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Ask to Join Pokémon: Alola High! (Sign Ups are Open), (Reboot of Reboot)

Dear Parents,
Your child has shown exceptional abilities as
a junior trainer in and out of school, and we have decided that they should be enrolled in our special, advanced, and enriched Pokémon High School. Please return in Email or Physical Mail to tell us your decision.
Sincerely, Principal Kukui.
Hey, ummm... been a while. This is my 3rd try now huh. This better not need another reboot or I swear to Arceus- Okay, that’s enough of that. Anyway, this school’s story takes place after the events of Ultra Sun and Moon. That means I’ll be putting in my own OC from my Ultra Sun file (sorry) as one of the teachers, kay?
Now, I guess I’ve got to make my first bio setup in months.
Age: (13-15)
Sexuality: (OPTIONAL)
Backstory: (Optional)

Pokémon Bios: (MAXIMUM OF 3 1st EVOLUTIONS)
Nickname: (Optional)
Gender: (Optional)

Oh, before I do mine, here are the rules:
1:All Pokécharms Rules in General
3:Keep it PG13.
4:Keep the swearing at 50%. It’s highschool after all.
6:You must say Garlic Bread in your bio to show you read the rules.
My Bio:
Name:Tommy K. Rahaé.
Personality:Tommy is... robust.... he’s very active and fun loving, as well as hyper as frick. He loves to meet other people, no matter who they are. However, he always keeps a spot in his intense mindset for bullies. Did I mention he has an intense mindset sometimes? No? I just did.
Appearance:Tommy sports spiked-in-the-front brown hair as well as having a slightly tan skin color. He has green eyes and wears a black sweatshirt with a red long sleeve shirt underneath. He wears one sweatshirt sleeve up to reveal said red shirt. He also wears slightly worn jeans and grey tennis shoes. He’s 5’ 7” in height.
Backstory:Tommy was born in Iki Town and learned his training from Kahuna Hala himself. He received his first Pokémon, Litten, and was helped catch his first Pokémon, Grubbin, by Hala himself.
Other:He lieks cheese.
Moves:Scratch, Bite, Ember, Fire Fang
Species:Grubbin (Shiny)
Moves:Spark, Bug Bite, Bite, Acrobatics.
Moves:Rage, Bite, Dragon Rage, Leer.

Well, join.
If you want...

Oh Btw this rp will be heavily battle focused.
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Hmm, I suppose an RP will not hurt before the schooling starts.

Her name is Tori Cass.
Age: She is 14 Years old.
Gender: Female
Sexuality: She is as straight as a green HP bar since she has not gotten into relations yet.
Personality: Tori is soft-spoken and very compassionate around others, especially towards the young. She often babies around her Pokémon, as she can be rather overprotective of them sometimes. She is often overly cautious when it comes to dealing with time and pressure, since they can often leave her panicking if one runs out or if the other becomes too big for her to handle.
Appearance: Tori has pale yellow blond hair, blue eyes, and also has a skinny build. Along with that, she stands at a modest height of 5'2". She wears a tan flatcap, while she has a green V neck shirt on; along with blue cargo pants. She wears brown leather sandals, and a red shoulder strap bag that contains some medicinal items and other items for other purposes. There is a picture of a green cross that bears resemblance to the addition sign on the center of the bag.
Backstory: As Tori does not like revealing secrets as much yet in the beginning, this will likely be revealed in the RP with a certain trigger prompting it.
Other: She likes Garlic Bread.
Crush: She does not have any yet.

Species: He is an Elgyem.
Nickname: He likes to be referred to as Evan, as evident by his pink scarf with his name embroidered on the inside area.
Moves: He tends to use Confusion, Psybeam, Hidden Power and Protect in the field of combat, if he is forced to fight at all due to his trainer disliking battling for various reasons.
Ability: Synchronize
Gender: Male
Imma make my bio anyway while the idea for the char's in my head.

