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Ask to Join Comet Trail High School (Roleplay)

Two more figures walked up to the now open gates of Comet Trail Hight, one seemed to have a smirk plastered on his face as he carried a comically large bag on his back filled with supplies made for the both of them. The other was a less toned and more covered up individual with a mask and jean hoodie who seemed to look with some concern at the other's rather sizeable luggage. The pair, twin siblings named Zack and Zoey had both completed the entrance test to be enrolled and hope a school with other "unusual" individuals would better help them get a grasp of their own abilities and help them fit in, especially in Zoey's case.

"You know, I could've brought my own stuff. Think it might be a little extreme..." Zoey said as her brother seemed to struggle if slightly to have all the stuff between them in one bag but he smiled at her as he worked to quell any concern she may have had.

"Oh n-nonsense. It isn't that bad, besides my old master told me this kind of thing makes for good training." Zack insisted, even having done some squats with the heavy bag which Zoey could only sigh in. He really tried to make life "easy" for her since she became a Vampire but she always worried that he was taking it too far with even mundane things such as this.

"Alright, though again between the two of us I am better at the h-heavy lifting..." Zoey said, sheepishly though her ears seemed to twitch as the pair made it through the open gate. From what she had heard, it seemed like there was the sounds of presumed conflict in the school, but who would start a fight on the first day? Her hearing may have improved to these new "super" levels but she was convinced she had to have misheard.

"Aright first day at the super school. Wonder what awaits us sis?" Zack asked as the pair entered the front of the school and scanned around them.
“...child, your ego is getting me irritated. You ain’t hot shit. You’re the opposite of hot shit, you’re the coldest piss any human has ever leaked from their body. Other kid, please, sit down, no need to involve yourself in... this travesty. Now listen. I’m gonna lose my shit and my job if I’m not on schedule, so you know, no point in keeping this going longer. “

The man gave a warm smile.
“Thank you for enrolling at Comet Trail, I hope during your time here you’ll get a life.”

Without any movement on his part, the gym dropped over twenty degrees in a second, as the vibration of his gravity balls were almost instantly stopped by them being completely frozen in place. Then, in a single swift motion of his arm, ice began to solidify around the body of Donald, instantly causing his muscles to basically fail him due to the exceedingly dangerous drop in temperature. Soon, the boy was one blue popsicle in the center of the room, and using his control of the ice, dropped the frozen body right onstage, where it melted, but not evaporated, leaving the boy absolutely drenched in freezing cold water. The Principal looked at his work, satisfied, before walking back down his ice stairway and returning to stage, as well as the podium. He cleared his throat.

“I hope he will be not causing you problems-“
(That was Tara by the way)
“Agreed, but not now, don’t make me make an example of you as well. Now then, you all should have received a map of the school to your email, so check your phones if you would like to see it. Now then, we will be heading to the outdoor arena for some good old fashioned blood sports, aka, initiation combat! I’ve already decided on some matchup pairs to get the school year started on an energetic note. You all may talk again, so head out there. Teachers will make sure you’re on the right path, just take a left at the other gymnasium door, opposite to the one you entered here from.”


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Marcel began to erupt like a volcano. “You stuck up Motherfucker. I should rip your throat out right now and make you silent forever. But just consider...” Marcel’s face turned crimson from rage as he unclipped his shoulder pads and cape and threw them down creating a loud crash. “Consider this your warning.” Marcel finished before storming away from Donald and everyone else. He needed some air.
Zack and Zoey would see a curious sight, what seemed to be a large convoy of students being led along by a few teachers in what seemed like an assembly line. This caused natural confusion as the twins wondered if they had missed something but before any guessed could be made Zack felt a light tug on his arm as Zoey began to move forward.

"Come on Zack we're gonna miss this!" Zoey called out as she wanted to get with the pack, worried they needed to catch up as already they seemed a step behind.

