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Private/Closed Warriors: From Dusk Til' Dawn(Ended)

Splashkit's blue eyes were full of fear as she padded to Duskpaw with cobwebs in her mouth, Pondpelt right behind her.
As Splashkit tried to put the cobwebs on her mother's shoulder Pondpelt nodded to Duskpaw, asking a silent request to allow him to teach the young kit.
"Hmm, why dont the cobwebs seem to be working Splashkit."
"I dont know! You're the medicine cat!"
"I know, but I'm asking you."
"But Mellowheart..... Its raining. The cobwebs dont want to stick to the wet fur." Splashkit noted. "We should take her to camp and dry her off." She finished, putting the cobwebs down. The small kit then looked at Duskpaw, almost expectantly like she wanted him to carry the she-cat. Pondpelt took a step forward to assist with carrying the queen, but stopped for the sake of the Shadowclan cat's pride.
Dewdrop padded down the tunnel and found a small clearing, rain falling through an opening in the ceiling that was mostly blocked off. Dewdrop sat, looking around at all the tunnels leading to various places.
The Medicine Cat Apprentice gently lifted the she cat, with a little difficulty since he was still only 8 moons old. They made it to the camp, a few of kits gave a few quiet mews of fear. He hung his head as he carried MellowHeart's into the Camp.
Splashkit padded alongside the ShadowClan cat an pointed her tail to the medicine cats den. "Over there is Pondpelt's den. That's where we can take Mellowheart." Proudly stated the kit despite the unknown knowledge that Duskpaw is a medicine cat and should already know the scent of herbs wafting from the den. Pondpelt fell in line next to Duskpaw after Splashkit was instructed to get poppy seeds out for when the she-cat wakes. "Bright little ball of energy that kit!" Exclaimed the grey cat. "Star clan, I can't imagine having that much energy anymore, not even in my den! However, I do think that I will have that energy in my den soon if she is still interested." Pondpelt mused, his eyes offering help if the ShadowClan cat needed it with the cream cat.
DropKit went bach to the lake, nit minding the rain. He looked at the water, mouth watering. "I'm hungry, but nothing seems easy." He looked around. He couldn't hunt, but he hated asking people, so he usually ate if someone left it, or something that died when he left territory.
Dewdrop almost felt her old excitement come back, remembering all the nights she and Thundercloud would roam around the area. She still blushed under her fer when she remembered she and Thundercloud 'mating' and having pretend kits and raising them into warriors.
She heard something coming from one of the tunnels and her neck fur bristled slightly. She was a little shocked to see Thundercloud there, dripping wet from the rain.
"Did you come here to remember too?" He asked.
"No. More like I just stumbled upon it."
"Hmm.. well... this place got me thinking..... about something I should tell you...."
The fellow young warrior sat next to her nervously. Dewdrop was a little confused.
Tell me something? He's been saying that for nearly two moons. I wish he'd just spit it out already.
Thundercloud blurted out, "Remember when we found the tunnels?"
Here we go again...
"Yes hold on PondPelt. I spied some Cobwebs near the tunnels. Let me go grab them!" He said before scampering off into the rain.

