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Ask to Join Kickin’ it Kanto Style

Amelia stopped right in front of the gym door, skidding a bit when she heard someone talking to her. She turned around to see a boy who had introduced himself to the two other trainers.

“Amelia, nice to meet ya!” She said, smiling at the newcomer, “This is Fushi, my Bulbasaur.”

Fushi raised a stubby leg in greeting and let out a tiny chirrup.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward registered himself in Trent’s Holo caster. “Alright. All set up and ready to go. I guess, if it’s fine with you two. Can me and Oliver come along with you guys. We’re just really traveling the regions.” Edward asked Trent and explained a little bit.

Oliver looked over at Alice. “Oh! I forgot to mention that Orion has another form but it’s shield’s down ability needs to activate first. If I may have some assistance Alice? Can you use your clauncher and attack Orion so I can show what it looks like?” Oliver politely asked Alice.
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Finn began to smile really big at the bulbasaur, before crouching down to get a better look at it. “Your so cute!” Finn began patting the top of Fushi’s head. “Oh! I should show you my starter.” He grabs a Pokéball and tosses it next to him. Char hops out of his ball and looks at his trainer. “Hey, Char meet Fushi.” Char happily wags his tail while waving at Fushi.
"And I, Elliot, but you can just call me Eli, and this is Ace!"

Elliot sent out his own Pokemon, a small Riolu that stretched a bit towards Finn, walking towards the other two Pokemon waving his paws at the Charmander and Bulbasaur.

"Me and Amelia were on our way to challenge the gym!"
“That’s the exact same reason I’m here.”Finn stood up straight and began to look at the gym in pure excitement. “This is gonna be where it starts.” Char began to walk around Ace and sniff him. “Charmander!” Char began to pat Aces shoulder happily.
"Trent, I don't think I'll need you. It's just a trip to the- wait a minute. Minior has another form!?" Said Alice. "Cherry, wouldja mind?" the Clauncher nodded before it hopped off Alice's shoulder. "Cherry! Use Water Gun!" Said Alice. Cherry opened her large claw before a bullet of Water shot out at the Minior and broke the rocky shell around it. Alice pulled out her notebook, and pulled out a pencil. "This is gonna look so cool!" Said Alice.
"Uh huh, sure," Trent said with a bit of sarcasm after Alice's attention suddenly shifted. Even if it weren't him, the new trainer seems like she certainly will need someone to keep her in line and out of trouble during her journey.

Trent turned back to Edward and put away his Holo Caster. He then heard Edward ask if he and Oliver could tag along on his journey, which once again left him a bit surprised. "What? I mean...I'm fine with it," he answered, "But I don't really have a concrete destination or goal here. I'm just traveling about as well. Though I don't know about her." He looked over at Alice as he said that last part.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Orion’s shell started to break due to the water gun. The four big pieces of his shell fell revealing a blue Minior underneath the shell. “This is the core form of Minior. What you saw before was the Meteor form.” Oliver began to explain. “That’s not all though. There are eight total colors of Minior. All the colors of the rainbow and a light blue one. The shiny is a black Minior with different colored aspects built into the actual core.” Oliver explained a little bit more with excitement.

Edward nodded. “Yeah. We don’t really have a goal in mind either. Me and Oliver are just exploring the region. Oliver may be interested to see what Pokémon there are, but either than that. No goals really in mind for us.” Edward explained to Trent, then turned over to Alice. “Do you want to come with us?” Edward asked Alice.
"Oh my gosh! Orion is soo cute!" She said petting the star pokemon. Alice instantly pulled out a pack of colored pencils and started drawing the Minior befor finishing it off and admiring her work. Alice jotted down some notes about Minior's different colors before snapping it closed and shoving all of her supplies into her bag. Alice turned to the twins before shrugging her shoulders. "Sure, I wouldn't mind traveling with you. Honestly it would probably be for the best if it makes grandpa worry less about me. Speaking of my my Grandpa worrying about me, off to the pokemart!" Said Alice pointing at the Viridian City Pokemart. She started walking towards her destination before realizing she was accidentally heading toward the pokemon center before being interrupted by a tug on her pigtail. "Oops, wrong roof." She said before heading to the pokemart.
“Then let’s go!” Amelia shouted in triumph, ready to walk into the gym.

