so bad when you potentially had someone else to share it with.

@Blotch'd (Alexander)
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Previously Deathstalker62
Shonin Shimizu
Hoo, boy, what a great load of bizarre events had just occured all at once! First an argument between Megamind and Phonedome, now the both of them calling the teacher their mother, just what in blazes was going on here?! It got Shonin's mind all spinning in circles in a dizzy, trying to catch up with all the things going around him. Luckily, it seemed everything was starting to return normal again as people once again went back to introductions.

Of course, this also meant one thing, once the girl was complete introducing herself, letting the class know of her name and quirk. It was his turn next. Shimizu took a few moments to compose himself and gather his own thoughts. After all, the last thing he wanted to do was fumble something as simple as a mere greeting and quick quirk explanation, like his peers had done. And so, when it was finally his turn, he ended up standing up on the workbench he had been sat on and, with a smirk that one could interpret as pride and madness equally, he spoke up.

" Yes yes, I am Shonin Shimizu! Though, if anyone wants, you can simply call me just 'Shozu' for short! And my quirk, well.. let me show you! "

And now, with two fingers in his mouth and a wave of his free hand, he signalled over his living set of tools to hop on over, which they all did promptly, creating all sorts of noise on the workbench as they all got into position. Some were wrenches, some were screwdivers, some were even small golems made from screws, nails and other such materials that normally only go in a package or a bag. Most particular however was Boxer, the artificial dog that followed him here. Its main body was a self-made toolbox, while the limbs, tail and neck consisted of rubber tubing with different kinds of materials forming the eyes, nose, head, paws, etc. Two small, round lightbulbs formed the eyes, floppy rubber gloves made the ears, the nose was just painted on and a cut-up shoebox formed the head and jaws.

" My Quirk, as I myself have coined it, is called Animation! And as you can tell, it allows me to breathe life into the things I make - on a literal sense, too! "

Shonin now raised the two fingers he used to whistle to below his mouth and formed the hand flat, before promptly breathing the light-green, dust-like cloud that seemed to sparkle in the light, as if little bits of reflective metal or glass were contained within its bounds.

" Yes, it does draw on my energy. No, I cannot control my creations, nor would I like to. Sure, I can order them around but, ultimately, their will is their own. And yes, I have given away some living projects to see if they would obey others. Most did, but some just seemed to have an affinity for me specifically, not that I have a problem with it! "

Shimizu took a few glances around to see if anyone would ask any other questions. At least, ones that he hadn't already answered just now. Regardless of whether or not someone did, he quickly sat back down and finished his little introduction, wagging his finger to the last statement as he just intented to deny any more askers their truths until after the day was over.

" If you want to know about them, ask me after class. We've got work to do, after all. Can't be kept busy with matters that do not belong to the topic at hand, no no no! "
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Alexander Nokia
Nokia's interest piqued again as he heard the explanations of his other classmates and teacher, especially the girl. The cartoon effects that appeared around her enthused him with a sort of childish enthusiasm. He had played a game back at home, and the 'emotes' reminded him of it.

That game had always calmed his mother.

His thoughts were speared through by a signal. Some sort of electric feedback. Nokia recognized it as the same signal he would often use to 'speak' with nearby machines.

Nokia's enemy was pleased. Kazuki spoke to him telepathically.

But how would Nokia talk back? Was Kazuki able to read any signal he too emitted?
Perhaps with his phone...But Nokia had assumed it was broken. Or maybe he'd be able to read the electrical signals that had made up Nokia's thoughts. It was worth a try.

I've no particular feelings regarding older women; let alone the teacher, Mr. Devious. Your hypocrisy appalls me, sir. Even though Nokia was only thinking, his thoughts still sounded sarcastic and somewhat playful in manner.
If you are going to impersonate me, I should only follow suit. Allow me to collect my thoughts.

