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Favourite Legendary?

Crazy how, as I post this, Mewtwo leads in votes. Yet, through the 6 pages I read, Lugia definitely seems to be the favorite. Have you Mewtwo fans have any respect for the ultimate Legendary to explain why you voted for him?!
Maybe some people voted for Mewtwo but did not post, while some people did not get to vote so they posted that Lugia is the best.
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I don't really use legendaries in the games, but if I had to pick one I really like it would have to be lugia

I remember going to see pokemon 2000 as a 7 year old kid and the first time they showed Lugia's silhouette, I was dying to find out what that thing was. Then came Lugia's entrance. When I saw Lugia explode out of that huge cyclone of water, I nearly passed out. I don't know what it was be it Lugia's sleek, dragon-like design or awesome "stage presence" in the movie but I was hooked from that day forward.
I chose Manaphy, i dont even really know why but its just always been one of my favs since i saw it and iv "attempted" to draw it and it turned out pretty well but not perfect so i gave up but yeah not only is manaphy sleek and looks great in the water its just so dang cute!!! im coming to reolize this now but yeah cuteness is a factor in this choice other favs inclube Entei, Lugia, Moltres, Deoxys, Shaymin
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Of course, this would be spam too if I didn't post something else.

I love Groudon so much! And Latios and Raikou are really cool as well!
Groudon is my fave because it is the heaviest out of all the pokemon so it could just sit on something and kill it! (I shall call my new invention sit-ownage!)
Lugia, it has the coolest design ever. Simple but yet cleaver.

And I can understand why Regigas ain't getting any votes. I mean, seriously..
Kyogre & Groudon both are my favorite Legendary. they both come together to become a formidable duo with Kyogre & Groudon LEGEND (87/90 and 88/90)!. Kyogre surges with Water Energy and Groudon depends mostly on Fighting Energy.
I would put Scuicune, but hes not on the list it seems. :'( I prefer the legendaries from the second generation, but...Mew. The cute ones always get to me... X3 lol
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Lengendary fave? Well my choise is Rayquaza,Groudon,Kyogre,and Lugia(I have one lvl 100 :D)
That reminds me, if anyone of you have a Kyogre from ONLY Heart Gold not from ANY OTHER game then if you let me borrow it then I'll let you borrow my Groudon ;D.
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Definately Suicune. I've always been fond of the legendary beasts, but Suicunes always been my favorite. It just seems so pure and I love how it represents the north wind. Though here lately Raikou has been growing on me too. Whats not to love about an electric saber tooth tiger?
Always Rayquaza. It was the first Legendary I fought, and it holds a special place in my heart. Plus, its design was one of the better ones I've seen the Pokemon games pump out. Never mind the new legendaries, Rayquaza! You'll always be Lord of the Sky!
Holy hotdogs, I have not replied to this yet?

I'm rather torn between Suicune, Deoxys, and Viridion. I remember the old days of playing Crystal when I was all "asdjksjd I want the pretty blue one D:", and being supremely pissed when Deoxys was an event Pokemon. The Latios/Latias duo have a place in my heart too, though. Dialga also because Bimmy/"DIALG and RAOR OF TIME" [sic] and all that jazz.
I am honestly torn between several as well. So I decided to vote for Rayquaza. Truly, my favorites are the Eon duo (Latios and Latias), closely followed by Rayquaza. But, seeing as the duo are tied and I can't seperate them, the latter it was. Plus, Rayquaza has one of the best shiny colorations ever. The only thing that could make it better would be if the luminescent yellow markings were red.
Lugia was in my very first game and when I first herd it's cry in the movie I fell in love with it even more! It's always been my one and only most favorite since I was 6.
Mew because he is rare and pwned all opponents on Diamond! ;D Second place belongs to Deoxys and Lugia, due to their overall amazingness, though can't decide which is better... :-\
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