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Ask to Join Pokémon: Role Play Thread

Montagne Khastil
July 6 Calanthe Town, Kalos

"It wasn't too bad." Monty lied straight through his teeth. There were a couple of points where riding Roy was terrible, and he might not be able to have kids in the future, but the gangster would rather keep up his bravado in front of Azumi than admit it. Naturally, he picked a black bike for himself and swung his leg over it with gritted teeth.

Thank Arceus he snapped a picture of the bulletin board, because Monty was able to lead the way to the spider-man's house based on the address listed. It was styled like most of the other buildings in Calanthe, and the gangster came to an abrupt stop outside of it.

Monty moseyed on up and KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCKED! on the front door. "BONJOUR?! Is this the spider-man's place?!"

Wednesday, July 6th – 10:55 am
Spiderman, Calanthe Town
Interactions: Azumi Towers (@Hecotoro) | Montagne Khastil (@~Patriot~)

Tiny pitter-patters—the sound of something skittering across tiled floors. A few short moments later, the doors opened seemingly on their own—that was, unless one looked high, just above the door frame, where the spindly legs of a Pokémon peeked out. The Ariados hissed, a friendly gesture—if the hissing of a 4-foot spider could ever be construed as friendly—and waved its guests into its lair. And truly, this was a spider’s lair. Webs covered the walls, and various spider-pokémon retreated from the sudden sunlight. The Ariados didn’t mind the mess, skittering across the ceiling and deeper into the house. It waved for Azumi & Monty to follow.

The Spiderman truly was one of the bug catchers of all time, with a particular…affection, for arachnids. Ariados, Araquanid, Spidops, and even a Galvantula roamed the home, skittering out of the duo’s way. The original Ariados led the duo up a set of stairs, all the way to the roof where the spider-enthusiast in question manically worked on some spider-web contraption. When the duo approached, he didn’t even bother to turn around.

“Are you the ones who took my quest? Perfect! These Yanma have grown too bold in their numbers, it’s high time we wrap things up with them. I have a lot of Araquanid and Dewpider that we can release into the waterways to threaten the Yanma’s breeding grounds. The rangers are too concerned about drivel, like EcOlOgIcAl balance—BAH! A few spiders will wrap things up real good!

“Ariados, take them to the basement and show them the pokéballs! I have a few aquabreathers you can borrow as well. You’ll need to locate Yanma breeding grounds and then sneak into them, once that’s done, release the spiders—preferably underwater. I think in a couple of days, we’ll be rid of our Yanma problem! Hahaha!

“If you manage to do it then you can keep the aquabreathers, those things are pretty pricey so that should satisfy you, ya?”

Wednesday, July 6th – 10:45 a.m.
Esther Rosana Sophys
Route 7, Riviére Walk, Berry Fields,
『 Pyrrha (Jangmo-o) | Kasriel (G-Zigzagoon) | Maçiera (Bounsweet) | L’ Basseau (Surskit) | Pari (Munna) | Houndour 』​
Interactions: Beatrice Esperanza Lazlo (@Grand Master Koop) | Celia Besnard (@ThePlayfulFox)

Spiders threads…?

“I can work with that! Got anything else? What about you Celia?” Esther idly kept an ear perked but turned the bulk of her attention to planning. Her own Pokémon were, quite frankly, pretty bad at constructing things. Did Susu even know String Shot? Esther…didn’t think so?

If they were going to build something to reinforce the fences then they were gonna need more than one spider. They would have to come up with another tactic, unless Bea had another Pokémon or Celia revealed a pokémon that could help. The beginnings of an idea had formed in Esther’s mind, but it was risky…

$6,320 | Pokéball x 0 | Practice Ball | PokéToy | PokéFlute | Super Potion x 2

Quilt Set
Hammock Set
First-Aid Kit
Water Bottle (1/2 Gallon)
Water Purifier & Filter
Gothic Lolita Set (Clothing)
Lace Set (Clothing)
Chic Asymmetry Set (Clothing)
Winter Gear
Climbing Gear
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The Ultimate Azumi and Amazing Monty.

