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That’s right, another Superpower High School Romance (ETC) Roleplay Discussion


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Hello have second krou bio

Name: Leon Blackwell

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Sexuality: Straight, probably..

Appearance: Leon wears a green hoodie, looking similarly to a chameleon, though the hoodie has patches, which have probably been patched up by Leon himself since he gets into trouble most, if not all the time. Most of the time, the top half of his face is covered in a shadow, nobody has seen the top half of his face though, and he doesn't plan on showing it to anyone, not right now, anyway.

From anything that you can see, Leon has a brownish skin color. In terms of height, he's 5'4, with a slim body type.

Abilities and Powers:
Invisibilty: A simple power, though extremely useful to Leon, as he uses it to his advisable to find weakspots in his enemies.

Personality: Simply, Leon is a troublemaker, normally laid-back and likes to watch things burn (metaphorically), and isn't easy to befriend. If you get to know him, you'll immediately find out that you're an "acquaintance" to him, and you wouldn't find out how to be friends. Our chameleon buddy here, is also pretty stubborn, though, a little secret is that he hates thunder.

Way of Application: Reccomendation.

Relationships: None right now, except his family ofc.

Other: He likes ducks, for some reason. He hasn't told anyone, but he likes the quacking sound they make.
I’m new to the site but I’ve roleplayed before so here’s my character!
Name(First and last): Heather Whitlock

Age: Unknown (However they appear to have the mental age of a 15 year old)

Gender: Male (Uses He/Him/It/It’s)

Species: Object Head

Sexuality: Pansexual
Appearance: Heather is an Object Head to say the least, which is an anthropomorphic object. He has human features too, which is basically anything below head. Heather has a light grey Television with black and white buttons/nozzles and two thin black antennas. The screen is off with the SMPTE color bars from yellow to red on the bottom. He is rather tall, a whopping 6’9 at that. He has tanned colored skin and has two outfits, one a black and white suit with flower patterns on some of the top part sported with a poofy neck collar and black gloves/dress shoes. Another outfit which is the one he wears most of the time is a light pink sweater with a white collar and wrists. He doesn’t cover his hands in this outfit. He also has a yellow beanie put on the left corner of his Television Head. For pants Heather wears black pants that look sweat-like with pink and green shoes.

His body build looks muscular.

Abilities and Powers:
Future Project ~ The ability to occasionally project one’s future on the screen of the TV, however a drawback is associated with this ability: it sometimes doesn’t work or is unable to produce accurate information.

Telepathic Communication Screen (T.C.S)~ Allows the user to telepathically communicate to where the words on screen are seen only by those he has linked his mind to to see. Once again a drawback comes with this, the words will act glitched sometimes.

Sounds ~ As Heather is partially a Television, he is able to play music or varying pitches of noise to scare or hurt someone’s ears, if it’s not used as defense then he’s also able to play calming soft music as well.

Personality: Heather is an ESFG personality. He is friendly and outgoing and more of an extrovert who just loves the company of others. He’s reliable and rather organized despite his unusual messiness on room organization, but he is organized with planning and schedules. Heather is very practical and literal, imagine telling him that it’s “5:00”, he will correct this and tell you that’s it’s actually “4:56”. He enjoys being active and productive as well. He can be a bit rude and stubborn as well as attention-seeking.

Way of Application(Completed test/Recommendation/Etc.): Passed test with okay numbers.

Cackle Whitlock (Candle Object Head; Father)
Mr. Luck Whitlock (Playing Card’s Object Head; Other father) [Heather was adopted]

Other: If not using T.C.S then he will speak like a regular human, however it will glitch out sometimes, forcing him to speak on the screen.
Some quotes
“Pffftttttt, I didn’t hurt your feelings. You just happened to pick up on me talking badly about you”
“Awwwwwww.. your kinda cute for a little human head.”
“Okay okay okay.”
“BAHAHHA, Thunder-Quack? Or Quack-Thunder?”
Also. @Cryronn the Mudkip two new bios to accept


Previously EeviumZ
Ayo, is this still accepting? Just wanted to double check before I start a bio.

Additionally, are we allowed to create antagonistic/villainous characters? I have an idea that's been living rent-free in my head for months.


