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Ask to Join My hero academia: Dawn of a New Age

Keep blushing like that and soon you'll be redder than your friend over there, Kazzy!

Shut it, Soyo!

"T-thanks." Kazuki mumbled under his breath as Wavelength delivered the PC with a smile so warm- and so damn unnecessary! He cleared his throat, pounding his fist into his palm in an attempt to recoup some of the bad-boy energy that he'd so tragically lost over the morning's events.

The boy was already typing furiously when he heard Nokia's tinny voice intrude his world of focus, and Kazuki begrudgingly let his awareness expand so they could talk details. Well, whenever they weren't locked in a fierce battle of banter and wits, that is.

"A helmet sounds cool, but a tiara's completely off the table. What am I, some butch bishoujo?" the teenager mocked, leaning back into the solace of his chair.

As Nokia continued, Kazuki began smirking derisively at his partner's eloquence. The foreigner was just as much of a nerd as Kazuki had predicted.

"You got it, Doc!" the red-eyed boy exclaimed with enough faux enthusiasm to make a politician jealous. He formed his hand into a fist and lay it upon his chest. "I'll try my best not to explode. I mean, everyone knows how hard it is to get brain matter out of a shirt, right? Would hate to inconvenience the whole retro-chic thing you got going on."

Finally, as Alexander began doing some sketches of his own, Kazuki, for the first time since the activity began, looked around the room to gauge his peers' progress.

After a while, he began chuckling maniacally.

Damn right- looks like I might be in pole position! All I gotta do now is write the code for the board, upload it, and then we can get testing. Let's run this shit.

And thus, a plan to regain his cool factor was hatched.

From the second introductions had started, Kazuki was running a losing race. But looks like a pit-stop was all he needed- he'd overtaken all of them, one slipstream to the next, and now he was looking to show them all who the fastest here really was.

He turned back to Nokia, before finally resting his gaze on the laptop display, lines of hieroglyphics (sometimes known as C++) written vibrantly across the space.

"Don't get so cocky," he spoke, muttering the last part under his breath.

"...this Momma's Boy is aboutta run laps round the rest of you."

Interactions: @Blotch'd (Alexander), @H47E (Nami)
Mentions: (the rest of the Support Class)

| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
"I can analyze animals, although it might be much harder to hit their weak points than humans, especially sea creatures. For robots, it's mostly the same as normal humans, but they will probably need more force than you would use with humans. But for Shimizu's creations? For this moment right now, I can't really analyze them. I would need to study them pretty extensively to actually see their weak points."

Shinsuke would let Morine speak again, letting him throw out some ideas before he'd start speaking again.

"Don't worry about the questions, I don't mind."

Soon enough, Morine would throw out an invention idea, where it could be something that zooms in so that he could see things that are farther much clearer and be a bit safer from those who'd try and attack him upfront. It was pretty good, especially having a small interface so that it lists the most recent names and data for those he's seen. He also mentioned that it'd be voice activated, which would make it so much easier to use.

"That's a very good idea. It would be very useful so that I wouldn't have to be near the fight, or at least in the vicinity of harm for this to work. Very useful as well, as I won't be relying on my memory to make full use of it. Now, let's see. What could be something for you? If you have something like a USB Port or something, I could try making something that adds more space into your memory and acts like a USB so you can transfer those into a computer for us to see, almost like a camera. It's not revolutionary, but it'd certainly be useful, especially in some situations. What do you think?"
Hanī, Kiira - Villain; A Bar in Esuha.

Monacular lenses watched the interactions surrounding the bee with a fluttering feeling of excitement building in the woman's chest as she leaned over the table comfortably. How wonderful it felt, to be surrounded by other like minded folks with dastardly deeds on their agendas. Introductions were made between the insect and the masked beaut next to her, though Kiira simply shrugged at the other woman's request to be brought up to speed.

"You didn't miss much." She chattered as the hooch holder she'd left her bottle of booze with finally made his way to the table to hit on the pair of lasses on top of making it known he was up for any job, as long as it came with good payment. Not a sentiment the two could share in as the bug was more keen on the mere prospect of causing chaos, though certainly not something Hanī would judge him for. The remainder of the others found their seats, the big boss meanwhile seemingly scolding his lackey in subtle fashion for the freakshows misstep in being so casually rude to their chilled guest, Jack. The multi-eyed floater ascended to the rafters assumedly in shame as the purple-headed man known as Chrome began his pitch. Kiira nabbed her bottle back and took a hefty swig, leaning forward using two arms as a crutch on the table as she listened intently with flicking antennae.

"All For One lives."

That was essentially all the girl needed to hear for her body to jolt back in her chair, hands coiled to her chest as mandibles clicked and clacked away with glee. It was all she could do not to shake her secondary abdomen with giddiness and fill the room with pollen spores! Allowing the big baddie to finish his monologue, she would speak up after the masked one next to her inquired about the truthfulness of his claims.

"Y'really mean it? The All For One is alive? If you're f'real 'bout All Might bein' temporarily outta commission, this really is the perfect time to get in step with the winning team." Kiira giggled as she glanced around the room at the others. "Jusss' one thing though, you said you don't have direct connections? What do we get outta workin' in the infamous AFO's favor? He ain't just gonna drop outta the sky and save us if the coppers or heroes get the best of us. S'long as ya promise to pay my bail if I get nabbed and can guarantee me a spot on the list of those in favor of the real big guy, I'll work with ya. I just wanna see the little worms wriggle."

Nami, Hachō - Support Teacher; U.A. Support Course Workshop

"No problem!♡" Hachō chimed as she dropped off the laptop at the nervous-as-ever Kazuki's workstation. Wavelength turned with a playful wink directed at the youth and bounced away towards the center of the room, her pitch skirt dancing on her hips with each step; having decided if she couldn't shake the label of 'mommy', she may as well play into it and make the particularly interested students nervous with whatever tools at her disposal to truly test if they can perform under pressure. Hues scanned the room to observe all of the students chattering away and beginning their work on their designs, some of them already constructing prototypes, blueprints, or hammering away at coding. To say the least, the teach was blown away by her students pep.

Coming to the conclusion that everyone seemed to be working along just fine without her intervention, Nami brought herself back over to Shonin's location as he and his animated items worked away at their marvel of a gadget. Coming up behind the inventor, the older woman peeked over his shoulder at his work.

"So they go on my wrists? That's an... interesting choice." She giggled, ruffling the boys hair as she leaned in further with an inquisitive expression.

Medashi, Kairen - Hero Student; 1-A Classroom

Sitting back in his seat as the rest of the class finished up their introductions, Kai found it difficult to fight the creeping feeling of curiosity overwhelming him. With each passing peer and their unique abilities and interests, the boy's desire to read each and every aura in the room became insatiable, replacing his lurking craving for caffeine. Finally giving in to his impulse to satiate his wandering mind, he simply hoped nobody would pick up on his decision to snoop into the energy of others.

Activating his quirk with a subtle exhale, Kai's gaze would turn for the second time this morning to a pale emptiness as he focussed his attention on his classmates one at a time. First up was Melusine, the hydra on the end of the back row. A light blue haze surrounded the foreign girl, purple bubbling around her figure in an outline like a toxic ooze. Perhaps she was right about warning others to avoid touching her, though living that way had to be lonely right? Next up, the blondie in the next seat forward; Fujita, Rei if the boy had taken his notes correctly. An explosive burst of yellow energy surrounded her, jutting off in random directions with passionate twirls and thwips.

A few seats to the right was the student who claimed he could turn himself into a bison. Surrounding him was a circular ripple of deep browns and reds, the wiggling lines of aura becoming more and more solid towards the center of Terada's core - the sign of a trustworthy and sturdy man. Next in line was the girl nextdoor, Kisuni. The flirtatious one had thrown him for a loop with her introduction and way of speaking, and it would serve Kai well to have a better understanding of her. At least, that's what he thought.

Glancing carefully to his left, Kai examined his seemingly extroverted neighbor and her aura. Emitted from the girl was a bright display of pink, orbs floating around inside similarly to bubbles. In contrast, under the thick surface layer of rose, a gray sludge seemed to cover her and drip like a coating of mud. A confused expression found itself smattered on Kai's features, though his time to ponder what exactly this meant about her was cut abruptly short by the entrance of Yu-Wu. The focus needed to continue reading the auras of his peers was dragged to the front of the room with the teachers explanation.

Two teachers? Yeesh, this year might be rougher than expected...
Kyosu Maboroshi
Kyosu tapped her chin, trying to think of any gear ideas to aid her assignment partner. Hyperlinks are tied to his knowledge and he looks to have a book with him or needs some sort of physical piece to link the information with.. How about making that access to potential links easier! Perhaps with a tablet or...

While pondering about ideas, it was clear in the girl's eyes that some sort of plan had sprouted in her mind, "Alright, I think I have an idea-" Kyosu said and pushed up her glasses and got a better idea, cutting herself off, "Of course! Glasses!" she exclaimed eagerly before sinking down in embarrassment a good bit. "Sorry- I didn't mean to be that loud.. B-but to explain my idea, you have to have a source for your Hyperlinks, right? How about making those sources be easily accessible for you? Give you a database of keywords that you can search and access at any point. My original idea was to give you a tablet, but glasses would make it more seamless as well as more convenient," she explained, showing Tsuki a projection of a tablet before transforming it to a pair of glasses.

"How would that sound, Senjiro?" she asked the boy and turned to look at him. As eager as she was to move on and work on conceptualizing her idea, she did have to ask her partner if her idea made any sense or would even benefit him.

Interactions: @Cmeriwether - Tauko Senjiro


Previously Deathstalker62
The hulking beast of a man was sat with his legs crossed on the ground, his enormously-overgrown hands gripping his knees, arms holding up his upper torso like the pillars of a temple. As everyone talked amongst each other, the bunch of muscles kept as quiet as ever, thinking to himself. These people.. their act. Their personality, their quirks.. it mattered little in the end, really. The only thing that would ever be important was for them to work alongside the others, but that was something for Chrome and maybe even at some point All-for-One to keep watch over. As for him? All he cared about was getting back out there and grinding some skulls into fine powder on hardened concrete and torn asphalt.

Then, Chrome had dropped the bombshell of the century, letting all these newcomers know that the biggest in the villain industry, All-for-One, had in fact survived while his counterpart was lying injured somewhere, busy with licking his wounds. Of course, has the giant expected, there were doubts cast into the crowd almost immediately. After all, One For All seemed to withhold a lot of power, much more than even Nomu himself can output at this time. However.. unlike most here, he knew All for One. He was in his care after all, at least until recently.

" It's true. He lives on. "

Words escaped from his chiselled jaws, a rugged voice rougher than sandpaper and deeper than the rumbling earth escaping past his sharp fangs and complete lack of lips. He did not talk much, but given how there were some in the crowd who could not quite believe Chrome's statement, he had felt to vouch for the man. And that, he would very much do.

