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Ask to Join Pokémon: Role Play Thread

Adrianne Silvers (Normal Class: 96,094)
Tangelo Island, Orange Archipelago (June 2nd)

Adrianne seemed to be buzzing, she had caught a new teammate and had another successful battle which upped her rank. Sure, she still sat in the 90,000 range but hey, Rome had not been built in a day what mattered was that she'd one day get where she'd need to be not how fast she'd be able to get there.

With a spring to her step, she returned to the Pokemon Center and saw Briar and Reggie as she made her way over to her companions as she had been smiling ear to ear. "Hey guys~!"

"Just got done with a battle, was a tough one but Ace managed to get the win in the end. Seems to be getting the hang of it, and hey he seemed so happy he actually let me hug him so I consider that victory in it of itself~" Adrianne said as her enthusiasm seemed to bubble a bit as she relayed her recent events to the pair. "So anything exciting happen on your end?" She asked Briar and Reggie.
~Skol the god, Bran the bronzor,
Zippy the magnemite, Huck the golett, Wunder the Sigilyph and Bolly the Baltoy...~
~Yellow Island, July 19th...~

Aldon nodded along as Naka revealed traveling to the same locations before. The story about the opera woman made him chuckle.

"Given your location, I probably would have mistaken it for some strange guardian of the ruins or some other incorrect answer" Aldon said. The aerodactyl coming out and reacting to Naka talking about Ezio's aerodactyl caught him somewhat off guard. Skol was too busy staring into the distance and hadn't noticed the large rock bird that suddenly got all emotional. He did however notice the wing in front of his face. Squinting his eyes and grinning. He reached out to snatch the wing. Placing his paw on top of the wing that booped his nose.

"Sounds like you guys had a heck of an adventure. A mystery and a love story? The only thing missing now is an epic fight and maybe a chase scene..." Aldon said light heartedly.

~Future Aldon...~

Aldon saw Desmond sleeping. He chuckled at the thought of pranking him or possibly drawing something he shouldn't, on Desmond's forehead, but he didn't. He headed out of the room. Leaving one of the lamp lights on.

When he got downstairs he helped himself to some breakfast. Bacon, eggs, and biscuits. All covered in way too much gravy, in fact you couldn't even see his food. Off to the side was a class of cereal and orange juice and another glass of mixed berry juice. Meanwhile Skol had been staring at a piece of cheese that had sat on his snout for ten minutes. Completely dumbfounded and without solution on how he was going to eat the cheese that he could not reach.

(Will Briar post later today...)
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Nakano Saito​

Date: July 19 (26yo)
Location: Pokemon Center, Yellow Rock Isle, Whirl Archipelago, Johto
Pokemon Team: Mudster the Swampert, Iwa the Wishiwashi, Ludwig the Ludicolo, Aero the Aerodactyl, Silenus the Sceptile, Hattie the Hatterene

Interactions: Aldon (ThAtGuY101), Rick (Ridge)

"Haha, yeah, I thought it was some freaky Mismagius or something." Naka sheepishly chuckled. She watched as the Slowpoke tried to grab Aero's wing, but considering Aero only booped the Slowpoke with his nose, he couldn't reach. Aero was confused and didn't know what he wanted.

When Aldon said they were just missing a couple things, Naka chuckled. "Ah, we had our Aerodactyls uh... Fight? Not really fight, it was more of Aero dodging Evi and showing how well he flew. Poor girl couldn't even get him." She laughed a little, remembering their little mock fight. "I think we had a chase scene in there, but I don't recall. Been a month." She chuckled.

That's when she remembered Rick.

"OH, I gotta get going and help a man to a boat. I'll see you maybe tomorrow? Whirl Cup, maybe? Yeah, see ya!" With that, she ran off, returning her Aerodactyl and going outside.

That's where she saw Rick and his Rapidash. She waved to them as she approached them, chuckling a little bit and seeing that some of the commotion outside caused by Ludwig had since calmed down. "Hey, uh-... I just realized I don't know your name. Or maybe you said it earlier and I just don't remember, haha. Thing's a bit hectic today. The name's Naka, you needed a way to get off the island? Want a boat to Olivine City or a plane or something?" She asked, feeling a bit out of breath for some unexplainable reason. Her stomach grumbled loudly and she chuckled.

Oh, she was not only tired from the adrenaline rush that was the Blastoise, but she was also hungry. And probably thirsty.

She waved her hand nonchalantly at the sound. "Don't worry about that, I'll eat later."

Nakano Saito​

Date: July 21 (26yo)
Location: Scarlet Beach, Red Rock Isle, Whirl Archipelago, Johto
Pokemon Team: Mudster the Swampert, Iwa the Wishiwashi, Ludwig the Ludicolo, Aero the Aerodactyl, Silenus the Sceptile, Hattie the Hatterene, Chu the Pichu, Fluffy the Flareon, Brute Tooth the Barraskewda, Huntail, Gorebyss

Interactions: Theo Hightower (Sir Krazz)

Naka laughed a bit as Theo said his grievances about sports and how he'll catch the next Pokemon. "Yeah, just don't lose the arm." She shook her head, nodding as he spoke about his little cheat sheet. Hearing him ask the stuff about the TR though had her humming in thought.

"Hm, I don't know. Probably not, the information is still on there, it just loses its ability to teach the Pokemon any moves. So, useless." She chuckled. She watched as he went out there, the Barraskewda still swimming laps. The Huntail and Gorebyss swam over to him, with the Gorebyss going to him first as she wasn't the most physically inclined like her partner.

Both Pokemon were moist from the water, with Gorebyss having tough, pink scales running along her body. Her body was lined with muscles. Gorebyss cooed softly, her body going absolutely limp, her fish eyes drooping slightly in a membrane similar to an eyelid that slowly began to close. Meanwhile, the Huntail swam around Theo, waiting for his turn patiently. His muscles - if Theo moved on to him - felt far stronger and bulkier and not as lean as Gorebyss's, his blue scales being as tough as his partner's.

Naka walked over to the water's edge, not caring if the water went up to her knees. Standing near Theo, she clicked her tongue. "First, take your hand." She showed him, then she balled her hand into a fist and with the knuckle of her thumb out. "Ball your hand into a fist and have a knuckle out, from a finger or your thumb, then run along the fish's body in a long, slow motion. It wouldn't feel that great with humans unless there's a long strip of muscle like right next to your spine. There isn't too much muscle that's complex if they don't have limbs." With the little tutorial over, she went to his question.

"Now to your question... Being a trainer is second to being a researcher. I found Pokemon fascinating. I wanted to learn all that there was, and if being a trainer meant spending time with them, learning about them, getting them stronger so I can meet stronger Pokemon and people and learn from them, then I will. My father is a sumo wrestling champion with his Hariyama, basically looking like a sumo monster himself. My mother is a nurse for humans. My brother is just your regular average battle trainer who specializes in double battles, which is just having two Pokemon out at the same time to fight. So, not only did I want to branch out from what my family was doing, but I also wanted to discover something about Pokemon we haven't found yet. There's so much in this vast world where phenomena are hidden and it takes a researcher to find it and learn about it." She looked up at the sky, her smile soft. Then it vanished.

"But I also need to learn about Pokemon and make mine stronger so I can punish the evil that permeates our world. As wrong as it's going to sound, we do need a bit of chaos and evil to remind people the good times they have and not take everything for granted, and to keep everyone else in line because being targeted by evil surely doesn't feel good and it prevents those from doing those evil things to others. But while it is important to have both good and bad to exist, you can't have too much of either one. So, besides my philosophical talk I just did, if there's a crime organization out there, I'm going to find it and snuff it out. I cannot allow them free reign over the people and Pokemon to turn them against their friends for whatever gains they have. And to find them, I have to learn about Pokemon, their habitats, and their psychology based on where they live and if there's intruders. To make fighting them easier, I must make sure my Pokemon are strong, and to understand not only my own Pokemon, but theirs, as well. That's why my parents taught me how to wrestle people and Pokemon." She grinned, feeling rather accomplished at having learned how to do that.

"But getting off my soapbox, I just wanted to learn, and I realized learning is what I need to help me survive in this world, and then I realized later that learning is what I need to do to make people's lives feel like it's less threatened. And I want to be useful. Huh, I guess all that could be boiled down to one little thing, huh?" She chuckled, shaking her head. She looked back at Theo. "Of course, not everyone's is that deep. I could've just said I just liked learning shit, and that's that. But that wouldn't stay true to me. Well... whatever my true me is." She mumbled that last part, eyes forlornly looking ahead.

After the Gorebyss had her massaging fill, she swam out of his grasp just to be replaced by the Huntail, who let out a gurgling purr once he got his massage in. Finally, the Barraskewda swam back, his tail spinning as he swam around Theo to slow himself down, the water churning slightly to a near vortex before calming down with Brute Tooth's decreased speed.
Theo Hightower
Friday, July 21st
Red Rock Isle, Johto
Interactions: Nakano Saito (Merciless Medic)

Theo held the knuckle of his thumb out as she showed, gently running his knuckled down the Gorebyss' muscles a few times before applying more pressure but not so much that the Gorebyss was in pain. Its scales felt rougher in his hands than they looked, Theo wondering if this was how snake scales felt. He went with the flow of the water pokemon's scales rather than against, figuring that that would not only be painful for the Gorebyss but it might also cut his fingers up. He glanced to her every so often while she explained why she became a trainer, nodding. Halfway through her explanation the Clampearl evolutions swapped places, Theo making sure to playfully flick the Gorebyss' head fin as it swam off. Huntail's muscles were much more defined, bulkier in his hand and no doubt going to need more pressure than Gorebyss did.

He did remember her saying something about there being evil organizations out there, but he wondered exactly how evil they were. How did they make money? Did they steal people's pokemon? Why would they do that when the world was so populated with them, at least according to Naka. Did they sell drugs? Did it stop there, or did start there? He shook his head, trying to the thoughts out of his mind. It was definitely a lot to think about. He was about to comment when Huntail swam out of his graps, chuckling at the pokemon and splashing after it, which caused him to almost miss the last bit of her statement. What did she mean whatever her true self was? He wasn't going to press her about it, but if she did want to talk about it he wanted to show he would listen. Brute Tooth immediately took the Huntail's spot, Theo starting the fish's massage. The first run of his hand down the Barraskewda's muscles he was still applying the pressure he had on Huntail which caused the water pokemon to splash at him, Theo apologizing before resuming, using much less force.

“That...actually all makes a lot of sense. Wanting to be strong enough to protect yourself and the people and pokemon you care about. Here it seems like there's a lot of ways to do that. Back home, there's really only two. Martials arts of some kind, or proficiency with guns. The latter is a lot more extreme and permanent, but sadly it's the much more common than it should be. My parents and I weren't in populated cities too often, but when we were and we would watch the news it seems that's just about all they talked about. One violent crime or another, usually ending in at least one person shot. I think that's part of the reason they both wanted me to become an archaeologist like them. It was their way of keeping me safe from a life filled with violence like that.” he shrugged, letting Brute Tooth go once he was satisfied with his massage. “Don't get me wrong, my world wasn't all violence. We have scientists. Doctors. Actors. Humanitarians. Archaeologists, obviously” he gave a small flex, puffing his chest out. “And a whole slew of other things. I....I was going somewhere with this...” he thought for a moment, going through the thoughts in his mind. “The point is, I get it. It's admirable. I...maybe that's the kind of trainer...archaeologist person I'd like to be. Learning things about things and stuff, and keeping friends and pokemon safe. I don't think I have what it takes to go after those organizations, but...maybe one day?”
[July 19th] Ogi City, Whirl Islands - Johto
Rapidash ♀ [Iris] | Ability: Flash Fire | Condition: Normal | Meteonite Energy: Low
Flare Blitz​
Heat Wave​
H. Horsepower​
Low Kick​
Solar Blade​
Wild Charge​

Iris rolled a ear towards the trainer that was approaching. She narrowed her eyes and grunted, waking Rick out of his nap. "Oh! There she is!" He said, as he stood up. She introduced herself as Naka, and started asking if he needed a transport out of the island. But Rick widened his eyes as the girl seemed kinda... rushed. Before he could reply, he heard her stomach grumble. And then he realized: people aren't themselves when they're hungry. He didn't have an Old Gateau, but nature had them covered. Iris kicked the palmtree behind her, knocking off some bunches of bananas. He picked one up, and tossed at her.

"Better?" He asked, before going back to the main subject. "I'm Rick, by the way. And she's Iris." He introduced, the mare greeting with a bow. "It's not like we had any time for introductions, considering these pokémon all decided to pick the same day to cause havoc." He said, crossing his arms. "And yeah, I could use some help getting out of here. I've had enough of flying for today, so I guess I'll pick the boat option. I like neither, so... I'm juts picking my poison..." He paused, thinking for a bit on the location. "Olivine should suffice. Pretty sure they have a boat that sails to Sinnoh. I don't know their schedules. Worst case scenario we head to Kanto after, and Sinnoh should be close enough for her to traverse."
Gwen Tucker - 19th of June - Snowbound Lodge Route 216, Sinnoh
Per Akira's recommendation, Gwen held on tight to Mamoswine's fur with Swinub laying down and chomping down on some hairs as well while Cobalt held tight onto his trainer. The light blue haired girl had a smile plastered onto her face, "Sounds good!" she replied back to Akira, who was walking beside them.

From what Gwen could tell with her sitting high atop Mamoswine and how easily he was moving through the snow. Though when the Twin Tusk hit one of the trees, the poor girl and her pokemon got absolutely drenched in snow. Swinub easily shook it off of herself while Gwen yelped as the cold snow hit her and her Piplup.

"Hey!" she shouted and dusted the cold off of her with Cobalt shaking the snow off of him as well. Gwen couldn't help but giggle a little though as she heard the Mamoswine's snort-laugh. Okay, maybe it was a little funny.

The trio atop the ice-types back held on tight as to not fall off while climbing up a steeper hill. After making it up, they looked onto the route that still seemed to be plagued by the blizzard that was kicking up on and off. There was still some way to get to Snowpoint city, but in the meantime that meant that Gwen could study up on Candice's type speciality as well as her potential pokemon. That was for something later though as for now they simply enjoyed this winter wonderland scenery around them.

Hearing the bell chime, it looked like it was time to head back as Mamoswine essentially became a sled, sliding down the long hill all the way back to the lodge. Gwen, Cobalt and the Swinub let out cries of thrill, loving the speed that they were going. It wasn't without its cost though as the trio atop the Twin Tusk Pokemon's back were once again covered in snow, but the blue haired girl just let out a roar of laughter, especially seeing that all that was visible of Cobalt was his head.

"That... was.. Awesome!" she exclaimed with glee and patted the Mamoswine, "Thanks for giving us a ride Mamoswine!" she thanked the ice-ground pokemon before watching her own Swinub slide down from his back. With her Piplup in her arms, Gwen decided to follow the lead, not thinking much about how this would work out. At least there was soft snow underneath waiting for them. And indeed it was as the young trainer face planted right into it, "Ack!- Omph,"

Gwen Tucker - July 18th - National Park, Johto

Pokemon on field: Cobalt the Prinplup, switched to Ozzy the Deino vs Pearl the Misreavus
Item: N/A
Status: Ozzy burned
Field Effect: N/A

Gwen gritted her teeth. Will-o-wisp was not good. As rarely as she had paid attention to at Pokemon school, she did know of this move and the effect it induced. Burn and it would chip away at the health of a pokemon as well as half their attacking power if hit. Not good at all in Cobalt's case. They had to try and get up close range to that Midreavus, which was easier said than done as ghost pokemon were known to be agile and full of trickery. Still, they had to try. Gwen had to show her pokemon that she was a worthy trainer for them. Then she got an idea to try out.

"Cobalt switch! Ozzy out and use Bite!" the light blue haired trainer shouted, returning her Prinplup and throwing forward her own Duskball. Out from the energy leaped out a Dino with dark energy seeping out of its mouth. Seemingly he had been following along the battle quite intently from his pokeball. Unfortunately for the Irate pokemon the purple wisps hit him, scorching his fur and letting out a pained growl, but he aimed to seek revenge by chomping down on the Screech pokemon with a super effective hit, although it had its power halved.
~Briar Hightower...~
~Briar Pokémon: Grafaiai/Baba(F), galarian wheezing/Puff Puff(M), tentecruel/Maggie(F), Revavroom/Hemi(M), clodsire/Claudia(F), smeargle/Frida(F)...~
Tangelo Island, June 2nd...~
~Rank: 48,420...~
~Reactions: Adrianne and Reggie...~

Briar turned and looked at Reggie whom asked if any of her pokemon knew take down or double edge. Briar had to think long and hard on this one, because she didn't recall ever teaching any of her pokemon those moves. She didn't like moves that hurt the user, so she typically avoided using them. Then she remembered the time Frida sketched a pokemon that knew take down.