"Well uh I am sure the school would let us set our bags aside first and waaaaa!" Zack had began to say, the idea of carrying the comical sized bag of supplies the whole way with the group was not appealing in spite of his earlier bravado but with a tug his sister's enhanced strength decided it for him as she practically dragged Zack to the other students as he only sighed in defeat before they worked to integrate with the line as the masked girl looked curiously at those around her while Zack big bag and all had kept close to Zoey during this trip.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Porco got up and quickly got his brother’s shoulder pieces and cape. “Just from by brother.” Porco whispered already exhausted after the whole fight between Donald, the Principle, and Marcel. ‘Geez could he have not today.’ Porco told himself as he got one of his own nanobots and used it as a storage for Marcel’s shoulder pieces and cape.

Marcel in a place secluded had to just pace and not light the place up. “Stupid stuck up ass. I swear he is going to be a pain!” Marcel said punching a wall. Blood began to trickle from his knuckles. “Geez. This never happens.” Marcel whispered. “Gosh. Why am I so worked up for? He doesn’t know the amount of people I can send. Hell. I could release a bounty on him if I wanted to. But that’s only a last resort thing.” Marcel spoke as he felt like he wasn’t alone.

Porco ran up to the blue haired twins from what he had to assume. “Sorry about my brother you two. He’s known for being calm till prevoked.” Porco explained as he walked with the two. “Oh! How rude of me. I did not introduce myself properly. My name is Porco Cromwell. Fighting and powers ain’t really my thing but tech and coding is.” Porco introduced himself to the two.

(Edit: @Cryronn the Mudkip @Gamingfan would love to see some reactions.)
"So got anything of note?" Zack whispered to Zoey as they walked along the pack, both looking for context as something big seemed to happen with the mummers about them and while Zoey naturally was not one to ease drop she herself could not mask interest as the mask covered her twitching ears as her enhanced hearings seemed to pick up detailed whispers of the recent events that unfolded.

"Seems there was a fight, some students got into a scuffle which brought the teachers in..." Zoey whispered to Zack as the latter seemed disappointed as he seemed to inwardly curse.

"Darn it why did I miss the good stuff..." Zack mused, as he only ever wanted to put his training to practical use and it seemed he just missed a golden opportunity. Zoey herself sighed as she wished her brother could avoid looking for fights, before she suddenly seemed to stop as her eyes widened and she covered her nose and mouth as she seemed to struggle. Zack himself quickly assumed a serious look as he had seen this look from his sister, she seemed to smell blood in the air.

"Here here just drink..." Zack said though Zoey already beat him to it as she reached to her pocket on his bag and pulled what seemed to be a pack with red liquid and a straw; an artifical blood pack, one of dozens they had as Zoey unfolded her mask carefully by the chin and began to suck trying to die down this smell with a quick refresher as she worked to control her breathing while Zack provided cover.

Where, where...

Zack glanced around but it seemed he could not spot anyone who seemed to be even covering a wound of some sort. Where did it come from? Given how strong Zoey's nose was when it came to a blood flow it could've come from the other side of the hall or building for all they knew.
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Previously mallard
Piper couldn't help as the nitwit got what he deserved, and then left the building. She knew she wasn't about to participate in a fight arena with other- no, not grouping herself with them- with superhumans.
That nitwit, though, didn't feel like snickering. He felt like popping that principal's head off like he used to do with squirrels back as a kid. He'd never felt such rage... such embarrassment. His hair was slimy fell over his face due to the gel he used getting wet. He just lay there in the cold water as warmer liquids started pouring from his eyes angrily and silently as his body shivered.

| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
All of it ended really quickly, and everyone was going outside the gymnasium, outside. They were going to have test battles. It wasn't all to well, because before exiting, Walnut counted the gum left and there were five in his pocket. It was a good amount, and he'd be able to last the day with it. Chewing up the gum, He created tiny, but very sharp and deadly knives (that he made not too hard so people could recover from it), to prepare for the combat initiation test. "i think i've got enough of these. What else could i make..." He thought to himself.

He didn't know when it was going to begin, so he had to think fast. And make it quick. Then he had an idea. A lasso. He could use it to close gaps with his opponent. He then started to make a lasso. It was very stretchy, but really hard to get out of and also fairly sticky. He was prepared. Very Prepared.


