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Open Pokemon Shelter

Welcome to Hellebore Pokemon Shelter, a safe place for abandoned and abused pokemon, who either can't survive in the wild, or are too sick to go back into the wild. Here, pokemon are kept safe, well fed, protected from the elements, and if needed, they can receive treatment for their injuries. We maintain a peaceful environment here, free from trainers, coordinators, and performers, amd the shelter is instead run by a team of skilled pokemon vets. We guarantee a warm welcome to all pokemon, so don't hesitate to come and visit us!



1.) Fakemon are NOT allowed. No exceptions.

2.) Romance is allowed, but please keep it PG-13. You can have children, but no graphic birth scenes, please.

3.) No god-modding, auto-ing, or Mary Sues

(Character sheet):




Backstory: (You can keep this a secret, and reveal it later in the RP, if you like):

Name: Miura

Species: Glameow (Shiny)

Gender: Female

Backstory: Secret (For now)


When Miura awoke, she wasn't at her trainer's home anymore, much to her relief.

She sniffed as she opened her eyes, wrinkling her nose at the smell of disinfectant mixed with cheap incense. By the looks of things, she was in some sort of cheap pokemon centre, judging from the life support machine at her side, and the mauve walls, which she guessed were to give the place a more homely feel. Several other pokemon were in the room, only it appeared that they hadn't awoken yet, save for a few.

She turned to the pokemon on her right, and hissed, "Can you tell me where we are?"
Name : Danny

Species: phantump (shiny)

Gender: male

Backstory: a heartless criminal used the ghost to scare people into giving them their belongings
Danny was released by a human into a large fenced area with toys and food coverd in lush grass, it was a pen for the Pokemon to get exercise"where am i"Danny asked as a person rolled a ball to him"you need to get exercise little guy "Danny just stood there confused"uh what's going on
Name: Bon
Species: Oshawott
Gender: Male
Backstory: Secret

Bon's eyes flickered before fully opening. The bright light from above him took him a moment for his eyes to adjust, so he squinted them for a brief moment. As his eyes adjusted to the light, he could hear a beeping from beside him. He felt tubes and attached to him and other things stuck to him. He looked down to see he was in a bed. He then looked around to see where he was and it seemed to be some sort of run down Pokemon center. I guess it's someone's house or something made to be a Pokemon Center.

He heavily inhaled and gently exhaled as a tear went down his face. This was his body's reaction to the pure joy and other overwhelming emotions, that he got to know that he wasn't in...that place any longer. He struggled to move, however. He sharply turned his head to the left as he heard a voice.

He grunted as his body was still damaged and I guess he isn't in the condition to do sharp movements. His confidence is rather low and doesn't know who to trust because of his past. So he didn't plan on opening up immediately to anyone he sees. "I uh...I dunno. I just woke up," He replied in a nervous tone. He attempted to sit up but a grunt and small movement of his body were the best he could do.
"Same here," the glameow responded, attempting to stretch herself out, only to find that her leg appeared to have been bound, somehow. She glanced down at it, and sure enough, her left leg had been put in some sort of heavy cast. It hurt a little bit, too...

"I'm Miura, by the way," she said cordially, jolting as she heard the door open, and someone in a white uniform entered the room. They were terribly kind as they made their rounds, greeting the pokemon with an enthusiastic good morning.
Danny decided to look around the pen toying with many rubber balls and spying through windows until he saw a blue and white Pokemon hooked up to chords and machines , he immediately felt worried for the pokemon as it was covered in cuts and bruises.Danny phased through the glass with his ghostly body "uh..hello are..are you ok"Danny felt nervous looking at the injured pokemon
He simply looked up at the roof after the other Pokemon introduced herself. Both his legs feel rather itchy so he reached down and scratched his left leg. He looked down at his legs under the bed covers and noticed that the bump in the covers, of where his legs should be, is uneven. The right leg was shorter than the right one. Before he could inspect he also jolted when the white clothed character entered the room, with a welcoming greeting.

Bon had a scared look as the person talked to him and approached. He was unreactive and had a frozen face as he stared at the person with a trembling lip. He reached down to itch his right leg but as he placed his hand on it, it went down to the bed. He had an even more terrified look as he looked down at his leg once more. He lifted the bed covers to see that half of his right leg had been amputated.