"As a matter of fact, I dooo. Frida knows take down, I think" Briar said sending Frida out. Frida smiled and waved at Baba. Baba smiled and waved back. Baba had to take a second to think long and hard on what the two were talking about, and didn't like what she thought about. That was her best friend. Purposefully using moves to hurt her was not okay. Baba was ready to square up with these two to defend her best friend Frida. Going as far as to stand in front of Frida and tilt her head 'No'.

"What's the deal? Frida, do you wanna help Reggie and her pokemon?" Briar asked. Frida cheerfully nodded her head.

"Smear!" Frida said.

"See Baba, she wants to help, plus we'll be extra careful" Briar commented. She turned to look at Adrianne.

"Hey, sugar! We're doing fabulous. Helping Reggie work out some training plans. You?" Briar asked.
Desmond Andrews (Unranked)
Yellow Rock Isle, Whirl Islands, Johto (July 19th)



"Ngggg h-hey! Bah fine..."​

Desmond had tried to cover himself in his sheets. But it seemed Politoed was determined to get its lazy partner up, and to make things better Kricketune had popped out and seemed to be influenced by the frog Pokemon and pulled Desmond's covers off the bed. With a grumble, the young man seemed to cast a slight glare at the two partners in crime before he conceded and moved to sit up.

"God, feels too early." Desmond muttered given the draining events of yesterday, but his nose seemed to pick up on a smell. Seemed someone was making breakfast. With a sigh, Desmond and his Pokemon moved to go take a look after he washed his face a bit.

Adrianne Silvers (Normal Class: 93,979)
Tangelo Island, Orange Archipelago (June 2nd)

"Oh I am doing great! Just got done with a battle and got a bit of a rise to my ranking. Still a long away away but every bit helps." Adrianne said with a bit of enthusiasm.

"Training plans, what did you cook up?" Adrianne asked, before she got an idea and released her newly caught Staryu Aster who looked without expression to the two trainers as she smiled facing it. "These are my current traveling companions, Briar and Reggie." Adrianne said doing introductions.
Montagne Khastil
July 5 — Shabboneau Castle - Camphrier Town, Kalos

Shabboneau Castle hummed with eager voices, a cacophony of excitement that echoed out the front gate and down into the decorated streets of Camphrier Town. The smell from food stalls far below the castle wafted up along the cool morning breeze, and the summer sun high in Kalos' bright blue sky shone down on the flood of spectators and participants gathered in Shabboneau's courtyard.

Thirty two young men and women, all novice Kalos natives intermixed with foreign challengers, stood in the center of the freshly-arranged battlefields in a cloud of frenetic nerves and competitive spirit. Each of them had one thing on their minds — being the very best, like no one ever was.

It was too bad they were kidding themselves.

Montagne Khastil towered over most of the crowd, an imposing figure amongst the mostly-younger challengers for top spot in the Shabboneau Junior Tournament. An Absol stood at his side, and both scowled at the rest of the novices surrounding them. These thirty kids stood in the way between him and completing his assignment, and he'd be damned if any of them could stop him from winning.

He spotted Nico in the crowd, side-by-side with the girl he'd mentioned at dinner the night before. Monty was a little surprised that the foreigner entered in the first place, but the Alolan had been training just as hard alongside he and Esther for the past couple days. The criminal would almost feel bad if he and Oracle were the ones to crush him in the first rounds. Almost.

Esther stood next to him, her black eyes lit with the fiery determination he'd come to expect from her. Between the ferocity of their first battle and their training since then, Monty was confident that he'd made the right choice in asking for her partnership. Even Oracle was coming around, begrudgingly convinced of Esther's utility.

They were all more than convinced of the irritating nature of what were likely their biggest hurdles— the Sycamore Lab trainers. Monty spotted them, too, at the front of the crowd facing the grand balcony where Shabboneau's owner would emerge any second. If looks could kill, Bob-cut and Elitist-kid would've dropped dead from the one the criminal fixed on the backs of their heads.

Silence fell on the gathered crowd as trumpets cut through the din of voices, and onto the balcony stepped a portly old man in fancy-looking clothes. Everyone looked up, and Shabboneau's owner raised his hands as he spoke.

"Welcome people of Camphrier, welcome our gathered spectators, and welcome our eager challengers to the seventh annual Shabboneau Junior Tournament!"

The trumpets blared again, a quick and jovial tune, before he addressed the trainers directly.

"We've come together to celebrate these exciting first steps of your journey as Pokémon trainers, and let the wait tarry no longer! The matchups for the preliminary rounds have been decided! Bannermen!"

The man made a flourishing gesture and stepped back, and two men in suits of medieval armor took his place. They cast a large banner over the side of the balcony, emblazoned with a tournament bracket. Each side held the first matches, and Monty eyed it hungrily to see who he and Esther would be up against first.

In the middle of the left side, two sets of names were attached.

Montagne Khastil & Esther Sophys
Emelia Burke & Valentin Auvrey

Nico Zacharias Flynn & Kurashiki Ki
Suzanna Blanchard & Jacqueline Auguste

Shabboneau's owner retook his place, and raised his hands again.

"Young trainers, you have your matchups and your battlefields. Let the Shabboneau Junior Tournament...COMMENCE!"

Reginald Valerias​

Date: June 2
Location: Tangelo Island Pond near Pokemon Center, Orange Archipelago
Pokemon Team: Emeric the Shiny Haunter, Elvira the Munna, Bob the Shedinja, Large Marge the Drifloon, Missy the Misdreavus, Jones the Frillish, Legion the White-Striped Basculin
WCS Rank: 72,758

Interactions: Briar Hightower (ThAtGuY101), Adrianne Silvers (Godjacob)

Reggie looked over to see Adrianne had looked far better than the start of today (well, minus the scare of having met someone who can see dead people), so he assumed she did well. And that assumption was correct as she explained she did well. He smiled at least when she said she managed to get a hug out of Ace, which had him fairly amused.

He looked at the Smeargle before him. She apparently knew Take Down, but Baba was obviously not happy about it. Though, he wasn't doing as fabulously, he merely just clicked with his tongue and looked away with a sour expression. Asking about the training plans, Reggie just couldn't hold it in anymore.

"So... Before I talk about that, the- Oh, hey Aster." He waved rather languidly at them, then moved on, pulling out his phone. "So, my rank was about 69,000... Now, it's... Just under 73,000..." He choked up on his own frustrations, showing his WCS rank to Adrianne while looking away himself. After another moment once Adrianne got a good look, he put it away. "As for, you know, other things. I found out that the Basculin I caught actually can evolve into a Water/Ghost-Type called Basculegion, so I'm calling him Legion. Lucky, right?" He grinned, only for it to turn glum.

"But upon realizing that it has to take quite a bit of recoil damage without fainting, I went to look up how long it would take for him to naturally learn something simple like Take Down. Turns out that it takes far longer than it would take to get to the first gym here, so I can't just... Do that." Sighing, he looked at the ball that held his Basculin. "So I'm asking Briar if she had any Pokemon who can learn any of the recoil moves Basculin were able to learn, and her Smeargle can." He smiled slightly, his energy and optimism having been sapped from his last battle. "Let's go outside and see then."

He walked out of the Pokemon Center and walked to that same pond he had the fight in with that guy earlier. His hand clenched. He'll find him, and he'll win.


He sent out his Basculin, the fish now healed looked up with confusion. Smiling, Reggie knelt down and held out his hand. "I'm naming you Legion. We're going to teach you Take Down, okay?" Legion looked up at him, then lightly nipped at his hand. But since those were sharp teeth, Reggie pulled his hand away and hissed. "Ow... Careful." There was some bubbling that he figured was an apology, his finger was red and there was a slight scratch. He smiled, pulling out a bandaid to put over it as he extended a finger and scratched the top of his head. "Don't worry, I'm fine." The Basculin seemed to smile, but it was hard to tell. Either way, he stood up and looked over to see if Briar and her Smeargle were ready.


Date: June 19; 1 month prior
Location: Route 216 - Snowbound Lodge, Sinnoh
Pokemon Team: Mamoswine, Bastiodon, Chandelure, Chesnaught, Toxapex, Goodra

Interactions: Gwen Tucker (IDKWhatUserNameToDo)

While their little jaunt was fun, the Mamoswine was a bit worried with what he saw in the snow ahead in Route 217. However, he did snort-laugh along with Gwen's laughter, making a short grunt as a sort of 'you're welcome' as he stood back up and walked back to the lodge. Once they made it back and they slid off, he looked over to see Gwen practically faceplant into the snow.

He stared, then let out uproarious snorting laughter, unable to contain himself. He finally managed to calm himself down and scoop his tusk under Gwen's body to help her up, snorting all the while in laughter.

Hina's voice echoed out over the expanse of snow. "Your ramen's ready!"

Nakano Saito​

Date: July 19 (26yo)
Location: Pokemon Center, Yellow Rock Isle, Whirl Archipelago, Johto
Pokemon Team: Mudster the Swampert, Iwa the Wishiwashi, Ludwig the Ludicolo, Aero the Aerodactyl, Silenus the Sceptile, Hattie the Hatterene

Interactions: Rick (Ridge)

Naka watched with surprise as the Rapidash kicked a few bananas down and grabbed it as it was tossed to her, nearly losing it in her grip a few times before getting it within her grasp. Chuckling, she peeled it and nodded. "Yeah, thanks. Nice to meet you both." She then recalled Iris doing something odd. Like have wings made of fire? Did she see that right?

She chuckled a bit sheepishly as he mentioned the havoc, nodding a bit at that. "Yeah, that sometimes happens. There should be a boat that goes back to Olivine City." She smiled as she gestured her hand for him to follow her as she walked towards the docks. "We're in Ogi City right now, a city on the northern part of Yellow Rock Isle. There's a ferry that goes to Olivine City, but it stops at Blue Point Isle once before it continues. You should be able to get a boat to Sinnoh, but that'll take a while. Sinnoh is north of Johto and Kanto. I'll think you have an easier time finding a plane to get there, to be honest." Pausing to eat a bite of a banana, she walked through the sidewalk of the yellow-colored streets. She chuckled, looking down at the street with a smirk. "Ah, if only it were made of bricks." Whirling around on her heel and walking backwards with a hand in her pocket, she nodded towards his Rapidash.

"So, I've never seen a Rapidash who can sprout wings and fly. How'd you guys do that?" She asked, her eyes absolutely twinkling with awe.

Lyra the Hex Maniac​

Date: July 18
Location: National Park, Johto
Pokemon Team: Pearl the Misdreavus, ???, Lucky the ??? (Whereabouts unknown)

Battling: Gwen Tucker and Ozzy the Deino (IDKWhatUserNameToDo) vs Clay the Galarian Yamask
Interactions: Ron Towers (Hecotoro)

So, the Will-O-Wisp hit the Deino instead? Lyra couldn't pretend she knew anything of this Dark/Dragon-type, only its evolution and that their pre-evolutions were mostly blind. However, she wasn't expecting such speed and the Misdreavus sadly got bit. She let out a pained screech and Lyra's face - while grinning - lost all its warmth.

"If that's how you want to play it... Pearl, Icy Wind!" She grabbed her second Pokeball, demonstrating what Ron had tried teaching Gwen earlier. "Clay, Energy Ball!" As soon as the Misdreavus made her attack of blowing icy cold wind towards Ozzy, Pearl was returned and out came a funny looking Yamask with purple eyes instead of red and a clay tablet with a funky drawing made in red clay ink attached to its tail. It was so heavy that the Yamask was hovering just above the ground when he entered, tail dragging across it. As soon as the Yamask appeared was when Pearl disappeared, and a green sphere was between his curled hands before throwing it at the Deino.

Meanwhile, Lyra began talking to herself. "Yes, chill-chill to the bone~. Lower those pesky defenses, if we can~."

Nakano Saito​

Date: July 21 (26yo)
Location: Scarlet Beach, Red Rock Isle, Whirl Archipelago, Johto
Pokemon Team: Mudster the Swampert, Iwa the Wishiwashi, Ludwig the Ludicolo, Aero the Aerodactyl, Silenus the Sceptile, Hattie the Hatterene, Chu the Pichu, Fluffy the Flareon, Brute Tooth the Barraskewda, Huntail, Gorebyss

Interactions: Theo Hightower (Sir Krazz)

The Gorebyss let out a surprise series of bubbles under the water as her head fin was flicked, looking at Theo with some confusion before realizing he was playing. Oh, that was good. The Huntail splashed back with his fish-shaped tail, letting out a gurgling chuckle as Brute Tooth took his place. His body was smoother than that of Huntail's and Gorebyss's, and his muscle definition was considerably leaner than both of theirs combined, with a healthy serving of bulk, as well. The splash, of course, was for Theo to rub harder, but he went with less force instead.

Instead, he moved his body so that Theo's hand pushed harder against him, and once the harsh push of force was achieved, he practically went limp and floated in the water as if he were asleep.

Naka listened to Theo, nodding about the use of guns over there. Something about the news stuff had her wondering though. It wasn't uncommon for news outlets to always talk about the worst things possible or make something that wasn't bad seem way worse than it actually was. She'd have to say something about that. She smiled as he explained that it's probably why they wanted him to be an archaeologist. Brute Tooth finally swam away, circling Naka and brushing up against her. The Gorebyss and Huntail swam around Theo before swimming off to the side to wrestle and play with each other, writhing to get away from each other's coiling, only to then bump into each other.

She nodded as he explained his world wasn't all violence, chuckling that he might not know what the news did. Even this world was guilty of oversaturating their channels with horrific news about accidents or - Arceus forbid - murders. She giggled again when he puffed out his chest, rolling her eyes at his shenanigans. Hearing that may be the kind of trainer he wanted to be, she raised an eyebrow.

"Takes a lot of guts to do that. I think you should learn more about this world before you start wishing to be more of a vigilante than an archaeologist. Which, Pokemon Trainers do have some vigilante laws protecting their right to put justice into their own hands that allow them to make civilian arrests and such just as long as you have proof. Maybe one day, you are still quite young. As for... Well, news goes, that happens." She shrugged.

"This world is guilty of that, too. Do you know why the news outlets focus more on the bad than the good? Then once in a while, they'll have a story come out that reignites the love and hope for humanity? It's to get a bigger view rate. That's all people want to talk about and get off their chest nowadays. It's like watching a train crash: It draws all eyes to its carnage, and yet you can't look away. It's honestly a bit saddening to hear that nobody wants to talk about the good stuff until it piques their interest. As for guns, you'd find that a stronger, last-evolution Pokemon and those with a rocky or even metallic exterior are far more durable than armor that can withstand bullets. We do have guns, but they are mainly for self defense of your property and to scare people away. To actually get a gun, you need to find the right people, and most of those have criminal contacts. And once you do have a gun, most regions like this one might just take it away. Unless you're in Unova, I think they do have gun protection laws there, but I'm not too certain and it's probably strict as all hell enough where one wrong move and you'd get it taken away. Either way, it's not all that common here. The more issues we have are Pokemon on human and human on Pokemon violence." Then, she grinned, tying back to her first statement. "Of course, it takes a lot of guts to stand still and be brave while a gun is trained on you." She smiled, though it held no mirth or warmth.

"Either way, I just remembered something about TMs and TRs. You can get them fixed up at a TM machine, probably takes some money to do so. But, there you go." She idly pet her trout, who practically purred as she dug her fingers into his slippery skin.
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Theo Hightower
Friday, July 21st
Red Rock Isle, Johto
Interactions: Nakano Saito (Merciless Medic)

“I can do both. Some of the dig sites my parents and I found ourselves in we were there....maybe less than legally. Some places just don't like their stuff being touched. This one time, in the Nakrang tombs, we actually were able to find Nakrang's Armory. Story passed down through the generations was that the king's own daughter, after marrying the crowned prince of another neighboring kingdom, was asked to and did break all the drums and all the horns in the armory to prevent anyone from alerting anyone else about an incoming attack by the prince's armies. We found proof that they had in fact been destroyed. Well, except for a horn and a drum. We would have told the government about it, but like I said. They didn't like their stuff being touched. But we had proved their stories, and that was enough for mom and dad. I...admittedly wanted to take the horn.” he shrugged, getting out of the water once he was done massaging the three pokemon and getting back on dry land, laying backwards in to the sand. His Shinx stood watch, making sure no Krabby came out of nowhere like yesterday. Part of Theo hoped it did come back for more, now that he knew a small bit more about the pokemon world and was better equipped to handle the situation.

He nodded at her explanation, looking over to her. It made sense when she spelled it out like that. “I'm 18. Not that much younger than you...unless you follow Darwinism evolution and are actually millions of years old. I still think we should focus more on the good and less the bad. I know...knew a guy who always said he refused to watch the news anymore. They say good morning or good afternoon, then spend the next hour or half hour telling you why it isn't. Can't say I blame him. And I think its good you can't get a hold of guns easily here. Maybe I'll sleep a bit easier. In my world, in my country especially, its just too easy to get your hands on one. There's a saying that no one would invade it, because behind every blade of grass you'll find six guns. Its at a point where it seems there's a shooting in one school or another every week. There's laws and stuff to keep guns regulated, but I've always said if someone wants a gun bad enough, they'll find a way to get one. Legal or no.” he laid there for a moment, just staring at the sky. A few bird pokemon flew overhead, Theo recognizing them as Wingull. After a moment of contemplation and a deep sigh, Theo sat up. “Alright. Enough downer Debbie talk. Let's get back to it. Brute Tooth, Huntail, Gorebyss. I'll be looking forward to working with the three of you in tomorrow's Whirl Cup!” he called to the three, grinning to them.

