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Ask to Join Mystery Dungeon Online (Pokemon x SAO) Discussion

ROLEPLAY: https://pokecharms.com/threads/mystery-dungeon-online-pokemon-x-sao.20066/
PARTICIPANTS: @Jodie.xox @Red Gallade @Cloudswift @Toramaru @Kiraru
@Fraseandchico @GalacticDeg
In October 2018, there was a sudden release for a Pokemon game, Mystery Dungeon Online, and it went online 5 days later. The first 5 days were a test to get used to the game. 5 days later, when the game actually went into action, there were more than a million sales. However, as everyone joins the game, people start to notice that there's no Log Out button. Soon after, everyone is teleported to spawn, and the an extremely-sized Spiritomb player appears. What does this Pokemon want to say?
(This RP begins at the first logins when the game goes online 5 days after release)

You begin by creating an account, and picking a Pokemon that can evolve twice (e.g. Gabite), and get sent into the world at Level 5. You begin on World 1. There are in total, 102 worlds.

If you faint and have no other Pokemon, it's death in the real world. Your brain is fried. Have more than one Pokemon, and you'll return to wherever your spawn is, whether it's the world spawn, a house or an inn, etc. But, you won't have the Pokemon that fainted.

To access the next world, you must beat all Dungeons on the floor. After you beat the Dungeons, however, a Boss Dungeon will appear. Inside the normal Dungeons, there are items, and a button. Press the button to 'clear' the dungeon. A Boss Dungeon will have a small challenge and then a boss. This boss is very tricky, and requires a good team. Beating the boss enables an 'elevator' in all towns, to go to the next world. The first world has 2 normal Dungeons, and 1 Boss Dungeon, and the hundreth has 25 Dungeons and 3 Boss Dungeons.
You can't flee from a Boss, when at least ten people enter a Boss Dungeon and someone beats the small challenge prior to the boss, you get two minutes to accept the teleportation to the Dungeon. After the timer is up, the entrance methods are sealed off, and the fight initiates.
A Boss Dungeon has a Pokemon similar to a Totem, but more powerful. It can call up to ten allies, and only re-summon once all ten are defeated. Bosses above World 50 can kill their own allies so they can call their own.

You can expand your team by giving a Pokemon a certain item that depends on their species. This causes a chance of them re-appearing at your current home in-game, and asking you for a battle. Battle them multiple times until they join your team. You may have up to three different Pokemon, and have to free one when a fourth attempts to join. You can change Pokemon at a fountain or your spawn.

A Rescue Team (also known as a RT, Team or Clan) is a group of up to five players. These players cannot kill each other, and may teleport to someone in their clan IF they're on the same floor. You can also 'give' rather than 'trade' and do 'friendly fights' that cannot kill the loser.
There are also parties, which are temporary groups which disband in 12 hours.

Each World varies in appearance drastically from the last. There are simple ones, such as a forest-based one or a desert-based one, but then there's also really strange ones such as an art-based one and a Dubstep-based one. Floor 101 is a final boss thing, and Floor 102 owns the way out of the game.

A Wild Pokemon can either attack you or you can attack it first, and once the first hit is made, that person who caused it cannot attack until the opponent uses an attack. So it's turn based. To fight, you can make a screen appear out of your hand or front-leg, (whatever your human hand does upon thrusting it forward) and that will have 4 moves, and 2 options. Option 1 is 'Melee' which is a weak, physical, no-type move, and there's Item which is self-explanatory. You may also run, but there's a chance you'll be dragged back and recieve more damage on the next attack.
Bosses scrap this and allow constant attacks.

o Like I mentioned above, you begin at Level 5, and like I didn't mention, it would be best using one or two simple moves.
o Romance-wise, nothing past a kiss.
o Gore-wise, it doesn't exist, it's a Pokemon video-game.
o Put a food in italics in your bio
o Don't join if you've not got the time. I hate it when people sign up and then never actually do the roleplay.
o If you don't put five sentences, I'm most likely going to pester you to add at LEAST 5. I would much rather it if you did more.

If you put a bio before I re-added the Rules, just edit your post and tag me saying you read the rules.

Pokemon (Level):
Rescue Team*:

Put N/A currently, as you won't be in a bio yet.

Name: Alexandrov Larion Yaroslavovich. (You'd call him Larion.)
Username: Mec_meranion
Age: 17
Pokemon (Level): Gastly (5)
Moves: Shadow Ball, Confuse Ray
Personality: Larion is a quiet person, and likes to stay alone and do things independently, His hobbies include doing something creative, or video-game-related. Due to his, he gets nicknamed 'the Lion cub' He's been a fan of the Pokemon series since Platinum released. He's also that type of person to make really easy food and treat himself often by ordering stuff like pizza.
Rescue Team*: N/A

(Previously this was just an idea so I'd edited the bio and rules out so that's why people have put bios because this got such a fast reaction. I put the bio and rules sections back in now, sorry for any confusion caused.)
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Pokémon and Sword Art Online within the same RP? I'll take it.

