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Ask to Join The Rainbow Society— Romance RP

Aquilles nodded, a grin inconspicuously creeping up the side of his face. He had a feeling Chervil and Sebastian would get together. It wouldn't exactly be an easy secret to keep when it got out, but when it did, Aquilles had a feeling the Society would support Chervil's relationship wholeheartedly. And if they didn't, Aquilles always had Hydro Pump.
"Aye. I know where to find you. I'll see you about, I suppose. In the meantime, I think I'll be around here, keeping an eye out. You never know if someone may need your help, though I'm sure you understand that all too well, eh?"
Cherry continued to fly when she heard a familiar voice call her name"huh?" She said looking down to see it was Tammy who called her"ah! Tammy, um sure!" She said happily, she flew down and landed in the window of the meowstic"hehe, I'm glad you called me, I thought your house was way farther, oh? Are you sure you don't mind?" Cherry hadn't had breakfast yet, she ussuaus forgets... But she was internally excited for the chance to eat with Tammy
The morning sun shone brightly in through an open window, right onto Astra's sleeping face. She awoke slowly, head still a bit sore from the stress of yesterday, and stretched in an attempt to get herself together. Usually she made an effort not to waste time sleeping in, if she could help it. Getting out of bed with a long sigh, she packed up her satchel with a few essentials for the day. Sitrus Berries and Honey, namely-- she still felt bad over how she treated Daniel, so maybe a few gifts wouldn't be amiss. Mixing a Berry Juice for breakfast to hopefully get rid of the last remnants of her headache, Astra set off into town.

Walking through the square, she couldn't help but notice how cheery everyone was despite the events of last night. Perhaps that Ariados had been terrorizing more Pokémon than they'd known. Well, there was no need to worry anymore. Astra spotted Aquilles chatting with the Purpleheart Tyr, grinning about something. She floated over, a small smile on the edges of her own mouth.

"Lieutenant? I just wanted to check up on you after the battle-- you were very brave, chasing after Daniel on your own like that." Of course, Aquilles was as strong as they came, but she couldn't deny that she'd been a little worried for him. Especially since she'd pulled him straight into the whole mess. Offering the Clawitzer a jar of Honey, Astra spoke calmly, "and, I wanted to thank you for helping me. If it hadn't been for your speed, Daniel would have left the island without resolution. Thank you."
Daniel sat on a boulder partially covered in a light layering of moss, while carrying a small, stiff leek in his tiny beak. His infantile body was about the height of a mature Joltic, while lacking almost any sort of down to protect his frail physique from the elements. The swamp was as pink as the hearts from a Pokémon executing the perfect attraction, while the grass and trees were also the same shading much to the baby duck's brief moment of puzzlement. A tear fell from the little Pokémon's right eye, as a quiet peep followed a split second later. His right wing unfurled, as he barely managed to grasp the leek with the help of the weak grip from his forelimb.

The stalk glimmered for several seconds, following up with a powerful blade of air being released from the sprig! The surrounding air became distorted for a few seconds, while several berries fell near his location the moment the wind's edge stuck a modest tree with pristine accuracy. He caught a small, spherical berry in his left wing after managing to put his subpar hand-eye coordination to use. The berry had the color of the bright, lucky skies upon closer inspection. A feeble peck was directed at the berry, as it had a rather firm texture after giving the tiny fruit a couple more nips.

"I'd hate to ask, but have you seen Daniel lately? I haven't been able to find him all morning ever since I had breakfast," Diana queried after stumbling upon the Clawitzer within a few minutes of wandering around town in search of the little medic.
Just as he was about to return to patrolling, the Lieutenant recognized the familiar voice of the medic that he had been wanting to talk to. Turning to face the origin, he saw just who he was expecting to see: Astra, as she thanked him for what he did the day prior. Aquilles shook his head and held his small arm up in refusal.
"Astra, there's no need to give me anything. Giving thanks I can understand, but giving me a jar of honey, albeit flattering, is a bit unnecessary. As Lieutenant of this Society, I promised to take care of each and every citizen that lives in peace here, and that extends to catching assailants. Of course, we were all on the wrong lead yesterday..." He huffed, turning his head away. "I should have suspected that Ariados from the beginning..."