Time waits for no man! Following Naka's instruction and working with her water pokemon, the rest of the day passed by in a flash of splashing, swimming, and learning about each pokemon's strengths and weaknesses, as well as writing detailed notes on each of their attacks as well as their abilities. At one point the Krabby did come back looking for a round two, which it quickly decided was a bad idea as Shinx chased it around the beach until it finally buried itself in the sand again.

And scene!


Previously Swirled
Wilford Pine
Turffield Stadium, Galar Region
August 2nd
WCS Rank: 70,203

Upon seeing the Eldegoss crumple to the force of the Max Flares, Wilford felt a tug at his left lip corner. Why? He shouldn't be smiling. After all, the only thing that happened was what was always going to happen. Of course he was going to win, any person with a properly functioning brain could figure that out. So why was he smiling?

Wilford shook his head, it didn't matter. All that mattered was his opponent was defeated, and quite handily at that. The applause reverberated in his ears, causing further pause.

A part of him felt compelled to make some sort of grand display to draw further hype from the crowd, but nothing came to mind. That's when his eyes dawned on Milo and his hand extended out for a handshake. Deeming it sufficient for his purposes, Wilford sauntered to meet Milo and return the handshake while claiming his prize, the tug at his lip weakening over time.

"I suppose I should be thanking you, hillbilly," Wilford kept a low tone while addressing the Gym Leader, lacking venom and honey, "Never thought I'd let my emotions cloud my judgement in battle. That won't happen again."

After the remark, Wilford returned his now-normal sized Monferno to his PokéBall, grabbed his briefcase, and departed for the dressing room. Fortunately, his usual clothes were kept safe and showers were provided. The rich young man went to survey the facilities the dressing room provided, only to cringe upon opening the shower curtain.

After what could only be described as the worst shower of his life, Wilford emerged from the dressing room dressed in his usual black suit with purple dress shirt underneath. Without wasting any more time, he grabbed his rotom phone to call Henryson.

"Have you made the reservation?"

"Of course, Master Pine. You and your guest have a reservation for 4 PM."

"Excellent. That will be all."
~Briar Hightower...~
~Briar Pokémon: Grafaiai/Baba(F), galarian wheezing/Puff Puff(M), tentecruel/Maggie(F), Revavroom/Hemi(M), clodsire/Claudia(F), smeargle/Frida(F)...~
Tangelo Island, June 2nd...~
~Rank: 48,420...~
~Reactions: Adrianne and Reggie...~

Briar looked over at Adrianne, then at Reggie and let Reggie explain. She let out a smile then looked over to Adrianne again.

"What he said, sugar. I'm helping him train his basculin. Fishy fish. Baba squinted her eyes at Reggie, then spit on the ground. As they headed outside, Frida began looking at the fish. It drew some of Reggie's blood, but Frida felt confident in herself.

"So is this going to be a battle or simply demonstration...?" Briar asked. Meanwhile, Baba was staring at Reggie's bandaid. She pointed at it, as if she wanted one. Briar walked over to Frida.

"Ready?" Briar asked, to which Frida nodded.
Gwen Tucker - 19th of June - Snowbound Lodge Route 216, Sinnoh
Gwen got up and dusted herself off the snow, her cheeks both red from embarrassment and the cold. She couldn't help but chuckle a little herself, but it was mostly due to her own Swinub and then Akira's Mamoswine laughing. Cobalt made a proud stance as he landed back down unscathed.

"Well, glad you two made it down okay.." the blue haired girl said with a last chuckle before both she and the Pig pokemon perked up at the mention of food. Gwen had yet to eat, but looked like the Swinub was at least curious to see what was going on in the dining room. The ice-type pokemon rushed off into the lodge with Cobalt sprinting after, just to make sure that a commotion or a mess would occur.

"Ah, coming!" Gwen replied as she made her way inside, but not before giving Akira's Mamoswine a little wave. Once inside the warmth of the lodge, she started to take off all the warm and extra layers of clothes. Ramen was perfect now after their little venture outside.

Gwen Tucker - July 18th - National Park, Johto
Pokemon on field: Ozzy the Deino -> Cobalt the Prinplup vs Clay the Galarian Yamask
Item: N/A
Status: -1 speed, -1 special defense
Field Effect: N/A

Gwen took out the Deino's Duskball, not wanting to have the burned dragon type be hit by a super effective hit. Luckily, the icy move was resisted by Cobalt, "Ozzy quickly switch! Cobalt go!" the trainer called out, her dark-dragon type pokemon withdrawing back and the Penguin Pokemon standing proud again, though was soon hit by Icy Wind.

Clumps if ice clung to the water type, lowering his speed. The Hex maniac did her own switching as she called out a Yamask, Gwen recognizing the pokemon from when they were talking about the regional variants in pokemon school. She just couldn't quite remember the typing of it. It was Ghost for sure and it looked to be the variant as it didn't carry the mask, but a clump of stone instead. She was between calling it a part Rock or a part Ground type, but it wouldn't matter as both of those were weak to Water.

Her eyes widened as the Hex maniac called out a grass type move in surprise, "Cobalt, dodge!" but the ice stuck to his body made him too clumsy to move in time to make the dodge. The Water-type pokemon staggered a bit, but got up quickly. It was a super effective hit, but he still had a pained grimace, head pounding as the Prinplups Special defense got lowered.

"Hang in there! Bubble beam!" Gwen then ordered and pointed at her opponent's pokemon. Once more Cobalt's beak glowed blue and shot off a cluster of bubbles in different shades of blue against the Spirit Pokemon.
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Date: June 19; 1 month prior
Location: Route 216 - Snowbound Lodge, Sinnoh
Pokemon Team: Mamoswine, Bastiodon, Chandelure, Chesnaught, Toxapex, Goodra

Interactions: Gwen Tucker (IDKWhatUserNameToDo)

The Mamoswine followed Gwen, waiting for Gwen and her Pokemon to enter before sliding through the open front door. Akira closed the door behind them to prevent the cold air from seeping in, the smell of the food wafting through the lodge. The ramen was already in a bowl on a booth for Gwen to sit at, and she left out more food, refilling Deino's bowl with food, and giving Piplup something warm to eat, leaving Swinub with more truffles!

While Hina walked back to the kitchen, Akira was at the bar drinking some Moomoo Milk. The cup was steaming, and he blew over the top of it. "Want some hot chocolate?" He asked, looking out into the window. He heard a series of snorting from his Mamoswine, and hearing that sort of vague warning had his face a bit contemplative.

While he trusted Naka, he wasn't sure about Ron. "So, how's that punk guy? How'd you guys meet him?" He asked Gwen, unsure if he should be careful around the guy and if he was trouble or something.

Lyra the Hex Maniac​

Date: July 18
Location: National Park, Johto
Pokemon Team: Pearl the Misdreavus, ???, Lucky the ??? (Whereabouts unknown)

Battling: Gwen Tucker and Cobalt the Prinplup (IDKWhatUserNameToDo) vs Clay the Galarian Yamask
Interactions: Ron Towers (Hecotoro)

Seeing the Pokemon switch and getting hit by both attacks, Lyra chortled, hiding her creeping, wide grin behind her sleeve-covered hand. "How cute~. Be careful how much damage you take, dearie~. You need to learn quick switch if you wanna beat me, kehehehe~." Not only was Prinplup slowed, but she saw those defenses lowered.

Hearing the Bubble Beam attack, Lyra's grin became more of a grimace. "Clay, Rock Tomb Shield!" The arms of the Yamask raised up his arms and formed rocks above him with an eerie ghostly glow. The rocks then slammed down in front of the Yamask, the rocks taking in some of the bubbles. However, a few went through and popped at the Yamask, making it cry out as it stumbled back, the clay tablet dragging on the ground.

Now, that Bubble Beam was also slowing her Yamask down. This wasn't good. "Clay, Night Shade!" Yamask's shadow swirled around, then the same swirling shadow started to appear under Prinplup's location, eerily glowing and shadowy tendrils coming out to smack the penguin.

Cole Forrest​

Date: August 2
Location: Turffield Stadium Lobby, Galar
Pokemon Team
On Hand
: Grookey -> Thwackey, Totodile -> Croconaw, Rookidee, Galarian Meowth, Stufful, Trubbish
In Storage: Magikarp, Pancham
WCS Rank: 75,432

Interactions: Wilford Pine (sSoul)
Mentions: Briar Hightower (ThAtGuY101)

Watching the young man against Milo wasn't honestly a surprise. As soon as the Lombre went down without Wilford losing Thwackey, he knew he had him in the bag. Wilford didn't seem like the type of guy to just use Pokemon that weren't effective against Milo. Humming a little, he wrapped his arm around his Totodile and walked off the stands, walking into the lobby and seeing Wilford on his phone, having gotten changed into his snazzy suit.

"A bit of a warm suit to be wearing out here, Wilford. I'll try not to take too long so you don't ruin your suit." He gave him a cocky grin, his beefy Totodile watching Wilford with some confusion. "Aite, time for me to go." He returned his Totodile in her Pokeball, Cole going to the reception.

134, he was up.

The ordeal has been over for Wilford, but now Cole stood in front of his first hurdle. To many, this may seem insurmountable, what with how he gave Milo quite a bit of leeway to go ham on his very first gym badge. But Cole was quite confident he could beat Milo. He knew how terrains and weather worked. He knew the best moves to use for buffing and debuffing. While he didn't have the best moves, he knew how to counter some of those strategies with what he had.

But before he could even get to Milo, he first had the gym mission. To a Turffieldian, it was like being back home. To Cole, it was an unwelcome memory he was forced to walk within too many times. He wanted out of it, so he could make new memories, and beating Milo was his ticket in doing so.

After giving the stadium his $1,000 from his debit in bet money at the counter and making sure he had bought three more Potions and Super Potions each (making him $100 shy of $1,000 in cash), he walked through the dark tunnel that led to the descending stairs of the green room. Small stone walls he could easily vault over sectioned off four plots of grassy ground, each section separated by a wall of round hay bales, two bales high. As he crossed the small, stone bridge laden with green zig zag carpeting over a moat, the surrounding area held what seemed to be either turf or actual grass with trees, flowers, picket fences, and… he guessed decorative rocks. The water was a gross green color thanks to the walls and ceiling to house this task being an ugly, bright green.

Ohh, how he wanted to paint it all black, turn it like his phonetic namesake. A forest of coal sounded very appealing right now. Saint Nick's best farming ground for all naughty kids thinking they were so slick. Have a lump of rock that covers everything it touches in black powder as symbolism for having a dark heart that stains everything they touch. At least it was better than getting eaten or taken away but that was the lore of a couple hundred years ago, as it at least can give warmth when lit. He snickered.

Of course, he was very self aware that he would be getting coal every year for as long as he lived. And honestly, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. In this case, when life gives you coal, paint everything in a burnable black powder to burn it all down.

Ooh, a Nickelback song. That's a good song.

While that song played in his head, he walked along the dirt path that now led to the first section. Corners of the wall held triangular plots of soil for their decorative flowers, farming equipment laid in a set on the outside perimeter of the walls. The Wooloo - twenty in number and as evident by the zero to twenty count on an arrow pointing to the hay bale wall - lazed about and ate the grass. Right in front of the hay bale wall and every hay bale wall after this was a blue pressure sensor, fixed to read the amount of Wooloo per whatever the average weight for Wooloo was. All Cole knew was he could pick up three Wooloo at a time without breaking a sweat, and squat lift a Dubwool easily.

Man, he really just wanted to punt these things like a Unovan football. They were so easy to kick, and they were the perfect height for it, too. He gaslit convinced the Wooloo back at his ranch to let him drop kick them, as their wool kept them safe from the way he vented his frustrations. Seeing them bounce down the expansive farming hills his family owned had always put a smile on his face, and some of the Wooloo didn’t seem to mind going at such high speeds. Though, it always made him feel even better if he got a Wooloo to freak out and wail as it rolled down a hill.

As he walked onto the section, the referee ran over to him to tell him how the task went, but Cole just lifted up his hand to stop him, chuckling sardonically. “I know how it works. Herd the Wooloo to the pad to get through, deal with the trainers who order the Yamper to make it easier. I know.”

The referee paused, his red eyes showing contemplation as he ran his hand through his yellow hair. “Right. Since you already know how the mission works, go on ahead. Oh, you can call me Dan. I’m the referee, so I’ll be overseeing all of your fights and I’ll be reporting the results of your battles to the League HQ.”

Oh, thanks for that… Cole thought. He had completely forgotten the league watched all fights made by all challengers to the Galar league. Honestly, he needed the reminder, he had forgotten how televised this was, having also forgotten that he saw Wilford’s gym mission on the jumbotron in the main stadium. And that was no sarcasm either, the feeling of being just a few steps to freedom had him nearly forgetting his place in society.

An outcast, and for good reason.

Once Dan the referee announced the beginning of the gym mission, Cole began strafing the large huddling of Wooloo in front of him, inching closer and taking long paces side to side. He found during his time herding Wooloo that if you were too loud or too quick, they would end up scattering. The Wooloo saw him and walked to the side away from him, but soon corrected themselves and went straight towards the hay bale wall, going in a soft zig zag as Cole used the size of the herd to herd themselves into a slightly straight line. He walked an even longer pace to get the small groups of Wooloo closer to the edges of the perimeter to mold them into the larger herd, the sheep rolling into the blue Wooloo-themed sensor. The arrow let out a congratulatory beep, and the twenty to twenty count became arrows, and the Wooloo gathered up in a tightly-huddled group to roll as one into the hay, bashing the wall down with ease.

Cole had been on the receiving end of a stampede of Wooloo. They didn’t look all that dangerous, but man, did they hurt.

The same Wooloo kept going before stopping in the middle of the next section. The Yamper in the middle scared them away, completely scattering them.

He so wanted to just drop kick that stupid dog, too.

Cole locked eyes with one of the gym trainers on the other end of this section and he walked straight towards him. Locking eyes with the four-eyed brunette, he immediately sent out his Pokémon.

“Whoa, hang on there.” Gym Trainer Samuel put his hands up, surprised to see a Stufful in front of him. He sent out his Pokémon, a green bodied Pokémon with a giant yellow flower like a sunhat and red hair-like ferns appeared. “I gotta send you packing. It’s my job.”

“The only thing you’ll be packing will be this hay when we’re all done.” Cole scoffed, stuffing his hands in his pockets. “Stufful, roll.” The Stufful curled up into a ball, her body shining for a brief moment.

“Gossifleur, Grassy Terrain.” The Gossifleur’s body glowed and so did the ground, creating a large field of grass.

Cole clicked with his tongue. “That restores my energy, too. And last I checked, Gossifleur weren’t as strong as Stufful.” He chastised, the gym trainer not phased but clearly thinking this was some rude asshole he sadly got stuck with. Cole didn’t need to say his next command, as the Stufful picked up speed immediately and smashed into the Gossifleur, bashing her back and making her squeal in pain. Her Cotton Down ability activated however, covering Stufful in cotton and making her slower.

“No, Gossifleur! Leech Seed!” The Gossifleur sprouted seeds and tossed them at the rolling Stufful. It had hit, but she wasn’t stopping, even as the vines dug into her thick, matted fur. The Stufful turned and came back to hit the Gossifleur again, more cotton sticking to her from the red fern.

“Poison Powder!” The Gossifleur got back up and blasted out a cloud of purple pollen, the Stufful accidentally running right through it and falling out of her rolling, feeling absolutely sick to her stomach. Then she looked over to see Cole glaring at her. Shivering, she looked back at Gossifleur, determination on her face even though she looked ill. Cole knew the poisoning was going to nullify the healing done by the Grassy Terrain, and she was getting her stamina drained by that Leech Seed. The trainer’s next attack had him laughing.

“Razor Leaf!”

“Baby-Doll Eyes!” The Stufful looked at the Gossifleur with adorable eyes, making her lose the will to want to attack her. The leaves still charged towards her, but they didn’t do as much damage, and the Fluffy ability and the earlier Defense Curl kept her from taking too much physical damage either. What it ended up doing was cutting the Leech Seed off her body. “Nice one.” Cole jeered. “Alright, enough. Brutal Swing.”

Covering herself in dark energy, the Stufful charged with reckless abandon, bashing into the Gossifleur and sending her skidding on the turf, knocked out. The gym trainer sighed as he returned his Pokémon. Milo always told him to be optimistic, so here he was, taking whatever Cole told him before as optimistically as he could. “At least Gossifleur and I can get stronger from repacking and restacking all these hay bales!”

After returning Stufful wordlessly, Cole rolled his eyes. I hope you throw your back out.

