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Ask to Join My hero academia: Dawn of a New Age

Japan, U.A. High - First Day of Term 1

Medashi, Kai - Hero Student 1-A

"Nope, n-no problem at all." wavering words broke through the restrictive gate that was Medashi's maw in response to Kisuni. That unusual pit in his stomach grew as his desk neighbor leaned closer, a feeling he couldn't quite describe as nervousness or fear, yet it brought him to a shake. Palms, slick with sweat, clasped themselves firmly against the cup now devoid of coffee hard enough to dent the plastic in subtly. Ryoma's presence at his side was honestly the only slightly comforting thing in the room, the unfamiliar blondie serving as Kai's anchor for holding steadfast in the face of social adversity. Despite having just met, the immediately accepting nature of his first acquaintance had given the antisocial one a sense of validation, no matter how small the conversation may have been to the other lad. Forcing his attention away from the newly arrived female and towards the snake-haired gal thanking him for his previous compliment, he would give a slight nod and a meek grin in reply. Tuning in on the introduction of Terada, he also caught Melusine's clear warning that touching her would lead to some sort of toxicity poisoning - likely a result of her quirk.

'Interesting, a no physical contact rule. I wonder what else that implies for her lifestyle, it must be difficu-'

Wandering thoughts were abruptly put to a halt by an inquiry from Kisuni, bringing Kai back to reality just when he had nearly disassociated from the situation entirely. She wanted to know what he was drinking? Great, small talk. Hazel's stared back at the girl for a few blinks before an answer was attempted.

"Uh, it's coffee. Or, it was. Now its air. I mean, not that I turned coffee into air, I can't do that; it's cause I drank it all. I have more though-" Kai rambled on a bit, quickly turning to nab his bag from beside him. Digging through the napsack for a few seconds he withdrew a brown paper sack full of coffee beans labeled with his name and placed it with care atop his desk. "I always keep extra on me, but I didn't bring a coffee pot or a bean grinder. I didn't think I'd run out so soon... Oh, uh... I'm Kai by the way." he finished his jo-focussed rant with a rose tinted face.

Interactions: @Grand Master Koop (Kisuni)
Mentions: @Jayblade (Ryoma), @kyuukestu (Melusine), @Draco Nightshade (Yuki), @Martin Pine (Terada)
Kyosu looked over to the last student who had yet to introduce themselves. Yet again, she was in awe of the versatility of a quirk and adored the animated dog who had his torso be the toolbox. So cute and so handy! Like for the others, she gave them a small applause before turning to the teacher. Right, they were to be assigned into groups. Well, personally she would've been fine with anyone, Kazuki too as she felt like they needed to get off on the right foot. Looked like that would have to be left for later though as she was assigned to be partners with the student named Senjiro. Oh! The boy who gave her a friendly wave earlier.

Kyosu's eyes scanned over to the boy, and saw how anxious he seemed to be about the pairing. Still, he gave her a small little wave. Overall, the boy had a nervous demeanor about him, evident from his introduction. Though, he did demonstrate his quirk without any stuttering or issue.

The red haired girl gave her assigned partner a gentle smile as she approached him, "Hi. You're.. Um, She.. Shin.. Senji, right? I hope I got the name right," Kyosu said, sheepishly scratching her cheek a little as her eyes bounced elsewhere for a moment before returning to the boy wearing a ponytail. Honestly she hoped she didn't mess up his name..

Mentions: Wavelength - @H47E , Shimuzu - @DevVoid
Interaction: Senji - @Cmeriwether
Hijima Tetsuo

Kaede Himari

"R-Rampage?" At the sound of the name, Himari's rabbit ears stood up straight in shocked surprise as she whispered the name back to Tetsuo. "A-are you serious?"
Himari knew about Rampage, but she had no idea that he was a parent! "Uh, your secret's safe with me."

@Cmeriwether (Tetsuo)
Tetsuo was surprised about Himari's Reaction, not expecting the shock on Himari's face, or her ears pointing straight up. He then looked at her with all seriousness.

"I am serious with that, my mom had a quirk that could make her body turn to metal, which explains the Iron part of Iron Berserker. It may become relevant, we'll cross that bridge when we get there."

Tetsuo was thankful that Himari would keep it a Secret until it was necessary. He then looked through his stuff, finding everything he needed. He then looked back at Himari.

"I would be ready for the teacher to show up at any time."

@Draco Nightshade (Himari)

Tsuki Senjiro

As Senjiro was preparing his mind for interaction with Maboroshi Kyosu, she approached the table as he looked at her.

"S-senjiro," Senjiro whispered, nervous, then tried to speak up, "S-senji was t-the closest s-someone's gotten t-to my name t-the first t-time, e-even B-beat out Tetsuo-san, y-you m-must be M-maboroshi-san."

Senjiro was thinking hard, as the assignment was to make a prototype of a support gear for his partner. A person with the ability to project things like an actual projector. He was thinking about possibly extending the Range at where the projection projects at.

@IDKWhatUserNameToDo (Kyosu).
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Kazuki let out a hearty laugh that echoed throughout the workshop. Mama's boy? It seemed that, for all his uptightness, there was an equally playful side about the Phone-omenon. Good.

"Antennae would be too flashy." he dismissed breezily, thinking of the boy he'd seen earlier at the front gate. Probably not the kind of guy you'd wanna be caught twinning with. "Plus, it'll ruin my dashing good looks, and genes like this don't come easy."

He ran a hand through his curly black hair, exaggerating his movements as though he was a perfume model.

"Same thing for a diadem, but I do appreciate your assessment of my unique talents." he mocked, before leaning toward their shared workshop table and grabbing different bits and pieces, alongside a sheet of A3 paper, a pencil, and a ruler.

"In fact, I'm so talented, I'm about to draft up the specs for this wacky Bluetooth device of yours right this damn minute." he announced, a boyish grin spreading across his face. Kazuki loved drawing up weird and wacky designs for the few things he was truly interested in. It had been a while since he'd done it for someone else.

"As for me," he managed between his mutters, eyes sharpened and focused on the the paper before him, pencil dancing across the forming design. "...I guess it'd be nice to - ah, shoot - tap into multiple devices at once? Right now it's like - crap, that won't work- I can form a one-to-one connection with any machine I choose, right? I'm wondering if I could shoot, like, some huge - ugh, how do I put this? Uh, - AOE wave to all devices nearby and tap into them simultaneously? Make the connection one-to-many instead."

He paused as if pondering something before continuing.

"It'd probably be havoc on even my big brain, linking to more than one device at a time. So it'd better have a connection limit or something to help adjust the load, otherwise I really will start to look like that blue dude with the huge head." he finished, turning to his partner now, and taking a deep breath.

He'd said too much- gotten too serious. Too genuine.

"But screw all that noise. You know what I really want?" he began to smirk. "A Hover-Board. You're going to build me a Hover-Board right this damn minute. How, you ask? Sounds like a you problem, bucko."

Kazuki stood up now, crossing over to Nokia.

"You're a U.A student, right? I'm sure you can figure something out." he spoke, offering a playfully evil grin before resting his hand on Nokia's head, taking off the red receiver and handing it to him.

"Anyway, I'm gonna need to scan this head of yours to see how this is gonna work." he requested, his vermillion eyes beginning to glow faintly.

"Hope you don't mind... Nokia-kun."

@Blotch'd (Alexander)
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Previously Deathstalker62
Shonin Shimizu
Well, would ya look at that! The pairings were called up, and they could not be more fitting! The MotherloversTM were brought together, the quiet kids were paired up, as for the others.. well, Shonin hadn't really taken that much notice! And now it was his choice to join one of these strays or to rig up something for his teacher. And as much as he would have liked to see what someone else may have come up for his quirk, he just could not pass up the opportunity to come up with gear for a quirk as interesting as Wavelength's, as his next short speech was delivered with a sudden point of his left index finger to his teacher.

" Ho-ho, you probably expected me to mingle in with one of the students, eh? Well, too bad! Me and my crafty pals will whip up some gear for you instead, Mother! "

Shonin had declared this with ample whimsy laced in his voice, the latter part even putting extra emphasis on the final word, which was promptly followed by a mischievous laugh, poking fun at the situation that had previously occurred as the dwarven support starter hopped back down the workbench, his living blueprint unrolling itself in front of him once more as his tools joined him, swapping locations with him as now they were the ones atop his workstation.

" I've no need to know more about your quirk, however, that demonstration was all I needed to know. I'll have something whipped up and ready to go in a jiffy, no doubt about it! "

And then, with this last statement, Shonin was quickly lost in thought and conversation with his ever-changing plans on the blue pal of his, creating and discarding countless upon countless of ideas, each more different from the last. Most of them seemed pointless as, if someone had listened in on his mumblings, they would come to know the borderline insane machinations of hoops he would have to leap to make what was essentially nothing but another invention for convenience or entertainment, rather than actual quirk use.

However, in Shimizu's mind, all of the outlandish and truly useless ideas made all the more sense. After all, to truly get the gears going, one must think outside the box before they can step back within, after all! And what better way to do so than just mere spitballing any kind of random thought that came to mind before one came up that he could stick with?
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| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
With the introductions done, their homeroom teacher, Wavelength, had given out pairings between the class. In specific, it was between Nokia Alexander and Kurogane Kazuki, Tsuki Senjiro and Maboroshi Kyosu, Shimizu Shonin and their teacher, Wavelength, and finally himself and Morine Satoshi. Their first assignment was to create a prototype gear for their partner. Shinsuke would walk up to his new partner and started to speak.

"Good morning, Morine-kun. So, what do you have in mind? We should start thinking of what to create now, instead of dilly-dallying on things such as formal introductions and such. So, your quirk is Photographic, yes? I'd like to know more in detail about your quirk. Tell me as much as you know, if that's alright with you."

Straight to the point as usual with Shinsuke. No rest for those who wanted to succeed. That was his motto. He followed it religiously, as he wanted to succeed in everything that he did. That's just how he was raised and grew up. Of course, there would be hiccups along the way, but it still was his best method to succeeding as an amazing support hero.

"Just ask me if you want to learn more about my quirk, I wouldn't mind at all, Morine-kun."

Morine Satoshi ( @Martin Pine )
Nokia cocked his phone at his partner. Kazuki had asked for an AOE wave, but at the last minute changed his request to a hoverboard. How odd, yet Nokia could possibly try.

"I have no idea how to build a hoverboard, but...Maybe...I'll think about it. As for the AOE wave, if I could perhaps figure out a few things, I believe it could be possible."

"But I am not making you a hoverboard as the assignment. That has nothing to do with your powers. So I suppose the 'noise', as you called it, shall become what I am going to focus on." Nokia replied, watching Kazuki as he crossed across the table. "And if you want to scan my head, go right a...erm, ahead. As long as you go only as far as you need to go. Breach my privacy and you'll find that I make a powerful enemy, Kazuki-kun." Nokia's serious tone curdled into a slightly threatening edge.
Nokia glanced around the room at the groups, overhearing another student call Wavelength 'Mother'.

Nokia's neck flushed. She'd never get rid of that name now, would she? At least 'Mother' was what had stuck and not Kazuki's 'Mommy' label.

Nokia began his work. Taking a sheet of paper, he began to sketch possibilities for Kazuki's original request. The hoverboard was ludicrous.
Kyo Roteki

Just as he aired his light grievances with puns, Rei and Rahm decided to hit him with a pair, Roteki pressing a sigh through his nostrils as he shook his head. “Just gonna try drown out those jokes” He shot back his own weak attempt at a water based pun, not having much confidence behind it but still delivering it nevertheless.

The freezing comment caught him off guard, Roteki’s face dropping in a moment of surprise before shakily picking back up as he doubled down on what he despised. “What a way to break the ice?” Another poor pun, but hopefully one that helped with Kori’s embarrassment. He took no offence from the observation, Roteki making sure that Kori could tell that through his face.

