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Ask to Join Pokémon: Alola High (Rp Room)

"Do we really have to b- battle? I seriously would not like to have to go to the lady in the pink hair again," Evan asked with a low, infantile tone through the means of telepathy towards Mr. Oak. The Elgyem's hands flashed a reddish light at the instructor for a brief moment, while Tori analyzed the graph the Cerebral Pokémon wrote down.

Evan continued to stay afloat about a foot above his trainer's desk while taking a lengthy breath. His body quaked after picking up on what a trainer recently enquired. His right hand glimmered for a brief moment, as a mint green decagram appeared around the wrist of his right hand. A few seconds of intense concentration later, a shamrock green sigil appeared in front of the Elgyem, which resembled a large circle with a bright, three pointed star being in the center. A ring of peculiar letters appeared around the ring, while the isotoxal star radiated an immense amount of energy.

"Also... j- ju- just so you k- kn- know... I- I'm not a n- n- n- ner... d- d- dy..." Evan hesitantly added in telepathy at the instructor, while preparing to fire a devastating, peculiar ray at the first person or Pokémon that dared to insult him in any way.
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He pointed at Liv when she wasn’t looking and winked at Ren, smiling really smugly. “Mhm. I get it.” He said, his smile turning into a grin. He turned back to the front and started laughing. Blaze joined, looking back at Ren with a smug feline smile.
Mr.Oak looked at the Elgyem. “Well...” he said, smiling at the Elgyem. “We have resident staff who will heal you up if you do participate in any battles. If you’re ever in need of guidance though, telepathize with me.” He said, wondering what that last part meant.


Previously AceAltaria
Olivia grabbed the pocky from Vexen and bit a piece of it off. "Mm, thanks. It is good." She nodded at Namine. She broke off tiny bits of the stick and dropped them in front of Berry and Kit. Without hesitation, they both dug in as Olivia chuckled lightly.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Still confused by what Tommy was laughing about he sat there, drawing a picture it was a picture of him, Blue, Little J, Liv, Berry and Kit. He continued to draw it for ages only stopping if it was important.
Meiko stored her schedule away and stopped petting Ginger with one arm. The Rockruff calmly sat on her trainer’s lap, her eyes looking towards Fig.

(“Whatcha looking at?”) Ginger barked, following the Noibat’s gaze.

(“Whoa!”) The Rockruff suddenly barked when she saw the silver Eevee.
Tommy laughed some more, knowing that shit was gonna go down. “Hahaha.... oh Blaze this is gonna be GREAT!” He said, and Blaze laughed along with him.
“Is there something funny you’d like to share to the class, Tommy?” Mr.Oak asked, and Tommy just smiled. “Hehe... don’t worry. It’s not something that should be toutched apon... at least not now.” He said.


Previously AceAltaria
Olivia glanced over to see what Ren was doing after she finished the pocky stick. "What are you drawing?" She looked at the paper curiously. Meanwhile, Kit was sniffing at the drawing. Berry sat on the edge of the desk with a yawn as she glanced around at the other Pokemon.


Previously Shadow_Pup
"Oh I..I..I its nothing" Ren stuttered as he grabbed the picture and tried to hide it from Liv, he really wished that Tommy would shut up cause he was distracting him.
Off to the side, in the last row of the classroom, on the far right desk, a silver-haired girl slept soundly despite the noises that plagued the classroom. Her head was rested on a pillow of pure white wool, which belonged to a Mareep who sat idly on her desk and watched as one by one the other students and pokemon entered the classroom. The girl in question, Claire, had arrived far too early for her own liking and had found herself with little to nothing to do. Faced with the dilemma of boredom, she chose to use her Mareep as a comfortable pillow while she took a nap, a procedure that the duo of Pokemon and trainer were used to performing each night. The trainer's slumber had caused her to miss out on the entire series of introductions, but the Mareep had caught everything and figuring it was about time to awaken her trainer, the lamb-pokemon sparked her woolen cloak with electricity.


