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Ask to Join Pokémon: Alola High! (Sign Ups are Open), (Reboot of Reboot)


Previously AceAltaria
is it too late to join? sometimes i join roleplays and then they've already gotten to a point in the roleplay, which makes it hard to jump in.


Previously AceAltaria
alrighty then, i'll make a form ^-^

Name: Olivia Fisher
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Sexuality: She's a crooked line. (Bi)
Personality: She describes herself as caring and honest, as well as optimistic and determined. She is also very social. Most of her friends would say that she's fun-loving, bubbly, and a little reckless. She also can be rebellious at times and is stubborn. As social as she may be, she isn't one to start conversations and is awkward when trying to. Olivia is messy, and her room always looks like a tornado just blew through, followed by a flood.
Appearance: Olivia has a pale, lightly tanned complexion with slightly wavy light brown hair that goes down to mid-arm. Her eyes are pale blue in color. She usually has on a casual white t-shirt with a denim jacket (usually unbuttoned), as well as some jeans. You can find multiple bracelets and things on her left wrist. She has a light blue bookbag.
Backstory: ehh i didn't feel like making one right now, she's a bit young
Other: she's not a fan of garlic bread *cough*
Crush: hmm


Species: Fennekin
Nickname: Kit
Moves: Ember, Flame Charge, Scratch, Howl
Ability: Blaze
Gender: Female

Species: Eevee (Leafeon)
Nickname: Berry
Moves: Quick Attack, Tackle, Helping Hand, Covet
Ability: Adaptability
Gender: Female
Name:Jake Ross
Sexuality: Bi
Appearance: Jake Weara black Pants, A white Shirt and a Thin Black Jacket Over the Shirt as he Also Wears a Black fedora with a White Feather in it as he Has Purple Eyes, and a Birthmark on his right Hand that looks like a Ghost
Personality: Jake is Very nice and Very open And out about his Feelings. He Is not afraid to Speak his Mind and will to do Anything to Protect his Friends. Buuut he can be Rude or Mean or Even Heartless At Times.
Backstory: None
Crush: None!
Other: N/A

Species: Litwick
Nickname: Flame
Moves:Ember, Fire Spin, Flame Burst, Confuse Ray
Ability: Flame Body
Gender: Male

Species: Flabébé
Nickname: Flowey
Moves:Tackle, Vine Whip, Fairy Wind, Razor Leaf
Ability: Fairy Veil
Gender: Female.

I hope thats good enough. And Garlic Bread
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Previously Shadow_Pup
Name: Ren Reyes
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Kind, a bit shy, Tough, wants friends but his shyness gets in the way
Appearance: Tall (6' 9"), Muscular. Electric blue hair, well shaven, yellow eyes, wears a grey suit all the time
Crush: Olivia Fisher (If that ok)
Other: Little J rides around in Ren's suit pocket and Eevee rides on his shoulder.

Pokémon Bios:
Species: Shiny Eevee
Nickname: Blue
Double Team, Bite, Shadow Ball, Protect
Ability: Anticipation
Gender: Male

Species: Joltik
Nickname: Little J
Moves: Substitute, Toxic, Discharge, Rest
Ability: Compound Eyes
Gender: Male

Garlic Bread
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Already missed two pages of RP. I am amazing...*Smashes head against wall*

Anyway starting school tomorrow. So if there are periods I am not active, that is the reason. But I will try to be as attentive and active as I can.
Hi I just wanted to know if I can join
Name: Gen
Age 13
Gender Male
Personality Kind, also acts like every anime character ever. So sometimes he can be rude, annoying, also kind and friendly, at first very depressed
Sex Staright
Appearance My profile picture (new)
Backstory Is from Hoen, he raised his Treeko from an egg, the reason he's depressed was cause when he was 5 his parents left him with his Treeko egg. He moved to Alola 1 month ago, with his new parent. He is kind to people he learns to trust (or his friend).

Treeko (about to be groovyle)
Tackle,mega drain,tail whip,and quick attack
Wing attack,Quick attack,Growl,and Peck
Other: nothing
Crush: no one
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Lol, half the school already have love interests

I will allow crushes on Meiko, but don’t expect her to return these feelings. There is a reason why she won’t anyways. (To be revealed??)


Previously AceAltaria
Olivia's not sure as of now, lol. She has yet to meet some people, so who knows :p It might be tough to find who she has feelings for because she's friendly with everyone
*a Jigacho could be seen solving a Rubik’s Cube in 1.337 seconds, as he eats a cookie before resuming on building an intriguing trap*

I presume the class will start soon, since everyone appears to be there.
Name: Rosanna LeBeau
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi
Personality: A huge fan of competition and tomboy, she is always ready for a fight. Rosanna loves big and burly Pokémon, the bigger the better in her opinion and is known to try and get close to them. She has an undying determination and doesn't know when to give up, this can go both ways for her. Rosanna has a notoriously short temper and it doesn't take much to anger her, this occurs especially when she doesn't understand something or her opponent is cheating. Despite of that, she is a good friend once people decide to look past her short temper.
Appearance: Rosanna has curly brown hair that usually is in a ponytail over her shoulder, her hair is a fuzzy mess every morning and takes atleast 15 minutes to get in a ponytail. She has tanned skin and usually wears a red t-shirt and ripped jeans along with a black belt holding her Pokéballs.
Other: She loves garlic bread
Crush: None

Pokémon Bios:

Species: Nidoran M
Nickname: Impera
Moves: Peck, Poison Sting, Double Kick and Focus Energy.
Ability: Poison Point.
Gender: Male

Species: Poliwag
Nickname: Ingens
Moves: Water Gun, Hypnosis, Double Slap and Bubble.
Ability: Water Absorb
Gender: Female
My new bio
Name: Hiro
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Sex: Straight
Personality: Sad, Hiro is sad a lot, Hiro really doesn't open up to people, when your not his friend you only see him smile in a good battle, it's hard to be friends with Hiro, but he is really cool. Also strong and brave and Kind.
Backstory: He moved from Sinnoh to Alola 2 months ago . Since Hiro was almost 13 he has been rasing a starry egg as his second pokemon. His dreams are to be the pokemon champion of everywhere he's lived.
Other: Nothing else really
Crush: IDK

Pokemon Bios
Magnitude,Flame burst,Ember,Tackle
Ability: Own Tempo

Ability: Keen Eye
Quick Attack, Wing Attack, Tackle, Growl