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Should we do different teams on each mission?

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the results are ready after eating a delicious pizza and an extra 20 minutes checking that no one is left out these are the teams made by the random generator

this is the one i use https://www.randomresult.com/tournament.php (Random Result - Tournament draw)

Group #1
competitor #1: dian
competitor #2: don
competitor #3: ciel
competitor #4: teyeu
competitor #5: alistair
Group #2
competitor #1: neon
competitor #2: alex
competitor #3: elijah
competitor #4: victor
competitor #5: mary

It should be noted that this was the 5th attempt because in the first two a victor neon teyeu came out and in the 3rd a victor teyeu and to finish in the 4th another neon victor teyeu


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Group #1
competitor #1:alex
competitor #2: dian
competitor #3: neon
competitor #4: Alistair
competitor #5: cie
lGroup #2
competitor #1: don
competitor #2: Elijah
competitor #3: teyeu
competitor #4: Mary
competitor #5: victor

Just did it random, don't know it it's good or not. :)
Well we could have the three that do not like one another on a team together to force them to get along. Alex would be a good leader until his fans get word that he is in any town.

I think that Alex and Mary would go well in one team as they both are artistically inclined. They would also tend to go at a slower rate to accomplish tasks. Their team could be the one who does some of the research side of things, while the other team is more of the action where they go into the more dangerous types of missions where more hostile pokemon are from.
I see my notifications decided I didn't really need them, love when that happens : ))
Anyway, I love the idea of making two teams! The teams could also change every/every other mission so all characters have a chance to interact with each other. They could always be drawn at random or put specific characters together to try to improve their relationship (yes, I'm talking about the chaos trio).
Ciel is not very into battles, but being in a more action focused team could put her out of her comfort zone a bit and improve her in that area, so I'm really fine with any group :)


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Actually the goal is to stop the population from growing, even if we have them taken to another place, the Pokemon eventually will build up.

I should probably give you all the solution :D
The pollution in Celadon has increased by a lot because there have been many events, like concerts, Pokemon battles, sports and others, so because of the this people have become careless and have been damaging the area, but for Muk and Wheezing it is a perfect feeding ground.
What the research team needs is enough evidence so Professor Strawberry can talk to the mayor of the city so he can make the citizens aware :)