"Releasing natural predators just like that into the wild isn't so wise."

Azumi bit her bottom lip, examining the odd house they found themselves in. While the spectacular bug catcher wasn't exactly wrong. His plan could have dire consequences. She followed along to the basement, her eyes scanning the area until she saw the Poke Balls containing the spider Pokémon and the aquabreathers. She gave Monty a worried look and then took only Poke Ball and an aquabreather.

"Monsieur, we will only be taking one. We can't risk ruining the ecosystem. Please, inform monsieur human spider about the change in plans. If he refuses, then we refused the quest. I'll head outside and send Nimbus on another errand to the PokeMart."
Montagne Khastil
July 6 Calanthe Town, Kalos

Creepy, creepy, creepy-fucking-crawlies EVERYWHERE! Monty could practically feel the spider-freak's arachnid Pokémon tap dancing across his skin from the moment he stepped foot in the web-covered house, and he was sure to keep his eye on each of the skittering critters whenever one came across his view.

The phantom itch was made even worse on two fronts when they met the spider-freak himself. He didn't even have the decency to turn around when he spoke to them, prompting a disgusted scowl from the gangster. What, did he think he was better than them? That he had better shit to do than look people in the eye when he spoke to them? It wasn't like what he had to say even made up for it—the rangers had apparently already cut the web out from under his spider-idea!

Monty followed the Ariados and Azumi down to the basement and examined the arrangement of balls and breathers. Just based on the name, the aquabreathers seemed plenty useful. Like Azumi, though, he had his own reservations about releasing the spiders out into the wild.

'Ruining the ecosystem' sounded like exactly the kind of thing that would require the rangers to come back once the Yanma were dealt with, which meant an investigation. Which meant they'd try and figure out who released them. Which meant the who in question might end up catching a charge. Still, Monty did want the backup...

"One each works for me," he responded at Azumi's direction, selecting a ball and an aquabreather from the table. "I'll meet you outside, then."

The duo ascended the stairs together and split up, and the Ariados led Monty back up to the spider-freak for their little chat. He'd better have learned some manners in the space of two minutes.

"Hey pote," Monty said to the spider-freak's back while he fiddled away at...whatever that thing was. "We'll take the backup, and the gear, but releasing all of the Pokémon in the basement's gonna be a no-go. We'll bring two of them out to the breeding grounds with us."
The Ultimate Azumi and Amazing Monty.

Azumi stepped out, looking up at the sky, watching her flying dragon still circling them. She waved at Nimbus, ordering it to descend. Once again, she attached the small pouch, with a note and money. She instructed the bird Pokemon to look out for them along the route. With a proud chirp, Nimbus rose into the sky and flew in the direction of town.

As she waited for her partner in justice to return, Azumi took her phone out, looking through the crazy amount of messages her sister sent her. She also took the time to send out Anakin once more. His speed was enough to keep up with them during a bicycle run. She also needed to consider her clothes once it came to the swamp. She will need a place to stop by and change, one that wasn't run by spiders and some creepy guy.

Wednesday, July 6th – 10:55 am
Spiderman, Calanthe Town
Interactions: Azumi Towers (@Hecotoro) | Montagne Khastil (@~Patriot~)

The Spiderman rose, revealing that the contraption he’d been working on was a giant net spun from spiderwebs. He seemed awfully proud of the device, flimsy though it might’ve seemed.

“Very well, not everyone is able to accept the greatness of the arachnid. A few are more than though to stir up the local Yanma and with my new and improved fly-catcher, I can take the fight to the Yanma!”
Montagne Khastil
July 6 Calanthe Town, Kalos

“Right…” If spider-freak didn’t have any objections, Monty didn’t have any reason to stay in his house of horrors any longer. The gangster took his leave immediately, carefully navigating his way out of the house to avoid getting ensnared in a web or even worse stepping on one of the friggin’ creepy crawlies scuttling around.