Previously Deathstalker62
Well.. that was something. So quick, the situation was dispatched. Yet, while Jay saw Ice freeze up around him and thaw out again, he, as usual with his shadow form, did not feel the actual change in temperature happening. Not that he had any body warmth that could be reduced anyway; his body was already cold with nothing inside to generate heat. Then add the fact that dark spots bring cold temperatures with them and it's a combination that brings the liquid Jay is made of to a chilly degree. Regardless of the fact, the rest of the orientation was continued, and now the students are on the move again. Of course, Jay had to follow, but.. well, he couldn't just leave all this darkness behind. Not when there were fights up ahead, anyway.

Jay held up his arms above his head and stretched out his hands, leaving them as open as he could. Then, with a sound equal to air being sucked in by a vacuum, the surrounding darkness was sucked into Jay's hands, going right into his body. The Shadow Boy absorbed all the darkness beneath the bleachers until it was as lit as the main area of the gymnasium. Having absorbed what he needed, Jay crawled out from the side of the bleachers where he was small enough to fit through and called upon Shade. Well, not verbally, but he motioned for his guardian to lift him up in the air. Shade did as much, having transformed into a literal raining (not water, just drops of dark energy) cloud of darkness beneath Jay, which the boy sat upon as Shade rose into the air. The boy flew above the heads of the students, not wanting to join the crowd, yet still wanting to follow along the teachers to the arena. Though, the boy did get curious on who his potential opponents could be.. so he went to lie down on his moving cloud, with just the top half of his head poking out from the front of the cloud for him to look down at all the fellow students, but quickly pulled away when he realized that, because Shade was made of the same energy as him, that this resulted in students he hovered over getting dark energy dripped on, hiding out of view in embarrassment and slight shame, much unlike Shade who just couldn't give a damn on who his drops of dark energy landed on. (Leaving this open for anyone who wants to have an interaction with Jay and Shade because of the 'rain'.)


Previously Gamingfan2
"Called it. Guess the kid doesn't feel so high and mighty now."
Loufe released a breath he wasn't aware he was holding. At least Donald didn't get killed. Though, that would be a huge overreaction on the principal's part.
O.S sighed disappointedly " Still, it's a shame. He could've at least cracked his arm off. That'll show'em who's boss."
Ignoring the wolf spirit, Loufe rose from the chair, taking another look behind himself before moving on, rising and waiting for the line to pass as he joined the very back. Less people to bump into.
He just wanted to get through the day without O.S scaring someone off.
"Snrrk!". Had Seth been a man of self control, he would have held down his laughter and saved it for a later time. Seth, was not a man of self control. Seth immediately started belting out in laughter at the scene that took place. "Umm, Seth?" Said Mira with a bit of concern. "ONLY A GUY LIKE DONALD DAFT HAVE HIMSELF SLAMMED DOWN INTO A CHAIR BY A DEMON AND TRY AND LOOK LIKE A BIGSHOT" Basically screamed Seth (via Telepathy of course. Seths laughing continued as he got up and walked out as Mira followed. "Didn't you hear what 'Principal Peppermint' said? We're doing iniciation combat" "Yep and if you'll excuse me I'll be taking an extended bathroom break." said Seth when he ran into a barrier. "You dare use mine own spells against me Potter?" "You didn't even read that book you nerd." She said catching his hood and start dragging him outside. His laughing expression did a complete 180 and the bored bitter one came back as he let himself be dragged outside reluctantly by his sister.

Gold The Dragonite

Previously Dratingonair
Oliver had felt a tad bit empathetic and sorry, while Ori was trying to hold in her laughter at what had happened. When they had mentioned initation combat, the two got up, much like most of the students. "Great, fancy words for fighting." Ori sighed in a uninterested tone. "We'll see you outside, possibly!" Oliver waved to the people they sat by, as they got up. Ori gave a peace sign over her shoulder, much like Kage's, as she teleported in front of someone in the line whilst they weren't looking. Her brother took longer to keep up, eventually joining the back of the line.