It was a weakness he knew of as well as many others after Satoshi had talked to him for HOURS about the theoretical strengths, weaknesses and applications of Sponge. That’d been a long night but he’d certainly appreciated the helpful information, at least the information he could pull from the grey haired lads ramblings.

His attention was drawn from the conversation however, his head lifting up as a well suited adult entered the room.

Mentions: @Godjacob (Fujita Rei), @ThAtGuY101 (Rahm Katar), @Cmeriwether (Yukage Izumi), @Void_Nugget (Kori)

Takeru Terada

Terada hadn’t expected such a dramatic response to his greeting, especially being urged away and hissed at by hair snakes that had escaped his initial gaze. He took it on the chin however, moving his chair back into place to move his body away from Melusine “S-Sorry!” His positive tone and smile remained, Terada bowing somewhat to accompany his apology before perking up a little at her explanation.

Poison? He wondered how well his bison form would deal with such a problem. Not something to be found out now however, there was a time and a place. He looked to his new draconic friend, hoping that she’d introduce herself to the familiar French lady with a poison touch.

Mentions:@kyuukestu (Melusine), @Draco Nightshade (Yuki)

Morine Satoshi

He watched the other two students' introductions closely, intrigue plastered over his face for the both of them. Kyosu’s projections were adorable, much like herself, Satoshi fighting the urge to lean over and also wave his hand through the projected image. A brief thumbs up along with an encouraging grin was given to her before his attention was drawn to Shozu, who’s canid contraption caught his eye immediately.

Satoshi was a massive dog person, quite the opposite to Roteki who much preferred cats. Regardless, Boxer had not only caught Satoshi’s attention but also his heart, the grey haired lad now having to resist an even greater urge to dash across the classroom to give the pets and fussing that Boxer so greatly deserved. Satoshi almost missed Shozu’s demonstration but the green sparkling mist had caught his attention.

The class was full of super interesting characters and quirks, Satoshi being excited to hear the first assignment and who was paired with. Hisakawa Shinsuke- potential nickname Shin. He’d been sure to capture everyone's introductions, they were filled with useful information after all so he had no trouble recalling the boy or his quirk.

Shin had beaten him to the chase of crossing the room to head to the other person's desk- but Satoshi still stood to shake Shin’s hand. “Y-Yup, perfectly cool- will do!” In terms of delivery they were almost polar opposites. Satoshi waffled, he was unfocused in his delivery whereas Shin seemed straight to the point.

“So as previously stated it’s like a photographic memory but it works differently- from my understanding at least- for things I hear and things I see” A frown fizzled onto his features, as if he was debating such wording before continuing on. “So with words I hear it’s kind of passive, I can decide after hearing If I want to commit it to my photographic memory so it’s easier than visuals which I have to pre-emptively activate. In terms of visually seeing a text like a book I do have to activate it but It does become passive so I don’t have to refer to the image of it I’ve taken? I guess my mind reads it?”

“Like mentioned previously, to mimic what I’ve seen I first have to capture it well enough- If I’m too far away or have a bad angle then it’s no good and then I also have to be capable of doing it. I could record All Might jump twelve stories in a single bound but I can’t mimic that”

Satoshi of course took the offer to inquire about Shin’s quirk, he couldn’t have all the fun now could he. “Alright so do you know the weights and heights in all forms of measurement? Would you be able to tell me my weight in tons or height in metres- I don’t mean can you yourself do the conversation but rather can your quirk or is your analysis set in feet and pounds?”

“Is there a distance limit? If you looked at someone through a telescope would it work- what about a video of someone and how high resolution does said detail have to be? How’s your recollection of the information? Is it stored in your head forever or once your quirk gives you the information do you have to manually remember it- What are weak spots specifically? What are my weak spots- is the weak spots limited to physical or could social or mental weak spots be highlighted as well” Satoshi’s tidal wave of questions seemed never ending, the grey haired student losing himself in the inquiry and not giving Shin much of a chance
to answer until he blinked rather awkwardly and sheepishly smiled. “Sorry- lots of questions”

Mentions: : @H47E (Wavelength) Shonin (@DevVoid), Hisakawa (@| Korutesu |), Maboroshi(@IDKWhatUserNameToDo )

Takeuchi Akihiko

By now the halls had thinned out somewhat, the last of the students were filtering into their classes and silence was settling on the corridors. The sound of clicking shoes echoed through the passageways, moving at high speeds but hardly in a rush fashion. A blur of blue with a slight glow to it shot gracefully towards 1-A’s classroom, coming to a stop at the door with its aura dispersing. “Attention all students!”

Whilst not shouting his voice was loud, carrying throughout the entire classroom and surely drawing in the students attention. Standing in the door frame was a tall gentleman with black slick hair, a single lock of blue matching the tailored navy suit the individual wore. Their teacher had arrived and strode into the classroom with confident steps as he continued to speak. “Your first homeroom period is about to be underway. Why?”

He’d reached his desk by the time the question had been proposed, lifting a leg to prop on his chair as he planted his hands firmly on his waist. Beneath his golden monocle his face stiffened and shaded, sharp edges appearing as mimicked the currently out of action number one hero. “Because I. AM HERE!”

His expression held for a mere few seconds, the prideful grin flaking into an amused one as he couldn’t help but chuckle at himself. Lowering his leg he flicked the front ends of his slim fitting suit jacket to the side as he wiped out a piece of chalk and scribbled onto the board. “I apologise for the dramatic entrance, I deduced it was the best way to gain your attention!”

A slight British accent laced his well spoken words, which continued as he stepped to the side to reveal the name he’d written on the board as well as announce it.

Takeuchi Akihiko: Booster Pack

“Starting this year and until you leave this school I will be your homeroom teacher, overseeing your development and growth into the heroes of tomorrow will be my honour” A strong fist impacted a soft waistcoat, Akihiko looking out to the sea of students before him, his first class. Like Wavelength he was new to all of this but excited and determined to teach the new generation. His nervousness didn’t show, his professional demeanour having no cracks within it.

“But make no mistake that development will not be easy. The challenges you face will be immense, you will be pushed to your limits again and again! Our school motto has been the same for years! Ever since I attended here to learn, to now when I am here to teach and probably in the future. It is expected of all of our students to Go beyond, Plus Ultra! I trust you will not let me down!” Pride laced his words, Akihiko letting out his breath as he surveyed the class before him. Quite the bunch, laden with potential.

“Going around the room I want everyone to introduce themselves to the class! Along with your quirk, favourite dish and favourite hero!” Once again the chalk was whipped out, scratching away at the board as he procured a rough drawing of an extremely muscular hero and a strange foreign dish. “You already know my name, as for my quirk I can boost the speed, strength and endurance of anyone I touch, including myself! I have the option of bestowing only one or all three and my boosts can stack with the unfortunate downside of an equivalent strain on the body”

Moving on from his quirk he spoke of the other two topics. “My favourite food is a full english breakfast and my favourite hero is the number one, All might himself if you couldn’t tell!” Some of his demeanour was based on the charismatic powerhouse, it was clear how inspired he was by the number One. “However I can understand criticisms of how such a choice might seem basic, thus my answer changes to GunHead, a good friend of mine I made in my school days- something I’m sure a lot of you are already up to!”

With his introduction fully performed he turned to the class before him, looking to the individuals on the front row to begin, specifically a lime green haired lad with antennae poking out of his head.

Jiren Jouji

The Bug boy practically melted under their homeroom teachers gaze. He was intense! His introduction had filled the room and Jouji didn't know how he could possibly follow it up. But alas he had to, Jouji not daring to look back at the class behind him as he meekly spoke out.

"M-My name is Jiren Jouji, I eat bugs and t-turn into them I-" Why oh why did he chose the front row?! Driven by instinct more than choice he tilted his head ever so slightly, eyes spotting the entire class and splitting wide open as his head swivelled back round to the front. "I really like stir fry and my favourite hero is Centipede!" He forced out the last sentence in a shout, practically shaking as he awaited the next student to speak so they could promptly pass on.


A deep inhalation was followed by an exhale, smoke shooting out past a cigarette loosely lodged between smooth lips. The grey gas diffused into the air, adding to the pollution of the waking city of Esuha. It was a nightlife city but it was still active during the day, businesses such as bars and clubs or shops and markets preparing or still recovering from night-time business.

One of these businesses was a quaint bar, more on the outskirts of the bustling city where everything was so much more … dull. Run down or crumbling the buildings in the area and the bar itself had certainly seen better days. But today the bar had taken an opportunity outside their typical opening hours, hosting a little get-together for a forming group who’s leader and investor stood outside round the back, relieving some tension before his esteemed guests arrived.

It’d been one hell of a rough time for people like him. One year since the fall of All for One. The criminal underworld had gone into a panic when their most powerful player had been defeated. Alliances dissolved, many buried their heads in the sand whilst the rest went into hiding. A shock had rippled throughout the entire community and it was still apparent to this day. Many organisations were hesitant to make a move, merely trying to survive and hide as opposed to making an advance on society. It sickened Chrome. He thoroughly understood the need for caution and care but this was mere fear, fear of a man that just like All for One … was out of the picture for the moment.

Chrome had realised it, he hoped others had too. The safety that society felt honestly sickened him and he intended to do something about it. But he couldn’t do it alone. Networking was his best friend and through methods such as trusted brokers he’d reached out, set lures, hoping for some bites.

Flicking away the cigarette and stamping it out he made a move back inside of the bar through the backdoors. After snaking through the staff areas he entered the dining area, curtains closed as artificial light flooded the spacious room. He moved to a side room, a few tables and chairs lazily scattered around. It was a dull welcome for any new allies but it wasn’t like he could host a party, not yet at least.

An ally already awaited him in this room, the current muscle he had named Monomu Noroi. They’d been acquaintances for some time now, it’d been his responsibility to keep Noroi hidden from the authorities when All For One went down. Garaki had some use for him before giving Noroi up but to his understanding it was merely for experimentation- a possible breakthrough in argus research.

“Soon my friend” He opened the conversation with a smile, walking over to a chair whilst his the bottom of his purple trench coat flailed somewhat. Chrome made sure his voice was level when talking to the behemoth of a man, the room barely large enough to house him crouching let alone standing. His temperament was like that of a beast, Chrome not seeking to demean him for that though and instead trying to be respectful.

“The hour draws close and they’ve been given their directions here, a whole new batch of potential allies awaits us and I want you to choose who we trust as much as I do, understand?” Joining his hands together he surveyed the large muscular man across the room from him, purple locks almost blocking silver eyes from seeing.

@Devoid (Noroi)


Previously Shadow_Pup
Hyōketsu "Kori" Tsukōri
Kori sat there still very flushed in the face as her embarrassment remained, though slightly lessened by each fellow classmate who laughed off her accidental comment. She heard Roteki's ice pun and found herself chuckling slightly at the joke her face now a lot less flush as she calmed herself down as best she could, she was about to comment on the pun when their homeroom teacher entered the classroom, she turned to face the front her face still a little red but definitely a lot less than a few moments ago. She listened intently to what the teacher said trying to think about who her favourite hero was, as she sat their thinking about it she found herself thinking about whether the teacher knew about her brother, when the authorities had found out about Tōshō and his villainous activities her aunt had requested that his identity be kept under raps for as long as possible to save Kori from ridicule or judgement, the authorities had agreed and only disclosed his identity with the local pros and a few other important pro heroes, she wondered if Booster Pack had been given this information. She shook herself slightly and returned to her thoughts on pro heroes and eventually settled on one, when eventually it came to her turn she stood "I'm Hyōketsu Tsukōri, my quirk is Cryokinesis it allows me to generate and manipulate ice and cold temperatures. Uh..my favourite food would probably be ice cream and my favourite hero is Midnight" she finished and sat down.

