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Ask to Join Pokémon: Role Play Thread

Flint – Sinnoh Elite 4, 3rd Seat
Wednesday, June 8 – Mt Coronet, Sinnoh​

Quick as a spark off a flint, Pichu had set up Rain Dance and Electric Terrain in succession; Elite Four Flint’s eyes widened in surprise and then relaxed slightly as Pichu went for Surf. Even without a command, Magmortar has snapped to the defensive, far too many battles against Volkner had ingrained a near-autonomous response.

“Infernape has some things he’s very particular about, he always wants to battle against Pokémon that use moves that are a bad type-matchup for him.”

Flint’s hand rested against Infernape’s Pokéball. The waves crashed around Magmortar, held at bay by the repelling light of Protect and they drained down the mountainside.

They had expected a wicked thunder drop, boosted by the rain and the terrain—it a favored tactic of Volkner’s, and they were accustomed to shutting it down.

“Sunny Day! And then Taunt!”

Raising one of its launchers to the sky, Magmortar fired a white orb into the sky, removing the clouds and intensifying the sun. Then, preempting another attempt to change the weather, it released a provocative chuckle that filled the air with a sinister power.
Reina grinned, feeling a bit of shame and then relief the other girl seemed in a good mood. "Listen, I feel kinda bad for getting you in trouble there and it would be dishonorable on my behalf not to make it up to you. So, dinner is on me?"

Now Reina truly believed she should repay the girl back for getting her in a difficult situation, but at the same time, a native to the region might be able to provide some useful information. Of course, Reina was willing to compensate any valuable information given to her by Penny, as long as her wallet could afford. Besides, nothing wrong with having a few contacts around in case you got attacked by hidden Pokemon again or got lost in a Mayan jungle, again.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
June 8, Wednesday - Route 36...?


They had come to a crossroads. A path south and a path slightly north. Two different places where they could go. Charade and his partner Croagunk looked back and forth, unable to make a choice.

"Which way is to Goldenrod? The sign is missing! ...Dangit! We should have thought of that first!"

They had no idea where to go, as the sign indeed was gone. And just like that, someone walked up from the southern gate, Charade swooping in next to him as smooth as a grocery bag that drifted into a windshield.

"Heyyyy there buddy ol' pal." He spoke, putting a hand on the boy's shoulders.

"Ah- um...hello? Can I help you?"

"Yes you can! And must! Where is the direction to Goldenrod?"

"...Oh, that's what this is." They sighed, afraid they were about to get mugged. "It's down south, the easiest way. I actually just came from-"

"HA! Foolish boy! I, Charade, the leader of the Crimson Crew will do exactly the opposite of what you say! After all, we are the evilest team around! That's what It means to be evil! We will go north, where the city ACTUALLY is! How does it feel to be duped?! C'mon croagunk!"

The pair then marched off northward, their logic about as sound as a tonedeaf loudred. The boy blinked, not sure what just happened. The city was the other way...up north was...

National Park

"Hm, a little grassy here don'tcha think?"

There were sidewalk paths stretching across the elaborate park, a big fountain in the square center, patches of beautiful, well kept grass everywhere in between. The sound of chattering bugs and the smell of honey filled his nostrils. To the left of him, was a sign:

'Please use the sidewalks unless you are participating the bug catching competition on saturdays & sundays. Thank you.'

The two looked to each other for a second before-

"BUWAHAHAHA!" They roared. "Evil doesn't obey the rules!"

He took large strides, taking a big step with his boot into the grass, bringing his other to meet it. A moment of silence past before he brought up his feet to settle in the grass, before stomping out the leafy greens.

"Ha! Such a heinous act! Destruction of the beautiful grass of wherever this place is! If they have a sign, it must mean it's important!"

They put their hands on their hips, boasting in their villainous act. Geez, all this evil was going to make all the other petty criminals feel bad! They might need to tone it out a little bit!


Previously Night's Shadow
Wednesday, June 8; Jubilife City, Sinnoh

“Crap!” Emil whipped around as she felt a bounce at her hip and a flash of light from behind her. “Ack— Ivy, get back here!” she called to the Servine, who promptly ignored her and started snarling at another trainer’s Zweilous. She reached for Ivy as a breeze picked up and the map began to flutter away. “Oh, come on! Amaranth, can you—“ But the Stoutland was already on it. The doglike Pokémon had reared up and snagged the map in his teeth, and Emil left that to him as she ran for the Servine.

“Ivy, don’t you dare—“ Ivy, willfully ignorant of her trainer’s calls, lashed out with a Vine Whip towards the Zweilous, who immediately retaliated with a Body Slam. The other trainer, a tall, broad-shouldered middle-aged man started bellowing for someone to “get this crazy Servine under control!” and Emil cringed internally as she dashed over, head low, and scooped up Ivy. The Servine scratched halfheartedly at her arm, but stopped struggling quickly and glared at the ground, sulking.

10 minutes later

“Dammit, Ivy,” Emil chided reluctantly. “I get it, you want to get stronger, but can you not pick on other people’s Pokémon?” The Servine grumbled and looked away. “Seriously. Feel free to attack all the wild Pokémon you can beat, but just— you’re not even listening, are you?” Emil sighed tiredly. “I apologized to that guy for five minutes straight and you don’t care, do you?” Ivy looked back at her Trainer from where she was perched on Amaranth’s head, then tilted her head back, still sullen, but contrite.

“Fine,” Emil said with another sigh. “You do you. Just don’t get into any more scuffles until we find the hotel.” The girl’s one hand tightened in Amaranth’s fur, and she directed him around a corner and onto another street. The Servine gave an irony-filled glare to her Trainer and shamelessly returned to her Pokeball. Emil shook her head with a wry smile, muttering under her breath. “What am I gonna do with you, Ivy?”
Wednesday, June 8, Trainer: Emma Argentston, Rank: 48,679, Heading: National Park, Johto.

Volcarona had seen him go north and reported to Emma after that at the split.

"Let's go, Volcarona, find him, we'll follow behind."

Volcarona went north, as Emma followed on Drampa, as such the route got more forest like and such until she saw an opening.

"So this is the national park of Johto, my mom said this place was beautiful to see, she and Dad caught a mating pair of Seadras while they were here, shortly after they got married." Emma whispered, so no one could hear, "He occasionally uses his Kingdra in the Battle Maze, as an opponent."

Emma figured this would be a good time to drop the Masked Skull persona for now. She hid behind the trees, removed the mask, placed the mask back in her bag, and pulled out a shirt, which she put on before reversing the cloak. She put the cloak back on with the hood being up, maybe to get some feeling of the wind and such, as she returned Drampa, her Volcarona followed her. She looked around the park seeing lots of different Pokémon, mostly Bug types, like Caterpie, Weedle and even a Larvesta. Seeing the Larvesta reminded her of when Volcarona was just a Larvesta. As she looked around, some small Electric types and flying types had been doing their thing. She then saw the guy, and prepared to say something.

"What are you doing, you idiot, those signs are up for a reason," Emma yelled out towards Charade, "A horde of Beedrills could pop out if you keep this up, or something far worse!"

Volcarona kept a look out for Emma, making sure no Pokémon would get too close.
June 8th, Wednesday - Marina, Hau'oli City, Mele Mele Island, Alola Region
Ken Blake, Current Rank: 99

A sunny cloudless sky looked over the tropical region of Alola. The weather was as hot as always, tourists and locals alike populated the streets of Heahea city. Be it the bustling shopping center at the heart of the city or the warm beaches next to the cool ocean breeze, people and pokemon alike were everywhere the eye could see. A man wearing tourist looking clothes walked down Marina harbor with his hands in his pockets. A Blastoise followed close behind him holding a large bag with what sounded like small glasslike objects clattering inside it. "Hmm, she should be arriving soon. I hope we don't have to wait for too long, the World Coronation Series are going to start soon and I want to be there to see it in person." Ken Blake, Ranked 99 in the Ultra Class, was waiting for the arrival of a boat to arrive carrying a relative of his.

