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Ask to Join Pokémon: Alola High (Rp Room)

“I’m sorry... but I don’t know what to do... I have a feeling that your daddy might be a bit mad at me if I can’t even beat up a little caterpillar without regret!” Evan cried at his trainer in telepathy before his hands flashed a red light at her for a brief moment.

“Look, I understand you’re a bit upset right now, but why don’t we just take it easy? I’ll keep you safe and with me if anything happens,” Tori quietly replied while patting the Elgyem’s head and cradling the Cerebral Pokémon in her arms in an attempt to pacify his passive rage.

“U- umm... h- h- hi... p- pl- please don’t hurt me... o- or else I’ll be forced to t- te- tell h- her!” Evan bleated at the Ralts in the language of telepathy before almost losing his grip on the bottle that was barely a quarter finished.
"<Relax, I won't hurt you, just wanted to say hi, I hope I'm not interrupting anything with your master.>" Adam said with folded arms. Leon leaned forward very slightly and watched his Ralts talk with Tori's Elgyem. He realised he didn't talk to that many people since he got here, but he figured he would have a better chance at break or lunch. Eve and Drake also came out of their Poké balls.

"Lemmie guess, the fact I let Adam roam around makes you think you can as well?" Leon asked. "<Yup!>" His Pokémon stated. "Alright, just stay close, I don't want too may of you running around the class." Leon said. Drake hopped back on to the table while Eve bounced up and on to Leon's lap. The latter began to lightly stroke her head as e looked around once more.
Flint had a cheeky grin on his face as he was quick to clarify the name thing with Blaze. "Char. Chimchar." (Nah. My name is Flint actually.)

Ian extended his hand to complete the handshake. "Nice to meet you Tommy, I gotta say I hope this class goes better than this morning. Ran late and pretty much missed the entire thing." Ian said with a nervous chuckle, still upset over the fact that he had overslept on such an important day for himself.
Jake was Runnning to the School, Becuase he was Late. He wasn't used to waking up earlier than 3p.m., and since he Went to bed around 1Am, its was a Bad Combination. So, Jake was Running to School, His Litwick on His Shoulder as He was the School in the distance. Jake somehow Made it to school, But he had already missed the first Class. Once inside the school, Jake was Wheezing and out of breath as he Grabbed a Schedule as Went to his Class as when he Got their, As Kinda Forced the Door open and Just Walked to a Seat, Sweating and breathing heavily and Tried ti act like nothing was wrong.


Previously AceAltaria
Olivia bit her lip as yet another late student made it into the room. She then realized she'd almost ended up late herself and then shifted her gaze to look at something else. Berry jumped onto her shoulder and sat there quietly. She grabbed her book again from the edge of her desk and started reading it. Olivia wasn't exactly interested in science, to say the least. She found it boring.
“How would I know? I don’t want to be having to go to that lady in the pink hair ever again!” Evan retorted at the Ralts through his telepathy. The Elgyem continued to drink his bottle while his trainer gently stroked his back. His body started to loosen up in a slight manner, as his trainer flashed a smile at him for a brief moment.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Ren had finished his drawing, and looked up he saw Liv and couldn't help but stare. He tried to look away but couldn't, someone was bound to notice, but he could not help it. He threw his picture of her Fennekin over towards it landed on her desk. He freaked out. what had he just done.


Previously AceAltaria
Olivia glanced up from her book as a piece of paper flew onto her desk. She placed the book down on the edge of her desk and picked up the paper, scanning over it. Realizing what it was, she then noticed Ren staring. "Err--Ren? Was this meant for me?" she inquired awkwardly. "You're a talented artist."


Previously Shadow_Pup
Ren blushed, nodded and said "yeah and thanks", he then looked down at his sketchpad and started to draw the entire class. He sat there blushing like an idiot. When he drew what he saw he would notice details he would not normally see. Like he could see certain people talking with each other.