It was then that Diana, the Dewott Purpleheart, approached from a different angle, inquiring about Daniel. Aquilles shook his head.
"Haven't the slightest. Disappeared after Chervil called the meeting to... remove the Ariados. I think he may be a bit overrun, and that may be my fault. I mean, yeah, he should have told one of us sooner, but..." He could sense himself beginning a rant and prevented himself from continuing that train of thought. "No. I don't know where he is. If you find him, tell him I said sorry... again, for the trouble. He's a spry young medic; I don't want it on my conscious that I may have ruined things for him."
"Hmm... well alright. I guess I'll have to start looking around then. I haven't seen him in the pass or the valley, so I'll try the pink area if I got any luck. About him being young... it's gotta do with this genetic thing that causes his well, umm... his changes to be like a lot like a baby if I had to be honest. I think he told me that last night before he suddenly disappeared away to his house or something," Diana stated while heading towards the marsh after a nod of approval.

After a few minutes of sprinting past the various trees and making her way past several moss bridges, the first sign of life she saw was a neonate resembling a duck Pokémon of some sort. Her rudder-like tail perked up to the sight of a tiny leek the infant Pokémon clasped with a shaky grip.

"Hey umm... I don't usually ask, but... you alright there? You're looking a bit down, I can take you to the nurse right now if you need anything," Diana calmly said while wondering if this kind of interaction was part of being a bit more social or perhaps maybe an actual, unspoken assignment.

There was no response from the young Pokémon after he picked up the last part, as Diana stated, "Uhh... you're looking a bit quiet there. I should take you to the nurse since it's not really safe for a little one like you to be all alone like that."

The duckling felt a gentle grip on the sides of his body, as some resistance followed a split second later.

"H- hey! J- just relax! I'm just going to bring you to the nurse alright?" Diana cried while the infantile Pokémon slipped through Diana's arms and attempted to waddle away as quickly as he could.

"Ugh... he sure is quite the fussy one, which reminds me," Diana thought before scooping the duckling in her arms after noticing the young Pokémon falling over on the grass about two seconds in his attempt at fleeing away.

"Look, I'm taking you to the nurse because you shouldn't exactly be out here by yourself. You look like a Pokémon that just hatched a couple of minutes ago," Diana explained while keeping the baby Pokémon in her arms with a tight grip.

The cherub Pokémon took a shallow breath while wiggling the stalk in a small, circular motion towards the Dewott. The ducking managed to slip through the Dewott's arms again, while the infantile Pokémon took in another short breath. After backing away from Diana and pointing the leek towards her, a series of white, shining lines appeared around and through the Dewott's body.

The lines fizzed for a split second, followed by the faint strokes suddenly turning into powerful beams of energy! Diana slid underneath the bright rays and rolled over towards her right side to avoid being hit by the attack. A resonant, booming sound echoed throughout the area when one of the beams struck the moss covered boulder! The exposed area of the large rock had a dark, blackish mark several seconds later.

"Tch... You sure are quite the finicky baby aren't you? You know, you do remind me of someone here," Diana remarked while drawing her scalchops and having the pale yellow seashells transform into curved blades radiating a faint, bluish aura.
Chervil was content, certainly, at the moment- the warm rays of the sun in Sakura Valley, and the flower petals that glimmered pink in the sky and all around them. Sebastian was sure to have felt her regular and soft breathing, her tenseness escaping her. Though, she still had things to tend to- and, she needed to make it known about this newly-found revelation. She exhaled deeply, and stretched, the smile that adorned her maw not faltering. "Shall we make our way back? As much as I would like to stay here with you, duty calls." she sighed, the slight taint of reluctance in her voice.
A faint white line was directed towards Diana, though the ray fizzled out in a stream of several harmless sparks a split second later. Diana holstered her scalchops after sheathing the blades, as she grabbed the duckling the moment an opportunity arised.

