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Shen's Art

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Crash Bandicoot: Ripper Roo


One of Doctor Cortex's many experiments. Ripper Roo was deemed a colossal failure due to losing his mind in the process, and was given a straitjacket and eventually abandoned. This didn't stop this deranged kangaroo from having the time of his life with his new abilities!

Bouncing around like a cartoon, Roo cackles wildly as explosives appear almost from nowhere. Whatever this demented creature touches seems like it could make it explode! Last thing you'd expect is for this elastic psych ward patient is to vomit up sticks of TNT!

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
OC Art- Junk Chuckers


A special core of scrappers, operating under Prince Percy's Trash Kingdom. They are a special operations team that fill important jobs he needs them to carry out, practically his right arm. They consist of tinkering youths that have mastered a specific facet that slots them perfectly on the team. Together, all their expertise comes to a head, proving to be difficult to deal with. Forming the perfect raiding team, the last thing you want is to be jumped by these guys!

(Left to Right)

Lootin' Libby (Far Left)-

Age: 14
Rank: 4th

Libby barks the loudest and fights fast and deadly. She wields her infamous 'Whirly Birdies', which are heavily modified pistols. Her modifications have turned them into pseudo energy weapons, coating the bullets in energy before blowing them out the chamber. She loves going in guns a blazin' and mouth a cackling.

She and Radio Jack go way back, having been dating for years and have been robbing for the sake of it, just to watch the reactions. When the law caught up to them, Prince Percy saved them in the nick of time. Moved by this and the opportunity they were given, they were brought into the fold as elite Junk Chuckers.

Radio Jack (Left)-

Age: 14
Rank: 3rd

Radio Jack is a rather sinister kid, finding great joy in stealing from others and ripping property to shreds. Using his signature weapon, 'Jagged Jaws,' he can slice through metal with ease, his favorite trick being sawing off car motors while the car is still moving!

Using his heavily modified headphones and goggles, he can track radio signals and sense electronic signatures. What would normally be jumbled noise to others, he can differentiate and find exactly what they were. He claims to be able to find anything electronic device.

Scud (Center)-

Age: 15
Rank: 1st

The head of the Junk Chuckers, Scud is a stocky kid, boisterous, and incredibly loyal to Prince Percy. He is brash, and crude, not afraid to call out anyone they have issues with, even if they have power levels much higher than the squad. The way he throws his weight around and knows the inner workings of the system put himself as a natural leader.

He is a brilliant engineer...even if he is illiterate, found tinkering in his workshop often. He places a lot of his creations inside of his trash can, where they are obscured from view. His assortment of deadly tinker toys prove to be surprisingly difficult to deal with, being rigged to explode, maul, and pester foes.

Scrappa- (Bottom Middle)
Age: 13
Rank: 6

Lowest ranking member, and the errand boy of the Junk Chuckers. He has a screw loose in his head, and so is a bit unpredictable, being incredibly unnatural in his movements. He is rather dopey, not understanding social cues or norms, typically getting incredibly close to people's faces.

He's on board the Junk Chuckers for his amazing identification skills. His lenses can help magnify objects and help him analyze weather the loot is useful or not, and what it could be used in. He also has unnaturally high perception, being able to identify threats before most have perceived them. Of course, this hasn't stopped him from becoming the butt of everyone else's jokes in the squad.

Unlike the others - he has no signature weapon. Instead, he has whatever he's gathered at the moment and his odd fighting style. He is heavily evasive due to his sharp reaction time, bending and shifting in ways people wouldn't expect. He fights in ways he considers fun. Even when he has a kill shot, he rather trip them or pull down their hats over their heads, laughing like a buffoon as he makes a fool of them.

Kaz- (Middle Right)

Age: 22 (appearance of that of a 4 year old)
Rank: 2

A mysterious one that was experimented on by a shady organization. Having broken free of containment, he fled to the sewers, where the Trash Empire took him in, giving him a place of refuge. In exchange, they elected to use his newfound abilities to benefit the kingdom.

The experiment he was subjected to enhanced his physical body tremendously, allowing shocking displays of power and agility. However, his body's cells begin to age back the more his exerts his power. As of late, he's used it to the point where he looks far younger than his age. The subject of the experiment he was subjected to was immortality, and evidently, it worked...in a fashion.