Previously AceAltaria
Olivia blushed slightly as she looked at the drawing of Kit again but quickly hid it. She pulled a folder out of her bookbag and placed the drawing inside, returning the folder to her bookbag. She then resumed reading her book, although it was hard to focus on it.
Tommy smiled. (“I’m the host, so I’m never late. Oh wait, can’t say this. I’d break the fourth wall.”) “Well, my alarm clock is especially good. And by Alarm Clock, I mean an Ember to the face at 5:55 every morning.” He said, chuckling himself. He then looked behind Ian and saw the whole “Drawing escapade” between Liv and Ren.
“Hey, Ian. You see Liv and Ren over there? I think they’re crushing on each other.” He said, laughing. He made sure that they didn’t hear, keeping it down to a whisper.
Blaze smiled at Flint, and then said; <“Well, good to meet you. We should train sometime with that Litten Vermillion.> Blaze joked.
(By the way, can you do Pokémon speak with the <>? It’s a lot simpler than what ive been doing anyway. Thanks.)
Jake Laided his Head down, Tried as his Litwick Jumped off of his Shoulders as He went over to The Other Pokemon and Trainers, Well Very Slowly as when he Got over their Litwick said <Hi!> To all the pokemon which sounded just like a Normal Litwick Noise to all the trainers
<“Did someone say train? I wanna train!”> Vermilion meowed, immediately getting up from his curling position.
<“Heck yeah, training! Too bad we are in some room..”> Ginger whined.

Meiko decided to pull out a volume of a magna out of her backpack, since she wanted to read just to kill time. It seems that the magna was about some people controlling Pokémon spirits called Stands. Maybe an interesting read? Wait, is this a reference to something?
Aulii Nihipali was having a positively terrible day. He woke up so late he might as well never have even gotten out of bed at all, as well as Denton's real knack for not doing anything productive. Despite this, the Alolan boy managed to scramble out of bed, slip on a flannel T - Shirt and Khaki's, before stumbling out the door onto Tauros, and heading towards the admittedly impressive building.

Holy Arceus, this damn place is enormous! His mouth hung open metaphorically and physically, partly from awe, but mostly a mixture of self deprecating frustration and an unshakeable feeling of grogginess, all stemming from the sheer wonder of the breathtaking Alolan architecture. Noticing nobody else around, he absently pulled the assigned schedule from his backpack, skimming it over swiftly before striding towards the lavish doors.

Opening them, Aulii walked into the hallways, forcing himself to awake from his own personal sea of sagged eyes. After what seemed like an eternity, he made it to his first class, taking a deep breath before entering and looking around his alien surroundings. Everybody must be in class already, the halls are empty, weird. Maybe there's a smaller class? He wondered prior to carefully edging his somewhat skinny limbs into the threshold.

Multiple girls, seem to be native here. That kid is tall, my Arceus - oh, people are staring... Aulii snapped himself out of it, before sitting down at one of the Oak desks positioned near the back half of the room, humid air lazily drifting about the building. He then got to unpacking his required materials vigorously, ready for whatever may lay ahead of him.

Gold The Dragonite

Previously Dratingonair
"And still no one notices me.I'm just in the corner.."He thought.Ryan didn't send out his Pokemon,he thought they would do something.However,he sent out Gold silenty,and the Dratini wrapped up.
"<I'm sure you'll be fine, my master has yet to meet someone he can't beat.>" Adam boasted and pointed to Leon who gave a slight wave to Tori and her Pokémon. "<You ever need support or anything, my master will help you with that; he may look laid back, but he's actually a really nice person.>" Adam said. "<Oh! I completely forgot to ask, my name's Adam, and my master over there is Leon.>" He added with a slight look of embarrassment.
For some reason Ryan didn't give Namine an answer. (OOC: I JUST SPOKE TO YOU @The Golden Dragonite ) "Okay, well I better get to class." She started a light jog-walk thing and got to class. Vexen was a little started by this sudden jolt of movement and nearly fell off. Thankfully, she got to class and for some reason it seemed like alot more people's pokemon were more out an about. "I guess it would be nice if you two could stretch your legs." Said Namine as she placed Vexen on her desk and sent out Zwei.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Aeris hopped of the table, with Little J on her head and walked over to Namine without Ren noticing he was to focused on his drawing. Aeris walked up and said <Hello my name is Aeris and the Joltik is Little J, what is your name> she asked Vexen. Little J was hiding in the fluff on Aeris' head, he poked out a little and said <It's short for Little John>, he then hid straight back in Aeris' head fluff.
<Woah, that's a cool name!> Said Zwei. <I'm Vexen, pleasure to meet your acquaintance> <And, I'm Zwei. Nice to meet you too! Quick Question, What's your favorite food. I like Namine's Pockys. Sometomes she makes them by hand ,but usually she buys them> <I like them alot too> said Vexen
Ian glanced over to this Liv & Ren and indeed saw the two converse as it seemed easy enough to agree with Tommy on this. Though he didn't expect crushes to form on the first day of school, but hey who was he to judge?

