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Shen's Art

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Vio and Shadow

Vio and Shadow, duo in darkness. Shadow, after converting Vio to the side of his master: the wind mage Vaati, teamed up with Vio to create a dastardly scheme, perhaps even greater than that of Vaati himself. With a captured Zelda in their corner as well as an army of nightmare soldiers, the pair laid waste to numerous forests and villages, crushing resistance upon the back of a mighty Dragon.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
The Four Swords

The Four swords, being link and three doppelgängers of himself were created after Link pulled the storied ‘four sword’ from it’s pedestal to defeat an ancient evil known as Vaati. These dopplegangers each have their own personality and skill sets that they would use to help link along his journey.

Red- the shy but innocent member that uses fire as his primary method of attack. While short in stature, he has a big heart.

Blue- Fight first and ask questions later, Blue is boastful and ready to attack at a moment’s notice. Full of pride and aggression, blue is always the first to strike.

Purple- Also referred to as Vio, Purple is the brains of the operation. Heavily bookread and level headed, he keeps the peace while raining arrows from afar.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Heartstopper- Charlie and Nick


From the Webcomic turned Netflix series 'Heartstopper', it centers around Nick and Charlie, the two main love interests.

Charlie (Right) is a highly empathetic, yet anxiety filled boy that wears his heart on his sleeve. Being a bit sensitive, Charlie is very careful who he lets close to them. He often plays the drums and is a massive book fan.

Nick (Left) is an outgoing, yet somewhat oblivious guy with a righteous heart. He's the head of the rugby team and loves big dogs. He's always one to make sure Charlie is okay, since Charlie doesn't often vocalize his problems.
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Awesomenauts- Sentry X-58

Sentry belongs to a genocidal robotic species bent on eliminating all organic life. He is a stealth operative unit fabricated to be for Intel gathering before invasion. However, upon realizing his species lost the great AI War, he elected to remain incognito and taking on a new identity until he finalizes his plans for vengeance on organic life.

For his stealth mode, he is known to transform into a plethora of objects. Umbrellas, tables, washing machines, radios, and eventually his favorite: A Phone Booth. This transformation feature has served him well over the centuries to take out foes before they realize they are in the presence of an enemy.

His prime directive is: “If you can’t beat ‘m, join ‘m, and then beat ‘m anyway cause they won’t expect it”. Fitting for this, he's always opportunistically looking for a chance to eliminate his organic teammates when they are vulnerable to assassination.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Star Wars Visions - Jay


Jay is an ex-Jedi padawan that left behind his title during the tail end of the clone wars during a fierce battle to find his calling in the form of music. Going from violence to vocals, he became the lead vocalist for a band called 'Star Waver'. During this time, he found happiness in the band members and in the songs they'd play.

V-5(left), is the band song mixer, specializing in blending electronic sounds and adjusting amps when needed. Although he's often seen sliding across the stage and flailing his little arms up and down to the beat.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Yu Yu Hakusho - Rinku


Rinku is a mischievous demon with the look of a young child, despite being over two hundred years old. He's rarely ever serious, preferring to play and make a fool out of others.

With his unassuming appearance, others often underestimate him, giving him an advantage right off the bat in the element of surprise, having impressive physical strength to even down targets three times his size in one kick. This is only topped by his speed, which Rinku uses to toy with his opponents, his several after images making it appear as if there were a dozen of him all taunting them.

When Rinku pulls out all the stops, he brings out his cherished weapon: The Serpent Yo-Yos. These eight yo-yos are far from your average kid's toy. They navigate through the air as if they have a mind of their own, spinning with intense energy like saw-blades, piercing through walls of concrete as if they were paper mache! Even the strings themselves are deadly weapons, able to extend and tie themselves around foes and exert enough physical power to suspend a fully grown man over a hundred feet in the air!

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Naruto AU- Mizo


Mizo is a cheery, yet naive member of the Wondrous Wandering Caravan, gifting wherever they go with song and joyous tidings. He is the life the party wherever he goes, pulling some of the most nervous souls into his lifestyle of song and dance.