Hyōketsu "Jack Frost" Tōshō
Jack stood in front of the bar and gave it a once over "I suppose its not the worst place" he said, he been informed by a contact of his that a meeting was occurring and was advised that he should attend. Seeing no reason not to he figured he'd come check it out, he brushed off his suit and sauntered inside, he glanced around the interior and immediately took notice of the very large man, "bloody hell, you're a big guy aren't you, now that's some hired muscle" he stated bluntly, "well you are a magnificent creature my friend and I like you already" he added giving the large guy a polite pat before turning to the other occupant of the room, "so I can assume you are the one running this gathering, Jack Frost, pleasure to meet you" he said with a grin holding out a hand for a handshake.
@Martin Pine (Chrome) @DevVoid (Noroi)
Hachō, Nami - Teacher, Support Course; U.A. Support Workshop.

Watching her students hop to work with a sense of pride filling her chest, Wavelength blushed a tinge of pink as she smiled. How wonderful it was that despite the rocky argument between the two boys earlier, her class was off to a fruitful start. Her eyes lingered on the shuffling students as they moved around the room and mingled with their partners until a confident voice brought gray-blue hues to meet with Shonin; the boy she'd given the choice between joining a group or pairing with herself.

The initiative of the student frankly impressed the Pro-Hero as he announced he had chosen her to make a support item for, though her expression wouldn't show how deep that sentiment ran. Features soured when the forbidden nickname 'mother' crossed the youths maw. Yet, before the teacher could get in a word of protest, the lad was off to his station with a cocky declaration.

'Don't need to see any more, huh? Let's see what you come up with then, kid.' the instructor thought with a raised brow. Huffing and folding her arms over her chest, Wavelength fell into step behind her pupil and positioned herself against the wall beside the table clad with dancing hardware. She would remain silent, watching on as he ran through idea after idea...

Mentions: @DevVoid (Shonin)

Hanī, Kiira - Villain; Shinjuku, Esuha

Sat on her rump next to an anthill, humming the tune of 'The Ants Go Marching', Hanī Kiira peeked up to the sky with a light sigh. Some time had passed by the point she realized she had spent most of her early morning sitting in the sorry excuse for a nature park that was the patch of grass and conglomerate of trees, the sun now peacefully sitting above the horizon, rays of light peeking through the foliage that enshrouded the bug-girl's refuge. Looking back down to the tiny insects she was now well acquainted with through small talk (more like mandible clacking and clicks), the blonde's monocular peepers focussed in on the last few members of the colony returning with crumbs and bits of food in their military-style line.

"The ants go marching ten by ten, hurrah, hurrah~
The ants go marching ten by ten,
The little one stops to shout "The End!~",

And they all go marching down... To the ground...
To get out of the rain..."

As the last of the brigade of microscopic creatures disappeared into the anthill, Kiira hoisted herself to her feet with her lower pair of arms, the upper set dusting any grass or dirt off of her skin-tight, black clothing. Turning to bid farewell to her new ant pals, the villainess released a series of clicks from the mandibles connected to her jaw.
"Click (See ya,) click-clack (I'm goin' for a drink!) Clack-clack-click. (Esuha has tons of bars open at this hour!)"

With that, the bee-woman waltzed gracefully out of the park in the direction of the Shinjuku train station.

Two Hours Later...

It had been about twenty minutes since Hanī departed her train in Esuha, the ride having been longer than she expected due to crowding and delays.
"Next time, I'm flying myself." She muttered under her breath to noone, grumbling as she made her way past a series of shops that marked the crossover into the cities outskirts. Sure, there were plenty of bars in the inner city of Esuha she could have gone to, each one full of at least a few patrons ready to gawk at her and poke fun. Those establishments on the duller side of town, where the misfits hang around and the alcohol is less regulated, that sort of vibe fit more to Kiira's style. A few more minutes of walking would net the discovery of a drab building, run down and likely ready to serve anyone who walked in the door; just to the Killer Bee's preference. Pushing in the entrance with her two left hands, the insectoid stepped inside and peered around the room with compound lenses.

"Yo, bartender!" Kiira called out as she meandered futher into the bar, door swinging shut behind her with a hefty slam. Light footsteps brought the woman to the bar as she leaned over it, looking over the smooth surface at the rows of alcohol behind. Smacking her teeth, antennae stood on end and twitched wildly, sensing for movement in the room. Looking immediately to her side, the blondie would spot three men in a side room around a lazily set up table. One of them dawned a suit and overall held himself confidently, another was disfigured and brutish - most certainly a bruiser type, and the last wore purple locks in a ponytail.

"Woah, did I walk in on something?" The bee would put her hands up in an 'I mean no harm' gesture, palms flat facing the men. "Some kinda bad-guy meetup it looks like. You recruitin' like the boy scouts or somethin'? My schedule just opened up, mind if a gal joins you boys for a drink?" She'd inquire, playfully giggling as she slowly extended her reach over the bar to nab a bottle of whiskey.

Mentions: @Martin Pine (Chrome), @DevVoid (Noroi), @Void_Nugget (Tōshō)
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Fujita Rei, U.A. High School, Class 1-A (Present Day)
@Martin Pine (Roteki & Takeuchi)​

The ice jokes continued as Rei couldn't help but smile a bit, Roteki even taking the freezing weakness relative in stride but figured she should chime in a bit beyond a joke. "Hey we all got weaknesses, working through them is the name of the game when it comes to Hero work. Sure we'll find ways to make it work~" Rei said back to Roteki as she tried to help encourage him as hey, she had a big weakness herself yet she seemed she could overcome it.

However, attention turned as their instructor seemed to come inside, and given her own adoptive mother had been a pro she seemed to be familiar somewhat wit this guy as he was Booster Pack. Though at the moment he seemed to do his best All Might impression which Rei hated to admit, but she chuckled at as it seemed pretty good.

She had never seen All Might outside of TV mind you but, hey, had to go off some reference.

Rei listened as Takeuchi Akihiko, as he introduced himself, seemed to go over the usual speal: Blah blah blah, this is gonna be tough, blah blah blah give it all you got yadda yadda yadda. Was not like it wasn't important and she knew it had been true, and she had listened to the words but like when you go over the stuff everyone already knew it just seemed hard to get pumped fro it. Though the use of the school slogan had been pretty cool she'd admit.

Then it seemed that they were to do introductions, explain some bits about themselves and after Rei watched a couple students go she decided to mvoe up and grinned a bit as she had gone next.

"My name is Fujita Rei! My Quirk is Solar Battery as I take in the lovely sunlight to fuel into solar rays I can channel for blasts or just as a general boost...trying not to infringe on your Mr. Akihiko." Rei said with a sheepish grin a bit before she cleared her throat and added on. "My favorite dish is a good steak dinner, and my favorite hero is the Oni Queen herself Fujita Hanako~!" Rei said with a smile as she seemed to reveal her own adoptive mother had been a hero for those who had not known before she took her seat.
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Yukage Izumi

Izumi heard Rei's idea, which wasn't a bad idea, she'd have to keep in mind. The line of Stripping for combat had her embarrassed, due to her natural shyness. Izumi giggled a bit at the puns about freezing thrown around. Her head then whipped around as she looked, seeing a well suited adult walk in. She read the board, realizing what it said. Booster Pack was her homeroom Teacher? She'd only heard of so many Pro Heroes when her father would tell her stories about work. She figured she muster all her might into not revealing her secret to the class.

"H-hi, E-everyone, M-my N-name is I-Izumi Y-yukage, M-my Quirk is Stalker, and M-my Favorite H-Hero is Z-Zoom In! S-she's also a f-family f-friend!"

She hoped the teacher did not mention her father, she'd have to explain a bunch of her life if he did. She then looked at her pendant, whispering words that no one should hear.


Previously AceTrainerGold
Kawahara, Ryoma

More and more students flocked to the back, until eventually all five seats were occupied; the last one being taken by a small and soft spoken orange haired girl, who Ryoma admittedly found cute, prompting him to send a smile and wave in their direction.

Within a few moments however, the classrooms ambience was swiftly abrupted by a raised voice projecting throughout. Who was it? No other than 1-A's homeroom teacher, at long last. The sharply dressed, and quite apparently built man introduced himself as the pro hero "Booster Pack" and Ryoma could only assume that he was a household name, not having much pro hero knowledge. "He sure seems to be on the eccentric side. But hey beats any bore of a teacher I had in middle school that's for sure." Once Booster Pack concluded his introduction to the class, along with that of his quirk, he prompted them to do the same. Ryoma couldn't help but roll his eyes, also letting a yawn escape while he was at it. This was the same old roll call schtick they went through every new year in middle school "Well at least there's a little more energy this time."

"Name's Ryoma Kawahara, don't really have a cool name for it, but my quirk allows me to produce this fire that changes colour depending on what I put into my body, just think of it like a school science experiment. My favourite dish would probably have to be a pork bowl, and my favourite hero? Uhhhh..." Ryoma was by no means a hero fanatic, and he wasn't really familiar with current hero game at all, only being aware of a few A-Listers. "All Might? No, too generic. So I think I'll go with...."


Sakaguchi, Koichi

"Booster Pack...yeah I know him! Never knew we'd have such star power in the teacher's seat." Koichi couldn't help hide the grin that was forming on his face as Mr. Akihiko recited the school's iconic mantra. Growing even further when Booster Pack prompted each class member to introduce themselves, and their quirks.

"Yo! The name's Koichi Sakaguchi. My quirk's called poltergeist, with it I can walk through walls, disappear and fly! ...Except it's actually only two of those things. My all time favourite food is dango, and my favourite hero is Ectoplasm!"

Hyokai, Genzo - Esuha's Entertainment District

The Entertainment District, the seedy underbelly that managed to latch itself onto every urban locale in Japan. Here you would find no shortage of degenerates, gamblers and well...degenerate gamblers. And in particular one such degenerate gambler who wasn't having as fun an evening as he'd hoped.

"What do you guys have against raising the stakes? I mean, c'mon I've played Elder's with more stones than you fellas...we had a little more interesting conversation too." Was it too much to ask for? Genzo had spent all night scouting every shady joint in the district hoping to buy in one of these backroom poker games, to no avail. But after hours of rummaging through the homeless and garbage ridden streets, he scores himself a seat at a table surrounded by these self serious geezers? What a night.

"YOU'RE the impatient brat who decided to go ALL IN on his FIRST BET!" One of the many middle aged men objected from across the table, and it was about time really, Genzo had consistently gotten underneath everyone's skin with this foolhardy attitude from the moment they started playing, it's a wonder no one had snapped sooner.

"Calm down, we don't want you having a heart attack on us." Genzo retorted, in the usual condescending tone that he addressed almost everyone with. "Anyways, it's looking like things aren't gonna spice up any time soon, reckon it's time I blow this joint." And so the unwitting novice poker player arose from his seat, now towering over the assembly of disgruntled forty-somethings, grabbing his cash and yet again firmly rooting it within his pocket.

"Well tonight was underwhelming, who knew people could be so against a little excitement. But hey, at least I'm leaving with cash in hand this time."

Sometime Later

After a night that decidedly didn't live up to his debaucherous standards, Genzo yet again took to the streets, wading his way through the sea of likeminded degenerates, in search of an establishment that could provide him yet another one of his vices, the booze. In hopes of a nice and quiet drink, Genzo deliberately avoided any spots swarming with patrons. Although he usually derived a great deal of enjoyment from observing drunken fools stumble their way around, tonight just wasn't one of those nights.

His meticulousness eventually led him to the outskirts of the town, and the atmosphere there was entirely different. All the vibrancy of the inner city and it's billboards was exchanged in favour of rundown buildings and dimly lit back alleys. There were little to no people here, and those that were seemed less than welcoming. Genzo's kind of place.

And after a quirk scurry through the alleyway, he found it, a bar. He couldn't hear much noise from outside, so he could only assume it was vacant. With that in mind he swung open the doors to see a few...interesting looking characters. Stood at the bar seemed to be some sort of Insect lady, with a bottle of whiskey to boot, which within seconds of noticing, had Genzo at the bar standing beside her. "I'll have what you're having."