" Should take opportunity of One For All's disappearance to strike. Won't get more chances like this again, probably. "

As the Tinkerer and his set of animated tools and constructs were working hard on the new device, Shonin himself examining the materials to see which one would be the best fit and in what place, his teacher from he was crafting this machination for ruffled his hair, taking the focus out of him as his thoughts scrambled like a bunch of pidgeons on a street from oncoming traffic. Through him flashed several emotions, as were represented by the immediate stutter and struggle to find the right word, before his mood fixated itself back on the joys of using a workbench, even if it was an inferior one.

" Ah, ah, ah! That's not all it does! It's more than just a fancy gauntlet, after all! "

Grabbing a metal stick from the workbench, Shimizu flicked it in the air to extend it as he pointed to Bluey, who would start shifting his form around to display the various details of the machine, as was planned by the dwarvish madman and drawn his animated pencil. The first few images and descriptions that popped up were about the primary function - the speaker.

" Your firing hand will be located right here, in the open space between this here loudspeaker and the radio over there! "

He had motioned to a large open space in the center piece.

" Your other hand will actually be the one to wear the device itself, you see! "

The pointing stick now was swayed to the other end of the device, which, like any normal arm cannon, had enough room for a human hand and a portion of the human arm to fit in.

" Because of my quirk, you won't need to do anything but tell it what to do! It needs no power, no buttons, not even dials! As for its functions? Here, let's point out the speaker first. "

Now, the stick was swayed back to its original position against the blueprint.

" With your hand inbetween it and the radio, you can use said radio to play songs past your hand in the midsection, which will come out of the loudspeaker, that can also be verbally commanded, just like the rest of the cannon! "

Then, it moved on to the radio itself. The outer layer of the cannon where it was located, one could see folded antennae that, when opened, would not only increase the range of the radio but also double as sights.

" Right here's the radio! You can fire music from it, but you could also use your quirk to pick up on radio signals. Whatever you feel like! "

And then, the stick moved to the last point to present - the lights.

" And finally, behind the radio, just before the space where the grasping arm goes, there will be little, powerful lights installed! I'm sure you know what to do with them, because I'd be surprised if you didn't! "

And with that, Shonin flicked the presenting stick once more before folding it back together and throwing it back on the workbench, a sly smirk and a short cackle following the little comment he stuck at the end of his presentation.

" It should still take some time, but that's okay, because one cannot rush a masterpiece! Now, I really must get back to my work! "

And with that, without even so much as giving Wavelength a fragment of opportunity to respond, Shimizu immediately turned back to his craft and helped out where he could with his little set of inorganic friends.

| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger

Dahlia sat on one of the rooves nearby the bar in which Chrome had gathered a group of different villains, where they would be talking about plans on their movements and what they would do next. As time went on, many people would show up to the bar, from a female who seemed to look like a bug, a man with light blue hair, and some guy who looked fairly normal from a glance. Of course, Dahlia knew it wasn't just some normal guy, unless it was, and finally, a blonde-haired woman had entered the bar as well. After securing their location, and making sure nobody else would arrive, she would place the hook of her grapple and gracefully fall down to safety.

Soon, the sun would eventually rise to a beautiful morning sunset, as Dahlia would enter the bar. The group's conversation was about All-For-One. Of course, it was. That was originally the point of Chrome's get-together with these villains. Leaving her rifle beside the door, Dahlia sat at a fairly average distance from the group. Her bright orange hair still in a bun.

"Area's clear boss." Dahlia spoke. "The Killer Bee, right? You don't have to worry about any heroes or cops getting to you. Noroi over here can get you out of trouble any day, right, big guy?" She chuckled. Since Chrome had taken her in, she'd met many of All-For-One's "allies." Noroi was one of the ones who protected Chrome, and she liked him for that. Of course, she wouldn't say it to his face, but to her, Noroi was that one uncle who never spoke to you, but he was always there, silently supporting you from afar, but of course, how would she know? He'd never been much of a talker.
Ishii Haru, Shinjuku, Esuha
@H47E (Kiira) @DevVoid (Nomu) @| Korutesu | (Dahlia)
More reactions to the All For One news came and it seemed to have the effect that Chrome probably intended; Kiira herself seemed just ecstatic and motioned they needed to make a move which Haru of course still wished for some layer of proof and at the least someone seemed to speak up in Chrome's defense on that front.

A hulking mass of a man seemed to speak up as he seemed to have this aura of intimidation about him though Haru managed to keep a straight face; helped by her phantom mask no doubt as he also seemed to urge for an attack Though Haru of course understood that if this account was verified it seemed a golden chance to make a move, she was someone who preferred a plan rather than just "attack" for its sake as she had spoken up.

"And exactly what sort of move do we wish to make? If your accounts of All For One & All Might are true, I presume there is more of a plan than just "cause chaos in the streets and hope we can jump the gimped #1" after all." Haru mused as she seemed to focus her gaze on Chrome and Nomu who seemed to know the most among the group present.

Haru still wished for some greater verification on these claims from Chrome besides "trust me" but she still least entertained the possibility. Another woman who seemed to set a rifle aside joined the group and made mention of not having to worry about cops or other heroes as she wondered what her connection to Chrome had been but had kept that comment to herself.

Chrome remained unflinching in the face of Oda dropping his drink. Instead he calmly reached his arm out to hover his hand over the shattered glass, a metallic goo leaking from his palm and dropping onto the table. It acted like a viscous liquid, forming a blob that slowly expanded over the wood, completely enveloping the broken glassware at which point it stopped spreading.

The mystery substance shrunk away, seemingly retreating back into Chrome’s hand who listened to the reaction of his companions. Hani showed great enthusiasm but also questioned his claim much like Haru, an action he could not blame them for. Times had been hard for them as of late, Chrome imagined each one of the eked out a living in the new strong hero laden society. A random figure claiming that their mightiest champion had not fallen was going to be difficult to believe.

He opened his mouth to speak but Nomu’s voice rumbled out before him, catching Chrome in pleasant surprise. A warm smile spread across his face, Chrome adding onto what his friend had said. “It’s true that my statement is certainly a bold one and I have no evidence to back my word but you do have that. My word, as well as Nomu’s, Oka’s and Dahila’s”

It was at the mention of his pseudo daughter that she entered, confirming that the perimeter had been secured and they had nothing to worry about from the heroes or the law for the moment. He gave her a silent nod of thanks before continuing on to address the group.

“I understand if that is not enough for some of you, I will hold no grudge. What you believe is your choice as is what you do” Chrome addressed some further questions, specifically from Hani and Haru. “All for One treats his allies well, once he returns to finish All Might he’ll recognise our efforts and reward us. It is him who will finish All Might as well”

His gaze redirected to Haru with a sincere look as he addressed one of the many elephants in the room that was the mention of the number one hero. “All for One is rather particular, he’ll certainly want revenge against the man so it’s up to me to plan the dismantling of the society that holds him so high”

“I can assure you I do have a plan, we won’t be wildly attacking without form but I’ll need to know who’s in and who’s out before I reveal such cards” Chrome glanced around the newcomers, awaiting their answers.

Morine Satoshi

Satoshi smiled at the thought of Shinsuke attempting to analyse a sea cucumber- no, a jellyfish and trying to find their weak point. Definitely an amusing thought but a stray one, Satoshi centraling his mind again as the sharing of support item ideas was returned.

“It sounds really cool!” He certainly liked Shinsuke’s idea, simple and certainly useful in certain situations but there was an issue which Satoshi hesitantly raised. “But I … don’t really have anything like a USB port” Guilt sunk his shoulders low, he felt as though he was mercilessly gunning down his fellow students' idea. Satoshi didn’t want to dissuade him at all or anything but-

“Tried experimenting with one before, putting in the mouth and ear and seeing if I could move images through it but I couldn’t. I haven’t been able to figure anything out either” His leg had begun bouncing a little bit, his voice which had become almost meek lightly spiking back up into an encouraging tone. “But I guess that’s what teamwork is all about- I’m sure you can figure something out- No pressure though” Ceasing his continuous cut offs he clasps his hands together, head dipping somewhat as he murmured out an apology.

Takeuchi Akihiko

A grin spread across Akihiko’s face as Wu Yu demonstrated his quirk and introduced himself, the homeroom teacher returning to the rest of the class to speak. “Given the busy and precarious work of a hero there will be times where one of us will be teaching in the other’s stead but fret not! It will not affect the quality of lessons, we’ll both get to know all of your and your quirks to help you grow into the heroes of tomorrow”

“Speaking of which!” His sentence subjects are smartly linked to the next, Akihiko going on to rile up the class for their first lesson- a practical. “We’ve heard your quirks but we want to see them in action! We’ll be doing a bunch of physical tests where you can show off your abilities and creative uses for them!”

“So if you’d like to join me on the sports field after changing into your gym uniforms!” Akihiko of course attended to the new arrival that had collapsed in the door frame, making sure the kid was alright and didn’t need to head to the nurses office. He led the classroom to the changing rooms and once they were out gathered them around outside by the sports field.


The quirk apprehension test. It employed the use of normal physical activities such as sprints, ball throws, side steps, even a punching machine and many more to gauge the abilities of the aforementioned quirks that the students explained. It helped the teachers better understand their abilities, where to scale them and what they could improve. It also provided a fun first day activity for the students to complete.

He eyed up the students before him, scanning the crowd for someone to call up before settling on his target and pointing to them. “Medashi!” His pointed hand twisted to face his palm upwards, gesturing to the white circle on the ground just behind him as he procured a ball in his other hand. “You have the honour of first shot, throw that ball as far as you can with the use of your quirk”

Akihiko offered the sphere to the student once he approached, standing aside to watch his attempt to launch it. He pulled a device from his hand, a small screen that would be filled with the distance Medashi was able to throw it”

Roteki Kyo/Jiren Jouji/Terada Takeru

The three students, along with the rest of the class, stood corralled Akihiko and Yu Wu. Their gazes were all focused on the first student called up. Roteki stood close to Kori, Fujita, Izumi and Rahm, Terada stood close to his close friend Tetsuo whilst Jouji had ended up standing close to Melusine and Kisuni though it wasn’t intentional.
Ishii Haru, Shinjuku, Esuha
@Martin Pine (Chrome)​

Haru knew that All For One had a certain degree of reverence to him, as he had been to the villainous community in large what All Might was to aspiring heroes as someone that had inspired. Haru herself knew of him well and it seemed Chrome banked on that in his pitch to this group here as indeed it seemed his word of mouth was all to go on far as verification has come.

Though Chrome seemed to be oddly understanding for what appeared to be a wannbe criminal kingpin as he made clear they could leave if they had found this unsatisfactory as Haru raised an eyebrow but this was hidden by her mask. Seemed that Chrome made their general plan somewhat clear in that taking out All Might was reserved for the recovering All For One which fit the kind of ego one needed to be the top villain in all of Japan she supposed.