Turbo- (Right)

Age: 12
Rank: 5

A rather jittery, clueless kid that has a knack for engineering. Namely creating large machines, designing a few of the gadgets the other members use. He gets intimidated fairly easily, thus doesn't stay in combat for too long, especially when enemies get too close.

Turbo is famous for his massive thruster he has strapped to his back. While it does allow free flight, it is in fact, a repurposed warhead which was never disarmed. So there's always the risk of premature detonation. He keeps a tally of how many times he's crashed it, etching it onto the missile. The missile itself has a few secret compartments filled with nasty surprises that allow him to fight without getting close.
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Yu-Gi-Oh!- Rex Raptor Reference Sheet


Got bored so I decided to play around with Rex's faces and expressions. Why draw new characters if I can just draw the same one in different ways five times? Lol

1. Confused (Top Left)
2. Confident (Top Middle)
3. Laughing, Snarky (Top Right)
4. ...What? (Bottom Left)
5. Rex and Weevil fighting (Bottom Right)

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
NiGHTS into Dreams: NiGHTS


Once one of the top Nightmaren, NiGHTS had a rebellious spirit, breaking out of their bonds and flying free into the midnight. They live a carefree lifestyle, hopping from dream to dream and living within the sleeping minds of people everywhere. They takes things as they come, and loves entirely in the moment. However, if a nightmare were to set in, they wouldn't let it stick around for very long if they had anything to say about it!

Having a kind yet mischievous heart, NiGHTS isn't aligned with good or evil, but can't stand a bully when they see one. Capable of free flight, they don't let a care in the world get to them as they acrobatically soar through the air, almost dancing through the daze of the dream sky.

If they were to get into a scrap, they could spin their body like a drill and burrow right through enemies at high speeds! Their second most famous ability is the Paraloop, an attack that allows them to make a circle around a foe, and when that happens, causes extreme damage to them, or teleports them to who knows where.
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Hi-Fi Rush- Chai


A college dropout with larger than life aspirations. Chai joined project armstrong, which as the name suggests, repairs and replaces limbs with stronger metal replicas. Receiving his new arm, he wanted nothing more than to chase his dream to become the best rockstar in the world.

...What he didn't expect was for the process to go awry, fusing his MP3 player to his chest. Transforming his hand, originally meant for magnetic waste management, to be capable of manipulating scrap and gears around him! Now labeled a 'defect' he uses his newfound musical robot powers to fight back against those trying to 'Recall' him.
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Hi-Fi Rush- Rekka


The head of production and the embodiment of strength. Rekka is a roughin' Texan that always put their all into everything they say and do. When asked to increase their production by 200%, she goes all the way to 400%. When asked to make a new factory wing for a new robot design, she has it ready within the day. And to her, this still isn't enough. She is obsessed with being as efficient as possible, being the best she can be at all times. Hard work is the solution to every problem. You got a problem? Rekka will solve it! Have a person causing the problem? Rekka will solve that too!

She's outfitted with some of the best mechanical limbs Vandelay has to offer. Her high powered arms can lift objects multiple times her size. Snapping steel pipes like they were nothing. Not only that, but she can channel electricity through her gauntlets, lighting up her foes with zapping shockwaves. Even 100,000 Volts will be forced to obey Rekka!

Fun Fact: Her Caps lock is broken for how hard she mashes it.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Hi-Fi Rush - Mimosa


Head of Marketing and the queen of spin. Mimosa is all about putting on a show and can never have too much theatrics. Being famous as the face of Vandelay Industries, she has countless adoring fans that would travel for miles to hear her shows. She is an entertainer at heart and will kill to keep her audience entertained. Quite literally.

Her dress is able to to fold out to become an elaborate set of wings that works as a mobile sound stage. The volume mixer god up and down in the spaces between her wing blades and her turbines act as stereo speakers. This dress makes sure she is always the center of attention. If she isn't...that's why it's all outfitted for quick and deadly combat.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Genshin Impact- Mika


Mika, Surveyor of the reconnaissance company, reporting!

Mika is a well meaning boy that has many areas of expertise. Cartography, documentation, arcane magics, multi weapon expertise, amongst many others. Despite all these skills, he has one thing that has kept him back: Crippling anxiety. In most every social situation, he finds himself ironically, frozen.