"Can't help but wonder what this lot are up to. Seems like some real riveting discussion they're having over there." He pondered, overviewing the discourse between the two men and...whatever that thing was. "I want whatever gear that guy's on."
Yuki Tatsuya

"Uh, my name is Yuki Tatsuya. Nice to meet you." Having found her voice, the dragon girl also managed to pluck up the courage to introduce herself to Melusine. Smelling the air, Tatsuya could definitely sense something that seemed to emanate from her fellow reptilian, probably the scent of the poison she mentioned earlier. It was a little unpleasant, but still tolerable. Nonetheless, Tatsuya unconsciously let out a purring sound to Melusine's presence. Of course, all of this was interrupted by the arrival of their homeroom teacher. Introducing himself as the pro hero Booster Pack, Tatsuya was intrigued. Even if he was too high energy for her. When the self introductions inevitably got to her, she decided to just keep it short and simple. "I'm Yuki Tatsuya, my quirk is called Blue Dragon and I don't actually have a favorite food or hero."

Kaede Himari

"And here he is." Their homeroom teacher finally arrived and introduced himself as Takeuchi Akihiko: Booster Pack. "Huh, who knew we'd get a pro hero."
When self introductions got to her, Himari did what was expected. "I'm Kaede Himari. My quirk is Gluttonous Mimicry. I can borrow attributes of any vertebrate animals I have eaten before. As you can see here." Himari pointed to her rabbit ears before continuing. "I'm not a picky eater and am glad to try new things. My favorite hero is probably Eraser Head."
With her intro done, Himari pulled another snack out of her and started eating again as her ears returned to normal and her tail disappeared.
Hijima Tetsuo

Tetsuo had been listening to what Himari said when his homeroom Teacher popped in, and started writing on the board. Booster Pack, as he introduced, was to be the class's homeroom Teacher. This is going to be interesting, his Father, Rampage, had only said good things about him. Tetsuo watched as others went deciding to go now.

"Hello, I am Tetsuo Hijima, my Quirk is Iron Berserker, I like Potatoes, and for Heroes, It would probably be Rampage!"

Tetsuo hoped the teacher didn't call him out for being Rampage's son. That was something he was hopefully not going to have to explain to the entire class. He noted several things, including hearing that Oni Queen's daughter was here. He was surprised, he didn't know Oni Queen had a Kid. Although, the one person who he had told his dad was Rampage was shocked as well. He heard others speak, including a girl speak about an Ice Quirk, then Himari mentioned Eraserhead.


Previously Deathstalker62
Hone Omoshiroi
Ah, look. Teacher's here, and he's just as enthusiastic as everyone else in this class. Lovely. No, really, it is. While Hone would have preferred a more 'down to earth' kind of person, this one will have to do just fine. And of course, as their teacher was now here, it was time for introductions. A fair few people went before him already so now, as soon as he could get a word in between everyone introducing themselves, it was time to present his own self to everyone.

" Name's Hone Omoshiroi, though Hone or Omoshi is just fine. "

He had stood up to make himself more visible by quite literally standing out, assuring everyone that yes, their eyes were not deceiving them. There was, in fact, a talking skeleton amongst them.

" Don't really have a favourite dish considering, y'know, Ive got no stomach.. though, milkshakes are fine, I guess. "

His pale, boney hands raised to his face, then his left hand to his right arm as he spoke out the next segment of his short introduction, in order to present his quirk by.. just popping off his right arm like Lego, and waving it about as if it were a flag.

" My quirk makes me a skeleton and, well.. you can imagine just what I can do, can't you? I need only calcium to live, and can spend extra reserves to make myself stronger, faster.. you get the point. "

Hone had promptly popped his right arm back into place, stretching and flexing his right hand and fingers to make sure everything worked properly before finally finishing this little session of his.

" As for favourite hero.. well, I don't really have one, either. If I had to pick though? Eehhh... Lunch Rush, I guess? "

And without any further elaboration, Hone simply shrugged and quietly sat back down in his seat, leaning back in his chair and awaiting someone else's turn. He had said enough, hadn't he? At least, he'd thought so.

Noroi Monomu
For how long had it been now since he was under 'protection', whatever that meant? He wasn't about to betray his allies or anything, not that he would, but.. it was just. so. INCREDIBLY. BORING!! He had gone days, weeks, months even without being able to bash in some hero's skull to powder, without throwing someone through several walls, without any sort of bloodshed or even remote shred of violence.

His fists clenched, his teeth grit, he needed to get back out there. He needed to feel the warm touch of that sweet, crimson-shaded liquid running over his body from the bodied remains of his victims, be it whichever damned idiot it may be that thought they could take him on. His very mind could not help but fantasize and think back on the times he beat on his pursuers, way back when..

That was, until the familiar figure that called himself 'Chrome' re-entered this way too undersized building for a guy like him to remain in. The bar was not at all what Nomu would have even preferred to call his home, but it wasn't up to him to say otherwise. After all, it was better to have some form of home to hide within than to be on the run out in the open without end.. but being on the run also meant endless violence to look forward to.. so which side was preferrable, really?

When Chrome noted that there were new arrivals coming, all Monomu said in response was a mere grunt in acknowledgment. He cared little for new arrivals, what mattered most was whether or not they were worth the effort to keep around. After all, if all they would end up recruiting turned out to be nothing but cannon fodder and small-time junkies looking to make a quick buck for their own benefit, then he might as well turn them to pulp right then and there. No point in keeping around trash like that, after all.

Time passed, and all kinds of different people started pouring in, causing the big, brutish man to get a better look at each and every newcomer wandering their way within. First up, some pale guy in fittingly light clothing and hair waltzed in and just gave him a pat, to which Noroi just scoffed. Strange behaviour, this one. Hopefully, once he sees just what Nomu can do to people, he'll change his tune and not talk down to him as if he were some kind of guard dog.

The second one came in some time after. Some sort of insect-like woman, who appeared to have no clue just what was going on here and seemed to think this was just some random bar.. what, did she not get the message or something? What even worse impression.. a deep grumble escaped Monomu's jaws. Whoever these people were that Chrome recruited, he had no big attitude towards them, hiding how he felt about these first impressions. After all, the more, the merrier, regardless of who it was that came through those doors. They were all outcasts of society, and villains like them should be sticking together.

Then, another light-haired individual came waltzing in, this one also joining the woman in the drinking. Great, absolutely outstanding. Nomu held little regard to alcohol, cigarettes, or any kind of substance in general. It mattered little to him, as the only thing that gave him joy was the rush of a fight and the refreshing feeling of the blood of his enemies splashing on his body, as he knew little else other than how to fight, and that was for the best. So long as none of these guys would end up getting in the way of his passion, he figured he would care little for their antics and habits, if only it did not stop them from hindering him, Chrome, or any other allies from doing what they do best - cause havoc and chaos for all who opposed them.
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~Rahm Katar...~
~UA Classroom, 1A...~
~Musutafu, Japan...~
~interactions: Rei, Izumi, Roteki, Kori and Akihiko. @Godjacob @Cmeriwether @Martin Pine @Void_Nugget ...~

Seeing Rei hop on the pun wagon had not gone unnoticed as Rahm gave a nod of approval.

"Nice, I sea what you did there" Rahm said. She was even quite open to his ideas. He'd have to wait and see how that goes. Then Roteki fired off a few pins which was a very welcome sentiment to Rahm.

"Such a chill group. This school year is gonna be great" He concluded. Before he could say anything to the icy student, the teacher came in. With quite an entrance, Rahm could only sit there dumbfounded. It was an unexpected but welcome surprise. Though he couldn't help but to...

"Plus ultra!" Moments after the teacher had done so. Students were naming themselves, quirks and a few other details. A bug, fire, ghost and dragon quirk. This was almost reminding him of a certain video game he loved. A gluttonous quick and a skeletal one. Those two almost felt like polar opposites. He already knew the quirks of the people he had spoken with. Eventually it was his turn.

"And I'm Rahm. Rahm Katar! I got multi-mouth quirk" He said waving his hands in the air. The mouths on his hands violently flicked their tongues around wildly. Closing his hand mouths before continuing to speak.

"I like grilled salmon and my favorite hero is my dad cause not all heroes fight crimes. But if it had to be a pro hero... I'd say Recovery Girl then" Rahm said before taking his seat.

His very presence undermined the mood of the meeting. A short man was hanging upside-down above the table his cohorts were sitting at, their discussion of little consequence to him. However, even so, Oka seemed to hang on every word of the man with the boss-like presence. His six eyes were pointed on the man's face in rabid admiration. Oka's face contorted into a smile that smacked of insanity and reverence, as if he was gazing upon the face of god. His hair hung down, forming a curly chandelier over the setting.

Oka was suspended in the air, surveying the scene below him. Though the small wings on his back fluttered, they did not seem to be the reason why. Oka was simply like that.

As Chrome talked, Oka nodded and made small noises of agreement. "Yes! Right, Boss! Always so wise...Is there anything you don't know?"

Ah, the face of his glorious master! Oka was sure Chrome could have completed anything alone, and yet the job would certainly be harder without lackeys. Monomu, Oka thought, certainly could have operated alone for a spell. But Monomu would've been caught long ago if Chrome had not taken him in. In this regard, Monomu was in the same boat as Oka. How long had Oka been under Chrome's careful guidance? Long enough for Oka to stop thinking about the before times, where he had lived on the streets, setting fires and causing general mayhem.

Although Oka kind of missed setting fires.

While Oka didn't give a damn about expanding the godforsaken broken family they had made, Oka did care about Chrome's judgment. If Chrome wanted more lackeys, then by golly, Oka was going to make sure Chrome got them.

Speaking of new arrivals, there were quite a few piling up after a while. Oka turned in midair as if connected to a twine, spinning to get a better look at those whom entered the bar.

The first was a wispy sort. He strutted in like he owned the place, and patted Monomu like he was a dog. Oka scowled, his eyes shining in the half light from his high vantage point as all six eyes swiveled to stare at the man who introduced himself as Jack Frost. Oka instantly disliked him.

Next was an odd woman who appeared like a bee. She bounced in and tried to order a drink instead of alienating the entire table. Much more wise. Soon to join her was a shady looking man who started to hit on her. Oka already liked his attitude just by seeing this display.

Oka started to fall like an apple from a tree, jerking from the darkness before stopping with half his face still in the shade.

He addressed Jack Frost the instant he started falling.

"So You're the type who discriminates based on appearance? Oh boy, That's sure to get you hired! It balances out with your terrible criminal name. Sounds like you're gonna nip someone's nose!"

Oka’s praises revealed where the eccentric third member of their current party was, Chrome tilting his head back to look up at the floating upside down ally with a reserved smile. Despite the godly treatment Chrome received he made a conscious effort to remain humble in the face of all worship and adoration. “Many things Oka” He answered the question, a calm gaze meeting the other’s ecstatic one as he continued in a respectful manner. “Such as how hanging upside down is not uncomfortable for you. Please enlighten me”

Oka only had a brief amount of time to answer before their first guest arrived, someone that Chrome actually recognised. Immediately the leader rose to his feet and shook the newcomer's hand, briefly glancing at Noroi as Jack spoke to the giant. “The infamous Jack Frost. The pleasure is all mine, glad to finally meet the man behind the name” A more active criminal compared to the rest of them, it was only this morning that something had been in the news about him.

“Now, now Oka. I’m sure he had no ill meaning behind his words” He held onto Jack’s hand until he’d seen the upside down six eyed man staring him down, hoping to keep the cold steel user a little grounded for what was possibly a great shock. “Besides I doubt this meeting would be going so pleasantly if he had” Releasing Jack’s hand he smiled, shrugging with closed eyes as he explained. “Our strong friend Noroi is much sharper than he’s given credit for, he’s better at sensing and understanding intention even more than me at times”

On the topic of intent someone else had arrived, waltzing into the bar without the same sense of purpose as the four of them currently in conversation. Her intent was to drink but they’d apparently perked her interest. “By all means, please” He called over to the bee lady before them, speaking to the rest of his companions both old and new as he spotted her nabbing a bottle. “Please feel free to satiate your thirst, It’ll all be put on my tab. Oka could you kindly bring over a bottle of Jack for myself as well as a glass” The request was delivered to the one person who would not have to head over to the bar to do so.