“Would you please stop squirming around? I’m not going to do anything bad or anything like that, I’m just taking you to the nurse since you shouldn’t exactly be alone like that,” Diana asserted at the young Pokémon.

All that Diana could pick up was a feeble cheep, giving her yet another reason for taking the baby Pokémon to a safer area. The numerous hits from the duckling’s wings were nothing more than a couple of pinches to the Dewott. Diana held the infantile Pokémon with a solid grip, taking care to not let him slip through her arms again.

While Diana made her way back to town, it appeared to be that nothing was working in the young Pokémon’s favor. His physical moves were nothing more than a gentle nudge while his specials failed before they could be executed with utmost concentration. The ability to become translucent was already nil, thanks to the huge amount of power taken up from his powerful attack.

Another moment of his struggle followed until he soon succumbed to a lack of energy to fight against the purpleheart’s tight grip. He placed the leek back on his beak, while covering his watery eyes with his wings. Diana gave a light sigh and thought, “I better hope that this is really the little medic that I was looking for. He seems to be acting like a newborn baby, and he sure appears to know some moves that I’m pretty sure that a normal kid shouldn’t exactly be able to use like that.”
Sebastian smiled and nodded, opening his eyes and uncoiling. He was glad to feel Chervil's soft, calm breathing, showing that she was now far more relaxed. "We shall." He began to slither back to town and quietly chuckled to himself. The Dragonair knew that the moment he and his mate shared wouldn't be forgotten any time soon. He looked up at the bright blue sky and falling cherry blossom petals, his smile growing wider. What a view.
The Serperior couldn't particularly find words to describe what she was feeling- it was an undoubtedly good feeling, of course, yet she couldn't pinpoint the words one would use to describe it. In her heart she felt Butterfrees, but not the nervous kind- the happy kind, flying her up to cloud nine. It could be seen in those aureolin eyes of hers that there was a happiness within her that might not have been there before- in fact, it most certainly wasn't- and the Regal Pokémon knew that she had filled in the missing piece of her heart that she'd been pining after only the day before.

"I'm glad it was you, Sebby." Chervil said, her smile still lingering on her lips as she bagan to slither in the direction of town. "If anyone... you're the person I would have wanted to return my feelings the most."
Sebastian smiled and kept going. "Again, that makes the two of us." He was definitely feeling the same way as Chervil, maybe even more so. The two finally arrived at their destination, and Sebastian turned to dip his head in a respective manner, albeit with a playful grin on his face. "Well, we have arrived, Commander Chervil."
Chervil playfully 'punched' Sebastian with her tail, winking at the other. "You said you would never call me such a thing," laughed the Serperior, a light smile laced across her lips. Her gaze sparkled with the glimmer of humour, and her serpentine fangs became exposed in her grin of laughter. "Well... shall we let everyone work out what happened for themselves?"
Sebastian smiled as he took the playful jab from Chervil, winking back. "Never. I take it you didn't see my grin as I did." He laughed heartily, and his eyes seemed to shine with warmth. "I suppose we shall. I'll be patrolling Gilded Pass for now." The Dragonair slithered up to his mate, touching his tail-tip to the top of her head with a smile before he turned around to head toward his patrol area.
While walking through the valley, the first thing Diana realized was a certain someone not in her arms a few moments later. She gave a light sigh, while thinking, “Oh great, I look away for a second and he’s gone! Argh... what should I do now?”

Meanwhile, Daniel hid in a bush for a brief moment after utilizing the classical method of slipping above the purpleheart’s arms instead of below like she predicted. After taking in some rest, Daniel stepped out of the bush as a small, bipedal, canine-like Pokémon with a bluish body.