She bounced forward, about to push open the doors when a loud bonk was heard. The front doors were locked, and Amelia had hit her head on them trying to move through them. She fell backwards onto her back, Fushi waddling up to her in confusion.

“D’ahhhh…” Amelia groaned, rubbing her forehead, “It’s locked.”
"Are you okay?" An unfamiliar voice called out. An unknown trainer walked up to the group in front of the gym and shook his head.
"All they told me when I got here was that the gym leader was not here. We don't even know who he is. My name's Azure by the way, and this is my partner Grubbin." On his shoulder a, to Kanto unfamiliar Pokemon, made a noise to greet the others.
"I suppose I can guess you guys are also going to challenge the gyms, seeing as you just bumped into one? Because if that's the case, can I join you guys?" He asked.
Amelia popped up at seeing the Grubbin, super excited and shocked to see another rare Pokémon. Today sure was her day, huh?

“Oh my gosh it’s so cute!” She said, ignoring his question almost entirely, before Fushi came up and bopped his forehead on her leg.

“Oh,” Amelia said, being reminded of the trainers question, “Yeah, sure you can come with us! Name’s Amelia, this is Fushi, my Bulbasaur.”

She picked up the Pokémon to show him off.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
After Alice petted Orion, Orion spun around and looked to his trainer. “Well buddy. Let’s get going.” Oliver spoke as he grabbed the little bits of his shell and put them into his bag. Orion smiled and looked over to Edward and Trent. Oliver let out a little chuckle whenever Alice when to the wrong building. Bringing out his luxury ball he tapped Kerbecs’ head with the ball. “I’ll bring you out again in a little bit buddy.” Oliver told Kerbecs as he returned to his pokeball.

Edward nodded. Noticed Alice head over to the wrong building at first and smiled a bit. “We’ll need to watch over her huh?” Edward asked Trent as he noted that by herself, Alice would get lost easily.
Iris stood next to the Center's entrance, having not much else to do other than maybe nibling a few patches of grass nearby while patiently waiting for her trainer to come out. Which he eventualy did. "I got a region map for free!" Rick shouted. Well, actually it wasn't an actual map. Just a small sheet of paper where he sketched a map on with a few notes. It would have to suffice. "And yet it no info about Viridian Forest's layout... welp! Wouldn't be fun if it was all that easy, right?" He said, petting Iris's cheek before hoping on top.

As he mounted and was ready to leave the city, he remembered Finn asking him to not leave without him. While Rick was more of a solo player, he couldn't wrap his mind about letting trainers who had just started their careers wander around in Viridian Forest. He would have to cross the forest to reach his destination anyways, so he figured helping these trainers wouldn't delay him much. Looking at the Gym, Amelia, Eli and Finn (and a forth trainer Rick didn't know yet) were gathering outside. "Huh... is it over already, or they're rethinking their choices?" He muttered, hoping it to be the second option. He and Iris troted along the short road, before jumping up the ledge and landing next to the group. "So? How did it went?" Rick questioned.
Finn made a disappointed face as he fell on his knees and lowered his head. “How can it be closed. What kind of gym leader would do this?” Finn said in a depressing tone, while char patted him on the back. “ finn slowly stands up and shakes his head. “Well if we can’t challenge this gym we might as well head to pewter city and fight that gym!” Finn said as he put char on his shoulder.
After it had been settled that the four would travel together, Trent watched Alice accidentally begin heading towards the Pokémon Center before realizing and start going the right way to the Poké Mart. Go figure. "I'll say. Even if she says she 'doesn't need us'," he says to Edward and begins to walk over to the Poké Mart, "Just a simple walk to the Mart is enough to have her be a lost wreck."

