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Open Adventure in the Kanto Region - Discussion

But you can't surpass us like that! I mean my Hurricane-of-exploding-rocks and his Tackle-A-beedrill-then-catch-it-without-a-battle were already stretching the limit.
Im gonna create two different teams and i want you guys to tell me which one i should use

This team:
trainercard-Jack (1).png
or this team?:
trainercard-Jack (2).png
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Either way is good, after all, the Pokemon choice doesn't really matter in a world where every single battle basically revolves around the mood people are in on the day of the battle. I'd say find something that can incorporate some of your current team and find a team that is alright with you
Oh and by the way im not OPing my character with the Master ball, There were 9 Cabinets and 9 RPers so everyone gets a Master ball when they get to the Silph Co Building
Name: Mora
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Starter: Squirtle
Character description: a young boy from a far away region called alola. One strange thing about him is his light purple skin, though it doesn't seem to have any defects. He came to this region with his pumpkaboo, and got a squirtle from the professor. His goal is to be the strongest pokemon trainer.
I PMed Stellar and told him to Re open the thread i also told him the reasons why he should but he has not replied
well yea, But also you can just train for like a Month straight then you could beat the elite 4
But do not forgot Revives and Full restores!
Hey guys, this is my first RP I've ever made!

The concept is fairly simple; lots of teens from Pallet town are beginning their adventure in the Indigo League Challenge, and Professor Oak is providing Pokemon to anyone who wants one!

To join, fill out the following form:

Starter: (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, Eevee) Charmander
Character Description: A Brave 15 year old who will set out on any adventure even if it is dangerous


Current Members:
Rack (Aggron)
Aeroble (Sceptile)
Squirt (Blastoise)

Here's the Rp