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Private/Closed Warriors: From Dusk Til' Dawn(Ended)

Nightraven padded quickly and out of the camp, not realizing where she was going. She accidentally crossed the border to ThunderClan without noticing. Her ears were pinned back and her eyes were wide in terror.
Twilightheart's fur smoothed. "Nightraven?" She asked in surprise. She got off her, pinning ears back in shame. "My night-vision isn't very good, I'm sorry," she mewed.
Nightraven got up slowly. "Its okay. We all make mistakes sometimes. But it was good of you to do that, because I crossed the border." She mewed.
Dropkit, now covered in mud, saw the tworld cats and backed backed away loudly. "More cats, can't I just be alone? Later in life, I want to be strong. I can't do that running."
Twilightheart purred at the sight of Dropkit. "I came out because I had a nightmare," she informed Nightraven, pinning her ears back. It felt so real, it felt like she still had water in her nose.
Twilightheart pinned her ears back in horror. "That's odd..... I ha a dream where I drowned too, but not on blood," she mewed fearfully, telling Nightraven her dream.
He tried biting Twilightheart, but his jaw wasn't strong. "I'm sorry." He put his head down. "But, I need.......I can hear one." His mouth watered and he looked around exitedly. He had no idea he was hallucinating the sounds.
Nightraven shuddered. "That must've been terrifying..." She mewed, her voice quite shaky. Nightraven looked down at Dropkit and nuzzled him. "Which clan do you belong to, young kit?" She asked.
"Um......i dont think any, I ran away a long time ago. Idon't dontlike being in groups. " he replied, shakily. "and now I'm hunting, or at least, trying to hunt. I haven't been really successful."
"That's because you weren't trained to hunt...if you dont go back to your clan,you'll die of starvation....you need training......maybe me and Twilightheart could train you and then you might just become the best hunter the four Clans have ever seen!" Nightraven mewed gently
Twilightheart nodded slowly and sadly, looking at the stars. "A kit doesn't deserve being alone," she mewed gently. She watched as a shooting star went by, her whiskers quivering. She looked back at Dropkit. "Yes! I haven't had an apprentice yet," she mewed happily.
"R-Realy?" He looked at them in awe. "But, training someone who isn't educated in anything is hard, and......" He looked shaky. "I'm gonna go talk to the....ow." He fell over. "I havent slept in two days. Or eaten, but I can find water easily. I'm..... " he shut up and started to close he eyes.
Nightraven had made a nest in FourTrees for Dropkit. When she was done with doing so, she returned to the ShadowClan camp and slept in the Warriors den.
The Cat watched Night Raven go to her den, and shook his head briefly, before taking a small vole from the fresh Kill pile, before trudging off to his den. He ate the vole in silence.
Nightraven finally had a calm dream; she was running through the forest with a cat. But when she looked at it, it wasnt there. The dream, of course, became terrifying as the cat was killed right before her eyes. She didnt even know them, yet she felt heartbroken at the sight. She soon couldnt see anything and woke up, terrified.
DuskFeather heard a Shriek in the camp, and sat up Immediately. He sprinted off too the Warriors Den, where the sound had come from. There he saw NightRaven, who was clearly worked up over something: "Are you feeling Ok NightRaven?" He asked concernedly.
"Mostly. I have been having these terrifying dreams lately." She explained all of the dreams she has had. "For some reason, they're all...dark....Do you think its a sign from StarClan?" She asked worriedly.
"Maybe, well, er..." He said staring at her before looking away and padding out side. He quickly ran into the forest. Once he knew he was hidden, he sighed insuse the bush.

"That's what you get for trying to Talk to her. No she is gonna think your a mouse-brain... Uh stupid, Stupid Stupid..." He muttered, completely unaware of listening ears.
DropKit Woke up groggily. "T-They left me? in a place so scary? This is what I get for trusting cats." He stood up, still Shaking. He shook his head. "No, I will go ahead and train myself." closed closedhis eyes and tried to think. "I can make some kind of trap. Catch food." he said, before Thinking again. "No, I'll make this my base. All shall fall if they come nehey mess with me!" He said, way too over confident.
"Splashkit, will you use your powers given to you to heal your clanmates, even at the cost of your life?"

"I do."

"Then let's us welcome you. Splashpaw!" Leafdew called as the other Starclan members joined her. Leafdew was the medicine cat when Pondpelt was born and the old medicine cat watched as his former mentor call his apprentice's name out pridefully. Part of him wanted to run over and dig his nose into the comforting fur of Leafdew, but the other part knew that it was Splashpaw's time.
After relaxing, Nighraven padded out of the Warriors den and out of the camp, looking around. Maybe I should check on Dropkit...I shouldn't have left him at FourTrees! Nightraven thought quickly. She looked around to see if anyone was watching, then she charged in the direction of FourTrees.
Twilightheart ran into the clearing as the Fourtrees as fast as she could, tumbling down the hill. She came to a stop on her back. "That's what I get for running here half asleep!" She joked, standing up. She shook of her fur, smiling at Dropkit.
Twilightheart purred at the sight of Nightraven. "Good morning," she greeted, her whiskers trembling in happiness. [did you know cats make an odd 'chirping' sound when they see prey? 0.o]
"I am the might of theme DropClan?" he thought. "Oh hello." He said with bored eyes. "I keep hearing things, like voices. Is that normal?" He starting thinking. "I remember when SplashKit said something about becoming an apprentice. She asked if I would be there, what does it take to be an apprentice?"
(Yeah xD I own one and she sounds like a cat making an impression of a goat whenever she sees a fly.)
Nightraven purred and touched noses with Twilightheart. "Good morning. How is it going in ThunderClan?" Nightraven asked gently.
Nightraven became nervous when Dropkit said he hears voices in his head. "That's not normal..." She mewed in terror.
Twilightheart looked at Dropkit. "Voices?!" She meowed in alarm. "Dark dreams?" She asked, looking at Nightraven. "Hm. Seems we are all having odd problems."