Turning towards his Blastoise, the man reached into the bag and pulled out a small icy clue crystal. He held it to the sky, observing it as he rotated it around with his hand. "I wonder if this will help us defeat Cynthia and her Garchomp, maybe we'll finally be able to take that monster down." The crystal was an Icium Z, one of the many famed Z-crystals found scattered throughout Alola's island trials and hidden amongst its landscapes. Ken brought the crystal back down and smiled. "Of course, its too early to get confident, we've been trying to beat miss Cynthia for years and every strategy we've tried has been met with failure. Her Garchomp is simply abnormally strong, fighting it head-on is a guaranteed loss." While Ken was strangely reminiscing about his many crushing defeats, the loud horn of a boat coming into the harbor caught his attention. "Oh, that must be it."

June 8th, Wednesday - Marina, Hau'oli City, Mele Mele Island, Alola Region
Joyce Blake, Current Rank: 999,999

As the ship docked, the passengers aboard it began eagerly making their way down to the docks. Tourists and returning locals alike, everyone was eager to stretch their limbs after their long boat ride. Amongst the crowd, a young woman made her way off the ship in a slight hurry. She wore a black tank top, a pair of blue shorts, beige sandals and a large straw hat to shield her eyes from the harsh sunlight of the Alola region. As she reached the dock, the girl tripped on her own leg and stumbled forward, luckily managing to catch herself before she fell on her face.

"Alright! Finally arrived. This will be the start of my journey!" She exclaimed out loud, drawing weird looks from many passerby. Seeing this, Ken chuckled a bit as he approached the girl. "Hey Joyce, glad to see you made it here just fine." Hearing the man's voice, Joyce quickly turned to him with a wide smile. "Its great to see you again bro, you're always travelling everywhere these days I only ever see you on television. It just isn't the same as in person." She exclaimed, going in for a hug. "Heh, well, the Ultra rank isn't something I can casually laze around in. I need to keep honing my skills if I don't want to be overtaken by surprise, new trainers are getting stronger by the day." He explained.

"You mean being at the tail end of it, Mr. number 99." The young woman joked, giggling to herself. Ken looked down at her with a stern expression upon hearing her joke. "I might be at the very bottom of my rank, but its the bottom of the second highest class in the league. Being 99th out of all the trainers in the world is not something that's easy to reach." He retorted. "Besides, I don't want to hear this slander from someone who's rank 999,999-ouch!" Hearing this, Joyce looked up with a pouting expression and elbowed her brother in the side. "Hey I'm still starting out! I'll climb the ranks once I get going." Holding the side that was elbowed, Ken coughed before regaining his composure. "Well, if you say so. There's a lot of powerful trainers out there, some aren't even participating in the World Coronation series so don't get cocky." Ken sighed. "Well I'll leave you to it. Alola is definitely an unconventional region to start in but its not a bad choice. Z-moves can come in handy." With that, he began making his leave. "See ya sis, I have to get to Galar before the Coronation matches start. Go see the island Kahuna to start your island challenges, good luck." He said with a wave.

Waving her brother goodbye, Joyce put her focus back to her current task. "Alright, I have to go find the Kahuna and I'll be set." The girl pumped herself up and began walking off the harbor. However, a certain thought crossed her mind as she walked. "Wait, where is the Kahuna?"
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Penny Lepiter; Trainer Ranking — Unranked
June 8th. Near the Ruins of Alph, Johto Region

"D-dinner!?" Penny repeated, caught off guard a little bit. Reina wasn't trying to... definitely not, right? The inexperienced trainer tugged at a long, loose strand of hair hanging to the side of the face as she paused."Uhhhh y-yeah sure. I guess that sounds...nice? I don't know. I'd feel a little bad. You did nearly get me killed though."

"Diiittoo." Mirror mocked its nervous owner with a gurgling giggle noise.

"Iamnotblushingthosearemygoshdarnfrecklesyoulittleweasel-" Snatching the empty PokeBall from her waist, she returned the devilish, pink slime back to its vessel and levied a grumpy sigh.

With a part-smile/part-grimace, Penny brought her attention back to Reina; strange as the foreign girl was, she was the first Pokemon Trainer that Penny had met who was her age. Everyone else in Goldenrod City seemed so stuffy and plain, or they'd been trainers so long a measly beginner as old as her hardly registered to them. Maybe Reina would have been the same way, had the two not met the way they had. But in a way, it felt like the step forward Penny had been begging for.

"Sooo," She said, trying to find the right way to segue. "You caught the tour bus from Goldenrod? I...haven't been anywhere else, really, in Johto. Besides Olivine. We had to get off the boat there. OH! And Ecruteak! That was a neat city. We had to go there from Olivine to get to Goldenrod!...I...don't know any restaurants in those places though."

Like the tides shifted by the power of the moon, Penny's mood changed from curious, to proud of herself, to embarrassed once more, her eyes shifting, widening, squinting all the while.
Reina looked a bit surprised by the reaction of the girl, but she seemed like a great person, giving the Mexican a sign of relief, since usually where she's from talking to some stranger could end up in a missing kidney, but Penny seemed great and not the type to mug people. Reina couldn't help but smile before she shook her head and waved her hands as if trying to calm Penny down.

"We can eat at my hotel, I would have to see if we can get you a room, but it's the least I can do. Now Olivine sounds interesting, but I was thinking about this..." She opened up her guide book and showed a page titles "Union Cave".

"What do you think? I could use the company."

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
June 8, Wednesday - National Park

Charade continued to trample the grass into submission, that is, until he was interrupted by a rather upset voice.

"What are you doing, you idiot, those signs are up for a reason," the woman yelled out towards Charade, "A horde of Beedrills could pop out if you keep this up, or something far worse!"

"Ehhh?" He whipped around to her. "Nothing can stop the leader of the Crimson Crew, Charade! I'm not afraid of a few whittle bumble bees ms nosey!"

He mocked her, putting on a dopey voice for the last part of his sentence. He didn't seem to understand the dangers of the world, assuming him to be a bigger deal. However, he eyed a Pinsir that poked through the tall grass just a little bit away. It stated at him directly with slow, intense heavy breathing, as if begging for him to venture further into the grass. Charade sweated a little.

"Erm...Ha! Well, I'm going to leave the rest of this grass to other criminals. Gotta be considerate for starter up villains, ya know what I'm saying?" He salvaged himself, stepping a few paces away from his spot. "But! I also got a good victim to fight right here!"

He pointed to Emma, immediately regretting it as he saw her fire bug floating near her. He didn't know what that was, but it sure looked dangerous. Adjusting his cape and his composure, he retracted the statement.

"...Or that's what I would say if I weren't such a perceptive guy! Ya see, I knew you were here this whole time...yeah...so you look great at sneaking! Why don't you join the Crimson Crew?? We got a good dental plan!"

He pulled out a handmade pamphlet, bringing it over to the high ranking trainer. These pamphlets are so well made that she will be left in awe! Surely she will see I'm a powerful, manly, yet kindly affectionate boss!
National Park, Johto (June 8th)
Well, if one wanted a chance to get images of some Bug Pokemon, this had been the place to go. Least that had been what Desmond was told when he arrived in Johto to begin his journey. Still, this was but a pit stop towards his real destination as when Desmond milled over where he wanted to go first to begin his quest to photograph the Pokemon world, he settled on Johto in large part due to the presence of the Ruins of Alpha. The Ruins are a vast and largely unexplored region of the Pokemon World, so Desmond had little doubt there'd be some Pokemon that had not often made human contact or least not for quite some time.

Course, that though much like a Caterpie that had shuffled along a nearby tree caused Desmond to shiver. There had been a sense of unease since the young man arrived, but he tried not to let it show even if it had not been easy. After all, what had it said of him if he cowered before something even actual children seemed giddy to meet in person?

Desmond worked to shake those nerves, as he brought out his camera. He worked to take a kneeled position as he held it up and zoomed the lens in on the Caterpie who seemed to be eating an apple that had been on the branch of the tree it was on. This gave him more than the time he needed to take the picture as he focused in...

And soon, a picture rolled out of the camera of the Caterpie. Desmond took the picture as he scanned it and even if the subject had been something he was still unease to much as look at he still had to take pride in it being a good shot. He pulled out what seemed to be a scrap book that had a few photos on it, as he worked to stick his latest one on it and wrote a label out underneath. He had a moment a quiet moment, away from others in the park, and looked to appreciate his work.