He placed his right paw firmly on the ground for a brief moment. An orange ring appeared on the ground around him, as the ring quickly rose up his body several seconds later until it faded away when it reached the top of his head. His body felt an invigorating aura soon after, as he quickly picked up on his faster movements seconds later. He rushed past the Dragonair heading towards their patrol area, while hoping that no one else besides the Dewott knew his presence.
Chervl nodded, smiling at her mate. “That would be wonderfully helpful- thank you,” murmured the Serperior, once again gently closing her eyes as Sebastian’s tail-tip brushed against the top of her head. A smile curved her maw as she dipped her head, dismissing him to leave. For now, she figured she would check on the food supply and then make her way to Mirror Plane.
As Sebastian made his way to Gilded Pass, he felt something rush past him in a hurry, prompting the Dragonair to turn in the direction in which he felt whatever it was hurry past. Whatever it is, I can't see it. Meh, whatever. He turned back around and continued on his path to the patrol area. The serpentine Pokemon finally arrived at the place he knew all too well, breathing in the clean air with a smile. Sebastian began to patrol the boundary, and all was quiet until he heard a loud rustle in the bushes near the border. Heading there to investigate, the Dragonair was met with an Ice Punch to the jaw. A loud crack along with the sound of ice shattering pierced through the air as an unfamiliar Ursaring leapt out of the bush where the rustling was heard. Sebastian's head was jerked to the side as he took a direct hit from the ice encased fist of the Ursaring, and he backed up slightly before turning to glare at the intruder, shaking off small fragments of ice. "Okay, then. I guess you won't agree to be quietly escorted out of the premises."
Even the currently preoccupied Lieutenant was able to hear the faint, distant sounds of an icy crash far from town, in the direction of Gilded Pass. Aquilles let out an annoyed groan and prepared to jet away once again, but not before turning his head to Astra.
"Keep the honey. Now then, let's see what terror has wrought for me to deal with this time..." And with that, Aquilles was off.

He beelined directly towards the sound that had echoed loud enough even for Aquilles to barely hear it from inside the town. He began to wonder if it was Daniel again, and as he did so, slowly became more and more irritable about the situation. Pretty soon, he spotted the familiar figure of a Dragonair, Sebastian, facing off against a particularly large, brown Pokemon. An Ursaring.

Aquilles was still a distance away, but he halted his Aqua Jet and, despite his enormous claw, continued towards them quietly. As he approached, the Clawitzer began to gather energy into his cannon-like pincer, preparing to unleash an especially powerful Aura Sphere unto the Ursaring. Being it was a Normal-type Pokemon, Aquilles' Fighting-type Aura Sphere would work wonders, not to mention his Mega Launcher drastically boosting the power of the attack, should he choose to fire it.

"Ho. Sebastian. What in Arceus' name is happening?" He called to the Dragonair, once withing hearing range.
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Sebastian was busy wrestling with the intruding Ursaring who had seemingly popped out of nowhere, and he turned his head with a bit of difficulty to glance at Aquilles, who had just arrived. "Aquilles, I'm a bit busy dealing with this intruder, if you don't mind. Don't worry about it though, I've got i--" His reply was cut short all of a sudden when the bear grabbed Sebastian by the tail, swung him around, and flung the serpentine Pokemon into a tree. The Dragonair slammed against the tree with a loud crash and got back up quite quickly, dusting himself off with his tail. "Or, you know, help out whenever you feel like it; I'm not dumb when it comes to needing help."

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Aquilles watched as Sebastian was chucked into a tree trunk by the opposing Ursaring, hardly hesitating to interfere when the Purpleheart gave the word. The moment the Ursaring's attention was on the Dragonair, and not himself, the Clawitzer loosed the Aura Sphere he had been preparing for some time. The glowing ball of pure energy was launched from his claw with a resounding foom and streaked towards the Normal-type Ursaring at blinding speeds.