With the Yamper out of the way, he regathered all the Wooloo and got them on the pad, letting them destroy the wall. Next section was longer than the first two, and the first two didn’t really have stationary or non-living obstacles. Now, they had two hedge lines dividing a portion of the section in three lanes. A Yamper ran around the middle and left lanes, while the right lane had a trainer. But as soon as he got his Wooloo towards the left lane as the Yamper went ahead, the Yamper turned on his heel and scattered the Wooloo he heard sneaking up behind him.

Mumbling how those stupid dogs were so annoying, he made his way to the right lane to see the other trainer, Gym Trainer Mark noticing him and readying for battle. “Let’s see if your Pokémon like using their moves as much as mine!” Gym Trainer Mark sent out his Budew, and Cole really felt the eyes of the referee bearing down on him. He sent out his Grookey, the monkey tapping the ground with his stick to ready himself. A scar can be seen down his back, and his furs and hairs were of an odd color and shortening in some places, like his arms where they started to turn brown, his brown skin becoming darker, green fur becoming a lighter green, orange wrists becoming seagreen with raised bumps, and orange feet becoming green. Other places, like his tail and the base of his leaf tufts on his head had more hair forming and getting longer. His eyes were also lightening up into a dark yellow color.

“Sunny Day!” The Budew shined brightly, but was suddenly snapped out of setting up her sun as the Grookey - unprompted - clapped in her face, creating a flinching shockwave. The Grookey jumped back and slammed his glowing stick into the ground, the next move - Grass Pledge - having two sets of thorny vines running through the ground and pincering the Budew. The Baby Pokémon sprayed herself with water from her two-part bulb, the water healing her partially - Life Dew. She stood up, sending out a layer of Spikes as the Grookey charged for a Hammer Arm. The Fighting-Type attack cloaked his arm and his stick as he slammed into the Budew, sending her back into the wall to make a sizable indent from the Grookey’s brutality.

Grookey shone with a bright light as the gym trainer returned his Budew, the Grookey’s transformation completing into a Thwackey. The Pokémon looked back to see Cole actually smiling.

As much as he hated the training, seeing the light sparkle in those normally cold, dead eyes and seeing that normal scowl turn into a genuine smile from his trainer filled him with such purpose to endure it all. Was that Stockholm Syndrome these humans talked about? No matter how bad he treated them, they always looked for the good in what they could have because of the pockets of kindness within the bleak negativity?

Probably, but the new Thwackey didn't seem to care. He wanted to make Cole proud, and give him the very thing Cole fought for.

The gym trainer sent out his next Pokémon, an Oddish, while Cole returned his Thwackey. He sent out his Totodile then, the gator jumping about and flailing her arms in excitement, then getting hit by the Spikes set up by the Budew and whining, holding her foot. She glared back at Cole, who merely shrugged. Pouting, she looked back at Oddish, her gaze narrowing. Besides that scar down her right eye, she also had some oddities about her body regarding her evolution. Her belly was a slightly more creamy blue color, while the middle of her head had two raised bumps, her head looked to be getting bulkier, and her back spines and tail spine were starting to shift and get larger.

“Oddish, Sunny Day!” Again? Cole deadpanned, but it wasn’t like his Totodile was going to use a Water-Type attack. The Oddish’s leaves glowed and the air got warmer and harsher, the Oddish’s body glowing briefly to alert Cole of its Chlorophyll.

“Dragon Dance.” The Totodile danced about as her body glowed a draconic blue, looking like a ferocious dragon… as a baby. Her jaw began to snap, making clapping and clicking noises from the force of which her jaws snap closed and her teeth clacking. The Oddish shivered. Numbers counted down in Cole’s head.


“Grassy Terrain!” The floor began to get covered in glowing, green grass from Oddish’s glowing body, Totodile and Oddish’s stamina gradually being recovered. Cole hummed in thought.

“Dragon Dance.” Totodile blinked a few times. Was he waiting for that weed to set up? Huffing, she used Dragon Dance again, though finding it a bit irritating she couldn’t bite this thing already. She was starting to drool.

Four. Three.

“Poison Powder!” The Oddish sprayed the air in Totodile’s direction with a poisonous cloud. Totodile was about to dodge, but Cole cleared his throat. Hearing that tell tale sound that he wanted her to take as much as she could without fainting, she gulped and stood still, getting showered in the pollen and coughing, then sneezing. Man, this stuff made her want to vomit.

“Scary Face.” Cole said calmly, his monotone voice putting Totodile at ease as the poison and Grassy Terrain healing nullified each other. Her face distorted slightly as a more exaggerated, wavy face leered at the Oddish, which made it afraid enough to be quite a bit slower. However, it was still faster.

Three. Two.

“Ingrain!” Oddish’s feet became roots as they dug into the earth, healing it even more.

“Dragon Dance.” Totodile growled, but did as she was told.

Two. One.

“Leech Seed!” Oddish sent forth a sapping seedling, the Totodile wanting to dodge, but Cole’s clearing of his throat again kept her rooted. Soon, it hit her, and it began sapping more of her energy.

“Dragon Dance.” Another??? Totodile growled, but heeded her commands with agitation fueling her movements.


The sun ceased being as harsh, and the Grassy Terrain was going to end here really soon.

“Grassy Glide!” The Oddish detached from the ground and glided across the glowing grass from the Grassy Terrain, smashing into the Totodile with such speed that she wasn’t able to counter. But that was okay. Because now the rooted Oddish was closer and couldn’t move as it replanted itself. Even with Totodile’s poison and the super-effective hit, Totodile was still standing, albeit shakily.

Finally, the Grassy Terrain stopped.

“Ice Punch.” FINALLY! With speed and power, Totodile rushed headlong at the rooted Oddish with an ice-covered fist, smashing the Oddish and ripping its root-like feet out of the ground, sending the Oddish smashing against the wall next to the indent made by the Budew earlier.

The Totodile shone with a similar bright light, her transformation completing in a dazzle of sparkles as she became a Croconaw. Cole smiled wider than what he gave his Thwackey. “Good.”

A compliment? She still looked ill, but she looked at Cole with such huge eyes. A compliment??? For her? She sighed and growled in a sort of purr, Cole returning her to give her some rest.

“I’ll give a ‘bow wark’ instead of Yamper!” The gym trainer said, seemingly proud of getting to fight in a tough battle.

Cole blinked. He looked up at the gym trainer and raised an eyebrow. “Uh… Cringe?”

Shaking his head, he gathered up all the Wooloo again, getting them all on the sensor, watching them knock over the hay, and move on to the next section. The next and last section was even longer than the third one, with four hedges arranged in a cornerless, incomplete square. There were two Yamper running around these hedges in circles. He learned his lesson last time. Herding the Wooloo off to the side, he made sure they were far away from the Yamper as he walked past the hedging to find the trainer. A blonde girl stood in the middle past the hedging, and Cole ran up to her.

Besides, he had one more Pokémon that was close to evolving.

The lady smirked upon seeing him ditch the herd of Wooloo in favor of battling her, readying her Pokéball. “Just because you’re clever doesn’t mean you’ll be reaching the gym leader.”

“We’ll see.” Cole simply said, sending out his Galarian Meowth, while Gym Trainer Leah sent out a Bounsweet. The steely Meowth looked to have an itch, which had Cole chuckling. “Fake Out.” Before the Bounsweet or her trainer even made a move for a command, the Meowth rushed forward and clapped a shockwave in the Bounsweet’s face, stunning her. “Pay Day.” Jumping back, the Meowth got on all fours and his black coin on his head shone, spraying out a barrage of coins at the Bounsweet. She was still standing, and she shook her head in pain.

“Grassy Terrain!” The Bounsweet created a wave of grass on the field, making Cole roll his eyes. He was really getting sick of this same strategy.

“Hone Claws.” The Meowth’s claws lengthened and shone white as he slashed them against each other, heightening not only his attack but his focus.

“Endeavor!” Oh, that was a new move. Bounsweet charged and slammed into the Meowth, her body shining, which then transferred to the Meowth in the hit, making him kneel from the pain she was feeling.

“Night Slash.”

“Grassy Glide!”

The Bounsweet charged with glowing green energy, but despite the priority thanks to the terrain, she flew right into Meowth’s awaiting darkened claws, the Bounsweet slashing herself. She rolled about unsteadily, but was stubborn.

Chuckling sadistically, he clicked his tongue. “Meowth, return.” Returning the Meowth, he then sent out his next Pokémon. The Trubbish looked around confused, numbly looking back to see Cole, then looking forward to spot the Bounsweet struggling to stay standing, the Grassy Terrain healing her. “Toxic Spikes.” Nodding shakily, the Trubbish waved his garbage nubs around to throw around purple spikes.

“Endeavor!” Bounsweet charged and hit the Trubbish head on, sharing her pain to him.

“Toxic Spikes.” Trubbish was wondering why he wasn’t attacking. Was this some stupid test of Cole’s again? He fired off another round of Toxic Spikes, the other side of the field looking sickly and the gym trainer wasn’t looking too happy about it.

“Rapid Spin!”
“Don’t let her. Acid Spray.” Before the Bounsweet got a spin going, the Trubbish sprayed poison on the Bounsweet, knocking her out. “Huh…” Trubbish looked back at Cole, confusion on his face. “Guess you do have potential…” He mumbled to himself, Trubbish feeling relieved. He wasn’t going to get beat by the other Pokémon after this!

Leah growled, sending out her next and seemingly final Pokémon right as the Grassy terrain dissipated in a dying glow. The Lombre stood there blankly, arms at his sides as he regarded both Cole and the Trubbish, only to wince and sway from illness, looking absolutely wretched. “Rain Dance!”

“Trubbish, Acid Spray.” As Lombre raised his hands and summoned rainfall, the rain healing him, the Trubbish sprayed out a very unhealthy serving of greenish-purple acid, hitting Lombre. Even though he was regaining energy from his Rain Dish ability, his skin looked to be shriveling up.

“Leech Seed!”

“Don’t let it hit. Acid Spray.” As the Lombre fired off a sapping seed, Trubbish sent another wave of acid from his mouth, hitting the seed and shriveling it to a burnt raisin, the splash hitting the Lombre once again.

“Water Pulse!” A pulsating ring of water was spat out of the Lombre’s bill and surged towards Trubbish.

“Pound.” The Trubbish knew what that meant. Huffing, he let out a war cry and charged head on at the Water Pulse, jumping through and getting hit by the attack. He landed just near the Lombre. He was seeing double, but he had to use Pound! His grubby hand turned white as he went for a slap.

“Knock Off!” The Lombre’s hand turned dark as he went to backhand the Trubbish, only for the Trubbish to smirk and explode with Aftermath, knocking the Lombre back. With Trubbish fainted, he recalled him, then sent out his Rookidee. The bird with darkened feathers looked to also have a few color changes, specifically around her eyes and wings. Her chest feathers looked abnormally puffed up, her talons were looking darker, tail feathers longer and in greater numbers, her yellow chest was darkening to a light blue, the white markings of her eyes were dulling to a pale blue, white feathers on her inner wing were turning blue, her flight feathers were being tipped with black, and her beak was getting a tad longer.

“Peck.” A simple attack, and the Lombre barely had time to move due to feeling ill and from the amount of Acid Sprays he underwent. She charged with her glowing beak, slamming into him and sending him on his back, fainted.

The gym trainer looked concerned, but clapped anyway. “Next is the Gym Leader, right? What a strong challenger…” She mumbled to herself, before whistling to stop the Yamper. Now unimpeded, Cole returned his Rookidee and went to the still somewhat huddled together bundle of Wooloo, sending them rolling to the last sensor. After bashing down their last wall of hay, they rolled back into their pens on either side, the gates closing to keep the unruly Wooloo there.

Now, it was Milo's turn.
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Gwen Tucker - 19th of June - Snowbound Lodge Route 216, Sinnoh
Gwen was almost salivating as she got to the dining room and saw her bowl of ramen. Her stomach aptly growled again and the young girl plopped herself down on her seat and was interrupted by her scarfing down her meal as Akira asked her about Ron. She thought for a moment how she was going to explain this, but it looked like Naka trusted this guy, so she felt good about explaining the whole situation.

"Well, I met Ron a little bit before Naka. I was in Eterna forest, intending to train up Cobalt and maybe catch a pokemon, but then I saw some shady blue haired people going into the Old Chateau. Turns out they were some Galactic people and they beat me in a battle and kicked me out. I wasn't going to give up that easily, so I returned once Cobalt had been healed. Then they beat me again.. and again.. and then a couple other times before I got locked up in a closet," Gwen explained quite casually before taking a bite. Her Piplup on the other hand looked a little embarrassed as he tried to shield his face with his flipper and evade Akira's sight a little. Swinub was scarfing down her second meal that Hina had been so generous to give her and Ozzy hopped up beside his trainer and laid beside her, relieved that she had made it in one piece back. The Deino gnawed on her beanie, which Gwen didn't seem to mind.

"Then Ron happened to show up and let me out of the closet and then we drove the blue coconut-heads out of there. Oh! And he actually gifted me Ozzy here as well," the blue haired girl explained and smiled as she pet the Irate pokemon that had curled up next to her.

Gwen Tucker - July 18th - National Park, Johto

Pokemon on field: Cobalt the Prinplup -> Ozzy the Deino vs Clay the Galarian Yamask
Item: N/A
Status: Burned
Field Effect: N/A

"Cobalt back! Ozzy, Bite!" Gwen switched once again, not liking the sight of the ghost type move. Dark was super effective on Ghost, but she couldn't remember for the life of her if it resisted the opposing type.. She really should study more on those type resistances. More importantly though, Gwen made the switch to get rid of the negative stat changes.

Once again, Ozzy jumped out of his pokeball once Cobalt was back in his mouth wide open as it gathered a dark energy to chomp down on the Yamask. He just did his best to locate the ghost type based on where he had heard it screech in pain from Cobalt's attack. The fur on the Deino was still singed with little orange glow here and there, still burning and causing pain.

Gwen hated to admit it, but this Hex weirdo was a good battler. She did think her opponent was annoying with all her blabbering in this rapid switching style battling, most of all Lyra's remarks and comments repelling off of Gwen who had to be on her toes with this new battle style.
~Aldon Charlton...~
~Skol the king of gods, Bran the bronzor, Zippy the magnemite, Huck the golett, Wunder the Sigilyph and Bolly the Baltoy...~
~Yellow island - july, 19th...~
~interactions: Dessy-Kun...~

Skol was laying under the table. Aldon was sitting at the table, with a lil gravy on his cheek. Enjoying some of the breakfast he got, courtesy of the hotel. Bacon, eggs and biscuits fully bathed in gravy to the point where none of it was visible. And he ate it like a champ. He turned and grinned at Dessy. Gravy continued to roll down his cheek, he waved with his fork hand. Some gravy unintentionally flung off the fork, landing on the table.

"Morning, sunshine. What took you so long sleeping beauty? Did you sleep well?" Aldon said before wiping the gravy off his cheek. Skol rolled on his back, patting his belly with his paw. Aldon eventually finished his food, then downed his entire drink in one go. Leaning back in his seat, he sat there comfortably for a minute.

"Got any plans?" Aldon asked.
Adrianne Silvers (Normal Class: 93,979)
Tangelo Island, Orange Archipelago (June 2nd)

Adrianne seemed to hear the news from Reggie and it seemed, mixed to be kind. Her face showed a bit of sympathy as his ranking seemed to drop quite a bit, seemed to show the high risk and high reward of the WCS system and she figured she had to try to say something to lift his spirits.

"Well hey, defeat is just a kind of lesson to learn from. If nothing ever went wrong you'd have no way to improve right? So just try to take this a chance to get better next time with your team." Adrianne said as Aster seemed to scan the two its trainer introduced it to having not gotten much of a read on them yet. Though attention quickly shifted as she was informed of a certain issue with Basculin and how Briar seemed to offer some aid to it.

"Well hey, that sounds helpful. And good nickname by the way suits it." Adrianne complimented before she and Aster joined the others outside and as Aster saw the sand of the Pokemon Center by the beach the prankster seemed to become inspired and had subtly began to dig a spot while Adrianne watched Reggie and its new partner.

Briar's comment seemed to make her smile as she went to aid here while Adrianne watched and made herself available if she had been needed.

Desmond Andrews (Unranked)
Yellow Rock Isle, Whirl Islands, Johto (July 19th)

It was about the expected scene really, as it seemed Aldon and his partners really enjoyed their early meal as Aldon seemed to lick off some gravy and Desmond looked upon him with his usual deadpan expression at his casual question.

"Yeah, possibly being stomped on by a giant Blastoise tends to leave you drained. Who would've guessed?" Desmond muttered with some sarcasm before he was asked if he had any plans to which the photographer only offered a bit of a shrug to him. "Can't say I do, though you did mention something about wanting to do something and I needed to be up "nice and early" if I recall correctly." Desmond answered.

During this Kricketune and Politoed wandered over to the Slowpoke and offered a friendly hello to Aldon's partner, Politoed eyed the remains of the food with a glimmer in its eye while Kricketune seemed to try and gauge Skol's expression as it tilted its head.
~Aldon Charlton...~
~Skol the king of gods, Bran the bronzor, Zippy the magnemite, Huck the golett, Wunder the Sigilyph and Bolly the Baltoy...~
~Yellow island - july, 19th...~
~interactions: Desmond...~

Aldon turned to look at Desmond. Squinting his eyes and scratching his chin as the mention of a raging stomping blastoise.

