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Ask to Join Mystery Dungeon Online (Pokemon x SAO) Discussion

Simple for the food thing: Any food ate in game feeds in real life.

Friendship problem: See Jodie's post. It works. Also, theoretically, My character could learn healing moves. Since, Y'know, Abra evolution line.
By battling WITH them, I'm assuming you mean. Maybe you could battle using them, like in the main-core games, BUT special items (ones you use to gain them) could be a boost to making it easier to evolve them? (talking about friendship)

For the food thing, you cannot survive around a month without eating, especially if you haven't trained yourself or something. Food in-game feeding yourself was the thing I was thinking of by the machine feeding you somehow, but like I said, I didn't know if it was TOO unrealistic for the setting or something. Would everyone be fine with @Fraseandchico 's idea?
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Yes, it is dodging by physical movement or flying if you can and have learned to. Flying is a later skill though. Non-flying Pokemon can use a wing item or something, but I'll expand on it when the time comes.
Name: Clark 'Parta' Emando
Username: Sup_Broskie
Age: 25
Pokemon (Level): Tynamo (5)
Moves: Tackle, Thunder Wave
Personality: Clark is very optimistic and responsible. They've been interested in the Pokemon series for a while now, since gold was released. They are very skilled with online games like this.
Rescue Team: None
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Then I guess it's gonna take a while for my guild to be made then. At least I then have more time to come up with a good Guild name. (P.S. I don't plan on making the other 3 minor chars die anytime soon.)
20,000 wouldn't be too hard if everyone helped, Trading is a thing, people could buy stuff out of their money they want to donate to the Guild, and then trade it over to you, and then you sell it for the money?
I'm wondering how many people here are gonna be in the guild I plan to make, as well as counting their minor co chars. Also, the guild I plan to make is a bit like Klein's from SAO; A relatively small guild of chars who help whenever they can and none of the chars end up dying. (Because I think I saw all Klein's guildmates in the SAO movie)
I have no idea how Larion's going to go... I can't see him purposely asking any Rescue Teams (call them guilds if it's easier, but the name's Rescue Team). Probably anyone he's bonded with, he'll invite them, and then wait for people to join. IF he's the one to make the guild.
For the food stuffs. In the anime SAO they were moved to hospitals. It is there that tubes will be placed into stomachs to simulate feeding ness... Hospitals would keep you a live ^^

June Cross
Username: Junedabug
Age: 15
Pokemon (Level): Aron lv. 5
Moves: Tackle, Mud-slap
Personality: Quirky and usually hyper, this carefree young teen spends most of their time in school or in video games! She was super excited to hear about a totally immersive Pokemon game, as she had played SO many immerses games before. Pre-ordering the game, she jumped in the moment it was open, playing for hours and hours, until she was teleported that is. OH! Her favoritest food ever is Pocky!!!
Rescue Team*:
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(@Red Gallade @WolfFire369 you missed the thing about the alert meeting thing. Also, you've just switched June's gender..)

Yes, June ignored the alert, and yeah I did that intentionally ^^' moved here to avoid clogging the rp. OH. And your link for the discussion leads back into the rp ^^'