"Looks that way to me. I've never been much of a romantic myself, I mean there was this one time I had a crush on this girl back in my old home region but she was out of my league and I've moved past that." Ian said, having been vague about the details.

<Little Vermilion? I mean I am up for training anytime and I am sure my partner is to.> Flint replied to Blaze with a smile, even if he didn't know who this "little vermilion" that Blaze talked about was.
<“I’m right here, you know!”> Vermillion protested.

Meiko continued reading her manga, listening to the conversations. Apparently, almost everyone has a love interest? She prayed to Arceus that she will never have someone have a crush on her.
Immediately Flint felt a wave of guilt, as he had not noticed Vermillion's arrival before he made the comment and turned to it with a sheepish grin as he rubbed the back of his head.

<S-sorry....didn't see you there.> Flint said, as the Chimchar apologized.
<“Please don’t beat me or her up... or else I’ll have to get the cops... and maybe even have my proof ready too!”> Evan cried through transference at the Ralts, as he attempted to finish his bottle as quickly as he could.

He curled up in his trainer’s arms while he replied in a hesitant, infantile tone in telepathy, <“I’m Evan, and well... the cute girl that takes care of me is Tori. She’s trying to help me out with my problems, though that hasn’t been exactly going too well with the main one...”>
"<Hey hey, calm down, I have no intention of hurting you, I just wanted to make friends.>" Adam said with a warm smile. "<And if possible, perhaps me and my master could help you out with whatever your problem is, I won't pry, but I still wanna help.>" He added. Leon looked over at his Ralts and smiled at the talk he and the Elgyem might be having. Eve slowly began to fall asleep on Leon's lap whilst Drake remained sat on the table, trying to prove he was more sensible than Leon's other two... not that he was complaining.
Tommy smiled. “I’m no romantic either. At the most, there was this one girl who had a crush on me in elementary, but that doesn’t count.” He joked.
Blaze smiled. <“Well, if we wait two more classes maybe we can do a battle Royale with all our trainers and add one more! It would be great training!”> he said, jumping up and down.
<“O- okay then... b- bu- but, I have m- ma- many problems...”> Evan replied in a tentative tone before taking in a rather loud, lengthy breath.

<“I’m not so sure if I should just divulge them like how I did to the girl,”> Evan faintly added before closing the empty bottle and placing it back in his trainer’s bag. He gently landed on his trainer’s lap and gently rubbed the back of his head for a brief moment.
"<S'fine, part of being a friend is to be there for others.>" Adam said with a friendly wink under his hair and smiled as he turned and walked back to Leon, jumped on his lap and decided to sleep beside Eve who smiled in her slumber knowing Adam was next to her. Leon looked over at Tori and the Elgyem that is Ralts was talking to. "Unless we're to go in pairs in lessons and I get lucky, maybe I'll go see that girl at lunchtime." He thought.

Gold The Dragonite

Previously Dratingonair
(OOC:Woops,sorry haven't been on for a bit.)

"What was that? A girl came up to me,looked like she was talking to me.Her arua,she was pretty happy. Oh well,I should've taken out my earphones."Ryan thought.