"What do you mean, stomped on? We really didn't get that close to it... Wunder and your lil kricketune friend got pretty close though. They were tight in the thicket of the action. A beautiful song piece, really for a pokémon so elegant" Aldon said.

To gaze into Skol's vacant eyes was to gaze in the abyss of unknown mystery and eldritch horror. The void greeting the bug and water pokémon withsomber jubilation. Skol's blank facial expression was hard to read, but seeing the other pokémon and Dessy filled the pink hippo with a warm joyful feeling.

Aldon had walked over to get a drink refill. Believing himself yo be helpful, he grinned before pointing at Desmond.

"Sounds like you could use some motivation, buddy! How about a photo op! Or a training session. Or! Orrrr... " Aldon paused for dramatic delivery.

"We go dungeon crawling! Find some ruins. Think about the fossils we could find" Aldon said leaning over the counter.

"What do you think?" Aldon finished. He knew Desmond wouldn't wanna go on any crazy adventures soon, but he brought it up because now all of the sudden, training didn't sound that bad in comparison. Dolan might not have been much of a battler, but he had a few strategies up his sleeve.

Reginald Valerias​

Date: June 2
Location: Tangelo Island Pond near Pokemon Center, Orange Archipelago
Pokemon Team: Emeric the Shiny Haunter, Elvira the Munna, Bob the Shedinja, Large Marge the Drifloon, Missy the Misdreavus, Jones the Frillish, Legion the White-Striped Basculin
WCS Rank: 72,758

Interactions: Briar Hightower (ThAtGuY101), Adrianne Silvers (Godjacob)

Reggie listened to Adrianne. He didn't know how she could be so happy or optimistic about losing. But, she was right. He sighed and nodded. Without failure, there was no learning. Hey, she even approved of the nickname. He gave Adrianne a sort of sad smile before having left the Pokemon Center. He noted Aster spinning into the sand, humming to himself before looking at Briar.

"Hm? Demonstration, but if the recoil really only works if the Pokemon lands a hit on another Pokemon, then I guess a battle where we're only focusing on teaching." He looked down to see Baba had wanted something. He pulled out another bandaid and gave it to her, walking until he was beside Basculin's spot in the water. "So, Legion." The Basculin looked at him. "Take Down is just like Tackle, just stronger because you're using more energy to the point where making contact hurts. It's a reckless move, so don't bother honing it. It's supposed to be crude." With that information, Legion nodded and watched the Smeargle, waiting for her to show it off.

"Alright, we're ready, Briar."


Date: June 19; 1 month prior
Location: Route 216 - Snowbound Lodge, Sinnoh
Pokemon Team: Mamoswine, Bastiodon, Chandelure, Chesnaught, Toxapex, Goodra

Interactions: Gwen Tucker (IDKWhatUserNameToDo)

Well, apparently she didn't want hot chocolate. She was much too invested in her story. Hearing that there were Team Galactic grunts in Eterna Forest was a bit concerning, but if Ron helped her...

Well, now that Ron wasn't a problem, he had another problem to worry about. She seemed rather new to journeying, so she must have just started. He chuckled, though. finding her story a bit funny. "Aye, ya got spirit. Don't ever lose that, no matter how tough things get. It'll get better." Seeing her Pokemon were eating and seem tired, at least to him, he hummed a bit. "Did he now? That's pretty cool. All of your Pokemon are going to be pretty reliable, but not if they look so tired." He laughed a little. "Once you're done, go hop in your room. We'll see you tomorrow. Got any questions for me before ye shove off?" He asked, amusement and inquiry in his eyes.

Lyra the Hex Maniac​

Date: July 18
Location: National Park, Johto
Pokemon Team: Pearl the Misdreavus, ???, Lucky the ??? (Whereabouts unknown)

Battling: Gwen Tucker and Ozzy the Deino (IDKWhatUserNameToDo) vs Pearl the Misdreavus
Interactions: Ron Towers (Hecotoro)

Dark did resist Ghost-Type attacks, but Night Shade was special in that the only thing in the type chart that applied to this attack was not being able to affect Normal-Types. Its power was based on the battle experience of the user. However, this Yamask didn't have as much battle experience as Ozzy, so it still didn't do a whole lot.

The rocks from the Rock Tomb stood between the Yamask and the Deino. So, Lyra tried to be sneaky. She quickly switched out her Pokemon for Pearl, the Misdreavus disappearing through the rocks to use Icy Wind. However, the Deino's closeness and Bite was so close she tried to rush back through the rock wall, only to be bit. She let out a screech, only to turn and fire off an Icy Wind to cool off the Deino.

Cole Forrest​

Date: August 2
Location: Turffield Stadium Lobby, Galar
Pokemon Team
On Hand
: Thwackey, Croconaw, Rookidee -> Corvisquire, Galarian Meowth, Stufful, Trubbish
In Storage: Magikarp, Pancham
WCS Rank: 75,432

Interactions: Wilford Pine (sSoul)

Giving himself some reprieve in the dusty space in between the two pens, he sent out his Pokémon. His Trubbish practically deflated, his Stufful and Croconaw looked a bit green in the face, them both and his Galarian Meowth were panting. Meanwhile, Thwackey and Rookidee were full of energy. After making the Trubbish eat the Revival Herb, spraying down his Stufful and Croconaw with an Antidote each, and then spraying them and his Meowth down with a Potion each, he returned his Pokémon. They were all healthy, with Trubbish really hating that herb stuff and wishing he didn’t have to have it anymore. But Cole didn’t want to fight a stronger Milo with his pants down.

This was also more of a publicity stunt. Doing this out here where the cameras were on him showed he at least knew how to care for his Pokémon. That at least shut those up who thought he just abused his Pokémon.

Crossing another god awful bridge (and subsequently wishing whoever painted these walls this color be drowned in this green moat) and climbing a set of steps to step up onto the platform, the green circular door with lights all around the frame shining light on the leaf of Turffield was now in front of him. Steam blew from the pipes on the sides of the platform, as he turned around and saw a camera Rotom taking his picture. He raised an eyebrow, then the door opened. He walked through the dark tunnel, seeing the battlefield just up ahead.

And the glorious crowd who hated him.

As he walked out, so did Milo from the other side of the field. The crowd was equal parts booing for Cole and cheering for Milo, which had Cole chuckling. As they approached each other on the turf and the lights shone on them in all directions, the two finally met at the middle of the Pokéball, each person standing on either side.

Despite the solemn seriousness in those green eyes, the peach-haired gym leader held a polite smile. Rocking spinning holsters on each thigh holding three PokeBalls each, he idly pushed one against his thigh and let it slowly rotate.

“I knew it wouldn’t take long for you to finish the gym challenge, Turffieldian.” He smiled wider, which only caused Cole to grimace. Was he trying to get him mad? “Proper job. While you seem to understand Pokémon real well, it’s very rare for a challenger to request a stronger fight for their first gym badge. I will be frank with you. I think you’re making a mistake. You trying to prove something?”

Cole, 134 glowing bright on his otherwise darker attire, smirked. “I didn’t think you’d care about someone like me, Milo. Making sure I don’t destroy my ego to all of these lovely fans of yours?” He gestured broadly outwards, the audience intermittently cheering or booing, but having grown silent for the most part. “Besides, I’m giving them all a chance to be proven right about me, by giving you more leeway.”

Milo chuckled. “Hm, a more selfless path taken. I honestly didn’t see that coming. You’re like a dust storm, unpredictable sometimes.” Milo eyed him, and Cole knew he saw right through him. “Since you want a tougher battle, I’ll give you one. I won’t be holding back as much. Don’t disappoint yourself.” Milo smiled warmly, which only had Cole sneering.

“You’re too nice, Milo.” With that, Milo and Cole turned their backs to each other and walked away from each other, stopping shortly thereafter and turning back around to stare each other down. There was an odd air about Milo this time, one people mostly saw during the Galarian Tournaments in Wyndon or against those with more than half their badges.

The referee came flying down on his Aegislash, while Rotom and Magnemite cameras flitted about and displayed the match on the screens just like they did before with his gym mission.

“134 versus 831! Challenger Cole’s handicapped gym match will be a 6-on-4 battle against Gym Leader Milo. The challenger is allowed to freely switch Pokémon six times, the Gym Leader is not allowed to switch freely.” A pause, and there was a low rumbling in the crowd.

“Trainers… Begin!”

Milo went first, swiping a Pokéball from his now spinning holster and sending out a pink cherry with stubby feet, a green stem connecting to a secondary, smaller cherry with eternally closed eyes. Spying the Cherubi with an unamused expression, Cole spun the slots in the circular Pokéball holder, thinking on who to send out first. Trubbish would be too easy, but it did have Toxic Spikes. He needed to set up, or else this forever Grassy Terrain-Sunny Day combo was going to suck. He finally decided and sent out his Trash Bag Pokémon, the Trubbish timidly looking back at Cole before seeing that the opponent in front of him was just a cherry.

Man, he was starting to get hungry…

“Grassy Terrain and Sunny Day!” Milo said with a smile, making Cole die on the inside.

“Toxic Spikes, two layers.” Cole said rather nonchalantly. While the Cherubi spread healing grass throughout the field and made the sunlight harsher, the Trubbish threw down two layers of purple, poisonous spikes.

“Growth!” Cole’s eyes widened as the Cherubi grew a bit larger, but it seemed to have a small power boost from the Grassy Terrain, as well. He wasn’t going to get swept by a fucking cherry!

“Clear Smog!” The Trubbish spewed out a cloudy, white haze that drifted towards the Cherubi, but the Cherubi simply sidestepped and ran quickly, the sun boosting its movements.

“Weather Ball!” The Cherubi jumped up a little, creating a sphere above that immediately caught on fire before firing it at the squealing Trubbish. It was a direct hit, and Cole realized that if the Cherubi was primarily a special user, Aftermath wouldn’t affect it.

Clicking his tongue, he returned the Trubbish, the referee announcing he was using his first out of six switches. With a determined grimace, he sent out his next Pokémon, the Flailing Pokémon looking around for her opponent. Upon seeing the Cherubi, her eyes narrowed. Milo seemed to be giving Cole the first move, so he took it. “Roll.” Stufful rolled tight into a ball, using Defense Curl as the Cherubi readied another Weather Ball.

Seeing the fiery ball being made, he yelled at his Stufful, a grin on his face. “I don’t care if it burns, use Rollout!” As Stufful charged ahead, she was hit with the Fire-Type Weather ball. She squealed in pain and her body was dangerously overheating, but she kept going, turning into a fiery Rollout. The Cherubi squealed and tried to make a run for it, her speed nearly outrunning the Stufful. The Cherubi knew jumping over it was probably a bad idea, but she stopped to do so anyway as it might disrupt the Stufful’s charge.


With a kick of her legs, Stufful jumped up as she did so, tackling the Cherubi in the air with fire still clinging to her body, singing her extremely fluffy fur. The Cherubi cried out and the Stufful landed a bit away from it. “Defense Curl!” Stufful looked back and sighed, not liking this one bit, but she was going to use the stubborn fire that clung to her. She dove and rolled on top of the Cherubi, holding onto her and trapping her within her burning, fiery body.

Milo’s eyes widened and Cole only stood there with a snicker. Both of their Pokémon were now burning, and the slight elevation from being held kept the Cherubi from being healed by the Grassy Terrain, which disappeared. “Draining Kiss!” The Cherubi heard and tried to use the move, but the Stufful denied her. The move tried sapping her of her energy, which succeeded partially until she was interrupted with a white, glowing fist to the face from Strength.

Seeing Milo’s fist clench from afar and hearing that some of the crowd was getting probably traumatized by the horrific screeching of the burning Cherubi, he made his command. “Let go.”

Stufful rolled off quickly, surprised Cole gave mercy. However, due to her lingering burns, the Stufful collapsed. As soon as she did, the Cherubi let out a last ditch move before collapsing from the burns. She let loose a Sunny Day, then was returned. Milo gave the Cherubi’s Pokéball a soft smile before putting her on the rotating clips, grabbing his next Pokemon and sending it out. A brown, small humanoid with a leaf on his head appeared, the Nuzleaf watching for Cole’s next Pokémon warily. His feet hit the Toxic Spikes though, and he was growing rather ill, his face absolutely green.

Cole sent out his next Pokémon, the Trubbish from earlier.

“Fake Out!” Before Cole had time to command, the Nuzleaf was on the Trubbish with a flinching shockwave, making the timid garbage bag flinch and cry out in terror and pain. “Extrasensory!” The Nuzleaf held out his hands and his leaf and eyes glowed with a pink psychic energy that pulsed out in waves, making the Trubbish cry out in pain.

“Amnesia!” The Trubbish tried forgetting the pain, forgetting the things that were hurting him, and he managed to fight through the pain to increase his Special Defenses. He was so close to fainting then. Cole knew he didn’t have time to set up a Stockpile to use Swallow, so he had his Pokémon do the next best thing. “Sludge!” The Trubbish sprayed a point-blank purple ooze at the Nuzleaf, but he stepped out of the way with a quick sidestep dodge. The Trubbish, not wanting to get hurt again, tried it again to put pressure on the Nuzleaf.

“Rollout!” The Nuzleaf curled into a ball and rolled into the Trubbish, the garbage bag crying out and exploding with the use of Aftermath. The Nuzleaf cried out, being blasted back by the attack. Cole returned his Trubbish then, clicking in annoyance. He glared at the ball that held the Trubbish, then sent out his next Pokémon. The Galarian Meowth snarled, then smacked his hands together to create that shockwave with Fake Out, making the Nuzleaf cringe from the hit running up his spine.

“Swagger.” The Meowth yelled something and wagged his body, his move causing the Nuzleaf to get so angry that it grew confused.

Cole was glad Milo wasn’t the talking type in terms of making a scene during a fight. He wasn’t so sure about the other gym leaders, but he was at least glad Milo was kind enough to be professional, even if he was disliked by the gym leader.

“Beat Up!” The confused Nuzleaf managed to attack through the dizzying, double vision, sending black shapes that resembled Milo’s two other Pokémon to attack the Meowth. The Dark-Type attack hit those two times. Of the shapes, Cole not only recognized the Eldegoss’s shape, but that of a Steenee. The Meowth screeched, scratching at the dark shapes that came his way, but it didn’t do a thing to the now dissipating shapes. Before the sun’s harsh light had a chance to die out, the Nuzleaf attempted to bask in its light.

“Synthesis.” The Nuzleaf glowed in the light, fighting through the confusion and healing himself, but the toxicity he was dealing with was only ramping up even higher. He looked sicker by the second.

Cole knew it only had a couple rounds of moves left in it. “Metal Claw!” The Meowth’s claws shone with a metallic sheen before blitzing forward.

“Razor Leaf!” The Nuzleaf’s leaf glowed and he swiped it, sending a flurry of leaves towards the rushing Meowth, who clawed some of them aside but cried out when one dug into his shoulder. A critical hit. Regardless, he smashed his metallic claws into the Nuzleaf, sending it back as it sprawled out onto the floor.

Nuzleaf was now unable to battle, and Milo returned it. He sent out his next Pokémon, being the shadow of the one he recognized earlier. The humanoid magenta and white fruit with a huge green calyx stood there on her tiptoes. Milo was grinning wider now, the mere sight making Cole’s cheeks pale. Even as the Steenee got sick from the double layers of Toxic Spikes, she didn’t seem too fazed.

“Low Sweep!” The Steenee charged and swept her glowing legs under the Meowth, catching the Steel-Type by surprised and slamming into his legs and sending him somersaulting in the air before crashing onto the ground, knocked out.

Versatile… Cole thought to himself, his gaze a furrowed, concentrated look as he returned his Meowth. Even his better fighting Pokémon was having issues with this Pokémon. If he wasn’t careful, this Steenee was going to sweep through his team.

He sent out his next Pokémon, the newly-evolved Thwackey. He didn’t smack the ground like Wilford’s, but simply pulled out the one stick from his rolled up leaf and watched the Steenee warily.

“Fake Out!” Yet another clap of the hands, and the Steenee cringed, taking a couple steps back from the shockwave.

“Taunt!” Wanting to prevent the Steenee from using any status moves, the Thwackey taunted with the Steenee with a ‘come hither’ gesture of his hand. It glowed, but it had no effect on Steenee. Milo laughed.

“Ah-hah, quite the Oblivious one, isn’t she?”

That bastard…

He wasted a move, but at least he knew Steenee couldn’t be taunted. Milo ordered next. “Reflect!” Cole’s face twitched upon seeing the screening move glowing over the Steenee, halving physical attacks.

“Grass Pledge!” The Thwackey slammed his stick on the ground twice in quick succession, vines sprouting forth to attack the Steenee with a good slap, but the Steenee merely bounced to the side to avoid it.

