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Ask to Join Seven Together (Discussion)

What should I do?

  • Stay in the current town

    Votes: 1 25.0%
  • Probably get called to the B2W2 starting area, Aspertia City.

    Votes: 3 75.0%

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Previously TheJustinMan
Yeah, I like the idea of we finding it in Unova, and then it spreading after we find it. Just a Question: Can all of the Pokémon we catch be from the same region? All of the Pokémon I want on my team are from Unova.
I forgot to specify no Fakemon, it gets confusing! About the team, I got a perfect idea!

Team Pixel are a small group of Pokemon Trainers based in the Alola region. Their theme is similar to the Aether Foundation as they want to be better than it, they want to be the best researching group ever. So, they got information of a strange thing in Unova, and travelled over there quickly. They're on the hunt for it and don't plan on being stopped by a bunch of 10 year-old children. As they want to give a good example, they use the happy and popular Pokemon so they can't be stopped. Types they like to use are:

Electric (Fits with Pixel and research, and it has Pikachu in it.)
Fairy (Fairy-types are considered mostly cute and positive.)
Normal (same as Fairy-types)

There would obviously be exceptions, but that's the types they like most.
I changed my character (Zoey Addison) to have her hair shaded red at the bottom, and to have a white crop top, still with the litten pattern and colours on her Hawaiian skirt.


Previously TheJustinMan
All of my Pokémon are going to be Unova only, but someone else might need that. Here is my team, by the way


@GalacticDeg Neither of the Pokémon will be shiny, because of the rules. (I know I could ask, but I don’t really want any shinies)
Ponytas are in Black and White, Route 19. If there are any Pokemon in B&W that you guys want, go ahead and get them. Like I mentioned in the rules, if there are any Pokemon that aren't in any but you want them, just ask me and I'll most likely accept.

EDIT: I meant Route 12 and Rapidash..
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Ponytas are in Black and White, Route 19. If there are any Pokemon in B&W that you guys want, go ahead and get them. Like I mentioned in the rules, if there are any Pokemon that aren't in any but you want them, just ask me and I'll most likely accept.
I looked up Route 19 and it doesn't seem you can catch a Ponyta. Just a Patrat or Purrloin.


Previously TheJustinMan
Oh, and another thing, I’ll be more active on weekends because of this thing called school. I can promise at least 2 posts per day, ones going up in a minute
Yo, so how is everyone doing? Cuz' the RP's activity has been kinda slow recently, and I wanna know what's up. Is anybody waiting on anybody else or...?
I thought we were waiting for Justin to show us around, but he hasn’t posted in a couple days, Malcom hasn’t even done one post yet, soooo? He hasn’t been on for six days, either.. So, should we move on ourselves or wait for Justin for even longer?
Okay so, for Route 1, I don’t want any Pokemon from it, so Zoey’ll just be battling for now. Basically, Litten is like a real cat, independent and wants his own way, so he can go off and do his own moves without help sometimes, if it’s an easy enough battle.

Can Zoey find a clue from Team Pixel on the ground somewhere? Like a ripped piece of clothing with a P, or just something little like something one of their Pokemon would’ve dropped along the way?


Kitranta could find out about Team Pixel and the background of everything in the lab, and tell Zoey what whatever she finds is, like she could pick it up and everybody could go to the lab together.

@SS-I Never
Name: Prescott Harmenta
Age: 15
Nationality: Johto
Appearance: Tall, Thin and as pale as snow. He has ocean blue eyes and has white hair. He commonly wears a light blue cape which comes over his left arm. He also has a white short sleeved shirt, a light blue tie and light blue skinny trousers.
Personality: He can be seen as harsh, but most of the time it's the truth. He doesn't hold back from commenting on something if he feels like it's necessary. You will have to talk to him yourself to find out any more.

Skills: 'Unknown'
Backstory: Before he and his family moved to the Unova region, Prescott was from Johto. Living in Olvine city with his family. It wasn't until there was word spreading about a strange occurrence in the Unova region did his dad decide that they needed to move region so he could carry on his work. So Prescott, his mum, dad and sister all moved to Accumula Town in a temporary apartment until they found somewhere better to stay as his father carried on his research for work.

Pokemon: Totodile
Moves: Bite, Water Gunn, Rage, Scary Face
Personality: Naive
So I realise this died down again, I was just expecting @GalacticDeg to answer @SS-I Never but okay then, and that new person @EdgyCarrotPeels still isn’t accepted? Also my rotom knows about Pokemon teams and myths about some existing, like team pixel, I was hinting at that so someone could do a post about it but it never really happened..

@SS-I Never If nobody wants to do her, you’ll probably just have to do him or something, the oddities were just Pokemon acting differently and being aggressive or something, like they’re really angry. I don’t know why, this is why I wanted Deg to answer xD
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@SS-I Never - May I be Juniper? Then I can point the RP in the direction I wanted to take.
@EdgyCarrotPeels - Accepted.
@malcolm debourg - You've not posted on the roleplay... that's honestly just a waste of space you made. Someone could have posted, but you wasted the space... therefore, EdgyCarrotPeels has taken your spot of Johto.
@o7ter - He asked me a while back to not be in the roleplay anymore, so Hoenn is open.

Didn't get any notifications until Jodie posted. Sorry!