As a little child, he was raised by the gypsy caravan after being found. growing up, he grew a strong affinity for music, and helped keep spirits high in long migrations. His setchi etchi maracas both serve as tools for both song and defense, being able to enlarge and coat in rock, acting as large clubs.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Naruto AU- Aoz Kizuna


Aoz was always an honorable swordsman, used to his life in the mines, finding precious ore under the order of the shogun. He was born weaker than the other kids, barely able to walk and unable to see. Learning to sense vibrations and guide himself with the light, it allowed him to keep up with his mates, and pull his weight.

After his mine collapsed, he was alone and afraid, in a new world he was unsure of. After being found the by the Wonderous Wandering Caravan, Aoz found a new place, one with new freedoms he never had, and less harsh expectations on his shoulders.

After taking a now well deserved relaxed place in life, he decided to stay in the caravan for the moment, perfecting his skill with the sword for the day he would need to protect the caravan, alongside finding new enjoyment in exploring the world of fireworks. He enjoys fireworks from how they make others smile and Aw, despite the fact he can't see them himself.

Aoz is owned and controlled by @Mango137

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Naruto Au - Akuto the Bandit King



Akuto blasts on the scene! This troublemaker is dedicated to being the meanest one around, leader of all criminals! Rambunctious and trouble seeking, Akuto is attracted to danger, frighteningly so. He will be quick to dive headfirst into danger to cause even bigger danger just to show off.

He gets bored with monotony, looking to spark excitement by causing general mischief, not even looking to raid for stealing goods, but for the thrill he gets for doing so.

He secretes a chemical from his pores that is highly flammable, and can be ejected as a liquid or a gas form, sticking to all those unfortunate enough to cross it. He then lights it ablaze with his signature napalm technique, which is impossible to douse with water!

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Naruto RP - Chi Lin

The mysterious girl of the fiery alias.

Once under the care of Ninshu monks, Chi Lin garnered ancient styles of ninjutsu art. She is an illusory and fickle mistress, rarely stumbled across, and even rarer still to walk away from. It is said if one were to find this unknown woman deep in the woods...you would loose track of yourself and your journey would meet a unfortunate turn.

Master of illusion and maiden of flame, it is best to seek good will instead of bad, else ill fortune may await.

Chi Lin belongs to @kyuukestu
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Naruto Rp- Niko Hokori


Niko is a well built, if not slim member of the growing Hokori tribe. They are consider closely related to the akimichi, but differentiate themselves from their diverse biological shifting Justus and the famed Shinzu's carving technique.

Niko himself is a bit of an oddball, at first being a bit of a scrawny wimp. But soon gained muscle, but in a way where it still makes him appear a bit wimpy. This is a facade though, despite his boyish appearances and uncertain looks, he is a dangerous fighter, not above fighting ferociously tooth and nail to achieve victory in combat.

Belongs to @~Nilion~

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Yu-Gi-Oh!- Blue Eyes Toon Dragon


Everyone knows the famous Blue Eyes White Dragon, but what about his infamous cousin? This goofy grinning psycho lives in the wacky realm of toon world, boasting the strongest attack out of them all! He might look smaller and dumber than Blue Eyes himself, but this little one has the same exact capabilities and even more!

Toon Dragon jumps, bounces, and springs across the place, making all sorts of comical noises as he does it. Make him angry? Then he puffs up his chest and fires a Toon white lightning attack, that can bypass monsters and hit their controller directly!

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Skyland - Mahad Farrell Expressions


Some practice work on Mahad, one of the main protagonists from Skyland. Here's this expressions in order:

(Top Left): Extremely protective, enraged.

(Top Middle): Neutral / Cocky

(Top Right): Easygoing / Joking

(Bottom Middle): Flirtatious

(Bottom Right): Was told no, Suspicious

Bonus; Mahad in a dogfight with two Sphere Patrollers.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Mikido the Millenium Kids- Faustin Cypress


Faustin is a naive boy that is always bound and determined to accomplish what he seeks out to do...despite the many stumbles he'll inevitably have. From running an underground candy rig, or just trying to impress his crush, he doesn't take 'no' for an answer. Faustin is enrolled in a school which teaches not only the fundamentals, but as well how to use their powers for everyday life.