Name: Damian Johnson
Username: Gladius
Age: 16
Pokémon (Level): Ralts (Level 5)
Moves: Confusion, Double Team
Personality: Damian is usually calm, but always tried to make whatever he does fun and tends to make sarcastic comments whenever he gets the chance. He hates those who believe in 'Every man for himself' as he wants to save as many lives as he can. He is loyal to his friends and loves Pokémon above all else; He always went after Pokémon that looked cool as well as giving them "Counter Moves" which are basically moves that counter what the Pokémon is weak to. (E.g. A fire type is weak to a water type, so a Counter Move would be something like an Electric type).
Rescue Team*: N/A
Other: He loves chocolate cake. His game character always wears a cloak.

A few questions
Are the Pokémon we play as allowed accessories to make them stand out a bit more?
Within time in the RP, can we learn moves usually learned from a TM or Tutor?
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A few things with your bio. @Jodie.xox
  • Your Meowth would begin on Level 5, not 10.
  • Meowth has one evolution, not two.
  • Can you choose more basic moves to begin with?
  • Can you post to put any ideas or questions you have? I really need more ideas because I don't think it can work without.
NOTE: If it's not already edited/deleted, Jodie.xox did this not realising it was an idea and not a roleplay just yet. So, please don't post a bio, just post your ideas to whether this is a good idea or not and what could be done if it has potential.

(and now it's deleted)
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I think this is a cool idea! SAO and Pokemon together would be awesome IMO. I personally think it'd be way cooler if it was like the mainstream Pokemon games(where you play as a Trainer and the floors are more like huge Gyms/Regions), but I get where you were coming from with the Mystery Dungeon aspect.
Sorry to double post.

@Red Gallade you may have started your bio before I edited it so very sorry, you can keep it here for later, but some things with your bio.
  • Your Ralts would be Level 5.
  • Can you choose more basic moves to begin with?
I know it's my fault for editing stuff, so I know I'm being the one in the wrong here.. but I notice mistakes and stuff and edit it, didn't expect posts so fast.
Calm down man. We just started this, there's no shame in a few beginning mistakes. I dunno about the whole "Thread reset" thing though and I'm perfectly happy being a Pokémon rather than a trainer as I'm barely in any RPs as the Pokémon itself.
I wouldn't mind playing the Pokemon, I'm just concerned as to the whole aspect of the Nervegear and whatnot. Didn't it stimulate nerves in the body to make the player feel what was going on? What if someone played as a non-humanoid Pokemon? Plus, once the creator guy(forgot his name, sorry lol) showed up and was like "lol so yea ur stuck here BAI~!" the game switched the players' skins to match their IRL appearances, how would that work here? Maybe Gijinkas? Just an idea, idk. It's up to you. I wouldn't reboot the thread, though.
This is good idea, I think it should stay like this.

Name: Darrius Moonglow
Username: Xarrius_1256
Age: 17
Pokemon (Level): Abra(Lv5)
that's it lol.
Personality: Quite shy in real life, preferring to stick to his video games, however, If he finds out a nearby player who is nice to him is a girl around his age, he will instantly try to get on her good side. He is quite skilled at video games, however, managing to reach no.1 in several tournaments for a few games, mainly Nintendo games. He honestly hates people who think video games are pointless.
Rescue Team
*: N/A
Other: Darrius' favourite food is Swiss roll.
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Ok, so no reboot.

  • The NerveGear equivalent would somehow let you feel like the Pokemon.
  • The creator (Spiritomb) would not turn people into a gijinka or anything, people stay the same.
  • Move tutors exist. Egg moves are taught using a special tutor.
  • I think maybe a clothes shop for accessories could be cool.
Though, one thing I can't think of, how wil friendship work?
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@Gamerblam well, I know how limiting it can be (my fav non-legendary is Rockruff) but one with 2 evolutions like Litten or Gible is more suitable to begin with.

But, that won't stop you from getting Buizel!
Name: Elvira Cana
Username: Ebisu
Age: 16
Pokemon (Level): Oshawott (Level 5)
- Tackle
- Tail Whip
Personality: Elvira is mostly sarcastic, laid-back, and somewhat short-tempered. Her roleplayer is pretty terrible at describing personalities, so enjoy this once sentence of personality.
Rescue Team*: N/A
Other: Her favorite food is strawberry cake.