Name: Leon Brando
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Leon is a calm, stoic yet kind person, very friendly and sometimes supportive toward others and a total smartass when he needs to be. He cares for his Pokémon almost as if they were his children and is known to be very cruel when angry. When it comes to lessons, he is very laid back and blunt toward the teacher, not afraid to speak his mind or give out sarcastic comments. He's also an expert at hiding his true feelings, some would say a great poker face.
Appearance: Leon has a height of 5'6, has pale skin, Purple eyes and Silver short spiked hair. He wears a Charcoal T-shirt underneath an open Red long trench coat. (Preferably with the hood up.). Dark blue denim jeans and Brown sneakers. He carries a brown backpack but only carries it over one shoulder.
Backstory: All I'll say is he grew up in Heahea City on Akala Island, you'll find out the rest within the RP.
Other: He likes sweets, pizza and garlic bread. He is also an expert Mantine Surfer.
Crush: Tori Cass (If allowed)

Species: Ralts
Nickname: Adam
Moves: Confusion, Double Team, Disarming Voice, Teleport
Ability: Trace
Gender: Male

Species: Bounsweet
Nickname: Eve
Moves: Rapid Spin, Razor Leaf, Protect, Sweet Scent
Ability: Oblivious
Gender: Female

Species: Bagon
Nickname: Drake
Moves: Ember, Dragon Breath, Bite, Headbutt
Ability: Rock Head
Gender: Male
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Hmm interesting, never thought I would see someone having a crush on my character. I would love to see how this goes once the RP starts.

*Evan rolls his eyes while picking up a ruler without even having to touch it*
Name: Ian Hunter
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Hyperacitve and always looking for something fun to do. Ian has a tendency to act on impulse and once he's made up his mind it is nearly impossible to change it. For better or worse. Is quite determined, but loves his Pokemon and is encouraging to them and his friends though can also be quite stubborn and tends to get into sticky situations; usual by his own fault.
Appearance: Short (Relative to his age) with spiky black hair, black eyes and fair skin. Has a visible scar across the bridge of his nose. Wears a red hooded jacket with a pair of white cargo shorts and some black tennis shoes with white laces.
Backstory: Actually grew up in Twinleaf Town in Sinnoh but moved to the Hau'oli Outskirts of Akala Island with his mother at a young age.
Other: His mother is named Anna and garlic bread is one of her favorite treats.
Crush: None (Yet)

Species: Chimchar
Nickname: Flint
Moves: Ember, Flame Wheel, Fury Swipes, Taunt
Ability: Blaze
Gender: Male

Species: Rockruff
Nickname: Terra
Moves: Bite, Howl, Rock Throw, Sand Attack
Ability: Keen Eye
Gender: Female
I came here via stalking godjacob since the pokemon RP's he's in tend to last a while~

Name: Claire Argentia Senica de Lune
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Claire is rather passionate about what she does, battling in all her glory, and absolutely indifferent to everything troublesome, dealing with any of the higher-ups. Anything that falls between those two extremes gets a reaction entirely dependent on her mood. Claire is a thrill seeker, finding the greatest pleasures in battle in the most precarious of ways and environments alongside her Pokemon.

Physical Appearance: Claire has milky chocolate brown skin as she hails from Alola, though her hair carries an odd steel-grey color that shimmers like silver in the sunlight, and her eyes are the crimson red of a Midnight Lycanroc’s. Standing at 5”4 she considers her ‘just tall enough to deliver a backhand to the face, and just short enough to hit below the belt.’ Years of training CQC (Close Quarters Combat) have toned her body and given her a near enviable figure, only accentuated by her exotic hair and eyes.

Claire sports a greyish-silver tank top which fits tightly around her body, it meets seamlessly with an Asymmetrical, jet-black skirt that has two side-cuts running through the shorter end. Around her waist lies an arsenic-to-black faded sash which is patterned with leopard print. It wraps smoothly around her and ends in a small bow with two flourished ends. Around her neck, she wears a rather eye-catching storm-cloud-colored cat fur collar, with a lighter timber-wolf shade locket attached to it.

Backstory: Her parents, being grunts of an underground criminal syndicate, in fact, the notorious Team Rocket, met and married within its confines. As a result, Claire was born and bred a little on the wild side. From a young age, she was put through a variety of training methods as the higher-ups saw her as nothing more than a ‘moldable tool’. Due to her childhood, she feels no loyalty or inclination towards 'organizations' on a whole, feeling that creating individual bonds is far more important. Her willingness to enter dangerous terrains for no other reason than ‘fun’ has made her an excellent scout and explorer, which led to her position in the scouting division. Since the collapse of the Rocket gang, she's since then gone exploring in quite a few regions and is disinclined to settle down anytime soon.