He usually shells himself away from people until he can get a chance to do his research on someone, which by then he'll have prepared himself to talk to them, trying to understand their interests and behaviors so he can make a solid first impression. So this makes it rather difficult for him to meet someone that he's been introduced to.

He was bestowed a cryo vision, which allows him to channel the power of ice within himself. Infusing his crossbow arrows in cryo, he can fire them at foes, washing them in a plume of icy energy that freezes them in their tracks. His fighting style specializes in not being the center of attention, and instead assuring allies. Using his catalyst book, he can unleash a spell that heals the wounds of nearby allies and increase their combat effectiveness.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Pokémon Fusion: Abstop


Fusion of: Absol and Hitmontop
Type: Dark / Fighting
Vagabond pokemon

A solitary fight pokemon that travels the lands. It's said to appear at the sites where disasters occurred or will occur. It occasionally wanders into rural human towns, seeking food and drink, before promptly moving on. Due to the stigma that comes with it's disaster related properties, it may find itself enemies when wandering into these towns.


Abstop is rather small, being just three foot high. The decorative rings seen on it's arms and legs are actually a facade, they are in fact, complex springs that can fly out and increase it's jumping and melee range. It's hat appears rather unique, imbued with some kind of dark energy. It's inscribed with runes that only it can read, though it is said that these runes tell him where to travel next. The blade that juts up from the side of the hat can rotate around the ring of the hat to always face to where Abstop wants it to.


Being a fusion of Hitmontop and Absol, Abstop has supreme balance, capable of dodging attacks by warping its body in unnatural angles. It can even bend its body back at a 90° degree angle, it's spring like legs keeping it stable on the ground. Using it's ability, super luck, it inscribed runes mystically on his hat that foretells great misfortune on the foe, before striking a devastating critical hit


HP: 55
Attack: 115
Defense: 80
Special attack: 55
Special defense: 85
Speed: 72
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Pokémon Fusion: Wobette


Type: Psychic / Ghost
Fusion: Wobbuffet / Banette.
Ability: Shadow Tag
The Hoodie Pokemon
Height: 2'2

No longer content to simply be at peace, Wobette instead focusing on one thing: having a good time wherever it can. While a rare specimen, they may be seen in urban environments, typically looking for children to play with. They have been known to open kid's rooms at night and loot through their toys and video games.


Wobette has always been a mystery. Weather it is the hoodie that's alive or the zipper that always seems to flap around on corner of it's mouth when it laughs has been debated. However, the third possibility is the entity inside of the hoodie, which is said to be containing a dark spirit dreading abandonment.

It's hoodie is shockingly durable, heavy blows that would faint much larger and stocky mons appear not to lay as much as a scratch on it. It's believed that if a child befriends one of these rare Pokémon, no harm shall come to them until they grow up.

In battle, it is not pacifistic like its wobbuffet brethren, it has abandoned these ways. Instead, it will battle with fierce ghost moves, blasting attacks from shadows. It can however, counter most every attack similar to a wobbuffet, however, it seems to just do this for laughs now instead of an actual defense mechanism. It can also leave it's hoodie temporarily, dropping it as a garment on the ground as the spirit inside lays waste with a terrible Phantom Force.

Hp: 148
Attack: 87
Defense: 62
Special Attack: 49
Special defense: 59
Speed: 54
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Genshin Impact- Ruin Drake Skywatch


Terrifying feats of engineering that fly across the lands of Teyvat, these ancient machines were once mass produced for an old civilization. Their purpose was combat, to wage war on aggressors and put a swift end to them. I can though the civilization long since perished, their machines remain, often stumbled to awakening when unlucky adventurers trigger their defense protocols, unleashing these living machines back into the world.

The Ruin Drakes Skywatches are improvements on their Earthbound Drake variants, having received their winged upgrades suspended around the two joints jutting out of their shoulders. With newfound flight capability, they are far faster, not allowing unsuspecting prey to leave so easily. Using their Gear grinding tail, they fly behind their prey and scrape the tail into the ground, allowing it to roll across it and shred their enemies to paste.