When they arrived at the Mart, Trent proceeded to enter and begin to look around. He then started to grab some essential items he'll need, mainly some Potions, Super Potions, and Full Heals. Afterwards, he went up to the register and paid for the items before putting them away in his bag.
Rick didn't give it away, but after hearing that the gym was locked he actualy got kinda relieved and thought this was for the best. "Yeah, I figured the time I spent drawing this thing wasn't enough for you to even start a match, let alone finish." Said Rick. "Well, he might be busy with other afairs. The rules state Gym Leaders must attend all challengers in a reasonable time, but that management is up to them." He explained to Finn. "Of course, he could've got such a reputation that he doesn't get challenged very often, so doesn't feel the need to be here constantly." He added, with a hand on his chin and a thoughtful expression. When the latter talked about them heading to Pewter's gym, Rick smiled. "Right, about that. Since I'm also going to Pewter, I decided it would be a good idea to accompany you through Viridian Forest."
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"Currently, we have no other choice but to go to Pewter City." Azure said, hiding his disappointment.
"And as much as we know it for being a maze, we're together so there's no way we'd get lost! Plus maybe we can catch a Pokemon or two, I heard you can find Pikachu in there!"
The forest would also be a good place to train, but he only thought about that without exclaiming it out loud.
"Although maybe we should find our way to the entrance before that..." He said, realising he got a bit too excited.
"I think i'm going to stock up on potions real quick, be right back!" He said as he ran off to the Pokemart.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward and Oliver walked over to the Pokemart with Trent and walked inside. Once they were inside, Edward and Oliver both grabbed potions, Super potions, and full heals just like Trent did. After grabbing everything they needed, they walked to the front and paid for their items. Once they were paid, Edward and Oliver put the items in their bags. “We should be all set now.” Edward looked over to Oliver as he nodded.
“I’ll come with you!” Amelia shouted, quickly taking off with him, Bulbasaur not far behind.

As she arrived at the Pokemart, she saw that quite a few people were inside. However, she payed them no mind as she walked over to a shelf supplying Pokeballs of all different kinds. The normal ones, the ones she was looking at, were worth about 200 pokedollars each. She quickly, and quite messily, grabbed a bunch of the Pokeballs and filled her arms, before waddling over to the cashier and dumping them onto the counter. Quite a few Pokeballs had called onto the floor and were rolling around.

“Just these, please,” she said, peering over the counter at the shocked, and slightly confused cashier.
Alice walked inside of the pokemart filled with new trainers before heading over to the tech aisle. "Let's see, Pokegear cases, Radio cards, Rotom Phone cases, aha! Pokenav cards!" she picked up a Map card before turning around, grabbing a few potions, antidotes and pokeballs. Alice stood in line for the cashier before a girl with a Bulbasaur dropped a bunch of pokeballs on the counter. Alice bent down and picked up the few that fell on the floor. "Here you go! Boy you sure look prepared," said Alice handing a few to the girl.
Amelia grabbed the Pokeballs the new girl had given her.

“Thanks,” she said, putting the extras on the counter as the cashier began to ring her up, “I’m gonna catch every different Pokémon ever, so I gotta be prepared you know?”

The cashier rolled his eyes secretively, continuing to scan the Pokeballs.
Finn began walking towards the entrance to Viridian forest. He decided to sit down near the entrance and whistle to himself in excitement.

“i wonder what type of Pokémon I’ll find in the forest?”
"Oho, have we got ourselves a little clumsy person?" Azure chuckled, as he grabbed some potions. He already had a small stash of Pokeballs on him, so Amelia could grab the whole stock and it wouldn't bother him. After picking up what he wanted, antidotes included because there's a chance your Pokemon may get poisoned in there and it's a long walk either way, he stepped into the line and waited for his turn to pay.
While Finn just went straight to Route 2 and towards the forest, the rest of the trainers headed to the Mart to stock up on supplies first. Rick was confident with just the handfull of berries he had in his belt pocket. Not that he could take much else, to be fair, as the Old Amber by itself was already filling half of it. So he followed a few meters behind Finn. For the first time since they arrived on the region, Iris was just walking at a normal pace, with Rick casualy sitting on her and looking at his improvised map along the way "Why did they put Pewter as the next area after Viridian if they know there's a forest in the middle?" He asked himself, turning it around in all directions trying to make sense of it.