Another arrival that joined Kiira, he was slightly taller than Chrome but with a more built frame. Chrome beckoned for them both to join the group which he began introducing to them. “My name is Chrome, my floating friend is Etsu Oka whilst my more grounded one is Monomu Noroi. Much like you I’ve only just met Jack but it was pleasure to make his acquaintance and it’s a pleasure to make yours”

There was an excitement behind Chrome’s placid but positive features. Even through the respectful and proper manner he held himself it was clear to see how happy he was to see like minded individuals arriving, some by pure coincidence.
Hanī, Kiira - Villain; Esuha

Snatching the bottle from behind the bar, Kiira cracked it open the moment she was given the OK from Chrome, who was obviously held in high esteem by his cohorts, as well as himself. Taking a swig of the whiskey, the insectoid knocked her head back as she swallowed at least two shots worth of booze, antennae flicking with the warmth of the free liquor. It was then that she noticed the one high above them in the rafters, an oddball but clearly loyal to the boss-man as showcased by his incessant agreements and subtle praises.

The entrance to the bar swung open again as Hanī lowered the bottle from her lips, clutching it tightly as yet another dastardly character mosied in. This one was quite tall as well, towering over her with a wide frame as they approached. Slit pupils met hers as the stranger spoke something of sharing the whiskey she had so eagerly acquired for herself, compounds narrowing on the intruder as monocular orbs kept their sights on the others in the room, sure to note the slight sourness between the ones named Oka and Jack Frost. Though she couldn't watch all of them at once, the triad of eyes on her forehead did their best to dart between the quartet at the table. For reasons unknown to even herself, the least attention was put on the big one called Nomu - perhaps an expectation of the brute prefering direct conflict as opposed to manipulation. As much of a villain as she was though, Kiira knew better than to trust a bunch of strangers with just as loose morality.

"Hope you can keep up," Kiira smirked as she slapped the bottle of whiskey into the chest of the man next to her, hoping he would catch it as she released her grip. Wings fluttering playfully at Genzo as the bee stepped over to the half-occupied table and took herself a seat somewhere towards the middle, she leaned back in her seat comfortably as introductions were made. "Bring that bottle with ya, man." She called back to the man she'd left her bottle with, pulling a seat next to her from the table for him. If they were going to share, it'd be easier this way.

"Name's Hanī, Kiira. Figure you boys want my repituar before you let me in your little group, right? Multiple felony convictions, time served, specialty in robbery at stingerpoint. Grew up rough, its-a long story that we ain't gettin' into. What matters is, I'm sick-a getting stepped on by e'rryone else and I wanna fix it. Us creepy crawlies need a spot at the top too, even if we gotta take it. I was thinkin' of lookin' fer some like minded folks and stumbled in here for a drink, what luck!~♫"

Mentions: @Martin Pine (Chrome), @DevVoid (Nomu), @Void_Nugget (Tōshō), @Blotch'd (Oka), @Jayblade (Genzo)

Medashi, Kairen - Hero Student, 1-A

'Oh, thank GOD!' Kai thought to himself as the homeroom teacher of 1-A breached the door of the classroom, making a flashy introduction (All-Might style) and grabbing the class' attention just in time to spare Kai the full misery of sitting with the shame of his incompetent coffee ramble. Whether the girl beside him had even replied to it or not, Medashi certainly didn't let his consciousness linger around to find out, his expression glossed over with embarrassment and a look of disassociation. She could make fun of him for his social anxieties later, for now focus had to remain on the instructor who named himself as Booster Pack. The eccentric man was honestly quite cool even if others found him too over the top, especially what little Kai knew about his quirk.

'I wonder what would happen if he boosted my quirk... That could go horribly wrong though, imagine the ramifications on one's mental health, but could reward outweigh risk here? I wonder if...' the aura-manipulators mind carried itself away with theories and ideas pertaining to his quirk being maxed out as each student began popping up around the room introducing themselves. About half way through the first is when Kai finally brought his attention back to the class, pulling out a notebook and pen as he listened intently to each of his peers names and quirks; writing them down in a quickly scribbled list as each student spoke up. He would be sure to analyze each of their auras and compare it to their quirks, in hopes of finding some correlation. Of course, purely out of self interest and curiosity. Soon enough a good number of the youths had given up their names and quirks, plus a bit of personal information about themselves. Even Ryoma had beaten Kai to the punch as he sat listening while awkwardly glancing around the room between jots in his notebook. Each one of these hero hopefuls had a unique persona to them, each more different than the last it seemed. Eventually, Kai mustered the courage to speak up for himself and join the "I'm an officially introduced character" club.

"M-Medashi, Kairen! I go by Kai. My quirk is Aura Manipulation, I can see and manipulate energy in living matter. It's kinda complicated, but I can explain in depth later if anyone's uh... curious, I guess. I don't have a favorite f-food, but I love coffee and my favorite hero is... uh... Gang Orca..." the boy meekly trailed off, slumping as far down into his seat as possible.

Mentions: uh... all of 1-A.
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Previously Shadow_Pup
Hyōketsu "Jack Frost" Tōshō
Having finished with his handshake, Jack turned to Oka, "I assure you I meant no offense the big man simply impressed me, he is someone I think I could get along with, overly loud people such as yourself on the other hand are more likely to turn up as a popsicle" he stated, not in a threatening way bit sounding as if he was stating what he deemed a fact. He settled into a seat and stretched slightly before manifesting a blade into his hand which he twirled casually, "so what exactly is the purpose of us all gathering, other than making it easier for a hero to bag us, why should I abandon the solo life for this rag tag group" he asked balancing the blade he had formed on the palm of his hand for a moment before returning to absently twirling it as he glanced around at each person in turn waiting for a response.
@Martin Pine (Chrome) @DevVoid (Nomu) @Blotch'd (Oka) @Jayblade (Genzo) @H47E (Kiira)

Oka clapped his hands, changing his slight scowl into his usual face of awe and reverence. His respect for Jack Frost rose quite a bit as Chrome offered his praise to him.
"You're right, sir! Just playing a bit~" Twisting wildly in air to right himself, Oka dropped onto the table with a jingle, the star shaped bells in his hair shouting their protest of all the movement as the Bee joined them, kicking back to drink themselves into oblivion. Oka stared at her curiously, like a fascinating bug he had caught in a net. "I thought Bee's got their high from smoke. I suppose I was wrong!"

He kept one eye on her, the rest turning in their sockets to peer at the other people at the table. As Chrome introduced him, Oka clicked his heels and bowed low with another jingle. "Howdy, Hola, and Aloha! Call me Mister Oka, because I rank MUCH, much higher than you."

"And why don't I get you all a glass of whiskey? I always think better when drunk," he proclaimed as Chrome asked him to get a bottle. Oka snapped his fingers, pretending that was why a bottle of wine and glasses soared towards him. Oka poured the Jack (Even though he mentioned whiskey) with his special gravity as well. Finally, each glass twisted to where each person was sitting. Oka poured himself some water. Riddles were best delivered sober.

Shifting over to an empty quarter of the table, Oka made no move to sit in the chair, instead resting upon the table. He answered Jack Frost, saying tauntingly, "Well, why are we here? Why are YOU here? If you're such a lonely big shot, then why even bother to show up? You must be a tad more desperate than you're trying to pretend you aren't!"

"And put the sword away. It's funny how silly you look, Frosty!"

Yes, he was taunting him, but he somehow did it with a tone of respect.

(All the villains seem relevant here, since almost all of them are gathering at the same table)
Kyosu Maboroshi
Kyosu tensed up as she realized she had indeed gotten Senjiro's name wrong. What made her feel even worse was the fact when her classmate explained that it was the closest to anyone getting his name right, "On no I'm so sorry- I'm just not that good with names. I'll do my best to remember it though, Senjiro-san," she apologized and waved her hands to dismiss what her pair said. She still messed it up regardless of being the closest up until now. God she felt awkward now, but she could beat herself over her mistake later. They did have an assignment to do at the moment.

"But uhh.. Could you tell me more about your quirk maybe? Limitations? Drawbacks? It was called Hyperlink, right?" Kyosu asked next, her eyes not quite meeting Senjiro's as she still felt bad. Hopefully this awkwardness would go away on the topic of quirks and such.. She did need to know more about her classmate’s quirk in order to then try and come up with gear that could aid him in some way or another. From what Kyosu understood both about computers and from the ponytail-haired boy's demonstration, he could search specific information from a document. Or in the case of the map, where he was presumably.
"Oh and you can of course ask me anything about my quirk too," Kyosu added, fidgeting with her hands a little before seeing another stool, "May I sit here?"

Interactions: @Cmeriwether - Tsuki Senjiro
"Boring as all hell," the teenager taunted his partner, scrutinizing their unique headspace. "But suit yourself, AOE wave it is. And don't worry about privacy, Mr. Dial-ightful. Doubt you got anything I want up here anyway."

He sighed at the sound of the short dude, who Kazuki had nicknamed Bilbo, joining the family by calling Wavelength 'mother'. It had been a huge screw-up on the red-eyed teenager's part, and he'd count himself lucky to live it down anytime soon.

It's all her fault, Kazuki thought to himself, glancing at their homeroom teacher, his cheeks beginning to match the color of his irises.

Who gets up that close to someone they've just met anyway? Ruffling their hair too? And then I looked up, and she was just...there...

The boy shook his head vigorously, his thoughts taking him somewhere else entirely. Get it together!

Back to the present, it was an interesting scene to say the least- looking from the outside in, it may appear to some as though Kazuki was giving Alexander a haircut. Speaking of...

"Yo, this cord of yours..." the boy began. "It didn't start off that long, right? The info's telling me it grows every now and then? Like each year, or something. Go figure."

He gave Nokia's head a series of light taps before replacing the receiver and sitting back down now.

"Well, I think I get the general idea of how..." he waved his hands in Nokia's general direction lazily, "...this, operates. The components are your standard rotary phone building blocks, but the data's telling me you see through the dial and... eat by opening the dial up?"

Kazuki stared at Nokia incredulously, before laughing to himself.

"Dude - you gotta show me that last one. That is freakish." he spoke, smiling wildly.

"Your general weirdness aside, I may actually be able to pull off a miracle here." he announced, grabbing another piece of paper to write on.

"We ain't got much time, so we're gonna keep this simple" he began to explain. "For now, all this...uh, RemoteLink has to do is allow you to control your run-of-the-mill mobile phone without touching it. That's our goal here, yeah?"

His hands began dancing across the paper once more, a flowchart of requirements and specifications forming. He was getting excited again.

"Here's how it'll work:

1) Numero Uno, we attach the RemoteLink to your head. You press it. That puts it into 'pairing' mode. Next, you'll physically touch some mobile device. Now the RM'll form a Bluetooth-like connection through you to the mobile device you just touched.

2) Then, with connection established, and you can send basic commands to the RM such as making calls, sending messages, or opening apps, which the RM'll then send to that mobile. In other words, the RM acts as a middle man between you and your target.

3) Finally, the RM remembers that last paired mobile device and can continue controlling them remotely within a certain range, no touching needed. That came out wrong."

He took a breath.

"Wicked, right? Right. Let's get this party started." he concluded, giving Nokia virtually no time to interject. Kazuki was a man on a mission now.

At this point, he couldn't tell if it was the day's repeated embarrassment that was pushing him forward, or whether he simply wanted to get the activity over and done with.

Or, perhaps, was support item design and prototyping providing the thrill-seeker with its own unique brand of excitement? Of risk, of danger?

He decided it didn't matter, scrambling around the bountiful workspace, pilfering components such as touch sensors, wires, a circuit, a microcontroller, a button, and even a battery!