With a less than pleasant awakening, Claire jumped to her feet. She glared down at the pokemon on her desk, preparing to reprimand the little sheep, but soon took note of all the noise around her. She stared blankly at the other students, and then sheepishly, she gave an introduction, "I'm Claire de Lune, pleased to meet you, and this is my partner Chysa. I have another pokemon named Sturm, but he's a bit too energetic."
“Eh. Getting a little annoying here.” Meiko mumbled while she listened to whatever was happening right now, before leaning back in her chair.

Vermilion rose his head to see why both Ginger and Fig were staring at some silver Eevee. Now that he thought about it, when were Eevee silver?
"I... d- do- don't want t- to... d- d- do... t- th- that..." Evan replied through the means of telepathy while the sigil became fully primed soon after.

"I- I just don't see a p- po- point... all it does is just lead me or someone else to near d- de- de- death... a- and having to go th- thro- through... t- thir- thirty hours of t- to- tor- tort... ure..." Evan added while attempting to take a deep breath and loosen the tension on his hands.

"Besides, I'm not really sure if I should take my knowledge here if all we're doing to do is just brawl until one of us perishes and the other walks out with a foot in the grave," The Elgyem hastily continued after managing to somewhat regain his composure for a split second, before his equanimity plummeted a nanosecond later. His hands rapidly flashed an array of colorful lights towards the instructor, while his deranged, twitchy eyes stared down at the professor like a Staraptor that had one too many drinks.
Mr.Oak smiled. “Battles can be necessary. However, battles are fun and Pokémon usually enjoy them. I’ve seen countless Pokémon Battles where the Pokémon want to battle, not the trainers.” He said to the Elgyem. “And those who use their Pokémon for evil and mistreat them must be punished, as they cannot see that having a Pokémon as a tool is inhumane.
(*Really hates things where- ah, I’ll talk about it somewhere else*)
Tommy grinned at Ren when he turned back. Blaze the meowed; “Nya Nya Nya Nya Nya Nya!” (Ren has got a crush!) in Pokéspeak, hoping the Elgyem wouldn’t use telepathy to tell the class that. He liked his amusement where it was, thank you.
"I... don't see how we enjoy being hurt for others' enjoyment... It's like how those puppies fight to death for their owner to get a few easy bucks!" Evan shouted at the instructor in telepathy.

The Elgyem groaned at the Litten after picking up a rather significant fact from its trainer, as the Cerebral Pokémon suddenly brought the channeling of his energy to a screeching halt. The sigil harmlessly disappeared several seconds later, as he covered his watery eyes with his hands. He slowly backed away towards his trainer, while he utilized his telepathic speech at his trainer to faintly query, "You're seriously not going to have to make me get hurt again are you?"

"N- no... I wouldn't do that to you, but... battling helps you develop and learn new skills," Tori quietly replied to the distraught Pokémon.

"Yeah, it would help... in developing me into a savage, ruthless barbarian!" Evan vociferated before suddenly storming out of the room!

"Ugh... looks like I'll have to try to calm him before he goes cuckoo like last time," Tori thought while silently raising her hand and having her gaze focused at Mr. Oak.

"Umm... I usually don't ask this, b- but... my little one kinda needs some help, so can I go outside for a bit?" Tori requested while closing the notepad, grabbing the notebook and pencil and stowing it away in her bag.
Zwei dropped the pocky on Ren's desk and Vexen jumped back on to Namine's desk. But, Zwei was the curious type. Zwei started to walk over to the picture Ren was trying to draw and attempted to take it. "Okay, back in the ball for you!" Said Namine as she hastily drew the pokeball. "Sorry, he can be a handfull sometimes. Although he isn't as big of one as Sparky."
"Out of my way!"