It was then that Iris, which was actually paying attention to the route, stoped for a bit. She nudged Rick's foot and grunted to call his attention, as she stared at her right for what looked like an alternative path. "Huh... okay, so I guess now this thing doesn't look that much of a mess." He said. The path was actualy blocked by small trees that hadn't yet fully grown up, and it was clearly visible from their side by someone paying attention. "Should we tell 'em?" He questioned, scratching his chin while he and Iris stared at each other, before saying "Naah, we saw nothing!" and continuing down the route with a grin. They soon arrived at the forest's gate, where Finn was already waiting for the others.
Amelia sent a pouty glare towards Azure.

“That’ll be 5,800,” the cashier said.

Luckily for Amelia, despite the initial shock of the price she pulled out a wad of cash. As the cashier counted it up, she took off her backpack and started shoving all twenty-nine of her new Pokeballs in, now making thirty-four. She grinned wildly, before leaving the store with a wave towards the cashier.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward and Oliver walked outside of the Pokemart. “You ready for another region bro?” Oliver asked his brother as a quiet Edward nodded. “Yeah. More opportunity for us to see the world outside Kalos.” Edward smiled a little bit and Oliver nodded.

“Time to see who I can add to my team.” Oliver commented as he looked to the entrance of the forest from where he was standing. “That’s just going to be like we’re at home. Y’know what I’m getting at right?” Oliver asked his brother and Edward nodded.

“I’m wondering. How long did it take to find the perfect one for Orion?” Edward asked his brother and Orion looked to his trainer and back to Edward. “Orion was the first one I found. I wouldn’t give anything to replace him. Isn’t that right buddy?” Oliver petted Orion and in return Orion replied with “Minior!”
At the gates of Viridian Forest, it seemed that the group had reunited again. Azure was last to arrive since has also last in line at the Pokemart. But he managed to catch up before he fell too far behind. “Well, here it is then. Viridian Forest. Let’s not get lost now!” He said as he made sure everyone was ready to head in.
As the group started gathering, Rick decided to go ahead and take a first look for himself at what Viridian Forest trully looked like. As he went in, he dismounted from Iris and took a look around, especialy up. "Damn, the description wasn't an exageration." He stated in awe. The trees and vegetation were so thick that it pretty much felt like it was nightfall, with so few light that got in between the tree tops. The analogy to a maze also seemed true, with open paths leading towards every direction. And that was just the begining of the forest, as vegetation tends to get thicker as you venture deeper.

"Oh well... where should we start?" He muttered, with arms crossed. He took a few steps forward for as long as he could keep the forest's gate on sight. He would wait for the group to get in before venturing deeper. Iris went a bit further than Rick, but again, only as much as the two didn't lose sight of each other. Being a Fire-type with a ton of experience on the field didn't make her or her trainer any more heedless. Bug-types have this title of being the weakest type of pokémon, but from personal experience, Rick knew they were tricky and not particularly known for playing fair, and can give lots of trouble to incautious travelers.
Finn patted Rick on the shoulder and smiled. “It really matter all to much as long as we make it to our destination, let’s just have fun with it.”

Finn began to walk inside the entrance of Viridian forest.
“Wow!” Amelia gasped, as she walked into Viridian Forest, “It’s so pretty!”

Fushi immediately started galloping around, loving the forest floor and the light that occasionally shined through the trees. Amelia took this time to grab a Pokeball from her backpack. She enlarged it, threw it up into the air and caught it with the swipe of her hand.

“Let’s catch some critters!”
When all the recently purchased items were in his bag, Trent walked out of the Poké Mart and caught up with Edward and Oliver. "This might be a pointless question, but you two have done this multiple times, haven't you?" He asked after hearing the two talking about being ready for another region.