Finally, he reached the outside world—with no webs, no spiders, and no spider-freak! A normal person and her Pokémon choice that wasn’t obsessively strange were there instead, and Monty double-timed it down to them and mounted his bike.

“Let’s track down that old lady next, get an exact location on the Flabébé cave before we head out.” Monty started pedaling, following the sparse street signs to the address that was listed with the Flabébé mission.
The Ultimate Azumi and Amazing Monty.

Azumi followed closely with Monty, her Lucario keeping up like nothing besides them. The weather was actually nice considering the situation on their hands, it was kind of sad that they couldn't just sit back and enjoy it. Still, duty called first and Azumi was more than determined to prove her worth in the community. Soon, they arrived at said address, and old lady watering her plans out front.

As they climbed off their bikes, Azumi gave one of her rare playful looks to Monty. "I am a bit curious how you would talk to an old lady, I rarely see you in such interactions." She took the lead however, not wanting to find it then. "Allow me this time monsieur, you took the lead in the one before."

"Excusez madame." She called out with a friendly wave. "We're here about your request regarding the missing Flabébé. My name is Azumi and this is my partner, Monty. We are at your service and promise to do our best to figure out why they've gone missing. Please, give us any information you might feel is useful." As she spoke, she took out her notebook, pen in hand ready to start taking notes.
Montagne Khastil
July 6 Calanthe Town, Kalos

Monty had been hoping for an exact number of Flabébé, a list of threats in the area, or maybe even an exact location for their fabled 'cave en route to the Pumace Mountains'. He didn't think that was too much to ask, but the old lady on the porch clearly did. The only information that de Medici had for them was exactly what they'd already read in the bulletin board posting, and when they bid the old woman adieu Monty pedaled off feeling even less satisfied than he was with the spider-freak.

When the group got a decent distance from the old woman's house, Monty voiced his complaints. "We're basically charging in blind. All of this 'go to this vague place' and 'do this, maybe this will happen' feel so...unprofessional."

When the Old Guard did a job, everything was figured out from start to finish—where they were going, who they were meeting, what they were doing, how they were getting out or going back. Dealing with these...civilians was the least organized job the gangster had ever taken!

The group reached the edge of Calanthe Town, where a north-leading dirt path trailed down and alongside the river. "We'll follow this route up," Monty announced, his gaze following the water flow up to the Pumace Mountains in the distance. "I'd assume the cave is somewhere in that section closest to the fork. If the Flabébé come all the way down here to make the flowers grow, or whatever, they probably don't travel too far."
The Ultimate Azumi and Amazing Monty.

"Aw I thought the old lady was adorable." Azumi let out a short laugh at Monty's comments.

Azumi stood at the fork, trying to decide which path would be the best option. Although, it was probably better for them to split up if they were going to get anywhere soon. "I forgot to change clothes..." Was her first comment before turning to Monty. "I hate to say it, but we should split up. I'll send Nimbus with supplies when she arrives, for now, I say you go right and I go left. If we don't find anything within the hour, return to this same spot. If one of us does, well we have each other's number."

Azumi go on her bike, adjusting her hair into a ponytail. "I'll change clothes down the road, so if you spot someone with a different outfit but same hair color, it's probably me. Are you going to be okay on your own? Would you like Anakin to go with you?"
Montagne Khastil
July 6 Rivière Fork, Kalos

Taking the Lucario with him was a tempting proposition, especially with there being a chance he'd stumble on a nest full of the same monsters that nearly wiped out three trainers' teams back at the farm. Even Oracle had a hard time just evading one Yanmega, but a whole breeding grounds' worth?

"If you can spare him, I'd be glad to have him around," Monty replied as he got back on his own bike, and with a grin he added, "We won't get into too much trouble. Call if we find something, wait for the other to get there before we do anything, yeah?"