More than that, Chrome offered an actual plan of how to shake the hero society to prep for his return, and also riches as All For One seemed to reward his followers or least that is what Chrome claimed.

"Lot of promises Chrome, certainly trying to serve a desirable dish here..." Haru admitted, and it seemed she had a hint of interest but she had her own goals beyond this little alliance. "...but on that comment, what kind of riches should we be expecting? I prefer to have a contract where I know what is waiting for me when it is done." Haru said very much having the evil for hire mindset if this comment suggested anything.

More than that she glanced at Chrome specifically. "And as well, how did you get my address info and what else about me do you know?" Haru asked, her tone more serious as she took a sip of wine as it seemed that was the main thing on her mind. Haru had worked hard to make sure this phantom person and her personal one had been separate, so for Chrome or someone in his group to know to contact her actual address with this invitation had left her curious.

Fujita Rei, U.A. High School, Class 1-A

Rei of course seemed to find the presence of Wu Yu to be rather fun but more than that she focused on the announcement from Mr. Akihiko as it seemed that indeed they had more than lectures & introductions on the mid as this physical test to show off Quirks seemed to cause her eyes to widen in delight.

"Oh yeah this is gonna be sick!" Rei called out as she had not been the type to hide her enthusiasm well, but then again she had a chance to show what she could do to her peers and with the sun shining bright she felt invigorated!

For the moment though she focused on what she needed to do, as she went to the changing rooms and worked to fit into that stylish UA uniform as she had to admit the colors may not have been her preference but she had to like the feel of it.

Rei arrived outside with the others, and while she had no idea what kind of tests they'd be asked the first one seemed to be a ball throw of sorts using their Quirk which she figured was the theme. Either way this seemed to be a fun way to get a measure of how she stood to her peers even if an admittedly controlled circumstances.

For now, she waited for Medashi to set the tone as she mused over how to toss this thing without her Quirk turning it to dust...
Yu made his way to the field where the quirk apprehension test would be taking place. It had been a long time since he had done so, but he still had memories of it. Medashi was the first student up.

"Good luck, young man!" Yu commented. He glanced over at Akihiko and gave him a subtle nod. Yu was excited to see how the students would fare, but kept his thoughts reserved for now so the students could focus.

~Rahm Katar...~
~UA Classroom, 1A...~
~Musutafu, Japan...~
~interactions: Rei,
[SIZE=4]@Godjacob[/SIZE] ...~

Rahm was excited to meet their new teacher who'd be helping them, and pretty soon they'd take a quirk apprehension test. Rahm wasn't sure how his quirk would benefit him in the examples that their homeroom teacher mentioned, but he'd give it his best. Seeing Rei get all excited definitely motivated Rahm.

"You sound pretty confident. Have you ever threw a ball with your quirk before?" Rahm asked. Rahm looked at his hand then stretched his shoulders. First up was Medashi. Rahm would take this time to think about how his quirk could help him, then he came up with an idea. Uncertain whether or not itd work, one thing was certain. When it was his turn he'd give it a shot. Though for now he watched. Maybe he'd get some inspiration.
Fujita Rei, U.A. High School, Class 1-A
@ThAtGuY101 (Rahm)
As Rei seemed to be excited for what was to come, that excitement had been picked up by Rahm who seemed to note she was a bit confident and asked if she had thrown a ball with her Quirk. Well, no better way to pass the time than chat with a (hopeful) friend to be as she looked at him and smiled.

"Yeah a couple times. Granted I uh accidently turned the ball to ash as there is a fine line between providing a boost to a toss or just blasting it to dust, but I think I have gotten better on latter attempts." Rei said, as Hanako had tried to bond with Rei a few ways which Rei appreciated even if Rei still struggled to see Hanako as more than a caretaker rather than a real parent. Some backyard baseball seemed to be one such method which had made Hanako purchase some extras when Rei discovered her Quirk. Growing pains, happened to the best of us...
Tsuki Senjiro
Kyosu Maboroshi
Kyosu tapped her chin, trying to think of any gear ideas to aid her assignment partner. Hyperlinks are tied to his knowledge and he looks to have a book with him or needs some sort of physical piece to link the information with.. How about making that access to potential links easier! Perhaps with a tablet or...

While pondering about ideas, it was clear in the girl's eyes that some sort of plan had sprouted in her mind, "Alright, I think I have an idea-" Kyosu said and pushed up her glasses and got a better idea, cutting herself off, "Of course! Glasses!" she exclaimed eagerly before sinking down in embarrassment a good bit. "Sorry- I didn't mean to be that loud.. B-but to explain my idea, you have to have a source for your Hyperlinks, right? How about making those sources be easily accessible for you? Give you a database of keywords that you can search and access at any point. My original idea was to give you a tablet, but glasses would make it more seamless as well as more convenient," she explained, showing Tsuki a projection of a tablet before transforming it to a pair of glasses.

"How would that sound, Senjiro?" she asked the boy and turned to look at him. As eager as she was to move on and work on conceptualizing her idea, she did have to ask her partner if her idea made any sense or would even benefit him.

Interactions: @Cmeriwether - Tauko Senjiro

Tsuki was thinking about what her quirk could do, and how to improve things about it when Maboroshi-san spoke up about how to improve the use of his quirk.

"I-I need s-somewhere t-to p-put m-my H-Hyperlinks down, i-it c-can b-be a b-bit t-tedious t-to find t-them." Senjiro responded, "I w-was t-thinking s-something t-that w-would i-increase t-t-the q-quality o-of i-images p-projected w-when y-you a-are f-further a-away f-from t-the p-projection i-itself?"

Tsuki Senjiro found some paper to try and draw out a basic Schematic of what he was thinking. He then focused on this schematic.

@IDKWhatUserNameToDo (Kyosu)

Hijima Tetsuo

Tetsuo followed the others out of the class, Terada wasn't far from him, but he'd expected that. As he watched the class and other Interactions, the teachers called Medashi to go first. The guy in the back corner with the Aura Quirk? This will be interesting for sure. He then turned to Terada.

"Terada-san, can you give me a bit of a whack before you go, so my quirk activates before I go to throw?"

Tetsuo needed this to activate his quirk as his quirk was activated when he was angry and was more effective the more angry he was.

@Martin Pine (Terada)

Yukage Izumi

As Izumi walked to the field, she kept with Roteki, Rahm, and Rei. She had heard some commotion about ball throwing with their quirks. She was unsure about this particular part, but was hopeful of other parts. The teachers then determined that Medashi was to lead. He was the kid in the back, about as shy as herself. An Aura Quirk, this did make her think how she can use her quirk, she may get more inspiration later as she watches more. She then looked to see Rahm and Rei talking about the throw. As she thought, she was more likely to make people jump in the air than the ball.
Oka; Le Mat
Oka had lightly dozed off as the discussion below turned towards strategy.

While Oka himself LOVED strategy and discussing such, he was already rather tired at the moment. But he snapped awake when Chrome mentioned cards. He spiraled into crazy blabbering the moment Chrome mentioned them

"Cards, cards, Cards! Le Mat, La Maison Dieu, L'Empereur, L'Amoureu, L'Ermite, Force, La Bateleur, all spinning circles round the table, making plans, renverser la fausse maison de faux dieux..." He laughed, the bells in his hair accompanying his rambling with their harsh clang.

Turning slowly like he was suspended from the rafters, he greeted the newcomer with a manic smile.

"La Roue de Fortun! Glad for you to join us~"

Again falling from the darkness, he dropped into his chair again, initiated again with the arrival of his closest ally and fellow Chrome worshiper.
Turning towards the tall masked lady, he addressed her concerns.
"INFO GATHERIiIiIiIing! Our lord Chrome could easily find out anything on his own, as you will soon know, but he sent a select few to gather the necessary details!"
"You must be stupid! Boy, I bet 'cha think we're just like any other dreaming criminal on the street, lookin' to rise above the chaff without any plan at all..."
"Well, you're wrong!"
Turning towards the rest of the table, he stood up to his full height (which wasn't saying much, but it had quite the effect since he had been slumped just moments before) and projected the rest of his Chrome loving speech towards the others.

"Master has hand picked you all for the specific task of making this world a fun place for all the schemers and dreamers out there; those who ain't allowed to roam free! Chained to the shackles of society!"
"We're smarter and stronger than the stupid masses, so why shouldn't we take our power and rule over others? All for One is recovering, and by golly, ain't it smarter to believe that than to believe we're all finished? Would you rather have a shot at the world ya want, or do you want to believe you've had it?"

"Whether or not we're telling tha' truth, it's more hope than you have had in a while, so logically it's a better gamble to follow us than not!"

"We got a plan; EXCUUUSE us for not wanting to divulge the details to a bunch of two bit do-crimers who haven't even earned our trust yet! Learn your place, newbies!"

"Now do you wanna help forge a better future for us criminals or are you gonna walk out and stew in your inadequacy?"

All Villains

Alexander Nokia
The Phone Bone was sketching and muttering. He knew that it was pointless to try and form a prototype; so much experimentation was having to go into this for that.

So he'd be satisfied with a simple sketch of it. He knew the others would want to make a prototype, but Nokia was well aware that he didn't have the time.

"Theoretically, this would work. But I can't develop the prototype within one day, so is that acceptable, Ma'a-?"

Nokia turned around to look at Wavelength and was perplexed. She had taken on some unusual behavior.

She was throwing her hips side to side and generally acting like that one American Stereotype. What was it called? Nokia didn't bother to remember. It was enough to make Alexander stop mid-turn and stare. A light buzzing came from him, which was his equivalent of confusion.

Oh. Nokia remembered now.

She was acting like one of those flirty, bubbly blondes. That real oblivious-yet-motherly type.
Although maybe that was how she usually was with students. If that was the case, Nokia was concerned that more than one student this year would try to hit on her, and he didn't want to be around any of that.
Dear lord. The brutish wit he was partnered with had a dangerous gleam in his eye and was muttering as he looked around the room.

That was devious behavior, and seemed a tad suspicious given what Nokia had just noticed. Pressing on, Nokia hesitantly finished his sentence.
"Ma'am, is a blueprint fine? I don't think I could develop a working prototype within one class...."

Hanī, Kiira - Villain; A Bar in Esuha.

Gulping down another slog of alcohol as the hulk of a man at the end of the table backed up his boss' claims, wings fluttered in a low humm, the triad of eyes embedded in Kiira's forehead glancing from face to face. The masked one in the seat over hammered on with inquiries, her suspicion evident in her tone if the words slipping from her maw weren't enough. The bug-woman kept her focus on the expressions of the one calling himself Chrome as he tidied the table of glass shards using some sort of absorption ability, Hanī thoroughly amused by the display until her attention was beckoned by her antennae standing at a salute. Craning her neck to peer at the door creaking open to invite in what seemed to be another member of the jolly band of misfits, Kiira bowed her head slightly in greeting as the newcomer called her out, followed with some reassurance that the area was void of do-gooders.