A high shriek escaped Desmond's lips as he nearly dropped his book as a green blob seemed to appear from behind him. Course, one the initial panic subsided, this "blob" took form of his partner Politoed who had appeared from its Pokeball and seemed to notice Desmond's latest pic and seemed happy for its trainer. Course, the good intentions were somewhat foiled by Desmond's fearful response but as Desmond worked to catch his breath he sighed and glanced at his partner.

"I-I thought I made it clear, not to suddenly pop out like that without warning! R-remember what I said, w-wiggle first if you insist on popping out like that..." Desmond said between pants as the Politoed seemed to have an apologetic expression and nodded along. "Poli."

Desmond had no way to understand the language his brother referred to as "Poke-Speak" but he could pick up on cues to know the Politoed seemed regretful of the sudden surprise. So, with a shaky hand he extended it out and gently patted his partner in the head as he took a deep breath before he had spoken again.

"I-it's...it's okay. Let's see what other Pokemon we can find here before moving on, okay?" Desmond asked which seemed to instantly lighten the Politoed's mood. "Politoed!" It cried out happily as the pair walked further into the Park as they looked for what Pokemon would make for good shots.
Emma looked annoyed as the villain handed her a pamphlet. She kept it for now, it may have some use.

"Not now," Emma responded, "I was a victim at one point, and I don't think Volcarona would appreciate that if you do that again."

The Sun Pokémon had given a look at Charade as if it wanted to set him on fire. Emma gave a look that told Volcarona not to make him a crisp.

"When I said something far worse, how about the possibility of five wild Volcarona here?" Emma responded, "I suggest staying on the trail, as it is not a Bug Catching day, I came down here to see the park as my parents were married in Goldenrod City, this was the first spot of their honeymoon, just don't do anything that may make me consider stopping you immediately."

Emma kept a look of calm, Trainer, but on the inside, her fear of what happened to Wooloo happening to another of her Pokémon was trying to inch its way out due to something he said. At that point, Cinderace popped out of his pokeball and noticed an incoming trainer. Emma looked at Cinderace and knew she needed to wrap this up.

"I am just making sure nothing goes wrong today, I've already had my share of that, If you are going to explore the park, do so, but as safely as possible." Emma responded, "Charade, I'll keep the Poster for now, and if need to use it, I'll let you know."

Emma had headed a bit back when she spotted what Cinderace had spotted. A young man and a Politoed. Emma had returned Cinderace as Volcarona did some flying, right over the man's head.

"Volcarona, where are you going?" Emma asked, a single tear shed from the memory she tried to repress.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
June 8, Wednesday - National Park

"Ehh? Was that a threat?? Gee, are you some kind of cop or something? That's totally lame!"

What a killjoy. Maybe she wouldn't fit the Crimson Crew after all. Dangit, that was one of his better pamphlets! Groaning at this, he whipped his cape back, accidentally slapping Croagunk with it.

"Crime never sleeps! Ha! Laugh with me croagunk! Hahahaha!!" The pair jeered. "We never do anything safe or innocent! That's the point! That's the point of the Crimson Crew! Evil acts and heinous deeds every day...only the most sinister gang in the world!"

Ignoring her vomit worthy emotional baggage she shared with the world, he decided a way to do an evil act without having to go into the grass and get beat to a pulp by a Pinsir. Looking at the fountain, a grin grew on his face.

"Ah...would you look at that Croagunk! A beautifully non-violated fountain in the center of everything for all to see! Would be a crying shame if we...changed that!"
Penny Lepiter; Trainer Ranking — Unranked
June 8th. Near the Ruins of Alph, Johto Region

"Your hotel!?" Penny again responded as if she were taken aback by the implications. At the least, she'd been telling Reina she lived in Goldenrod. Surely the whole hotel business wasn't necessary. Then again, Reina had likely paid for the room before the tour, and it would mean Penny wouldn't have to return home and be bombarded with anxious questions from her father; and it was easier to get from the hotel to Union Cave — Goldenrod to the Ruins alone had been enough of a trek in itself.

Before she could react to Reina's initial offer, though, the girl presented a tourist-y guide book and pointed out the Union Cave; clearly, this girl didn't much mess around in the way of the safety of city-livin'...or even the safety of paved routes. But, that was the sort of thing Penny had been hoping for anyway, wasn't it? The younger girl looked over the measly map on the foreign girl's guide with a scrutinizing eye, her mouth curling into a partial-frown.

"Okay," She responded, cupping her chin in her thumb and forefinger, still thinking. Penny looked at Reina when she was done, once again slamming a curled fist into an open palm. "But we have to visit the cave when it's Friday. There's Lapras somewhere in there. But we could go in tomorrow, pass through to Azalea Town. I heard they have some cute b&b's that way, and the Ilex Forest, if it's early and we're bored. Then when Friday hits, back into the Cave to find some Lapras. That sound okay?"
June 8th- Sprout Tower, Violet City, Johto

“Alright Grendel, let’s start by trying -“

“Bellsprout! Wrap!”

Usually, Q was a pretty quick thinker- but when Sage Jin’s firm, confident voice cut through his own, he couldn’t help but hesitate. Grendel, finally willing to comply with his trainer, is left hanging.
Thanks to that, Bellsprout had no problem wrapping the small bear Pokémon up tightly with its snake-like body and vines. Panicked, Grendel began struggling against the entanglement, only leading to Bellsprout constricting it’s body and squeezing down harder.

“Grendel! Use….use Fury Swipes!”

“Bellsprout! Sleep Powder!”

Totally unnerved once again, Q shouted a command to his partner, hoping that he could somehow cut his way out of the bindings. But it was too late. Jin spoke his next command the same time Q did, once again overpowering the nervous young man’s voice. Grendel couldn’t properly fight back, he couldn’t even make out his trainers commands. He simply struggled against the ever-tightening bonds.

“Ssssprroooouuutt~“ Bellsprout pointed its tubular mouth directly at Grendel’s face, and released a strong, point-blank blast of aquamarine fog.
Grendel’s squirming body almost instantly went limp as he was put in a deep slumber. Q merely watched on, speechless and uncertain how to help his friend.
He should never have come here. He knew he wasn’t a trainer.

“Enough.” Sage Jin spoke up once again; ordering Bellsprout to end the fight. The small grass Pokémon quickly released its iron-clad grip on Grendel and returned to its owners side.
Grendel slumped to the floor, still totally unconscious.
In a flash, Q had darted to his duffel bag and retrieved a Chesto Berry and his water canteen. Said Berry had dried quite a considerable amount at this point, so he opted to crush the hard exterior up into a powder, which he then mixed with a cap-full of water.
Gently, he worked the solution down his Pokémons throat, and within a few seconds, Grendel had started to wake up.
As all of this went down, Sage Jin simply stood to the side, watching.

“…Ursa…?” Grendel groggily propped himself up with on his paws and looked around the room, uncertain as to what had transpired just moments ago.

“You did fine, buddy. You were ready. I’m sorry…I wasn’t.” Q could feel a knot forming in his throat and a subtle pain welling up behind his eyes. The only thing that could’ve made it worse was if Grendel had been seriously injured.
Grendel had been there, by his side for years now. He was always willing to put up with any asinine scheme or inevitably doomed invention Q tried bringing to life. And now? The one time Grendel needed to fall back on Q? He couldn’t carry his own weight.

“Interesting…” Sage Jin spoke up, reminding Q that others were present and he needed to keep his composure. “…when you faced me, you froze. But the moment you believed you could make a difference- you act without hesitation. Two different people, on and off the battlefield.”

“I just…happened to have berries.” Q replied in a calm, but still somewhat unsteady voice. He was only half-listening to Jin’s words at this point, his mind still lingering on his prior thoughts.

“And what might be occurring in here…?” Jin had no time to respond, as a third voice interjected into the mix. Everyone in the room looked back, all eyes locking onto an impossibly old man who managed to enter the room without causing so much as a small creek
His attire was similar to Jin’s; dark grey robes with white underneath, a shaven head, and large Sage beads. Only, this man had two sets of Sage beads stacked atop one another, and an additional red and white clothe draped over the shoulders of his robes.
And, as mentioned, the man himself was clearly very old. He had a face full of wrinkles, a rather hunched and scrawny frame, and a long, snow-white beard.

“My apologies, Elder, sir.” Jin gave the small, old man a deep bow. A bead of sweat could be seen forming on the younger Sages brow line. “He came for guidance in battle. I did not want to turn him away after making the journey.”