Trent then looked behind him, inside the Mart, to see if Alice was done with her errand. "You almost done, newbie?" He asked.
"It looks even better than they described! It's incredible! But i'm not here to train my Grubbin... I'm here to train my other Pokemon!" He said as he took out a Pokeball from his belt and threw it up in the air. It popped open and out of the blue light came a Mankey. It looked around for a few seconds before looking at Azure. "We're here to train, okay? No wandering off this time." Luckily for Azure, upon hearing the word 'training', his Mankey seemed to show a large interest. It seemed to approve of the idea and went to follow Azure. "Let's go find some Pokemon, eh?"
Amelia immediately was familiar with the Manley, and smiled at how cute it was. But before she could fawn over it she reminded herself to stay on task. She didn’t get far before touching something squishy with her foot. Before she could go any further and crush it, she looked down at the Pokemon.

“A Caterpie!” She exclaimed.

The poor Pokémon was a little shocked and scared by the loud and annoying trainer. It started to try running away but didn’t make it far, as it was slow as ever. Amelia wasted no time, and knowing how weak a Caterpie could be, she took her enlarged Pokeball, bent down, and tapped the Caterpie. It was sucked into the Pokeball, and the ball immediately started to bounce around. Amelia struggled to keep it in her hands, trying to catch it as it flew into the air a few times. Eventually, the Pokeball calmed down, and with a small click, she knew she had caught her first Pokémon.
Alice handed the cashier her money and collected her items. She even got a Premier Ball as bonus. "Ready to go Trenty!" Said Alice holding up her map card. Alice took out her Pokenav+ and inserted the map card into the back. "All right, with my upgraded Pokenav, I can't get lost!" She said holding it up, with the map app open. "Now onward to Pewter City!" Said Alice before walking right towards Route 1. Cherry yanked on one of Alice's pigtails before she took a closer look and walked in the opposite direction. "Now, I'm onward to Pewter City! C'mon guys!" Yelled Alice to her three traveling partners before running to Route 2 and onto Viridian Forest.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward nodded and slowly followed Alice into route 2 and Viridian Forest. Lancelot slowly followed behind with Edward as well. “Alright. Here we go. New terrain and new opportunity.” Edward whispered under his breath as he walked more into the forest.

Oliver nodded at Trent’s question. “Yeah. We traveled through Kalos and Alola as well. So this is only our second region outside of Kalos that we would be exploring.” Oliver explained as he walked towards the entry to Viridian Forest. He looked to Orion and grabbed the ultra ball from his pocket. Tapping the mon, Orion went back into his pokeball. Exchanging the ultra ball for his Luxury ball. “Come on Kerbecs.” Oliver spoke as he opened the ball and Kerbecs appeared.
Amelia stared at the smooth round Pokeball that held her very first caught Pokémon. Although Caterpie was a weaker, more basic and common Pokémon, it could be trained and cultivated into a beautifully strong Butterfree.

“You’re name is Transel!” She shouted happily at the Pokeball, although she wasn’t sure her new friend could hear her.

“So cute…” she murmured, just staring at the Pokeball.
Finn walked through Viridian forest simply staring at the trees and the sky until he saw a yellow tail pop out of a bush.

“what the heck is that?”

He began to walk closer to it. Once he was about five feet away a pikachu hopped out of the bush excitedly.

“woah, it’s a pikachu! I’m definitely adding you to my team!”

Finn grabbed a Pokéball and threw char out In front of him. He began to open his Pokédex to look at char’s moves.

“Char use scratch!”
Char ran up to the pikachu and scratched at it, but it simply dodged the attack and shot a thunder shock straight towards char.

“Char move out of the way and use ember!”

Char barely dodged the electric attack and then shot out fire from his mouth hitting pikachu in the stomach sending it towards a tree.

“Okay, let’s hope this works.”

Finn threw a Pokéball at the pikachu. It made contact with the electric mouse and began to beep. One… Two… Three Bing. Pikachu was caught, Finn and char began to jump up and down in pure joy as they had caught a new friend. Finn picked up the Pokéball and smiled.

“Welcome to the team, Chu.”