"It seems my reputation precedes me, calling me by name." The insect giggled with a light blush. The conversation continued on between Chrome and Haru, the ladder still skeptical about the entire situation from what it seemed. Oka dropped down from his hiding place in the rafters to deliver a riveting speech, to which the winged villainess applauded. Chrome had given them his word, and promised with that the companionship of his lackeys, who all seemed to support his cause with no hesitation. That was enough for Kiira.

"I'm with ya boss man, with or without these guys," She spoke through another shot of drink. "Aye Oka, wadd'ya say me 'n you call dibs on the first assassination we can get our hands on?"

Nami, Hachō - Support Teacher; U.A. Support Course Workshop

Interested ears listened on as Shonin went into explicit detail explaining the inner workings and mechanics of his creation. The gear was quite a marvel, composed of multiple electronic devices and without a need for a power source.

"Wonderful work, kiddo! I'm excited to test it out!" She bubbled with a gleaming smile. "You did a great job incorporating multiple ways to utilize my quirk with a single gadget. I'm impressed enough to say you might just pass my class." The teach teased with a laugh. A call from across the room grabbed Wavelength's attention from her conversation as she turned to the speaker. Approaching Nokia with a bounce in her step, the pro hero glanced down at his workspace before delivering a swift nod.

"No need for a prototype if you're confident in your design. Use your own judgement!~" She replied, leaning against the telephone heads chair for comfort.

Medashi, Kairen - Hero Student, 1-A

Sat in his chair in the back of the room, Medashi's eyes widened in horror as the first to demonstrate their abilities was chosen, the teachers finger aimed directly at the aura user. His fears confirmed by the announcement of his name, Kai quite literally quaked in his chair at the news he would be first for the ball toss. Listening nervously to the instructions given, he remained frozen in his chair as the others began heading off to get changed and make their way to the field. It wasn't until the room was nearly empty that the student was able to rip himself from his stupor and rise from his seat, no matter what anyone would try to rouse him. Each step towards the classroom door was forced upon his legs by the sheer drive to succeed in this godforsaken class, hues locked on the floor as a stoic silence permeated Kai's vicinity.

Why couldn't I have just home schooled for my hero license? This is ridiculous... the boy thought to himself as he finally reached the locker rooms to change into his athletics uniform. Begrudgingly removing the blue and white fabric that had been sent out with their regular uniforms from his bag, Medashi dawned the tight fitting apparel and made his way to the field where it seemed most of, if not everyone else was already waiting for him. Gulping down the lump in his throat, the hero prospect approached his mark and took the ball from his instructor. Pausing for a moment, a glance over the shoulder would reveal numerous pairs of eyes locked onto Kai, resulting in a nervous bead of sweat dribbling down his cheek.

"H-hey man, do you guys have to stare so hard?" he remarked with a quiver in his voice, knees locked in place by the shackles of nerves. "You're kinda throwing me off." A deep breath followed the statement as the ball was set in the dirt, the aura manipulator closing his eyes and bringing his hands together as he inhaled and exhaled in strange patterns and rhythms. Anyone versed in the art of spirituality would recognize this as basic breathing exercises to center the energy inside oneself.

After a few moments of standing meditation, Kai raised his features to the sky and inhaled one more massive breath before expelling it through his mouth loudly. Without a word, he picked up the ball and turned away from his peers, the entirety of his mind pinpointed on the singular goal of sending the palm-sized orb to the moon. Cocking his hand back and raising his knee to mimic the style of an American baseball pitcher, Medashi activated his quirk. Pale slates of emptiness replaced the details of his eyes as a swirl of energy burst outwards, those in the vicinity would feel it as something similar to a sudden gust of wind. Digits squeezed themselves around the sphere as veins began to reveal themselves along Kai's arm, muscles tensing as energy was redirected from the rest of the body to flow through the appendage down to the tips of his fingers. A few moments of preparation felt like an eternity before the boy finally snapped into a throw at an intense speed, releasing the ball from his hand with the force of a pro boxer smashing a heavybag. Just as he felt contact cease with the object, Medashi would expel the energy stored in his arm as a massive blast, boosting the acceleration of the orb further. Stumbling a step forwards, he would watch with a stonefaced look as the ball disappeared into the distance, falling back to the earth after traveling 474.7 meters.

"Damn, I threw it short..." Kai commented disappointedly before slinking away with dragged feet, doing his best to shift toward the back of the conglomeration of spectating students who he hoped wouldn't try to hype him up over what he considered a failure.
~Rahm Katar...~
~UA Classroom, 1A...~
~Musutafu, Japan...~
~interactions: Rei, Izumi, Roteki and Kori. @Godjacob @Cmeriwether @Martin Pine @Void_Nugget ...~

Rahm blinked as Rei mentioned turning the ball to ash. He leaned back then crossed his arms.

"Maybe the tracker will gauge how far the ash goes. Assuming the tracker isn't also destroyed in the process" he turned to look at Izumi.

"What about you? You ready?" Rahm asked. As he spoke, he looked around for Medashi. Luckily for Rahm, all the students introduced themselves so finding him shouldn't be too hard. His throw was pretty impressive. His quirk was well-suited for tasks like this. Rahm knew his throw wouldn't go as far, but he'd be ready to give it his 100%

Eventually itd be Rahm's turn, he held the ball tight in his hand. Biting down onto the ball with the mouth on his right palm. The palm of Rahm's hand began to slowly swell in size and slowly turn green. Like a catapult, he swung his arm forward, as he loosened his grip of the ball, it fired from his hand. A putrid green substance shot from his hand sending the ball hurling up. Up! Then landing. 274 m. He turned to look at Rei, Izumi, Roteki and Kori with a cheerful grin. He took out a handkerchief. His palm licked itself clean and he used the handkerchief to ensure it clean and dry.
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Fujita Rei, U.A. High School, Class 1-A
@H47E (Medashi) @ThAtGuY101 (Rahm) @Cmeriwether (Izumi) @Martin Pine (Roteki) @Void_Nugget (Kori)​

"That certainly would help me, but we'll see what happens." Rei admitted a bit, more excited to see if she got any better control of her powers in that respect as her gaze also shifted to Izumi as he seemed to pick up on something off with her, Rei had been prepared to add in but attention shifted to the star of the hour as Medashi seemed to be up first and seemed to find the students staring at him to have been a bit of a distraction.

Guy seemed to toss the ball with quite the velocity to it and scored a quite impressive 474.7 Meters. Course he seemed to be disappointed by the score as Rei raised an eyebrow at that. In what world is nearly 500 meters a letdown!

Next up seemed to be Rahm as Rei seemed quick to cheer him on. "Alright knock it out of the park Rahm!" Rei called out, as she seemed to like the guy and watched as her newfound friend as he seemed to get an extra spin on the ball and tossed it in the air as it seemed to go about a little over 80 meters. Pretty good given his Quirk seemed not so suited for this. "Nice on!"

However, she grinned a bit as she decided to step up to the plate. Rei grabbed her baseball and took a deep breath. The rays of the shining sun seemed to fuel her being as she had a certain spring to her step; Rei felt invigorated! Under the sun she felt like she could conquer the world and this sort of drive caused a yellow simmer around her left palm to shine as she seemed to adopt a pitcher's stance. Rei had no doubt she could blast this ball pretty far, but she figured she needed to keep it somewhat in one piece for a score so needed to control the burst she tossed behind it so it was just right. Rei worked to step to the figurative mound and behind that shimmer in her palm produced quite the dazzling pitch!


Rei's solar rays produced a colorful stream that blasted the ball behind her pitch as it launched into the air, sailing like a rocket as the skin around it partially seemed to burn but the baseball itself manage to survive the ride as it went higher and higher before it eventually dropped to the grass and Rei's score seemed to display itself: 620.3 Meters.

"In hindsight probably could've put some more juice on that and be okay, but hard to complain~" Rei said, as she seemed to be thrilled by the score and moved back by what she was hoping was her friend group to be in Rahm, Izumi, Roteki & Kori. Rei seemed to face Izumi, Roteki & Kori. "Good luck guys~!"
Takeru Terada

“Yoooo, that was awesome!” He gave Medashi an exclamation of encouragement through a massive grin, one of his clenched fists pumping up and down as he’d dropped somewhat into a crouch. Terada had noticed the lad’s nervousness the moment he’d been picked by the teacher, the bison boy wanting to support his fellow classmates' nerves somewhat even if he had messed up earlier by staring a little bit too intensely when Medashi was about to throw.

Terada hadn’t forgotten about Tetsuo’s request, the both of them being quite familiar with each other’s quirks given their shared past. He happily acknowledged the request and as Tetsuo was about to go up he gave him a quick slap to the back of the head which was poorly disguised as a slap on the back. “Go get ‘em Tetsuo-San!!!” He’d wait his turn until after Tetsuo.

Everyone else’s throws were really impressive, Terada continuing to spot support and encouragement from the side-lines. His gym uniform seemed somewhat baggy over his body

Roteki Kyo

Roteki stuck with the group of Izumi, Rahm, Kori and Rei, his own gym uniform stretchy to help accommodate for his ever changing size. Currently he was laden with water so he was rather large and rotund, leaning forwards ever so slightly to listen in on the conversation. Rei and Rahm were both excited and confident on the first task whilst he was more nervous about it.

Rei’s and Rahm’s throws were excellent, the former even gaining the new high score of the class with an impressive 620 metres. He made sure to congratulate them both when they returned to the side, his gaze returning to the white circle which they had to throw from.

He couldn’t say he’d ever thrown a ball with the use of his quirk before but he had somewhat of an idea in place, similar to Rei and Rahm’s but the more he thought about it the less practical it seemed. Movement of his arm could mess up his release of water and would it even be enough water to make a difference. What if he messed up the throw and didn’t align the water blast at the right time. There was too much to go wrong for such an unpractised move.

His internal conflict became apparent as a frown formed on his face, sighing somewhat as he pushed his concerns aside and walked up to take his turn. ”Alright, let’s get this over with” In the end, without releasing it, he adopted an approach similar to Medashi’s. Storing up and then releasing.

Roteki bent his knees somewhat, taking a strong stance as he lifted the arm holding the ball out in front of him. His palm faced forwards, Roteki aiming his limb much like a gun as it began to grow larger than it already was. It swelled, the sponge boy needing to use his other arm to hold up his enlarging one. With effort, he was moving some of the water from the rest of his body into his arm, as much as it could currently handle so there was more pressure behind his blast.

Just before his ‘throw’ his arm had more than doubled in size, water dripping out of it as Roteki struggled to hold it up. Now or never he guessed. With a grunt of effort he expelled all the water in his arm through his palm, a high pressure torrent of water shooting out and launching the ball into the air. The water eventually dispersed into mist but the ball travelled far, impacting the ground at 342.6 metres.