Name: Lucille "Lucy" Frames
Username: Lucy_Flame
Age: 15
Pokemon (Level): Cyndaquil(Level 5)
Personality: Lucy is incredibly loyal, and sometimes this can be her downfall. She get scared relatively easily.
Rescue Team*: N/A
Other: Lucy absolutely loves ice cream. :3
@Cloudswift did mention to put the food in italics, but I'm not that picky :p. Accepted.

@Toramaru it took me like 5 minutes to understand what you meant in Personality, but anyways, Accepted.

ALSO, added some more rules, they're just ones about not joining if you don't have enough time and the 5-sentence rule... I know you guys will follow them without me specifying. (I've literally just noticed that everyone in this thread right now I have roleplayed with before)
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Name: Her name is Ava Zifol.
Username: Avanistic
Age: She is roughly about 14 Years old.
Pokémon (Level): Froakie (Lv. 5)
  • Pound: Froakie quickly gathers a small degree power in his hand, as he swiftly strikes the target to inflict moderate, physical damage.
  • Bubble: Froakie unleashes a cluster of bubbles at the target, which may inflict Slow, reducing the target's speed stat by one stat stage. This move may hit multiple targets.
Personality: Ava tends to have a modest outlook, as she is not usually the first to initiate a fight or flee from danger. She usually attempts to bring order if the group starts to fall apart from within, though sometimes she may keep quiet if things cannot be within her control. She can be a bit serious at times since her Froakie may cause some trouble for her if she does not keep an eye on him for a minute.
Rescue Team*: N/A.
Other: Her froakie seems to have a hard time grasping around a food situation.
Sorry, I've deleted my first bio to make a better one!

Name: Skylar Rivers
Username: Sky_xo
Age: 16
Pokemon (Level): Shinx (Level 5)
Moves: Leer, Tackle
Personality: Skylar is a kind girl, who likes to help anyone in need. She doesn't like to hurt eithers, but in video games, she doesn't mind the occasional violence. She just looks normal on the outside, but in video games, she's almost professional, and she wants to be great at the new SAO game out. She's a great friend, always there by your side. She prefers company, rather than being alone, but video games let her get out of that habit and stick inside her room playing.

Chicken bawk bawk
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@Red Gallade @Fraseandchico @Kiraru

Accepted! We can begin! Oh, and yes, that is true. Fainting of all your Pokemon will result in death. If you faint during a battle, with more than a single Pokemon, you will revive in your current residence (spawn, house, inn, etc), but without that Pokemon who fainted. If you faint with only one, then it's the death thing.
*Froakie gets to the PC while attempting to type god, noclip, impulse 101 and hurtme -1000000 into the console, though he frowns when he sees the line of sv_cheats = 0*

I suppose I shall wait for the RP, or look for it if it has been published already.
We can be a pokemon, and do quest type things to find more to turn in to, sort of like those online games where you can be animals and be different animals when you want to
@Cloudswift. No, we're Pokemon. If you read the how the game works (I don't blame you if you didn't, it's a lot of text), you can have 3 Pokemon that you can switch to if you're near a fountain.

@Jodie.xox @Red Gallade @Toramaru @Kiraru @Fraseandchico and Cloudswift
I hope you don't mind me tagging you all on a thing when I need you all to help. Anyways, two questions.
  • How can food work in the game? Seeming you're going to be unconscious in a way, you can't get food, can you? Or swallow it if someone feeds you in real life. I want to say that maybe the machine can somehow feed you, as this isn't realistic, but I want to know if anyone has any better ideas.
  • How will Friendship work in-game? Maybe it depends on how much interaction you make with another player? Maybe it's just how much you battle with that Pokemon? Maybe you have another idea?
Oh cool, I’ve always wanted a female Froakie in a game, this should be quite interesting to be honest.

I would have to presume that you can’t flee from the boss battles and such.
@Kiraru yes, you can't flee from a Boss, when at least ten people enter a Boss Dungeon and someone beats the small challenge prior to the boss, you get two minutes to accept the teleportation to the Dungeon. After the timer is up, the entrance methods are sealed off, and the fight initiates.

A Boss Dungeon has a Pokemon similar to a Totem, but more powerful. It can call up to ten allies, and only re-summon once all ten are defeated. Bosses above World 50 can kill their own allies so they can call their own.

Sound good?
In SAO, I don't think they were fed? And for friendship, we can do quests for the Pokemon like getting a specific item for each Pokemon, e.g. scraps for shinx, not really but just as an idea

Or you have to battle them

Like in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, to be able to have an animal go to your campsite, you have to get various items until they join you
Yes, and I already have a feeling that I would really need to get a Pokémon with healing abilities as soon as possible since I can already tell that items would probably be extremely rare later on.

I suppose now might be a good time to either grind or speedrun if we have a deathwish.