He spied two cats inside the tunnels. As he gathered the Cobwebs in dry leaves, he said quickly,"You two had better get back to your dens! I think we might get a large thunderstorm, maybe some Ice rain!" He said quickly.
DropKit tried hunting, but failed. "Man, I think I was close. I think?" He tarted thinking about food, making his mouth water. The rin didn't make it better. He was cold, and it made him Uncomfortable. He thought aBout going to the nursery, but shok his head. He hated being around a larger group of cats, so he started walking away from the lake.
Pondpelt took the cream She-cat and walked the rest of the way to the medicine cat's den. Once he set down Mellowheart he double checked the herbs that Splashkit had brought out. "Hmm, good thinking to bring marigold, her wound may become infected. Also, I do believe these are not poppy seeds." Noted Pondpelt as he pushed grass seeds away from the small bed of grass that was made for the cream cat. 'I really need to clean out my den, if poppy seeds can be mixed with grass seeds!' Thought the angry medicine cat as he watched Splashkit scamper back into the storage.
DropKit couldn't take it, he needed to get out of the rain. He found a bushy tree. He yawned, but after a while, looked for a better place. he saw an amazing thing, a tunnel. It seemed that there we're other cats there. He didn't caare as long as they didn't acknoledge him.
Dewdrop heard something and her ears perked.
"Did you hear that?"
"Hear what?" Thundercloud asked.
"Just now, I thought I heard something in the tunnels."
"Probably just a loose rock or something."
Dewdrop shrugged.
"I suppose."
He laid down and sighed softly. "Well will that rail let up?" He said, eyes closed. Something fell on his tail and yelp due to bring surprised. It was a rock. "Spooky." He looked around. "Im tired, but I have o stay up." He tried to stay awake.
Rugo gave a slight look of alarm, but shook it away. He motioned for her to follow, and they ran through the forest as it rained. Twilightheart blended in perfectly, whilst Rugo's white and black pelt stuck out like a sore paw. As they ran, Twilightheart retrieved the herbs and they made it safely back to ThunderClan camp.
Dewdrop and Thundercloud had definitely heard talking now.
"Um... who's there?" Dewdrop asked, approaching the tunnel.
"We mean no harm, you can come out."
The voice had sounded like a kit, but what would a kit be doing out in the rain, out of Clan camp for that matter?
Thunder echoed. The water filled the streams and lakes as it crashed down heavily.

The ShadowClan Cat raced through the tunnel and slammed into Thundercloud by mistake, as he was Racing back to the RiverClan camp so he could help MellowHeart. "S-sorry!" He stammered as he sat up quickly.
DropKit came out slowly after hearing other voices. "Im sorry, i can leave if you want to me go." He said, noticing the third cat and scrambling to hide out of fear. He curled up and shivered.
Splashkit finally brought her mother the right herbs. The small kit was worried about the ShadowClan Medicine cat, who had never really introduced himself to her. "I'm going out to find Dropkit and the ShadowClan cat." She announced before dashing outside into the rain.
"Oh no you don't." Grumbled Pondpelt as he reached for the kit. Unfortunately due to his messy den, he stumbled on a stray root and lost the kit in the rain.

Splashkit heard voices nearby. The ShadowClan scent was in the air, with Dropkit and... Another? Who was there? She entered the tunnel and gave a small growl. "Who goes there! If you attack the ShadowClan cat or Dropkit, I'll tear you to shreds!" Splashkit yowled with bravery but her mew trembled with fear. The kit, no matter what you may have thought, hates to fight and has no interest in hurting other cats.
"Hey, I can....Ow." he hit his head on the top of a small hole on the wall he came of of. "they won't hut, they are just sharing a love moment, exept for te Shadowclan cat, he just appeared. I didn't pay attention." His stomach growled and he growled back. "I get it, your hungry, let the rain settle down." He said like if to we're another cat. "What are you doing here though?"
"What am I? Dropkit, shouldn't you be back at camp? Pondpelt won't be happy having two sick kits to take care of. Also, I'm here to make sure the ShadowClan cat is going to come back. I was looking for you too! Come on! Besides, you don't want to be sick for my apprentice ceremony, right? It's tomorrow! When are you getting yours?" Splashkit looked so confused.
"I......don't know." He said, embarrassed. He shook his head. "And i am not going back to Dee the other Catd, I don't like having multiple people around me, in fact, I'm leaving." He sprinted to the door.
The ShadowClan Apprentice came back with a bundle of herbs wrapped in a casing of cobwebs. "Here I found as many as I could." He said bringing the bundle to SplashKit. His his back paw had a slight limp to it as he walked.
Splashkit eagerly took the herbs. "Thank you!" She meowed through a mouthful of herbs. The tiny kit looked at the Shadowclan cat's paw before dashing back to camp.

Pondpelt sighed with relief as the kit ran though the den entrance. "Ok, give me the herbs please." He stated taking the herbs anyway. Soon enough the herbs were applied and Mellowheart was on her way to recovery.