Their wings can rotate to face their enemies, their thrusters compressing superheated reactor's charge to transmit streams of heated projectiles that's rake across the field of battle, leaving none unscathed. They may also use these wings as melee devices, compacting and swinging them as if they were fists.

Defensively, they may consume one of four charges mounted on their neck to gain vast resistances to elemental types, adapting to the strategy of the enemy by resisting their more commonly used attack methods. In both speed, attack, and defense, this creature is unparalleled by any mortal organism.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Boboiboy Galaxy - Thorn


One of the seven elemental transformations that Boboiboy can harness and transform into. After transforming and splitting up his personality, his behavior turned into that of an almost dumb, naive boy with a childish like demeanor.

Thorn is one of the most recent elementals acquired, and so is very new to his job in the team, this leads to him being a bit clumsy and rather unreliable, but what he lacks in experience he makes up for in his willingness to keep trying...despite the mess ups.

He has the power to manipulate plant life, more commonly vines and thorns which he can have erupt from any surface, controlling them and their growth with his hands. He can enlarge parts of plants far past their organic means such as making leaves bigger than humans, as well as latch on to any surface using the spiked thorns on the vines he manifests.

Attack: 4/10
Defense: 5/10
Intelligence: 2/10
Speed: 6/10
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Boboiboy Galaxy- Ice


Ice is one of Boboiboy's transformations/split personalities, embodying the element of his namesake. His personality took a radical shift from the courageous and helpful Boboiboy, to a cold, distant Ice...fittingly enough.

Ice is a cool and collected loner that would rather fight at a distance than be up close and personal. He thinks about what is best for the mission while rarely relying on his allies, making him a bit hard to strategize with. While shut in to himself, it doesn't mean he'll throw away the lives of his crew, he plays overwatch from a distance, keeping them safe in the fight.

His primary weapon, the frost bow, can fire powerful singular arrows that penetrate through enemies and armor, and can be used to freeze large targets in seconds to a block of ice. For more midrange combat, he can convert the bow into an Arctic Cannon, which spins rapidly and fires a bombardment of ice shards like a minigun. And for defense, he can generate an ornate shield in the shape of a snowflake on the back of his hand, protecting him from heavy damage.

Attack: 7/10
Defense: 4/10
Intelligence: 8/10
Speed: 4/10

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Boboiboy Galaxy- Blaze

One of the first transformations Boboiboy achieved. Like the other elemental splits, Boboiboy shifts his personality, this time to a far extreme, as when he becomes Blaze, His mind is flooded with intense aggression, recklessness, and Combat lust.

Blaze is one that's sent in when something big needs to be taken out, as he has hard hitting a powerful attacks at his disposal. Downside? Collateral damage is in his DNA, and he doesn't regulate his power, often going above and beyond the necessary power to cause as much damage as possible in the heat of the moment. This could get dangerous for allies or even his other elemental splits that are nearby, as they could get caught in the hot blooded crossfire.

While his main weapon is his fire chakrams he can call upon, he is more often seen slinging his fists and legs, producing vast quantities of fire around him. Though when he does use the chakrams, he can throw them like slicing discs and have them detonate on impact with the foe. He's also known to fling large, deadly fireballs, and when he's worked up, can summon massive ones that devastate the impact site.

Attack: 9/10
Defense: 2/10
Intelligence: 4/10
Speed: 5/10

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Boboiboy Galaxy- Quake


A middle of the road elemental split of Boboiboy's, one that has always been dependable. When undergoing this transformation or split, his personality shifts into that of a natural leader, one that is very protective and helpful of and to his team.

He's the most mature of all the elementals, being the one that typically reins them in to cooperate with each other. Seen as the 'Mother Hen' of the 7, Quake makes sure everyone is taken care of and lays the law down when others in the squad are being disruptive. He will always prioritize the safety of the team over himself, leading him to take the bullet on more than one occasion.

His main weapons is his Earth Gloves he almost always has on, which can grow with the more earth he collects into them. They can dish out heavy impact with each punch, enough to break open the ground and smash open trees. Along with this, he can bend the earth with these gloves, making sharp and meaningful movements to summon rock pillars or rock walls to protect allies and encapsulate foes.