With Anakin in tow, the gangster put tires to dirt down the right side of the river.
The Ultimate Azumi and Amazing Monty.

Anakin gave Azumi an annoyed look. She knew very well that it was his job to protect her and not some raggedy ass poor excuse of a man. But for now, he would obey. It would help him scout out if Monty was to be trusted. He gave his trainer a nod and started running alongside the river, keeping his distance from Monty and alert to any attackers.

Meanwhile, Azumi was on the move in the opposite direction. She peddled until she couldn't see Monty no more. She took the opportunity to change behind a tree. Leggings and a t-shirt she wouldn't mind getting dirty if they did get into the river. Once she was finished, she was on the move again.

It was long before Azumi found herself approaching a small cave. Scouting for Flabebe wasn't going to be easy, specifically if they had ran away. The only idea was to use a fairy to find fairies. Letting Nana out once more, the dynamic duo began their search.
~Aldon Charlton...~
~Skol the king of gods, Bran the bronzor, Zippy the magnemite, Huck the golett, Wunder the Sigilyph and Bolly the Baltoy...~
~Cianwood City by the docks waiting to go Olivine City, Johto ...~
~interactions: Desmond, Emma...~

"Since everyone's well rested, that that means no slacking off today, places to be and history to unearth" Aldon said excitedly. Seeing how these two were here and slept well, he know wondered where the others were.

"Looks like we're the ones waiting on the rest of the group now, ha!" Aldon chuckled.

~Buck Gamble...~
~Rank: 99,987...~
~Buck Pokémon: Braviary/Marshal(M) lvl 55, Mudbray/Tony(M) lvl 13, /Bagon/Waylon(M) lvl 15...~
~Location: Route 20...~
~Interactions: N/A...~

From the forested Pledge grove to the rural parts of Floccesy Town then finally to the path of route 20 which lead to the next town. Buck had his work cut out for him. As he walked down the road, it was just him and Marshal once more. Rivers and bridges here and there. Hillsides covered with trees a plenty.

A peaceful walk down the riverbed would have made for a neat detour on his trip just before arriving to Virbank City and his next gym. So that's exactly what he did.

Bare feet in the sand and soil, water against his shins and a cool breeze through his face and against his face. Marshal soared overhead to enjoy the breeze casting a shadow over the land. Buck eventually the edge of a cliff where the water ran down crashing into the water below. In the distance, the water reaches a large pond with a small island within the center and a cave leading into the ground below.

Being an interesting sight to see, it would be a nice place to train and find treasure and more. He signaled to Marshal and leaped over the cliff, arms in the air. A large roar could be heard as the braviary divebombed downwards, snatching Buck by his arms. Bucked splashed waves as he kicked the river surface, soaring inches above the water.

"Woooo!" Buck hollered. He eventually gestured to the ground when he reached the island. Marshal abruptly dropped him without warning forcing Buck to tumble and roll. He stood there gazing within the darkness. An eager grin and a willingness to explore the unknown. Whatever he would find, hopefully it would warrant exploring, and hopefully more it would turn out better than his last dungeon dive.
July 25th, Jayden Jones, Cabo Poco, Pladea.

"Wow. Who would've thought you could control a horde of Starmie using a bottle of rum and two spoons." Jayden said as they watched Captain Buck Sarrow sail away. "There's no way anyone would ever this incredible tale. I mean, the way he single handed took out Calypso and the Black Beard crew was insane!"

Jayden turned to face the path leading up the cliff. "Well guys, time to save that legendary story in our hearts and never speak of it again. Now, a couple of cute Paldea girls wait for us hubert, let's go!"

JJ lead the charge into a new unknown territory, to hone their skills, to become better, to be the very best, like Buck Sarrow.