Previously EeviumZ
Alright, here's my bios. Might edit these later - it's late here, and I'm prone to mistakes when I'm tired.

Okay, now I'd better go back to my work experience application. I spent way more time on these than I intended, oops.

Name(First and last): Aurora Nailo (prefers to go by Auri)
Age: 15 in physical appearance and mentality, actual age unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Unknown
Sexuality: Bisexual

Created using this Picrew.

After some time, Aurora decided to take on a relatively unassuming appearance. She has short purple hair and vibrant violet eyes, and stands at a height of 5'1. She typically wears a black sweater and leggings, along with white running shoes.
Abilities and Powers:
  • Mind Manipulation. Aurora is capable of manipulating the minds of those around her. Typically, she uses this to turn people against each other, just because she can (and it's entertaining). She cannot assume full control of a mind for extended periods of time, but she can cause them to act accordingly to her suggestion. She can also manipulate the emotions of others.
  • Illusion Generation. Aurora can create sensory illusions. These can include illusions of physical objects, scents, physical touch, sounds, et cetera. More complex illusions take more concentration for her to maintain, and her illusions cannot actually cause any damage.
  • Chaos Surge. Her primary offensive ability takes on the form of a volatile and unpredictable energy that she can manipulate to her will. It can be incredibly powerful or pitifully weak - she has very little control over it. It also can take on random effects - it might paralyze the foe, it could set the area on fire, it could backfire on the user and cause negative effects, or it could just make confetti rain above the caster (because why not). Depending on how much she is concentrating, Aurora may have slight influence over the power of the energy, but for the most part, she has to let fate decide. If it ends up being weak at the worst time possible? Well, then Aurora is probably screwed. (This occurs often, much to her chagrin.)
Aurora is a transient and unpredictable individual. She does whatever she pleases, whenever she pleases, with little regard for anyone else. In her eyes, nothing matters more than her own entertainment. If other people get hurt, well, then it sure does suck to be them. She's mischievous and quick-witted, and sometimes, she seems to just want to watch the world burn. (Metaphorically, of course. Most of the time.) However, despite her general lack of regard for others, when she does form a connection with someone, she will do just about anything for them. She cherishes these select few individuals, and respects them greatly - but for all she cares, no one else matters.
Way of Application: No one knows how she ended up in the school but her, and she isn't exactly eager to elaborate on her arrival. (Backstory will be elaborated on in character - I can elaborate here if needed, however.)
Relationships: None.
Other: Thunder Quack.

Now for the bio.
Name(First and last): Allie Silverstone (Known to students and faculty only as Demetria)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Winter Faerie
Sexuality: Demisexual

Please see the link in Aurora's bio for the generator used.

Allie has light blue hair and deep blue eyes, and stands at a height of 5'8. Her complexion is unusually pale, and she has a relatively slim build. At the school, she typically wears a white dress shirt, a pale blue skirt, and black leggings, along with tall white boots. On her back, she has a pair of translucent blue wings that appear to be made entirely out of an impossibly thin layer of ice.
Abilities and Powers:
- Ice Manipulation. Allie possesses the power to create and manipulate ice to her will.
- Enhanced Cognitive Function. Allie's cognitive function is enhanced to near superhuman levels. Her senses have all been enhanced, to the point where it is nearly impossible to catch her off guard. She is incredibly intelligent, and appears to possess an incredible sense of intuition.
- Telepathy. Allie has the power to speak to others using the mind exclusively.
Allie appears to have little to no self confidence. She is anxious and shy, and incredibly secretive. (That will make sense soon enough.) She's extremely difficult to connect with, but beneath her nervous exterior, she is an extremely kind and compassionate person. Though she is ordinarily a bit of a shrinking violet, when provoked enough, she will get angry - and her temper can be quite terrifying. This anger is often quick to come out when anyone attempts to pry into her secrets.
Allie - or Demetria, as she now calls herself - is not new to Comet Trail (though she insists otherwise when anyone asks). She originally came to the school last year in hopes of learning to control her power. In her first year, her power was completely out of her control, and her emotions were running very high.