The fact that Aura Sphere was already immensely effective against an Ursaring would be plenty, but adding insult to injury was Aquilles' Mega Launcher ability, which significantly empowered pulse and aura moves. Unfortunately for the Ursaring, this particular Aura Sphere flying towards it could spell defeat if landed correctly, and Aura Sphere was a move that rarely missed.
While Daniel sprinted away from Diana as quickly as he could, he picked up the sound of a violent impact against a tree happening not too long ago. He hid behind a bush near the bear having quite the brawl with some other Pokémon. He took a deep breath and shifted his body's shape in a matter of half a minute after mastering the art of changing into reptilian Pokémon with brisk speeds and pristine accuracy. He gave a light pat on his pale red stomach after a brief glimpse of his greenish body and quick check of the humidity with the use of his dark green tail.

Another deep breath was taken, as his left hand was placed on the ground for a brief moment. A pink ring surrounded his feet, as it rose up his body until it faded the moment it reached the top of his head. His body became surrounded in a light pink aura, as he started to pick up a speedy pace sooner than usual the moment he rushed towards the scene.

The gecko Pokémon stopped in his tracks the moment he picked up the sight of the same Clawitzer from before. Not wanting to get involved with the forbidding Pokémon, Daniel decided to release a small, faint green ring of restorative energy towards the Dragonair. The little Pokémon decided to rush away from the area after a vision of the Clawitzer terrorizing him until the end of days appeared a split second later.
Despite how quiet it might seem, there was always something going on on this island; one could rarely get away with having a nice stroll through Gilded Pass especially, since there always seemed to be some Pokémon who was asking for trouble around there. Today was no exception- Chervil caught the harsh rustle of a tree in her peripheral vision just as she was heading to Mirror Plane, and started to make her way over. The Commander arrived to the sight of Aquilles and Sebastian having quite the punch-up with an Ursaring. She knew Sebastian's calm nature and was sure that this Ursaring must have denied negotiation in order to be attacked, so she let her presence be known as she said, "I've got your back," as she charged up a powerful Solar Beam in case the Ursaring got any ideas.
Daniel hid behind a bush and decided to shift his body’s shape in hopes of keeping the Clawitzer off track in figuring out his identity. He took a deep breath and changed his form in about a couple of minutes. He was a small, amphibious Pokémon after taking a glance at his young, sea blue body. He tapped his orange, star-shaped gills for a brief moment while wiggling his head and tail fin to feel for the weather.

After everything in his body checked out, the baby Pokémon turned around and noticed the Commander charging up some sort of powerful move. As a result of the Clawitzer still being in the area, the young Pokémon decided to take a hurried breath and place his right hand on the ground facing towards the Serperior.

A purple orb appeared on the neonate’s right hand after raising it for a split second. The orb was directed towards the Commander, as the mystical sphere turned into a small ring the moment it reached the top of the Serperior’s head. The ring swiftly descended down the Serperior’s body until it faded away when it reached the ground. The ring would provide a modest purple aura to those in the zone of protection earlier, as it would cushion against physical blows.

He took a lengthy breath and attempted to prime as much water as he could in his mouth. A forceful stream of water was launched at the ground when the baby Pokémon jumped as high as he could! The rushed shot of water combined with the young Pokémon’s lightweight body allowed him to propel himself towards town in a matter of a few minutes.
Sleeping peacefully on a rock deep in the Gilded Pass, Vladimir was quite rudely awakened with the resounding sound of somebody getting smacked into a tree.
"Uh oh..." Vladimir said to himself. "Looks like it's another tussle."

He groaned, quite upset that his sleep was ruined, and stretched.
"It's my first day on the job, I guess I shouldn't be caught slacking."

He then carefully looked around, and plucked a tiny bamboo leaf to hold with his teeth, and with that, he began moving to the source of the noise that disrupted his slumber.
While Daniel propelled himself through the pass with his forceful stream of water, he emitted a light groan the moment he landed on a small patch of grass. It did not occur to him that even a simple move could take up quite a bit of energy after prolonged use.