After a moment, Nokia thought once again,
You're fucking welcome, Nerd. And...If....Well, it's not like I want to or anything, but if your damn phone needs fucking fixing, I could...maybe...do it... He thought in a passable imitation of Kazuki's manner. I mean, I suppose it is my fault. If I had not been so snarky and willing to show off to make a point, it would not be in the condition I detect it is in.

Hachō, Nami - Support Course Teacher, U.A. Day One of Term One.
With three of her pupils yet to introduce themselves, Wavelength made herself comfortable atop the smooth, metal table claimed by her only female student. Crossing her legs and leaning back, the cool feeling against her palms and thighs sent a minor chill up her spine. A hardly noticeable shudder as Morine took the stage with a dazzling replication of poses, actions, and tricks from both the oh-so talented Hachō as well as his noble peer, Nokia. Following the performance was a display of what can only be described as '
emotes' by the admittedly adorable Kyosu, and finally a parade of lively, inanimate objects orchestrated by Shonin, who concluded their show-and-tell of quirks with some aspects of his powers unelaborated on. While the focus of her attention was the displays of ability put on by the youths habitating her workshop, the Frequency Hero couldn't help but notice some of the waves transmitting from the red telephone that was the dome of Alexander Nokia. While she was unable to decipher exactly what was said (y'know, since she doesn't speak electronics), the heroine deduced easily that there was only one person in the room who could. She wouldn't mention it now, but she would make a mental note to have a word with the two who'd marked themselves as troublemakers after class.

"Well consider me impressed," the masked instructor beamed as she leapt to her feet for what felt like the thousandth time since class began. "You've all got spectacular quirks. It's my absolute pleasure to meet you all and welcome you into the Support Course! As I mentioned before, for your first assignment I'm going to be pairing you up to create prototype support gear for your partner. Since there's an odd number of you, one of you lucky kiddos gets the choice between either making somethin' stylish for me or joining a pair to create a trio! If that second option happens, no two people can make support items for the same classmate, so you'll have to decide who's making gear for who. Your projects can be any type of support item, as long as it efficiently boosts the usage of the persons quirk in some sorta way. If all of that's clear, I'll go ahead and read off the groups I've put you in!"

Pausing for a break in her long-winded explanation, Nami re-revealed the class roster from the itsy-bitsy pockets in her costume skirt. Unfolding the paper and clearing her throat with her fist to her lips, she began reading off the names.

"Group one, Nokia and Kurogane. Group two, Satoshi and Hisakawa. Group three, Maboroshi and Tsuki. That leaves Shonin to choose who he wants to work with; myself of one of the groups. Remember, this isn't for a grade so have fun with it! Stage one of any project should be brainstorming, so get together and start discussing! Chop, chop!" Wavelength ended with a double clap of her hands, looking around the room with hope that everyone would be as anxious to get started as she was.

Mentions: Satoshi (@Martin Pine), Kazuki (@RhythmThief), Nokia (@Blotch'd), Senjiro (@Cmeriwether), Shonin (@DevVoid), Hisakawa (@| Korutesu |), Maboroshi (@IDKWhatUserNameToDo)

Medashi, Kai - Hero Course, 1-A

Just as the hero hopeful had managed to utter the compliment to his peer a few seats down, matters became even more complicated for the boy, as he was intrinsically castaway in this sea of social overload. A russet-haired girl with an athletic build, short but with noticeable... features, mosied her way to the back of the room and plopped herself into the seat adjacent. Her inquiry was met by a shake of the head and a gulp of coffee the likes of which has never been seen. An arm wrapped itself around bent knees as Kai managed to force his lips to part.

