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Private/Closed Warriors: From Dusk Til' Dawn(Ended)

Nightraven had an odd dream; she didn't know why or how, but she was in a forest of which was pitch black, the ground spattered with blood. She shuddered as she saw a river of which was blood red and the scent of blood and death lingered in the air. She padded through the forest slowly. She heard yowling and hissing around her and she thought she heard something chasing her, and so she picked up the pace; she trotted away but the trot soon picked up into a run. She fell into a river of blood of which took her downstream. She couldn't make her way to the surface; she just kept sinking and soon, she couldn't see anything.

She woke up in the middle of the night, quietly gasping to breathe and she felt heavy with that thick water, of which just happened to be blood. She shuddered and tried to sleep again, hoping she wouldn't have the same dream again. She couldn't sleep, but she just relaxed so it looked as if she were sleeping. What was with that dream? she thought in horror. She didn't want to tell anyone, not even her closest friend for she feared they'd think she was crazy or think she should be a medicine cat, even though she's already chosen the path of a warrior from the start.
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Twilightheart and Rugo gave up their search for the dog. They reported back then decided to visit Shadowclan. As they padded along, Rugo smiled at Twilightheart. She playfully batted at his ear then ran ahead, stopping at the enterance to the camp.
Nightraven's ears perked up as she heard the two cats; she had excellent hearing, an excellent sense of smell, but not great eyesight. She slowly walked out of her den, keeping herself low to the ground, her ears pinned back. Her black fur blended in well with the dark of night. She slowly padded to the entrance of the camp, keeping low the whole time.
Rugo padded over to Twilightheart and nuzzles her, who was sitting down and purring. "So, I guess we wait until a cat comes to the entrance?" Twilightheart asked. Rugs nodded and mewed, "Don't want to alarm them." He sniffed the air, smelling Nightraven.
Nightraven knew she had her scent caught, so she stood up and walked towards the entrance. "Welcome to ShadowClan territory. What is it you wish to do?" She asked, her voice gentle.
The Midnight colored cat woke up to the the Smell of Thunder clan cats. He stretched and walked to the Entrance of the Forrested clan. "Hello There." He said touching noses with TwilightHeart, and Rugo respectfully.
Twilightheart answers before Rugo could respond, "We just came to share tongues, ease any tension between our clans." She purred, looking at Nightraven. When she looked at her, the fur along her spine prickled. Her eyes filled with memories.
She purred, calming down when the other shadow clan cat touched noses with her. Rugo purred as well.
Nightraven looked at Twilightheart and Rugo, her eyes bright in the dark. She seemed shocked and nervous at the presence of Thunderclan cats, but she soon took it easy and calmed down. She touched noses with Rugo and Twilightheart. (Eh, Google has decided to be an arse without reason xD responding to things may take a lot of time.)
Twilightheart glanced at Nightraven, eyes full of recognition. Rugo purred, "May we come in your camp?" [ish ok I take forever to type] Twilightheart nodded in agreement, tail wagging slowly.
"I think it would be okay, but some others may think it wouldn't." Nightraven mewed. Nightraven looked around nervously and glanced at the leaders den, and she became nervous.
"All, is well friends." He said smiling, his tail flicking gently. He looked over at NightRaven. "Hey, how's your eye doing?" He said curiously.
Twilightheart tore her gaze from Nightraven and starred at her paws. "Thank you," she purred, standing up and smiling at the two Shadowclan cats. "I am Twilightheart, a warrior of Thunderclan. This is Rugo, the deputy."
"It has been doing fine lately. Still blind but I dont think there is any sort of infection." Nightraven responded gently. (Do you mind if I add another character? Its okay if not cx ) "Well, you can do so." Nightraven mewed gently to Twilightheart. Nightraven nuzzled Twilightheart. "Dont worry."
(It's fine.)

"I'm sure BlackStar wouldn't mind." The Medicine Cat mewed. He looked over at NightRaven. "Ok, just let me know if it bothers you at all." He said affectionately.