Immediately, he got to work, swept away by a current of deep, intense focus.

From breadboarding the numerous components, testing and iterating upon his initial circuit design, before painstakingly soldering the pieces onto a prototyping board, the whole hardware development process had gone by in a flash.

"Teach," he inquired nervously, raising his hand. "I-uh, you got a PC laying around anywhere? Think I n-need to write some code for the microcontroller."

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Mentions: @DevVoid (Shonin)
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Tsuki Senjiro

As Senjiro looked at Maboroshi as best as he could, he noticed that she was felt a bit bad due to getting it wrong. As such, he made his response.

"D-don't w-worry a-about i-it, M-Maboroshi-san," Tsuki Senjiro responded, "A-As f-for M-my Q-quirk, W-When I-I s-set a H-Hyperlink, I-it f-forms a l-link b-between t-the L-linked w-words and k-knowledge i-in m-my m-mind. A-As s-such, I-I c-can't m-make a l-link with s-something f-from a s-subject I-I D-don't k-know a-about. A-A P-person c-can s-set off a H-Hyperlink, a-and I-I w-will s-state m-my i-information r-rather p-plainly. I-it's F-fine f-for y-you to s-sit h-here

Tsuki Senjiro then took a deep breath, "Y-your q-quirk w-was P-projector, c-correct, I-I was w-wondering h-how f-far away f-from y-your b-body d-does t-the p-projection d-display, i-if y-you can Z-zoom I-in o-on Projections, a-and h-how b-big o-of the o-object t-that y-your p-projection is P-projecting?"

Senjiro was hoping these were good questions. He had a book nearby his work station, which was full of various Hyperlinks that he made himself to help practice use of his Quirk in case Maboroshi-San needed more examples of how his quirk works.

@IDKWhatUserNameToDo (Kyosu)

Hijima Tetsuo

Tetsuo had been listening intently, figuring out who had what quirk, when the Skeleton from the earlier roasting battle went, he popped off his Arm and started waving it around like a Flag. Interesting, he hoped he didn't break him into pieces when Tetsuo's quirk activated. Then another guy went, this one stated he had multiple mouths as his quirk. All of these quirks are piquing his interest. He then heard the last one speak meekly. Aura? That was a very surprising quirk. He kept Notes about everything that was spoken here as best as he could.

Yukage Izumi

Izumi listened to her classmates go, including the people around her, there was one with a fire Quirk, another with some sort of Ghost like quirk, a talking Skeleton, a Dragon girl, a girl who can use what she eats, a boy who turns to metal when berserk, the boy from earlier with the multiple mouths, an a boy in the back who seemed as shy as she was, apparently his quirk was Aura. All of these quirks are interesting, and definitely would be a good idea to talk to these people at some point, however between her shyness and her bloodline secret, she had to be careful.

Day 1
Classroom A, U.A. High — Japan​
Interactions: n/a

“Bonjour mes amis!” With a lapse in the introductions, Mel jumped to her feet and took her chance. She wanted to make a good first impression since this was a new country and she’d need to make fast friends, so she turned up the cheer: 110%!

“My name…Melusine! Quirk…Hydra! But no touch, okay?” Her hair-snakes wriggled and hissed to accentuate her point. Mel felt the snakes were enough to get her point across, people usually backed off when they heard the hissing…even if it was friendly! Anyways, “Food...? Lamb! And Hero? Gran Torino!”

Fujita Rei, U.A. High School, Class 1-A
Various (I ain't gonna @ the whole class)​

Rei made a mental note of other students who seemed to introduce themselves after her: Izumi seemed to be quite nervous which was a bit cute, though she had heard the name Zoom before. Mother worked with her on occasion so she figured that was a big deal. Ryoma seemed to have a Fire Quirk as Rei noted that seemed to be one of the most common Quirks in the world but his spin on it had some unique flair to it though his struggle to name a fav Hero caused her to raise an eyebrow. Had he not thought over this question? Seemed odd but oh well.

Koichi seemed to be more her speed, as he had a bit of fun to him and seemed to have some ghostly powers which Rei had to see in action. The dragon girl Yuki seemed to give a short and sweet introduction, not even answering fav food or hero while Kaede had a spirited intro and even demoed her unique animal-trait Quirk as that seemed to make Rei curious. Seemed between her and Rahm had a couple eater-themed Quirks in class.

The next few students went up, one in Hijima whose name seemed to be shared by...Rampage!? Damn, one kid knew Zoom and another was related to Rampage, she had to admit she had not expected this many relatives or people connected to pros outside of her but that had taken a backseat as the next guy who seemed to be a SKELETON came up and introduced himself Hone and well needless to say but this had to be the most unique of the Quirks her peers had thus far, which had said a lot.

Rahm was up next, someone she had already gotten familiar with as his Quirk and charm shinned again on his intro, but more interestingly before he named Recovery Girl he cited his dad as a hero and it seemed to imply he was a non-fighter but still the shoutout seemed touching. Another guy seemed to manipulate Aura which seemed hard to picture so perhaps if her curiosity lingered she'd ask this Kai about it.

Another girl introduced herself, Melusine, one that had a bit of florigen flair if her accent was any indication and already she seemed to like her energy. The hissing snake hair was a warning to consider though Rei far from detoured, when your adoptive parent was called the Oni Queen you tended to get used to the unusual side of Mutant Quirks.

Ishii Haru, Shinjuku, Esuha
@Martin Pine (Chrome) @Void_Nugget (Jack) @H47E (Kiira) @Jayblade (Genzo) @DevVoid (Monomu) @Blotch'd (Oka)

If there was one thing Haru always disliked, it was the feeling she lacked control in her life. This, was one of those moments...​

The Midnight Phantom had carved a modest infamy for herself as being the go to person to get whatever you wanted with as little people aware anything happened as possible. She had been careful when it had come to crafting this persona and making a disconnect to her actual identity; fake IDs, a second address, dummy contacts all the works and it had worked well to allow her to collect business while having kept that side on its own from her day to day life.

And yet, she got this odd invitation of sorts to her personal address and this raised some flags. It was a usual vague request to this bar which itself went hand in hand with how people generally tried to arrange meetings with her, but the fact this person whoever it had been knew her personal information to send it here had raised some alarms.

But, only way she'd get any insight was to go digging herself.​

So it was, in her full masked attire Haru had entered the bar that the invitation had specified and upon entry she noticed a few figures had gathered around the table as they all seemed to chatter among each other. If Haru had been a betting woman, she guessed this was the meeting and it seemed she had not been the only one given an invite.

Either way, she moved over to take a seat and seemed to call for a drink as she glanced to the table of...let's just say "eccentric" personalities but then again she wore a phantom mask so who had she been to judge? "Apologies, traffic is a pain to get here. I presume this is the big gathering of sorts?" Haru asked a bit as she had made her presence known.
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Hachō, Nami - Support Teacher, Support Course Workshop

A lingering gaze watched as Shonin worked away on his designs, his intense focus and dedication to each and every meticulously detailed blueprint impressive to say the least. Indeed she had chosen the right student to give the privilege of crafting gear for her own quirk, the brilliant mind of the boy and his animated menagerie of objects sure to wow her with whatever final design they settled on.

Directing her attention away from the young inventor beside her, she glanced over the rest of the class to quickly get a grasp on their progress. The class clowns, Nokia and Kazuki, seemed to be getting along swimmingly with chuckled jabs being exchanged between their ideas. A few feet away, Kyosu and Senjiro shyly exchanged information about their quirks, the ladder stammering through his speech. Finally casting her hues to the last pairing, an energetic Shinsuke bounded to meet Satoshi at their workspace, the duo getting to work rather quickly. Pleased by the seeming ease the students had in meshing together, Hachō watched on with a smile. A few minutes of lounging against the wall as the class worked away and an inquiry from Kazuki about a computer was shouted from across the room.

"Sure, as long as a laptop works for ya," the teacher hummed in response as she walked toward the back of the room to open a metal cabinet, waist high with shelves inside lined with computers. "The school just got these in for the new year, so the hardware and OS are up to date with the latest stuff." Wavelength concluded as she grabbed a laptop from its place in the cabinet and delivered it to Kazuki with a smile.

Mentions: the whole support class

Hanī, Kiira - Villain, Esuha.

Compound lenses gleamed with amusement as the floaty-man used his unusual abilities to summon some glasses for the guests seated at the table, each filled with liquour for the newly assembled crew of delinquents to enjoy. Despite the undertone of cockiness in his introduction, the humor of his character outweighed it substantially. A jokester, how delightful~ the bee gushed mentally as she took a healthy swig from her glass. Clicks came from her mandibles as she swallowed the warm liquid, muscles loosening as she settled into her chair.

"Floatie's right, chill out Jack. You came here just like the rest of us, din'cha? Don't you got a bigger goal or somethin'? Delusions of grandeur when roughing it solo usually end in a cold hearted stompin'. It's smart for folks like us to make a few pals." Kiira giggled as she took another gulp of jack, looking to Oka before speaking up once more. "Sorry Oka, but I ain't callin' ya mister. All due respect."

A glance over her shoulder to check on the location of her previously obtained bottle, as well as the man who she'd granted custody of her boozy baby to, brought a welcomed surprise as a masked woman entered the bar and invited herself to the table. An apology, something about traffic and a self-evident query as to if this was 'the meeting' was replied to swiftly by Hanī. A quartet of limbs curled up in gleeful fashion as she turned to beam at the other lass.

"Yep-yep! Welcome in, I'm Kiira! Took ya long enough, I was wonderin' when another cutie would show up!" the mutated gal exclaimed through clacking jowls. "Thought for a second there it was gonna be a sausage fest!"

Mentions: uh... villains.
Kyosu Maboroshi
Kyosu carefully listened to Tsuki explain his quirk more, letting him talk at his own pace. She did her best to think of any aspects that could be improved upon with gear, but none came immediately to mind.. Perhaps asking more questions could help. First though, she had to answer some of the boy's questions about her quirk.

"Ah, you see.. I can project pretty much as far as I can see, but the quality of the image gets worse the further it is. Let me try to show you," Kyosu said as she looked around the classroom a little bit and figured that she could at least demonstrate it partially as she projected an image of a cat in a cartoon style. She knew it was based off of her family's cat and the same one that was on her phone wallpaper. It looked fluffy and soft yet stayed quite still before walking over to the other side of the classroom, its features becoming simplified, like its round green eyes just becoming black round dots and the detail of the fluffy fur diminishing too to simpler shapes and the details of whiskers disappearing completely. Kyosu then dismissed the cat image and turned to Tsuki again.

"Well, I can comfortably project an image the size of an adult for like.. 15-20 minutes but if I go longer than that I'll get a headache," she continued to explain before answering the last of her pair's questions, "I can zoom in as far as I can imagine? I can't really can't really get into super macro detail either as more detail means more demand on my quirk and a lot of demand for longer periods of time can cause me really bad headaches for me," she said lastly.

"How about you? Does your quirk have any drawbacks? Like with overuse or anything?" Kyosu then asked a more specific question to Tsuki, wanting to know more so she could get ideas for potential gear for this assignment.

Interactions: @Cmeriwether - Tsuki Senjiro
Yamada Kisuni

While waiting for a reply from the bundle of nerves in front of her, the girl's attention was momentarily drawn towards one of the other girls sitting near her. The aquatic Mutant with snakes for hair spoke in a noticeable accent -french if she wasn't mistaken- cautioning others about her apparent poisonous nature. "Hmm, a foreigner huh, she might be interesting." The girl thought to herself. Following that, Kisuni turned back to Kai who, after fumbling his words again, brought up a whole bag of coffee beans like it was a normal thing to do. "Huh." She replied in disbelief. This was certainly something the girl was not expecting.

