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Shen's Art

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Adventures: Hareta and His Squad


After a long journey of collecting gym badges, fighting team galactic, and duking it out with legendary Pokémon of time and space, Hareta wound up with many stories to tell and a whole lot of new friends he found along the way. Each one helping him in their own way and he helping them in kind.

Empoleon: Hareta's starter pokemon, Empoleon was Piplup during most of his journey because of the Everstone that was placed on him since the beginning of their trip. Empoleon has always been one that's very proud of itself, and started off extremely uncooperative, making Hareta do the fighting instead of it. After several trials and tribulations, the two learned to work together in battle as equals rather than trainer and pokemon, both willing to sling blows together instead of one or the other standing on the sidelines.

Luxray: Caught as a shinx just north of Jublife City, Luxray was a bit of a late bloomer. Always willing to lend a hand in their early time with Hareta, being instrumental in clearing Valley Windworks after Team Galactic cut the power. They've helped be a good technical mon, but tends to get overwhelmed easily by much larger enemies. She was the last one to evolve, evolving at the Sinnoh League tourney mid battle against Koya, his rival.

Misdreavus: Caught in Eterna Forest, this little ghost has a mischievous streak. She loves to scare anyone at any time, friend or foe. Indiscriminately scaring anyone in sight with Astonish, she caught even the most seasoned trainers off guard, even Hareta can't fully predict where she will go next. Though she can buckle down and fight technical if she needs to, knowing clever moves like Spite and Skill Swap to preform an unexpected combo with Hareta's plans.

Lucario: Hatched from an egg he received at Iron Island, Hareta's Riolu is pretty straightforward, going right to end a fight the best way he sees how; fast tactics and a hard punch. It evolved baffling Candice's Regirock, managing to knock out the golem and pass the trail of Regigigas.

Regigigas: Hareta's big power player, Regigigas was a fateful encounter Hareta had at snowpoint temple, facing down the berserk golem after it defeated the three other Regis and attacked everything in sight. The two had a harsh battle, Hareta himself getting smashed into a wall by the titan, but after a heart to heart and a close tie, Hareta passed out and Regigigas acknowledged Hareta's heart and prowess and chose him to be it's trainer. Stoic yet violent, Regigigas does exactly what it's told with little deviation. However, when Hareta's life is in critical danger from someone, it will rush to end the life of whoever is endangering him.

Minun: His last catch from an egg given to him by his dad, Minun is a cheery and positive ray of sunshine that is a lover, not a fighter. They have practically no battling moves whatsoever, usually cheering on their friends with electric Pom poms and charming the foes that try to attack it. But Minun has cinched key wins for the squad with well timed thunder waves and helping hands.
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