At sunrise the next morning the Riverclan leader stood upon the high rock, looking down on his clan. Splashkit was being washed reluctantly by Lakefur who was Mellowheart's sister.
The ShadowClan cat watched as she left, before scampering back to his own territory staying out of the rain as much as possible. He made it back to CrowFeathers den, who was the medicine cat for ShadowClan. The Apprentice den was full, and CrowFeather didn't seem to mind company so the she cat let him sleep in her den. DuskPaw fell asleep as soon as he curled up next his mentor as the rain poured gently outside.

DuskPaw blinked rapidly as he awakened to the sound of rain, pattering outside the den entrance. It had been months since it had last rained, and he hadn't ever seen it before. He also scented a squirrel outside the den as well. Famished, The Aprrentice crept outside and stalked the creature before snapping its neck quickly. He gorged himself on the furry creature before shivering as he crept back into the den, now with a full belly. CrowFeathers warmth radiated out to him, and he drifted of into a light sleep.
((Do the leaders have set out names? Or can we make it up? I'll edit my post if you tell me there is a specified name.))

"Cats of Riverclan, it is time for me to take on an apprentice. Your next medicine cat will be Splashkit" Pondpelt's voice echoed through the camp.

"Splashkit do you accept the post of apprentice to Pondpelt?" Marshstar boomed from his post high above the other cats.

"I do." Splashkit answered quite feebly at the thought of taking on this responsibility.

"Then at the half-moon, you must travel to Mothermouth (or Moonpool) to be accepted by StarClan before the other medicine cats. The good wishes of all Riverclan will go with you." Marshstar bounded down from his rock to give a small lick on the new apprentices head before turning to Pondpelt. "I do believe in a sun or two, the half-moon will be out. You must go then. The six moon old kit here will die of anxiety!" Mused the leader as he padded to his den.

Splashkit stood in the clearing, not knowing quite what to do now.
((Your fine.))

The midnight colored cat watched from the edge of the clearing. He smiled at the thought of when he had made his trip to ShadowPond (MoonPool). He stood up and started to head back towards ShadowClan. He heard a twig snap and was alarmed when he spun around to find a Red Fox growling at him. The Orange beast pinned him down brutally as the Cat cuffed it around the side of the muzzle claws unsheathed.
Splashkit heard scuffling and smelled a fox. "Fox! Help! There is a Fox I can smell it!" She mewed urgently, running into the warrior's den, hoping to find someone that would help her. The small kit jumped with anxiety, upset that no one could hear the loud noises from the obvious fight. Splashkit silently sneaked through the undergrowth trying to find out who the fox was fighting. All she saw was a mess of red-orange and the sound of screeching.
DuskPaw yolwed and clawed the Fox right on the nose. It squealed in pain and lashed out, knocking the cat uncoiuncious. The fox quickly recovered and padded over to eat his now, easy, meal.
Splashkit didn't know who the one who was being attacked was, but she wanted to help before she witnessed something she probably shouldn't see. The tiny kit gave a small yowl as she dashed out of the bush and clawed at the fox. Unfortunate for her, the act probably turned the fox's attention to her.

Pondpelt found himself frantically searching for his to-be apprentice. "Splashkit! Where are you?" The old medicine cat picked up the tiny kit's scent trail. The kit was obviously scared, for her scent was laced with fear and anxiety. And something else... Determination? Pondpelt heard a few other cats, Treepaw and his mentor Berrytail. She was followed by Green-eye and his apprentice Dustpaw. Now the obvious leader of the attack group, Pondpelt flicked his tail to signal for his small team to tread lightly as he approached the sight of the fox.
The Fox merely ignored the kits yowling and moved in for the kill. His nose twitched as he scented the attack group. He hissed violently, before backing off into the underbrush.

DuskPaw was still laying there, his back paw bleeding profusely.
Splashkit dashed to Duskpaw and her eyes widened. "But, but, he's a medicine cat! He can't get hurt!" She mewed. Quickly she gathered up cobwebs and placed the, on the bleeding paw, unsure if that would be effective.