His most notable move however, is summoning forth Giga, a large golem made of compact rock that Mimics his movement with harsher hitting power than him. It follows the movements of his body so they are always in sync for a beat down.

Attack: 6/10
Defense: 9/10
Intelligence: 6/10
Speed: 2/10

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Boboiboy Galaxy- Cyclone


An elemental form that Boboiboy transforms into when taking on faster foes or needing a quick getaway. When undergoing an elemental split into this form, Boboiboy shifts his personality into that of a Cheery, playful, yet free spirited Cyclone.

Cyclone is a get along go along type that is always open to new ideas and points of view, nothing in the world seeming to bother him, except the fact that he secretly believes he underperforms compared to the other elements.

Being all about speed and being one with the wind, Cyclone can pursue most any target despite their evasion or speed capabilities, using his hoverboard to match the momentum and eventually overtake them.

In combat, he can quickly deploys cutting wind discs from the fan blades underneath his hoverboard, firing at the foe in rapid succession. When he gets into close range, he can curl up his hand before delivering a strong Cyclone Drill, which is a concentrated strike meant to scrunch and pierce armor.

His strongest attack is arguably Cyclone Rush, Where he spins around rapidly on his hoverboard, harnessing wind current before generating a miniature tornado that sweeps across the zone.

Attack: 5/10
Defense: 3/10
Intelligence: 3/10
Speed: 10/10
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Boboiboy Galaxy- Thunderstorm


A fierce elemental transformation Boboiboy undergoes embodying electricity and lightning. He is careful when to do this, however, as Thunderstorm acts mercilessly, lacking compassion compared to his other transformations.

Usually the answer to any situation is to slice it apart with the sharpest blade one can manage, quick to go to the lethal option. He is extremely violent to his foes, and deals with them swiftly and without mercy. He looks down on his allies if they don't follow his example.

An expert in quick responding battle reflexes, he can keep up a blink and you miss it clash of blades, accurately parrying strike after strike before unleashing his own counter attacks. Occasionally, he can throw his crimson blades, which morph into lightning of the same color. If he throws both of his swords into the sky in this fashion, he can call upon a deadly rain of blood red lightning bolts in the shape of knives across the battlefield.

Attack: 8/10
Defense: 3/10
Intelligence: 4/10
Speed: 9/10

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Boboiboy Galaxy- Solar


The seventh and final element that Boboiboy has access to. This elemental form is rather rare to come out, and so makes an impact when he does. He becomes far more intelligent than Boboiboy has seen to be, having a vast understanding of spatial dynamics and sciences. He has been shown to be belligerent, even occasionally straying into a religious tone.

This isn't without reason, as he controls the power of Solar energy and radiation, harnessing the power to exceed those of all the other elemental forms.

His primary weapon is his Solar Katana, a thin blade made of compressed starlight. Simply pointing the blade at the enemy can unleash a laser comprised of pure light. Using his hands, he may also gesture toward a spot on the ground. And with a sparkle of light, a massive solar flare spews out of the location.

His strongest move by far is Solar Eclipse. Few can tell the tale of it. A crescent moon shape appears behind him, and all those who lay eyes upon it burn from the inside out. As they say, never look directly into a solar eclipse.

Attack: 10/10
Defense: 4/10
Intelligence: 10/10
Speed: 5/10
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Boboiboy Galaxy- Tempest / Beliung


After Cyclone goes under a radical shift through an unforeseen incident, his emotions spiral and his power explodes into a new form. The third elemental state. Giving birth to Tempest from his darkest, innermost feelings of envy and jealousy.

Tempest has gone mad with his newfound power. Hardly differentiating friend from foe, Tempest is highly emotional, often seen in a state of dark glee as he toys with his opponents, ripping them apart with several bands of tornados. Never wanting to become yet another form again, Tempest wishes to be out permanently, and live life to how he deems is the fullest. Living without consequences. Power unbound.

When Tempest is brought in, a category 5 Hurricane begins to form all around the epicenter as he cloaks himself in a tower of a tornado, his destruction passively ripping up cities in his wake. Freely bending air and air currents, he can cause hurricane level winds to tear open the earth and cause cyclones that tear buildings to shreds. Eliminate at all costs.

Attack: 15/10
Defense: 15/10
Intelligence: 5/10
Speed: 15/10
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