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Ask to Join Pokémon: Alola High (Rp Room)

Discussion Thread:https://pokecharms.com/threads/poke...pen-reboot-of-reboot.19762/page-2#post-656621
You have been invited to a new school where you will learn advanced subjects and have lots of fun. You will be able to go on feild trips to do the island challenge, and also do battle with the newly reformed Team Skull.
Now for the rp. Eat your Garlic Bread and strap in, cuz it’s gonna be a ride.

Footsteps echoed through the forest. Grass was stomped and Fallen trees snapped. Tommy was going to his first day. He ran through the forest, Shock the Grubbin riding on Blaze the Litten right behind him. “We’re almost there!” He yelled, seeing the exit to the woods.
Tommy skidded to a halt as he reached the gates. “Hau’Oli Pokémon Academy. This is it. My first day.” He said, and slowly walked in the gates. It was a large school. Most of its buildings were on stilts and were in the air. Rope bridges connected the hallways and classrooms. Ladders, Ramps, and Stairs crossed over the momentous size of the school.
“Wow..” he said, walking around like a kid in a candy store. He pulled out his schedule. “First hour... homeroom with Mr.Oak.” He said and then looked to the bottom of the page. “Please see Principal Kukui outside for directions.” He said, looking around as he saw the other kids swarming into campus.
From the skies of Melemele Island, a Noivern soared majestically through the air, at a closer glance, Leon rode atop it's back as it began to descend down from the clouds and toward the school. Once they landed on the school's front yard, Leon got off and got out his three Pokémon who all cheered that they finally arrived. Leon smiled at his Pokémon before he looked back at Noivern with a smile and stroked it's head. "Thank you for the ride, Noivern, I'll see you after school." He said and Noivern nodded before it turned around and took to the skies once more.

Leon looked back at his Pokémon and put his hood up. "Alright guys, this is our first day here, so let's do our best to make a good impression, got it." He said with a smile, all his Pokémon nodded and cheered lightly.
A girl slowly approached the campus, with her new schedule in hand. Her Litten, Vermilion, was right beside her, with a bancho cap with ear cutouts in his jaws.

“Huh? Now where did you get that?” His trainer asked, crouching down to meet with the small cat. Vermilion pointed a paw towards the trash can. “You found it in the garbage?” His trainer guessed. The Litten pointed a little more toward the left. “You found it beside?” His trainer guessed again. Vermilion responded with a nod.

“Don’t know why someone would throw away a perfectly good hat, but I guess it’s yours now.” She replied, placing the hat on the Litten. Vermilion showed satisfaction with a happy purr.

The girl stood back up, looking at her schedule then looked left and right. Where in Arceus is Kukui?
Tommy looked around, and then saw a stationary man. He didn’t look like a principal but he may as well ask.
“Excuse me, are you principal Kukui?” He asked, and Blaze dropped Grubbin on Tommy’s shoulder and ran off to scavenge for leftovers. “Why, yes I am!” He said, smiling.
“Great! Can you tell me where homeroom is?” He asked, and Kukui pointed to the left. “Head up the yellow ramp and follow the room numbers to room 204.” He said, and Tommy nodded as he walked to class.
Blaze saw Vermillion next to a girl he hadn’t seen before. They obviously weren’t from Iki Town. “Nya, Meow.” (Hey, you.) Litten meowed to Vermillion in Pokéspeak.
The girl was able to find some shirtless man standing in front of the campus. This guy is a professor?

“You’re Kukui, right? Do know where the homeroom is?” She asked.

Vermilion heard the meow of a Litten. (“Hello?”) He meowed back, looking in all directions in attempt to spot the other Litten.
“Mhm! Just go up the yellow ramp. Follow the boy with the Grubbin on his shoulder, he’s going to the same place.” He said, pointing left.
“Nya.” (Over here) Blaze mewed, running over to Vermilion. “Nyan.” (I’m Blaze!) he purred.
Tommy walked up the ramp and looked at his paper. He checked the rooms and went into the one that seemed right. He put Grubbin down on the table and put a magnet on him so he could recharge.
“Thanks.” The girl simply responded, signaling Vermilion to follow her. She tracked the boy Kukui mentioned so she could get to her homeroom.

(“Never thought I’d see another Litten! The name’s Vermilion.”) The other Litten meowed as he walked beside his trainer.