A young man raced frantically through the halls, with a Chimchar moving on all fours at an even accelerated pace as the pair seemed to be in a hurry. It was understandable, as the young man was a student in Ian Hunter and he and his partner Chimchar Flint were had woken up class and now were in a race to beat the clock; with little care or concern for whoever or whatever they would run through along the way.

Great, first day of school here in Alola and already I overslept. Good going Ian!

Soon enough, the two barged through the classroom door as they seemed to have thankfully made it before the class began. Ian let out a sigh of relief as Flint climbed up to his shoulder, and as other students mingled he focused on finding a seat by the window to ensure he had a nice view as he took a moment to calm himself.

May have started off shaky, but at least he made it. And that was what counted.
Leon listened at Tori's reason as to why she didn't like battling, she couldn't believe her as battles are supposed to be fun and help you get stronger... yet at the same time, he understood her and how much she cared for her Pokémon to believe that. This realisation made Leon lightly smile and faintly blush. He turned is head to another late newcomer and lightly raised his hand in greeting to them. His Pokémon however remained sat on the table, patiently waiting for their next order or the lesson to end.
Meiko watched as Hunter sat on the desk next to her. Guess she a desk neighbor now. She then noticed her Pokémon staring at something.

“What are y’all even staring at?” Meiko asked, following their gaze until she spotted a shiny Eevee.

“Sweet Arceus, is that a shiny?” She muttered. Meiko heard about shinies, but she had never seen one with her own eyes.
“You can go outside for 10 minutes. I’ll tell the next teacher that you’ll be late.” He said, excusing Tori. He knew how she felt. It’s not abnormal... but still not very normal.
“It’s all right that you were late. A lot of you must come from different islands, and the first day is important for you to learn how to make a habit.” He said.
Tommy just smiled to himself. Too bad he hadn’t made any real friends yet, but he was good where bale was.
“I won’t be late, I’m usually quick with this kind of stuff,” Tori replied before silently making her way out of the room with her bag after zipping it up.

“Hey, look up at me. You seem very upset right now, so is there something bothering you?” Tori inquired the Elgyem while noticing the little Pokémon turning away from her and freezing in place like a weeping angel.

“Come on, I’m not the nurse or anything, it’s me... Tori,” Tori added before Evan emitted a large groan and turned towards her.

“Fine... I’ll admit, I do have some problems, but not wanting to lay my hands on others like a savage would is not one of them! I’m afraid of those spraying things, my attention span is barely longer than a little baby, and as you already know, I’m afraid of when things go pitch black!” Evan cried through the means of telepathy before hesitantly allowing his trainer to pick him up and slowly return back to class.


Previously Shadow_Pup
It was then that he noticed Meiko staring at Blue, so he picked him up, put him on his shoulder and walked over. "Can I help you Meiko", he asked looking at her. As he did this his drawing fell out of his pocket landing under Liv's desk, Ren never noticed. He liked this class they were all pretty cool as he was talking to Meiko he did happen to spot a kid sitting in the back, out of the corner of his eye, maybe he talk to him next.
Ian took notice of his seat partner's comment as his gaze moved forward and focused on the shiny that was in the room which was always a spectacle to see and then saw as the trainer of said shiny got defensive when his seat partner did. Ian didn't know what to say in this manner, though Flint eyed the shiny that Ren held as the Chimchar smiled and waved at it.
The bell than rang, and Mr.Oak smiled. “Class is dismissed. Your next class will be Pokémon Science with Colress in room 610, just up the red latter and down the green staircase.” He said, and began writing things down on his paper.
Tommy dashed out of class and brought back his Grubbin into its Pokéball. He then looked back into the classroom. “And nobody notices my Grubbin is shiny. Heh. Guess that’s just because it was on my shoulder asleep.” He said.
(Dammit forgot to put in my bio that Shock was shiny.)
Leon heard the bell go and got up to head to the next class. "Come on guys." He said to his Pokémon who all jumped off and followed him. Leon headed into the direction of the class he was told and once inside, he helped himself to a desk by the window and sat in his chair, he leaned back and put his hands behind his head. "Hmm, ya know what, you guys rest for now, I'll let you out soon or when needed to." He said as he began to return his Pokémon to their Poké balls one by one, first Drake the Bagon, then Eve the Bounsweet and finally Adam the Ralts. Afterward, he went back to his informal sitting position.