“…I see…” The old man looked over the child and his downed Teddiursa for a long moment, running his knuckles along the underside with of his beard as he contemplated what he would say, “…and how did it go?”

“Um…well…” Sage Jin trailed off, approaching the older man so he could whisper.
Q couldn’t hear what was being said, but the old man man seemed to grow ever-intrigued as Jin murmured in his ear.
After what felt like far too long, Jin stepped away and clasped his hands together. He gave both Q and the old man a final bow, before departing upstairs for the night.

“On your feet, boy.” The old man turned to Q and spoke in a voice that wasn’t demanding in the slightest, but it had a persuasive undertone the young trainer simply couldn’t ignore. In an instant, he found himself standing straight up, heels together and shoulders back.
The old man approached, and proceeded to circle around the young man slowly, making him grow ever-more nervous as each second passed.

“You seem to have potential, and Jin is willing to vouch for you…” The old man stopped directly in front of Q, now taking a moment to look over Grendel. The little bear, still somewhat confused by what had recently occurred, just stared up at the ancient man, uncertain how to react. “I am Elder Li. I’d like you to return, first thing in the morning.”
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Regina Aspis
8 June, Violet City, near Sprout Tower

Regina had let out her Seviper, Protobothrops, as she walked around the city with her partner. There were no vaguely Zangoose-esque figures around, so the girl felt at ease. She knew how on-sight Proto was with Zangoose, just like any other Seviper, so she would not take the risk if she was unsure. It was a bit unnerving for the townsfolk to see an 8'10 long serpent casually slithering through the streets, but Regina couldn't really care less. She knew that she could control her Pokémon if need be.

Proto stuck her tongue out, catching air particles on it before retracting her tongue, heading towards Sprout Tower. "Proto, where are you going?" Regina asked, chasing after her Pokémon who approached the large tower after detecting something.....edible. It wasn't an Octillery, but it would do. After all, beggars couldn't be choosers.
Cobel Timpinia; Trainer Ranking Unranked.
June 8th. RKT Johto Distribution Warehouse.
RKT hardware malfunctions were no industry secret; it had become a fact of life for every budget trainer willing to trade cheap bulk for a haywire product here or there. Fact of the matter was that PokeBalls could always fail, no matter the manufacturer, no matter the user, no matter the catch-rate of any given Pokemon — Cobel could see why some people would take the chance. If his concerns happened to lay more in catching new 'mons than keeping his old ones alive and well, Cobel himself might even indulge in RKT's product.

But the company's modernized slab of piecemeal concrete - put together in quarters and then raised by crane and connected into a bleak, boring building - stuck out in the ancient Ecruteak like the sorest of thumbs. It in itself made a mockery of history, standing half as tall as the Tin Tower but more than three times as wide. An entire block of local business and centuries-old homes bulldozed for RKT's need.

"I'm sorry sir," One of the men guarding the warehouse's exterior gate held up a hand meant to force Cobel to yield. The guards were adorned in a simple, red polo shirt with the letters RKT stitched above the heart in black; matching, black slacks, socks and shoes. Of the six Cobel could see, each had at least one PokeBall on their belt. "You'll need an ID or foreman supervision to move about on the premises."

Straightening his tie, Cobel reached into the pocket of his trench coat. The guard's outheld hand moved to one of the PokeBalls hung from his belt, but he froze when Cobel pulled out a leather wallet. He opened the wallet in the blink of an eye, the metal of his investigator's badge glinting briefly before he shut it closed once more. The P.I could see the guard's gaze trying to follow the badge and put the pieces together, even as he stuffed the wallet back into his coat.

"Cobel Timpinia," He announced, as if his announcement had any meaning. "Independent investigator under contract with the State of Johto. We have reason to believe your company might be the target of an internal, terrorist threat. I'm here to assess and assist with security and safety protocols. If you'd please, I believe I should meet with your supervisors at the earliest, possible convenience."

With a suspicious pause, the guard grabbed one of the PokeBalls from his belt, grimacing.

"Show me your badge again." He demanded.

Complying, he repeated the act much slower, pulling the wallet from his pocket and opening it; the badge was by order of Johto, engraved with his odd name, even accompanied by his old, WCS ID photo — at least Cobel was at an age where he didn't change much, externally. Sometimes an older head recognized him, made things easier. Sometimes an older head recognized him, made things harder.

"Seems...in order," The guard sighed, putting his Pokemon away. "Follow me, I'll take you to the visitor's waiting area."

With the man's back turned to him, Cobel spun around and looked to his five-o'clock, making eye contact with the sneaking Bruce and Ludi (Hitmonlee and Ludicolo); a quick set of hand-signals that amounted to, "Rt. 38, Meet up." was all he offered before casually straightening out his body and following the guard inside the facility. The corridor he was guided through didn't give much insight in way of how the warehouse itself functioned, but it seemed almost sterile in how neat, clean and orderly everything was run. Although it was populated by dozens of bodies from what the private detective could see, there seemed to be little in the way of dirt, dust or grime.

A kind receptionist gave him a name-tag and an extra hardhat, and the guard sat him down in an adjacent, waiting room. It felt...like a hospital. Cobel wondered if he'd been tricked into getting put down like some sort of dog. Sitting patiently, the detective waited for only five or six minutes before a wide-shouldered, red-haired golem of a man stepped through an employee's only-labeled door, carrying a hardhat under his arm with a casual demeanor.

"Mr. Timpinee?" He asked, pointing a massive index finger at Cobel.

"Uhhh, yeah." Cobel responded, standing up.

"I'm Avram Poole," The brutish man towering over the smaller detective said, pointing at his chest with a proud thumb. "Follow me, please, Mr. Timpinee."

Together, they walked through the employee's only door, across a thundering catwalk drowned out by the sounds of heavy machinery and shouting voices. From the catwalk windows, Cobel could see the warehouse down below from a top-down view, muddled as it was by unclean glass. Now he just needed to figure out what he was looking for, exactly.
National Park, Johto (June 8th)

Desmond and Politoed had walked side by side as Desmond managed to relatively get over his panicked scare from before. He had his camera held out in case they spotted a Pokemon from afar as things seemed to be going well enough. Desmond seemed confident he could avoid a major incident if he played it smart, but fate as it turned out had a way to be most cruel to Desmond's wishes.

A sudden Volcarona had appeared over Desmond's head, and as he glanced up and took note of it his eyes had shrunk as he stood frozen in place. Before the expected reaction truly kicked in.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! B-back away back away!"
Desmond fell on his back with a shriek as his camera landed on his chest and he began to crawl backwards as he tried to franticly make distance between himself and this sudden demon of the sky. Politoed of course jumped in a protective stance before its trainer, as the frog Pokemon prepared for battle if it sensed the Volcarona had been a threat to Desmond.
June 8, National Park, Johto, Trainer Emma Argentston, Rank 48,679

Emma had noticed Volcarona fly further, as the Pokémon stopped in his tracks. She called back Cinderace, and returned him. She then called out to Volcarona.

"Volcarona, can you come back?" Emma asked her Pokémon.

The Sun Pokémon flew back to his trainer, as he stayed a bit back, Emma approached the man, and offered a hand to help him up.

"Sorry about Volcarona, he was trying not to kill someone today," Emma responded, "My name is Emma and this is Volcarona, sorry about him."

Volcarona kept an eye out to make sure nothing ambushed them. He saw some electric types and other bug types. Everyone thing seemed to be doing their own thing.
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National Park, Johto (June 8th)
Naturally though even as the threat had been moved away Desmond had still been a jittering mess on the ground as he all but cowered before he saw a shadow of the non-monster in the sky above him as he glanced up and had seen who announced themselves as the trainer of the Volcarona.

"W-well uh I-I very much hope you keep him from d-doing the deed..." Desmond replied, as he shakily had accepted and was pulled up to his feet as the Politoed seemed to immediately relax.

"...Desmond, uh my name is Desmond. This is my partner P-politoed..." Desmond answered back once he had taken a moment to catch his breath and lower that heart rate while his Politoed seemed to happy clap before Emma and her Pokemon.

"Politoed Politoed~!"
June 8th- Sprout Tower Exterior, Violet City, Johto

After a rather intense interaction with the Sages of Sprout Tower, Q found himself wondering out the front door once again. The only thing on his mind?