Other: She owns a butter knife, but only uses it to butter up garlic bread

Crush: None

Pokémon Bios:
Species: Mareep
Nickname: Chysa
Moves: Tackle, Thunder Wave, ThunderShock, cotton spore
Ability: Plus
Gender: Female

Species: Electrike
Nickname: Sturm
Moves: Thunderwave, Howl, Quick Attack, Spark
Ability: Minus
Gender: Male
Name: Aulii Nihipali
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Very confrontational and protective, he has a natural way of insight and empathy. However, due to his confrontational nature, he can be occasionally hot headed under pressure; especially in a situation where those he is attached to are in any sort of tangible danger. Also is very opinionated, making It easy for him to unconsciously make enemies; as he constantly feels a need to speak his mind, and express his more colorful thoughts. Enjoys debating, and isn't afraid to tell the truth.
Appearance: Light brown skin, has not too short, but not too long black hair. Fairly skinny, with relatively minimal amounts of muscle on him. Decently tall for his age, at 5'6, and also weighing at 113 pounds. He'll generally wear light T-shirts, with athletic shorts or khaki's. His eyes are a grayish - blue. (His appearance makes it obvious he was born and raised in Alola.)
Backstory: (Optional)
Other: His least favorite food is garlic bread.
Crush: None (So far, atleast)

Pokémon Bios:
Species: Honedge
Nickname: Pierce
Moves: Swords Dance, Tackle, Slash, Shadow Sneak
Ability: No Guard
Gender: Male

Pokémon Bios:
Species: Spheal
Nickname: Denton
Moves: Water Gun, Ice Ball, Rollout, Defense Curl
Ability: Thick Fat
Gender: Male
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Gold The Dragonite

Previously Dratingonair
Name: Ryan Wataru
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Hetrosexual
Personality: Serious,usally cuts to the chase.Smart,shy and is very experienced with Pokémon.
Appearance: Short blue hair,wears a blue T-Shirt with a Hydreigon on it and wears a green hoodie.Wears white trousers with a vanillite design on it.
Backstory: Born in Blackthorn,Ryan trained with the other kids near a gym.Ryan always had a liking to ice types,ever since it met Frosslass once,being rare to find a Sinnoh Pokémon in Johto. However,due to a family tradition,he had to use dragon types.He secretly trained with his best friend,Frost at night.He grew independent,and trained overseas at Pallet,with a scientist,one of Oak's Aide.He grew smarter and smarter there when he worked there,and even beat the gym leader at Pewter there.Before he went back,he was given a Bulbasaur by the Aide.When he came back,he hopped on his new PC,and saw he got an email from Princapal Kukui.(Parts may click as the storyline progesses...)
Other:Hates Garlic Bread,and has a charm resembling the Rising Badge,given by his aunt.(Has special powers,like sensing auras.)
Crush:No one (Yet)

Species: Snover
Nickname: Frost
Moves:Razor Leaf/Powder Snow/Icy Wind/Leer
Ability: Snow Warning
Gender: Male

Species: Dratini
Nickname: Gold
Moves:Wrap/Leer/Thunder Wave/Twister
Ability: Shed Skin
Gender: Male
Species: Bulbasaur
Nickname: Leaf
Moves: Tackle/Leech Seed/Vine Whip/Growl
Gender: Female

I'm pretty new,so If I do a bad job at roleplaying,thats cause im a noob. :/

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*Noturile rolls his eyes while hitting Nebulix in the leg*

Well, I mean, we might have to consider a plot, since school RPs are a bit well... so frequent. (I really would not like to use the word yet unless if things don’t go yet.)
Just gotta get an actual plot or at least some plot events happen to spice things up. I'd suggest some multi-school competition event to show our students stuff. Just one possible idea.
I was perhaps thinking of having an antagonist for a school RP, as I might be possibly thinking about having a separate Pokémon character that specializes in the field of hacking. (The main motive for being in the school is to erase his trainer’s records and also for his friends.)

Gold The Dragonite

Previously Dratingonair
I was perhaps thinking of having an antagonist for a school RP, as I might be possibly thinking about having a separate Pokémon character that specializes in the field of hacking. (The main motive for being in the school is to erase his trainer’s records and also for his friends.)
Honestly,I think Ryan (My char)would be able to do that,however,there would have to be some Pokémon,like Malamar controlling him.
This is taking place after the events of USUM, and thus I wanted to make the antagonists a newly-formed Team Skull with new admins and a new boss.
I also thought of a side plot/half-main Plot. Of going on island challenges as field trips or something like that.