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Favourite Legendary?

I just realised that all the Legendary Dogs aren't there. And as I noticed that I want to add that not only Lugia, but Ho-Oh, Suicune and Rayquaza has proven worthy for a place in my heart.
My favorite legendary Pokemon is Giratina (also my fave Pokemon), in honor of Blade my Giratina. He "died" when I accidentally deleted my saved file on Pokemon Diamond. XD
I voted for Kyogre, for a few reasons. One is that it has Drizzle, which sets off permanent rain, that is until another weather inducer move or ability is used or activated. Also, Kyogre learns some good moves, such as Thunder (useful with Drizzle), Calm Mind, and Ice Beam (which basically all Waters can use anyway). I like Kyogre's appearance too, its type as well as its stat distribution. :)
Zekrom is best Pony Legendary.

It's got a badass design and pretty good typing (though as far as dual dragons go, there are much better ones out there) Plus, when you're fighting N, it feels kind of symbolic that you wield the sinister-looking Zekrom while N, friend to all Pokemon, wields the angelic Reshiram.

Of course, Zekrom isn't the only legendary I love. Following closely are Palkia (who is an example of a better typing, but its design is nowhere near as badass) Lugia (Movie 2000 was cooolllll, man) Deoxys (dat mecha alien) and Shaymin Sky Forme (I wish I could say I like Land Forme too, but not really :T) Basically, I'm a sucker for any mechanical monstrousity...and a flying hedgehog. Mewtwo also gets props for being an emotionally unstale genetic badass.
Mewtwo. He is so evil and never smiles in succession.
Rayquaza is second because he was the first legendary I ever LOOKED AT (ikr? very sad) and he stopped kyogre and groudon. :p
Zekrom is next 'cause he is so darn cool imho and he stops Ash's Pikachu from using Thunderbolt and Volt Tackle.
Then it is Heatran because despite tthe 4x weakness to ground he has a cool look like zekrom does.
Hipster Mewtwo: I was powerful before it was cool.

Nuff said.

XD! No, I'm kidden, but Mewtwo is indeed one of my most favorite. What with his amazing stat total, great movepool, and astounding SP.ATK; who wouldn't love him? But also, Dialga and Zekrom have really earned a place among the best as well.
Mewtwo without a doubt, also my favorite pokemon of all time. Mewtwo is so powerful and beastly, I remember back in the day he could take out pretty much every pokemon in 1 hit. Nothing could touch him including Mew. He isnt as untouchable now, but he is still a monster and can do work in the ubers metagame.
Generation 1: Mewtwo
The fear that this Pokemon awakened in Generation One is too awesome too pass by. And it's mysterious, makes me want to look for answers.

Generation 2: Lugia
The fact that it lives in the Marina Trench and had played mascot for three games makes this one a no-brainer.

Generation 3: Rayquaza
Uuuuuhhhhhh..... I haven't played the Hoenn games too much, so mainly how it looks. Shiny Rayquaza is awesome.

Generation 4: Dialga
Who doesn't want to control time? Then you could predict lottery numbers and become SUPER RICH! It also can tear apart any Pokemon, except for Palkia and Arceus.

Generation 5: Reshiram
Two signature moves, much more better than Zekrom, symbolizes Truth, come on people! It also looks all royal and dignified.

Out of all of them, I would say Lugia. It's just so awesome, no words could justify it. I also have nostalgia, because Silver was my First Game ever!
I like Rayquaza the most because he has always been helpful in beating the Elite Four on Emerald Version. I would always climb back up Sky Pillar, and use my Master Ball to capture him. I also like how he looks when he is a Shiny Pokemon.

By the way, I don't know if anyone noticed this or not, but Uxie is not on the list.
Well, obviously Lugia, because he was the first pokemon I've ever seen, but Since I dont want to be obvious, I'll name my second favorite.
My favorite Legendary in general would be Mewtwo. (Didnt take interest until SSBM) Because His look and his ability!


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Alas, my favourite has now changed. I'm not a fan of the Genie trio, but upon encountering Tornadus Therian Forme is the Dream Radar I fell a little bit in love. His wings were all 'whoosh' and pretty. And then he just looked so awesome in-game once I transferred him over. So yeah, Tornadus Therian Forme is now my favourite legendary :)
Yeah, I'm an oldie fan. Mew and Mewtwo are my number one faves of all the legendary's. The only other that comes close to the ranks is Lugia.

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My favourite legendary in the games is Reshiram and Dialga.
If it was concerning one of the movies then it would be Mew.

My favourite legendary overall is Celebi and Suicune.
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I have to say Latias. Purely because it is, along with Latios, the only Pokemon in the first 4 generations I've never sucessfully captured.

I voted for Darkrai because i liked his story in the movie and everyone acts like he is evil. Its not him, it is because he has so much power it escapes and gives people nightmares. My Runner ups are Shaymin, Latios, and Rayquaza.
Celebi. The reason is... well, entirely unknown ~:p~

... Joking aside, though, it's because the first Pokémon movie I ever saw on TV was the first movie that contained a Celebi.
I like mew because its cute and can learn every move
plus you know when they reveal these "secret legendaries" but people found out about them months before their release
because of internet and ROM hacks
we didn't have all of that back then so mew was the most mysterious legendary and the only way to get them back then was either by the mew glitch, gamesharks or legit events
My favorite legendaries are probably regigigas and palkia
Because palkia was my first legendary i've ever caught and regigigas is just badass
Haha wow, it seems like I'm the only one who likes Regigigas around here! xD

That horrible ability Slow Start is a nuisance, but there's just something about the Colossal Pokemon that I can really vibe with. I find it cool that he's the trio master for the golems, as I've always liked the Regi's back in Gen III. I also believe in the theory that Regigigas was the one who pulled the continents after Groudon created the land.

Also, is it strange to like that weird cry of his? LOL
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Lugia and Giratina are probably my favourite, followed by Arceus and Shaymin; Though Moltres has always had a special place in my heart as he was the first Legendary pokemon I ever caught. :D
My favorite legendary is Giratina because he most describes the similarities between me and my favorite TV star, and we have a lot. Also, he was the first legendary I captured and he was the only one I found to have a pattern with me, he had yellow health and I caught him in a Poke Ball.