She hadn't realised that she was under sone kind of dark, thick and goo-like rain. Looking up, Ori could see someone, or something, looming over a number of students on a raincloud before keeping their head out of sight. She doubted it was on purpose, with everyone seeing how the principal had dealt with trouble after that little scene. It still wouldn't hurt to ask though. "Hey, can you stop the rain up there?" She asked, unsure on whether the figure could hear her. (@DevVoid)
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After orientation, Leo pulled his phone to check the email the principal is talking about. He was not paying attention to where he was walking ended up accidentally bumped into a male student accompanied with a female student . He stop and looked student and genuinely apologized the student. "I better payed attention next time" he said to the male student. "I am Leo" he said as he took his hand for a handshake.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Doku sat watching the interaction between the principal and the loud boy in silence, once it was over she turned to Emma "um so now do we leave or something" she said slighlty confused as she had not really paid attention to what the principal had said "and..do you think that kid is ok, that looked embarrassing" she said quietly
Emma nodded at Doku. "Yeah, he said to go through the door opposite the one we entered the Gymnasium through, then take a left, and there are teachers along the way to make sure we don't get lost." She stood up and shuffled down the row of folding chairs until she was out in the isle. Then she took the time to answer the green-haired girl's other question. "Uh, well, I honestly don't know. He deserved to be embarrassed, I think, but being in cold water like that really isn't healthy. I'm pretty sure you can get hypothermia from that. Did you want to check on him or something, Doku?"


Alex chuckled quietly at the whole debacle with Flying Kid. He was almost tempted to join in with whoever had booed the guy, but honestly he'd rather not make the guy mad just yet. He relied mostly on melee combat, so someone who could fly and lob 'Gravity Balls', whatever those were, was probably something he didn't want to enrage. The Principal though, he had mad respect for. Alex thought he could see why he had the job.

He couldn't sit there forever, though, so he got up and followed the trail of students exiting the Gymnasium. He pulled out his phone, and referred to the map of the school. He made sure to screenshot it, in case the email started to get too buried with other things. As he navigated, following the map and the Principal's instructions, he found himself wondering what kind of fight he was about to get into. Did they take powers into account when designing the matchups? If not, he'd probably find himself up against something with super projectiles or something. Sure, his Counterstrike power might help, but he could only get so far on dodging and if the enemy wasn't a glass cannon turret, he was almost guaranteed to loose.

'But such is life, I guess.'
Principal Arthur made his way over to the boy, and raised his hand, evaporating the water he was drenched in. He then began to slowly walk offstage to his next destination. “...listen Donald. All I ask is that you respect your fellow students, and above all, the staff. Overconfidence is a karma well, sooner or later it will bite you. Now go join you fellow students, I’m sure they already miss their Hero.” He disappeared through a side door.

Soul and Tara blinked, turning to Porco, who seemed to be related in some way to the demon that had just tried to assault Donald. “Oh, heya... erm, don’t worry about it I guess, we were just watching the show honestly, it’s not like there was much we could have done to stop anything that happened, you know?” Soul said with a shrug. Tara glanced Porco’s way with a small wave, as the group began to make their way outside and to the outdoor arena, the summer sun, or what was left of it in September, beating down on everyone in the group. Most people tried to steer clear of the dark rain cloud as well.

“Mm, I always love the sun, you know? It’s nice to see it after... all of that we just witnessed. I’m Tara Thorn by the way, and this dunce who forgot to introduce himself is Soul Toran! We’re cousins, which is why we don’t share a last name! People say we look like siblings though... I mean fair.” Soul raised a slight protest as Tara called him a dunce, but in the end he couldn’t really disagree, therefore he bit his tongue and kept walking.

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Previously Deathstalker62
Ah, crap. Looks like Shade's drops did hit some people, considering one of them spoke up about it. And to them, nonetheless. Well, guess he had to explain himself now. The boy flew Shade aside, away from the people, then down more to the ground to get on an even eye level, all the while Shade continued to drip the dark, sticky fluid he was made of. Shade sat up on his knees to look at who spoke, revealing to them that he was made of the same energy and drops were falling off of him as well, albeit as a much slower rate.