Gold The Dragonite

Previously Dratingonair
"Great,Science!Know a lot of it-did work with one of Oak's Aides after all.I should hurry."Ryan thought to himself."Dad would want me to make friends,maybe I will later."
“I’m sorry if I had to get out of class earlier than usual, it’s just that he’s been having a bit of a tough time with a lot of stuff. I’ll try to see if I can find anyone else to help in case,” Tori said to Mr. Oak after returning back to the homeroom for a brief moment. She waved at the instructor before strolling out of the room.

“Red ladder, green staircase, that’s all I heard Tori, let’s just go and get it over with, please...” Evan quietly stated to his trainer through his telepathic speech before his trainer noticed a sudden frown.

“Umm... do you want to go back in your ball? You look like you could use some time to relax,” Tori replied while making her way on the ladder and down the staircase soon after.

“N- no... it’s just that w- we- well...” Evan responded in a dubious tone while resisting the urge to take the nearest food source he could find.

“If you’re needing that, I would say to just tell me. There’s nothing wrong with drinking that,” Tori replied to the Cerebral Pokémon before reaching into the bag and handing him a small, modest green cup with a seafoam green lid and spill-resistant spout. The little Pokémon nodded at his trainer before taking the bottle and drinking it at a snail’s pace after managing to keep it in place without having to lay his hands on the small container of a sweet, whitish liquid.

Once Tori arrived in the classroom, she decided to take the seat in the frontmost row closest to the room’s entryway. She patiently sat down with Evan on her lap, while the bottle was hardly only a tenth finished.
Namine packed up her stuff, picked up Vexen and head out the door. She sped up and ran to a boy named Ryan. "Hello!" Said Namine. "I'm Namine. What's your's and wanna head to class together?" Vexen hopped onto Namine's shoulder and relaxed.
Tommy walked to class alone. “Heh... I can’t pity myself.” He said, smiling as Blaze nodded as he walked beside him.
“Hah. I bet half the school already has love interests. HAH. Don’t get those too easily, rite Blaze?” He laughed, and Blaze laughed along with him as they entered the classroom and sat down.
"If it makes you feel any better, I don't have anyone to talk with either."

The voice of Ian was head as he approached Tommy, with his Chimchar Flint on his shoulder as he took note of the pair and followed them to class. Sitting down next to the pair.

"I'm Ian, and this is my partner Flint. Figure I should know somebody by name here." Ian joked with a grin as he introduced himself and his Chimchar To Tommy & Blaze.
After her introduction, the rest of homeroom passed rather eventlessly, besides a single altercation with a trainer's, she believed her name to Tori, Elgyem. When homeroom ended, the other trainers rushed out of the classroom one by one, leaving a few stragglers, herself included, behind. They were a bit too eager if you asked Claire, but, it was the first day of school, and that did tend to make people excitable. "I guess it's about time we get going too..."

Still a bit drowsy from her earlier nap, the girl's words came out in a mumbled slur, but only Chysa would've been able to hear her. Raising from her desk, and gathering her things, she headed towards the next class, which according to her schedule, was science. She arrived at the classroom without much trouble and randomly choose a desk in the 3rd row. She noticed a scant group of students were already present, but seeing as the class hadn't started yet, she thought nothing of it. She sat at her desk without a word and lowered her head, maybe she would be able to catch a few more Z's before class kicked into gear.
At the call of the bell, she stood up and whistled for her Pokémon. She began to wonder who this Colress guy is. Hopefully they would be a decent teacher.