“Eh?” A shocked expression grew across his face which had slightly shrunken like the rest of his body as the water levels in him evened out. By the time it’d done so Roteki had shrunk from 7ft to 6ft but still retained his plump appearance somewhat. Half his water stores had been used in that throw, Roteki returning to the group still completely dumbfounded with the distance he’d managed to accomplish. “Well that went better than expected”

Jiren Jouji

Seeing everyone’s throws was utterly nerve wracking but also extremely exciting, encouraging even. Everyone was going up and giving it their all, even the first person called up who was as nervous as himself if not more did extremely. Jouji felt his fear of failure fade as inspiration took route.

Right after Roteki, Jouji stepped up, a shaky smile spread across his face as he strode to the circle with as much confidence as he could muster. In the moment he ignored everyone that was watching, his mind utterly fixated on the task at hand. He gave the ball a brief glance, blank eyes sharpening as he took in a deep breath and began his transformation.

He had a wide array of arthropods to pick from, having begrudgingly eaten some this morning as part of his breakfast routine. It was … upsetting to have to consume them in order to use his powers, not because they tasted icky or it was gross but because he truly appreciated the world of insects and honestly felt really guilty shoving them down his gullet. It was a necessary evil to accomplish his goal which was tied to becoming a hero but a little bit more.

With his insect chosen his body began to change. A hard brown substance grew over his arm, shiny and segmented it resembled the exoskeleton shared by most arthropods. His antennae grew and sharpened whilst strong mandibles formed around his mouth. The ant-like features grew only on his face, an arm which he reeled back and then swung forwards to throw.

His form was sloppy but with the increased strength the ball was launched a respectable 101.2m. Nothing too flashy but a score that Jouji was proud of. He turned to face his classmates, suddenly very self conscious of the way he looked. His bug-like qualities quickly faded from his form as he scuttled back to the group to watch the next few throws.

Takeuchi Akihiko

He watched as the students each participated in the throw, showing them the scores from the device in his hand each time as he praised them on their ability. The class seemed to be doing well in that anyway, all of them coming at the task with a confident attitude and rallying their allies as well.
Kaede Himari

Dressed in an incredibly elastic gym uniform to accommodate her size changes, Himari watched each and every throw while chowing down on the contents of her snack pack. When it was finally her turn, she sighed before standing up and shifting her form to something bigger and more muscular. Growing to about eight feet tall, she quickly started packing on muscle, along with certain other features increasing in size while a pair of cow horns grew from her head and a matching tail from her backside. Going a bit further, her head and legs also became more bovine in appearance, ears and hooves included. Grabbing the ball that seemed even smaller than before, she wound up for a throw before chucking it as hard as she could. The ball flew through the air about 130 meters before landing. Satisfied with the result, Himari walked back to her snack bag and continued like nothing happened. Nevermind the fact that she was still in one of her many hybrid forms.

Tatsuya Yuki

As she walked out onto the field, Yuki wrapped her form in her wings, somewhat self conscious about her appearance... As well as her gym uniform. Her top was essentially just a sports bra while her shorts were just a bit shorter than the other girls to allow for better air circulation and better accommodation for her wings and tail. Needless to say, she was not looking forward to her turn. When it did finally come, Yuki took the ball from between her wings, walked over, unfurled her wings and flung the ball as fast as she was able and wrapped them around herself once more. Since she was so self conscious, Yuki did not use her full strength and the ball only reached about 48 meters distance.
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Soyokaze decided to speak up just as Kazuki was rushing to upload his code to the device's board.

"Kaz, I don't like this. We should test the code some more before we put it o-"

"No time!" Kurogane snapped back mentally. "The code compiled, right? That means there's no bugs. We're good."

"Still, there could be logic errors or-"

"I said we're good." Kazuki concluded behind gritted teeth, but he couldn't look Soyokaze in the eye (or screen?), which made him feel worse.

The mobile concluded communications once it realized they were falling on deaf ears.

Soyo was right, as usual – a project with this many moving parts needed much more testing than the nonexistent amount he'd allotted. He knew that – so why couldn't he stop? Or rather, what was he trying to prove?

The uploading of the code finished up with a neat ding resonating from the laptop's speakers.

He snatched the small, Bluetooth earpiece-looking device as if it would've exploded otherwise, before taking another glance around the classroom.

The dwarf was cooking up something, if the constant banging and clanging around his workspace was any indication. Gazing upon him now, Shonin resembled a one-man workshop – which made him a threat.

It seemed Nokia wasn't going to be building a prototype after all, a decision Wavelength, who'd sauntered across to their workspace, had approved of. It was a safe choice to make, the teenager thought – if safe meant boring.

Either way, the prototype was done and Wavelength was already here. There was a sinking feeling in his heart, a sensation as though a rope tied to a rock had been fastened onto the organ, sending it spiraling down into a deep, dark abyss. He took a deep breath and shook it off.

He'd come this far; he couldn't back down now if he wanted to – enough people already looked down on him as it was, and there was no way in hell he could stand the thought of coming to school every day to bear that torture again.

He let that fear – that anger – burn away the hesitation in his shaking hands.

The heart was now free. These people would learn to respect him.

"Hey," he spoke gravely, jutting his chin toward Nokia before shoving the RemoteLink into his space. There was a plastic adhesive in place of the usual earpiece receiver, to suit Alexander's peculiar lack of said ears, opting instead to be stuck onto his head at any point of his preference.

"Put this on. Time to get to work."

Interactions: @Blotch'd (Alexander), @H47E (Nami)
Mentions: Shonin (@DevVoid ) (the rest of the Support Class)
Hijima Tetsuo

As he was watching several Tetsuo suddenly felt something whack him in the head, hard. His quirk activated, and started its work. As he walked up to the plate, he prepared to throw, but instead of throwing, he prepared to bat the ball with his arm. At the moment he hit maximum controllable density, he went for the swing, and blam! It went off like somewhat of a rocket, flying off a good bit of distance before landing. The ball landed a good two hundred eighty-one and seven-tenths meters or nine hundred and twenty-four feet and two and one quarter inches away from the throwing point. Tetsuo was satisfied with the result, and headed back to prepare for more tests, passing Kaede Himari on the way by.

"Not a bad throw."

@Draco Nightshade (Himari).

Yukage Izumi

Izumi was dreading this test, alongside most of the other tests as her quirk was meant for near absolute stealth, not more tests for the more main heroes. As she watched the balls fly between forty-eight and six hundred and twenty meters. After what looked like some students went, she took her turn. She prepared to throw the ball, similar to how she had seen her father throw it when she was a child. She then threw the ball, which landed forty meters away from the throwing point. Izumi was surprised and went back to watching with Rei, Rahm and Roteki.

"I-impressive, Fujita-San."

Izumi was fiddling with her pendant, as she always does when she was very nervous.

@Godjacob (Rei)
~Rahm Katar...~
~Class 1A...~
~interactions: Rei, Izumi, and Roteki...~

"Do it!" Rahm said excitedly waiting to see how far Rei can throw the ball. Seeing her quirk in action was pretty neat. 620 m.

"That's the highest one yet. Good job!" Rahm said cheerfully. He turned and looked at Roteki.

"Great throw too! You as well" Rahm said before congratulating Izumi. More students were throwing balls after the other.

~Yu wu...~
~UA Teacher/Pro Hero...~
~Interactions: Takeuchi...~

"Another year, another promising group, wouldn't you say? Some intriguing quirks across the board" He watched the students through but he was standing next to and speaking with Booster Pack.

Day 1
Training Field, U.A. High — Japan​
Interactions: n/a

“Sacé Bleu…” Melusine found her field uniform a bit uncomfortable, the material was nice but too airy and absorbent for her tastes. Maybe she could put in a request to have the material changed? She liked the sun on her scales, really helped get the blood pumping, but losing moisture to what little sweating she did was a big no-no. She’d have to order something that locked in moisture. Hmm, something with a leathery or latex texture? “Comme c’est coquin, heheh~”

Regardless, by the time Melusine had made it onto the field, things were well underway. Everyone was so strong! There were even some she wouldn’t have expected. How fun! “À mon tour! My turn!”

She had something of an idea as she stepped up to the plate and tried to wrap the ball inside her tail. Unfortunately, the ball was a bit too small, she could hold it, but she couldn’t coil around it tightly. “Merde!”

New plan! Melusine kicked off, whipping into a spin to give the ball some initial moment and flung it with all the force her tail could muster. The ball flew and… 158.3 m.

“Ah, C’est la vie~”

Fujita Rei, U.A. High School, Class 1-A
@Martin Pine (Roteki) @Cmeriwether (Izumi) @ThAtGuY101 (Rahm)​

Roteki seemed to be up to the plate next, and much like Rahm Rei showed her support for her hopefully soon to be sponge friend. "Kick butt Roteki!" Rei called out as she seemed to be in quite the cheerful mood today; perhaps it was a natural extension of her personality or the high score she got or the sun fueling her veins but regardless she had been in high spirits. Roteki seemed to do a sort of mix between herself and that Medashi guy far as throwing style and it seemed to work well as he gained an impressive score of 342.6 meters.

"Nice!" Rei said in support as a few other students went on as their throws seemed to range from about 40 meters to the hundreds as they all seemed impressive in their own right then she had taken note of Izumi who had taken her turn. "Do your best Izumi!" Rei called out in support as Izumi seemed to take her throw and given it looked like she used no Quirk a 40 meter throw seemed to be the result.

"Thanks, had a bit of practice and helps my Quirk can turn a projectile into a rocket. Nice throw yourself." Rei said as she encouraged her. Rahm made comment on her throw being the best so far, which given the field was quite impressive as she had a smile.

"Thanks. Though it's not over yet, we'll see if it holds but regardless am proud of my performance." Rei admitted to Rahm.


Previously Deathstalker62
Well, that were the introductions gone and done with. Hone would have honestly just preferred had he not needed to introduce himself at all, at least not this much. For him, just a name and a quirk explanation sufficed, everything else was really just needless details, wasn't it? Either way, now it was time for.. huh. Physical tests? What, like push-ups or marathons? Shouldn't be too much of an issue, the bone-headed student figured. Not like he had any muscles to tire out from exhaustion anyhow.

It was this mindset whose bubble was quicky popped as the first exercise was throwing. Out of all things, why did it have to be ball throwing? Hone had already heard of this kind of exam being spoken about in passing, but he didn't want to believe it. What the hell was he gonna do with that? Sure, he could use calcium to power himself up, but it wasn't exactly like he had any muscles to help him throw further - he was just all bones, after all.