The boy then introduced himself as Kai, but before she could give a reply, a well dressed gentleman entered the classroom with a dramatic flair. The man introduced himself as their homeroom teacher for the coming years. "Well, I guess we'll have to continue our conversation later." Kisuni shot Kai a wink before turning her attention towards their new teacher. She also returned the wave that the boy sitting behind Kai had given her.

Booster Pack went on to detail the basic stuff you'd hear at the start of the year, nothing particularly interesting. That is until he began asking the class to introduce themselves, including what their Quirks were. This piqued Kisuni's interest. As her fellow classmates went on with their respective introductions, the orange haired girl made quick mental notes of each quirk that was revealed to her. To her surprise, there were many unconventional Quirks amongst her classmates, most notably the one who is a literal skeleton! "Hmm, I wonder, would my Quirk even work on him?" She pondered to herself. Of course, there were still many with more common Quirks such those based on elements, but people are naturally drawn towards what is less ordinary.

Soon, it was her turn to present herself. Kisuni slowly stood up and cleared her throat. "Hello everyone, my name is Yamada Kisuni and..." She stopped for a second. "I can copy other people's Quirks. Regarding the method, it's a little embarrassing so I would rather not say for now." She continued, winking at the class with a smile. "For my favorite food. I like a good bowl of Udon. As for my favorite hero." The girl paused again. Despite joining the hero course, Kisuni's knowledge when it comes to Heroes is next to nonexistent. None of her immediate family had close ties to the hero industry and she never really bothered to look any of them up further than finding out what their Quirks were. So, the young girl decided to simply go with the one she had a close run-in with years ago, the one who was there during her fateful incident. "I like the pro hero Puff Up I guess, he did save me when I was a kid after I was captured by a villain." She explained.
Kyosu Maboroshi
Kyosu carefully listened to Tsuki explain his quirk more, letting him talk at his own pace. She did her best to think of any aspects that could be improved upon with gear, but none came immediately to mind.. Perhaps asking more questions could help. First though, she had to answer some of the boy's questions about her quirk.

"Ah, you see.. I can project pretty much as far as I can see, but the quality of the image gets worse the further it is. Let me try to show you," Kyosu said as she looked around the classroom a little bit and figured that she could at least demonstrate it partially as she projected an image of a cat in a cartoon style. She knew it was based off of her family's cat and the same one that was on her phone wallpaper. It looked fluffy and soft yet stayed quite still before walking over to the other side of the classroom, its features becoming simplified, like its round green eyes just becoming black round dots and the detail of the fluffy fur diminishing too to simpler shapes and the details of whiskers disappearing completely. Kyosu then dismissed the cat image and turned to Tsuki again.

"Well, I can comfortably project an image the size of an adult for like.. 15-20 minutes but if I go longer than that I'll get a headache," she continued to explain before answering the last of her pair's questions, "I can zoom in as far as I can imagine? I can't really can't really get into super macro detail either as more detail means more demand on my quirk and a lot of demand for longer periods of time can cause me really bad headaches for me," she said lastly.

"How about you? Does your quirk have any drawbacks? Like with overuse or anything?" Kyosu then asked a more specific question to Tsuki, wanting to know more so she could get ideas for potential gear for this assignment.

Interactions: @Cmeriwether - Tsuki Senjiro
Tsuki Senjiro

Tsuki Senjiro suddenly had an Idea when she said that as the distance increased, the quality decreased, and saw that Demonstration first hand. A cat projection walked across the classroom, getting less quality as it would get further away, and then the cat disappeared. He was going to try and make a device that could help with keeping the quality of her projections as the projection was farther away than her. But he had to keep in mind of the Headaches that occur from her overuse.

"A-as for m-myself, I-I a-am u-unsure i-if t-there are a-any l-limits outside o-of one t-that I-I know of." Tsuki Senjiro responded, "M-my H-Hyperlinks a-are t-tied to m-my k-knowledge, and a-as s-such, s-so i-if I l-lose m-my memory, I-I c-could p-possibly l-lose a-all m-my a-active H-Hyperlinks."

Tsuki Senjiro then looked to see if any paper was around to start design process after she asked.

Interaction: @IDKWhatUserNameToDo (Kyosu)


Previously AceTrainerGold
Hyokai, Genzo

Genzo grasped the bottle that by chance ended up against his chest by the bee-like lass "Keep up? Speak for yourself missy. Liver of steel over here." Genzo took a decent swig of the booze, with the standard overwhelming air of confidence that permeated everything he said and did, whilst doing a pretty good job at hiding the fact that his mouth had been set ablaze. Promptly, he followed the donator of the hooch to the table where this mother's meeting was transpiring. And look at that, she even saved a seat for him, how kind.

Aside the Booze Bee sat a plethora of other interesting characters. The aforementioned beast who, upon further analysis, Genzo concluded he could easily take in a fight. A blue haired pretty boy type, he didn't care much for those. And much shorter man with the usual set of six eyes who insisted they addressed him as Mister, Genzo obviously had no intention of obliging, but he respected the sheer confidence of the half pint. Seemingly the ringleader here was a purple haired, fairly large individual, although not as large as Genzo, best make no mistake on that part.

Initially clueless about what this gathering was for, it didn't take long for him to catch on after Kiira spilled out her repertoire like it was a job application. "What are the chances eh? In a place as derelict and shady as this..."

"Not exactly 100% clued in here, but if you're looking for a little extra muscle, I'm up for any sort of job as long there's a hefty bit of green at the end of it." He made the decision to hold off on the introduction until he was fully aware of what the purpose of all this was, Kiira's introduction being the only thing he had to go off. And well, he just know if it paid first. As he proceeded to knock back another sip, the door swung open yet again, welcoming another new arrival, this one obscuring their face with a minimalistic mask, although they were still clearly feminine.

"Another cutie? Hey I've been here the whole time."

Mentions: @Martin Pine @DevVoid @H47E @Blotch'd @Godjacob @Void_Nugget

| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
"I see. So, you cannot replicate anything physically impossible for you to do, am I right?"

After that, Shinsuke was bombarded with tons of questions, one starting with the heights and weights and if he knew them in all forms of measurement, then if there was a limit to the distance, and if he looked through a telescope would his analysis still work. Then, he asked about if he had to write them down himself, or if it was automatically locked into his brain, and then asked about the weak spots.

The bombardment with questions left Shinsuke a bit stunned, but not lost in whatever was going on in his partner's brain of his. Soon enough, Shinsuke would start to answer some of the questions that Morine asked.

"Let's see... Well, first of all, my quirk only shows height and weight in feet and kilograms, which means I have to do most of the conversions if I want to know the other forms but knowing at least one would be good enough. For a limit to the distance, I need to be able to get clear vision of whoever I want to analyze. If you cover my eyes, or something, I wouldn't be able to analyze anything. Of course, if i look through a telescope, it'll work just the same, as long as what I can see is clear."

It was hard keeping up with all of these questions, especially just as hard as remembering all of them. He took a small pause to take a breather and remember the rest.

"Okay, so for remembering the data that I've analyzed, I need to put them together myself, and I don't really have any fancy mechanisms that let me remember it or anything, although just as long as I can see them, the data will still appear beside the person I'm trying to analyze. You have one last question about weak spots, right? Okay. Well, weak spots are pretty simple, they're the spots in your body that when hit will probably hit the hardest, or even your blind spots and places where I could hit you and you'd be left defenseless that way. For example, I could try hitting your ankle area, making you fall, which leaves you defenseless, or something like that. Of course, I wouldn't do a physical example, but that's mostly the basic gist of it. You got all that? Wouldn't mind repeating anything if you missed something."


Previously Deathstalker62
Sitting there mumbling to himself and his living blueprint, Shimizu kept getting quieter as slowly, his mind was creeping up to the solution of the gadget he was set to create, until.. he went quiet all together, slamming his left fist in his right open palm as one could practically feel the light bulb light up above his head in a flash of brilliance as one idea finally stuck to him that he'd both love the design of AND would equally come in useful for Wavelength, for whom he was designing it for.

" That's it! That's the one!"

He begun quickly rambling his plans to Bluey and Wrighton, his animated pencil, because who would honestly take the time to write a blueprint themselves when you'd risk losing focus of the idea and never ever getting it in your head again? At first, it seemed like the actual recipe for this invention made little sense, but as it was completed and the page was filled out.. it still made little sense, but maybe just a biiit more than before. It seemed his whole design was for some kind of.. musical box.

It wasn't a Jukebox, by any chance. It resembled more like an armblaster from those Hyperman games, but instead of some kind of energy-based firearm or cannon, it was a loudspeaker and a sort of radio. It was round, almost cylindrical were it not for the cone-shaped body, which would be smaller at the top to fit better around an arm and bigger at the end to allow more sound to escape. There even seemed to be some floodlights built into the barrel itself which, when equipped, would be located just behind the wrist, their lights to face towards the open end. Still, despite all this.. there were no plans for any kind of power supply or even a plug for that matter. No batteries, no charging port, no built-in generator, nothing. This was because Shonin knew well what finishing touches to apply once he had this thing done. For now though, it was time to get building!

" Alright, everyone! Take a good look and remember it well! We may not have Ben with us, but we'll just have to rely on Cybear! "

All the tools, alongside their creator, now looked to the jumbled-up amalgamation of fabric, scrap and other materials that was Cybearenstein, who, if he could talk, would have sighed in response. Oh, how he would have liked to have the old workbench here. Well, even if most the work would have to be done by him instead, he was still all the more eager to help. After all, he, just like the other creations of Shonin's, were just as excited to work on anything when it came to craftsmanship, though maybe not AS energetic as some of the others.

Chrome remained standing as everyone seated themselves at the table, surveying the conversation between the characters before him with a watchful gaze. His hand raised the whiskey that Oka had retrieved to his lips, nonchalantly taking a swig and then looking to Monomu to see if he could get a read on the massive man’s thoughts.

“You’ll find plenty here Kiira, I’m glad that you found your way to us” He was aware of other groups within the underworld, ones that would not appreciate the bee lady’s company. Chrome couldn’t wrap his head around such ideologies, finding them barbaric and idiotic. At the very least he could stand it, enough to bargain and negotiate with other groups, though by no means would he let his new allies be disrespected too much.

He only let the conversation play out for so long before intervening. As welcoming and friendly as they were all being there was an unavoidable level of tenseness to the meeting. Each one of them was handling it well though some tested the ice a little too much for Chrome’s liking.

“Oka.” Chrome’s delivery was flat, a sharp gaze flickering towards the short six eyed man for a moment. It wasn’t so much a warning as it was a reminder to be civil, to not get carried away. Even so, whilst Oka’s delivery was undesired he had a point, Chrome chiming in after Hanai had made a point. “They both raise good points Jack. You’re smart, you know the benefits of forming a group as well as the weaknesses. You already have your answers as to why- your trying to figure out if you want too”

Briefly his attention turned to the mask woman that had just arrived, glad that she had made it. “You’re correct, please join us. I was just about to sell my cause” He glanced at Frost, circling the table till he found a seat. Glass in hand he slowly swirled the whiskey within, sitting straight as he took a breath and began.

“All For One lives”

A powerful starting statement that he quickly followed through. “He is in recovery after his fight with All Might, this healing process will be lengthy and while admittedly I’m not fully in the loop I can assure you that the demon lord … will return” A pause, Chrome briefly glancing around the table to gauge everyone’s reactions to his claims.

“I am not looking to usurp him by any means, I’m looking to prepare society for his return. They think they’ve won. With their new symbol of peace they believe themselves safe from all harm, growing placid and complacent. How dare they” A rare slither of negative emotion slipped out, anger. Passionate but quiet, it showed in a sneer that quickly relaxed as he took a deep breath and sighed.

“I admit, I have not the strength to face All Might … but I don’t have to, none of us do”

“All Might is also in recovery. The time to weave instability into hero society is now. I’m not a madman, I will not sacrifice you like pawns or ask you to do the impossible. Our strikes will be precise and calculated, we will cause cracks in the foundations so when All For One returns … he can crush this wretched hero society”

@AlL of the villains!