DuskFeather sat down slowly.
Twilightheart purred, and Rugo got up. Twilightheart gestured for the two to go first out of respect. Rugo nuzzled Twilightheart, who purred and playfully bit his ear.
Nightraven trotted back to the warriors den. A black tom with bright amber eyes watched Twilightheart and Rugo closely, his eyes narrowing. Nightraven saw the black tom. "Blackecho, what in StarClan are you doing? They are visitors and they have come for peace!" Nightraven hissed quietly at the black tom. Blackecho snorted in distrust and padded away. He was a senior warrior of Shadowclan.
Rugo padded to the warrior den and began sharing tongues with the Tom warriors, whilst Twilightheart talked to the she-cat warriors, and a few toms. Rugo was telling a story of a battle against a badger, whilst Twilightheart was telling of how she and Rugo met.
Pondpelt ignored the jumping kit as he trekked through the marshy grounds of ShadowClan. "Splashkit, please get your energy out now, before you meet the other Medicine Cats later on tonight." He instructed. So many fresh herbs caught the Riverclan medicine cat's eyes but the grey furred cat did not want to forge tension between the clans. The scents of both Thunderclan and ShadowClan were emitting from the camp. Just out of curiosity Pondpelt took a detour. Besides, they still have to go through Thunderclan territory. As he arrived in camp Pondpelt sat down next to Duskfeather. "Will you be attending the Moonpool meeting tonight?" He asked, hoping that he could discuss the dreams he had been having.
Nightraven saw the Riverclan cats and purred gently. "It seems we have some more visitors." She mewed, her voice betraying her kindness. Blackecho glared at the RiverClan cats. "Why are you here?!" He growled. Nightraven hissed at Blackecho. "They are on their way to share tongues with StarClan you fool! What else would you think?" She growled at Blackecho. Blackecho snorted and glanced at the ThunderClan cats. "Can't they just leave?" He growled. Nightraven glared at Blackecho. "They dont mean any harm, mouse-brain! Just leave them be so no fights are started!" She growled at Blackecho who padded away.
Twilightheart purred as she spoke, as if reliving her story. "When he came from life as a kittypet, we were both just kits. He was always the silent type, and his voice was and still is deep. I always pestered him when we were apprentices, but he was to set on being a warrior. He became a warrior before me, and because of his strength, deputy. When I became a warrior, i was mangled by eight foxes two days after my ceremony. I survived, of course, but barely. He offered to help the medicine cat. After that, he was slightly protective and suggested I stay in camp. I finally convinced him to go on a patrol with me, where he confessed he loves me. I told him I loved him back, and he was so happy. Then, a fox attacked. We killed it, but Rugo held on to his life because he tried to protect me. After he healed, we became mates." She smiled, finishing. She waited for questions, which she was soon pestered with.
"Woah, you fought eight foxes!" Splashkit gasped in awe as she climbed onto the Thunderclan she-cats fur. "I saw one a sunrise ago or so. I even attacked it." She boasted pridefully, deciding to leave out the part that Pondpelt came to scare off the fox. "I'm going to be the best medicine cat ever! I'm going to see Starclan tonight!" Splashkit mewed excitedly, still tumbling all over the she-cat.
Twilightheart purred, "I did indeed! You are a strong kit! I'm sure you'll be an amazing medicine cat." She tossed a nervous glance at Blackecho, unsure how long they would be welcome.
"Good luck on your way! May StarClan be with you." Nightraven purred gently. She touched noses with Splashkit. "I'm sure you will be a great medicine cat. But it'll be a tough path to take, young one." She mewed respectfully.
Twilight heart purred in thanks and continued answering questions. One she-cat asked, "When are you two having kits?" Twilightheart blushes slightly, looking away. "I'm not sure the deputy of my clan would want my kits!" She stammered, "Even if he's my mate! We both had our share of horrible parents."
"I know." Mewed Splaskhkit innocently as she hopped off of the Thunderclan cat. "I'm Splaskit, and that is Pondpelt. Mellowheart Is at camp still but she wanted to go with me." The water-blue eyed kit looked straight up at Nightraven. "Who are you and how did you get your names?" The tiny brown tabby mewed, trying to spark conversation.
"I am Nightraven of Shadowclan. I got my name because my original name was Raven, I was a loner at the time, but I found my way into Shadowclan. The first part of my warrior name is due to my fur being as black as night. Blackecho, the grouchy one, got his name due to his black fur but the last part is unknown." Nightraven mewed gently.
Nightraven tilted her head. "I do? Is it because of the scar? I got that when I was fighting off a dog when I was only a kit." Nightraven mewed nervously.
"Oh. Cool! Well, Mellowheart always said she like my big blue eyes. But the main reason she says is that when I was born there was a leak in the den, so there was a puddle on the floor. Mellowheart said that somehow I scrambled over to that puddle and made a big Splash! That's why she says she named me Splashkit." She mewed. Splashkit turned her head to the side when the Thunderclan cat came up. "Splashkit! We need to get going!" Pondpelt called.
Nightraven touched noses with both Pondpelt and Splashkit. "Good luck on your journey. Hopefully you dont come across anything that wants to harm you. May StarClan go with you." Nightraven mewed gently.
Twilightheart shook her head. "No. You just..... I don't know. You look oddly like me, in a way. Black fur, blue eyes. But.... I just can't pinpoint it...."
Twilightheart sat down, washing Nightraven's back. She thought about her past, trying to fit if this she-cat was in her life like the last puzzle piece. Rugo was telling some toms the story of his first kill, a bird from when he was a kit and climbed a tree, escaping the camp.
Nightraven thought about her past aswell, but she could barely remember anything. All she could remember is that she was nearly killed by a pack of dogs, but her family was also killed.
Nightraven purred and touched noses to Rugo. "Well, hello there. I hear you love Twilightheart! Heheh, I wonder what the kits would be named!" She teased.
The two of them blushed gently, looking at each other. Rugo purred happily, "Of course I love her. She's my mate, after all." Twilightheart purred and nuzzled him. "I'm betting you'll be a better father than mine."
"You'll be a better mother than my horrible mother."