Meiko entered the class, a bit late since she had to momentarily chase an energetic Rockruff who couldn’t control herself. She walked around the classroom until she spotted an empty seat not too far from the group of trainers that had already arrived. She sat down on the seat to claim it, with her Litten already climbing up to sit on the desk. Fig was still comfortable on sitting on his trainer’s head while Ginger decided to sit on Meiko’s lap again, her little paws landing on the desk.

“There’s going to be a day in where y’all can’t sit like this anymore...” She muttered.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Ren walked in and took a seat in the back of the class he drew another picture this time of Blue. After he'd finished he lay his head on the table and fell asleep. He didn't like this lesson and decided to catch up on some sleep whish his Pokémon deprived him of every night. He just hoped everyone would leave him be.


Previously AceAltaria
(pretend she got to the class too oop)

Olivia looked over to see a sleeping Ren. She laughed lightly to herself and then turned to Kit, who'd been dozing off on her desk. She sighed and rested her head in her arm and thought about some things. This is going to be a great year, she thought happily as she watched Berry knock a few things out of her bookbag.
"Alright, that's enough out of you," Olivia said as she picked the Eevee up and placed her on the desk with Kit. She quickly picked up the things off the floor and put them back in her bookbag before zipping it up again.
Tommy grinned at Ian. “If it makes you feel any better about me I’m not immortal either.” He joked, giving a thumbs up. Blaze rolled his eyes. “Mew.” (You’re literal humanity can sometimes disgust me.) he meowed.
“Blaze, what did I tell you. I know when you’re being a smug-ass.” Tommy said, and Blaze just gave a purr in response.
Ian seemed to find some humor in the comment as he let out a chuckle in response.

"Maybe, but you are far from alone there." Ian said with a smile of his own. During this, Flint moved down Ian's shoulder and on the desk as he glanced at Blaze with a friendly smile as the fire monkey figured it was only right he give a personal introduction to the cat-like Pokemon.

"Chimchar." (Hello there, nice to meet you.)
Blaze smiled at the fire monkey. “Meow. Nyan.” (Hello. Nice to meet you.) he meowed to the Chimchar. “Nyan. Nya.” (My name is Blaze. I suppose that you don’t have a name.) he added.
Tommy laughed, and stuck out his hand for a handshake. “Name’s Tommy. Good to meet you” He said.
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Previously AceAltaria
With a bored expression on her face, Kit rose to her paws and made her way to the edge of the desk. The fox-like Pokemon leapt from the desk to another, and then another. "Hmm. This could be a new pass-time," the Fennekin mumbled to herself. (Just to clarify, when ever my Pokemon say something, they're speaking Pokemon. Just too lazy to put it :p) She sat down on the desk she was currently on, which was empty, and glanced around.
Olivia had her eyes focused on a book she had pulled while she was waiting and didn't seem to notice one of her companions had wandered off.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Ren woke up and saw the Fennekin jumping around so he started to scribble away drawing it in mid jump, he hoped no one was watching him he felt uncomfortable being watched while drawing. He looked up every now and then to get another detail correct. He sat the sketching and shading, like a man on fire.


Previously AceAltaria
Olivia finally lifted her gaze from the book as she closed it, setting it off to the side. She opened her bookbag again and pulled out a notebook, turning to a clean page and scribbling something in it. By now she'd realized Kit had wandered off to go explore, and seemed used to it. She continued writing for a bit, and then stopped. Olivia yawned before closing the notebook and glancing around.
Leon looked around from his chair and smiled at the classmates and Pokémon around him. He then turned his head to look outside while he waited to get the lesson over with, Meanwhile, Adam came out of his Poké ball and jumped on to Leon's lap. "Starting to get bored in your ball eh? Alright then, suit yourself, just don't get into any trouble." Leon said, Adam responded with a nod and started to walk around and greet everyone's Pokémon, starting with Tori's Elgyem, Evan. "<Hey there>" He greeted in his language.