When it finally came about to be his turn, Omoshiroi stalled by wedging the ball between his shirt's collar and his ribcage, his hands instead reaching beneath his shirt, moving about as if grabbing hold and weaving them about between and around something within. And like a barber cutting hair, duct tape just fell out of his shirt in tiny, scattered bits out of nowhere as Hone proceeded to pull out an entire milk carton from beneath his shirt like some kind of milk mage. And as if that wasn't ridiculous already, the moment he had unscrewed the cap, he had not drank, but poured the whole thing over his head like he was trying to wake himself up. Miraculously, not a single drop was wasted as his skull seemed to practically absorb the liquid the very moment it made contact.

Feeling refreshed with a brand-new reload of his clip of calcium, Hone proceeded to lodge the milk back in his ribcage and took hold of the ball once more, getting a tight grip on it. And then, like some kind of cartoon character, his entire skeleton begun growing in size and width, becoming infused with the sheer, unmatched power of calcium.

' Alright, I gotta throw this thing as far as possible.. here we go..!! '

His pale hand reached out and above, his fingers slowly loosened as the ball rolled off of his skeletal plates, his arm arcing out like a slingshot. The ball was thrown, flying through the air like a boulder being fired at enemy territory.. before landing shortly at just a mere 27.43 metres, or just short of 90 ft.

" ..well, shit. "
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Nokia turned, startled.

"Done with a working prototype already...? I have perhaps underestimated your power," he said, taking the device from him and turning it about.

Though it made no noise and didn't vibrate, Nokia still thought that it hummed with energy in his hands. Perhaps that was a feature.

"I am astonished you could complete something this quickly; the only other person in the room to come up with something at your pace is over there with his toolbox, and even HE's still working." He jammed a finger in said kids direction, and then stuck the headset at a comfortable position on his head.

"So, if I remember correctly, all I have to do is press this button, and....touch a device, was it? Ah, yes, I remember now. You had quite the three-pronged explanation."

"Let's use my phone, then. I know it best, after all, so I will be able to better tell if this device actually works."

Nokia trusted his partner, although deep down somewhere he really knew he shouldn't. Nobody could get such precise work done so fast without cutting a corner somewhere. But Kazuki HAD done the work right there in front of him, so Nokia knew, at least, that it would have been very hard to purposely tamper with it without him noticing.

Not that much of this actually crossed his mind as he pulled out his phone and placed it on the table. Keeping his hand on the device, Nokia pressed the button on the earpiece.

"Here we go."

Something's off....

...What is this? The world is swimming...Back and.....forth....

...Getting harder to think...

Nokia's head was vibrating noticeably, which was what he had intended to do to his phone. HAD intended being the key phrase; He found it hard to think when his cranium was being shaken like a baby kitten in a dog's jaws.

Or whatever Nokia had that WAS a brain. More like a collection of wires, which was fortunate because real brains shouldn't be jostled like that. Nor should the wires, honestly.


@RhythmThief @H47E
Recall the last time you felt the ominous grip of nausea – the slight discomfort settling in your stomach, akin to the initial rumbles of a storm on the horizon. You toss and turn in a futile attempt to shake off the sensation, but it clings to you, an unrelenting shadow, poised to engulf your very being.


Soyo's desperate cries pierced the air, jolting the dazed teenager into action. He sprang toward Nokia with an instinctive urgency, his body moving with the rapidity that his bewildered mind had momentarily lost.

In a lightning-quick maneuver, his vacant vermillion eyes flashed with determination as he seized the malfunctioning device from his partner's violently vibrating head, as though swatting away a relentless adversary.

Using his quirk, the data before him painted a damning picture – the RemoteLink had malfunctioned catastrophically, precisely as Soyo had forewarned. Yet, his obsession with image had blinded him to the impending catastrophe.

The weight of it all – the gravity of the situation, the humiliation, the searing disappointment – crashed upon him in an overwhelming wave. He tumbled backward into his chair, his eyes widened in incredulity.

"I-what-for real?!" he exclaimed, his anger seething through clenched teeth. "You had one job. One fucking job, you tool."

Soyo hesitated, ready to interject, before recognizing that Kazuki's fury was self-directed. At this critical juncture, interference would only compound the turmoil.

Kazuki reluctantly lifted his gaze, offering an apologetic glance – or at least, the closest semblance of an apology he could muster – to Wavelength and Nokia. He berated himself for placing trust in his own capabilities for something as seemingly straightforward. A mistake he vowed never to repeat.

"...can't you do anything right?" he whispered finally, his voice laced with shame, before turning away, disheartened.

In this harrowing moment, the once-promising project had crumbled before his eyes, and the battle to salvage his pride had only just begun - a fight he no longer had any hope of winning.

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Fujita Rei, U.A. High School, Class 1-A

Rei continued to watch as the next student went up to the plate, and perhaps the one with the most unique Quirk of them all in the walking skeleton Hone. She was curious how he intended to go about this given the lack of...muscle, but as he began to drink milk it seemed he expanded and the anticipation on her end seemed to rise with it.

"This is gonna be cool!"

However, there seemed to be a misfire as Hone's ball launched and landed under 30 meters as she figured something had to have gone wrong. Either way still better than she initially expected from a bunch of bones held together by a Quirk and a prayer.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Hyōketsu "Kori" Tsukōri
Kori watched her fellow students do there ball throws, she wasn't too worried about these sorts of things, she was relatively fit and in hinesty she wasnt fussed if she didn't come first. Eventually it came to her turn and she stepped forward, she took a ball and prepared to throw. Unluckily for her she sneezed at the exact moment she threw the ball and the surprise caused her to accidentally freeze the ball solid, the extra weight caused the ball to fall quicker. The distance she got was 15.5 metres or just over 50 feet, she shrugged it off and walked back over to the group, visible unfazed by her low score.

“I have a moderate pool of wealth to use for my operations, I can comfortably pay five hundred thousands yen a month to each of you should as a wage should you desire” Chrome was about to continue on to how he learnt of Haru’s identity, a simple explanation of how connections in the criminal underworld worked and how difficult to truly was to keep one’s identity hidden.

He was cut off by Oka’s reammergence and his manic musing of cards. Chrome was not much of spiritual himself but he knew that neither was Oka and that cards- specifically tarot were just an interest to him. It certainly played into his jester theme, an immensely clever ruse that hid his truly devastating potential.

Boldly the floating man continued, drawing lines in the sand and being more firm than Chrome’s lax approach. It was needed, Chrome was grateful for Oka’s intervention and pleased that Haru had opted in. A sip of whisky was taken as Chrome looked to the others for their answer of whether they were in or out.

Takeru Terada

The entire class had almost gone and so without hesitation Terada approached the field, bisonifying as he did so. His shoulders and frame grew broad and larger, curled fur growing over his forehead and chest as short horns began to sprout just in front of his ears. He didn’t fully transform, finalising as this strange hybrid of a person and bison as the ball was clutching in his hand.

His throw didn’t have much technique or grace, Terada simply hurling as hard as he could. The ball sailed through the air, landing at a respectable 90m. Air was blown harshly through enlarged nostrils, his massive head shaking as let out a loud sigh that grumbled in the throat. His more beastly appearance was followed by an attitude change, one that reverted back into the lax nature as he transformed back and lifted a hand to rub the back of his head. “Coulda done better- oh well!”

Takeuchi Akihiko

“Most definitely, lot’s of potential” He stood with folded arms, watching the current thrower Terada transform. Being his first year he had nothing to compare these students to except his own classmates back when he attended and they stood well against them. Quirks got stronger with each new generation and that was clear to him with the class that stood before him.

With each student having completed the ball throw he moved forwards to address the class once more, energy rising as he spoke. “An excellent show from each of you! A few more exercises await so let's not waste any time!”

The exercises included.

50 metre dash
Sprint as fast you can!

Standing long jump
Jump as far as you can into a sandpit (Can be cleared)

Repeated side steps
1 minute to cross over a line via side steps as many times as possible.

Sit ups
1 minute to do as many sit ups as possible!

Punching machine
Throw a punch as hard as you can against this machine calibrated for heroes! It’s impressive design means you can throw the attack however you wish. A regular person typically scores 100 on this device!

Kyo Roteki

Roteki’s scores began to drop after the ball throw exercise. He needed to choose his battles, the water stored within him was a finite resource, if he depleted it he had nothing to work with. Side steps and sit ups were a flunk, his added weight caused him to be sluggish meaning for the former he achieved a score of 14 and the latter 9.

It was in the standing long jump and the 50 metres dash where he was able to perform more efficiently. The dash was first, Roteki flicking his arms behind him as soon as the timer began. With a jet of water from each palm he launched himself forwards, halfway across the track until he crashed into the floor. He was quick to roll back onto his feet, blasting himself forwards again to achieve a time of 6.3 seconds.

His long jump attempt employed a similar strategy, Roteki able to clear the 9 metre long pit with a powerful blast of water that sent his ever shrinking body forwards. By the time he reached the punch test he’d all but used up his water stores, he had a little trickle left to put some power behind his punch. He stood before the punching ball, suspended in front of the machine by wires which enabled any approach to be taken when hitting it. Roteki opted for an uppercut, water blasting from his elbow to put some extra force behind it. His score was a little bit beyond the average person, 120 and it was easy to see why.

All his water was gone and he looked very, very different. The space he took up now was meagre compared to what it had been. He’d gone from 7ft to 5,6ft and whilst still plump he hardly looked as bloated as before. His uniform hung loose over his body, the sponge like pores on them even more noticeable now. It was clearly not a state that Roteki enjoyed being in, his shoulders slouched as he tried to not draw any attention to himself.

Jiren Jouji

Jouji’s scores were pretty consistent, the student relaxing much more as the test went on and he continued to do well. Side steps, long jump and 50 metre dash were a breeze for him, Jouji’s legs double in size and contorting into a grasshopper like appearance. Powerful strides made short work of the 50 metre dash in 3.4 seconds. They also cleared the pitch on the long jump and allowed an insane amount of side steps, 50 within the minute!

He couldn’t figure out a form for sit ups, having an average score of 19 whilst he once again adopted his ant form for the punch, sitting at a comfortable 140. By the end of it he was brimming, much more comfortable in his shoes and around the class.
Fujita Rei, U.A. High School, Class 1-A

The last of the ball throws came and went, and now it seemed they had more exercises. Some of the tests played up to her strengths nicely, while others she wondered if Quirk Application was even possible but given the friendly competitive spirit in the air Rei seemed determined to do her best all the same!

First was the 50 meter dash, and much like her arrival to school Rei already had a plan with this. She got herself set up with her palms behind her back, and upon "go" she fired a steady stream of solar rays as a sort of propulsion to her run as she dashed with fast speeds and with the sun shining bright she had no shortage of fuel as she cleared the 50 meters in 4.2 seconds!

"Woo, new personal best!" Rei called out with a wide grin, onto the next test.

The long jump similarly seemed almost designed for her, as Rei once more had her palms ready though angled down and behind her as she took a running start before she jumped and a pair of solar blasts propelled her in the air as she glided over the long jump and cleared it with a front flip for flair...well, would be flair if she almost didn't stumble on her landing but she just managed to save it and gave a thumbs up.