Well, talking was out of the question. Now, how to let this person know that the 'rain' can't be controlled.. Ah, here's an idea! Jay held up an arm to the side, then pointed at his own body, then at Shade, who was still formed into a cloud. Jay was trying to gesture that him and the cloud were made of the same energy. Then he pointed to the arm he held out with his other hand, pointing out that his arm was also dripping with the dark energy, though at a much slower rate than Shade because Shade was significantly bigger than Jay's arm. Jay then shrugged, trying to signal that he can't control the drops that fall off of Shade, proving so even more as the floor beneath the shadow cloud was building up a small puddle of liquid darkness. @Gold The Dragonite
Seth sighed as Mira dragged him outside but as she got distracted by something else, she didn't notice that Seth slipped away from her grasp. Just then, his Third Eye activated. In a detatched part of the school, he saw a figure pacing back and forth. Seth slipped into the crowd and came out the other end suprisingly without a teacher noticing. He walked over there and immediately thought to himself "Wow, look at me. I'm acting like Miranda. Investigating an alone person that I don't know. Great. Guess I better start writing my will. So, Mira gets my Stamp colle- whoops. Looks like I'm here." It was the guy from the assembly. Same red hair, horns and leather jacket. Seth wasn't sure if he should say anything but it would be even worse if he just silently watched him. "Hey, I'm Seth. Is it okay for me to be here? Oh wow is your hand okay?"
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Previously Shadow_Pup
Doku shook her head "no was just curious" she muttered before hastily following Emma out of the gymnasium as they headed towards the instructed location "so we're fighting other people right, that sounds scary, have you ever fought a person before" she asked tilting her head curiously as she looked at Emma. She decided to summon a little slime cube on her own shoulder just to give her extra comfort while she waited for Emma's response.

Getting up quickly Kage opted to walk to the location given to them as he didnt feel like being he first one there and his Dark Travel would probably mean he was first there so he got up and started to walk out of the current room and was on his way.
Emma gave one last glance at the guy as they left. Sure, he was annoying, but he didn't deserve to get sick from being stuck in cold water. She didn't have anything on her to deal with that, though, so she just walked on, holding the borrowed ice pack to her wrist.
"Not seriously, aside from a few squabbles with my sister. I don't think that counts, though. I have done a few spars, I guess, but those were mostly me blocking attacks with my power while other people trained theirs. That was how I learned about the Blackout aspect of mine."
She chattered as she trotted along. She didn't realize she hadn't explained her power yet, so it didn't occur to her that what she said might not make a lot of sense. She did pause for a moment, though, to talk to one of the teachers and let them know what had happened in the Gymnasium, and that there was a kid who might potentially have hypothermia.

( @Shadow_Pup )
"You okay?" Zack asked as thankfully it seemed the urge had passed Zoey thanks to her blood pack snack as she quickly slipped the mask back below her chin and nodded as he folded up the pack and placed it back in his bag. Said back would also suddenly feel a light but firm shove as something bumped into it which knocked Zack off balance. "Wha waaa d-damn....!" Zack cursed as he wobbled but Zoey quickly helped him stand straight before the large bag of items made him topple over.

"I-it's fine, I've got impeccable balance!" Zack insisted as Zoey had a sweat drop as the masked sibling glanced at the man named Leo as she sheepishly worked on their introductions. "H-hello, my name is Zoey. This is my brother Zack..." Zoey said, always nervous when meeting new faces especially after she just had a near "incident" that she hoped he missed. Zack smiled as they moved to the gymnasium area as he naturally seemed more friendly.

"A pleasure Leo, so you also a new student by any chance?" Zack said curious.

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Previously mallard
Piper walked outside, and not wanting to converse with the other students, she mantained her distance, taking long, slow, swinging steps into the grass. She had her hands shoved into her hoodie pockets as she kicked up loose dirt. She spotted a spider clinging onto a web of the gymnasium wall. She stopped and looked at it a moment, before walking over. As a kid she was afraid of these things, but now that she was older they were a source of comfort for her when humans were cold to her. She held out her hand sideways for the orb weaver to hop on. The spider held out its spindly legs to touch the hand, cautious at first, but hoisted itself up without a second hesitation. She carefully retracted her arm closer to her body and turned around. Being careful with her friend, she walked to the area where she'd WATCH the fights.