“…wanna see if there’s anywhere to eat?” The young man glanced to his now recovered Pokémon as he spoke. Grendel, who looked like a second head on Q’s shoulder, quickly nodded.
The small bear Pokémon had been surprisingly relaxed about the whole situation. Sure, he’d apparently lost, but they were all strong. And they wanted to fight again, so he was happy.
Q, on the other hand? He was incredibly nervous. He didn’t want what had just occurred to happen again tomorrow, and he wasn’t certain if he could get past his nerves.

“Teddi!” That would all have to wait, as Grendel quickly hopped off Q’s duffel bag and took a fighting stance in front of him. It was never more apparent that Grendel would never back down from a challenge than when Q laid his eyes upon the roughly nine foot snake Pokémon that was slithering towards them at a rather brisk pace.

“Grendel. No.” The burgundy haired young man stood over his Pokémon, not giving him the opportunity to charge at the potential threat this time. “I don’t think it’s wild…just wait…”

“SSSSSssssssSSSsss~” The Seviper closed the gap with smooth, quick movements- smelling at the air around Q as it leaned in uncomfortably close. It’s eyes were illuminated with a faint, red glow that pierced through the boys own gaze.
Moving very quietly and very slowly, Q gently bent his head to the left, his eyes never moving away from the Sevipers.
As he shifted like this, his duffle became visible from over his shoulder, revealing the medley of dried fruit hanging from it.

Protobothrops looked at the dried fruit and lunged, snatching multiple berries that it quickly gobbled up. Whilst Seviper were mostly carnivorous, they can and do eat fruit at times. Her golden scales reflected the light of the candles near the tower as her trainer caught up with her.

"I'm sorry! Proto just went off on her own after smelling something! You aren't hurt, are you?" Regina asked, running at Q as she came to a standstill next to Proto who started nuzzling against Regina's side. "Proto must've been hungry, sorry about that."
"Yeah okay..." Reina's mind couldn't help but think of how much money it would take to visit so many places. "But I was kinda thinking of walking? Not to sound stingy or anything, just trying to get as much Johto as possible."

She crossed her arms and bit her lower lip, her mind trying to figure out a way to tackle all the sights Penny had mentioned. That was until the grumbling of stomach interrupted.

"Woah!" She let out a nervous laugh. "That little adventure made me hungry. I should probably head back to the hotel soon..." She paused with sudden realization. "Wait, Lapras? Seriously?! Caray, that could add some serious fire power to my team, that means we should make sure to buy supplies beforehand. Alright, it's settled! We eat dinner and take a night bus to Azalea Town! You wouldn't mind sharing a room once we get there right? Trying to save a bit of money."

Wednesday, June 8 – Aqua Resort, Sophian Island, Oblivia Region​

“Alright Jangmo-o, use Tackle!”

Esther pointed at their foe, a bulky little Shelmet that was her brother’s newest catch. It had been an hour and a half since she’d received Jangmo-o and her brother had arrived home thirty minutes ago. Her brother, Shayan, was three years older than her and he was a Great-ranked trainer—whatever that was supposed to mean.

In his words, ‘the best way to get to know a Pokémon was in the heat of battle,’ and so they’d cleared a small field behind their house for a mock battle. The only problem was…


Jangmo-o’s tail brightened before it flipped itself into the air, bringing its tail down like a hammer.

“Hanzō, Protect!”

A protective barrier snapped into place just in time to protect Shelmet from Jangmo-o’s attack, forcing the drake to retreat.

“That move was…Dragon Tail. Haha, she isn’t listening to you at all,” Shayan laughed.

Esther’s lips pressed into a line. For the last five minutes, she’d been trying to command Jangmo-o in battle; for the last five minutes, she’d been completely ignored. While the little wyrm was more than eager to battle, snapping, growling, and bristling the moment she’d been sent out against the Shelmet, she had so far, done so on her own terms, using moves at her own digression in complete defiance of her trainer.

To be fair, her trainer hadn’t even known what moves she could use up into a few moments ago and Jangmo-o seemed to have decided its own judgment was better than Esther’s.

“How do I get her to listen to me?”

“Hmmm, well, Pokémon are intelligent creatures. They’ll only respond to people that they like. Maybe you should try getting closer to her?”

“And how do I do that? She won’t even let me touch her!”

The conversation was punctuated by a drakish cry and then another dragon tail missed its mark, pounding into a nearby tree.

“One of the first things you can do to grow closer to your Pokémon is to give them a name. Beyond that…? You’ll just have to get to know the Pokémon on an individual level.”

Esther glanced over to Jangmo-o; the drake had gotten her beak stuck in the opening of the Shelmet’s shell and was trying—in futility—to bite off a chunk of the bug type's face.


“You could always send her back, exchange her for another Pokémon.”

“Hnn…no, it has to be her…I’ll manage. Somehow.”

“Right…well, we’ll leave in two hours, so pack your bag and think about it some more. I’m gonna spend some time with Mom and Dad.”

With a flash, Shayan recalled his Shelmet and walked off.

Esther turned to face Jangmo-o. “Just me and you, huh…?”

The drake seemed all the grumpier at the loss of her opponent or maybe she was unhappy that she hadn’t won? Regardless, Jangmo-o’s features were set in a grim scowl as she stared at Shayan’s back.

“A feisty fighter…hmmm.” Now that it wasn’t darting around, Esther could see the toll the battle had taken on Jangmo-o. It was limping, keeping its weight off its forepaw and one of the prominent scales on its right side had been shattered by a potent Body Slam. It had gotten the latter landing its only blow of the fight, a powerful riposte using Bide.

For all its verve, and eagerness to continue, the Jangmo-o had run itself ragged trying to win. Now that the fight had ended, Jangmo-o had curled up to lick her wounds.

“Then I guess your name will be…” For her battle-lust and pyrrhic fighting style, Esther would name her after the Pyrrichios—the fiery war dance. So…

“Pyrrha! Your name will be Pyrrha.”

Hearing that declaration, Pyrrha raised her head to stare at her trainer and for the first time that day, her eyes held no challenge.
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June 8th- Sprout Tower Exterior, Violet City, Johto

All the color had drained away from Q’s face as the Seviper lunged. The young man was almost certain the snake Pokémon wanted the berries he’d been drying, but his heart still skipped a beat at the idea of being devoured whole.
By the time said Seviper’s trainer arrived, the ‘transaction’ had already occurred.

“…yeah…hungry…” Q slowly slumped down into a seated position on the sidewalk and let out a loud sigh of relief. The last two days had been an absolute roller coaster of emotions.
He’d have to collect more berries for drying now, which definitely annoyed him… but he wasn’t about to voice his disdain towards the girl with the massive snake.

“I’m…mm…” The young man hesitated for a moment, as if he were struggling to form words. He took another second to clear his throat, before finally making eye contact with the girl as he continued, “…do you know where I… could get a meal this late?”

Grendel watched on, silently impressed that his trainer actually managed to talk to someone around his own age. Maybe things were changing already.
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National Park, Johto, Wednesday, June 8th, Trainer: Emma Argentston, Rank: 48,679

"Volca!" The Sun Pokémon responded.

Emma looked at Desmond, "I was told by several people that Volcarona was quite the odd color, said something about him being what one called a Shiny Pokémon. When he Hatched, he had yellow spikes instead of the usual reddish Orange, his body is mostly purple, none of my other Pokémon are oddly colored like Volcarona."

Volcarona figured he'd fly up slowly to show what his trainer meant. Emma then noticed a camera on Desmond.

"Did Volcarona scare you, if so, sorry about that," Emma continued, "He laid waste to a Copperajah and a Recently evolved Metagross in his rage once, he flew off to prevent that from happening again, I hope you understand."

Emma was hoping he would understand, she's had Volcarona since she was in Hoenn. The young mid rank kept her cool, as best as she could.
Acacia sighed, he had wanted to try out the strategy a bit longer but Flint was quick to shut it down.

Well, I guess if he’s worried about leaving it there must be some merit. We can workshop it some other time, no use fighting sunny day when Windie’s up next.

“That’s alright Giza, keep it going with Mega Punch!”

Though the initial surf had failed, Acacia rarely took action without a plan B. Cruising along in the wake of the attack was the Pichu on her surfboard, and as the wave began to crash she had launched herself into the air and was now rocketing towards Magmortar who had just finished using his series of three moves.