Rei seemed to be feeling herself, and this confidence seemed to only grow with the next test the side to side. Once more those magic hands were at work as with a precise sequence she fired a blast to the right, then left, then right again as she shifted side to side quickly as this boost to her momentum needed her a score of 58 when it was all said and done.

"This is almost getting easy, wanted a bit of a challenge." Rei said, though her bit of ego-boost from her performance thus far came crashing down when she realized sit ups were next. This was not something her Quirk could aid her in at all, so she had to do it raw which was a bit of a pain. "I immediately regret that comment." Rei muttered to herself as she none the less worked to do as many sit ups as she could within the one minute time limit and ended with a score of 14.

That bit of reality check least was followed by something fun, as she was face to face with a state of the art punching machine and grinned a bit as she aimed to take the frustration of her sit ups on the device while her right palm began to glow as she reared it back into a fist, and fired a power punch which produced an explosive blast of her solar rays as the machine registered a score of 903!

"Darn it was hoping I could break the thing, suppose that will have to do~" Rei said, as she worked to grab a water bottle to drink while she watched her peers wrap up their tests as she seemed eager to see what they had up their sleeve.

Ishii Haru, Shinjuku, Esuha
@Martin Pine (Chrome)
"Connections" huh, what a delightfully vague answer that had done little to ease Haru's concerns. She had worked to carefully keep her public persona and her criminal one distant as can be so for him to know her well seemed to not bode the best. However, the promise of comfortable money going forward had been a tempting reel and she figured the best way she could learn more of his "connections" had been to join on this venture and see what she'd dig out of Chrome with time.

"So long as the money is good and can be counted on, I can lend my services~" Haru admitted as she took a sip of wine and seemed to be in this little new villain initiative that Chrome had put together as she more tuned out the mad ramblings of one of his more radical followers as she'd just have to learn to deal with that.


Previously Deathstalker62
Well, that was a very meek throw of him to do. And he had even used 100%, too! Good thing the others didn't know about this fact, otherwise this whole thing would have been double- no, QUADRUPLE more embarassing. Luckily for Omoshi, the next tests that came after he tossed his balls around let him off easier than the first and really allowed his quirk to flourish.. hah, not really. It did help immensely, however. Hone thought back on his performance..

Standing Long Jump
As he stood before the sandbox, the bone-formed boy knew he couldn't just take a running start, but as he got a closer look at his hurdle, he realised.. he could clear it another way. He was only supposed to jump, wasn't he? Any other movements were allowed during the jump, which meant only one thing.

Having taken a leap forward, He proceeded to pick apart his own body like lego, starting with the feet and ending with the head, using the speed-enhancing portion of his quirk's empowerment to quickly throw a majority of himself over to the other end, just barely clearing the sandbox on a technicality as his feet never did once touch the inner bounds of the box.

50 Metre Dash
Abusing the power of his quirk to a comedic extent, Hone remembered picking apart his body and setting it back together, attaching his legs to his hands and lodging his skull into his ribcage to reduce wind resistance, then just ended up bolting like some kind of goofy, walking ribcage with extendo-legs with a quirk-enhanced speed, combining his leg and arm strength and clearing the dash in only 2.57 seconds!

Repeated Side Steps
So, his legs only had to cross the lines, eh? Omoshiroi remembered once again abusing a loophole to maximize his effort by tossing aside his own femur and just picking his femurs up in his hands, then just playing cheerleader with his legs.. or, in other words, swinging them around like a madman, crossing the lines with ease multiple times, leaving him with a big, whopping score of 241!

Once again, barely even a challenge for someone who had no muscles to tear and no flesh to get in the way. Gripping the back of his ribcage, the skeleton had no trouble constantly lifting his body up and down, what with the lack of mass and exhaustion making this exercise incredibly easy, so much so that he didn't even need to use his empowered side for this.. good thing, too. He was almost out of milk by the time he got done with his score of 215.

Punching Machine
Well, it was all or nothing this time. One last push, one last 100%, one last splash of milk.. and one last shot. With his bones increasing in size and width, Hone had reeled his arm back was far as he could, clenched his skeletal hand into a fist, threw a punch.. and landed a whole 420. Nice.
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~Rahm Katar...~
~UA Classroom, 1A...~
~Musutafu, Japan...~
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[SIZE=4]@Godjacob[/SIZE] ...~

When Rahms turn came up, he was somewhat nervous as he had seen some of the other students go before he was called up.

On the fifty meter Dash, Rahm tripped near the and, but landed on the other side of the finish line, rolling on his side and getting to his feet. 6.66 seconds!

When it came to the long jump, he landed in the sandpit unfortunately, but luckily slid back so to land on his butt instead of his face.

The grip test would be one thing he could do really well. He pulled out a thick leather cloth and wrapped it around the grip test tool, then lifted his shirt revealing a very large maw which went across his waistline where his belly button should be. Sharp six inch long teeth filled this mouth. He bit into the cloth and got a bite force of 424 kg

When it came to the repeated side jumps, Rahm got 43. After his 24th one, he tripped which lost him valuable time getting up.

As for sit-ups, there was no way he could trip and fall this time. He managed to get in 132.

Rahm went over to the punching machine. He wanted to do good on this last test. He balled up a fist then remembered every time one of his friends got hurt doing sonething stupid, and gritted his teeth and clenched his fist tighter before letting it all out onto the punching target. He threw all his weight into his punch. 285! Rahm wasn't super strong, but he had a mean right hook.

Rahm got a bottle of water and proceeded to pour it into his stomach maw, very quickly emptying the bottle. After tucking his shirt back in, he gave a wave and cheerful smile to Rei.

"That was a pretty strong punch...! I don't think anyone is gonna match that score" Rahm said chuckling.
Yamada Kisuni

Kisuni stepped out onto the UA outdoor fields wearing the school's gym uniform. It was quite comfortable, loose yet fits her form, it was something Kisuni wouldn't mind having to wear repeatedly for the next few years. A Quirk apprehension test sounded like a good idea on paper, but the various events they’re testing the students on felt a bit odd in Kisuni’s opinion. They were no different from normal physical aptitude tests, and not all Quirks can help the user with their physical performance. Nevertheless, the girl had no reason to go against her teachers and this was also a great opportunity to see her classmates’ Quirks in action.

When it came her turn for the ball throw, Kisuni walked onto the field deep in her thoughts. She recalled the current Quirk she had copied: a wild and unfocused fire based ability. “A power based Quirk would be great for something like this, but the problem lies in the ‘wild and unfocused’ nature of this Quirk. I doubt I’d get a good hit in since based on my usage, the fire just goes everywhere.” She internalized. “However, I think it’ll still get me a better result than throwing the ball normally, so might as well.” She added while standing on the ball throwing site.

“Here goes.” Kisuni flicked the ball into the air before reaching out her other hand. As soon as the ball was lined up with her hand, she snapped her fingers. A huge burst of flame erupted right behind the ball, expanding into a wide area while launching the orb forth across the air. However, Kisuni’s theory was correct as, while the explosive burst of fire looked impressive, most of the energy of that move fizzled out all over the place, leaving only a small portion of the impact to actually transfer into the thrown object.

The final score of her ball throw ended up a solid 192.56 meters, not the worst but could have been better with a more focused Quirk. With the ball throw done, Kisuni moved on to the other events her teacher had prepared for her and her fellow students.
Fujita Rei, U.A. High School, Class 1-A
@ThAtGuY101 (Rahm)​

Rei's little physical exam was close to done, as it turned out there was one more exercise she forgot about as either she had not heard it from the instructor or it was reminded of them a little after the others as she capped it with a grip strength exercise. Rei of course seemed annoyed by this as her Quirk lacked the ability to help her here but grabbed it with her dominant arm and just gave as tight a squeeze as she had in her. Ultimately she ended up with a score of 53 KG ( 116 lbs.) which Rei merely shrugged at. Not the best score but she figured it was okay as basically she had to rely on her own muscle for it and between her top scores in the punching bag exercise and the ball throw she figured she finished the day on a good spot overall.

Speaking of the ball throw, as Rei enjoyed some water another of the students seemed to perform that in Kisuni as she had used a bit of fire to boost her throw though like Rei had considered with her Quirk she seemed to burn up the ball as it still finished a solid 192.56 meters. Though her attentions napped to a familiar face as Rahm seemed to wave to her and complimented her punching bag score.

"Thanks. Seemed my Quirk was pretty versatile for this, though I kinda was hopping to blast the bag to ash." Rei admitted a bit as she glanced at Rahm. "Have to admire how inventive you were with your Quirk, though that Grip exercise seemed made for you impressive score." Rei complimented back as she moved beside him.
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Day 1
Training Field, U.A. High — Japan​
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Melusine stood with perfect stillness: the kind of stillness one would expect of a predator lying in wait; a stillness just shy of death itself, and only the subdued sounds and movements of her breathing indicated she was still alive. A keen observer would note that even the snakes in her hair were eerily quiet, while a keener observer would notice her eyes had adopted a milky hue. An observer who was both keen and knowledgeable would identify this as a nictating membrane, a ‘second eyelid’ commonly found among snakes and certain other animals. And an observer who was all of the above and clever enough to connect the dots, would quickly deduce that she was fast asleep.

Melusine really wasn’t much of a morning person.

The Hydra roused with the sound of their teacher’s voice, slowly but with more vim and vigor than before. For her, time in the sun was an even better stimulant than coffee. She would only grow more animated as she worked through the Quirk Apprehension test.

50m Dash: There wasn’t much Melusine’s quick did to aid her. She was fitter and strong than the average person, but she wasn’t exactly a blisteringly fast sprinter. It was an entirely different question when it came to striking, but the 50m dash was not the Hydra’s area of proficiency. She ended with a time of 6.32s.

Standing Long Jump: Melusine coiled her tail and used it as a spring, pairing it with the strength of her legs to achieve an impressive 6.9m.

Side Steps: As it turned out, a big bulky tail was not very conducive to rapid side-to-side movements. Melusine had considered using her tail as an extra ‘leg’ to then just rock herself back and forth over the line, but that didn’t seem to be in the spirit of the assessment. Playing it straight, she scored a decent 26.

Sit Ups: With her tail as an added weight and her serpentine muscular distribution, sit-ups posed little challenge. She paced herself and scored an easy 33 sit-ups within the minute.

Punching Machine: Now this was something she could flex on. Her quirk’s strengths lay in explosive power and the slower steady power of squeezing and constricting, other applications of strength and speed? Not so much. While she did personally prefer kicks, punches weren’t too far off. Snakes struck with blinding speed, and Melusine would be no different—350! By human standards, Melusine’s strike was incredibly unsafe and poor form, but her more flexible structure was able to withstand more strain and force. Even then, Melusine had eschewed caution. Her wrist came out a bit injured from her strike, but it felt better after she saw the number on display.