Gold The Dragonite

Previously Dratingonair
"Ok Draco,I know that's Melemele."Ryan said.He landed outside the school."Good thing I know where everything is,this is my dream High School!Time to go to homeroom."Ryan patted the Dragonite,and hurried into the School.He saw a boy with a Grubbin on his shoulder,and a girl with a Litten,and followed them.
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Leon gestured his Pokémon to follow him as they made their way to the homeroom, once there, he wasted no time finding himself a seat and gave everyone a light wave. "Sup guys." He greeted. Adam the Ralts climbed on to the table and greeted everyone, Eve the Bounsweet jumped around Leon's table cheerfully whilst Drake the Bagon also got on to the table but instead turned to look at the clouds in the sky. Leon's way of sitting seemed a bit informal, one arm over the back of his chair, despite the bright sunlight, that didn't stop him from taking his hood down.

Gold The Dragonite

Previously Dratingonair
When Ryan entered the homeroom,he saw a guy greeting them."Hey,I guess."He said to the laid-back guy."Where's Oak,or are we early?"
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Tori silently made her way to the academy after managing to get through the forest without a single, loud sound to any of the wildlife residing within the area. Evan floated along his trainer's right side, as the two went past the opened, wooden gates. The Elgyem gulped after taking swift notice of the school's large size, as he turned towards a static man within the distance. A brief vision came in the Elgyem's eyes, as he saw the same person issuing directions to the homeroom. Everything was in a negative perspective, red being blue, purple being a light shading of green, and many more colors that were altered to a peculiar state. His eyes returned back to the world of reality after managing to not become as lightheaded from a hasty glimpse into the past. The Cerebral Pokémon pointed towards the pathway with his shaky, right hand the man would direct the others to from earlier.

Tori nodded at the little Pokémon while proceeding up a yellow ramp that led towards several rooms. Evan floated behind his trainer into the room that the other students were in, as the Elgyem winced at the sight of an insectoid Pokémon being on a table with an alloy having both attractive and repulsive properties. The Elgyem felt himself recoiling at the various thoughts of the Lavra Pokémon, as his trainer took the seat in the frontmost row closest to the room's entryway. The little Pokémon swiftly made his way past his trainer's wooden chair, while he decided to remain under the table in hopes of being able to ward off every bit of attention he could.
“Nya! Meow Meow.” (Good luck for us! I don’t think so either myself.) he meowed, giving a cat-like smile. When they arrived in homeroom, Blaze jumped onto Tommy’s other shoulder as he sat down in the front row. “I’m getting a bit top heavy.” He joker to himself and whoever was around.
He turned to Leon who had just entered the room and said; “Nothing much. Sweet mons’! I can only have these two out... the other one might do a bit of damage... a lot of damage.” He said, scratching the back of his head.
Before the girl entered the homeroom, she sent out her Rockruff and Noibat. Her Rockruff, Ginger, was running around and barking happily until she was picked up by her trainer’s arms. “Calm yourself.” She simply said. Ginger nodded, a little disappointed. The girl’s Noibat, Fig, decided to calmly sit on his trainer’s shoulder, in which his trainer did not mind.

With one arm extended, she pushed open the door to the homeroom, setting down her Rockruff with her other arm.
Leon smiled and nodded. "Thanks, these three are my pride and joys, I can't wait to see them evolve into their final forms, and I know Drake here couldn't wait either." He said as he petted the Bagon's head. He also noticed the girl with the Rockruff and smiled. "Cute Rockruff you have there." He said with a small smile as he leaned back in his chair.
“Thanks.” She replied flatly without glancing, sitting down on a chair to claim her desk. The girl picked a desk that had no desk neighbors so far. Vermilion and Ginger hopped on the desk while Fig fluttered to the top of her head.

(“Fig! Get down here!”) The Rockruff barked.

(“No thanks..”) The Noibat responded.
Tori patiently sat in her seat while awaiting for further instruction, while Evan floated away from the bottom of the table and went on his trainer’s lap. He turned towards the girl while his hands flashed a faint, red light in the pattern of three short flashes, followed by three long flashes, and ending up with three more short flashes.

“Everything okay little one?” Tori quietly asked the Elgyem before noticing him shake his head a split second later. His body quivered after picking up on the slight sigh from his trainer, as he could only hope that he could get the day over with.
“Well, guess we’ll just have to wait.” He said, as Blaze jumped off of Tommy’s shoulder and onto Vermillion’s trainer’s desk. “Nya.” (Yo.) he said, curled up and fell asleep.
“Blaze? Hhhhh....” he sighed, looking over at him. “Sorry.” He said to the girl.
"Gre-eat." Leon said sarcastically as he leaned back further in his chair. Adam, Eve and Drake all appeared to be playing tag as they ran around Leon's desk and began to chase each other across the classroom. "Heh, there they go, energetic as ever." He said lightly with a smile.
She narrowed her eyes a little. “Just tell your cat not to be sleeping on my desk.” The girl stated, looking towards the boy who owned the other Litten.