Normally, he would’ve preferred to use a move like Thunder Wave and paralyze his opponent for the rest of the battle, but Flint’s strategy to force the tiny mouse into a battle of pure strength had made that impossible. The black aura of the laugh harmlessly passed through Giza, subtly robbing her of her ability to use status moves. But when Acacia looked at the power emanating from her glowing orange fist he couldn’t help but think this wasn’t too bad of an alternative.

The plan was to hit the blast Pokémon with a downwards slam, causing it to fold over. Then, Giza would be able to immediately charge up a point blank volt tackle aided by the electric terrain and deal substantial damage.

Gotta keep this close ranged and end it quick. A drawn out distance battle against this thing in the sun won’t end my way.
Johto, Violet City, June 8th
Current Ranking: Unranked

“Welp, that could have gone HEAPS better, heh…”

Violet City was a rather interesting place to spar, but that’s where a fight had just taken place between two unranked trainers. One of which was Colored, who was fighting with Mocha, and her victorious sparring partner was a somewhat stuck up male with a Mienshao. The battle was… one sided, to say the least.

“Hmph, I saw no reason for you to challenge me besides from a free chance to raise my rankings. Alas, it appears this did not edge me into that top group.. but it shall do for now. If you ever get stronger, I do most of my buisiness in Mahogany Town. Maybe I shall see you around.” The male stated before returning his Mienshao and starting to walk off. This had caused Colored to return Mocha and sit on the grass, quietly grabbing a notebook from her backpack and writing down the details of the last fight.

“Let’s see… enemy was a Mienshao, if I had to guess it was level thirty. Seen moves were Detect and High Jump Kick, as Mocha was defeated before more could be seen… there we go. That makes a loss streak of… five now? Man… I should really train you guys up more.”

After that, she stood up and began walking to the Pokemon Centre nearby to go and heal her battle wounded Vulpix while Dawn had clambered up to her shoulder and sat there quietly. Due to the pair being so close, they were comfortable with this but it didn’t quite affect their battle skills. Now Colored looked back on it, these skills told a lot about her.

She had only accumulated three wins in Johto thus far, but that was thanks to her evolved companions. The first was against a Flareon with help from Drip, the second was a Girafarig that was taken down by Puffy and the latest one was a Spinarak that Mocha had taken down. Not the strongest Pokemon in the world, but Colored knew there was always room for improvement here.
Regina looked at Q with a raised eyebrow, the shock must've been quite intense for the boy to be at a loss of words. Either that or they were just incredibly awkward. "I know a small fast food stand nearby. Come on, food's on me. That's the least I can do after causing you a heart attack." The girl offered to the boy, recalling Proto as she would just be a menace to have around and she really did not want to have another case of Proto getting the munchies and going for the Teddiursa instead. "My name is Regina, what's yours?"
National Park, Johto (June 8th)
As this trainer explained details of her Volcarona, Desmond worked to simply get the nerves to settle from that little jump scare. Truthfully terms like "Shiny" Pokemon and the like were something to note given they'd make stand out pics buutttt the last thing on his mind had been appreciation for that kind of thing.

"I-I see, must be proud. And well scared is a strong word, I'd say surprised." Desmond countered, as if he'd be able to write that off as just a surprise. Even his Politoed looked up at Desmond after he had made that claim, which made the young man quickly clear his throat before he'd further respond.

"Well, so long as you can keep that uh temper in check. It should be fine..." Desmond said as that tidbit had been something to keep in mind, he had his camera in hand as the Politoed noticed the photo book had fallen out of his bag as he hoped over to pick it up and passed it back to Desmond who glanced an accepted it after a moment.

"...thanks, Politoed."

"Politoed!" Politoed said happily as it focused on the Volcarona as it found its colors to be pretty.
June 8th, Sinnoh, Jubilife City!

After finally making it to the city, a Young boy from Sunnyshore City and his Cubchoo could proudly pat themselfs on their shoulders. It was a long way but they managed to survive it together.
He heard that his Adoptive Father left some useful things for him at the mall and So he headed towards it to get them, on a way, Glacier the Cubchoo slept on his Trainer shoulder, tightly hugging to him while his scarf was a Little bit falling down, which made his Trainer to lift it back up every time and then.

Shiro didnt knew the city to well and So he was wandering around without knowing what is he actually doing or where is he heading right now and still somehow managed to get to the mall. As he waited in line to take the package for him, he notice a furious Middle aged Man, cursing under his nose, buying a lot of super potions and telling some stuff about a stupid girl and her crazy Servine. But well... Shiro didnt pay much attencion to it.

He get out of the mall and then he wondered what to do now. He wanted to catch second pokemon, with poke balls he Just got in a package but.. How? when the boy was lost in thoughts, He saw some Scotland and a girl coming this way in a big speed. Man.. Someone that has Scotland must be an amazing Trainer.. Maybe she could help?
June 8th- Sprout Tower Exterior, Violet City, Johto

“I’m Q….thanks.” The young man was quick to try and compose himself; quickly jumping to his feet so he could dust the dirt off of his pants and jacket.
Taking up a meal offer wasn’t something Q was very comfortable with, especially when it came from a stranger. But considering the fact that the girl had the opportunity to turn him into snake-chow and didn’t really eased the ongoing paranoia.
Besides, he was hungry.

June 8th- Jevelli’s Gyro’s, Violet City, Johto

The pair stopped off at a large hot-food cart that was selling freshly carved Miltank gyros in pita bread.
Q subtly took a few deep breaths as they approached, the last thing he needed was to stutter over his own words in front of two strangers.

“Helloooo! What can I get for you two, eh?” The small, round man working the stand spoke in an unfamiliar accent as the two approached. He quickly slipped on a fresh set of disposable gloves and leaned over the stand, awaiting a response from the pair with a large, toothy grin.

“Yeah…um…I’ll take a wrap with some Cameruption Sauce, please.” Q opted to speak up first, not wanting to give the impression that he was always so awkwardly quiet.

“Ah, you like it spicy, eh? Good man.” The small man swiftly sliced some fresh Miltank meat into a piece of warm pita bread as he spoke. He finished it off by grabbing a large bottle shaped like a Mega Camerupt and lightly dousing Q’s order with a thin coating of the bright orange, lava-like sauce.
Once he was done, he passed the order off before turning his attention to Regina, “And for the lady…?”

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

"Ya know croagunk ol' buddy, I think we've out done ourselves today."

They stood proud at the fountain in the center of the national park, the entire thing littered with red painted graffiti! He seemed to draw his face and the words 'Crimzon Crew' on the fountain, alongside many different obscure stickfigures and scribbles that looked like it came from a children's sketchbook. The pair nodded at their work, red spraycans in their open hands.

"This will encourage people to join our AWESOME team! Who wouldn't?? Look at my mug! Best thing I ever made if I do say so myself~"

He nodded up and down, a finger to his chin. Croagunk jumped up and down, beating his chest once and pointing at his leader.

"Eh, a team pose? ...I never thought of that! We should get one! Then we can draw it in there! What should it be??"

The croagunk thought to himself before putting a fist in the air.

"Hm...Too basic."

He then put his arm in his shoulder and flicked both her arms the other direction.


Then croagunk paused for a moment, thinking of another one. That's when the toxic frog had an idea. Putting hand on his hips and another pointing straight ahead, he looked approvingly up at Charade, who began to nod convincingly.

"Yeah...yeah! I can dig that!" He exclaimed, copying the pose. "We are the Crimson Crew! Ohohoho that's so cool!"

June 8th- Sprout Tower Exterior, Violet City, Johto
"Q, huh? Interesting name, is it short for something?" Regina asked, looking at the boy. An odd figure, but they didn't seem like a bad person. He didn't seem to hold any resentment against her or Proto though, so that could only bode well.

June 8th- Jevelli’s Gyro’s, Violet City, Johto
Regina looked at Q's order and couldn't help to be impressed. Cameruption Sauce was very spicy and she wasn't too big on it. "A wrap with tzatziki, please." As she gotten her order that was way less spicy and more fresh, she paid for the both of them before digging in.


Previously Night's Shadow
Wednesday, July 8; Jubilife City, Sinnoh

“Look, Amaranth, there’s the mall!” Emil exclaimed, patting the Stoutland to get his attention. “The hotel is close! Should be… due east from here… hm?” She blinked blankly at a Trainer looking up at her in curiosity. There was a Cubchoo with a green scarf around its neck hanging off the boy’s shoulder, and he looked lost— something that she could definitely relate to as of around fifteen minutes ago.