"N-nuh-uh, seats open. Ryoma was right, the b-back is popular." A stutter emerged in the young lads speech, causing him to seek refuge in another indulgent slurp of brew; the final sip. A scowl set in on his features as hazel hues glared at the cup. Having to deal with meeting the blonde dude was enough stress to send Medashi into a week long coma, now there were three girls in the mix, he was shut in on both ends, and worst of all... THE COFFEE IS GONE!!!
Interactions: @Grand Master Koop (Kisuni)
Mentions: @Jayblade (Ryoma), @kyuukestu (Melusine), @Draco Nightshade (Yuki)
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Yukage Izumi

As Izumi listened to the Various responses from people, and watched the various demonstrations, she got a person asking to prank a friend of his by sneaking up on them. She then heard someone ask a Question about the scope of her invisibility.

"T-thanks, will do," Izumi responded, then turned to the one who asked about the Scope of her invisibility, "Only my body at the moment, am hoping to get that as a Possibility, but for now, just my body."

She then saw what was around her, possible friends. Friends that she'd have to explain her secret to later, that she was in fact, a recommendation student, recommended by Pro Hero Zoom In, and the Daughter of Yukage Seichiro, known as The Nightstriker, the Number Five Hero a year ago. She then turned invisible, and watched the group.

@Void_Nugget @ThAtGuY101 @Godjacob @Martin Pine (Roteki)

Tsuki Senjiro

Tsuki Senjiro had been watching the various students introduce themselves, Senjiro's book had been set aside as one went up to the center of the room, introducing himself as Hisakawa Shinsuke, and Shinsuke used his quirk on Senjiro, and Senjiro was very confused. His last Doctor's appointment put him at five foot five. He would talk to Shinsuke later about this, as this was very confusing. The guy who introduced himself when he nearly walked into Kazuki, said his name was Satoshi and used his quirk earlier to take a some sort of mental Picture. Interesting, he might be helpful with Projects.Then the Girl, introduced as Maboroshi Kyosu, went next, using her Projector Quirk to show little Emotes. He was surprised, yet impressed. Then the last couple of people went, including the Teacher. The Teacher's quirk was impressive, along with the Last Student, Named Shimizu Shonin, animated some tools into something like a Dog.

He then heard the pairings, It seemed the two that were bickering before were one group, The guy who messed up his height and the guy who introduced himself when he almost walked into someone were in another, him and... Wait, what!? The only girl in the class!? He was nervous as all heck, and started to think and calm himself down at the same time. He started breathing deeply in an attempt to calm down. He then waved the smallest, shyest wave he could muster to Maboroshi Kyosu.

Fujita Rei, U.A. High School, Class 1-A (Present Day)
@Martin Pine (Roteki) @Void_Nugget (Kori) @ThAtGuY101 (Rahm) @Cmeriwether (Izumi)​

Rei couldn't help but chuckle a bit at the pun game going around as least he seemed to take the flattery in stride which was nice to see, Roteki seemed to be a pretty cool guy once he moved out of his shy shell. "Oh come on I am sure we'd all get tide of water puns~" Rei said with her own bit of pun play but having done so in warm jest.

Rei glanced at Kori who seemed to casually mention that she'd be able to freeze Roteki given how the Quirks worked, and seemed to awkwardly try to save face a bit as thankfully Rei seemed to be more amused by that slip of the tongue than anything.

"Well hey, maybe if I gather enough energy I can melt you free if it ever comes to that." Rei mused a bit, finding it fun that between her, Roteki and Kori they sort of had a fire-water-ice thing going which in theory could make them counters to each other. The possibilities of how their powers complimented and clashed with each other had been fascinating!

Rei got more insight into one of the non-"elemental" Quirk users within this circle as Rahm seemed to bite some bots but also scored big on rescue points from the sound of it. "Impressive. I had no idea that was a thing. I ended up saving one guy by happenstance but hey, I suppose given we are training to be heroes I should've expected that." Rei admitted to Rahm, as she excelled in the combat side but she admittedly probably scored lower on the rescue side compared to some of her peers.