Hubert Lee​

Cabo Poco, Paldea - July 25​

Following weakly behind the confident Jayden was a dubious, clothed mass, trudging with a cadence that could only be described as utter lethargy. Jayden's praise of Buck Sarrow seemed to have fallen on deaf ears, but suddenly, the clothes wearing a lump of flesh spoke, its voice weak and its words slurred with exhaustion.

"...Yeah, man."

Unfortunately, Hubert's own words had surely fallen on deaf ears, as Jayden wasted no time in exploring this new region, shouting something about 'cute girls'. With a heavy sigh, Hubert continued to follow his companion, massaging his temple with two fingers to keep himself awake. He'd at least made sure to keep Laser's Pokeball in his hand; during the whole ordeal with Joyce's Gyarados, the Horsea had proven himself far mor capable than most would presume, helping hold Wyrm off from underwater, but was now undoubtedly exhausted. Though part of him yet remained fairly excited to see what Paldea was all about, his first priority was finding a Pokemon Center to heal his partner.

"Think this place has a Pokemon Center anywhere?"
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July 25th,- Skipped a few steps
Joyce Blake

Joyce followed behind her two companions off their seafaring vessel. The young woman brushed a lock of hair off of her face as Jayden went on with his tall tales, not really paying any attention to the man. "Yeah, sure it was." She said, giving a half hearted reply to her rambling companion. Joyce held Wyrm's pokeball in her hand, her eyes fixated on the capsule containing her unruly water dragon. While they were able to contain the Atrocity pokemon without anyone getting seriously injured, it still didn’t change the fact that he was a great cause for concern during that whole event. Wyrm had always been open about his aggression towards his trainer, but this time was different. He not only threatened her, but other people as well with no regard for anyone’s wellbeing. Things can’t continue like this.

However, now wasn’t exactly the time for that. The group has arrived at their destination, and a region she had never been in before no less. Pocketing Wyrm’s pokeball, Joyce formed a gleeful smile on her face as she skipped ahead of the group. “I’m sure there is a center somewhere around here. Let’s go find it as soon as possible, I for one can’t wait to change out of these sea water smelling clothes.” She exclaimed joyfully, running off while beckoning her travel buddies to follow.
July 25th, Jayden Jones, Cabo Poco, Pladea.

"Yeah, Joyce has the right spirit. Come on Hubert, we can't find a Pokemon Center if you keep dragging your feet like that."

Jayden walked up the path in a relaxed manner, feeling the fresh wind of the ocean as if he hadn't felt it before. Once they reached the top of the cliff they were met with two possible paths, one with hills and steep paths surrounded with ponds and tall trees or a straight but swampy area with endless roads of mud and dirty ponds with long grass.

"So, which way? I think, if you squint hard enough, there's a Pokemon Center way across the land. I don't know, I see a red roof."
~Buck Gamble...~
~Rank: 99,987...~
~Buck Pokémon: Braviary/Marshal(M) lvl 55, Mudbray/Tony(M) lvl 13, /Bagon/Waylon(M) lvl 15...~
~Location: Unova, Cave of Being...~
~Interactions: N/A...~

A large open area with large puddles, and three different directions Buck could go; left, right or straight ahead. He chose right. Sending out his two pokémon Marshal and Bagon, now seemed like a good idea to continue training. There were large rocks that seemed very breakable and it was plenty open space to battle.

The first thing Buck had them do was the obvious. Smash rocks and boulders. They were a two mon wrecking crew. Next, he had them play a game of tag. With the rule being, they can't step in the puddles. Tony took off like bad outta hell, forcing Waylon to give into chase. The bagon stomped his feet in anger as he wasn't going to let the donkey show him up. The little dragon ran after the mud donkey, finding ways to cut corners and close the gap between the two Tony was fast, but so was Waylon.

As the game went on, the two went back to back, running fast and leaping onto patches of dirt within the larger puddles and avoiding getting wet. As Aldon was just ending the game, he noticed a trainer enter the cave. A pokémon ranger.