“Triple Axel!” Cole grimaced at Milo’s command, the Steenee rushing forth with mist covered legs. She spun to the side to feint out the Thwackey, who held up his arms to defend.

“Double Hammer Arm!” As soon as Thwackey turned to face the Steenee, the first kick was already at his face. He tried blocking it, but cried out in pain as the second hit connected and sent him backwards. The third kick came in close, her body spinning as her leg was pointed towards the air before slamming down.

Finally, Thwackey had charged up the Double Hit, his arms glowing a bright orange as he slammed away the third kick and smashed his other arm against her side, sending her crashing to the ground and rolling away. However, as soon as she hit the ground, she stood back up, albeit with a wince. Thwackey was panting, his body feeling sore from using that Hammer Arm and therefore wasn’t as fast.

That’s right, Steenee weren’t really known for their defenses or stamina, were they?

“Screech, then Knock Off!” Not wanting to use Hammer Arm again to further lower his speed, he instead opted for a move with better accuracy. The Thwackey screeched loudly, the Steenee shivering at the screeching before bouncing on both her feet.

“Bounce!” Right as the Thwackey ran forward with a dark covered stick, the Steenee just dodged as she jumped into the air, her body burning with a sky blue energy.

Concerned, Cole didn’t have an immediate answer to that. “Grass Pledge, cover your top!” The Thwackey attempted to do so, slamming the stick down and sending vines up and around him, but as the Steenee swooped down and twirled with her lance-like legs aiming down, he realized that was a horrendous idea. The Bounce slammed through the vines and into Thwackey’s space, the vines dispersing immediately as the Thwackey was knocked out and pinned down by the Fruit Pokémon’s feet.

Letting out a slightly frustrated sigh, Cole returned him. Did he bite more than he could chew? They were both on their last two Pokémon now. Hell, he didn’t get to have fun with Thwackey’s Overgrow this fight. Rather disappointing.

Knowing the next Pokémon likely wasn’t a good idea to send out anyway, he didn’t care at this point. Anything to slow down this Steenee. “Croconaw!” He sent his gator out, the gator roaring instead of the jovial display she held earlier. That’s when Cole saw the Reflect dissipate from around Steenee.

The Steenee was starting to look extremely unsteady, the poisoning having taken its toll on her, but she wasn’t done yet. “Giga Drain!” Sending out large yellow balls of light, they flew out from her outstretched hands and the Croconaw in her new body wasn’t fast enough to dodge them, her body shivering from the moisture and energy being sapped from her before returning to the Steenee, who sighed with a bit more ease.

“Dragon Dance, Ice Fang!” The Croconaw snapped her jaws with loud, intimidating clacking as she danced about, her form glowing a red and royal blue before she charged forward, her teeth freezing over with ice.

“Zen Headbutt!” Her head shone pink, then charged at the oncoming Croconaw. She ducked down and slammed her glowing head into the Croconaw’s belly first, but the move failed to cause a flinch as the Croconaw’s Ice Fang attack continued and she bit down hard on the Steenee’s calyx. The Grass-Type yelped as the Croconaw clamped her jaw tightly shut and shook her head as if the Steenee was a ragdoll, then throwing her off to the side.

The strength of the Ice Fang proved too much for the Steenee due to the Croconaw’s Sheer Force. She struggled to stand up, but ultimately fell to the floor. She was returned, and that easy-going grin on Milo’s face returned, but it lacked any mirth or warmth.

“Woo boy! We’re not going to be done in that easy! We’re tough as weeds!” Milo sent out his last Pokémon, the cotton puff Pokémon that softly floated just above the ground. However, the Toxic Spikes still landed, making her sick.

Cole clicked his tongue and chuckled, throwing back a remark of his own. “And that’s why you get stronger weed killer.”

“Good luck with that! Come on, Eldegoss! It’s Dynamax time!” Milo then pointed to Cole as he grabbed his Pokéball. “You’re about to be uprooted!” The crowd cheered as he returned his Eldegoss and tossed the ball lightly in his hand as it grew to a larger size from the surging energies of the Dynamax Band. He patted the ball before throwing it up and into the air, the Eldegoss standing over them with clouds hovering above her head and making Cole gulp.

He had never done a Dynamax fight before…

Milo called out once more. “This’ll really leave you in shock and awe. Max Overgrowth!” The Eldegoss fired off seeds towards the Croconaw, and Cole thought of something quick.

“Water Pledge! Blow those seeds up!” The Water-Type attempted to do so, slamming her fists into the ground to send out geysers towards the Eldegoss, only to stop short from the seed that flew right in front of her. However, the seed was far too heavy, and it slammed down on the ground before exploding into a large mushroom, then exploding again, sending a glowing green field of grass to cover the battlefield.

His Croconaw tried her best, but she was ultimately sent flying back to Cole’s feet, and he sighed as he knelt down.

“We’ll need to reevaluate after this fight…” He said softly to his Pokémon, though it held no sympathy nor pity. He returned her, then got his last Pokémon. It had yet to evolve, but he knew she was close. He sent his last Pokémon, the Rookidee staring at the Eldegoss’s size in awe.

“We’re not done yet.” Cole called, recalling the Rookidee back to his ball. “I may not like being a Turffieldian-” He then activated his Dynamax Band and held the slightly cumbersome, growing ball in both hands. “-But I’ll gladly be as stubborn as a weed!” He threw the ball up with some force, the enlarged Rookidee giving out a deep, yet shrill caw at her new size. The same clouds also hovered around her head.

Cole had to think of the Max Moves that were turned, but Milo had called out his attack first. “Max Strike!”

“Max Airstream!”

The two Pokémon glowed, with Eldegoss’s energy surging into the ground and erupting out from under the hovering Rookidee, while the Rookidee flapped her wings and sent a vortex of cutting winds towards the Eldegoss. While the winds picked up and increased her speed, the white energy erupting from below took the buff away, but the Eldegoss was looking a bit worse for wear.

“Max Guard!”

“Max Darkness!”

Cole hoped his attack landed before the shield was put up, but it just wasn’t meant to be. The black energy surging with crimson and a vile purple came from the Rookidee’s outstretched wings, snaking around the Eldegoss and blowing up into a large dark dome, but the shield protected her.

That was the Eldegoss’s last attack, and she shrunk back down to her normal size. Cole had just one move left. Should he go for an attack raise or a speed raise? The decision was decided right as Milo called out his command. “Protect!” From the healing effects of Grassy Terrain (of which Rookidee wasn’t privy to), the Eldegoss might survive this hit.

“Max Airstream!” The Rookidee sent a tornado of bruising winds towards the Eldegoss again, blasting through the Protect with ease and sending her flying back. Surprisingly, she was still up, and Cole clicked his tongue. The Rookidee became her normal size, the wind from the max move circling around the Rookidee and making her faster. That poison was doing wonders though, the Eldegoss looking sicklier by the second.

“Rookidee, Hone Claws, then Tailwind!” The Rookidee cawed and sharpened her talons and focused, then flapped her wings to blow wind that created a draft she was able to use to get faster.

“Magical Leaf!” The leaves - glowing in an opalescent hue - flew out of her dandruff and blew towards the Rookidee. The long distance meant that the Rookidee had time to make both moves, then flap her wings to avoid the attack. However, the leaves flew back around and aimed for her back. The Rookidee immediately took off, her new speed flying her around the battlefield rather quickly to avoid the leaves. With the Rookidee occupied, the Eldegoss made the sunlight harsh with Sunny Day, then her body began glowing with the healing energy similar to the Nuzleaf as the Grassy Terrain disappeared.

“Power Trip!” Surging with the power of the buffs she achieved, the Rookidee banked around and headed straight for the healing Eldegoss, her body cloaked in dark energy as she put her all into this energy.

“Cotton Spore!” The Eldegoss twirled and blasted cotton everywhere, the Rookidee’s body getting clung onto by the cotton and slowing her down, the Magical Leaf finally hitting and making her cry out. The Eldegoss hovered just above the Rookidee, sending down another blast of sharp, rainbow-hued leaves.

“Pluck!” Rookidee’s beak glowed and elongated slightly, and she flew up to jab the enlarged beak into the Eldegoss. She then flapped away, landing on the ground with her wings out and panting. The Eldegoss attempted to stand, and the two Pokémon stared at each other, their bodies weakened.

Finally, the Eldegoss fell over, overtaken by the poison. In a blast of bright light, Rookidee’s form changed and she became a bigger, more appropriately-shaped bird. As a Corvisquire, she cawed in triumph before being returned, Cole’s face holding a satisfactory grin.

Milo was heard speaking, but it didn’t seem to be towards anyone. “The power of Grass has wilted… Incredible…!”

The crowd was in equal parts sitting in upset silence and roaring with excitement to see such a thrilling battle come to a close, the gym leader and his challenger walking towards each other in the center of the field. Milo held out his hand, to which Cole stared at, then took. “That must have been a fulfilling Pokémon battle for you! As proof that you have defeated a Gym Leader for the Gym Challenge, allow me to present you with your very own Grass Badge!” They let go and Milo presented to him a badge with a green leaf on it. As Cole grabbed it, Milo’s words had the young man’s eyes darting up to him. “Good luck, Cole. I hope the path that takes you is a fruitful one.”

“You’re too kind, Milo. That might be a flaw of yours…” He stared at him, seeing Milo’s confusion on that still-smiling face of his. Cole then smiled as he let out a chuckle. “Don’t change. You're more tolerable than the others.” He lazily waved his hand at him as he left back the way he came, the money likely already having been sent to his account with a little extra for completing the challenge. Pulling out the ring for the gym badges, he set the Grass Badge on the bottom right side, letting it click into place. Putting it away, he made his way out and into the locker room to change into his usual nice black jeans and his casual white dress shirt with a black tie not tightened but hanging loosely down his front. Slipping his backpack over his shoulder, he came back out to see Wilford, wondering how he thought of that match.
Desmond Andrews (Unranked)
Yellow Rock Isle, Whirl Islands, Johto (July 19th)

Perhaps it was ignorance or innocence that caused this reaction, but while Politoed tried to make heads or tails of the unreadable expression Skol seemed to have Kricketune seemed to only smile at the Slowpoke. "Tune~!"

During this Aldon seemed to muse about plans, so Desmond presumed his big talk yesterday had been a more spur of the moment than some plan as he outlined a photo op, training or some adventure like dungeon crawling. Yeeaaahhh...he'd have been actually somewhat considering that had yesterday not happened so he opted for a more low key option.

"Well, I defiantly want to avoid something like a dungeon run right now. And I am not battler..." Desmond said, though Politoed looked on as if it wanted the option to train which caused him to sweat drop before he decided a compromise. "...but how about this, we go out and you can train, if my Pokemon want to join they can, and I can take photos during it." Desmond mused, seemed to be a solution everyone had the ability to be happy with.

Adrianne Silvers (Normal Class: 93,979)
Tangelo Island, Orange Archipelago (June 2nd)

Adrianne merely smiled a bit, as she aimed to find a spot on the sand to sit in order to watch. "Good luck guys hey if you need my help I am right heeerrrrr!"

However, as she moved to take a seat her Staryu's little prank manifested as it had dug a hole in the sand and covered it subtly, and Adrianne having been focused on Reggie and Briar missed this and now she ended up partically sunk into the hole as Aster appeared and seemed to spin around as even without an expression it appeared pleased.


Adrianne blinked in confusion before she frowned an eyebrow. "Oh h-haha. Got me good there..." Adrianne mused sighing as she got up and Aster to its credit used a Rapid Spin in front of her and blew some wind to help clean her up which she appreciated. Before long both settled to the training before them.
~Aldon Charlton...~
~Skol the king of gods, Bran the bronzor, Zippy the magnemite, Huck the golett, Wunder the Sigilyph and Bolly the Baltoy...~
~Yellow island - july, 19th...~
~interactions: Desmond...~

Aldon's eyes lit of with excitement when Desmond confirmed they were going to train now. Aldon chugged his drink down then went over to the counter to grab several more slices of bacon and a biscuit before walking over to Desmond. He formed the food into a sandwich that he wrapped in some plastic wrap he had. putting it in his bag for laters. He grinned then looked at Desmond.

"Sounds great! I got a few ideas of what we can do. Maybe start off with some stretches. Maybe a 2k run. Or some pushups and pull ups. Or maybe some sparring...! Got any boxing gloves? or just plain bare knuckle fighting?" Aldon said, tilting his head in confusion, thinking he and Desmond would possibly square up. Aldon was far from trained to fight, but he figured if their pokemon would fight, so to would the trainers.

"As far as our pokemon are concerned... Hmmm... What's the plan? One on one or double team match? or three versus three! Your call" Aldon said eagerly. Skol had walked over to where kricketune and politoad were, and sat there glancing over at Aldon and Desmond. Letting out a friendly yawn.

"Slo...!" Skol mused.
Desmond Andrews (Unranked)
Yellow Rock Isle, Whirl Islands, Johto (July 19th)

Desmond seemed to sigh a bit, he figured that he needed to say something to get off his back and well, last it had been something that they both would be able to get something out of. But as Aldon began to enthusiastically outline the plans his eyes widened a bit as he seemed to misjudge what he had intended.

"Hold on hold on hold on when you mentioned training I thought you mean just your Pokemon? You intend for us to do a physical workout?" Desmond asked sheepishly as it seemed what he agreed to and what Aldon had suggested perhaps had not lined up all the way. Miscommunication can be a pain sometimes, Desmond seemed to internally realize.

As Skol moved to sit between the Kricketune and the Politoed, both of them glanced as they noticed this discussion between their partners. Politoed seemed excited, sounded like therre was a lot of fun to be had and tried to communicate that with Skol. "Politoed~!" Kricketune in turn seemed to tilt curious as it couldn't grasp this as well but just tried to least look like it knew what had been going on.
~Aldon Charlton...~
~Skol the king of gods, Bran the bronzor, Zippy the magnemite, Huck the golett, Wunder the Sigilyph and Bolly the Baltoy...~
~Yellow island - july, 19th...~
~interactions: Desmond...~

Aldon squinted his eyes and looked at Desmond as if he was the confused one, making mistakes and misunderstanding the situation.

"Is that so? To be honest, that actually makes a lot more sense. Skol, you wanna train...?" Aldon said. Skol laid there, belly side up. Skol was big chilling.

"Bal. Bal" Bolly came out and began trying to grab Aldon's attention.
"What's the matter, buddy? You wanna train?" Aldon asked.
"Bol..." Bolly muttered.
"You sure?" Aldon asked.
"Toy" Bolly responded. Aldon nodded his head, and without a reply, he looked over to Desmond.

"I guess the next part of the plan is to find a place to train!" Aldon said. Aldon gestured Desmond to come along. Aldon lifted Skol, and Bolly followed behind. Aldon found a nice little open area where they could train. He laid Skol on the ground, and turned to Bolly.

"Alright...! Let's get started. And of course, if Desmond's pokémon wanna join, they can...!" Aldon turned to look at Skol whom was spinning around at a rapid pace in the center of the area.

"Use rapid spin!" Aldon called out. As he did, Bolly began to pick up even more speed until it became a blur. The wind around it began to whip, and the pokemon began to move wildly in a large arc, blowing any potential debris off the battle area. Eventually Bolly slowed down. Bolly looked over at Aldon, feeling rather pleased with itself.
Gwen Tucker - 19th of June - Snowbound Lodge Route 216, Sinnoh
Gwen looked down at Ozzy before resuming her own meal. It was really cool to have a strong trainer like Akira complement her and it showed with how the young girl's eyes sparkled, "I won't! When you fail you'll just have to try again, right?" she said before slurping up some noodles.

"Oh, Ron is very cool, as is Naka," Gwen said with an eager nod, "Someday.. I wanna battle them for real. Full on and everything," the young trainer then admitted as she saw her pokemon essentially get ready to rest. They did have a long day of travel today and she could feel herself slowly get tired as well. She ate the last of her Ramen and turned to pet Ozzy, "Hmm.. Can't think of any right now-" but before she could quite finish her sentence, she was cut off by a yawn. That was probably a sign to go and get ready to rest. Gwen called her pokemon back to their pokeballs and nudged at her Ramen bowl more to the center of the table before getting up, "Thanks for the Ramen, it was really tasty," she thanked Akira and Hina with a small bow, "I think I'll go to my room now though.." she added, stifling another yawn before making her way to her assigned room. A part of her wondered what Ron and Naka were doing, but perhaps they were resting already.

Gwen Tucker - July 18th - National Park, Johto

Pokemon on field: Ozzy the Deino vs Pearl the Misdeavus
Item: N/A
Status: -1 Speed
Field Effect: N/A

Gwen heard no command from Lyra, but saw something flash behind the rocks from Rock Tomb. It could be just as well from a move the Yamask was preparing. She was surprised to see that it was Misdreavus and with Icy Wind.