Pondpelt leaped though the undergrowth and his eyes widened at the sight as well. "My Duskpaw, that would not be the most health situation." He commented as he helped the young kit apply cobwebs while also giving her instructions.
The black cat stirred a little proving he was still alive. But due to his knocked out state, he could do little to help. The cobwebs seemed to stope the bleeding greatly. His breathing steadied as well. Eventually he gained a little concousnios. He blinked his blurry eyes rapidly, as he tried to make out his surrondings.
"Great Starclan, how in the name of Silverpelt did you manage to survive a fox attack by yourself?" Exclaimed Pondpelt, who was currently in shock. "Not even a group of cats could survive a hungry fox attack, much less a medicine cat and a foolish kit!" He growled, turning to Splashkit who's ears were drooping in shame.

Splashkit was a very lucky kit. And she knew it too. The blue eyed tabby felt very ashamed of herself, but a sense of pride and relief coursed though her. She had saved her first cat! Plus, she saw a fox face to face as a kit and lived to tell the tale.
When Twilightheart and Rugo got back, they told Firestar that they had scented dog. In response, Firestar sent a search party to find the dog; Twilightheart and Rugo, his two strongest warriors. They followed the scent, finding the beagal in a den-like hole with cats.
DuskPaw, or DuskFeather now, as he had been made a Medicine cat officially, while CrowFeather was having kits, stirred a little in his unconscious state. His brain felt cloudy and sluggish as his eyes opened. When he saw all the other cats he grew confused.

"Where in . . . StarClan am I?" He asked slowly, slurring his words a little.
"Duskpaw you're in Riverclan's Forest."
"Dusk feather. He's a full medicine cat now Splashkit."
"I'm sorry Duskfeather!"

Splashkit nudged the ShadowClan cat with her nose, trying to decide if he injured his head or not. "Pondpelt, I think he's ok." She reported, moving to allow Pondpelt to give a closer inspection.
The Midnight colored cat flicked his tail as he stood, his right fore paw tucked to his belly fur.
"I'm truly sorry but I think CrowFeather needs help in the nursery with her kits. I'll see you around, SplashBreeze..." He said hobbling off.
"Splash....what?" Splashkit turned to Pondpelt with confusion written all over her face. "But... Are you ok?" She added when Duskfeather started to leave.

"Splashkit, he is a medicine cat. He would know if he would to be injured." Pondpelt responded. 'Why Splashbreeze?' He wondered as he sat down. "Well, time for you to get sleep before your meeting with Starclan tonight at the moonpool." Pondpelt informed as Splashkit's eyes lit up like fireworks.
DuskFeather hobbled into the nursery. After a few minutes of intense silence, CrowFeather gave birth to a All grey Kit, and a darker brown kit.

"This is DoveKit, and MouseKit." She said softly as she pulled the kits closer to her. DuskFeather helped neaten the nursery a bit more, by fluffing Up CrowFeathers nest. He Also made a nest for MoonTail, beside his mate and his Kits.

They thanked him warmly, before he set off too his now lonely nest. He curled upon CrowFeathers old nest, before falling asleep.
(This character will be Raven, my main roleplay character, but she will be more realistic; no wings or spells c: )

Nightraven, a pitch black she cat with bright blue eyes and a scar over her left eye, wandered around the ShadowClan camp. She seemed quite tired and she soon wandered into the Warriors den. She is blind in her left eye due to the scar, but that didn't stop her from being powerful. She curled up in her nest and looked around at the other warriors; she was only two moons into being a full warrior of ShadowClan. She soon drifted off into sleep.
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The Medicine cat poked his head out of the entrance of his den. The ShadowClan Village was settlin down for the night. He made sure the Elders were in the Elders den, and that CrowFeather was ok in the Nursery. Yes there was other cats in he nursery, but he wanted to be sure, she was his mentor after all. After he was content that everything was fine, he curled up in his den.