Emil’s gaze shifted away uncomfortably. He’d been studying her and Amaranth for quite a bit longer than most of the glances she’d been drawing. She nudged Amaranth over in his direction. “Um…. Hi?” the one-armed girl began. Not a bad start. He doesn’t look like the gangster type, and he can’t be that far off from my age. “Can I help you? Er… if you need a map, you can borrow mine… this place is basically a maze…”
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Volcarona waved his wing as he stayed close to his trainer. She kneeled down to see the Politoed, as she told the Pokémon.

"Hi there, you're Desmond's Pokémon?" Emma asked the Politoed, then looked up at Desmond, "I don't think I've ever seen a Politoed where I'm from, I've seen a few in my mom's performance videos, quite the cute Pokémon."

Emma then stood up, still looking at Desmond, "Why don't we look around, we may see something while we're here."

Volcarona flew upward to get to some air sight. He looked around then waited for movement to follow.
Politoed seemed to blush a bit as not only had the Pokemon of this girl's seemed to pass a wave to it, but the trainer even seemed to be fond of it which caused the Poltoed to puff its cheeks out as it nodded to her question.

"Politoed! Politoed~!" Politoed said happily as it clapped for her which showed he seemed to like the pair.

Desmond overheard the proposal and while he still had a nervous eye to the Volcarona, he knew if he refused it would only cause a bicker with his Politoed and he wanted to avoid conflict as he sighed and nodded a bit.

"S-sure, I need to get some photos. So that should help." Desmond said as he and Politoed followed Emma and Volcarona.

June 8th, Wednesday - Lumiose City, Kalos

Box opening out of the way, Acer was quick to get his hands on the red and white capsule housing his first Pokémon. A second later, he released the Pokémon onto the kitchen floor below. Out of the Poké Ball came a red light, which first formed the silhouette of a quadrupedal, frog-shaped creature. Once the flash of red disappeared, its light-blue skin was the first thing Acer noticed as he checked out the Pokémon. Its eyes, which had yellow sclerae, black irises, and white pupils soon found his before it suddenly leaped up onto the kitchen table to take a better look at its surroundings. Around its chest and back was a large mane of white bubbles, which was more than enough for Acer to confirm the Pokémon he saw was real.

"A Froakie!" The ecstatic teen exclaimed like he was a little boy on Christmas after opening his presents and finding exactly what he wanted. Being one of the three national starters of the Kalos meant Froakie was a popular Pokémon among the many citizens of the region. Like many others, Froakie was one of his favorites. He glanced at both of his parents, unsure of what to say or how to thank them. Judging by the looks on their cheerful faces, they seemed content with just seeing their boy happy. They simply nodded, allowing Acer to focus on interacting with his first Pokémon. Meanwhile, Alyssa just watched along as she finished up her breakfast, even letting out Sylvie to watch as a new member was potentially added to their family. The shiny Pokémon watched as Acer knelt down to get as close to eye level as he could with the Froakie before introducing himself.

"Yo, Froakie. I'm Acer. I don't got a nickname for you yet, but nice to meet you! Let's become the strongest together, what do you say?" With eagerness in his tone, Acer then extended a hand towards the bubble frog Pokémon. The Froakie tilted its head to the side quizzically as it looked at Acer, then his hand, before completely disregarding. Acer watched as it looked away, blue head turning in the direction of Sylvie, who stood on the floor near Alyssa. Acer could've sworn he saw a slight smirk on the Froakie's face before it suddenly vanished from his eyesight.

"Huh?" That was all Acer could say as he wondered where the Pokémon disappeared too. The fact that it didn't even seem to acknowledge was concerning. Now it had the ability to just vanish. Acer glanced again at his parents, who didn't seem to bothered by this sudden turn of events. "Bruh. Where did it go?" Acer questioned anxiously as he started to look around the kitchen. It didn't help that he could hear some light snickering coming from the direction of his sister.

"You really scared it off. That's actually hilarious!" Alyssa covered her mouth as she failed to hold off her laughter. Acer had already lost his Pokémon and they hadn't even been together for more than a few seconds. He was about to find out being a Pokémon trainer wasn't as easy as it seemed.

"Shut up!" Along with a glare in her direction, it should've been clear Acer wasn't in the mood for her antics. Although, he was more embarrassed than actually angry at Alyssa. At least the Acer had the help of her shiny Eevee. The evolution Pokémon searched up and down for the Froakie, a bit worried, but also slightly amused by its antics. She could only wonder what its reason for disappearing like that was. Fortunately, Sylvie wouldn't have to wait too long as some clear bubbles suddenly began to fall slowly from the chair above. Looking up, Sylvie watched as the bubbles began popping one by one, with the Froakie becoming more visible as it fell through each bubble before landing in a dramatic landing pose in front of her.

"The fuck?!" To Acer's annoyance, the Froakie suddenly reappeared after nearly a minute of searching for it and the first thing it did was introduce itself to Sylvie instead. At least Sylvie seemed cool about it. The Eevee itself made some replies with some soft chirps to whatever conversation they were having. At one point, Sylvie seemed to laugh as it briefly covered its mouth using a paw for a moment. Acer didn't know what was happening and looked to Alyssa, wondering if she knew, only to find an amused expression on her face.

"Leave them alone, Acer. Clearly, he's more interested in Sylvie than you." She said with another snicker as Acer looked at her with some confusion. It took a second for it to dawn on him and once it did, Acer shook his head before attempting to command his Pokémon.

"Oh hell no. Get back over here, Froakie!"

Hearing the young trainer, Froakie simply looked in his direction and waved Acer off before looking back at Sylvie to continue their talk. Acer just stood there in disbelief after. He couldn't believe it. This cocky ass Pokémon didn't seem to respect him at all! Not only had the Froakie completely disregarded him, but it also appeared to be flirting with his sister's Pokémon as well. Acer didn't know whether to be disgusted or discouraged and let out a sigh. This couldn't be happening to him. Out of all the Froakie in the world, how in the hell did he end up wi this one? Acer could only look towards his parents, hoping they'd be able to console him with some answers.

"Oh, honey, how about you check out its stats on the Pokédex while you wait." His mother spoke up first, offering a reasonable suggestion for him to do lower his frustration. Seeing as he was going to have to check anyways, Acer pulled out his Porygon Phone and logged on to the Pokédex app. Apparently, his parents had already added the Froakie to his account somehow, so Acer was able to already access the information his starter. When Acer finally clicked on summary and saw the page with all of the important information, to say Acer was disappointed would be an understatement. The teen didn't say another word to anyone before he just stormed out of the kitchen and headed up the stairs. Atlas and Aria exchanged concerned glances before heading to the staircase themselves.

"Acer, what's wrong?!"

Atlas shouted for his son. He received no response. Meanwhile, Alyssa just remained at the table, watching the two Pokémon interact with each other. The Froakie didn't seem to care what was happening in the slightest and continued to engage Sylvie conversation. It was a slightly a bit amusing to watch the two share a back and forth. Sylvie, already being used to the attention, didn't seem to mind the advances the Froakie was trying to make. Judging from its attitude, her brother was going to have his hands full with this one, assuming he even kept it. Glancing towards the stairs as the sound of footsteps could be heard coming down, Alyssa saw that Acer had come down with the backpack for his journey already on his back. He looked ready to leave right this instant.

"Wh-what are you doing, Acer? Why are you leaving now?" Aria was taken aback by their son's reaction. She had an inkling he may become upset if he found out the truth, but not to this extent.

"Don't act oblivious! You both already know why. I should've known! You both couldn't resist giving me a test subject, could you?!" By test subject, Acer was referring to the Froakie, who he assumed to be some experiment from whatever shady dealing they might've been a part of. He was upset at himself for trusting them to this extent.

"What? What do you mean?" His mother questioned in an anxious manner, not seeming to fully understand what he was referring to. Meanwhile, his father just remained silent in the background. Not uttering a single word as Acer went to try and explain his problem with this.