Donald's wet hair hardened against his face as the water evaporatred and the gel dried. He couldn't see the man, but he could hear him. This man seemed encourging enough now, but those words where salt in this fresh wound now. He scrambled to his feet and rocketed out the door wordlessly.

Bobby O'Connell waddled through the school gates, rubbing his eyes. He came here because he was bored, but it wasn't worth waking up early for it. He let his hands fall to the sides, and spotted the students walking somewhere. He reached in his pocket and produced a grape juice box, and struggled for a moment to free the straw and then poke it into the hole. He eventually succeeded as he made his way over to the students. "Howdy chucklefucks and chucklefuckettes." He tried to hide a grin as he took another sip from his juice. Narrowing his focus, he decided to talk to a couple of chics, with green and brown hair, one with a creature on her shoulder that interested him. He stared straight ahead, slurping down the last of the juice box to make his presence known. "Sup babes, what'd I miss of the 'exciting' first day of school so far?" He threw the box behind him, as it was empty.
@Shadow_Pup @RenzFlintrock
"W-wait? Outdoor arena? What is going on?" Zoey asked as while she spied in on other student's convos due to her and Zack being late they had missed the announcement of where they were going or what was on the agenda. Though while Zoey seemed confused if not worried behind the mask Zack had a grin as he seemed to like this direction.

"Oh? Well seems a bit rude to ask others for powers without sharing one's own first." Zack pointed out, as both siblings had followed Leo as he seemed to know what was going on.
Leo let out a slight chuckle. "Truth be told, I do not have any super abilities." Leo pull his backpack and a nanobot peeks out of his bag. "I relied on them and my experience as a fighter as well" he added. Leo turned to Zoey." Do not worry about what you miss earlier there more information on email that might be sent your phone" he said as he continue walking toward the arena. He look at Zack. "Well I told you mine. Tell me bout yours" he said with a smile.
Needless to say both Zack and Zoey were caught off guard by this, as they presumed this school was only for those of superpowered or otherwise otherworldly calling, but this guy seemed to rely on tech and his own skill showing this was quite the diverse collective, and Zack being a martial artists had to respect that kind of grind.

"Well speaking for myself, I am trained in martial arts & general hand to hand combat, and also can channel my Mana...basically, the figurative soul within us, to use elemental-based techniques." Zack said, as he had given his outline since fair was fair as Zoey worked to check her phone to see if that email would clue them in on this.

"As for my sis..." Zack had began to say, though Zoey glanced at him as she had concern in her eyes. Not so much sharing her powers, but rather her identify as a vampire as she figured being outed as an actual blood sucker would only drive people away. And that scared her which Zack had caught onto this and worked to edit his reply. "...she has some enhanced physicals, senses & reactions, like a superhuman." Zack answered Leo.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Marcel glanced over and saw Seth. ‘Telepathy Huh. Interesting.’ Marcel told himself as he began a conversation. “Yeah. I’m fine. Just got heated and acted out of impulse you know. But, suppose you were impressed by me. What would you even tell me? Just that I’m a guy with no control over situations. Someone who can easily lose control? I’ve been called a god among my people. But do I believe their phrases. No. I just know that if I lose control to much HE taps in.” Marcel rambled. “But. That is probably not what you think. So. Lay it on me. What did you think about me back there?” Marcel asked him

(@Crystal1302 )

Gold The Dragonite

Previously Dratingonair
Ori could see that the figure was closely resembling the cloud's colour, now both of them at eye level. It seemed they were mute, or at least didn't want to talk as they seemed to only use gestures. She had nodded along, before saying, "Yeah, I have no idea what you're trying to tell me." She spoke honestly as they and the cloud dripped more of the same ooze. However, seeing them shrug gave her an idea of what they were explaining. "It's fine, it wasn't your fault. At least I think it wasn't." Assuming that's what they were telling her. However, seeing her brother overtake her reminded her of where to go. "Sorry for the trouble!" (@DevVoid)