Ginger began sniffing at the newcomer while Fig did not pay attention to the commotion. Vermilion was about to reply until he saw Blaze curl up and sleep. He tilted his head in confusion.


Previously AceAltaria
Olivia finally made it to the school, after walking for fifteen minutes. It felt more like half an hour. Oh well, it wasn't exactly the time to dwell on that now. Olivia pushed open the door and then stopped for a moment to dig around in her bookbag for her schedule. Pulling out the slightly ripped paper, she scanned the page for her first destination--homeroom. With a slight nod to herself, she hastily made her way over to the room and burst through the door. She blinked as she saw the other students before making her way over to an empty desk and setting her things down. With a brief sigh, she pulled out two Pokeballs and released her Pokemon onto the desk. She leaned her head back against the chair as Kit, her Fennekin, hopped into her lap and made herself comfortable. Olivia's Eevee was a bit more bothered by all of the people around the room compared to Kit, but ended up sitting down on the desk.
Tommy blushed a little in embarrassment and picked up Blaze, placing him on his own desk to sleep. Just then, a man walked into the room. He looked like Professor Oak from Kanto but just... wasn’t.
“Hello class. I am Samson Oak. But you can just call me Professor Oak or Mr.Oak.” He said, placing down some Books on his desk. “Now, Let’s all introduce ourselves. Say your name and Pokémon. Each of you. No order.” He said, and Tommy then stood up and daid; “I’m Tommy, and this is Blaze and Shock.” He said, pointing to the two. “My other Pokémon is in its ball.” He said, then sat down.
Despite the teacher's presence, tis didn't change Leon's informal sitting style, he looked up at Samson Oak and raised his hand lightly. "Leon Brando, and these lil' guys here are Adam, Eve and Drake." He said as he pointed at each Pokémon that returned to their trainer's desk and sat up on it, Eve lightly leaned on Adam.


Previously AceAltaria
Olivia watched the other students introduce themselves. She hesitated before standing up herself and speaking. "Err--I'm Olivia, but just call me Liv. My partners here are Kit and Berry." Almost immediately after, she sat back down in her desk as Kit looked up at her curiously. Olivia put a hand up to her face as she glanced around the room.
Evan emitted a lengthy sigh after taking swift notice of the other Pokémon running around the room. The little Pokémon flashed a dim, green light from his hands at his trainer while attempting to convey the best symbol of writing he could. His trainer nodded at him and gave him a notepad and a thick pencil for more ease on the aspect of gripping.

He floated above his trainer’s desk and placed down the notepad on the wooden table with ease. The notebook was silently opened to the first blank page without having to lay a finger on the paper. He neatly drew a coordinate grid within a matter of half a minute after managing to get the hang of holding things with just his mind.

He proceeded to jot down two lines, one being on third and second quadrants and the other being on the first and last quadrants. He drew an open dot on the right end of the bottom line, while jotting down an arrow on the left. Additionally, he drew a closed dot on the left end of the top line, which was parallel with the right end of the bottom line. An arrow was placed on the right end of the top line, before he looked up at the instructor a brief moment later.

He gulped after realizing that everyone was in icebreakers at the moment, as he flashed a flickering, yellow light at the Professor in the pattern of one short flash, three short flashes and a longer one, a short flash and a longer flash, and finishing up with an additional long flash and a shorter one.

“Well, I’m Tori, and the little one floating above my desk is Evan. He’s kinda quiet and tentative, so please be careful around him,” Tori stated while standing up for a brief moment, and taking her seat once her introduction was finished.
The girl stood up to introduce herself.

“I am Meiko Kamai. The Litten and Rockruff below me is Vermilion and Ginger and the Noibat that is sitting on my head is Fig.” She spoke, her voice carrying a flat tone. When Meiko sat down, Fig fluttered down to his trainer’s lap. Ginger barked once when her name was called, with Vermilion grooming his own paw and minding his own business.


Previously AceAltaria
Olivia stole a quick glance at her schedule and looked over her classes. She then returned her attention to the rest of the class and sighed. Berry was playing around with Kit on the desk and surprisingly managed to not fall off. Olivia stuck her schedule into her bookbag again and then turned back around just in time to see Kit jumping off of the desk and wandering off around the room. She watched the Fennekin for a bit before returning her gaze to everyone else.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Ren walked in and said "sorry I'm late sir, I overslept". He went over to a desk and sat down Blue hoping off his shoulder onto the desk. He lent over to the person next to him, a girl with a fennekin, and said "What's going on?" as he said this he looked at this girl thinking, she's pretty.