"Wasn't expecting to see anyone down here, what brings you here? The names Kent, as you can tell I'm a ranger"
"I'm Buck! Just 'splorin'. Though more pecifically, I'm wanderin' round like a combusken with his head cut off. You interested in battlin'?" Buck asked.
"We'll have to make it quick since I need to make my rounds. Seeing how you got two pokémon, how about a double battle?" He asked.
"I reckon we gotst a plan!" Buck said. His two pokémon stood there by his side ready to go.

~Aldon Charlton...~
~Skol the king of gods, Bran the bronzor, Zippy the magnemite, Huck the golett, Wunder the Sigilyph and Bolly the Baltoy...~
~Sinnoh, Iron Island Cavern BF 1 ...~
~interactions: N/A...~

As Aldon shined his light around, he began making his way to the stairs leading down to the right. He could hear the ground rumble, and feel the earth beneath him shudder. dirt particles fell from the ceiling. As he reached the bottom of the stairs he walked through the tunnel until he found himself in a large open cavernous area bug enough to explore, and far too big to illuminate a large area outside his immediate area. Boulders of various shapes and sizes littered the walkway. Some small enough that even Aldon could push. Others larger and requiring more strength. Perhaps Huck's physical strength or Skol's psychic abilities. He could also try climb over them. Though luckily most were not in his way as other miners and explorers needed to pass these areas too.

As Aldon walked past and over various debris, the ground began to violently shake. So much so that Aldon nearly lost his balance. In an instance, a large steelix erupted from the stone below. For a moment, Aldon's eyes and the fierce diamond hard snake's locked before the snake let out a guttural bellowing roar before slamming its head into the stone wall like a hot knife through butter. That was not pokémon Aldon had any desire to give chase. Gazing into the dark tunnel steelid created as well as the one on the ground.

"Come on out, Huck!" Aldon said. He looked around at the boulders he could lift. He began rolling one to the hole in the ground, pushing it in.


"Give me a hand here Huck. You too Skol" Huck lifted boulders and dropped them in. Skol couldn't bother to stand up, instead just laid there belly side up, but he did use his psychic abilities to move pass boulders to Huck. With enough rocks, he turned towards Huck.

"Use stomping tantrum to flatten the ground there, please" Aldon said. Huck slammed his feet onto the rocks, crushing them into chunks into pebbles which filled the cracks which eventually became dust as the ground was flattened. After that, he decided to leave Huck out of his pokéball just in case, and thus the trio continued their exploring.

Nakano Saito​

Date: June 6
Location: Motostoke, Galar
Pokemon Team: Chu the Pichu, Mudster the Swampert, Orochi the Zweilous, Aero the Aerodactyl, Hattie the Hatterene, Silenus the Sceptile

Interactions: Felix Winchester (GLITCHSKULL)

Naka raised an eyebrow. Got lucky with the eggs? Even thanking Arceus?

What would happen if Blue wasn't a shiny? Would Felix like him less for something so shallow? Naka looked up at her Sceptile, who was already judging Felix harshly for his poor choice of words.

As for the WCS, Naka smiled and scratched the back of her head. "Ah, well, I'm here specifically to do a survey on wild Pokemon, and give the city council a warning to give to all trainers in the area about aggressive Pokemon. If you're going to look for any Galar Pokemon, you'll have to be careful. The influx of trainers are causing the Pokemon to become extremely aggressive and way more protective than usual. Some Pokemon are even evolving early from the duress and causing all sorts of problems. What kind of Pokemon are you looking for? Do you only have a Sceptile on your team?" It would be pretty silly to just have one Pokemon on your team if you were in the WCS. She already was starting to imagine just how quickly his run through the tournament would go if he tried. Already, she had several different ways of countering his Pokemon if he only had one Sceptile.

It was certainly something to worry about.