Faustin here has the ability to grow plants, which is most powerful during the spring and almost doesn't work in winter. He's mocked for his power seeming feminine, much to his displeasure. However, it did make him popular in the female circles, getting requested to make flowers more often than he'd like.

He is known to be talented in Robyfoot, or mechanized high speed soccer. using his school granted 106 AP strider, he runs circles around the competition. His only rival in this skill is his classmate, Kiku, who is also his best friend.
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Mikido the Millenium Kids- Meet the Cast 1: The Main Three


Subrata Prajnapad
An Indian girl appearing similar to the goddess Kali. She is the best of her class, being incredibly wise and bookread. Although, she isn't completely comfortable interacting with others or doing much physical activity. So she befriended Kiku and Faustin and tries to learn about these things. However, she's catching on real fast, to the point where they are afraid she might soon surpass them in those regards too.

Subrata is known to have the most potent abilities in the academy. She has psychic powers and the ability of all seeing knowledge. However, she prefers not to tap into this power, as she wants to excel on her own merits, not when answers are given to her.

Faustin Cypress (Middle):

Faustin is a somewhat shy but determined boy, finding ways around rules that he sees as unfair. While not as troublemaking as his friend Kiku, he does usually end up getting dragged into his schemes. His grandfather was responsible for keeping the community taken care of, growing food and keeping the old tree alive, even through harsh winters

Controlling plants, he has a difficult time actually preforming this power. While smaller things like flowers are easy to make, when he makes bigger flora like trees, he needs to concentrate heavily. Thing is, if he breaks concentration it could go wildly out of control. One time he even erected a massive tree that broke through the school roof.

Kiku Mifune (Right):
Kiku is a brash, blunt character that doesn't pay attention to stuff that isn't fun. He's overly confident in his abilities and is known to lash out against those who claim to be better. He's an Oni, which comes with athletic prowess as well as a hard headed personality. Loss isn't in his dictionary...and he gets really sore when he does lose

His power is shapeshifting, which allows him to copy someone's body 100% accurately, including their physical strength and durability. However, he can be snapped out of it if he gets hurt while in the form.
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Mikido the Millenium Kids- Meet the cast 2


Judicael Dupont (Middle)

The son of the city's major, Judicael is manipulative and devious. He's the type of guy to remind a teacher they haven't given out homework. He can't stand to be wrong, preferring to always get his way, and is addicted to any type of power he can get his paws on, and abuses it instantly. His ludicrous dream is to one day be president of the world.

He has the power to influence the thoughts of people by speaking to them, manipulating their thoughts and actions. However, he can only manipulate one at a time and they must be either be a kid, or someone with an active imagination. This allows him to cheat his way to positions of authority and to humiliate others.

Cassandra Allister (Right)

She is a loner, and never seen without wearing black. She typically has her headphones in trying to ignore everyone else from the colorful cast. She can be somewhat monotonous, given that she puts up no facade, coming off as blunt and uncaring. She has a pessimistic view of life, but this is primarily due to her power of divination, which naturally made herself let down by others. She also had a prediction of her mother becoming very sick and never recovering in the long run, which is currently coming true.

She finds escapism in fiction, attempting to drown out her drifting predictions with loud music and log entries she records in her journal.

Zik (Left)

Zik is a strange boy who has lost all fear responses in him due to his power to phase, leading to his chill demeanor. So, he lacks the ability to comprehend consequences, and so acts without thinking, only to get fun out of things. Even upsetting powerful people or groups of buffer characters, he makes a fool out of them due to being able to phase through the ground, walls, and even all their attacks and bodies! He's considered to have the second strongest ability in school.

...However, he only seems to use it for getting out of trouble, scaring, and pranking people. As he can place traps in student's lockers, glitter bombs in teacher's desks, and outright steal undetected. This lack of urgency and consequences has made him stagnate in trying to train his power...which is probably for the best. Otherwise, he owes no allegiance to anybody and can be fickle with his choices.
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Mikido the Millenium Kids- Meet the cast 3


Sasha Touille (Left)

Sasha is very mysterious, not much is known about him. He is mute, and doesn't have a human face. Instead, he is able to create symbols and scribbles on his effigy head to communicate. This ability to scribble on objects inspired his artistic talent and desire to become a painter. He often carries around different cosmetics to attach to his face, such as a strap on nose, glasses, mustaches, amongst others.