Previously AceAltaria
Olivia turned with a startled look, but it quickly faded. "Oh, nothing much. Just introductions. Everyone's introducing themselves to the class." Her gaze fell onto the shiny Eevee. "Your Eevee's cute," she remarked. "What's its name?"


Previously Shadow_Pup
"Oh his name is Blue, nice fennekin what's it called" Ren said accidentally making eye contact and not breaking it for a little to long. He looked away. He was really feeling weird he wasn't entirely sure why.
"Crap, Crap, Crap, Crap Crap!" Namine thought to herself. "Yeah! First day of high school and I'm already late!". She was flying from akkala while holding on the inflated wigglytuff's feet. "Wigglytuff, Use Flamethrower!" said Namine. Wigglytuff turned around and boosted herself forward as fast as she could. She thankfully got there soon after that. "Thanks Marshmallow>" said Namine as she patted the wigglytuff's head and the balloon pokemon flew away. She ran toward the classroom (which thankfully she memorized the layout because she attended multiple school visits. She got to the classroom and started to pant. "Sorry I'm late!" said Namine. "My alarm clock stopped working for some reason." Namine ran to her seat which was on the other side of a girl with a fenniken (Olivia). She pressed on two poke balls on both hands and zwie and vexen came out. She also dug into her purse and got a moomoo milk pocky (her favorite snack)
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Previously AceAltaria
Her blue gaze flickered from Ren to her Fennekin, who leapt up onto her desk. "Her name's Kit," Olivia said with a small smile. "While we're on the subject, I might as well introduce you to my Eevee, too. Her Eevee had been curled up, sleeping on the desk before Olivia gently nudged her. "Her name's Berry."
Meiko watched as people claimed their desks. Great, she has neighbors now. Fig’s sensitive ears wiggled a bit as he was taking in new sounds. Vermilion was curled up on the desk, taking a quick catnap.

(“I’m bored!”) The Rockruff barked, stretching her body.


Previously Shadow_Pup
"She's cute, this is Little J" he said as a little Joltik poked its head out of Ren's pocket. "tik tik" (Hi) said Little J, "He likes you, my name is Ren by the way" he said as he turned to watch people enter the room.
Mr.Oak smiled at the newcomers. “It’s all right. Just don’t be late again!” He said, smiling. “If that’s all of you, so now you may ask me any questions about this class or how the school works in general.
Tommy turned around to the three who seemed to be hitting it off already. He gave a small salute and whispered; “Sup.” And Shock gave a little pincer snap.


Previously AceAltaria
Olivia nodded. "I'm Olivia, but you can just call me Liv if you want." She reached for her water bottle in her bookbag's side pocket and opened it. She took a few quick sips before closing it and returning it to its usual spot.
Kit tilted her head curiously at the shiny Eevee and Joltik and barked. ("Hi?")
Olivia glanced up as another person approached. "Hi," she greeted.
When Fig flew up to sit on Meiko’s head again, the Rockruff walked over to sit on her trainer’s lap. While Meiko was petting her Rockruff with one hand, she picked up her schedule to go over it again.

The Noibat looked around until he spotted a silver Eevee. For some reason, Fig seemed intrigued by these colors, as if he had never seen silver fur before.
Namine looked up and saw a boy waved to her. "Hi, I'm Namine." whispered Namine. "Next to me are Vexen and Zwei." said Namine. "Bark! (Hi!)" said Zwei. "Bark! (Nice to meet you!)" said Vexen. Namine tossed a pocky over to Tommy. "Try it!" said Namine. "They're really good." Vexen gave one to Olivia, and Zwei gave one to Ren. Zwei then noticed the Shiny Eevee. "Bark!" (Wow, I've never seen an Eevee of your color)."


Previously Shadow_Pup
Ren raised his hand and said "Mr. Oaks, what are we learning", Ren turned to his friends, they seemed like a great group of people. He really liked Olivia and her fennekin was really cute.
“Nothing really. This is mostly a study hall and I will hand out important forms here sometimes when needed, as well as sign ups to the clubs that will be formed later this Semester.” He said, answering Ren’s question.
Tommy looked at Ren suspiciously, looked at Liv, and then back to Ren. “Hey. Ren.” He whispered, smiling. Blaze woke up and saw the sly look in his eyes.


Previously Shadow_Pup
"Yeah what" Ren said, looking at Tommy, why was he giving that look. "Why are you looking at me like that" Ren said slightly creeped out.