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Ask to Join Pokémon: Alola High (Rp Room)

"Hmmm...battle? Is there anything else we could do?"

After careful thought, this was the only thing that came to Claire's mind. She didn't know much about what extracuriccular activities were provided by the school, and hence a casual battle seemed to be apt. Or... "We could explore outside the school? Who knows, maybe there might be Pokemon to catch! Err- do any of you have Pokeballs? Oh! And...because I felt like it?"

The last snippet was aimed at Rosanna, who seemed curious as to why Claire had called her, and Claire didn't really have a reason. The girl had caught her eye in their earlier class and she figured she'd be as good a friend as any. Did she really need a highly complicated and justified reason just to strike up conversation?
"Hmm, I suppose I can live with that reason. I'm in, sounds fun. Where are we meeting up?" Rosanna asked the girl and boy that decided to visit her before standing up, waking her Pokémon in the progress. Needless to say, Acerbus and Impera weren't exactly happy by the sudden awakening. The Tadpole and Poison Pin Pokémon were rather irritable and glared at the newcomers, suspicious and ready to strike if needed to. "What are your names? Mine is Rosanna and these are Acerbus and Impera." Rosanna said as she pointed at the Poliwag and Nidoran on the seat next to hers.
"The name's Claire! As for my Pokemon, this is Chysa and..." After making a quick gesture at the Mareep in her arms, she managed to jiggle another Pokeball from her waist. As the containment device sprung open, a fierce and energetic looking Electrike was revealed, its fur tingling with arcs of electricity. Noticeably, the same thing was happening to Chysa. "This one is Sturm."

Generally, Claire would strike to keep the two electric types apart, not because they didn't get along, but because they got along too well. With Chysa's ability being Plus and Sturm's being Minus, the twin thunder duo always seemed to be overflowing with energy when in the presence of the other. However, with Chysa down for the count, she was in no mood or condition to be prancing around, and seeing her state, neither was Sturm.
"Nice to meet you Claire, you like Electric types by the looks of it?" Rosanna smiled, although she kept her eyes on Chysa. "Did you just get out of a fight? She looks rather beaten up, even though your Electrike seems to charge her up." She personally would not own a Mareep, but she couldn't just stand and watch a Pokémon be hurt just because they weren't big or burly.

Impera decided to jump off the chair and check out the newcomers, starting with Sturm. He slowly walked towards the Electrike, ears twitching and ready to pick up any suspicious sound. Acerbus on the other hand decided to play it safe and stayed on the chair, she didn't feel comfortable around Electric types anyway.
Mark had just flew in on the plane from Johto and was climbing out onto Alolan ground. He took a deep breath and dropped his suitcase, checking the young map on his pokegear. Krakatoa and Scorp following him,"Ok Hau' Oli Academy should be close to the airport." He then shoved his map into his pocket and started dragging his suitcase with Scorp on his hair and Krakatoa just sleeping in the front pouch of Mark's Bag. He had made a stop at the Pokémon center to get registered for the island trials and then continued on his way to the Academy. An uncomfortable feeling in his stomach.
He sat on a school bench getting cyndaquil out his bag and opening a RageCandy Bar and started eating it, giving Scorp and Krakatoa a few nibbles on it
Tobias watched as another student, a girl by the name of Claire, introduce herself to his newly acquainted friend. Tobias didn't say a word throughout their entire exchange as he only liked to talk to his close friends (Although Rosanna was his only one at this school), nevertheless he did still eye the new girl wondering why she decided to show up. Upon further eavesdropping, Tobias picked up that she was instigating plans of exploring outside of the school. To his surprise, Rosanna seemed to remain content with befriending this new girl and possibly hanging out.

For some odd reason, Tobias felt a small feeling of jealousy. Perhaps from having his only friend start talking to someone else? That was too petty, even for Tobias. No, it seemed as if Tobias feared that Rosanna would start hanging out with other people, but then again it was justified as they have only just met. Tobias hid his uncertainty under a simplistic aloof expression while occasionally looking around the cafeteria as to not appear as if he was staring at the two girls. Tobias soon reached the epiphany that he was being stupid and that if he could give the quick-tempered Rosanna a chance, he could do the same for anyone else.

He got up from his side of the table and moved closer towards the two students. He eyed at Claire's pokemon, intruiged particularly by Chysa as he had never seen a Mareep before. "Hey, my name's Tobias. I like your pokemon, what region do you come from?"
Scorp glided around stopping at a table that cyndaquil soon followed, Mark started to frantically search his bag,"Oh no." He started to panic and started to run around trying to find Scorp and Krakatoa, he had broken his glasses at the airport and was practically blind with out them so he would still try to find them even though they would have been right Infront of him. Scorp was laughing his head of while Krakatoa started to fall asleep again
Mark ended up walking straight into a lamp post,"Own, my nose." He then stumbled back and accidentally kicked a Dewpider in the face, which he then tripped over. The Dewpider used bubble and then Bug Bite. Scorp suddenly came over and used Cross Poison. He then walked over to Mark and pinched him to get him to look at the Dewpider which was now distracted by some thing else. Mark threw one of his Net balls and had successfully caught AirHead
Looking down at her two little power generators, a wry smile crossed Claire's lips. "Huh...that is what it looks like huh? Well, I have always had a thing for electric types!...so you're not wrong. But...it kinda just happened?" Setting her head askew, she observed the capricious poison pin Pokemon. She knew the Nidoran (male) was bound to meet disappointment, for Sturm would be in no mood for play while his partner was in such state.

"Well, she's in this state because were...'playing with fire'." Snickering, she threw a teasing glance at Ian. Her eyes didn't stay on the boy for long as she whirled around to face Tobias. "Claire, and I'm from Alola...tentatively. I was born in Alola but raised elsewhere. And what about you?"
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Mark clutched his head, having a giant headache from running into the lamppost,"Ow." he started to head back to the school. Scorp following him closely.