Nakano Saito​

Date: July 25 (26yo)
Location: Public Hot Spring – Dogo Onsen Yamatoya Honten, Cianwood City, Johto
Pokemon Team: Silenus the Sceptile, Hattie the Hatterene, Mudster the Swampert, Apollo the Paldean Blaze Breed Tauros, Brontis the Chikorita, Minnie the Mienshao

Interactions: Esther (kyuukestu)
Mentions: Theo (Sir Krazz)

The nearby commotion with Pyrrha had Naka acutely aware that there was some growing frustrations in the air. And when she saw Esther's face harden slightly before getting Pyrrha, it was confirmed to Naka that she was indeed still emotionally attached to Pyrrha to help with... Was it the abandonment? Yeah, probably that.

Naka gave Esther an apologetic smile back, nodding as she thought about how to handle the stage fright. She shrugged. "I don't recommend going to something with more than fifty people as the audience. Small competitions with not a lot of eyes are best to get your Feebas eased into it. Having a bandaid can be addicting though, so if you or your Feebas already have a bandaid solution, it might be hard to stop using it." She then stretched her arms, sighing.

"As for sponsorships, they come to you. Do something to show off in a fight or contest, then stick around afterwards and see if anybody comes to you. If not, you'll have to go searching yourself. If you didn't get anyone asking you for something during that Whirl Cup, I'm honestly surprised but it should've happened then. Either go online and send them a video of your battling or contest stuff, and they'll give you something to work with. Just because you lose doesn't mean you're automatically exempt. It just lowers the pool of those willing to give you a sponsorship. If you're looking for something a bit more reliable, there's some contest-specific sponsorships that will gladly take you because they just eat up any kind of creative fighting, regardless if you win or lose. You'll just have to be going to contests semi-regularly, showing off their brand, and getting at least third place, or else they'll wonder why they're even paying you if you don't go."

She hummed and looked on her phone, noticing a message from Theo, but ignoring it for right now. "Actually, I think I know a few who might take interest in you." She then sent Esther a few links. "These are some contest-specific sponsorships I'm aware of. There might be more though, so feel free to look here." She then sent her a list of sponsorships currently looking for people to sponsor, listing their rather loose requirements and contact information. "I apologize if some of these sponsorships seem kind of snobbish when you talk to them, but getting sponsorships isn't easy, especially if you're new to being a trainer. You can take on multiple, just make sure you don't bite off more than you can chew. Hope that helps." Naka smiled, looking over at her now snoozing Chikorita and she bit the inside of her cheek.

"I think we should get ready for that boat ride. It's leaving in a few hours." She said, more so musing to herself, but not making any movement to leave the onsen.
Felix Winchester, Motostoke, Galar
Interactions: @Merciless Medic (Nakano)

Seeing the judging look on Naka's Sceptile's face, he was quick on the trigger.

"I get that look all the time." he said, pointing at the Sceptile, who was judging him, which felt like major judging. "It's not like I'd not like Blue any less if he weren't shiny, it's just I got lucky with the form of shiny rates, that's all. Shinies are rare, right? So I thank Arceus for the luck in terms of shiny chance I received, that's all."

"As for the other Pokemon, well, I have Hex." He threw out the Dusk Ball and out popped his Gengar pal. "I know, it may not be enough, but that's why I'm in Galar. Battles and team-building, in the end. I don't mind if they are shiny or not, just if they can handle themselves. Paldea is next, to study their little "gimmick" called Terastalisation. It seems interesting."

Hopefully they would stop judging him now.

Nakano Saito​

Date: June 6
Location: Motostoke, Galar
Pokemon Team: Chu the Pichu, Mudster the Swampert, Orochi the Zweilous, Aero the Aerodactyl, Hattie the Hatterene, Silenus the Sceptile

Interactions: Felix Winchester (@GLITCHSKULL)

Naka chuckled as Felix ripped into Sceptile - politely, it seemed. Only to clear up that he didn't care for the fact Blue was shiny, just that he got lucky when he got Blue. Silenus continued to stare judgmentally, but then relaxed as Naka patted his shoulder. "You heard the kid, he didn't mean anything bad by it." She then sighed as she looked at Felix apologetically. "Sorry for that, he and I have seen quite a few trainers put a lot of stake in their Pokemon being shinies and they were generally an abusive, neglectful bunch. So hearing that probably lit his mind with a bunch of red flags."