Though on the subject of her own Quirk, she paused and tapped her chin. "Normally I take in sunlight to fuel my strength and produce solar rays to fight with, in theory if I have it stored in me I could release it in something that can take it in, but I've never tried that..." Rei admitted, as now she wondered if she could say power a solar panel or give life to a hungry plant as such applications only offered expansions to what she could theoretically do. Though she chuckled at the green thumb line.

"Tell you what, if I end up trying any of this and it works, I'll be sure to thank you for the inspiration." Rei said to Rahm as she already liked this guy's style. Izumi then clarified that at the moment she was only able to turn her body invisible, and seemed to demonstrate this as her skin seemed to fade out of view but her clothing remained which was quite the visual as her eyes widened.

"Oh wow that is super cool! Though probably would be best to request a costume that can change with your skin, don't want to strip for combat or something." Rei mused a bit trough she was sure that already had been on Izumi's mind. Really these four had been quite interesting. Who knows, play her cards right and she might end up making some friends day one which would've exceeded her best goals for herself.
Kazuki's mind had admittedly drifted by the time Nokia began his reply, thinking of some mods he'd like to apply to Akane, most notably a flamethrower. Why, you ask? Well, if you had a flamethrower, you wouldn't be asking that question.

Modifications aside, he snapped out of his stupor, slightly shocked that the rotary-phone-headed boy was actually communicating back to Kazuki. Was there more to the Mecha-Mind's abilities than he thought?

It once more reminded him of another manga his oldest brother Kaito, ever the Otaku, used to read, in which the main character was gifted (or cursed, more accurately) with the ability of killing people by writing their names into a notebook.

Whilst simple in premise, the plot had admittedly grown very complex, and soon enough most of the pages had been occupied by the main character playing deadly, mental games of chess with another character, an extremely effective detective, the two of them locked in a secret struggle no one else was aware of.

This felt strangely similar to what Alexander and Kazuki were locked into now- there was an overtone of clandestineness, as if they had entered a world only the two of them were privy to, a grand game of chess where they were both player and spectator, and the red-eyed teenager was loving it.

At this point he could've sworn he saw Wavelength glance in their direction, but he chalked it up to his mind playing tricks on him. He had just called her mommy, after all. He wouldn't be surprised if Endeavor himself was waiting outside to create some extra work for the janitor.

By the time he'd thought of a witty reply for his rival, however, the aforementioned teacher began addressing the class, and Kazuki realized the introductions were over. Just like that. He was so pre-occupied he neglected to pay attention to the dwarf-looking teenager's quirk.

Oh well. So long as it wasn't something silly like toxic farts, he'd find out sooner or later. Otherwise, Mexican Monday was going to be a problem.

Now, it was time for the group assignment. Fantastic. Now, this could go either one of two ways:

1. The Goddess known to the people as Wavelength has mercy on the poor boy and pairs him with any of the other students who he hasn't a) threatened or b) invaded their privacy, which narrows it down to about 4. He was still scared of one of them, so make that 3.

2. The deity is cruel and pairs the feeble human with one of the aforesaid 3, in which case, our hopeless teenager will (hopefully) spontaneously combust and die. His remains will be swept up and class will proceed as normal. Happy ending for everybody.

So, a cool 50/50.

Well, either Kazuki's math teacher was a fraud, or Wavelength secretly enjoyed the drama, because his own pair ended up being the worst possible pick of the already unfortunate three. The worst part? Kazuki was still physically intact.

He recoiled back in both disappointment and disbelief. Why?! Suddenly the two of them were meant to be all buddy-buddy after verbally laying each other out?

Kazuki sighed and cursed under his breath before glancing to his right and lifting his chair over the short distance, taking a seat on the right side of the Phone Head's workshop, to Nokia's 2 o'clock.

"Well." he sighed, leaning onto the workshop table. "Looks like we've got some work to do, Captain Callback. Crazy that noggin of yours works with my Quirk, but hey, now you can help me cheat on tests."

He smirked.