"Ozzy!" Gwen exclaimed as she saw her Deino get hit by the ice move with ice clumps forming on his fur, but they got in their own attack. Ozzy was so close in range and he was hanging on still, but not by much, "Another bite!" the blue haired trainer called out and the Irate pokemon's mouth was enveloped by dark malicious energy once more as he tried to Bite down on the Ghost pokemon again. Now Gwen was thinking if she'll switch next or let Ozzy go down if things came down to it..
~Briar Hightower...~
~Briar Pokémon: Grafaiai/Baba(F), galarian wheezing/Puff Puff(M), tentecruel/Maggie(F), Revavroom/Hemi(M), clodsire/Claudia(F), smeargle/Frida(F)...~
Tangelo Island, June 2nd...~
~Rank: 48,420...~
~Reactions: Adrianne and Reggie...~

Baba saw Reggie pull a bandaid out and let out a happy screech. Tip toeing to Reggie and taking the bandaid. Without taking the paper off, she hid the bandaid behind her ear. Maybe this hooman was not that bad. Baba wasn't sure If she trusted him, but she did not hate him.

"Baba, what do you say?" Briar asked. Baba looked at Briar in confusion. Then at Reggie again. Baba bounced in place, spun around and wiggled her hands in the air. It was unclear if that was a thankyou or just a random happy dance, so Briar just squinted her eyes at Baba, to which Baba exchanged looks back.

"...Oookay, Ready? Ready... Frida, use takedown!" Briar said. Baba was staring at the starfish. Baba wondered it it was okay to paint on the Aster's jewel. Surely it wouldn't mind her painting over it, right? Baba wondered. Scratching her chin as she wondered what she'd draw.

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[July 19th] Ogi City, Whirl Islands - Johto
Rapidash ♀ [Iris] | Ability: Flash Fire | Condition: Normal | Meteonite Energy: Low
Flare Blitz​
Heat Wave​
H. Horsepower​
Low Kick​
Solar Blade​
Wild Charge​

Rick followed Naka to the docks, while she told him the options he had available to leave the islands. He wasn't particularly amused after knowing there wouldn't be a boat to Sinnoh anytime soon, and even the one that headed to Olivine wasn't a direct trip. "This might come out as weird, but I don't trust flying machines." He said with a grimace. "Ugh... well... it is what it is. So long as I get to the mainland, I'm sure I can manage. Hopefuly I'll find something to keep me busy for in the meantime." He said.

Though Rick was trying to avoid the subject, she eventualy did ask about Iris's transformation. "Ah... that." He gave Iris a side glimpse. "So, you know how there are certain methods of giving pokémon enough energy to make them evolve beyond what they're naturaly capable of? Mega Stones being the most popular one. Well, it's a similar thing." He told her, before rubbing his chin with a thoughtful look. "I guess a little bit of background won't hurt... provided you can keep it to yourself." He said, before getting into more detail.

"I do field work for an independent researcher from Sinnoh, and my last assignment was to recover a meteor fragment, called Meteonite, from the Relic Castle in Unova. The thing releases huge amounts of energy though. So, in her case, it was the result of being exposed to high amounts of radiation, and her Flash Fire being pushed to the limit just accelerates the process." He explained, before walking ahead of Naka.

"Now you must be wondering why can't we just do it again and fly out of here. Well, without the Meteonite, it only lasts for a few minutes, and then it takes a while for her to recharge. More or less, depending on a bunch of factors that we're still figuring out. And we already abused our luck against that Blastoise. You saw how short it lasted, I'd like not to take a third shower for the day." He said, letting out a sigh.

Sunday, July 24
Kasado City, Silver Rock Isle — Whirl Archipelago
Johto Region​
Team On-hand: Pyrrha (Jangmo-o), Pariparisithea (Munna), Halay-Alae (Houndour), L’ Basseau (Surskit), La Bamba (Shellos) In Esther’s care: Feebas​

She was nervous.

The silver rock of the creatively named Silver Rock Isle glistened on the horizon. They had made good time cutting through the waters, impossibly good time. Barely an hour ago she had waved her friends goodbye off the shores of Red Rock Isle. They were headed to Cianwood, she had a little detour.

“Arceus, I feel like I’m meeting the girlfriend’s ‘rents.” In little more than that a quart of an hour, she would be face-to-face with Robert. Top coordinator and, more relevantly, the actual trainer of Feebas and Milotic. “Should I change into something more...formal?”

Esther looked down. The sheer of her blouse let the sun beat down on her chest and shoulders where fabric gave way to a crisscross of ribbon until just above her elbows. It showed a bit of skin, but nothing scandalous. The rest of the blouse was thin and snug—form-fitting long sleeves and not a crop in sight. It was a nice blouse, chic and breathable—at least at her shoulders—but that was part of the issue. Could someone tell...? The absence of shoulder straps might suggest it, but her bra-less state surely wasn’t obvious, right? But if she got too sweaty then...no, it’d be fine.

Despite her signature black, she wouldn’t cook in the summer heat, especially since she’d paired her blouse with a mini skirt. The ensemble would’ve continued with a pair of stockings, but Esther wasn’t wearing those. Part of it was the heat, more of it was the water. The ocean cool was bliss against her legs, and she didn’t want her stockings to get wet.

“What do you think?”

Esther giggled as Milotic trilled beneath her, the tender pokémon was a comfortable ride and her every vocalization sent pleasant vibrations through her passengers. Esther figured the small holes along the back of Milotic’s neck took air into some kind of chamber where it was vibrated to produce Milotic’s pleasant vocalizations, maybe Naka would know how the biology worked? She’d send a message later, anyway—

“Huh, yea, I guess you are the parent, but that’s not the point! I want to make a good first impression.”

Another trill.

“Mmm, yea I guess, but watching me in the Whirl cup is a whole different thing, this is the first time we’d be meeting face to face.”

Milotic snorted, spraying Esther with water. It drew a shriek from her but she quickly settled down.

“You think so? Well, I hope you’re right.”

Esther was at a bit of a loss. She’d expected this to be a longer conversation, a more difficult sell but—“So, I can just...have her?”

The Oblivian gazed skeptically at the weirdly dressed blond, Robert. His so last century fashion sense paired well with the ornate teacup he was sipping from, and it all contributed to the surrealness of the experience. They were by Robert’s seaside villa, seated around a table while Feebas and Milotic talked just out of earshot.

“Yes. I’ve thought for some time that Feebas needed to spread her wing; see the world, so to speak. Feebas, she...she needs validation. Beauty and self-worth are something all Feebas struggle with and traditionally, only the ones who can resolve this conflict evolve into Milotic. There are...other ways to evolve a Feebas but—”

Robert made a face and a sound that Esther couldn’t quite track. Disgust? Frustration? Resignation?

“Milotic are considered the most beautiful pokémon in the world and they’re also some of the rarest. Possession of a Milotic is, of itself, a symbol of status and—it goes without saying—but Feebas’ shiny coloration means she’s all the rarer, all the more valuable. That’s part of the problem, Feebas knows how rare and valuable she would be after evolution, she’s been faced with it all her life, being commoditized. I think the root cause of Feebas' turmoil is a sense that her own beauty is skin-deep, she won the genetic lottery, and she feels pressured to evolve into a Milotic without ever feeling like she’s earned that admiration.

Esther bit her lip, a question on her tongue. Robert preempted her. “It’s not that I haven’t tried to help Feebas realize her own inner beauty, but...think about it, praise from your parents is always different from praise given by your peers. One tends to be taken for granted and feels like it’s a given. Your parents feel almost obligated to love you after all, but your peers are different. I believe Feebas is just at that stage where she needs to leave the nest and feel like she’s obtained recognition from the wider world and not because of who her parents or guardians might be.

“It’s always been my plan to entrust Feebas to a new trainer so she could have the breathing room to grow, but given her...” “value, I couldn’t trust just anyone. Milotic’s been watching you since you saved Feebas on Blue Rock Isle, you’re a bit of an oddity. Scarcely do you see a trainer who negotiates with the pokémon that join her team. Milotic’s got a good sense for these things and she believes you’re trustworthy and if that’s the case, I support her decision.”

“My only request is that you respect the need for growth before growth, as easy as it would be to evolve Feebas by prism scale, it sidesteps an important part in her development.”

Oh, didn’t she know all about that mess! Esther sighed. “I understand, I’ve been looking for an Everstone for that very reason. My partner is a Jangmo-o whose parent belonged to the Hydreigon line. She’s inherited a lot of aggression and she’s close to evolving but she’s still too young. She doesn’t have the discipline needed to control her impulses and instincts and if I let her evolve into Hakamo-o that will only get worse.”

Robert chuckled, “That speaks well of your priorities. As I said, Milotic’s got a knack for these things, so I trust you’ll be able to help Feebas grow into her own.”

Sunday – Morning July 24
Cianwood City
Johto Region​
Team On-hand: Pyrrha (Jangmo-o), Halay-Alae (Houndour), Tarah Ta’Ella (Bounsweet), L’ Basseau (Surskit), Kasriel (G Zigzagoon), Īstha Haq-Ra (Feebas)​

“Are all Milotic this...fast?” Esther stared incredulously as Cianwood City zoomed into view. She had stayed to discuss a few things with Robert, things about Feebas and things about being a trainer. She’d had a top coordinator to plumb for advice, she wasn’t going to waste that.

In spite of the delay, she’d still managed to make it to Cianwood before the sun had reached its zenith. Needless to say, Milotic was a fast swimmer. Had she used some kind of move? Esther wasn’t sure and honestly; she didn’t care that much. The important thing was that she’d made it, and it was still early.

“Thanks for the ride, I’ll be sure to bring Īstha back to visit!”

Milotic’s trill faded into the distance as she vanished beneath the waves and Esther could feel the newest member of her team shaking in her pokéball.

“Come on Īstha, let’s go re-introduce you to the gang.”

They’d probably all be at the gym for Reina’s challenge, right? She’d check there first.




Practice Ball

Seal Case

Everstone x 1 – $15,000.00
Desmond Andrews (Unranked)
Yellow Rock Isle, Whirl Islands, Johto (July 19th)

Thankfully it seemed that Aldon had been quite understanding of the situation, he sighed in relief as the plan now was to train their Pokemon which was enough to get him to agree as he along with his Politoed and his Kricketune as Aldon seemed to find a suitable area to train as Desmond had to admit this place offered space.

"Nice place." Desmond complimented as he worked to set up his tripod, Politoed seemed eager to train as he hoped inside and the ever impressionable Kricketune seemed to follow it inside. Once Desmond set up a camera he noticed his mon wanted in on this and sighed.

"Alright un, Politoed try Bubble Beam. And Kricketune use Fury Cutter." Desmond ordered, while he worked to snap some pictures of both his and Aldon's Pokemon.

"Krick...Tune!" Kricketune said, as it had began to swing in open air with its sharpened appendages, while Politoed took a deep breath and fired a dozen bubbles high into the air which popped into a dazzling display.

Adrianne Silvers (Normal Class: 93,979)
Tangelo Island, Orange Archipelago (June 2nd)

As Aster seemed to get a kick out of the prank and Adrianne worked to dust the sand off her pants, it had taken notice of one of the Pokemon who seemed to eye the jewel of its which caused the starfish Pokemon to wonder what had been on its mind. Not that it had the most expressive face anyway as Adrianne focused on the training session.
Theo Hightower
Sunday - July 24th
Cianwood City, Johto

The events after the end of the Whirl Cup were a bit of a blur to say the least. He gained a new pokemon companion in the form of a Totodile, whose seriousness and strong desire to battle was a stark contrast to Shinx's laid back attitude. After going through all of the historical crocodiles and not agreeing on anything, Theo moved on to potential movie or video game names for the water croc, eventually the two settling on the name Krem. The next few days were spent on the boat ride from Red Rock Isle to Cianwood City of the Johto Region, in which Theo mostly holed up in the room he and Naka were sharing and doing one of the few things he was good at. Learning. Reading and writing, among other things. His and this world's spoken language were identical, so it came as now surprise to him that their written one would be as well. It was just a matter of swapping the letters he knew for the ones of this world. It started out being difficult, but he quickly picked up on it and by the end of the boat ride he was fairly confident in his abilities as far as that was concerned. Also during this boat ride he and his Rotom Phone had a heart to heart, coming to the agreement Theo would thank the Rotom Phone after every inquery and in exchange the Rotom wouldn't pull any more of its shenanigans.

Even as the ship docked Theo stayed in the room, wanting to wait until the last possible moment to have to give up his place of learning. If that meant he had to be the last person off the ship then so be it. He left only when the announcement was made that it was the last call for all who were disembarking to Cianwood to please leave the ship now, which also meant he was able to skip the massive crowd of people disembarking as soon as the ship docked. He and Shinx both stretched once off the boat “Finally. Solid ground. Don't know about you Shinx, but I'm glad to be back on solid ground again.” The Shinx mewed an answer and ran around happily, bounding from here to there just thankful to have some room to move around again. Naka had gone on ahead, likely to take care of some matter or another, but did tell Theo where to meet back up with her. A brown roofed dome shaped building, the only one in town. It wouldn't be too hard to miss. And hard to miss it was not. If not for the description given then for the smell that permeated from the building as he drew near. Oh Gods that was a rough smell. Blood sweat and tears, all belonging to someone else. Naka had described it as a gym so he had an idea of what to expect, but he didn't think it would be anything quite like...this. Even Shinx had his nose covered, until he remembered he had an escape plan that Theo couldn't utilize. Jumping at his trainer, the Shinx tapped its own poke-ball to recall itself, Theo reaching for the ball once he realized what had happened. “Oooh no you don't. If I gotta smell this, you gotta smell this.” at that the other poke-ball on his hip shook and out popped Totodile, who immediately took a deep breath and exhaled with a low growl. This was what he was looking for. Hard work and dedication. With a happy growl the Totodile took off in the direction of the gym, Theo chasing after it. “Hey! No! Krem, stop! Whoa boy! Heel!” he even tried whistling, all to no avail.


Previously Swirled
Wilford Pine
Turffield Stadium Lobby, Galar Region
August 2nd
WCS Rank: 70,203

Wilford was unfazed by Cole's remark, suits were the only pieces of attire that suited him. Sure, a floral pattern shirt with cargo shorts would be a better fit in the weather, but he'd rather be caught dead atop a pile of manure than debase himself in such a way. He gave Cole a small wave as he headed to complete his Gym challenge, leaving the rich young man to his own devices.

Thinking he'd get a moment of peace, Wilford sat himself on one of the lobby's many benches to relax, placing his briefcase on his lap to keep it in his field of vision, keeping his eyes primarily fixed on the TV in front of him to watch Cole's gym. Unfortunately, a pair of individuals invaded his field of vision, one of them wearing a beanie and carrying a mike and the other brandishing a camera.


Wilford sighed, his father has been interviewed numerous times since his childhood, and even his brother had been asked a question or two in his time. With a critical lack of preparation, the rich young man was content to allow events to transpire naturally.

"Ok, we're rolling," The interviewer confirmed with her cameraman before approaching Wilford with her questions, "Hello sir! Would I be correct to assume you're a gym challenger?"

"Yes. How did you come to that conclusion?" Wilford refused to turn his head to face the interviewer, instead focusing on the jumbotron displaying Cole's match against Milo.

"That's irrelevant, I'm asking the questions here," The interviewer chuckled while brushing off Wilford's question, earning a low growl from the latter, "Anyways, what were your thoughts about your gym battle against Milo?"

"Nothing to think about, I won and he lost. Happens when you bring Pokémon resistant to grass types that pack powerful moves," Wilford's expression remained unmoving, only raising an eyebrow at the sight of Cole's newly evolved Thwackey and Croconaw.

"I see, and I'm assuming that you'll be challenging the rest of the gyms?"

"Why would I only challenge one gym?" Wilford kept a monotone voice while focusing on Cole's match, nodding slightly upon watching its final moments.

"Alright, we'll be sure to get updates on your progress," Eager to make an exit, the interviewers hastily shuffled away from the rich young man. Unfortunately, their haste didn't save them from a final jab at their practice.

"Next time do your research, maybe then you'll have questions worth asking," Wilford was aware that he got no response from the pair of interviewers, but that didn't matter. What needed to be said was said, and if they value their future in their field, they'll heed his advice. Fortunately, Wilford's miniature interview was long enough to last the entirety of Cole's gym match.

"Congratulations on your victory, though I doubt it was much of a challenge," Wilford allowed something resembling a smile to appear on his face, "We have some time before our reservation later today. I'd like you to accompany me to the Pokémon Center both to heal our Pokémon and make my Dynamax band coherent with the rest of my outfit. Otherwise, I'll leave you to your devices."
July 24th, Cianwood City, Reina Cortez, Rank 29,574.

"Dragon Tail!"

With a solid slam, Maya's attack landed on the Hitmonlee, smashing it to the ground and leaving it unconscious. It wasn't often that the gym leader had you battle his aides before facing him. But Reina didn't mind. After getting crushed by Naka in the Whirl Cup, she was more than ready to face whatever challenge came at her. Chuck had surprisingly accepted her challenge despite arriving so late during the day, on the condition she had to face two of his gym trainers. Which Reina did and won handily.