"It's ability is Protean! That's a hidden ability and it's supposed to be rare. This Froakie shouldn't have it unless you bought it off the black market or you bred it in some lab somewhere! It even has camouflage. You know, the vanishing act it did that you weren't even bothered by! You know, I never said anything against your beliefs even though I actually don't care about them. All I wanted was for you guys to at least let me have a regular journey, but you couldn't even give me that."

"Acer, we are letting you do that. We aren't stopping you from seeing what this world truly is like alongside a worthy Pokémon to travel with you."

"There it is again. I don't need you to decide what Pokémon is worthy enough to travel with me. I don't want you guys to interfere at all! Except you already did by giving me this Froakie with these perks."

"Does that really matter, Acer?"

"Yes, I didn't ask for a genetically enhanced Pokémon or whatever that Froakie is."

"Listen, the Pokémon out there are wild creatures. You can't just trust wild animals to join you on your journey. It's too dangerous. Most kids younger than you end up dying out there. Haven't we shown you the statistics?"

"That's like one of the points of a journey. To get stronger. And you are trying to tell me this Froakie will be the one to help me? It doesn't even care. And you know what..." Not wasting another second, Acer walked back into the kitchen, grabbed the Poké Ball on the table, and then immediately returned the Froakie before it could even finish its conversation with Sylvie. "In you go, you little bastard." The Eevee's ears dropped as it met his aqua blue eyes, which seemed as violent as the sea on a stormy night. Alyssa didn't even say anything to her brother and instead picked up Sylvie to comfort her.

"Anyways, I'm done with this. I'm starting my journey right now." Acer stated as he walked back into the sitting room and straight to the door. There he found his shoes, a pair of black high-top sneakers with white soles.

"Honey, well, if you're going to remain adamant about this, then we won't stop you. Right, Atlas?" Looking towards her husband, Aria hoped he could retain his composure for just a while longer. He especially despised when his own children talked down the ideals he held so highly. His own son had essentially spat in the face of his own kindness. Ungrateful for his help. Acer would have to learn then. If he wanted to join the mindless swarm of people ensnared in this system meant to deter them all from what was truly important, then so be it. Atlas simply nodded in response, not wanting to speak another word to his son. Seeing this, Aria then continued to talk. "Alright then, honey. We already deposited some money into your account, so you should be able to-"

"No. I don't need your handouts. In fact, I was going to just release this Froakie, but now I've thought of something better." Hearing that they had given him money was the last thing Acer needed to hear from them. While every trainer and their mother knew it was wise to start with at least a good sum of money, Acer didn't even care at this point. He'd make his own money somehow. Of course, that probably wouldn't make his mother worry any less. The woman was doing her best to maintain her composure and moved closer to him for one last hug.

"Just know this Acer, we all love you no matter what. Please take care. Please don't do anything too crazy." Holding back tears, Aria said her farewell as she felt Acer pull from her. She knew Acer wasn't happy at the moment and hoped he could find it in himself to come to his senses. Maybe this journey was exactly what he needed for him to finally understand their ideals. A mother could only hope. Acer turned around and grabbed the doorknob as he faced the door. He paused for a moment before turning around slightly to see his family through his aqua blue eyes one last time. There was one thing he wanted to make sure they remembered.

"My team and I will reach the pinnacle, no matter what."

With that said, Acer turned around, opened the door, and then walked outside before shutting it behind him. His mother then collapsed to her knees while Atlas just continued to watch the door silently. Alyssa still remained in the kitchen, keeping Slyvie close and comfortable. Lastly, Acer just stood outside, back resting against the door for a moment as he looked up at the clear morning sky.
Penny Lepiter; Trainer Ranking — Unranked
June 8th. Near the Ruins of Alph, Johto Region

"What do you mean it's settled-" Penny started out as they walked away from the Ruins, frustrated that her words had only been absorbed as far as the other girl wanted to absorb them. Why did people only ever listen to the information they wanted to hear? Why did they always act like it was some sort of achievement, being able to hear anything at all? And such a pivot, from wanting to walk to taking a bus. She wondered if it was worth explaining again; she wondered if it was worth going through with at all. Well, it was either that or go back home, and believe it or not, that still seemed to be the far more reprehensible option. So Penny simply folded her arms and dropped the issue. "Fine. Sure. Dinner, bus, share a room. Gotcha."

Trying to ignore the fact that she was more than a little annoyed with her temporary, traveling companion, Penny looked out toward the hotel looming over the old Ruins not far off in the distance as they walked toward it.

"Where are you from, exactly, Reina?" She asked innocently enough, adding a little bit of pep to her voice as she did — an artificial attempt to raise her own spirits. "How'd you end up in Johto?"
June 8, Wednesday - Alpha Ruins, Johto.
Reina, current rank, 51,541.

Penny's questions seemed to have ignited something in Reina, as a proud big grin appeared on her face. While looking up at the sky, inspiration swirled around her being as she prepared to reply to her follow companion. As she walked towards the hotel, her pace slowed down, making sure she wasn't interrupted by her arrival upon the place.

"I am from a wonderful land, Penny. A land filled with rich materials, proud people and Pokemon. Filled with the greenest mountains, the deepest oceans, the hottest deserts, the most beautiful skies, the brightest sunrise and the brightest full moon. Ah yes, the belly button of the moon, the place where the dead meet the living and where the food varies from north to south, each small town being unique and rich in culture, filled with legends, myths and amazing history. The air is pure and clean, from the tallest snowy covered mountain to our deepest lake which holds treasures and adventures yet to be discovered! A new region that finally has an opportunity to shine, to show the world our amazing Pokemon, our amazing, trainers, breeders, researchers, food, minerals, music and so much more!" She stopped to catch her breath in front of the doors to the hotel and turned to Penny, giving her a smile and a wink. "It's called Mexico, I got my butt whooped so bad in the league I decided to learn from other regions to create a unique style that will make me champion one day. What do you want to eat?" She stood by the door as if holding it open for Penny even though the slid open automatically. "I think I'm going for something Johto traditional, any suggestions? I heard of Slowpoke tail? Weird name but I hope it's not what the name suggest."

June 9, Wednesday - Azalea Town, Johto.
Reina, current rank, 51,541.

Reina laid wide awake on her bed, looking up at the ceiling, wondering if Penny was awake yet. If she wasn't, then Reina didn't want to wake her up, but she was so eager to start the day. Arriving to Azalea Town didn't really let her appreciate the view much, not to mention she was sleepy and went to bad after a warm bath. Now, it was early morning and her brain was quiet, listening, for any signs that Penny had woken up yet. She turned to look across the room towards the other bed on the other side, where she could see what would be Penny under some blankets. No sign of movement, but what if she was waiting just like Reina? So awkward.

"Are you awake?" Reina whispered, hoping it was loud enough for someone who was awake to hear but not loud enough to wake up a sleeping person. I need to go to the bathroom... Reina frowned as she waited for a response from her roomie.

3x Super Potions
2x Antidotes
3x Full Heals
Oran berry, Sitrus Berry
Rotom Phone
Tour Guide - Johto
Battling for Dummies book
Sleeping bag
Small cooking equipment and some ingredients
Penny Lepiter; Trainer Ranking — Unranked
June 9th. Azalea Town.

"Typically sleeping people aren't going to have the awareness to respond that they are - in fact - sleeping. Yes I am awake." An annoyed Penny responded from under her blanket, back turned to Reina with a book open in front of her face. They'd come to Azalea a day earlier than she'd intended, and she wasn't quite sure what to do with herself. Ilex Forest was to the west, of course — last time she'd gone had been a mixed bag; one that led her into danger, but also to a new friend — her Heracross, currently the strongest Pokemon of her meek trio.

An early riser, Penny had pulled out a textbook from her bag about local, Johto geography — a gift from her father that had come with Joltik; it wasn't the most comprehensive thing, but it at least gave her insight to what to expect in and around Goldenrod, Azalea, Ecruteak, Olivine and Violet City.

The Slowpoke Well...truly, Penny wasn't quite interested in the slow-witted, slow-moving water-type, but it was still a day early to go to the Union Cave, and it seemed much the only other option available to the wannabe researcher. She could pay a visit to the world's renowned PokeBall crafter, but she remained far more interested in natural habitats as opposed to capture devices which themselves were but a means to an end.

"I need coffee and a bagel," Penny announced, closing the book and setting it on the nightstand beside her. "I'm gonna get coffee and a bagel. Need anything? I can grab it for you."