Ori apologized before catching up to Oliver, who seemed to be looking at the email, showing the map of the school and saving the picture to his phone, walking next to him into the outdoor arena.
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"Well, I suppose I'd tell you 'wow, you're awesome'. Not many guys have the guts to slam a guy's head in who's bothering everyone." said (OOC: For now, every time I say "said" just assume he's using Telepathy unless I say otherwise) Seth before leaning against the wall and sinking down into a sitting position and putting his hands on his knees. "Good thing I am impressed with you so there's no need for hypothetical." said Seth with a bit of a smirk. "I've always liked a guy who didn't take anyone else's bs. Unfortunately for a guy like me who's powers are almost completely support based I've never been really able to do that. I've got my Telepathy, Barriers and Third Eye. Only one of those can actually harm another person. Theoretically I could use my Telepathy and scream in someone's head a bunch but that would be an annoyance at worst. " Said Seth while taking out his phone. "So, if I'm being blunt, you're everything I like in a guy, though that's a bit presumptuous to say since this is my first conversation with you." Said Seth with a bit of a snicker and putting in one of his earbuds. "Look at me I'm rambling, I always get on Miranda's case for doing that. Anyway, enough about me, I've got two questions for ya'. 1. What's your name and 2. Am I correct in assuming you're a demon?"


Previously Shadow_Pup
Doku nearly jumped out of her skin as the boy spoke and instinctively hid behind Emma "um..nothing m..m..much just some b..boy getting in a f..fight with the principal and embarrassing himself" she said her voice very quite and shaky as she trembled slightly trying to calm down. She knew the boy probably meant no harm but she just scared so easy and it took a while for her to calm down when taken by surprise, she hoped Emma would take over the conversation so she wouldn't have to continue.
(@RenzFlintrock @Psymallard)


Previously mallard
Bobby whipped his head around to look at Doku, exclaiming, "Ha! You serious?" He turned his head back to look forward and then continued, "I would have definitely got here earlier if I knew that was gonna happen. And you're telling me the principal laid the beat-down on this guy? That's incredible!" He wanted to ask about the slime on her shoulder as he could feel life emanating from it, but she was obviously shaken so he didn't. He spun around and shoved his hands in his pockets, walking backwards now. "Anyways, the Bobby O'Connell's the name, being a fairy and having fairy magic's the game. And 'fore you ask, no, being a fairy doesn't make me gay," he joked with a wink.
@RenzFlintrock @Shadow_Pup
Emma immediately noticed a few things. First, Doku seemed uncomfortable. That surprised her a little, but she could understand why. She didn’t care for the guy so far, either. She stood a little more solidly for Doku’s sake, and spoke up.
“Well, maybe you’ll be on time in the future, then. I personally would like to get to the arena now, as more fights will be happening soon and I want to watch. See you later, Bobby. C’mon, Doku, let’s get going. Don’t want to be late!”
She put up a cheerful front, despite her mind being focused on social manipulation. She wanted to disengage politely and move on. Unlike the other two she’d spoken to personally so far today, she didn’t feel like talking with him. She also didn’t want to be rude, though. And of course, she didn’t want Doku (who she already considered a friend of sorts) to be uncomfortable. This was the best course of action she could think of.

@Shadow_Pup @Psymallard
"U-u-uh well ummm....just a touch shy and have made this part of my l-look for a while now. S-suppose sentimental value..." Zoey answered, a touch vague with her answer as she worked to tuck her hoodie up as naturally saying "wear it to keep my skin from burning off" had not been the best way to avoid an ice breaker in the convo.

"Oh? So it seems we are having a battle on the first day~" Zack said having checked his own phone on the email and gotten the idea of least why they had been going to this outdoor arena. And of course, had a touch of excitement to this tone.


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“My name is Marcel Cromwell. And you are correct that I am a demon. But now a question for you. 1. With your abilities can you technically levitate?” Marcel asked as he also realized his wings exist too. His crimson wings appear out of his back and extended outward. “Feels good to have these things back.” Marcel smiled as he was ready to go and get his cape back from his brother.