His body shrunk in terror the moment he picked up the sight of a huge, panda Pokémon heading towards the area he was fleeing from. His head fin quivered for a brief moment, as he attempted to skulk past the daunting Pokémon while not realizing that he could be walking into the panda’s sight.
While absent-mindedly strolling toward the sound of the conflict, something had caught the bottom corner of Vladimir's eye. It was a very small, fragile amphibious Pokemon scurrying across. When he stopped and got a better look, he saw a very frightened expression on the young Pokemon's face. Vladimir felt guilty for scaring it in such a way.

"I'm sorry, little guy..." He whispered as gently as he could.
"I....I didn't mean to scare you like that. Please, continue on. I'll wait until you're out of sight so I don't squash you." He said.
Daniel’s heart pounded the moment he heard the panda Pokémon speaking, as he rushed towards the nearest bush. He took a deep breath and placed his right hand on the ground for a brief moment. A small ring of water surrounded his body, which would give off some much needed energy over time.

He scurried past the panda Pokémon, while hoping that a certain purpleheart was done with looking for him. He made his way through the pass and attempted to keep himself under everyone else’s radar for the time being.
Once he saw that the young Pokemon he had encountered was now a decent way into the pass, Vladimir continued on his trek toward the battle, but with a little more speed this time.

"I need to be more careful." The young Pangoro grumbled to himself.

"Purplehearts don't just protect through combat, but compassion too..."
Don was digging through his proud tunnel system. He would just relax for a bit after the commotion yesterday brought. He could barely go to sleep that night since he was excited that the ariados would be gone. He had some not so fond memories of him threatening to collapse his tunnel if he hadn't given it over. Of course the threat was hollow and nothing happen.
He went to the coolest part of the tunnel which was also his favorite. Belongings littered the pocket of earth and he was ready to take a quick nap.
When all of the sudden he heard multiple blasts above the dirt room. It must have been another conflict, great. He dug up along the walls of the dirt and peaked his head out of the soil.
In the distance, he saw a clawitzer, serperior and a dragonair fighting an ursaring. He recognized the pokemon as high ranking pokemon in the RS. The ursaring took those hit. It looked like it hurt but he couldn't see due to all of the smoke. He then decided to help them out.
He activated his ability, arena trap. That prevented pokemon who couldn't fly from fleeing. The ground around ursaring and Don started to glow.
"Get off the glowing spots!" He yelled. Hopefully they heard as huge amounts of land spiked up into the sky, which was practically insurmountable. He sighed that he managed to do it and dug away, leaving the ursaring trapped
As Mack was taking a stroll around the island, he heard a voice yell and a bunch of weird whit lights on the ground. Curious to find out what it was, he scurried over to the commotion on his little two legs. While he knew not what was happening, he knew that there would be a great opportunity to hone his skills.
When Mack finally arrived, he saw a pained ursaring and other Pokémon he had never seen before. However, before he could say a word, He realized he was stepping on a glowing panel, and a spike shot up into the air. Realizing his situation, Mack said to himself: “Shoot, I’m trapped in a glowing cage with a damaged Ursaring. Just your usual day!”.
Aquilles, meanwhile, was still engaged in the combat at hand, when multiple Purplehearts and the Commander all suddenly lept into the fray. Commander Chervil, being who she was, had a reason to be here, but the Clawitzer failed to see any reason for the others to suddenly hop in. After the Clawitzer loosed the Aura Sphere, a Diglett named Don appeared from nowhere and used Arena Trap to prevent the Ursaring from escaping... as well as Aquilles himself. The Lieutenant, quickly growing frustrated with the unnecessary interference, let out a roar of anger over the wall.
"The situation is under control! There will be no further interference with this battle by any Purpleheart, Blueblood, or citizen of the RS of any kind! The Lieutenant and Commander are more than capable of fending off this intruder!"

