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Private/Closed Warriors: From Dusk Til' Dawn(Ended)

Twilightheart's eyes softened. "I was the only kit in my litter that survived. The rest didn't make it past two moons. I was weak and small, my mother afraid I wouldn't make it. I did, and I grew strong. My father left us," she snarled at the mention of her father, pinning her ears back, "when I became an apprentice, to be a kittypet! My mother..... She had long, white fur. She saved me from drowning, but her long fur dragged her down, and......"
Twilightheart purred in thanks. Rugo mewed quietly, "My mother attacked me for no reason, so I left my kittypet life. I joined Thunderclan, and.... I've loved it more than I imagined."
Rugo purred, happy to have friends, for he was shy. The only cat he talked to was either the leader and Twilightheart. Twilightheart was a talkative cat, always telling stories and jokes.
Nightraven was usually shy, silent and wandered alone. She made very few friends until she joined ShadowClan. She fought hard and strong for her Clan and would give her life away to save a friend of hers. She would do anything for her clan and friends.
The Medicicne cat smiled and conversation with Twilight, before giving NightRaven a wayward glance, before returning his gaze back to TwilightHeart rather quickly, as if he was trying to hide something. His pelt barely moved as he talked.
Rugo looked up at the sky. "I guess we should leave," he mewed. Twilightheart's tail drooped. "Don't worry, there is a Gathering soon," he mewed in reassurance.
DuskFeather seemed to notice the glare, and his gaze immediately snapped away from NightRaven. The Medicine Cat pushed aside his feelings. "May StarClan light your way." He said smiling.
Nightraven touched noses with the two Thunderclan cats. "Good luck on your way back...may Starclan go with you." She mewed. She soon looked at Blackecho. "Learn to respect others. You shouldnt glare at anyone...unless you know for sure they are enemies. Glaring at them for no reason is not a good thing to do, unless you want to start fights..." She hissed at Blackecho. Blackecho mocked Nightraven quietly and padded away.
Twilightheart purred in thanks, then the two cats padded out of camp and began sprinting back towards camp. They stopped at the Thunderpath, which was very busy.
DuskFeather looked back at NightRaven quickly before heading towards the Elders Den. After he was done assessing the Elders, he scampered back to his den. Something was nagging him in the back of his head.
Nightraven nodded. "I see..." She mewed reepectfully. "You can come by at anytime." Nightraven soon sat in her nest, seeming slightly tired but she pushed that aside. She began to think of what she would do today. Maybe go out on a few patrols...possibly go hunting...Nightraven thought.
DropKit, (I lost all track of him, I'm sorry.) Was in a field, trying to get food. He didn't care about the Clan territories, he didn't even consider him to be part of a clan anymore anyway, since he wasn't going back. Since when he left the cave, he was a bit taller. More mature and informed. Yet, he still couldn't hunt.
Twilightheart and Rugo exchanged nervous glances, unable to cross the Thunderpath. When there were no Monsters, they ran across, making it safely to the other side.
Nightraven began to groom herself and soon padded out of her den, sunning herself for a quick moment. She decided to go hunting on her own and so she ran outside of the camp.
DropKit gave up. His stomach growled. "Grass?" He tried eating grass, but he spit it out. "Ew. There has to be something better." He told himself. He started humming. He heard something that wasn't small enough to him to defeat, so he just stood still. "Please......pass."
Nightraven saw a mouse and soon dropped into the hunters crouch. She stalked it for a moment and then she launched at it, dispatching it with a quick bite to the face. She saw a squirrel and a bird and caught them both, bringing the prey to the camp and putting it onto the fresh-kill pile.
The sound stopped and he sighed, trying to run. He didn't realized how loud he was being. He tripped over a rock, which scared him even more. "Don't kill me?" He said to the nothingness.
Nightraven picked out a piece of fresh-kill and sat in one of the corners of the camp, eating silently. When she finished she groomed herself and decided to lie down in the shade of a tree.
Nightraven soon curled up in her nest for a while and rested there. She watched as some Clan cats were walking around doing all kinds of things; feeding themselves, ordering patrols, grooming, sunning, playing and much more. She was one of the only ShadowClan cats to be resting in their dens.
Twilightheart awoke with a yowl of fear. This made Rugo jump, looking at her with concern. "Are you ok?" He asked gently. Twilightheart shook herself. "Just a nightmare," she assured him.
Nightraven soon fell asleep. She had the same dream as last time and she woke up in fear. This must be a sign from StarClan Nightraven thought nervously. But what does it mean?
Rugo, who is persistent, asked, "What of?" Twilightheart laid her head on Rugo's side. "I..... Reliving my father leaving and my mother's death," she mewed, on the verge of tears. Rugo purred and wrapped his tail around hers, trying to calm her.
Twilightheart fell asleep again, this time a good dream. She was running through the forest, as a kitten, another black kitten running by her. She smiled to the cat, who playfully turned and tackles her.
Nightraven came back to the camp with a few birds, mice and squirrels, all of them thin but better than nothing. She stretched, tired and soon padded to the warriors den, falling asleep.
The dream turned bad, though. Soon her paws felt wet, and she noticed the forest was flooding. Her worst fear, besides fire. She yowled for help, but being a small kitten couldn't keep her head up. She sank slowly.

She awoke, breathing heavily.
She had a dream of which she was running through the forest, cats yowling and hissing. She shuddered and she came across a river of blood with a few stones. She leapt on one of the stones but it gave way and she sunk into the water. She broke to the surface only to realize they werent stones...they were cats. Dead, mangled cats. With a shriek of fear she tried to pull herself out of the river...but couldnt. She woke up, terrified.
Twilightheart got up without waking Rugo up, who was a heavy sleeper. She went on a patrol in her own, along the ShadowClan border. She looked up at the stars as she walked, silent.
Nightraven padded out of the den and sat in the middle of the clearing shaking. She saw a puddle of water and looked into it, and she blinked. Everything went black and the puddle turned to blood. She looked around the camp of which was covered with blood. She looked at herself and yowled in fear as she had a missing paw. She closed her eyes and opened them again, everything returning to normal.
Twilightheart's ears perked and she stopped, hearing the yowl. She sniffed the air, smelling fear. She wanted to follow it but didn't dare risk setting paw in a different Clan's territory at night.