“Ah. I would have originally said twins myself. Thanks for letting me know ahead of time.” Porco responded as he looked around seeing a conversation between Zoey, Zack, and Leo. ‘Might be fun to join in.’ Porco told himself. “I’m gonna go and talk with another group. I’ll see you guys later.” Porco told them as he made his way to the group of three

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Previously mallard
Bobby spun back around to face forwards and stopped. He watched the two girls walk away from him and to the stadium. He let out a sigh and pursed his lips- he was still curious about that blob. Eh, whatever. He shrunk himself to his 6 inch tall form and zipped the forward. He rocketed between legs and over shoulders, throwing in tricks generously. He was not the first one into the stadium, the leaders of the group had reached the entrance, but they haven't reached seating areas. He zipped into the sky, only to dive bomb back down onto the bleachers. Bobby slowed his decent a little before landing, then turned back to human size, skidding a bit in his seat. He stretched out- and got comfortable.
"Well, yes and no," Said Seth. Seth conjured a barrier slightly above the ground and sat on it. He immediately tensed to hold himself up, but the barrier broke and he plopped on the floor. "Using a barrier to lift myself like that is putting the Barrier under constant pressure. In order to keep the barrier up I have to keep focusing my energy into it so it's not exactly useful as opposed to your wings which look really cool by the way." Said Seth before yawning. "Anyway nice to meetcha Marcel, now if you'll excuse me I have to go hide befo-" "Aha!" Yelled Mira in the distance. "Gotta run" said Seth with a piece sign before running away. Following behind Mira was screaming a list of P-Gified swear worda chasing him with a green aura around her. "Seth! You hecking turdface! You get back here or so help me I will stick my foot where the sun doesn't shine!" Yelled Mira.
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Previously Deathstalker62
Well, that attempt couldn't have gone any worse. Not only did Jay completely fail at communicating over what he meant, but he didn't even get the chance to try again to gesture his problem. Jay looked down on the ground, his white dots for eyes forming their upper halves into a downwards crescent shape to symbolize sadness, as Jay motioned a sigh as air silently left the part of his head where a mouth would've been. The boy hopped off his cloud and let Shade form back into his guardian before moving on to the outside arena, hanging his head and keeping his gaze down.

Yet, going outside again reminded him of why he hated going out; that sudden sunlight blinding him and making him weaker than within the light of the ceiling lamps inside the gymnasium. The boy quickly ran through the crowd, moving past people, leaving behind a trail of dark energy drops as his sprinting caused his body to eject quite a bit of dark drops from the sudden movement. The boy ran straight toward the sides of the bleachers, crouching down as soon as he had gotten there and crawling underneath. Now underneath the bleachers, the boy felt more comfortable again and looked back on what had happened.

..and then he noticed the several splashes he created which trailed on the ground right on back to where he currently was. Jay had turned and crawled deeper into the darkness underneath the bleachers, the only reminder of him being under there now being his white eyes peering out of the darkness and back at the crowd and the trail of liquid darkness, feeling even more embarrassed now for having freaked out like that. (Again, leaving this open here for anyone to investigate the trail, if they want.)
The siblings scanned the arena in aww, the reality of what they were about to do set in as Zack struggled to contain his excitement. The idea of testing his abilities against his peers and really being pushed in a battle-royal setting had caused delightful thoughts to dance in his head though even as he carried the large bag of supplies he had not found a good time to set aside he turned to Leo and at his comment seemed to have a competitive grin. "Oh if that comes I expect you to hold nothing back, cause I have no intention of doing so." Zack said with fire in his tone.

Considerably less pumped for the occasion had been Zoey, combat was never something she was overly thrilled in and while yes this new path of life was about being a hero which involved fighting bad guys she had not chosen to be qualified for the school to begin with. She was worried that this would "expose" what she was to the other students, and if she were exposed what would her reputation be? More concerningly, if the battles got intense and dare she say it blood began to fly would she have capacity to control herself? The last thing she wanted was for anyone to bare this curse from a bite or be sucked dry because of her urges though quickly she worked to suck on her pack of red "liquid" to help calm herself before setting it in her pocket as she sighed. Nothing she could do now, she just had to try and hope for the best.

Helped by this, she felt a hand on her shoulder, Zack's hand as even with his focus on the convo with Leo he seemed to sense her discomfort. And this attention to care caused Zoey to smile softly behind her mask.