Reina's Dragonair had gotten added back to the team and smashed through the fighting types in the gym. Even though the dragon was on a roll, the Metztli trainer had decided not to use her for the final battle. Fighting Pokemon were known for having the famous elemental punches, specially ice and thunder, so Peque was to lead the team just in case. The other two were her Scyther and Hawlucha. Both flying types had an advantage against fighting types and had a great offensive, well except for the Scyther, who still got nervous fighting in a crowd.

"Bring me Chuck!" Reina called out as she adjusted the glove on her right hand.

Reina's attitude was a bit more harsh. She felt she had grown soft and cocky during their little vacation in the Whirl Islands, the cup being proof of that, since even Savannah and Theo put her against the ropes before Naka demolished her team. She needed to get back on track if she was to make it to the Silver Conference. She had taken out a couple of trainers on their way to Cianwood, improving her rank, even though she had to admit battles were getting a lot tougher. Her new focus even had Reina changing outfits.

Reina had replaced her beach wear for something more suited for training. She had opted to look more like a champion, buying a red sports jacket, a black tank top underneath it, blue jeans, her black boots, black gloves and a red cap, the last one given to Diva since Reina wasn't much of a cap person. She was proud of her new outfit, even giving Diva a quick glance in the stands, who was jumping and cheering for her trainer.

"Let's do this!" Reina placed her hand over her Scyther's PokeBall, eager to start the battle and see just how much stronger she had gotten since her last gym challenge.

The lights in the gym grew brighter as the famous fighting expert stepped into the scene. On one side, the Cianwood locals were cheering for their town's hero while on the other side, had different trainers, tourist and some of Reina's friends waiting for the battle to start.
~Aldon Charlton...~
~Skol the king of gods, Bran the bronzor, Zippy the magnemite, Huck the golett, Wunder the Sigilyph and Bolly the Baltoy...~
~Yellow island - july, 19th...~
~interactions: Desmond...~

"The only thing that could make this spot more perfect would be a wild fossil mon wonder on over!" Aldon said chuckling. After entertaining the idea for a few moments, he was ready for the battle.

Kricketune and Politoad had made their moves. Now Aldon needed to carefully but quickly plan his.

"Boom. Done. Bolly, use ancient power at kricketune. and Skoll use zen headbutt in Politoad" Aldon was planning on having Bolly use his attack to counter kricketune's attack, and Skol's attack to muscle through the bubble beam, since Skol had resistance and try hit politoad. Bolly hopped around, then several large rocks flung at the fury cutting bug. As that went on, Skol zip zip zoomed over to politoad with a mean headbutt.
Charlotte Pryce
Sunday, July 24th
Age: 21 years old
Location: Cianwood City, Johto
Pokémon Team: Fernando (Infernape level 52), Dini (Alakazam level 52), Splash (Floatzel level 49), Bolero (Roserade level 52), Hatari (Luxray level 52), Tiburon (Garchomp level 48 )
In the Box: Radar (Lanturn level 32)
Released: Cloyster (level 28 )
Meantions: Naka, Esther, and Theo

Losing the Whirl Cup was a bittersweet moment. On the one hand, Charlotte had made some new friends and her Pokémon seemed happy to show off in front of a crowd. On the other hand, her worst enemy, Director Topaz of C.E.L.L, was somehow watching the tournament. What C.E.L.L was doing in Johto, Charlotte didn't know. She didn't want to think about. Hopefully, she was just gaslighting her by sending that coded message. Charlotte made a mental note to change her phone number to avoid further cryptic calls.

Upon leaving the lobby, Charlotte got out her inner tube, a cord, and a distinct Net Ball. Within minutes, Charlotte was zipping across the water on a Floatzel powered inner tube. She half-laughed-half-screamed for Splash to slow down, her hands clinging to the handles as the tube flipped and flopped on the water and in the air. Her Floatzel grinned and picked up speed, halting only when a ball of water shot out from underneath the waves and hit her in the face.

"Radar, play nice!"

A blue and yellow fish poked its head out of the water. It appeared to be laughing.

Splash chastised the Lanturn for breaking her stride, but resumed at a slower pace. The fish Pokémon swam next to Charlotte's inner tube, allowing his new trainer to stroke his scales. Charlotte thought his nickname was appropriate. Lanturn was, after all, a Water-Electric-Type. This one seemed to have keen sense of intuition. Charlotte noticed the Lanturn relied heavily on instinct during the competition. With enough training, he could give Splash a run for her money.

Charlotte had given both Radar and the Cloyster the decision on whether to stay and become part of the team or leave for their ocean home. The Cloyster took off without a second thought, perhaps miffed that it hadn't gotten a chance to partake in the competition. Charlotte was crestfallen when they couldn't work out their differences, but she was glad that the Lanturn decided to stay. Another Pokémon meant another mouth to feed, but Charlotte hoped Radar's friendship and utility would more than make up for it.

Once they reached the shore, Charlotte recalled Splash and Radar to their Pokéballs. She pulled her notepad out of her backpack (thank Arceus for waterproof fibres) and went over her to-do list:

* Get Tiburon to Trust Me
  • Get Tiburon to Trust Other Pokémon
  • Take Bolero to the Theatre
  • Teach Splash to Fight Without the Use of Herbs
  • Call Mom and Dad

Charlotte uncapped her pen and added "Train Radar" to the list. She did not plan to get to these in order. Hopefully, Naka would be able to help with the first two. She said she would be traveling with Theo. Hopefully, they still planned to meet at the Safari Zone. Before Charlotte got a lesson in how to train dragons, she needed to replenish her funds. Apparently, there was a Fighting-type gym nearby. Charlotte hoped Dini and Fernando were up for some exercise. From what she heard, a Pokémon with Strength was required to enter the gym. Even if that requirement had been lifted, it would be good to have a Fighting-type Pokémon as a backup. Dini wiped the floor with the Veilstone Gym in Sinnoh, but Charlotte learned that it was unwise to be too confident in one's abilities.

She also needed to get around to rethinking her Floatzel's strategy. Power Herbs were a good asset, but they were also expensive. Charlotte hadn't forgotten the look on Esther's face after their match either. Using herbs might be seen as evidence against her, even though herbs were considered legal by tournament standards. She imagined Topaz would love to twist her sparing use of natural herbs as an example of "Pokémon doping". Even if, no one made a stink out of it, Charlotte could not afford to take that chance.

Walking down the street, Charlotte felt strangely alone. Even with six best friends on her belt, plus one new friend in her backpack. She hadn't realized how long it had been since she truly connected with other people. She had a few friends back home, but most of them had either moved or posted mean comments on social media about her behind her back. Before talking with Naka and Theo, Charlotte had almost given up on becoming a Pokémon trainer. She'd never ever abandon her beloved Pokémon, but when she stopped battling she wondered whether she had anything to offer these creatures.

Dini had an estimated IQ of 370. If what the Pokédex entry said about Alakazams was true, his intellect would only increase with age. Given enough desire, Dini could become a better Pokémon Battle strategist then Charlotte ever could. Why then, did he stick around? Was friendship more valuable to Pokémon than it was to humans? Was it out of loyalty? If so, Charlotte sometimes wasn't sure what she had done to deserve it. She used to think that Pokémon enjoyed the company of human trainers because they'd get to have grand adventures and try new experiences. Lately, however, it seemed that Pokémon could just about everything as good, if not better than humans could. Perhaps, she would never know the answer. Maybe the only condition Pokémon friendships required was that they enjoyed each others company. Wasn't the same true of human friendship?

Listen to me, Charlotte thought, I write a million papers yet I never stop asking questions.

Something vibrated at her side. At first, Charlotte thought it was her cellphone until she realized one of the red Pokéballs was flashing.


Charlotte pressed the white button, causing red light to pour out of the Pokéball. A dark maned lion-like Pokémon, known as Luxray, appeared.

"What's up, girl?"

The Luxray glanced around at her surroundings then back at Charlotte. She sniffed her Charlotte's right hand and gave it a lick. She just wanted to say hello.

"Thanks girl." Charlotte rubbed the fur on Hatari's head. The big cat Pokémon purred. To this day, Charlotte thought a Luxray's purr was one of the strangest and most delightful sounds she had ever heard. Hearing it, renewed Charlotte's confidence.

"Okay, Hatari. You up for a little sparing practice?"

Her Luxray gave a friendly growl. That's just what Charlotte wanted to hear. Together, they made their way towards the Cianwood City Gym.
Desmond Andrews (Unranked)
Yellow Rock Isle, Whirl Islands, Johto (July 19th)

Desmond course seemed to be in a less happy go lucky mood, really as a battle trainer his experience had been...lacking, as his focus was on getting photographs and doing a double battle only well doubled the issue. But it had been too late to back out now so as he adjusted the timer on his tripod he seemed to try to respond to Aldon's moves.

"K-Kricketune glide and try to use Absorb on the Baltoy!" Desmond called out, as the bug type had not been much of a flier at thsi stage but its wings flapped and it attempted to weave in and out between the rocks as it had to waste its Fury Cutter to block them, though as it attempted to get into a spot around it it would begin to try to syphon some energy from Bolly.

"Politoed jump and try Water Gun!" Desmond called out, as he had to coordinate two Pokemon at once and Politoed nodded but as Desmond had to shift commands he was a moment too slow and before Politoed managed to jump all the way it was clipped at the hip with the Zen Headbutt. "Toed!" Politoed cried out knocked back a bit.
Theo Hightower
Sunday - July 24th
Cianwood City, Johto
Interactions: Charlotte (Charlotte); Mentions: Esther (Kyuukestu) Naka (Merciless Medic)

Seriously, how did people in this world not collapse from exhaustion? Chasing the Totodile was proving to be a fruitless adventure. Every time he got close the tiny alligator would simply bound forward again. He wasn't about to let some green scaled human tell him what to do or how to live his life. That's when Theo remembered: The pokeball had a recall function. He had utilized it multiple times during the Whirl Cup. Producing the Totodile's pokeball Theo would call for him to return, watching as the beam was deftly dodged at the last second by the Totodile who turned with a smug look on his face. For a second and third time the Totodile was able to avoid the beam, daring to taunt Theo by jumping in the air and dancing. This was his downfall however as this time the beam found its mark, and just like that the Totodile had found it had lost precious ground. “Finally” Theo would mutter with a light sigh, tossing the ball in to the air. This was also a mistake, as as soon as the ball was out of its trainer's hand the Totodile forced himself back out, stuck his tongue out at Theo, and ran towards the gym again.

“Ooh cmon!” he called, once again giving chase. Aaand just like that he was back to square one. As the two neared the gym Theo again tried the recall function of the pokeball, not paying attention to the fact that the Totodile had ducked around another person at the last second, the second attempt of the recall function striking the person to no effect. “Oof. S..sorry!” he called to them as he got closer, seeing now that he was near the entrance of the gym that there were two individuals standing at the entrance of the gym, a man in a karate gi wearing a black belt on the left of the doors and a...well, it had to be a pokemon, though it looked like the personified version of the word workout. It wore only briefs and a championship belt, had grey skin and four arms. Whatever the pokemon was, it was currently having words with his Totodile, the much smaller of the two pokemon not being intimidated by the much larger pokemon. “Sorry again about that...ooh, hey Charlotte.” What were the odds the two of them would wind up on opposite sides of a pokeball?

Looking towards the sounds of his Totodile again saying something to the four armed pokemon in poke-speak, Theo watched as he patted his chest. The four armed pokemon responded by leaning down and with considerable restraint swat the Totodile away, the water type rolling backwards head over tail until he came to a calculated stop right next to Theo who couldn't help but chuckle. “See? That was the textbook definition of fuck around and find out. Bet you won't do that again, will you?” He asked as he knelt down to the pokemon who had stood and was shaking himself off, about to charge at the larger pokemon again until he found himself being picked up by Theo. He wasn't going to get away that easily this time, Theo was going to make sure of that. Theo was starting to wonder if Charlotte, Naka, and/or Esther had ever had a pokemon as...enthusiastic as Totodile, or if he was just lucky in that regard. Now that he thought about it, he did wonder what Esther was up to. What had she done after the Whirl Cup was over? She had said she was going to leave the island, but did she come here to Cianwood or did she go somewhere else? How many other places were there she could have gone? He knew of Johto and Kanto, but that was it. Were those the only two regions in this world?


Date: July 24
Location: Cianwood Gym - Cianwood City, Johto
Pokemon Team: Poliwrath, Primeape, Hitmontop

Interactions: Reina Cortez (Hecotoro)

Hah, such fighting spirit!

Chuck was sitting underneath the mock waterfall of the gym, meditating and putting his focus on this new challenger. Her and her Pokemon had such overwhelming determination to win that it honestly made him want to chuckle if he weren't trying to look like a statue. Normally, he'd wait for challengers to forcefully turn off the waterfall to break him from his reverie, but not today. He was feeling particularly generous today.

While he looked like he was sporting a dad bod with little muscle definition on his chest and slightly rounder stomach than his wife was comfortable with, he was still just as strong as the Pokemon he sparred with on the daily. He wondered if this little girl was going to use that Dragonair, but it was wise she didn't.

Once the smash of the Hitmonlee against the wall sounded, he let out a sigh and stood up despite gallons of water crashing down upon him, the water droplets uselessly cascading down his body in some vain attempt to hold him down. Reaching behind him, he grabbed three Pokeballs that were set on a panel behind the waterfall.

Walking out of the waterfall, he stood - soaking wet - proudly over the battlefield with which the pool he was in sat over. Jumping down and landing in a semi-sumo pose with hands on knees, he made his way to the other end of the battlefield, laughing boisterously. "So, you've come this far. I have to admit, you've got a lot of spirit. Let's see if that fighting spirit is enough to beat me, the man who spars with his Pokemon to crush stones and shatter bones!" He sent a focused, yet gleeful look towards Reina, already impatiently waiting to battle.

First, a test.

As the referee said the rules of the three-v-three battle, Chuck stood with his arms crossed until he was done. Once the ref was done, Chuck let loose a power stance with a foot forward and flexing his arm. "Let's see if you're worthy of a badge, kid!" He then grabbed his Pokeball and held it out with the power of a punch, flexing his arm (probably for the now cheering crowd) as his first Pokemon was chosen.

A Hitmontop.

The top Pokemon spun on the point on his head before using the momentum to flip and stand right side up, loosely stepping side to side with ready yet loose arms, staring down Reina and - once she threw it out - her next Pokemon with eagerness.
July 24th, Cianwood City, Reina Cortez, Rank 29,574.


Reina gripped her hand around the first Pokeball, the green ParkBall with her Scyther in it. She was eager to start, to keep climbing her way up the ladders against the best in Johto. With a loud sigh, she raised the sphere in the air and tossed it upwards, allowing the bug Pokemon to emerge with a quick dash towards the center of the battlefield and then, coward in fear?

Viridis hid her face under her scythes, like she usually did in front of a crowd. Something that made Reina worry at first, but she had found a way for them to be able to work around that.

Battle Start!

"Focus Energy, let's go!"

Viridis peeked from between her blades at the Hitmontop, her eyes gaining a slight glow as she slowly stood up straight and focused on her opponent. Whoever was watching was now nonexistent to her, it was just Viridis, Reina and that Hitmontop. Viridis sharpened her swords against each other, letting out a soft growl as she did so, her wings extending, like a hunter trying to intimidate its prey.

"Good, Air Slash!" Reina called out, not wanting to get into a hand to hand combat with a fighting specialist, yet.

The Scyther jumped into the air, her wings glowing light blue while she swung her blades rapidly, causing two sets of sharp wind energy to shoot forward towards the Hitmontop.

"Keep your distance Viridis!"


Date: July 24
Location: Cianwood Gym - Cianwood City, Johto
Pokemon Team: Poliwrath, Primeape, Hitmontop

Battling: Reina Cortez and Viridis the Scyther (Hecotoro) vs Hitmontop

So, the girl didn't cower. Not even a little bit. Seemed she was too eager to care. Letting out a hearty chuckle, he watched the Scyther cower, only to recover with a Focus Energy.


Using that time, he yelled out his own command. "Bulk Up!" The Hitmontop's body glowed as he flexed, increasing his physical abilities. So, as the Scyther used her next attack, they were ready. "Playing at a distance won't save you! Vacuum Wave!" The Hitmontop spun on his top, his legs glowing before suddenly crossing them, a gust of fighting-induced wind rocketing towards the Scyther with increased speed before backflipping, showing off his agile and lithe moves to avoid the Air Slash.

However, while Chuck had a poker face, his Hitmontop seemed nervous.
July 24th, Cianwood City, Reina Cortez, Rank 29,574.

"Fine, we'll bring the battle to you!" Reina called out, knowing well that the battle would get stuck in the same situation if she didn't change things up. "Quick Attack!"

Scyther expanded her wings while she gained a white glow. She set her eyes on the Hitmontop and dashed forward. Viridis jumped from side to side, trying to get her opponent to lose focus, before dashing to his back side. Once she was behind him, she went for a tackle and then jumped back.

"Continue with Wing Attack!"

Viridis extended her wings with a blue glow and attacked Hitmontop. She inclined her body to the side, so the wings could make impact with the top Pokemon.
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