Grip Strength: The last two tests had really been up her alley. Melusine wrapped the testing tool with her tail and gave it a mighty squeeze, clocking a smooth 285 kg.

Tatsuya Yuki

Yuki quietly growled when she learned there was more to demonstrate. For her though, the reason was more about not wanting to show off her body in the process. Still, seeing as it was mandatory, Yuki first made her way to the starting line of the 50 Dash and tightly but reluctantly folded her wings against her back.
50 Meter Dash: Her legs and feet built for this sort of activity, Yuki managed to clock in at 3.1s.
Standing Long Jump: With a single flap of her enormous wings to aid her jump, Yuki accidentally cleared the sand pit by about 15 meters.
Repeated Sidesteps: With the aid of her tail as a counterweight, Yuki managed to get 50 sidesteps in 1 minute. She may have tripped on the last one.
Sit-ups: Having never been comfortable lying on her back due in no small part to her bat like wings, Yuki reluctantly did so. While her abdominal muscles were indeed strong, her exercise was aided by her wings pushing upper body off of the ground while her tail helped keep her lower body grounded. In doing so, she managed to do 50 in 1 minute.
Punching Machine: With her wings burning from the recent workout, Yuki just wanted to get things over with and walked over to the machine without bothering to try covering herself with them. "Let's finish this."
Yuki clenched her fist and pulled it back before striking the machine at full force. Not much technique in the attack but she still managed to score 500, surprising herself with her score. She knew she was strong, but not that strong.

Kaede Himari

Kaede stood up, her form shrinking as she first reverted back to her human form. Making her way to the starting line for the 50 Meter Dash, her legs and feet once again became digitigrade and packed on more muscle as her feet morphed into paws, a cotton tail appeared once more, along with her rabbit ears. "Let's get this show on the road."
50 Meter Dash: Himari ran while imagining herself being chased by some large predator, leveraging her rabbit form's fear to push herself faster. When all was said and done, she managed to clock out at 2.5 seconds.
Standing Long Jump: Losing her rabbit features, Himari instead squatted at the edge of the sand pit in preparation to jump. Her legs and feet became longer while her thighs became more muscular. Once her legs were as frog like as she wanted, Himari jumped. Unlike Tatsuya san who had the benefit of wings, Himari relied solely on leg strength, managing to jump 10 meters past the sand pit before moving on to the next course, reverting to her human form as she did.
Repeated Sidesteps: Finishing up a carrot before changing again, Himari once again focused on her lower body as the changes occurred, her legs growing longer and leaner as her toes hardened into cloven hooves. With the addition of a small tail and short but thick blonde fur covering her lower half, Himari was ready to start. Taking a deep breath, Himari utilized her new agility from the deer to complete 99 sidesteps before time was up. Having aimed at getting 100, Himari groaned as she again reverted back to human.
Sit-ups: Taking a page from Melusine's book, Himari adopted a more snake like body structure. Unlike her classmate though, Himari's legs merged with her vertebrae to become an enormous snake tail, with added muscle to her stomach. Luckily for her, she had requested certain modifications to her uniforms that allowed her to keep her bottoms without destroying them, when undergoing changes as drastic as she was now. Anyway, she managed to reach 100 sit-ups before moving on to the finale.
Punching Machine: Once again morphing into her minotaur form, Himari snorted before winding up and striking with a right straight that resulted in a score of 500. Bellowing in triumph, Himari went back to her bag and started eating again to replenish the calories she had burned while hopefully reverting to her human form for the last time that day.
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Medashi, Kai - Hero Course 1-A; U.A. Track & Field.

Glossed over hues belonging to the aura reading student of 1-A watched on with masked excitement as the conglomeration of quirked hero hopefuls demonstrated the abilities of their quirks in the physical exams posed by their instructors. Each test was designed specially to evaluate the effectiveness of each students quirk, from speed to agility to brute strength, and Kai certainly planned to do his damndest to be one of the top scores in the class (even if he was quite amazed by some of the other students!). The unease and tension that racked his body after having been forced into being first up in the ball throw took more than a moment to subside after the other students began their testing, causing the anxious antisocial to get a bit of a late start; luckily for him the score wasn't dependent on overall finish time.

50m Dash: Stepping up to the start line of the sprint, the brunet teen took a deep inhale before stretching his arms above his head, back arching as the boy let out a groan of relief. He was far behind his peers in terms of order, but to the aura reader this was a positive. Less eyes on him meant less nerves, and a better overall performance. Steadying his posture and closing his eyes, Kai brought his hands to his chest in a meditative fashion as he felt a tingle in his legs. An outpouring of energy emanated from the soles of his feet, crawling up his lower appendages to brace them and increase their strength. Knees bent to lower the students body into position for a swift launch as the timer counted down...

Bounding forward with incredible speed, Kai launched himself into a dead sprint with the energy exerted from his legs pushing him forward with enough power to nearly double his usual gait. By the time he reached the finish, the timer had only hit 4.98 seconds.

Long Jump: A confident grin had crept its way onto the face of Kai as he approached the second event, pleased by his performance thus far. As the long jump pit crept closer and closer with each step, it almost seemed to shrink in correspondence with the growth of the aura manipulators pride. Using a similar technique to the one in the previous event but with slightly more focus on cushioning the ankles, Kai easily cleared the sand pit with his feet firmly planting upon the line marking the edge. Though, he did stumble over his feet a bit upon walking off, which was quite embarrassing...

Consecutive Side Steps: Though he was confident in the last two events, the next was something Kai wasn't sure he would be as good at. While he could move side to side quickly, it was maintaining such a thing that was difficult. A balance between energy output and bracing was required, and this was something the youth hadn't quite figured out yet - let alone mastered. Overall, Kai was able to go faster than average but couldn't use his maximum speed for fear of falling face first into the earth beneath his feet. A modest score of 47 steps.

Sit Ups: Next up was something faaaar out of Kai's comfort zone to do in front of others; something no other living being had witnessed the young lad do in his time on this planet. A secret technique that he had practiced alone in his room all throughout middleschool in hopes of wowing a beautiful girl, but to no avail - he never went to any pool parties. The Sit Up! Approaching the exam area for the basic yet challenging core exercise, Kai laid flat on his back with knees bent. For him, this was a familiar position, though it was hard not to tremble a bit with the idea of his classmates watching him... Especially one particularly flirtatious lass who sat in the back row.
Closing his eyes to maximize focus, Kai did his best to clear his mind and imagine himself back in his bedroom, trying to beat his record... Which, he would during this very exam, thanks to his quirk boosting him!
103 Sit Ups!!

Punching Machine: By this point in the exam, Kai was ecstatic with himself and his abilities. Not only was he performing well, he hadn't found himself tripping up over the expected horror of being tested in a semi-public setting. In fact, it seemed the experience was defying his expectations, with everyone around him much too focussed on their own performance to worry about gawking at him. Approaching the punching machine, Kai gleamed as he inhaled and exhaled steadily, bringing his arm back into a cocked position as his hips squared along with his shifting feet. His stance was similar to that of a boxer about to deliver a finishing blow to his opponent. With energy engulfing his fist and cushioning his wrist from the impact, Kai unleashed a beastly punch into the machine.
"Osu!~" WHACK!! ding! 502 points!

Grip Strength: The final physical exam for quirk evaluation, a grip strength machine! Kai approached it awkwardly, a bit shocked by his previous score on the punching machine. Not to mention, his wrist hurt quite a bit despite his cushioning attempts. Slotting his hands into the grooves of the machines grip tester, the aura manipulator could feel the tendons in his hands screaming out as if they were about to snap. Recoiling his digits, he winced in pain before opting to use his left hand for the grip test. Hues hid behind closed eyelids as breath flowed in and out of the students lungs, the flow of energy within the body redirected to the hand as if it were water being dammed off. With a firm squeeze, a score of 224.

With all of the days tests completed, Kai found his way over to the chain link fence that sat behind the area for the ball exam. Slinking down and sitting in the dirt with his knees to his chest, he simply waited for the remainder of students to finish up. Hopefully, he could fall asleep before someone came to bug him...

Nami, Hachō - Support Teacher; Workshop

Some time had passed since the students in the Support Course began work on their projects together (about an hour or so), many of them having constructed rough prototypes or blueprints, some even having some working gadgets and implements! Bubbling with excitement over her students and their progress, the teach decided to shake things up.

"All right everyone, listen up!" She chimed as she mosied to the center of the room, twirling around to get a glance at each one of her pupils. "Progress check time! I want everyone to stop working right now, and one by one we will go around the room and present what we have. It doesn't matter if you didn't get far, this isn't for a grade remember! This project is only for me to judge your abilities, talent, progress, and most of all, creativity." Pausing for a moment, Wavelength pointed to each of the students as if trying to pick one of them.

"How about we start with you two? Nokia and Kazuki."
The buzzing in his head instantly stopped, but his capacities had yet to return.
He couldn't just see yet, but his thoughts were quickly catching up and returning to him.

Nokia vaguely remembered a song he listened to, about a man who isn't named, awaking from his non-existence to set his old world right.
One line held meaning to him now.

...Do you know what it's like to not exist?

This line jumped out to him now, because for what felt like a solid eternity Nokia was unaware he existed and couldn't feel it either.
It was a void.
Nokia's sight flicked on like a bulb (because it was technically a bulb, but the explanation is too technical and long to get into at the moment), presenting him with the sight of his classmates staring, his partner dejectedly looking away.

Nokia didn't have anything to say. Kazuki knew he did wrong, and was probably wallowing in shame. Nokia remembered what his dad would say at times like these, when Nokia's aunt would get angry with him for breaking a vase or such.

...W-Well, Y-You see, I think he already k-kno-o-ows he did wrong. So get o-off his b-ba-a-ack...

So Nokia, for once, kept quiet. Or relatively quiet. All he said was,

"...I could have died if this phone wasn't my head. So let's take this as a lesson. Right, Mother? Professor?"

There wasn't much else to say, really.

But be assured, Nokia was pissed, and his voice was carefully controlled, but barely.

@RhythmThief @H47E
Fujita Rei, U.A. High School, Class 1-A

As Rei chatted with Rahm in turn, she happened to take notice of other students who continued to perform the exams. The likes of Melusine, Yuki, Kaede and Kai some of them she seemed to remember better than others and she had to admit some of their scores seemed to impress her. Rei believed her class had a few curious Quirks to them, pun very much intended, and more than that seemed to have a bit of potential to them.

Not that Rei minded, she looked forward to working with and competing against these guys...as she figured it would bring the best out of her.

Yeah, I think I am gonna like it here~

Though Rei had to wonder what was next once they had finished these mock exams of sorts. Whatever it was, she seemed to be all fired up and with the sun fueling her veins she seemed confident she'd be able to handle anything.