Allie remained at the school for several months, but her powers continued to spiral out of her control. She became afraid of hurting the people she cared about - one person in particular - and fled the school one night. Her disappearance sparked a great deal of concern in the school, but no one was able to find her.

Unbeknownst to the school, Allie had been receiving a series of mysterious messages on paper. They promised to help her control her magic, and they told her that she was bound to hurt someone if she didn't heed their calls. She hid these messages and tried not to think about them, but in the end, the manipulation of the sender won out.

Upon finding the sender, things went well at first. They had a polite discussion regarding the current state of Allie's power. However, things went downhill fast.

Allie was becoming increasingly suspicious and reluctant to listen to the mysterious figure. She could sense that they did not have her best interest at heart. Unfortunately, when she tried to leave, the figure refused to allow it.

Allie was given an ultimatum. She would follow the figure's instructions, or the figure would ensure that everyone she cared about would fall by Allie's hand. With no other option, Allie was forced to comply.

Allie still isn't quite sure what happened next. All she knew was that the figure used a strange sort of magic, a magic that was completely unfamiliar to her, and the snowfall that was generating around her as a result of her nerves suddenly stopped. Apparently, the figure was telling the truth - they did know how to help her control her powers. However, what the figure ordered her to do next promptly overshadowed that victory.

The figure ordered her to return to Comet Trail, and bring it down from the inside. Allie refused at first, but the figure stopped her. They informed her that they had given her control of her powers, and they could take it away at any time. They could even make it worse, if they wanted to. If she refused to comply, hurting someone was inevitable.

Her heart weighed down, she arrived back at Comet Trail. She did not refer to herself as Allie, but as Demetria. Though some recognized her as Allie, she claimed to not know who Allie was at all.

Currently, she is settling back into school life, anxiously awaiting the orders of her patron.
Way of Application: Passed the test with flying colors. She did so well that there was suspicion of cheating. However, she was determined to be innocent, and was admitted regardless.
Relationships: None known at the moment.
Other: Thunder Quack.


Previously EeviumZ
Demetria vs Revamped Damon will be interesting opponent, although Auri does need not to piss off the wrong person (Damon, Cylia, Marcel, Jude, Zoey, etC.)
Auri's about to speedrun pissing off the entire school.

I'm excited to RP Allie/Demetria. Might do a written work covering her backstory in between the original RP and this one, since it's a bit of a complicated ordeal.

Gold The Dragonite

Previously Dratingonair
Mostly my biggest issue is that with the RP already so far along most characters have close relationships with each other, and Hunter’s band isn’t really a thing anymore (I think anyway <.<) since Schrift and I went AWOL
Hunter would at the least still know Ori, and probably Zack as I can't speak on Godjacob's behalf. Besides, the students have been on campus for only a few days, a majority of the students have yet to interact with others.


Previously EeviumZ
I think I may exchange one of my ship ideas for another. Marcel and Asuna for Marcel and Demetria. Then maybe Lucien and Asuna instead.
@Cryronn the Mudkip I may have Samael interact with Tara after class.
If you wanted to ship them, it'd probably have to wait a while. In Allie's current mental state, she is avoiding getting attached to anyone, because she's afraid that they will find out that everything about her is a lie.

I am planning on having her eventually break free of her contractor and drop the false identity. Not fully sure when this will happen, but it probably won't be for a bit yet. I think a relationship after this point would be great - it would be a great healing arc for her. (She'll need one of those. Badly.)

If you want to ship Marcel right now, maybe go with someone else, but if you're okay with waiting then I'm chill with it (no pun intended).

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Previously SlicertheGallade890
If you wanted to ship them, it'd probably have to wait a while. In Allie's current mental state, she is avoiding getting attached to anyone, because she's afraid that they will find out that everything about her is a lie.

I am planning on having her eventually break free of her patron and drop the false identity. Not fully sure when this will happen, but it probably won't be for a bit yet. I think a relationship after this point would be great - it would be a great healing arc for her. (She'll need one of those. Badly.)

If you want to ship Marcel right now, maybe go with someone else, but if you're okay with waiting then I'm chill with it (no pun intended).
This is fine. I can wait a little bit.