He started to have irregular breathing and whimper. He started to sweat immensely before his cries erupted. "AHHHH! My LEG! WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY LEG?!" He screamed and cried at the person ripping off the tubes attached to him, making the heart rate monitor make a consistent sound, rather than the rhythmic beat. He tried to stand up, ignoring his agony, but he wasn't used to standing with his stumpy leg. So he stumbled over, falling off the bed. He slammed his head on the ground and whimpered once more.

Tears flooded down his face as he tried to crawl away from the person. A bit of blood started to emerge on his head, presumably from his fall. "Stay...Away!" He pleaded weakly as he crawled towards under Miura's bed.
Name: Lucy
Species: Luxray
Gender: Female
Backstory: forced into illegal Pokémon fighting as a bait Pokémon

"Meeeeoooow!" The Luxray hissed hitting the floor. She was outside a "Pokémon center" she limped and chewed at her fur. She had bad flees. Lucy popped her big head in the door and meowed. "Hello?" She sniffed. She could smell other Pokémon inside. She smiled at the calm aura of the place. Lucy also could smell another cat.
Miura lay still in her own bed, half-haunched, as though prepared to strike at the strange lady in white. She had no idea if she was friend or foe, but judging by the oshawott's reaction to her, she was an unfamiliar face around here.

The woman in white shook her head at the tiny oshawott, reaching under the bed for him, before using a pager to request that new IVs be sent down to the ward immediately. She hadn't had to oversee many amputees in her time here, but the few that she had looked after hadn't reacted this extremely, to the discovery that they were without limbs.

"Your leg was so badly damaged, that we had no choice but to remove it, sweetie," she crooned, as though the pokemon could understand her, "But don't you worry, we'll help you get used to life without it. Now, how about we get you cleaned up, and back in bed?"

Miura lay back down, as the woman spoke, deciding that she wasn't a threat at all.
Danny watched at the Pokemon seemingly being attacked by the lady in the white coat "ah uh gotta hide" Danny thought to himself "where'd that Pokemon go"the lady exclaimed
Danny noticed the Pokemon hiding under another Pokemon bed,he desperately floated under the bed with the other Pokemon "fo you know what's going on"Danny impatiently said to the blue Pokemon
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Bon tried to kick away the woman's hand as she tried to grab him. Bon started to cry weep even more immensely, as he started to blindly flail a bit. He got his scallop and weakly threw it the woman, no9t hard enough to cause any damage, it'll only bounce off. He fell, limp to the floor and just cried into the floor, as the blood started to spread across his scalp. "I'm scared... I don't want to go through it again," He whimpered. His stumped leg twitched occasionally as he wasn't used to not having half a leg yet.
Lucy ran in hearing all the chaos ran to the room she heard the Oshawott in. In great pain but was worried to no end, she shook but stood in a threatening position as if says "don't touch my buddy" even though she has no idea who he is. The luxray was trying to keep her foot off the floor so she wouldn't hurt more
Danny was shocked at what was unfolding in front of him "ah your bleeding,that lady's trying to hurt you"Danny started to cry frightened,his face suddenly changed his expression from sad to angry,Danny rose up and started gazing at the lady,he did to the lady what his owner forced him to do to civilians "Scary face"he shouted his look became terrifying,horrified by Danny as well as a large luxray behind him ,the lady ran out of the room in fear "that's what you get for hurting Pokemon"Danny shouted,he turned around to see the luxray"aahh please don't eat me I taste horrible"Danny pleaded
But Lucy had not many teeth. Her past owners had them taken most of them out so she couldn't fight back. Lucy licked his face in a kiss like way. "Are you okay, Phantump?" She asked laying down next to him. She tryied no to lay on her paw.
Name : khione
Species: Alohan vulpix
Gender :female
Backstory: She was cared for quite well till her trainer abandoned her. She misses her trainer and feels very lonely
Khione woke up in a foreign bed. She was very thin and there was a feeding tube next to her. She asked" Where am I? I need to get back to the place master told me to wait for her. She might be waiting there for me right now." She then crawled out of the bed and started to look around for any possible landmarks that she knew. She said" Well I'm in some sort of poke center. Where is the nurse joy here."
"huh" Danny felt the luxray lick him and became calm again"t..thank you uh you...you aren't going to eat me"Danny was confused"ah,the oshawott,are you okay"he looked at the oshawott with a worried expression,he then stared at the luxray I'm Danny by the way"Danny smiled at the luxray
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Miura cowered under the covers, as the room became more crowded, unused to seeing this many pokemon at once. The other patients of the small facility began to kick up a fuss, as more people in white came into the room, to check on the pokemon.

