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Private/Closed Warriors: From Dusk Til' Dawn(Ended)

A kit fell down the hill next to her. The soft dark brown fur was still fluffy and light with white kit fluff still all over him, meaning he was less than a half moon old. He hadn't even opened his eyes get, mewing pitifully. A few seconds later a patrol of Klineleaf Cats Came out of the brush, and started poking and batting at the kit, sneering at it and making fun of it. He wailed and pawed blindly at the air, but the cats just spat and hissed with laughter and malicious intent. He squeaked loudly as a paw hit him with clas sheathed and he was flung into his back, his belly exposed. He flailed trying to right himself, still mewling and meowing in distress.
Her claws were unsheathed and she glared at the cats who were harming the kit. "Well, if it isn't a bunch of those pieces of fox-dung!" She snarled, eyes blazing with fury. "Leave the kit alone before I skin you alive and drag your bodies to the twolegs!"
The Cats hissed violently before the leader sneered, "Take it, it was too weak to begin with. His mothers dead, and he'll join her with the moon!" Before he and his group dove into the underbrush.

The Kit was utterly frightened. He had a few scratches here and there, but other than that he seemed fine. He began to mew again, this time softer and with more confusion. He crawled around blindly for a few minutes before he found Nightraven, and huddled by her paws, mewing all the while.
Nightraven licked the kit. "Don't worry, I'll get those mouse-brains..." She mewed. She followed them. "Where do you think you're going?" She yowled when she caught up.
The Kit wailed as he flopped to the ground nolonger supported by her fore paws. He shuffled about blindly, just about making as much noise as he possibly could.

The group had already made it into the two leg place, there would be no chance of them being scented.
The Kit, whose name happened to be named MouseKit huddled at her feet instinctively trying to warm himself as the rain poured down harder. A leaf blew by in the rain and snaked him in the face, he squeaked startled and fell over. He got back up and continued to huddle by NightRaven, clearly scared, as he had t opened his eyes yet.
Nightraven picked up Mousekit and ran back to ShadowClan's camp. She set him down in the medicine cat's den and gave it a few poppy seeds for shock. She licked his fur the wrong way to warm him and soon set him in the nursery, curling around the kit. "Don't worry, little kit...I'll protect you...I'll care for you...I'll act as your new mother..." She mewed.
Mousekit stopped mewing as soon as she pulled him close to her. Almost instantly he breathed In her scent. Then snuggled up as close as he could too her, and fell asleep to the sound of her heart beat.
Mouse kit woke up to warm body encircling his. His light gray fur had little speckals to it, which shimmered in the early morning sun. He mewed softly as he rolled onto his haunches and shivered in the warm green leaf sun that filtered into the Nursery ?The Other Queens were currently sleeping.
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The Kit scrambled up. He had no idea where he was. He also couldn't smell NightRaven. He bumped into a sleeping Queen who jerked awake at the sight of the Brown kit crashing around the nursery. Almost instictvly he mewed for her. But his voice was long lost over the sound of the storm.
(Don't worry about it! ^^ Here's what happened:
Mousekit, a kit from Klineleaf's Clan, was found and brough back to ShadowClan by Nightraven, a ShadowClan warrior. She, from then on, cared for Mousekit, hoping to be his new mother as his biological mother was killed.
The Kit ventured out of the nursery and into the rain. He squeaked as he searched for her, sorta like echolocation. It seemed like he was going to be a good adventurer from the start. Eventually he found her and huddled at her feet.
Nightraven curled her tail around Mousekit. Well, he's a little adventurer from the start! He'll become a great warrior in this Clan, and I'll make sure he has the perfect mentor... Nightraven thought.
Peering through the rain, Thundercloud thought he saw a kit being licked by what looked like its mother. The two cats ran over.
"Is there any way we can help?" Dewdrop asked, thinking the kit must be cold out in the pouring rain.
(I don't quite remember if Nightraven is in ThunderClan territory xD let's just say she is.)
Nightraven nodded. "I've heard quite a bit about your clan. It must've taken days to get here." She mewed.
(lol that's ok)
Dewdrop's face suddenly got serious.
"Your camp is in danger. Our leader, Cloudstar, received a message from StarClan saying that it would rain for many days to come. Your camp is like a dome, right? (I'm referring to the new camp from 3rd series+) It might flood if it keeps raining much longer, so we came to help you."
(I'm on the first book of the third series ^^ )
Nightraven's fur stood on end. "Flooding? Thank you for your help! I must warn the leader. I may be from a different Clan, but I wont hesitate to helo another Clan." Nightraven mewed nervously.
(Ah.... so exciting things are yet to come for you ;) you should hurry because the first book the 6th series, a continuation of the fourth, comes out next year!)
"Just stay calm, as long as we get everyone out everything will be fine," Thundercloud said. Dewdrop nodded, adding "Let's hurry over to your camp."
(I believe the first book of the 6th series has already come out, but it may have just been the cover ^^ )
Nightraven picked up Mousekit and ran out of the camp.
Thundercloud and Dewdrop ran into camp. The water was already up past Dewdrop's paws (considering she's shorter than average) and she knew the kits needed immediate help. She pushed past cats who were leaving camp, found the nursery, and stepped inside. To her surprise, there was one kit sitting there.
He had a chocolate pelt and icy blue eyes, and he was shivering--or crying--or both.
(Sorry for the absence, hope you ddont mind....life is horrendous sometimes.)

Dropleaf just stayed quiet. He watched NightRaven protect the kit.
"Lets go, her hands are full." Smokeclaw insisted.
"Yeah." They went silently looking for Kline.