Takeru Terada

Terada followed his classmates' example, shooting to his feet when it reached his turn and proudly answering. “Hi everyone! The name’s Takeru Terada, my quirk allows me to transform into a bison!- Almost!” He decided to skip over the final details, they’d be revealed afterwards when they did some super awesome hero training.

“My favourite food is salad- specifically my family's recipe and my favourite hero is Crimson Riot!” Accompanying his introduction was a strong thumbs up, Terada looking over the class before sitting back down in his chair and listening to the rest of the introductions.

The class was quite a mixed bag and each quirk sounded really cool and impressed him. A copy quirk, the strength of two bisons was greater than one! An Aura quirk? What did his own look like? Hopefully brazen and manly!

Kyo Roteki

Reluctantly Roteki rose to his feet, slipping to the side so that when he stood he didn’t bring the whole desk up with him. “Uh, The name Kyo Roteki and my quirk is … Sponge” The name seemed to catch on tongue, Roteki having to push it out with a bit of effort. God he hated the quirk’s name, it just felt so goofy. Nevertheless he continued on.“I can store water in my body which gives me increased strength and endurance. The water can be ejected from my body as well- either manually or by force”

“My favourite food is Sushi whilst my favourite hero is … uh” Roteki couldn’t say he had a particular favourite, for most his life he’d felt dissuaded by becoming a hero despite his desires. Racking his brain he spoke of the first one that came to mind. “Eraser head is pretty cool? Yeah I’m” Awkwardly he shuffled back into his seat, head straight forwards as he listened to the rest of the introductions.

Takeuchi Akihiko

He reigned himself in and reserved himself to listen as the introductions went on, Akihiko remaining stood as he surveyed the children before him. There was a collection of powerful and unique quirks here though he already knew that. Basic files of the students had been drafted on the date of their exam. Their names, quirks, parents and other information had all already been taken.

This little introduction was more about getting to know their personalities, even a little. Who had confidence and who didn’t. Already there were outliers. Jouji and Izumi were very nervous whilst others managed to conceal it more effectively such as Roteki, Ryoma and Kairen. The rest of the class were confident in their abilities and themselves, Rahm and Terada came at the introduction with energy whilst the rest were more reserved like Hone.

He knew to keep somewhat of a close eye on some individuals such as Izumi for example given the relatively recent loss of her father Nightstriker. They’d worked together on several occasions and the news of his death had struck hard. Aki wouldn’t approach her out of the blue unless necessary but he would definitely be there if needed.

To his knowledge there were two other students with pro hero parents. Tetsuo who was Rampage’s son and Rei who was the adoptive daughter of Oni Queen. Whilst he of course expected great things from these students he would be sure to make sure that their heritage didn’t dissuade them from trying or at the very worst become extra pressure for them.

There were some students that caught his interest, Aki curious as to certain things about them. Omoshiroi Hone’s quirk was one he’d never seen before and quite frankly it was fascinating, Aki being curious as to how boost would affect the bone boy. Hyōketsu was a name that he knew but one he couldn’t quite put his finger on. He’d have to do some digging later perhaps, he didn’t want to be oblivious to something that might require his help.

Koichi Sakaguchi seemed quite the character, the grin on the purple kid's face almost completely contagious as the teacher stifled his smile from growing even further. Melusine reminded him of his time abroad in England, the country of her origin being only a short hop across the channel. He made a mental note to converse to her about the wonderful European country as well making sure she felt welcome.

With all of the introductions done he interjected with a burst of energy, his left hand raising in front of him with fingers pointed upwards. “We’re all almost introduced! There’s one more person who needs to introduce themselves, the teacher that will be in charge of your hero based lessons!” His raised hand flicked outwards to point to the door, awaiting Wu Yu’s arrival who was hopefully waiting on the other side as they arranged.


Morine Satoshi


Satoshi was mentally noting down the answers he was being given, a handy little trick of his quirk. As long as he had the memory space there was no need for notes though he’d probably resort to taking some later, just not mid conversation. Already he was having ideas spawn, Satoshi waiting until Shin had finished before spilling the beans along with a few further questions.

“Alright I get the weak spots now- It’d be like if you analysed a shark it’s weak spots would be its nose, eyes and gills- wait, could you analyse a shark? Does it have to be human or can it be animals- could you do it on inanimate objects? What about a robot?! Shimizu’s creations?” Satoshi sealed his lips, palms pressing on either side of his cheek as he mushed them together and gave them a quick rub.

“Sorry- not all those questions are important!” He’d still let Shin answer them if he felt like it before continuing himself. “Current idea I have is like a cool compact lens that can let you zoom in so you can read stuff you maybe couldn’t- also it’d look really cool. Imagine a scouter from Dragon Ball if you will!” The reference seemed to click something in Satoshi’s head, his eyes flashing as his whole being seemed to perk up a little.

“Exactly like a scouter from dragon ball- that goes so in hand with my next point which is like a little interface to input and have the data on people- It’d be voice activated so no typing and the information could be shown to you on that little eyescreen! Oooohohohoho yes!” The grey haired lad was giddy with excitement at the idea forming in his head, unaware of if he’d explained it well enough. It was a simple enough tool, perhaps he’d figure some more stuff out later but for now Satoshi was satisfied.

@| Korutesu |
Nokia sighed at his partner. He had a certain determined energy around him as he explained what his device was going to do.
While Nokia couldn't respect his partner's attitude, he could respect his energy. It seemed he was one of those kinds of people who only connected with electronics instead of people.

...That was kind of nice, he supposed. Nokia would have to help him with that terrible temper and attitude of his.

"That sounds really thought out. If only your attitude was equal to your intelligence."

"Okay then, Mr. 5th Amendment. Let's see what I can't do about your request. You wished to connect to multiple devices at once, yes? And as I understand it, you access these devices with your mind?"

"Operating under that assumption, if you could project your thoughts or perhaps have a heightened enough focus to split your concentration among several devices, then I could, perhaps, form a helm that will assist in such a process."

Nokia turned his phone back towards the table.

"If the mind's thoughts are nothing but a collection of electrical signals going from place to place within the confines of neurons, then I assume that you use those signals to control devices. So forming a helmet/tiara to help divide those signals would be nothing new."

"The problem is whether or not you'd be able to maintain concentration while this was happening. I assume tapping into a device takes a certain amount of concentration, so whether or not you'd be able to use this helm depends on whether or not you're able to discipline yourself."

"Hmm. I think I will be able to do this, but you'll need to focus while using it. Understand?"
Nokia began to sketch some blueprint of some sort, writing down some advanced calculations and something about neuroscience.

"Let's get this done, Momma's boy."


Oka reeled when his boss flatly said his name.

All six of his eyes, which had been rolling in merriment but moments ago, were now still and downcast in respect of Chrome.

"M-My apologies m'lord..."
Oka politely listened as Chrome went on, slowly raising his eyes in admiration as he finished. Was there a limit to Chrome's generosity and genius? Oka did not think so. Raising his glass, he smiled rabidly and said,
"I can drink to that!" He downed his water, ice cubes and all, and started to choke on one. As he dislodged it from his throat, he panted for a moment and grumbled.
"Who the hell gave me water....How am I supposed to celebrate all this villainy with something as weak as water!?"
Oka sighed. Today was having some wild ups and downs.
Dropping the glass onto the table with a clatter of cracking glass, he soared straight up and once again suspended himself in darkness.

The discussion now bored him, and Oka no longer wished to participate anything meaningful to it.
Although he'd still jab at the others. It was too much fun for him not to.

(All the villains)
Inazuma Akira
"Finally... made it..."

Akira finally made it to... wherever the hell he was supposed to be. Was it Class 1-A? Maybe. I dunno. The Inazuma boy nearly fell over, but he had enough energy to stand up. "I... I think I'm still alive," he said, stumbling almost uncontrollably, "I dunno... too tired to think perfectly... straight..."

And then he fell on the floor.


(1-A (I think))
Yu Wu
Interactions: Takeuchi Akihiko and entire class

As Yu Wu had finished up on morning paper work, he had gotten up, stretched his arms and let out a final yawn before putting on a big grin.

"Another year, another adventure" He told himself before making his way down the hall. After patting off his shirt, he listened in carefully as the room eventually went quiet. All the students whom would need to introduce themselves have likely done so by this point.


The door slid open and Yu made his way in. He waved to the students. His arm whipped around side to side in a way demonstrating the extremely flexible nature of his quirk. He walked over to Booster Pack.

Yu's info; affiliation: Pro Hero
Rubber body: Yu's body is rubbery makes him extremely stretchy and resistant against blunt force.
Birthday: 4/20
Height: 165 cm
Blood type: AB-
Likes: grapefruit juice, and anything sweet.
Dislikes: pun haters. Scum of the earth.

"Hello and plus ultra to you too, class! My name is Yu Wu, no not you, but you can just use Mr. Wu. The Elastic Fist also works, and I'm happy to help with your education alongside the fabulous Booster Pack himself!" Yu concluded, giving a simple straightforward yet friendly introduction.
Fujita Rei, U.A. High School, Class 1-A
Various (Not @ing multiple students & teachers)​

Rei listened as the next student introduced her abilities, and it seemed pretty busted at first. The ability to copy Quirks!? That was easily a top tier power but as the flustered Kisuni added on there seemed to be one key requirement for it that she decided not to inquire about. This only got Rei curious what the catch was cause the benefits sounded outstanding but she figured she could ask her later as it seemed to be a touchy topic.

The next and what seemed to be last batch of students introduced themselves as followed: Takeru Terada who could turn to a bison, but like a tease decided not to demonstrate as she'd have to catch that in action later. Spongeboy Kyo Roteki himself who Rei already had been familiar with and some other student who seemed to rush inside the room and collapsed exhausted having been quite late.

"Hehehe quite the entrance." Rei said to herself, perhaps a little louder than she intended but soon enough focus shifted to the new instructor's arirval as another well known Hero arrived in the rubber man himself, Yu Wu. "Oh wow miss Hanako said this guy can be a bit of a wildcard." Rei thought to herself as she seemed excited to see him in person!

Ishii Haru, Shinjuku, Esuha
@H47E (Kiira) @Jayblade (Genzo) @Martin Pine (Chrome)​

Haru seemed to move face to face with this bug woman of sorts who seemed relieved that there was least another woman present, as indeed even in the world of villainy society around this part seemed a touch slow on inclusivity as she seemed to smile at the comment.

"Glad I could help liven things up. Can call me the Midnight Phantom, could you perhaps aid in bringing me up to speed my dear?" Haru mused a bit, as she decided to hesitate on exchanging her first name as she had just met this group and liked having that bit of a buffer. Though she suspected someone on this table knew a bit more about her than she'd prefer, which had been the root of why she decided to come...

Either way, she listened to a man who took a big swig of some booze whose tone seemed playful and flirty which more amused Haru than anything as she pored herself a glass of wine. "You seem to be an interesting personality, any chance you know who here sent these invites?" Haru asked curious.

Either way, the main honcho himself seemed to speak up, or least she presumed he was the guy who organized this meeting. Getting a lot of villains together in one place had been a mighty find, especially given that she had no ties to any villainous group so he managed to find independents to string along which had only made her curious what he had that'd possible be worth such a gathering.

“All For One lives”
Well, that had done it. It was a good thing Haru wore her mask cause that statement nearly made her jaw drop as he seemed to almost casually mention not only had the criminal kingpin still been alive, but the Symbol of Peace was wounded and not quite the indominable wall he presented himself to the public. This was, a lot to take in and that had undersold it as she tried to process this words as this guy clearly wanted to avoid stepping on All For One's toes but also wanted to take advantage of this chipped Symbol while they had the chance.

"T-that is...quite the statement to make. On both occasions, do you perhaps have any proof of any of this cause just opening with "oh yeah the most infamous criminal who everyone says is dead is alive" is a bit to just believe no offense." Haru asked as she seemed to press for some measure of proof to the claims.