The nurse reached for the oshawott again, having calmly brushed off the scalchop. "It's ok, love," she soothed, "I'm just going to get you cleaned up, and back in bed, alright?"

Each nurse in the room began tending to a pokemon, refilling their IVs, and performing any other procedures they might need. A nurse armed with flea spray headed for the luxray, while two different ones headed for the phantump and the vulpix. Miura, meanwhile, simply had her pulse checked, and her dressings changed.
Lucy smiled. It showed her sad looking teeth. It had shown she was neglected for a long time. Her fur was a mess and the spray made her feel better as she felt the fleas just fall off and not bite her. "I'm Lucy." Her ear twitched. She had some bite marks under her fur but they were only scars now. She yawned and watched the Phantump attentively
Khione looked up at the nurse that came to her. She said" I miss master!" Then she started to cry. She longed for love and affection. She curled up into a ball on the floor. She said" I'm not eating till I see master."
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Danny watched the nurses soothing and taking care of the Pokemon"oh no,I was wrong, there helping them I just made things worse"Danny began to bawl at his reckless actions"I..I'm sorry"Danny just floated motionless allowing the nurse to examine and test him,he stared at the other Pokemon being tended to by the nurses "this is my fault,I started this mess"Danny started to cry tears and whine loudly like a child,this suprised the nurse,she tried to cheer the Pokemon up "oh please stop crying phantump"the nurse spoke
Lucy felt guilty. "Oh.. i didn't know." She felt funny. She hugged the person treating her with her paws. She let go because her paw must have broken. She wined and layed on the floor.
Bon didn't bother fighting back or continuing the struggle since his exhaustion and agony became to much along side how distraught and confused he was. He went into a faze where he just went along with the nurse and got put back into bed. He contained to cry and weep as the nurse attending to his wound. He wasn't sure what was happening but it seemed that the nurse wasn't all that bad, but he still hasn't forgave them for his leg.
After what seemed like an eternity Danny finally stopped crying... well mostly anyway"cheer up little guy"the nurse was still trying to cheer up Danny,once Danny was calm again he floated over to the luxray that had been kind to him earlier and snuggled up to her ,for some reason Lucy reminded Danny of his mom. Danny was taken from his mother when he was little,he was abused by that criminal and when Lucy licked him was that nicest thing he's had in years"thanks... Lucy"
Name: Josie

Species: Mienfoo

Gender: Female

Backstory: A newborn thrown away because she is very weak, her trainer wanted her to be strong but she came out very weak.

Josie woke up laying down on a tall patch of grass. It was unusual for her, but at least it wasn't her trainer's.
"Where am I?" Josi looked at the other pokemon in the area and realized she wasn't alone.
"Who are you guys?" Josie kinda confused of where she is and how she got here, she started walking around and didn't feel any pain anymore.
It wasn't long before everyone had been seen to, and the room cleared as the new patients were settled. Miura glanced over at the oshawott, who seemed to have calmed down, even if just a little.