It wasn't in his own interest that he made this announcement. Aquilles
became the Lieutenant of the Society in order to protect it, not to allow the entire coalition of Purplehearts to fling themselves into danger willy-nilly. The Clawitzer was plenty confident that the presence of himself, Commander Chervil, and Sebastian would be sufficient to overpower the assailant. He just didn't want other Pokemon to get in the way, or put themselves in danger.
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Seeing that no other Pokémon was nearby at the moment, Daniel decided to shift his body’s shape once more after regaining some energy from the aquatic ring.

“So little doctor, what are you doing here?” Diana asked after taking swift sight of the Pokémon being her previous form.

“I- I’m just walking around, that’s all,” The little otter Pokémon replied.

“Well I find that hard to believe, because your diction is just mere fiction!” The Dewott retorted after drawing her scalchops and unsheathing the sea blue energy blades.

“L- Like I said... I’m just walking around! That’s al- Ahh!” Daniel stated in a low, feeble tone before grabbing the yellow seashell on his stomach and deflecting Diana’s sudden thrust with his energy blade!

The baby Pokémon was pushed back with a great force, as he thought, “D- Dammit! She’s gonna keep repeating herself unless if I do something now!”
"Almost there!" Vladimir grumbled to himself, as he found himself running toward the battle, causing a slight rumble on the earth and shaking the trees slightly. However, he heard a roaring voice that resounded throughout the Gilded Pass, which he could recognize from anywhere as belonging to Lieutenant Aquilles. Simply hearing the Lieutenant's booming voice made Vladimir tremble.

"He seems quite annoyed. As much as I hate it, it looks like I'm forced to sit this one out..." Vladimir said, scratching his head, frustrated and restless. He hated not being able to help the others, but it seems he had no say in the matter this time. With that, he stood in place and watched the battle from afar.
Realizing that he was in a dire situation against a extremely powerful Pokémon, Mack decided to flee the scene. However, he was met with a unexpected surprise when he was unable to leave “Shoot, Arena Trap! This doesn’t seem to be going too well..” Mack thought to himself. Seeing that the other Pokémon were starting to flee, the Torchic decided to stand his ground and fight. He began to charge up a flame charge to kiss the bear good riddance, and also raise his speed.
Don was known to be too much of a quick thinker.
"Sorry!" He shouted as he figured out of a way there. He was rash and in a way, stupid. His arena trap he couldn't fully control, when it came up it never came down. He managed to catch the deputy in there and he would imagine that he could potentially escape. He decided he could get them out with a tunnel he would dig. He went underground and collapsed the ring of earth from bellow, causing it to cave in and for everyone to exit safely and easily.
He then stopped. He was worried the deputy would be mad it him, and he hated water and water typed attacked. Still, he would brace himself if the ursaring attacked. He readied a sludge bomb just in case.
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“You say you were walking around huh? I find that hard to believe when you’ve been trying to avoid everyone today. I didn’t even see you at breakfast!” Diana asserted with a stern tone.

“You were that little baby duck with the tiny leek weren’t you?” Diana enquired while swinging her right blade in a vertical motion.

“No, I was not that Pokémon! Where’s your proof that I was that duck?” Daniel countered after rolling over on his left side to avoid the aquatic blade.

“You were like a newborn when you were that duck were you not? You could hardly even walk and I didn’t even hear you speak a single word. Perhaps you made yourself too young there?” Diana mentioned while emitting a faint giggle.

“T- that’s clearly wrong! Do I look like I can’t walk, and more importantly... do I look like a Pokémon that just hatched?” Daniel shouted in an infantile tone.

