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Favourite Legendary?

I really like Genesect (love bug/steel types) and Rayquaza because emerald was the first I had ever played and the first legendary I caught.
Am I the only one who loves Jirashi? It is the wish maker, and I always wanted to have my wishes come true! Plus, it's SO DARN CUTE!!!! Have you ever looked at it's eyes? so cute..:blush::love::halo:
Favorite legendary Pokémon for me hands down would be the Pokémon that was the mascot of Diamond version: Dialga .
My reasons
+ Dragon/Steel type. (The coolest typing a Pokémon can have in my eyes)
+ Dialga is all about time. (I love things to deal with time related stuff)
+ Dialga signature move; Roar of Time.
My favorite would be Darkrai because he is so powerfull yet misunderstood and its so mysterious.And my second one would be Palkia because it was the first legendary that i caught(And yeah my first pokemon game was Pearl).
My favorite is Mew! I have always loved that cute little face of the mew that looks like it is saying "I'm mew, I'm cute, love me!". Who else agrees with me?
1. Lugia
2. Suicune
3. Giratina
4. Yveltal
5. Palkia
6. Kyogre
7. Rayquaza
8. Raikou
9. Victini
10. Reshiram - White Kyurem

Regigigas has no votes
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Where's da Suicune??? Suicune is my favourite, but out of these...
must say Kyogre...why?
Its going on my HeartGold team :3
...plus Water types are cool.

btw, who else realizes that if Groudon and Kyogre really fought, Kyogre would of won (type advantage)?
One Water-Spout move and Groudon is finished :p...But one Solar Beam and Kyogre goes down...but thats a two-turn move X3
I'm thinking this out too much, aren't I? XD
Jirachi, because i always loved the small legendaries, (Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Shaymin, Manaphy ext.) that you could only get with cheats or special event…however Jirachi is my favorite because of Jiraxhi wish maker the movie

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Did I seriously not reply to this thread before?

Anyways, Kyogre and Reshiram share that spot for me atm, if only because of their design. ^^;
I would vote Articuno, though it's not on the poll. It was the first legendary I ever caught.
From what's on the poll I would say Lugia. That guy really helped me through the Elite Four the first time I played through Silver. It can take a lot of hits and dish 'em out with enough power to do the job.
I vote Jirachi. It's adorable, powerful, and best of all, it grants wishes! I always have wishes that I know will probably never be granted, and I always dream about Jirachi granting them all.


2. Dialga and Victini
3. Rayquaza
4. Keldeo Resolute Form
5. Zekrom/Black Kyurem
6. Xerneas
7. Giratina
8. Reshiram
9. Yveltal
10. Deoxys
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I have to go with Mew. The one thing I love most about pokemon is versatility and Mew is perfect for that of course. It is also a nice simple design that does not overwhelm the look of other pokemon.
:?Tough...I am stuck between Heatran, Latias, and Darkrai. If I had to choose one, I guess Heatran because of its design and strength (although it does have low speed and faints after one GROUND-TYPE attack). Still...
I'm going to say Kyogre. Kyogre is really cool because it is huge, and imagine seeing the reactions of people when you use Surf to explore Hoenn with it.