Rumor has it his drawing power is a red herring, and he in fact has the ability to control time. No proof of it has been displayed yet...or has it? ...What were we talking about again?

Djibril Shariff (Middle)

Meek and cowardly, Djibril is highly anxious and easy to freak out. He is often the center of many jokes due to his scaredy cat personality. He doesn't stand up for himself, and rather have others be the main character.

His ability is random teleportation. It's a rather unfortunate power that often activates involuntarily. When he gets spooked, angry, or any other big emotion, he teleports randomly somewhere across the globe. This is why he dons a thick coat and gloves, just in case he is warped to the arctic, which has nearly frozen him to death several times.

There are a few waypoints he often is sent to for his teleports, locations he accidentally teleports to more often than others. In these places, he likes to builds small huts, igloos, or other small shelters so he would be more comfortable when he inventively warps there in the future. If he focuses really hard on a location, he can teleport there...with 10% accuracy.

Alpha Mcfour (Right)

Excitable and hyperactive, Alpha is incredibly impatient to the point where he interrupts people sentences to spout off his words a mile a minute, namely due to his ability to speed up his body's movements and production rates. He's so impatient that he can't even listen to music without listening to the sped up version. He tends to hang around the wrong crowd, getting involved in a lot of Judicael's plans, acting as a second in command.

His motor skills and speed depend on his blood sugar levels, which thanks to his superb metabolism, he keeps for a long duration. However, this means if he goes without sugar for a long time, his movements of all the muscles in his body slow to a crawl, as if he were a toy of running out of batteries
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Mikido the Millenium Kids- Meet the cast 4


Mr. Koperak (Left)

A large, white anthropomorphic hound with a aggressive, no nonsense demeanor. He serves as the school's gym instructor as well as security in case of emergency. He is quick to chase down those in need for punishing at shocking speeds and trace them by scent. Very few have said something to his face and lived without major consequences.

Mr Bernard (Middle)

The principle of the school, Mr Bernard is cool and collected, often seen contemplating in his office. Stern and refined, he always appears to be one step ahead. He has the ability of sixth sense, being able to open a third eye on the back of his head and predict when danger would come. This has given him a reputation of having literal 'eyes on the back of his head.'

Miss Lucile (Right)

A teacher in the school, Lucile is known to be compassionate and motherly. She is down to earth and treats everyone as family. She has the ability to split into different doppelgängers of herself to a maximum of 36, which comes in handy in the classroom as she is able to give every student the individual care they require. However, if she's having a particularly rough day, these doppelgängers tend to only have one emotion.
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Pokémon Scarlet & Violet- Boss Ortega


Hasta la vistar! Boss on deck!

Ortega is a tech genius and created the very Revroom mobiles the other bosses have at their disposal. He's a somewhat pretentious and pompous person that would rather lead from the back than the front. He's known to have anger issues and can be provoked to come out and deal with situations himself.

He's known to be spoiled and often having to fight his instincts to solve situations by throwing money at them. Instead, he now uses his team of trained fairy type Pokémon to solve the problem!

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Skyland- Shinseki


A disgraced student of the Sphere, she left the academia because of her radical, religious belief in the prophecy of shadow and light. This prophecy describes the reunification of Skyland, all floating blocks and landmasses to be reunited as a whole, and she believes she is the one to see this prophecy through. When the sun is at it's zenith, the claims she will rise into the sky and give birth to a new world. She is twitchy, scatterbrained, and somewhat unhinged. She's always seen making erratic movements and making slender, elongated steps that she puts her whole body into.

She resides in her Citadel of light, which floats around a dense field of scattered landmasses and blocks Shinseki has collected. Inside, she has elaborate halls and services fit for a queen. She even has her own staff, customized brigadier robots that act as security force as well as butlers. Head Brig, Theodore, is a modified brigadier with polite manners and no armored plating. He leads Guests that managed to get inside right to her.