"Oh, and yeah, you're definitely helping me fix Soyo up." he confirmed, brandishing the mobile. "But we can talk specifics later. Anyway, tell me about how I can help you with all..." he waved around lazily at Nokia's entire head. "...that. Want some International Dialing? Bluetooth?"

Kazuki was grinning hard now. This was more fun than he thought.

"Or how about Caller ID? I know it must be frustrating to keep getting pizza delivery calls in the middle of taking a dump."

@Blotch'd (Alexander)
Nokia made a noise that Kazuki would soon become acquainted with; A noise of annoyance. But at the same time, Nokia was amused.

What a twist of fate for him to be put with this fellow specifically. He twisted his phone towards the others in the room, and then back towards his partner. Kazuki was already making smart remarks. Brilliant.

Nokia buzzed in annoyance.

"That is not- That's...Already you are coming up with ideas before you even know the extent of my power!"

"First off, Kazuki....chan? I never got the hang of honorifics...if I ever even remember to use them at all..."
"First off, Kazuki-chan! I don't get calls. My phone is not in service; that's why I have a cellphone."
"SECOND! International Dialing would come with that cellphone's plan."

"Third; Bluetooth....If that meant I could control devices remotely...That would actually be rather useful."

His neck flushed with a bit of annoyance at the last comment. "I do not require a caller ID. I can recognize signals if I receive them more than once."

Nokia curled his cord between his fingers. "How about you, hmm? Perhaps we ought to attach an antenna to your forehead so you can pick up private information without even trying? Or maybe we can make a diadem that helps you process information faster? I'm all up for making a dress to match, Mama's Boy." His tone was polite and casual; like he was completely serious about what he was saying. Nokia liked making people doubt whether he was joking or not.

Yamada Kisuni

"Oh good, then there's no problem." Kisuni replied with a smile. The boy was clearly at his limit and it was easy to see. Of course, Kisuni picked up on that. While her smile looked sweet on the outside, her inner face had a much more sadistic grin. "Heh, this one looks like an easy target." She thought to herself.

Kisuni crossed her legs, put her elbow in her desk then rested her chin on her palm, nudging herself slightly closer to the boy beside her. "I must say, you sure seem to be really enjoying that. What it it?" She asked, referring to the mug Kai was frantically drinking out of.

Day 1
Classroom A, U.A. High — Japan​
Interactions: Medashi, Kairen (@H47E) || Tatsuya, Yuki (@Draco Nightshade) || Tereda, Takeru (@Martin Pine)

He liked her…mask? It took a moment for Mel to process that. Sure, it was a nice mask—designed in UA’s greys and greens—but was it really worthy of praise? She didn’t think soooo—Ooh! Wait!! She’d heard about this! She’d done a lot of research to ensure her move to Japan was as smooth as silk, studying the culture and etiquette. She couldn’t claim to be proficient in all of them, but she was already familiar in passing. One of the things she had heard of was the exotic tastes of the locals; some of them found great pleasure in articles like gloves, bloomers, and high-knee socks! Come to think of it, she was wearing gloves, a mask, and tights—so maybe those caught his attention. Maybe that’s why he had been staring earlier. Kairen must’ve been one of those people!

Satisfied by this sound line of logic and reasoning, Mel decided to accept the compliment with gusto— “Merci beaucoup!”

However, no matter how much Kai liked her mask, it would be pretty bad if he got poisoned and so she had to make her stance clear.

“But no touching, s’il vous plaît!”

And speak of the devil! Hardly a moment later another boy introduced himself as Take..take…Takeda? Her Japanese was still a work in progress. Anyway, the boy offered his hand in greeting, and beneath her mask Melusine's smile turned wry.

‘Hisss~ Hisss~ Hisss~

The snakes in her hair roused and suddenly, Mel had an idea. She lifted both hands and pushed away from herself, careful not to touch Taketa but clearly indicating for him to stand back. Then, she pointed to the snakes in her hair, gestured to her entire body, and stated firmly—“Poison! No Touch!”