“You tell me since your body says that you spend eight hours with the nurse and the other sixteen in your crib,” Diana remarked.
Just before Mack was able to land his Flame Charge, he felt a diglett swoop him off his feet and take him underground. At this point, Mack had no idea what was going on. He felt as safe as he could feel with a diglett, until he saw that the Diglett was prepared for something, like it was about to be attacked. “Oh, I’m not gonna hurt you, you see, I was just trying to defend myself, thanks for the get away though!” Mack said sympathetically.
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The Aura Sphere launched by Aquilles landed a direct hit on the intruding Ursaring, creating a large explosion of smoke. The smoke took a while to clear, and Sebastian, his strength strangely renewed by.. something, got up rather warily and looked upon the scene. A bunch of newcomers had arrived at the fight, and it seemed that the Lieutenant was a bit annoyed by their presence. The hazy clouds of smoke finally cleared, revealing the intruder, still standing. The Ursaring roared loudly, his volume easily exceeding that of Aquilles'. Seemingly unfazed by the Aura Sphere that was supposed to do quite a lot of damage, he began to stomp the ground with his feet with huge force, creating small fissures and shaking the earth heavily. Sebastian struggled to find his "footing" as the ground shook beneath him, and he glared at the bear Pokemon, a bright aura of a silver and violet hue emanating from his serpentine figure. The Dragonair lunged at the Ursaring as he used Dragon Rush, the aura around him morphing into a dragon with wings spread out wide and mouth agape and lined with numerous fangs. Sebastian collided with the Ursaring, the collision resulting in yet another explosion of bright violet and silver light. The Dragonair backed up out of the plumes of smoke and beside Chervil and Aquilles, ready for whatever would happen.
Aquilles watched the Ursaring rise from his attack unharmed with contempt. This intruder seemed to have serious business in the Society, and the Lieutenant was not about to have it lightly. Unfazed by the Ursaring's tremor, Aquilles distanced himself a slight bit as he began to ready his next movement. Sebastian plowed into the bear Pokemon with a forceful Dragon Rush, but the Ursaring still seemed to be standing afterwards. As the Dragonair fell into line with Aquilles an Chervil, the Lieutenant lifted his smaller claw into the air and began a Swords Dance. As his pincers began to glow blue, he swung them around angrily, resulting in a massive power increase. As the Swords Dance ended, Aquilles brought his claws inward to his body, and his entire form began to emanate a red aura. The Clawitzer roared in deafening defiance to the Ursaring, preparing to end the fight as early as possible with an overwhelmingly powerful Crabhammer. He peered over at his allies and called to them. "Sebastian. Commander. Slow it down long enough for me to land a hit on 'im, and we might be able to end this battle sooner that its hoping it would. We don't want it getting close to the town."

With the combined effort of who were likely the Society's best current defenders, Aquilles had faith that they determined three would have little trouble bringing down this assailant. Sebastian was quick and full of technique. Chervil was well-trained and strategic. And Aquilles was downright powerful.

Sooner rather than later, the Society would be able to resume its leisurely activity.
Sebastian grinned and gazed upon the still conscious Ursaring, finding a new respect for the intruders. It was nice to have a challenge every now and then; some intrusions he had to stop were rather boring, in all honesty. "Aye-aye, Lieutenant." The Dragonair coiled up and relaxed his body as his form of the move Agility, therefore increasing his Speed twofold. He lunged at the Ursaring with astounding speed and wrapped his tail around the bear Pokemon's head, restricting his vision and throwing off his focus. Sebastian tightened his grip before, with much difficulty, twisted the Ursaring around and slammed his head into the ground.
Don had barely dodged some of the attacks from ursaring before and unleashed his sludge bomb before the ursaring got trapped by Sebastian. It did nothing as expected. He didn't know what to do to help, but then he had an idea. He would use a move at his own expense. His body shined a dark purple as a black ball of energy formed above his head. He fired the ball of energy at the ursaring while it was trapped by Sebastian, causing it to turn purple and its offensive stats to lower. He had unleashed memento.
The strain of using such a move caused him to sink into the underground, fainting before he hit his tunnel system.
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