She has invented a heinous machine, one that takes up the centerpiece of her palace. Kidnapping other Seijins, humans blessed with powerful telekinetic abilities, she hooks them into her Zenith Core, which allows her to use their powers as if they were her own. Her plan is to collect enough Seijins to enact the Prophecy of Shadow and Light, to bend entire landmasses with her power and assembling the new world, no matter how many inhabited ones she needs to crash into in the process!
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Ape Escape MM: Blobs

Experimental entities never meant to be unleashed, Blobs(for lack of a better term) were created through Neo Pipotron DNA, fusing their properties into an acidic gelatinous substance. Blobs are a hive minded species that reproduce as their main goal, doing so through absorbing metals and organic fluids. They are an metallic / organic hybrid species that can manipulate fluids in their bodies and solidify the metallic portions for armor.

They were a last resort, in a vial on Specter's ship before the ship went down, the vial shattering and unleashing into the world, the Metal of the ship acting as a perfect hatchery for their new species.

Type: 01: Drone


Drones are their most basic form, consisting of a central metal core forming a singular optic, surrounded by a gelatinous mass of metallic fluid. They drip, squelch, and slide in swarms. They clump up like mold splotches in locations where they feed on material. Wherever these are, bigger threats are bound to appear nearby.

Their core is their central component that is the growth point to access further evolved forms. When their core is compromised, they can no longer sustain their gelatinous form, spilling their hazardous fluids that make it up everywhere. So even in death they are a big problem.

Type 02: hive Sentinels


Hive Sentinels are more evolved and dangerous variants of their Type 01 precursors. These sedentary creatures can range from 12-20 feet tall, looming their lanky forms over large obstacles and through narrow corridors.

They primarily function as an anti air and anti armor form that fires powerful charged torpedos from it's singular eye, capable of impacting and eroding some of the harshest of metals, leaving the organic components fresh for the taking. Their alternative fire is to shoot wider blue torpedo variants that focus on removing shields and stunning nervous systems.

These forms gained higher tactical protocols, capable of sliding their metal melee tendrils together and hunkering close to the ground to tank harsh firepower that would have otherwise caused extreme damage.

Type 03: Wayfarer


Diverting a different route if evolution from the Type 02, instead the Type 01 Drone evolved to produce a bare bones aerial model, the Wayfarer. It primarily acts as a light scout form, scattering to the wind to spread their race further through the land.

They fly about on their insectoid like wings, stalking a target they can harvest material from. Their method of attack is to combine their front prongs to form a serrated spade shape before they swoop down like a spinning drill, carving foes with their sharp bodies as they are turned into fresh material for harvesting. Occasionally, they may shoot acidic bile from their mouths.
They are 6ft long in this form.

Type 04: Vagabond


Upgraded from their Type 03 counterparts, type 04s sport a new trifecta of clawed utility tendrils that do a variety of jobs. With these tendrils they can clutch massive objects such as the cocoons these Vagabonds can spawn. These cocoons appear like large green glass tanks filled with a gelatinous fluid. These tanks are used across their species to nurture lesser forms as well as create new ones. Vagabonds handle creating these tanks and moving them where they need to be. These are the most common evolved form.

Vagabonds fly in the air like a manta ray or jellyfish would glide underwater, before they find prey. Then they bring their tendrils out in front of them, spraying down targets with rapid fire anti personnel rounds. If this fails, they can also switch to mining beam mode where they fire three red lasers from each tendril, focusing on penetrating harsh armors before prying the rest open with their hooked claws.

They are 10 ft long without including tentacles. Including them they measure out to 25 feet long (in mobility form)

Type 05: Mother Tentacle


If a type 04 Vagabond's preforms extraordinary compared it it's peers, gathering mass and strength, the other Vagabonds will recognize this, depositing their shares of material into it, overtime transforming it into a Type 05 Mother Tentacle. This creature is monstrous compared to the previous forms, towering over them at a monstrous 50 feet tall and 75 feet length.