Seeing the Gengar, Naka now knew several ways to get rid of both of his Pokemon and she sighed. "Well, you'll definitely need more Pokemon than these two. I don't think you'll get very far, no matter how well these two are trained. One Pokemon can't just battle a full team of six, no matter how well they are, not unless there's a huge difference in experience."

She then continued, switching gears. "As for Terastalization, I heard it only works in Paldea. So if you want a Tera Orb, you have to show the Academy in Paldea, which is league-sponsored by the way, that you have what it takes to receive a Tera Orb. I don't know if you need to do any tests or get a badge or two first before you get there, but you must have a level of understanding and idea of battle tactics in order to receive one. Most students of the Academy who go through some battle classes and get sponsored by the director there end up getting gifted Tera Orbs. As for Pokemon to round out your team..."

Naka hummed, thinking things over by tapping her finger on her chin. "Well, you'll definitely need Pokemon to help cover for your Pokemon's weaknesses, as well as having other strategies you can pull from. Gengar and Sceptile are known to be fast attackers, yet they may have some troubles against walls that can self sustain themselves like Cradily and Snorlax, and they need Pokemon who can heal them with Wish. Doesn't matter how versatile your Pokemon are, they will definitely need Pokemon to round them out." She held out one hand. "Gengar is weak to Dark, Ghost, Psychic, and Ground-Types when it's not hovering. You'll need a Pokemon that resists some of those. Sceptile resists Ground-Types for Gengar, so you don't need to worry about that." She held out her other hand.

"As for Sceptile, I'm sure you're aware, but they're weak to Fire, Ice, Bug, Flying, and Poison. Gengar resists Poison and Bug, so you need to worry about Fire, Ice, and Flying. Dark-Types resist Dark and Ghost, while being immune to Psychic." She then put her hands on her hips. "You'll need a Dark-Type, preferably a bulky one or one that can help with support. An Obstagoon would be good, and it's four-times weakness to Fighting can be mitigated by Gengar's immunity to Fighting. As for Fire, Ice, and Flying, you'll need quite a few Pokemon to cover for Sceptile's weaknesses, but the kicker is making sure the rest of your Pokemon synergize well and cover each other. Drednaw or another Water/Rock-Type would be good, as it resists all of Sceptile's weaknesses and is rather bulky. It also has a G-Max form, like Gengar. Having a bird would also be a good idea to deal with aerial fighters or slow bulky Pokemon on the ground. This level of planning requires some getting used to. Sorry if it suddenly sounded like a lecture." She chuckled sheepishly, rubbing the back of her head. "Maybe instead of telling you, it would be better if I showed you around the different routes. It would benefit my job, and you get to pick Pokemon you want to try."

She gestured her hand towards the west, towards Route 3. "I've been seeing tougher Pokemon on Route 3, so we might see something worthwhile there. You willing to let me guide you?"
Felix Winchester, Motostoke, Galar
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Listening to Naka was quite interesting. He did need to round out his team...

"Well, I heard Snorlax would be a good Pokemon, it's Defence is good. I s'pose Drednaw would be helpful too. I was thinking of Corviknight for the Bug cover, plus a Fairy cover. Lapras for the Fire cover. After that... well, I may go for Snorlax, for it's defence and Umbreon for Ghosts, considering that cover is missing."

As he was about to accept Naka's request to Route 3, a blip appeared on his Rotom Phone. No, not WCS. A Dynamax Raid app. A Gigantamax Pokemon had appeared.

"Um... maybe this should come first?"