Sighing, the glameow resigned herself to lying on her stomach, unable to find a more comfortable position with her bound leg. "What kind of pokemon centre are they running in this joint?" she commented gruffly.
Lucy huffed. She never had friends back at the ring. She licked her paw and looked around. "Perhaps a rehabilitation center or something?"
The nurse that tended to Danny took him into what looked like a bathroom,the nurse carried him over to a sink and set Danny down under the faucet,the lady began to turn the water on and started cleaning Danny the water and soap tickeled him and made him laugh.After the bath he was carried over to a small table by the nurse who began arguing with a doctor "this phantump seems to be in perfect condition,we should release it"the doctor said to the nurse"no,this poor Pokemon been held likes prisoner it's whole life he can't survive alone in the wild"the nurse replied "fine,this Pokemon can stay until it's back to normal the doctor said "back to normal"? Danny was confused at the two humans arguing "well it's not like I can do anything about it,I wonder where Lucy and the other Pokemon were"
Lucy followed Danny everywhere. Lucy looked at Danny concerned. "What's up, buddy?" She purred. She fluffed her fur and scratched her ears
"Lucy" Danny saw the large cat,and floated towards her"hi Lucy,why are you following me"? Danny said wondering why but he was happy Lucy was there he needed a friend to talk to.The nurse sat on the table watching the two Pokemon talk to each other,of course to her it was just their names being spoken"phantump,is this your friend"she smiled happily and Danny smiled back at the nurse"yep"
"Danny... you said you didn't like scary face... why is that?"her ears twitched. Lucy looked up at the nurse with her big yellow eyes. She never seen a person with a Pokémon that wasn't trying to kill her befor. "We don't fight here do we?"
"well this place is like a Pokemon center I think whatever those look like"Danny explained to Lucy"and I don't like using scary face because before I was here I was forced to use it on innocent people the looks on their faces, horrified,I was tortured and abused if I didn't do what I was told to......that's....that's how I got this"Danny turned his back to Lucy revealing a large crack on the back of his stump head"I...was scared that he may harm the people like he did me,everyday was abuse,scare,steal...I couldn't stand it my life was all but good"Danny nuzzled Lucy's nose and lay down on her soft black fur"but that's all over now"the nurse was balling over what Danny said,she couldn't understand him but she knew what he was talking about, somehow
Bon seemed rather defeated as he laid in his bed. He had a rather emotionless face and his eyes stared dead in front of him. He seemed to emotionally exhaust to even process anything anymore. He slowly turned to Miura as she spoke but he didn't react and just turned back forward. His traumatic experiences appeared to have caught up to him.
With the room clear, save for her and the oshawott, whose name Miura still didn't know, the glameow decided to resign herself to thinking back to exactly how she'd managed to end up here. All she remembered was that she had been lying outside, having been beaten to a bloody pulp, when some passing boy had taken pity on her, and carried her away somewhere. And it appeared that that somewhere was here.
Lucy hugged the little ghost type close. "I know how that feels." She puffed. "I was a bait Pokémon. That's why I have almost no teeth. They sent rabid and aggressive Pokémon at me so they would prepare for a fight." She teared up. She twitched her ear and licked him in a loving way. "I feel safe now... do you?"
"with you I do"Danny was happy he has Lucy to make him feel safe.the fact that Lucy was abused suddenly went through Danny's mind "wait,you were abused too ,is that why were here,because of our cruel owners"Danny felt sorry for what Lucy had to go through"I..I'm sorry that you had to do those things"Danny snuggled his head against Lucy's cheek and smiled
Name: Kasui

Species: Nidorino (Male)

All these Pokémon lining up to feel bad for themselves... it made Kasui sick. Better yet, it nearly made him vomit. That's all he'd seen since coming into this godforsaken shelter, and simply put, he had grown tired of it.

Fueled by anger that he'd much rather have taken out on his past owner, Kasui stormed toward the complaining Pokémon, the spikes upon his bike raising up.

"Hey, quit it already," he barked, "you're all really starting to get on my nerves... and I just might have to do somethin' about it otherwise!"
"Well I don't have teeth! My paws were strapped to the ground and I was there sense a kitten! What else was I to do?" Luxray stood up. Her fur puffed. "Wait... how did you get here?"
Nidorino's eyes widened. Was someone actually asking for his opinion on... anything? There was a first time for everything, but truthfully it made him feel awkward. After all, it was something entirely foreign to him.

"That's none of your stinkin' business!" he barked back, toxic spikes on his back ready to fire.
Lucy was terrified. She shook like crazy. She remembered being attacked by a nidorino before. She tried to look as scary as possible but failed.