It's purpose is that of a hive matriarch, strengthening the link of the hivemind to other forms, strengthening their intelligence and ability. It orders the other forms on various tasks within it's sizable command range, maximizing their efficiency with a guiding hand. It can also create gestation pods that will hatch into fully functional Type 04 Vagabonds.

They can cleave tanks and buildings with an incredibly powerful beam from their eye, their whole body shaking as it sustains a continuous cleaving laser. Other methods of attack include firing crimson orbs that explode violently on contact and ordering a swarm of Type 04's to bombard the enemy in front of it.
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
The Time Avengers: The Disparition Serpent


The Disparition are mysterious, eldritch entities that foretell death and extinction. Mysterious disappearances of people are telltale signs that a Disparition is in the area. Disparitions mutate creatures, wildlife, and distort the world with their existence, making it far more hostile and paradoxical in their domains.

The Disparition Serpent is one of the far more dangerous forms, being massive in size and scope. When you lay eyes upon it, it is said that it foretells your death date...and is capable of accelerating it.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Lilo & Stitch: Experiment 000, Cyber


Originally Jumba's first creation, Cyber was created as the ultimate killing machine, devised for maximum mortality rates. However, it was deemed a failure when it spiraled out of control, breaking containment and disappearing somewhere into the cosmos.

That's when it would appear many years later, heavily modified biologically and technologically through surgical enhancements. It seemed it had been through quite a bit of battle damage in his history, as his legs, arms, ear, and eye have all been replaced by machines.

During this time of freedom, he acquired a massive cyborg / robotic army, waging war across the galaxy as a ruthless despoiler. He even declared war on the council, assaulting their fleet directly and preparing to fire a Supernova Warhead at their capital system, capable of eliminating celestial bodies in a a flash of multicolored light!
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventures- Hareta & Deoxys


After Team Galactic failed an attempt to enslave Deoxys, the alien Pokémon went berserk, attacking everything around in a defensive rage. Hareta, who was still living in the wilderness at the time, found Deoxys. The two of them ended up fighting along with the Pokémon of the forest to calm Deoxys down. Hareta spoke about what humans were really about, the existence of the human heart and empathy, things that Deoxys didn't understand when they previously fought off Team Galactic. After fighting to a standstill, Hareta reached out a hand to the Pokémon, and the two shook hands and became friends.

Even now, years later, Hareta and Deoxys are still on good terms. When one is in danger, the other comes running to save them. They are old friends without need for a pokeball between them.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Pokémon Black and White 2: F-00


F-00 was created by a group of scientists, testing to see if they can create an artificial heart in a machine, programming a soul. Their test seemed to be a success, F-00 showing the ability to learn, adapt, and understand concepts quickly. It seemed to be a curious and friendly robot. This lead to it's inventor getting obsessive, completely ditching his work and spending all his time with the robot. It got to the point where the rest in the lab became concerned, debts accruing...that's when one decided to take action.

They uploaded a hazardous software onto F-00 and forcefully tore upon the robot, wiping it's memories and seemingly deleting it's heart. The machine became a glitching machine that only knew how to terminate. It's limbs wriggling, sparking, and lashing like extended metal whips.

Base F-00 prefers not to fight unless it's for fun for everyone involved. If that's the case, it's go to moves are Needle Arm and Chatter, the latter it used to learn to copy voice patterns of it's favorite people and use those patterns as an attack.

F-00 Haywire mode shifts completely, gaining a wide variety of powerful moves. Iron Head, psychic, Wild Charge, and flare blitz. It's Chatter move now becomes a violent Perish Song that instantly defeats foes if they fight too long against the harsh frequency.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Sonic Prime- Nine


A variant of Tails from a shattered dimension, Nine grew up without anyone to stand up for him. The ridicule and beatings forced him to grow up quickly, building himself 7 additional tails, mechanical, meant for self defense. With his newfound machines, he quickly dispatched those that put him down and harass him. He now lives alone, tinkering in his lab in the basement of the city,

His mechanical legs allow him to scale vertically up walls with ease, and often are used to walk on the ground without need of his legs. They legs can easily penetrate through steel carapaces of robots, lopping off their limbs like a knife through butter. In addition, they can preform many of careful tasks such as hacking on their own, picking up objects, or even grapples.