"Well,ready to go into Science Gold?"He asked.The Dratini gave a nod and slithered around his neck,like a scarf and fell asleep.Ryan entered the class and saw the girl talking to him.She looked his way,then quickly turned away."Oh well."He said to himself,as he went to took a seat at the front.
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Previously AceAltaria
Olivia put her book down onto the desk again and decided to go get Kit, who'd been playing around with some pencils in the corner. She gently picked the Fennekin up and returned to her seat, setting her down. She yawned and sat down in her chair, desperately trying to stay awake.
<“I really would not want to get hurt again like I did last time... but they didn’t want to try to reason at all,”> Evan quietly replied before curling in a little ball and attempting to conceal the series of sniffles. He could only hope that the instructor would get the class over with, and possibly without having to perform anything questionable if Lady Luck were to really love a little Pokémon like him.
A man in a lab coat walked out of a door behind the desk and locked it behind him. “Eherm... hello class. Welcome to Science. I am Doctor Colress.” He said, and pressed a few of the buttons on the IPad like wristbands on his arms. “Now tell me. Who here can name the 2 abilities Gengar has had over the course of evolution.” He said, and Tommy couldn’t remember.


Previously AceAltaria
Olivia thought for a moment, and came up with an answer, but didn't raise her hand or speak because she didn't want to make a fool of herself if she was wrong. She glanced around the room for a moment before finally raising her hand. She never really thought of abilities that often.
Rosanna was pissed, the boat took too long to arrive at Alola and now she was late to class! "I better find class fast or I am screwed!" She ran towards the school and tried to find her class. "Bloody slow boats! I knew I should have taken the plane!"

Gold The Dragonite

Previously Dratingonair
Ryan raised his hand.He knew this,he knew all about Kanto Pokemon."Cursed Body and Levitate,but a Mega Gengar can have Shadow Tag."He told him."Well it is two,but Mega Gengar can have Shadow Tag once Mega Evolved..."He told himself.
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<“I clearly o- o- object sir... b- be- because he called out three, not two! I have never seen that ghost thing freely floating around like I can!”> Evan countered in telepathy at the Professor while taking a deep breath, as a ring of octagrams appeared around his wrists the moment he pointed his hands at the boy that raised their hand.

A brief vision flashed in the Elgyem’s eyes, as he recalled a prior time when he could not flee from the clutches of the pesky ghost. He rubbed his eyes for a brief moment, before attempting to send the vision to the instructor, only to have the mystical energy fizzle from his hands seconds later. A vague frown came from the Cerebral Pokémon, as he attempted to keep himself steady in the air without support.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Ren was really bored he had drawn so many pictures, but he fell asleep drawing Olivia, he lay on his desk and his pencil fell out of his hand Blue then walked over and lay on his head. He lay there completely asleep as the drawing of her slipped off the table along with a few others. Little J being the only one still awake muttered <Really guys?>.
Colress completely ignored Ryan and Evan and looked at Olivia. “You. With the Fenniken. State your answer.” He said, pointing at Liv.
Tommy chuckled to himself. ‘And then there was one.’ He thought, and began daydreaming as Blaze climbed up onto him and curled up on his head.


Previously AceAltaria
"I believe it was Levitate and Cursed Body," she answered, slightly surprised she'd actually been called on. Olivia glanced down at Kit. The Fennekin's head shot up as she heard the word "Fennekin", but quickly lowered back down as she tried to sleep again.
Rosanna threw open the classroom door, breathing heavily. "Finally I found this darn classroom! What was the subject before I barged in?" She said as she sat down at an empty chair and waited for the lesson to continue.
Aulii was furiously scribbling notes in his journal, perspiration dripping down his forehead in the summer that so many people had already gained accustomed to on the four islands.. Shadow tag... Levitate... he repeated in his head, continuing the tedious, seemingly pointless writing. Setting the pencil down, Aulii raised his attention towards the instructor. His name was... Colress? He had heard of this name before, back in historical studies a few years ago - something involving Unova. It was likely just a coincidence, anyways, maybe just a repressed memory jumping back from the depths of his brain, he thought with a slight mien of passive interest.

Stopping this useless daydreaming, Aulii began diverting his gaze around the room, and generally getting a lay of the land, as people and Pokemon go, atleast. Somebody really tall... he saw him on his way in, and then there was a girl with a Fennekin. He kept his eyes on her for a few more seconds than usual, before noticing another kid with his head slumped on one of the many wooden desks, drawings spilled across the floor. Do the teachers here not even care? Poor bastard... The Alolan teenager thought, before returning back to the seemingly endless drone of pencil against paper.
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